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Scorch Ry
08-14-2004, 01:19 AM
Capture I: Sneasel & VulpixTony had awaked from his soft, nice bed up in the Pokemon Center Rooms. After the great incident in the Petalburg City Woods, he needed to get some rest. He wanted to get the stealing off of his mind.

It was a good thing that he had a gym battle to worry about! As he headed to the main floor of the Pokemon Center, he began wondering if Treecko and Meditite would be ready to battle the Gym Leader, which he found out to be Roxanne.

She dealt with rock-type pokemon, like Golem and Onix. Tony just didn’t hope that her pokemon wouldn’t be too fast for rock-types!

After eating his breakfast with his Typhlosion, he quickly headed to the Pokemon Gym, wanting his first badge very badly. Tony’s fiery friend walked beside him, wondering what was on his trainer’s mind.

As the delicate winds began to blow, trees were letting loose their brown and red autumn leaves. The sun was shining brightly, making this day a warm autumn one. Even pokemon were out, playing around and smelling the red roses with such wonderful aromas.

As Tony continued walking, he saw a large, blue building. It had a great collection of windows, which were very clean. The doors were painted pure black to make the building earthier.

At the entrance door, it said, “Devon Corporation: Home Of The New Technology”.

Tony smiled, seeing tons of business-looking people entering and exiting the tall, blue building. “That must be a major tourist attraction,” Tony commented to himself.

As Tony and his Typhlosion continued walking towards the Pokemon Gym, Tony began seeing glitter fall onto the platform. He gazed up, seeing Beautifly and Butterfree, flapping their wings to fly around.

Tony looked at the red, sparkling glitter, knowing that this must had been their mating migration season. Tony suddenly looked around, seeing not too many homes. This place was mainly a business city, witnessing all the buildings and all.

The tan, stoned grounds made this place more fashionable, while the old buildings were even being reconstructed to become better, new and improved business offices.

“Finally…we made it, Typhlosion,” Tony said to his Typhlosion. “This is the Rustboro City Gym.”

After seeing the nice parts of the city, Tony finally made it to the Rustboro City Gym. The building was only one level, and resembled rocks. It was painted gray and yellow, with a huge rock inserted in the buildings. The steel doors weren’t locked, so a battle must have been done or just got completed.

Tony reached for the door-handles and pulled the gray, steel door open. He walked in, with Typhlosion trailing behind him. Actually, the Gym looked very promising. It was elegantly painted an earthy-like color, with the gym floor having boulders on them.

There was even a balcony, full of velvet seats for watchers who wanted to witness any special battles. This gym looked very nice. As Tony walked in further, he saw a woman, feeding her pokemon some type of food.

This pokemon looked very weird…it had a big, red nose. It was blue, and its eyes were closed. This pokemon seemed to have no sight, though it looked at Tony very quickly. Its pedal-like hands arose, indicating to the woman that someone was in the gym.

She looked over, seeing a boy with his Typhlosion. She stood, wearing her blue, school uniform outfit. She wore her hair in two ponytails, with two red ties wrapping around them. Her nice, hazel eyes definitely caught Tony’s attention. As he approached her, Typhlosion trailed beside him, wanting to know if Tony knew this person.

“Welcome to the Rustboro City Gym,” the woman said. “I am Roxanne, the leader of this gym, and possessor of rock pokemon.”

“I am Tony Williams, and I am here to challenge you!” Tony replied. “Well, you’re very confident, I see,” Roxanne commented.

“Alrighty then, here are the rules. We will use two pokemon each. You have to exciting privilege of substituting one pokemon for another,” Roxanne began. “I, unfortunately, don’t have that arrangement, so take that into your advantage. Now, I must warn you…my pokemon are very tough. As you can see, my Nosepass here is already ready to challenge you.”

Roxanne looked behind at her Nosepass, seeing that it was ready for battle. “So, when shall we begin this battle, young Tony?” Roxanne politely asked.

“We shall begin it right now! I’m ready to earn my badge!”

Tony and Roxanne took their places of the Rock Field, where the battle would take place. Then, one of Roxanne’s young apprentices came to judge the battle.

“Are both participants ready?” He asked. Roxanne and Tony both nodded. The apprentice raised the red and green flags, and said, “Let this match begin!”

“Alright…first up, Graveler!” Roxanne politely threw her pokeball up, releasing a huge boulder pokemon, with four arms.

Its legs were very small, but Tony knew that it could roll very fast. He had battled a Graveler before…and wasn’t expecting any tough times with it.

“Alright…let’s go, Treecko!” Tony threw out his pokeball quickly.

As it spun in the air, it opened, releasing his wood gecko pokemon, Treecko. Treecko stood there, staring down Graveler. Graveler smirked, growling under its breath.

“Treecko, use Pound!” “Graveler, use Tackle!”

As Treecko ran down the brown Rock Field, heading towards Graveler, Graveler quickly charged straight into Treecko, attacking it fiercely. Treecko fell to the ground, but quickly arose.

“Treecko, time for a Bullet Seed!”

Treecko began blasting a series of sharp, green seeds at Graveler, attacking it rapidly. Graveler began to back up, trying its best to get away from the Bullet Seed attack, since it was surely weak against grass-type moves like Bullet Seed.

