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08-18-2004, 12:03 AM
BY: oMiE

This is my second story... My first one was "Rejecting" But im back! To do it right. I'm gonna take my time on this, and get it done the right way. That Shroomish is mine!

Chapter One: The Beginning

Well... To tell the truth, I never really had an interest in Shroomish. Heh, in fact... I never really liked pokemon at all. What I really was into was Art. I loved to draw. I loved to go to art museums. I loved to scetch things I saw when I went in the Trails around my house. I loved all art. I even drew the occasional Oddish I would see on one of my nature walks. I never espected to be a trainer, and I wasn't planning to. But life never turns out how you want... Well... At least I thought it didn't...

While I was watching TV one night, flashing through channels, I noticed a pokemon battle going on. There wasn't anything else on, so I just decided to watch it. There was a battle with two pokemon on each side. I've seen battles before, but never like that. As I got into it, it looked really neat! There was action, excitement, and strategy.

Then... It hit me...
"I wanna be a pokemon trainer!"

I wasn't really thinking at the time. I usually make decisions really fast. I see somthing I liked and, BOOM! I like that! But, this time, I was serious. Yeah, I didn't know anything about pokemon. Yeah, I was very shy. But, I wanted to do this.

"Omie!" my mom called, "Time for bed!"
"K, mom!" I replied.

I wrote the addess of where to be down. It was on the the battle I was watching. But, I didn't have much time. The sign-ups were in seven days...

I layed in bed, thinking about pokemon. it was amazing in how fast I took a liking to pokemon. But they are so cool! I couldn't wait for the next day. I wanted to learn everything I could!

The next morning, the first thing I did was ask my mom about the starting of my jouney.

"Mom! I saw pokemon on TV yesterday!" I said.
"OMG! Me too!" she replied sarcasticly.
"Mom..." I said
"Im Joking. So, what is it you want, Omie?" she replied.
"I saw these pokemon on TV! They were battling! They were so neat!" I kept going on for about 5 minutes and then just spit it out, "I wanna be a pokemon trainer!"
She looked at me for a few minutes... Then she hugged me.
"Well, if thats what you want..." she said after a few minutes, " But, is this really what you want?"
"Yes!" I said.
"Ok, baby Omie" she said.
Baby Omie? I was 13, for crying out loud!
"Well, Since it's what you wanna do. I'll be behind you every step of the way. Now go pack your clothes!"
"Ok!" I replied.
The big day was in six more days and I couldn't wait!

About two days later, I finally realized that I need to learn about pokemon. I was gonna go there four days later looking stupid. That would have been a bad thing. All of those little 10 year olds knowing everything about pokemon, and all I would know is... err... nothing. There is only one thing to do! =D Get a book! So I went to a Pokemart a few moments later. I was suprised in the number of pokemon trainer guides they had. Book over book. Then I found the perfect one! 'Perfect Pokemon Guide: For Dumbies'

I took that book home and studied it every single day, all day long, for the next four days. I was surprised at how many pokemon there were, and I rememberd every one! I also learned most of the attacks. That book was really Good. I learned a lot for just a little period of time, but I didn't learn it all. So I stuck that book in my Kanua Bag and packed the rest of my stuff. It wasn't long until it was the "Big Day". I was ready!

..::To be continued::..

08-18-2004, 08:47 PM
Chapter Two: Littleroot Town

The time was here. I woke up very early. The last thing I wanted to do was be late. So I grabbed my bag and started for the door. My mom stoped as I reached for the door knob.
"Well... It's time", she said, "Time for my baby to leave the HoMiE on his first adventure."
She made it sound like I was five. Sheesh.
Then I smiled and replied, "Yup... time for your little BABY to go..."
As I turned the door knob she stoped me again.
"Take this", she said.
She handed me a yellow thing. I didn't know what it was but I knew it would be usefull. I smiled and left the house. Then started walking...

I pulled out the piece of paper where I wrote the address to the lab. I believe some guy named, Prof. Berch was the persion in charge of the place. It was a long walk... I needed somthing to do, so I pulled out the yellow thing that my mom gave to me. It had a flip up screen on it. A phone, too. On the side was a name. "PokeNav. V12". I looked it up... It was really neat. Suppose to prevent you from getting lost. It also has a phone feature...

What the heck...? I have nothing else to do. I called my mom.
"Hello? Mom?" I said.
"Omie!?" she replied, "So, you there yet?"
"Nope... Just about, though."
As we talked, I started to see this little town over the hill!
"I'm here, mom! Listen, I have to go.. see ya later!"
"Ok, honey."
I closed the PokeNav. and headed for the town.

When I reached the town, there was this sign. "Littleroot Town". Looked neat! I opend the guide and headed for Prof. Birch's lap. Didn't take long to get there. The town wasn't very large. When I got to the lab, I saw a man in a white coat getting chased buy a small red pokemon. I believe it was a Torchic. He looked really funny. Getting chased buy a baby chicken. But I Ignored him and went into the lab.

In the lab, I saw another guy in a white coat.
"Do you know a Prof. Birch?" I asked.
"Oh yes, he just went outside to get some reserch done on Grass pokemon." he replied.
"Thats funny... I just came from outside. I didn't see-Oh! I saw a guy out there getting chased buy a Torchic. He looked really funny." I said.
Then the scientist went toward a table with three intations in it. It had three pokeballs in each one of the holes. One of wich, was open.
"Oh no, not again. That little guy has been getting out of his pokeball latly." He said.
"So that guy outside was Prof. Birch?!" I replied.
We ran outside to be of his assistance...
..::To be continued::..

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Agent Orange
08-19-2004, 04:00 PM
Umm....less abreviations, no smilees, and Capitalize OMiE or make it Omie, and other then that, this is prolly gonna be acapture.

08-19-2004, 04:03 PM
Umm....less abreviations, no smilees, and Capitalize OMiE or make it Omie, and other then that, this is prolly gonna be acapture.
K =D thanx for the tip ^^