View Full Version : Need information about an AR code for Colosseum

08-18-2004, 11:14 PM
I don't own the game but I rented it and I will eventually buy it. Currently, I'm wanting all 387 pokemon (I like to count ? as one too) in shiny as well as in normal. Now, there's an AR code for Colosseum that says it makes the first pokemon in the party shiny. How does it work though? What I mean is, does it make them permanently shiny? Does it even make them shiny or does it just change the colors to their shiny colors? If I changed the first pokemon in my party, will the new one be shiny as well as the one I switched out?

I have multiple ways on getting them shiny: physically going out and finding each one (Hell no!), using the 7 step set of GBA GS/AR codes to make the Shiny Egg hack (tedious, but if I must), and doing it through that Pokemon Maker (also tedius).

Does anyone know about this shiny code or know where it'll explain it better for me? Thanks.