“Graveler, use Magnitude!” Graveler began beating the rocky platform with its rocky arms, emitting Sound #8 Magnitude throughout the ground.

“Great work, Graveler,” Roxanne complimented. “Now, use your Seismic Toss!”

Graveler ran furiously, stomping the ground hard. As it came in close contact with Treecko, Tony hurried up and yelled out, “Use Pound attack!”

Treecko quickly swung its tail at Graveler, hitting Graveler straight in its face. Graveler rolled back, after being struck by this attack. But, it suddenly opened its eyes and headed towards Treecko again.

It wrapped its long, rocky arms around Treecko, and then jumped into the air. Then, rapidly, Graveler began twisting around it the air. Finally, Graveler released Treecko, making Treecko hit the ground hard. Tony was very shocked with this attack…this Graveler performed it different.

“Graveler, end this with Mega Punch!” “Grav!”

Graveler growled out as its rocky, gray fist began shining white. Meanwhile, Treecko arose from its harsh attack, beginning to show to Tony that it was getting tired.

“Treecko, use Bullet Seed again!”

Treecko opened its mouth, shooting out another series of green, sharp seeds at Graveler. This time, Tony noticed that the attack looked more powerful and more effective, since Graveler began to run away from the Bullet Seed attack Treecko was emitting.

“Great work, Treecko!” Tony yelled out. “Treecko, Treecko!” Treecko said, showing Tony a ‘thumps-up’ symbol.

“Graveler, time for another Seismic Toss,” Roxanne confidently said.

As Graveler ran towards Treecko, ready to use another Seismic Toss, before Tony could instruct an attack, Treecko started to glow black. Then, it furiously tackled Graveler powerfully, making Graveler take a lot of damage! Tony hoped that Treecko would learn this attack…it was known as Pursuit.

Scorch Ry
08-14-2004, 01:21 AM
“Great work, Treecko,” Tony happily said. “Now, end this with a Bullet Seed attack!”

Treecko opened its gecko mouth, suddenly blasting a herd of green seeds, which struck Graveler. Graveler tried its best to get up, but it was defeated!

The apprentice raised up the green flag and said, “Graveler is unable to continue! Treecko is the winner!”

Tony jumped for joy! Tony was now seeing that his battling was going to pay off. Treecko walked back to Tony, looking a lot stronger and fiercer.

“Treecko, you’re looking great!” Tony said. “Treecko, Treecko, Tree!” cried out Treecko.

Then, Treecko stood there…and suddenly began glowing white! Tony watched in excitement as his Treecko began growing taller. A long leaf grew on its head, and was extended down its back.

Its feet were larger, looking to be for climbing trees. It also grew blades on its arms. As Treecko stopped shining white, it was now a strong, new and improved Grovyle! Grovyle looked stronger and very smarter. Its skin was a darker tone of green, while its front area with the bashful hot pink color.

Tony took out his pokedex and recorded the data of Grovyle: {Grovyle, the Forest Gecko pokemon. Grovyle is the evolved form of Treecko. Once evolving, Grovyle will only obey trainers who treat it with respect, power and love. Grovyle obtains new moves, like Screech and Fury Cutter, while its signature move is Leaf Blade.}

Tony finally had his long-awaited Grovyle! After returning her Graveler, Roxanne was very, very surprised! She never thought that a Treecko would evolve after learning a new move!

Roxanne began clapping, and said, “I’m very impressed, Tony. Your new Grovyle is going to be a tougher opponent. But, for my last pokemon, I choose Nosepass!”

Tony looked, seeing that Nosepass had disappeared! Then, the stadium began to move abruptly. Tony and his new Grovyle looked as Nosepass arose from the undergrounds!

“How did your Nosepass get underground?” Tony asked. “Nosepass used a secret entrance. It loves to go underground, and it played there until I called it forth.”

As Tony looked at the blue rock pokemon, he recorded the data of it: {Nosepass, the Compass pokemon. Nosepass can use its nose as a compass to find its opponents. This nose can also emit electric attacks, like Zap-Cannon and Thunderwave.}

Tony listened to the information, knowing that Grovyle would be the best choice. As Grovyle glared its dark-yellow eyes at the big, blue pokemon, Tony called it back into the battle. It stepped up, growling around. The apprentice immediately instructed for the battle to begin!

“Nosepass, let’s start things off with Rock Tomb!”

“Grovyle, use Quick Attack!”

Nosepass stomped the ground with its heavy foot, blasting up a huge rock. But, Grovyle quickly ran away from them, ready to use Quick Attack on Nosepass. Grovyle tackled Nosepass, but it didn’t do much damage.

“Nosepass, use Sandstorm! Let’s turn things around!”

“Grovyle, use Bullet Seed!”

Nosepass’ nose began shining white as it suddenly blew out blue spores. Then, a sandstorm began to brew around the gym. Tony covered his face, lifting his arm to block the sand. Tony couldn’t see Grovyle, but heard a sound.

