View Full Version : Dap vs Berri

08-13-2004, 12:04 AM
3 on 3, gsc rules, no items

Berri with Charmander, Ampharos and Hoppip
Dap with Lotad, Donphan and Electabuzz

Lotad takes out charmander with Raindance +surf but then gets thundered by ampharos. In comes Donphan, Hoppip is switched in. Hoppip sends donphan to sleep but after awhile Donphan wakes up, rapid spins the seed that had been taken place and rolls out. Donphan survives megadrains to Ko hoppip with 0.4hp. Back comes Ampharos to Ko Donphan with Irontail.
In comes Electabuzz and toxics, screeches and hyperbeams ampharos.

Dap wins and gets $1000
Berri looses and gets $500

Jack reffed this.