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08-15-2004, 10:55 PM
Fellow members:

I know a lot of you have been wondering recently, "where are the team scores?", and "why haven't the attacks been posted?". The short answer to these questions is quite simply: It's my fault.

Yes, it's my fault, and no, this past week has not neccessarily been one where I could not come online; I'm sure a lot you remember seeing and talking to me on AIM, and so I'm not going to plead that.

Nevertheless, the past week has been, suffice it to say, busy for me. Forum-wise lately I'm becoming burdened with banner requests, and being in a relationship hasn't given me too much time for anything else. It's also very near the end of summer, and I'm still trying to maintain a part of my social life.

But before you criticize me for not passing on my tasks to someone else, understand that Fair's frequenting the boards less and less, and that Neo's been preoccupied with summer courses; I haven't seen much of them lately. And with Kim gone for the week as well, (indirectly creating this dilemma with a workload I wasn't ready to keep up with) there was simply no one I could go to.

Perhaps it was selfish to neglect my duties, and I'm not sure if the word "sorry" could possibly amend for my negligence, but all the while it is truly meant when I say that I apologize.

Which is why I can't be a War Leader anymore. I can't afford to ruin the game for others at my own expense. In my opinion (and many other's as well) the War for this season has already died. It's senseless to devote time to something so time-consuming and inevitably unrewarding. My ambition to prolong the War has also died, and without that ambition, I shouldn't be held to its responsibilities.

True, it was I who ignited the War originally, and I've seen through its establishment three times in succession, but the simple fact of the matter is that I can't endure it any longer.

And so, again I apolgize; I will help correct my errors to the point of providing data to my associates, or any other logical rectification, but actively, I'm of no use anymore.

It's been fun all in all, I regret that this week wasn't for you.

Neo Emolga
08-16-2004, 12:36 AM
In truth, I did have to take three summer courses during the summer. During the final exams, I had barely time to devote to PE2K, let alone the war. I tried my best to make sure the maps were updated, but even then I didnít do the best job. There always seemed to be at least one mistake. To everyone that felt I wasnít doing a good enough job, Iím sorry Iím not perfectÖ

I understand that it can be hard to tally the points, especially when life gets in the way and you canít always be there to do it. Plus, when people are fighting over the points or the situation becomes ambiguous, itís hard to get anything done without the risk of making more people angry or upset. Iíve had to deal with the same things regarding territories. And on top of that, you donít even get a thank you for what youíve done, only crippling criticism that makes you feel like what youíre doing is even less worthwhile. With that, you start to lose your ambition and stop caring about what youíre doing, especially considering that the same people youíre doing it for are the same people that are giving you the demoralizing criticism, and donít even suggest reasonable solutions to the problem.

Nate, I donít blame you for your feelings, and I would probably feel the same way and do the same things given your position. In a way, I can understand your feelings of no longer wanting to participate in this war. The ambition is lost, several judges have quit their positions and there has been even less participation than before. Many of the territory battles have been unfinished, while people have lost their passion for the war. Others have complained about the rules, many think whatís going on is unfair, and there are many who just plain outright hate the system that we spent months to create. We only did it for the purpose of fun and enjoyment. Yet, the only things we got out of it were more frustration and more complaints. Much to my surprise, the war was no longer the enjoyable event that we had looked forward to all year. Instead, it had become a heavy load and an unbearable burden. Simply, we cannot bear that burden anymore. It has become too hardÖ

With that said, my feelings are with yours, Nate. I also feel the war has died and season three has closed without a winner. Iíve seen that many of the members donít want a winner, and they donít want the war to continue. And after spending so many nights in war meetings trying to figure out a solution, I believe we have found the best solution to the situation, and give the people what they want after all this time. With that said, Iíll stand by your side as we recommend to HKim that war season three should be closed. If it means stopping the meaningless fighting and the frustrating and pointless complaints we have been getting, then Iím all for it.

I put none of this blame on you. I began to feel like I didnít do our part because I wanted to, but because I had to. I donít mind working hard to bring forward something someone will care about and will have a fun and enjoyable time experiencing. But when I try my best to bring forward something that people only complain about and detest, I feel that drive and ambition is lost. The purpose for it is gone, and the only result of our continued efforts is more frustration.

Nate, I can share your feelings regarding war season three, and why you donít feel like remaining as a war leader. We needed support to make season three successful and enjoyable, but we got very little of it.

I can understand your decision Nate, if that is your final choice. Iím glad for the times when you did participate as a team player, and an effective supporter for the efforts toward the war. You were one of the very few I could honestly say tried their very best to make war season three as enjoyable as possible. It was a pleasure to work with you, and I thank you for your efforts.

Iím sorry it had to turn out this wayÖ

08-16-2004, 04:17 AM
Well, this sucks...

Our WAR has fallen apart, and we've lost one of our fellow WAR Leaders. I tried to talk you out of it on AIM, but I can see that there's no changing your mind. The WAR Leader Team just won't be the same without ya, N8. But, like you've said many times before, everybody needs to move on eventually.

(Is it just me, or is this message board falling apart?)

Hoenn Mirror Girl
08-16-2004, 04:33 AM
']Well, this sucks...

Our WAR has fallen apart, and we've lost one of our fellow WAR Leaders. I tried to talk you out of it on AIM, but I can see that there's no changing your mind. The WAR Leader Team just won't be the same without ya, N8. But, like you've said many times before, everybody needs to move on eventually.

(Is it just me, or is this message board falling apart?)
Yeah. The WAR and the message boards seems to be losing something it won't get back. I don't know what it is, but it appears to be losing it rather quickly.

And I'll admit that keeping up a WAR fic is rather stressful at times. I don't know how you people do it. :tongue:

Oh, well. Better luck next year.