“Gggrrrr” was the voice. As the Sandstorm began to brew away, Tony saw Grovyle trapped under Nosepass! Nosepass had successfully used its Body Slam attack, trapping Grovyle under its blue-stoned body.

“Grovyle, get away from Nosepass! Use Bullet Seed to get away!” Tony yelled out.

Grovyle nodded, looked straight into the eyes of Nosepass, and shot a series of small, yellow seeds in its eyes, hurting Nosepass’ eyes a lot. As Nosepass lifted off of Grovyle, it began getting very upset. Roxanne hoped she wouldn’t have to do this…but it would definitely test Tony’s strength.

“Nosepass, use Rock Tomb again!”

“Grovyle, use Leaf Blade!”

Grovyle dodged the uprising boulders coming from Nosepass. Its blades began shining, forming two, large, green, shining blades. Grovyle hurried up and struck Nosepass, damaging it a lot. Nosepass walked back, almost losing its balanced. But, it managed to get control of its balancing.

“Nosepass, use Thunderwave!”

Nosepass blew out an electrical, erupting, yellow beam at Grovyle, striking it very roughly. As Grovyle hit the ground…it seemed to be very hurt from the attack. Usually, grass pokemon were strong against electric types, but this attack was WAY too powerful.

“Grovyle, don’t give up,” Tony said to Grovyle. Grovyle looked back as Tony continued. “I have faith in you. I know that you can win against this Nosepass.”

Grovyle gave a ‘thumps-up’ to Tony, and Tony knew that it could still defeat Nosepass. Grovyle arose from its fall, definitely giving Roxanne a shock. But, she smirked…and said, “Nosepass, let’s end this battle! Use Zap-Cannon!”

Nosepass heard its instructions, and quickly blasted a powerful, yellow, electrical beam straight towards Grovyle. Tony knew that this attack could paralyze Grovyle and maybe end this battle, with Roxanne winning. But, Tony knew exactly what to do.

“Grovyle, use Pursuit!”

As soon as the enraging Zap-Cannon came near, Grovyle began glowing black, jumping into the air to dodge the electrical attack. The Zap-Cannon struck a boulder, blasting it around the gym.

Then, as Grovyle landed, and immediately ran towards Nosepass and tackled it, along with some of the pieces of boulders that hit it. Nosepass began backing up once again, losing the control of its balance.

“End this with Leaf Blade,” Tony confidently said.

Grovyle’s blades extended and began to shine lime green. Grovyle struck Nosepass with the blades, finally defeating Nosepass…

As Tony stood outside with his Typhlosion, Roxanne came from inside of the Rustboro City Gym, ready to give Tony his earned belongings. It was getting late, with the elegant blue skies now fading away into bright, orange & indigo colors.

Wild Altaria and their young, Swablu, soared the skies, while baby Aipom were falling asleep. Around this time, the city was still and quiet but shined the colors of yellow that mixed together with the brightness of the skies, making a remarkable shine. Then, Roxanne met face to face with Tony and began speaking.

“Tony, as victory for your match, here is your well-deserved Stone Badge. And also, here is TM39, which is Rock Tomb. Your Grovyle could learn it, and so can your Typhlosion. It comes in great use when surprising your opponent with sneaky attacks.”

“Thanks,” Tony replied. “I’ll keep this TM for my rock pokemon, if I capture one.”

Tony took the Stone Badge and the TM39 Capsule. He placed his Stone Badge in his badgecase, while putting his TM39 Capsule in his red and yellow Nike bag.

As Tony waved goodbye to Roxanne, he walked towards the red building, which was known as the Pokemon Center. There, he could get some rest for tomorrow’s adventure…

Scorch Ry
08-14-2004, 02:55 AM
Tony shook his head, seeing that he was remembering the first Gym Battle he had ever had, which was against Roxanne nearly two years ago. He got up,w with his Ampharos joining. They then walked onto the dirt road to begin their small quest.

Tony, with his beloved Ampharos by his side, walked down the wild route of the Pokemon Safari Jungle. That wonderful place was filled with tall green grass that grew massively out of control. However, their sweet scents carried throughout the jungle, which gave the place such a peaceful feeling.

The palm trees swayed to their right from the cool winds as Tony and his electrical charge creature passed by. The green shrubbery grew massively in the Safari Zone. Wild Aipom ran down from the trees with bananas in their hands to feed their babies with. The tall grass concealed wild Mightyena and their young from predators so they could survive.

Tony was enjoying the pleasant Safari, seeing that these Pokémon weren’t disturbed by his welcome. As he walked on the dirt road, Ampharos began to look around. The teen was wearing a ranger’s outfit; it consisted of green jogging pants that were stretchable, a dark green t-shirt and a faded brown vest.

With jungle boots on and a red cap, Tony was ready to find the Pokémon he needed; a Vulpix. The reason was because their attacks were great for a fire-type Pokémon, plus knew an attack called Will-O-Wisp, which could burn their opponents.

As Tony and his wonderful, powerful Ampharos paced down the dirt road, rustling in the tall grass suddenly took action. Tony curiously walked over, but Ampharos shot off in the grass! He knew that his electric-type Pokémon must have detected another near by, so he followed Ampharos through the tall grass, which he wind up stopping at a lake.

