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08-19-2004, 03:14 AM
I am here to introduce a new browser to everyone that I recommend using. No more continuous Internet Explorer bugs! Avant Browser is another program that you can use to surf the internet. Here are some features, that IE itself does NOT have (without having to download any of them):

Flash Animation Filter: More than 85% of all flash animation on web pages is advertising. These flash files are pretty large, and normally take up to 90% of the size of the page you're visiting. With Avant Browser you can save this bandwidth by blocking the download of these flash files with just one easy click. Avant Browser also provides options to block downloads of pictures, videos, sounds and ActiveX components. With these options users can control their bandwidth and speed up page loading.

Built-in Pop-up Stopper: Easily eliminate unwanted pop-up pages automatically with just one click.

Additional Mouse Functions: If you click a link in the web page with the middle mouse button, the link will be opened in a new window in the background. And there are two handy mouse gestures in Avant Browser. The first allows you to navigate backward one step by holding the right button down and then clicking on the left button simultaneously. The second allows you to navigate forward one step by reversing the buttons used: hold left, and click right.

Multi-Window Browsing: Browse multiple web pages simultaneously. All opened pages can be easily stopped, refreshed, closed or arranged with one click.

Real Full Screen Mode and Alternative Full Desktop mode: When you enable Full Screen Mode, all you see is the webspace, with no toolbars or other clutter. They are simply autohidden! Move your mouse over the top or bottom and find the toolbar and tab bar respectively. Avant Browser also provides Full Desktop Mode, which is the same as Full screen mode, but differs in that your windows task bar stays visible.

Built-in Yahoo/Google Search Engine: Avant Browser provides a built-in search engines, Yahoo and Google. Built-in search engines enable user to search for web pages, images, groups, directories, news, lyrics and software in Internet. International users will be glad to know that you can set avant to utilize any of up to 64 google mirrors by default!

Full IE Compatibility: Avant Browser comes with all Internet Explorer functions, including Cookies, ActiveX Controls, Java Script, Real player and Macromedia Flash. IE bookmarks are automatically imported into Avant Browser.

Records Cleaner: With Avant Browser, you can easily keep your privacy by deleting Typed Addresses, Auto-Complete Passwords, Cookies, History of Visited Web Sites, Temporary Internet Files and Search Keywords.

Safe Recovery: If Avant Browser is closed improperly, all open web pages are saved and will be automatically reopened at next startup.

Skins: Express your creativity by making a skin for Avant using a custom, easy to use program called Avant Browser Skin Factory, or use any of the many and varied skins made by other users.

You can download it here: Avant Browser (http://www.avantbrowser.com/download.html)

Here, I have a screenshot of the tools that AvantBrowser has check these out!

Here's a screenshot of AvantBrowser!

AvantBrowser Screenshot! (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v430/Jhem/AVANT2.png)

08-19-2004, 07:34 PM
You could have edited that into your first post... oh wll... I don't know if I want to use this or not... I like my IE... though it can be a pain sometimes -_-.

08-19-2004, 07:38 PM
Oh, woops, I forgot that that is a double-post... uh-oh. Don't hurt me, higher authorities! I simply forgot about double-posting! I won't let it happen again!!

08-20-2004, 02:51 AM
You shall be damaged for your insulance...or not. lol

No really, just don't do it again and we're even.

Anyway, I think thie browser is pretty cool (I'm using FireFox).

Tamer Marco
08-21-2004, 01:59 AM
I'm using a AOL browser, so i'm fine here. But thanks for the offer! ^_^