08-16-2004, 04:34 AM
er I feel kind of out of place posting in this thread, being a non-war leader and such..but I thought I would put in my two cents. In my opinion the war started too late, by the time we really started getting into the thick of things many members including myself had to go back to school. With three ap classes I havent had much time to get on here, let alone contemplate creating entries for the many competitions that encompassed the war. If this had started earlier then I think people would have had more time to devote to this. Unfortunately that wasnt the case.

I also think that some of the teams were too large especiall my team, nox, if we were to divide the teams up a little bit more and create other teams capable of competition then there would have been more diversity.

Yeah, I think the war just about fell apart, which pretty much mirrors the collapse of the boards. So maybe you guys need to scrap this season, learn what you can from it and next year formulate a more efficent way of handling things. But then again thats just my opinion, and what do i know? :eh:

08-16-2004, 06:53 AM
Heh, I feel out of place too, but I'd like to get a few words in... about both Nate and the problem in general.

Perhaps it wasn't such a bad thing you neglected your duties, Nate. For example, if you look at the stickied threads, hardly anyone complained. Quite frankly, I think very few people even noticed. In AIM as well, no one even seemed to care, and most of the active war people have AIM. That really has just shown no one cares. As I am sure you already know Nate, the problem is not you. I also hope no one will decide to get angry with you, even if they are disappointed in your actions.

As previously stated, lack of respect for those in charge has definitely helped kill this war. Even as a judge, I know that's true. I must have had at least 15 people talk to me about my section over AIM, but only one of them said something good about my work. It is depressing, and I am sure it would be a hundred times worse of a feeling if I had spent, literally, months preparing the thing I get criticized for and hardly any compliments about. Perhaps, in an indirect way, that could have caused nothing to happen this week.

As I view it, the war is rolling into a never-ending pit of doom. Many causes push it foreword, but I would have to say the initial push came from this very message board itself. As Fingy pointed out, it is dying. It lacks something it used to have. It isn't the fun, active place it used to be. Because of that, many people did not even give the war their all in the first place. In fact, I was one of those people. Because of the inactiveness of some, such as myself, many others lost interest. Why spend hours on something that's dying? was the general thought, I am sure. However, that was only one of the groups that sprung from inactiveness, another part decided to go and complain about the inactiveness. With less people participating and complaints developing everywhere, the problem just snowballed. Due to these effects, one of the most dedicated people to the war, Nate, as well as many others with the same high dedication level, has stopped really, truly caring. With even the dedicated people losing activeness now, more people will simply quit. Also, hardly anyone one new will join the war. People don't join dead activities. This is all simply an effect that has sprung from what I already stated. It is an endless cycle of doom.

As much as I'd love to be optimistic about the situation, I can't be. I now see this war is, pretty much, beyond help. Before we can fix the war, we have to fix the root of the problem -- the message board itself. As I view it, a lot of this board's problem comes from the moderation, our leaders. As good of a job as they may do, we don't exactly have a "super active, happy family" moderation team anymore. In addition, a lot of our family members have left us, and we just haven't gained them back. Without that family, we lose hope. I know I have, and I'm sure many others have as well. Again, it's the snowball effect. Certain people become inactive, and it becomes boring. Most people left on the forum then take one of two main sides, quitting or complaining. I am sure that can be clearly seen in AIM chats. In addition, with the forum in its current inactive and somewhat hostile state, I know I wouldn't join if I was a new member prospecting what the boards have to offer. It doesn't have the closeness I joined because of. I am sure many others would feel the same way. It is the same problem, the snowball effect that the war is also going through.

Perhaps I am just a nobody speaking my opinion, but I do believe there is some very solid truth behind it. The problem is no one's fault specifically, but rather the forum as a whole's problem. To change this, we need some people to step foreword and try to reunite the forum once more. The main way to do this is by being active on the forum, not just AIM. Sure, there are other ways we have thought of, but in the long run, running from a problem has never helped. As much as we may want to, it's not the best solution. It's only the easiest. If we want the forum as it was, we still need to be here, at the very forum we are trying to remake. Even if it is a vB and not a PB, something many people view as not being as good, we need to try to get this place to how it was before. We can do this even with many of the dilemmas we are faced with. But anyway, until we accomplish the task of changing the whole forum, the war might as well be postponed. I now see that, as much as I love the war, I don't want to participate. Not now. Not with the forum as it currently is.

Lastly, yes Fingy, that was another problem. Some teams ARE too large. People lost hope from just looking at the large teams. That was just another of many starting points which caused this snowball affect. Although at this point in the game, all the small snowballs have just created a larger one. We can't stop it now.

... thank you for listening to my opinion. o.O *runs*

08-16-2004, 11:18 PM
Yeah D, good point, this wasnt brought on by the war leaders but rather by the participants. The war system had the potential of working, but the human factor ruined it. Maybe we were trying something too large sacle, seeing as we are rapidly losing members. perhaps the system we used was just too massive. I would rather have a smaller war with 100% of a smaller portion of the members partcipating than have an epic war with a much smaller proportion of a large number of people participating. Start small and as you gain succeses then you move on to larger things. as the war becomes more ingrained then more people will want to participate. Its the way the human psyche works, one would rather belong to something that is assured to be a success than take a risk and invest time in something that might turn out to be a dud. t=Then realize they have wasted a good part of their summer. people would rather not be pioneers, but instead to belong to something already established. at least thats the way I look at it.

Lord Celebi
08-17-2004, 05:20 AM
My 2 cents:

Modify the War and keep going. I have ideas, and I could share if any War Leaders are interested, and I also want to be a War Leader *Raises hand really high.* Just try as hard as you can without affecting your real life.