Tony knew it wasn't a Vulpix...because when Ampharos stopped in its tracks, it stopped near the sparkling blue river that they ended up at. There, Tony saw a black pokemon, with sharp claws. One ear was extended longer than the other, and was the tint of hot pink.

This pokemon also had a gold dot on its head, and its tail was split into three parts, colored pink. The pokemon looked to be a cat as it began to drink the water from the pure, clean river that held tons of water creature in them. Tony took out his red mini-computer, known as the Pokedex. It opened and scanned the black cat Pokemon, very interested in it.

{Sneasel, the Mischievous Claw pokemon. Sneasel is very rare and can be very destructive. Sneasel are captured by few people, since many can't seem to find it, due to its fast speed whenever it flees from battle. Sneasel can't evolve, though is one of the most dependable pokemon there is. Its hide in the cover of darkness, awaiting to attack its foe.}

The wild Sneasel looked very peaceful, drinking its water. Tony didn’t want to bother it because for one, it wasn’t bothering him. “Ampharos, maybe we shouldn't bother this Pokémon,” Tony said. “It isn't bothering us, and besides...it will probably run away from us anyway.” As soon as Tony and his Ampharos turned around, heading back into the forest part, they heard a sound.

“Snea! Snea! Sneasel!” cried out Sneasel angrily.

Ampharos quickly turned around, noticing that the wild Sneasel wasn't drinking water from the cold river anymore. It was now alert that him and Tony were near it...and unfortunately, Tony didn't know that this was Sneasel's territory.

“Ampharos, don't bother that Sneasel!” Tony yelled out as he slowly turned around.

He shook his head...he also noticed that the Sneasel was in alert that they were near. “Ampharos, let's get away while we can,” Tony said, about to turn around. “Amp! Amphar!” The electric creature growled back to Tony, not following his orders. It had something to prove to Sneasel first...

“Alright...but remember...we are here to get a Vulpix, not some scared Sneasel,” Tony replied.

As the winds were catching speed, the pine trees let loose their red and yellow leafs. White clouds began clearing away as Altaria and Swablu were flying gracefully through the skies. Ampharos and Sneasel stared into each other's eyes, both determined to win their battle. As Ampharos balled his red fists up, ready to deliver a punch straight to Sneasel's face...after hearing the remarks it said to it.

“Ampharos, use Thunderbolt!” Tony ordered.

At once, Ampharos proceeded with its attack, blasting out a surge of lightning bolts that held yellow electricity. They glided in the air, heading straight towards the slashing cat Pokémon. But, Sneasel jumped into the air quickly to dodge the thunderous attack.

Then, Sneasel's sharp, white claws glowed silver as it landed back onto the green, healthy grass. As Sneasel headed towards Ampharos, it arose its arm, making its fist shine from the reflections of the bright, hot sun.

The shimmering claw struck Ampharos in its belly, making the electrical light Pokémon fall into the lake. Damped by the clean water, Ampharos arose from its fall, staring into the eyes of the black cat Pokémon. Then, Sneasel’s other claw began shimmering a crystal color as it dashed off towards Ampharos.

“That must be Sneasel’s Metal Claw,” Tony said, seeing Sneasel coming closer and closer to Ampharos by every second. “Ampharos, counter with Thunderpunch!”

Charmeleon opened its mouth wide quickly, creating a fiery, small ball in it, spinning rapidly. Just as Sneasel swiped Ampharos with its Metal Claw, Ampharos was pushed back, but managed to land on the grass as its paw glowed a yellow color. Ampharos charged forth towards the dark-type creature, striking it with its lighted fist. The electricity shot Sneasel instantly, blowing such strength into it. Sneasel fell to the grass, cringing in medium-leveled pain.

“Ampharos, time for an Iron Tail attack!” Tony instructed, pointing straight at Sneasel.

Ampharos quickly raced towards it, its yellow tail beginning to glisten the pure white color. Ampharos jumped from off the ground and turned fully, making its tail follow the direction. Before Sneasel could react, it was struck by the electric-type creature’s attack, hitting the ground shortly after.

“Snea! Snea! Snea!” Sneasel said as it arose from its fall and proceeded again towards Charmeleon with another Metal Claw attack. The glowing claw sparkled the mysterious silver colors as Sneasel swiped Ampharos vigorously.

“Use Thunderbolt!” Ampharos began collecting electrical currents in its body, building up strength. Sneasel dashed off and slashed Ampharos, but to counter, the electric-type Pokémon blasted out a lightning-shaped Thunderbolt attack from its body, striking Sneasel instantly.

Sneasel surprisingly jumped into the air, blocking the sun. Then, it fell down towards Ampharos, swiping it very dangerously. Sneasel scratched its face, recovering from the harsh attack. Then, the dark-type Pokémon had instantly vanished into thin air again.

Ampharos looked around curiously, but then Sneasel had magically reappeared behind its back. It then slashed Ampharos’s back, making the electrical light Pokémon turn around to face Sneasel.

