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08-14-2004, 04:57 PM
A working project which will hopefully be completed. Oh yeah while we're at it, I'd like a SERIOUS grade to grade this when it's completed. Don't damn spit a few lines and call it a grade. One day, I'm going to complain to Jack about that ._.



Gyarados whipped up a whirlpool, and countless Shellders and Goldeens were sucked into it. Fisherman Sim rushed to place his nets close to the whirlpool, before Gyarados stopped the whirlpool and the fish all fell onto the nets.

"Geez, young man, your Pokemon really help. Why don't ya be a fisherman, your monstas can do miracles if you were one," Fisherman Sim laughed, pulling his nets, which were filled with Shellders and Goldeens, onto the sand.

Raik laughed as he shook his head. "Nah, it's my amibition to become a Pokemon Trainer. As a Pokemon Trainer, I learn a lot as my Pokemon grow, and sometimes, I really can't describe the feeling when my Pokemon evolve or get hurt, you have to experience it yourself to know how it feels. I'm not criticising Fishermen, but I'm not really interested in the job."

Fisherman Sim let out a laugh as he passed me and patted me on the shoulder. Fisherman Sim commented, "I like your attitude, young man! You've been working on my fish farm for days, and you get no pay. I've been wondering, just why do you do that? Don't you Pokemon Trainers have to battle Gym Leaders and stuff? You're one free trainer."

Raik lied down on his back, and stared at the beautiful blue sky. He called back his exhausted Gyarados, and replied, "No, I'm taking a short break from it. However, I've decided to head over to the nearby Larvira Town to meet up with its mayor, whom my father are good friends with. I'm supposed to collect something from him, I'm not sure what though."

Fisherman Sim revealed an angry face yet sarcastic face. "Hey, you still have not told me why are you working on my farm for free! Taking a break here? I don't think anybody would take a "break" on a fish farm, with its tight schedule and tough work."

Raik answered, "I realise my knowledge of water Pokemon isn't good enough. The last time I took a Pokemon League exam, most of the questions I couldn't answer was about water Pokemon, their habitats and stuff. Staying here gives me more chances to interact with them, and learn about them."

Fisherman Sim grabbed some weird device from his torn pocket, and laughed, "Good, young man! You're one who's unlike those greedy trainers who want free food and free lodging. Take this Pokemon Upgrade 1. It can be equipped to your Pokedex and it'll provide further information about the Pokemon you encountered. I got this from my uncle, who was a famous Pokemon Breeder in the past. I believe you can utilize it better than me, and any other trainers I've met. Go ahead, try it out."

Raik was stunned by the old man's sudden offer. He never wanted anything in return for his help, yet that upgrade seems so...appealing to him. He knew the old man would someone convince him later if he refused the request, so he decided to give the old man his nod. He took the cool-looking gadget from the old man's rough palm, and fitted it onto his Pokedex. Then, he scanned the data of a Shellder flopping around on the ground.

"SHELLDER, the WATER/ICE POKeMON. Has very strong defense but weak Special Defense, which makes it very vulnerable to Electric, Grass and other special elements. However, its high defense is a total obstacle to physical attackers, so use it at the right time, and sucess is only a matter of time! It learns many moves, including the infamous Spikes when it evolves and the unique Icicle Spear. Evolves into Cloyster, a tough Pokemon to crack "

"Wow, this is soooo awesome... I'm going to love this. Thanks a LOT, Fisherman Sim!" Raik cried, like a little child receiving a toy.

"No problem, you can utilize it well, I bet. Now, it's getting late, why don't we get in and have some dinner? I'm preparing some tasty vegetables I imported from Kanto tonight!"

Raik nodded, and both of them cleared up the ground from the mess, which includes random Shellders, baskets and dead leaves, before running into the old yet sturdy house on stilts in water. Minutes later, delicious plates of dishes were served. The two guys gobbled on them like they've never eaten for months, and soon after dinner, they fell asleep, unknown to the danger that soon approaches it...

To Be Continued


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