“Ampharos, use Thunder!” Ampharos drew electrical power instantly, and it formed on its back mysteriously. Striking the skies dangerously, Ampharos ran down the fields and tackled Sneasel, making the black cat Pokémon take the Thunder attack effectively. With electricity surrounding it, Sneasel couldn’t move that much!

“This battle is over,” Tony said. Ampharos, end this with Thundershock!” “Ampha, Ampharos!”

Ampharos said as it blasted out a mysterious string of yellow electricity. Sneasel was struck by the Thundershock attack, falling on the front side of its body. Tony had then figured out that catching a Sneasel would be interesting, so he threw out an empty Pokéball. It opened, sucked Sneasel in, closed and finally fell on the soft, clean grass, rocking back and forth.

Agent Orange
08-14-2004, 03:05 AM
Over AIM, you explained the reason for the short battle, but it still is kinda shortt, but ok.

Plot: Ok. Nothing wrong here.

Grammar + Spelling: Nothing much here, an few minor mistakes though.

Battle: Short, but secondary battle and decent length make up for it.

Length: Fine. I liked the Gym Battle.

Outcome: Sneasel captured, good work.

Now...graders wages are coming soon....Show me the money...Show me the money....dadadadada!

Scorch Ry
08-15-2004, 01:55 AM
As the sparkling red and white orb rocked back and forth, with the red light flashing, Tony and his faithful Ampharos stood there nervously. Standing by the shimmering, peaceful lake, the Pokéball had stopped flashing, then moving altogether. The teen’s expression on his face grew steadily and a clear smile came.

“Ampharos, you did it!” He congratulated, stroking the electrical light Pokémon’s back, “You fought well against Sneasel, and helped me get a capture of the Pokémon as well. I’m very proud of you; you never let me down.”

Ampharos smiled happily as its trainer headed over and picked up Sneasel’s Pokéball. He then pressed the gray button, allowing the orb to decrease of expansion. The teen clipped the red and white Pokéball to his vest and headed out of the small area, with Ampharos following him. Just then, Tony had noticed that Ampharos was breathing a bit heavily, so he pulled out the electric-type Pokémon’s respective Pokéball. As it sparkled in the white sunlight, a crimson array of light beamed from the gray button.

“Return, Ampharos,” Tony instructed. Soon, the magical crimson light had made contact with Ampharos, making the electric-type Pokémon glisten this darkening tint. Ampharos then was magically absorbed into the Pokéball, its body decreasing heavily. Soon, the electrical light creature was in the red and white orb, where Tony had told it to go.

Soon enough, Tony continued to walk on the dirt road, continuing his search on Vulpix. The tall grass was everywhere, concealing the wild Pokémon from being seen by humans. However, trainers and other people could still see their movement in the tall grass, which was a disadvantage to the Pokémon.

Trees hung over the jungle, holding fresh new batches of bananas. They then began to shift to their left side once more, their green cut leafs blowing out pleasant scents. The cold winds were beginning to pick up a little, causing the wilderness tall grass to move, the bushes to rustle and the nearby Pokémon to vanish throughout the area.

“Wow, this must be something bad if they are all running away.” Tony said, examining the skies, “Perhaps I should enter another area, maybe the glassed meadow area.” He began to pick up speed in his footsteps as he continued walking down the dirt road. He desperately needed to find out where he could find this Vulpix, because he wanted to continue his search on finding other Pokémon as well.

Mysteriously, the skies began to be invaded by gray clouds. The bright Safari ranging Pokémon zone soon lost its brightness, making the lighting dim in the jungle. Tony looked up in the dark skies, noticing that clouds had concealed the blue skies. “Alright, maybe I should find shelter soon,” Tony murmured, “because I don’t want to get caught into the rain. Maybe they have one of those shelters where you can rest and perhaps find a person to battle.”

As he walked, he then felt a raindrop on his face. As the raindrop slid down his face, he immediately searched around for a place to stay before we would get caught in the rain. Then, he looked down and then straight ahead of him, seeing a grown cabin that was made of strong logs from trees. The roof shingles were a burgundy tint, which gave the cabin its true touch. Various Hosta plants grew healthily around the cabin’s flat porch. With this cabin visible, the teen simply smiled as he rushed near the cabin.

The clouds began to let rain pour down on the Safari as Tony opened the wooden brown door. He quickly entered before he would get wet, so he immediately closed the door behind him as he stepped on the green and red carpet in front of the wooden door. As he looked around, he began enjoying what was inside.

The cabin windows were a green tint as they let in the dull sunlight into the cabin. Green carpets were scattered on the floor, seeing that they were cleaned on a daily basis. A brown, wooden desk was in the center of the place, which was in front of log steps that went down into the underground zone, for Pokémon whom didn’t appreciate the rain much, like rock, fire and ground-type creatures.

There were wooden booths around the area, but with polished surfaces as he took a look around. A small group of trainers were in the corner, in a bunch, watching two other trainers battle with their Pokémon. Tony wanted to join the crowd, but first wanted to find out some information about where he could find a Vulpix.

He approached the front desk, where a woman was typing up some information. Her pleasant smile indicated that she was in a happy mood today. Her brown hair was in a long, Indian braid that mysteriously ran down her back and ended to her knees. She was wearing a green Polo shirt, with beige pants and matching green Rockport shoes to match. The woman stopped typing, her eyes soon contacting the young teen.

“Hello,” she said sweetly, “and welcome to the first cabin of this Safari Zone. My name is Aariel. How may I be at your service?”

“Firstly, my name is Tony. Now, I was wondering what area would I be able to find Vulpix? I couldn’t find it in the path I came from, so where would I find it?” Tony asked curiously.

“Well, Vulpix could be find down here. You can go down these stairs and enter the underground exhibit zone. But, there are tons of other ground-type Pokémon and fire-types, so you’ll need to encounter one quickly. And your chances might be low as that because many trainers are capturing that Pokémon, along with a Growlithe. I suggest that if you really need one, then go ahead and take your time upon looking for one,” Aariel suggested.

Tony nodded his head immediately, knowing that he had to search vigorously if he wanted to find this Vulpix. “Thank you very much, miss!” He thanked as he dashed around the counter and quickly ran down the log stairs. Very excited about having to hunt down a Vulpix, he swung open both green doors, entering the underground zone. The place was a brown color, with large boulders on the rocky floors. The roofing was made of stone as well, so Tony suspected that the people had renovated the place so that the Pokémon would have a safe, and interesting place to live in.

As he slowly walked, he began looking around every corner, trying to find out where this Vulpix was. Tony then decided that if he could encounter Vulpix, his Pokémon could be out of his Pokéball so it could instantly be ready to fight. He grabbed one of the red and white orbs off of his jacket, pressing the gray button while doing this.

The Pokéball magically expanded in size. “Let’s go, Sneasel,” Tony yelled out.

He tossed up the orb, watching it as it spun around rapidly. It then shot out, releasing a glistening white figure. The Pokéball closed, returning back to the teen. Tony then watched as the shimmering figure’s effect began fading away slowly, then vanished altogether. Then, afterwards, Sneasel looked around, scratching the stone platform angrily. “Snea, Sneasel Snea!” Sneasel barked out, suddenly staring into its new trainer’s eyes.

“Hello, Sneasel. I’m your new trainer, as you know.” Tony greeted, “Now, I’m hoping that you will help me search for a Vulpix, because I really need one. Now, you agree?”

Sneasel thought for a quick moment, then happily nodded, agreeing to help its new trainer catch this Vulpix Pokémon he was looking for. Suddenly, as they both looked up, a Pokémon had dug inside from up under the rocky surface. It was in a group of three; having red, oval noses and small black eyes. Their bodies were the same width, but different in heights. The tallest one was in the back of the shorter ones. They angrily traveled through the surface, giving a mean look to the boulder for some strange reason.

“Dug, Dugtrio!” The digging creature roared, continuing their way down towards the huge boulder. Curious, Tony quickly took out his red contraption, which opened its door and folded to the back, revealing white buttons and am empty, black screen. The digging Pokémon’s image was displayed on the screen. Then, the technological voice began speaking out the data of this Pokemon.

{Dugtrio, the Dig Pokémon. Dugtrio are formed by either when the mother Dugtrio has three Diglett at once, or when three Diglett decide to form together to create Dugtrio. These creatures can move over 60MPH underground, which is the fastest speed for moving underground in Pokeman history. Dugtrio are the evolved form of Diglett.}

Dugtrio peacefully traveled through the ground, approaching their rock. Tony and Sneasel watched as the triplet dig Pokeman suddenly split the boulder into two before quickly shooting back underground to continue their movement. Tony’s eyes widened as he eyed the Pokeman that had been what he was searching for…but, along with it, it was peacefully eating something with some bug-looking creature that capture Tony’s attention.

Scorch Ry
08-16-2004, 12:02 AM
The bug creature had a furry purple body with and the eyes of a fly. Its eyes were pure red, having several small black specs throughout each of them. Its small mouth was red, holding a sharp set of pincers. Its long antennas were crystal-colored as they shed light upon where it was standing. The bug-like Pokémon had large, faded brown hands and feet to end its details.

“Veno, veno, Venonat nat!” The Pokémon roared out, instantly glaring into Sneasel’s eyes. Tony was astonished that he had not only suddenly found a Vulpix, but had stumbled onto another Pokémon that he instantly liked! Pulling out his Pokedex, the red contraption aimed its glass copier at the bug creature, copying its image onto the black screen. Once again, the technological voice began repeating the data of the Pokémon.

{Venonat, the Insect Pokémon. Venonat use their eyes to coordinate through the nighttime, so they can catch prey easily by using their Psybeam and Psychic attacks. Venonat use their antenna to move through tall grass easily and to detect any predators nearby. Venonat is of the bug/poison group, and evolves into its final form, Venomoth.}

Vulpix and Venonat angrily stared at Sneasel, and Tony’s black cat Pokémon growled at them ferociously. “You know, having a Venonat might not be bad, especially if it evolves into a toxic Venomoth. Let’s go, Ampharos!” Tony tossed up another red orb as it flashed open, releasing a glistening white figure.

The figure’s glowing effect faded away slowly then stopped altogether. Ampharos was revealed as it got down and stared down Venonat. Sneasel, on the other hand, walked up near Vulpix, growling at his angrily. Just then, Tony had known that it was time for their battle to begin.

“Ampharos, use Thunderbolt on Venonat! Sneasel, try your Icy Wind on Vulpix!” Tony strictly commanded. Without hesitation, both Sneasel and Ampharos leaped into action, their targets coming towards them.

Ampharos began charging up electricity in its body while the wild Venonat dashed forwards towards the electric-type Pokémon. The poisonous bug creature launched forward, heading in for a Tackle. Ampharos immediately blasted out the flowing yellow electricity, making it strike Venonat’s entire body.

Meanwhile, Sneasel opened its black mouth and began blowing out a string of cold snow. As it sparkled wonderfully, it blew away towards Vulpix. Unfortunately, the fire-type Pokémon shot out a string of hot, tempting flames at the Icy Wind, melting the Icy Wind attack easily. The fire fox creature continued to use its attack, Flamethrower, which soon struck Sneasel.

“Sneasel, fight back with Slash! Ampharos, continue with Thunderbolt!” Tony strictly ordered. He watched carefully as both of his Pokémon attacked, but making sure that Vulpix wouldn’t pull off anything.

The fire fox Pokémon darted off towards Sneasel quickly, ready to perform a Quick Attack. Sneasel abruptly looked at its claws after quickly slashing Vulpix away from it, making the fire-type Pokémon fall back. Vulpix was hurt from Sneasel’s attack, but managed to recover quickly.

Ampharos, meanwhile, continued to blast Venonat with its Thunderbolt. Taking the attack well, Venonat’s eyes began glowing a rainbow tint. Ampharos suddenly stopped its Thunderbolt attack, looking mysteriously at the poisonous creature.

Before the electrical lighting Pokémon could react, Venonat quickly shot out a mysterious, rainbow-colored beam, hitting Ampharos directly. Ampharos fell back, weakened from the attack. Venonat’s eyes stopped glowing and suddenly charged forth towards the electric-type creature, ready to use a Tackle attack.

“Sneasel, try Faint Attack! Ampharos, use Iron Tail!” Tony barked out.

Sneasel suddenly disappeared in the atmosphere in a world of darkened, sparkling particles. Vulpix looked around, seeing that the black cat Pokémon it was fighting had vanished into thin air. But, the dark-type creature reappeared, striking Vulpix on the left side of its face. However, as Vulpix soared on the ground, it shot out a series of hot, carrot-colored missiles, each striking Sneasel in groups of four.

Meanwhile, Ampharos’ tail began shimmering a white color. Venonat charged forth and managed to tackle Ampharos off guard, letting the electric-type Pokémon soar back and hit the ground. But, Ampharos got up, and dashed off. It then swung its body around, with its tail following the same pattern. Unfortunately, the poisonous bug Pokémon jumped into the air to dodge. Tony observed that between Vulpix and Venonat, Venonat was rather more strategic than Vulpix.

“Ampharos, try another Iron Tail! Sneasel, use another Faint Attack!” Tony ordered immediately, not hesitating a second.

Ampharos’ tail was still glowing, and cleverly the electrical light Pokémon moved its tail upward, hitting Venonat upward towards the air effectively. Venonat crashed down harshly on the rock floor, but managed to recover quickly. Once again, Ampharos struck the bug creature with its glowing tail, repeating another Iron Tail attack. Venonat, however, managed to get a good grip on the electric-type Pokémon’s tail, holding tightly.

Sneasel had once again disappeared into the atmosphere, with Vulpix looking around mysteriously. The fire fox creature began to move around quickly, making sure that Sneasel wouldn’t strike it again. Sneasel appeared right in front of the fire-type Pokémon, scratching its face once more. To react to this, Vulpix had blown out a hot stream of orange and red flames that struck Sneasel straight in its stomach.

Dealing with Ampharos, Venonat’s eyes began shimmering a lightblue color. “Veno, Venonat!” The bug-type Pokémon barked out, instantly making Ampharos being enveloped in the same color as Venonat’s glowing eyes. Mysterious, Venonat let go of Ampharos’ body as it rose into the sky. Tony was in complete shock, seeing that this Venonat was capable of using a Psychic attack.

Venonat began moving its arms, making Ampharos shake around in the air hardly. The electrical lighting creature tried its best to reach the ground, but failed. Then, angrily, the poison-type bug swayed its hand to the right, making the electric-type Pokémon head towards the grounds where Vulpix and Sneasel were battling.

Ampharos tackled Sneasel, with both of them hitting the wall instantly. Vulpix looked at Venonat, with Venonat nodding its purple furry body. Vulpix then blasted out a heating stream of tempting flames, making the attack strike both Ampharos and Sneasel. Then, Venonat’s eyes glowed a rainbow color as it shot out of mysterious Psybeam. The Psybeam attack mixed in the with Flamethrower attack, both attacks spiraling and striking Tony’s Pokémon. However, the Psybeam attack wasn’t damaging Sneasel as much as Ampharos, which worried him.

Once the wild Pokémon stopped attacking, Ampharos and Sneasel fell onto the ground, exhausted. Sneasel managed to arise from its fall, but Ampharos didn’t move at all. This had Tony the fact that Ampharos was unable to battle anymore. He took out the red and white orb as it glistened.

“Return, Ampharos,” he sadly announced. A red beam of light came from the gray button of the Pokéball, hitting Ampharos safely. Ampharos’ body glowed this sparkling color as it was magically sucked into the Pokéball. After decreasing the size of the orb and placing it on his jacket, he took out another and began his routine with expanding the Pokeball’s size.

“Let’s get that Venonat, Gardevoir!” Tony announced icily, tossing up Gardevoir’s Pokéball.

It shot open, releasing a taller white figure. The orb closed and soared down towards Tony, which he managed to catch easily. The glistening effects faded away, revealing the emotion psychic Pokémon. Gardevoir observed it’s surrounding and immediately spotted out Venonat, giving it an angry look. Venonat stared into the psychic-type creature’s eyes; seeing that this one was fresh and strong from the way it was looking. And without hesitation, Tony began to order his attacks.

Scorch Ry
08-16-2004, 12:27 AM
“Gardevoir, let’s shake things up with Double Team! Sneasel, go in for another Icy Wind attack now!” Tony commanded.

The emotion psychic Pokémon glowed white, and magically, white figure similar to it began circling around Venonat. Venonat looked confused, but once the glow went away, Venonat shook its body nervously. There were plenty of copies of Gardevoir that surrounded the poisonous creature, so the bug-type Pokémon began tackling each one to find Gardevoir.

Sneasel, on the other hand, opened its mouth and blew out icy, cold wind that held miniature spots of snow. Vulpix jumped up to dodge, but Sneasel moved the Icy Wind to make it hit Vulpix while it was moving, striking the fire fox directly. Vulpix shook its head, with its tail magically glowing a darkening blue color. Flames began to appear on each tail it had, which made Tony curious.

The fire-type Pokémon blew threw its tail forward, making the blue flames charge towards Sneasel. The black cat Pokémon jumped up to dodge, blowing out another Icy Wind attack. This time, Vulpix jumped ahead to dodge the dark-type creature’s attack.

“Gardevoir, use Thunderbolt! Sneasel, time for Quick Attack!” Tony icily barked.

The real Gardevoir, along with the few copies that were left, began powering up with electricity around their bodies. Venonat continued to attack the copies of the psychic-type Pokémon, but was soon struck by Gardevoir’s Thunderbolt attack. The three other copies attacked Venonat as well, taking their damage of the Thunderbolt also. It was blown back, but Venonat managed to get back up as always. This made Tony want the poisonous bug creature even more!

Sneasel managed to get away from Vulpix’s sneaky Tackle attack, running up towards the rocky walls. It then dashed off immediately, tackling Vulpix with such strength. Vulpix was blown back, landing right next to Venonat. Sneasel and Gardevoir looked at each other, nodding about something. Then, they both ran towards the tired wild Pokémon. Tony watched anxiously, wondering about what they had planned to do.

Sneasel opened its mouth, shooting out a stream of windy, icy snow. As it was blown towards Venonat and Vulpix, they tried their best to escape. However, Gardevoir’s white shifty arms began to glow blue, suddenly stopping both wild Pokémon from getting away. Quickly, the emotion Pokémon began forming a ghostly electrical sphere, with it expanding faster and faster.

Once big, Gardevoir launched the Shadow Ball attack at Vulpix and Venonat. Both wild Pokémon watched as Sneasel’s Icy Wind attack magically froze the Shadow Ball to ice solid, making the frozen attack soar towards them. Gardevoir quickly used its Psychic attack to maintain their control, letting them get struck by the attack.

The Shadow Ball attack broke, shattering into many ice pieces. There, the fire fox and bug creature lied there, defeated. Tony looked, and threw out two empty Pokeballs. They soared towards Venonat and Vulpix, hitting them. The orbs opened, and sucked the glistening red wild Pokémon into them. As they closed and fell onto the rock surface, the gray button began blinking as both of the red and white orbs rocked back and forth furiously.

Tamer San
08-16-2004, 11:14 AM
Story: (Reality, Length, Plot, Details) Well done Aley, very good story with decent length (Though it could have been much longer I must admit). And it is real I guess, it goes with Pokemon/Our world rules. Anyway, I couldn't see something wrong, though you asked about the location of a Pokemon -_-;. Not to mention that you simply found it with a Venonat =P. Anyway, it isn't bad and good length too...

Grammer, Spelling and Structure: You have done very well here as well, yet I managed to detect minor mistakes and some typos that didn't actually did any damage to your story in total. Good job, but it isn't bad to check the story after writting it. Good job...
Hosta = I dunno what it is?
Find = Finding

Battle: (Length, Reality, Details) Such a battle could happen, you have done very good in here with a decent length for both Pokemon Aley. Detailed attacks, long battle (It can be way much more longer :tongue: ) Anyway, you did very well in here. Let me see....hmmmm...

OUTCOME: 80/100 Very good, if you just missed 5 marks you wouldn't have caught them. Anyway, congratulations and have fun with both Pokem on. Vulpix and Venonat are Caught!