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I swear! This will so be the last unfinished story I start! X_X; If I try to write another one, scold me, ok? Tomorrow morning, first thing, I'll add the first Chapter (It's written).


You live in a world like me, I'll bit. Afterall, you've got the energy to read a story that you might not like. You've got life better then the other people have it.
Hi, my name's Tenya. Lots of kids tease me and call me the whining angel but I don't think that's true. I live in the sweetest of worlds, the Dream World. Of course, I didn't always know that/ When I was 10 years old I thought my world was the hardest, but that was a year ago.

In my world we've got these amazing creatures called Pokemon. I only know of worlds with Pokemon. And when I was ten years old, I found the game Pokemon dull. You know the game, right? You go out and train your Pokemon so you can win badges. I used to think that was super hard until I was sent to a another world.

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Gah. I'll post the Chapter.

Chapter 1

It was already past 8 when Tenya finally woke up. She rubbed her eyes and pushed herself upright in bed, her pink blankets tossed around her bed from her horrible night. She'd had that aawful nightmare again... The one about Pokemon becoming the most painful quest in the world... The fact of the matter was it was so true. She couldn't even imagine how awful it most be. To set out on a journey that might take years just for fun. She hated the thought and wasn't very eagar to go... But then again, her mother and father were counting on her.

Tenya's family was extremly poor and living off some money that Tenya had won in the lottery. Sure, her parents did have jobs but they had low pay. Her mother was a breeder and her father a Pokemon Trainer. But her dad's Pokemon were old and he wouldn't get a younger, tougher Pokemon to replace them so the family could make money and her mother's Pokemon to breed had bad genetic lines. It was kind of a win-win if Tenya started a journey. She'd bring good Pokemon for breeding back and her father would be thrilled to train one of her Pokemon. Plus she'd get money for fighting gym leaders and other trainers. How could this be a bad thing?

It was bad because Tenya didn't like it. She would have to sleep out side in a sleeping bag and, worst of all, she'd need to earn her own money to eat and training her Pokemon would be terrible. It just wasn't fair that she had to do this!

Tenya was already up and brushing out her long, brown hair when she noticed something in the reflection of her mirror. The mirror was hanging on the wall opposite to her bed and the window over her bed. Under the bed was something brightly colored.
She put her brush on her table that rested in front of the mirror and walked over to her bed. Tenya kneeled down and took the bright blue package out from under her bed. It was a present for her, since she was going out to support her parent's farm.
"Awww... They shouldn't have..." Tenya said softly, her spirit dipping lower then before. Her family couldn't afford to waste any money but there was a present her for her.
She took a white card off the package and read it, the words bringing tears to her eyes.
"Don't worry about repaying us. Knowing that you're growing up is enough to make us happy" The card said.
Tenya slowly unwarpped the present, careful not to rip the warpping paper since it was so pretty. She could reuse it later so her parents wouldn't need to buy more paper.
Behind the paper was a cardboard box and inside the box was a beautiful locket. The locket was shaped like a heart and the shell glittered the many colors of the rainbow. It was an opal, her birthstone! Tenya's birthday was in early october, after all!

Tenya eagarly put the golden necklace around her neck and slowly opened the heart shaped locket. The locket matched her white shirt and pink skirt perfectly...
"What should I put in it?" Tenya asked herself as she struggled to open the locket. It appeared that this peace of fine jewelery had never been opened before...
Tenya looked at the locket and noticed something extremly odd about it. It looked like there was light inside it... But why?
She heard it open and carefully opened it the rest of the way. Before she had time to scream a dazzling display of rainbow lights erupted from the necklace and swallowed up her room. Tenya gasped and struggled to close her locket but it was like put a lid over a stream of gushing water. She wasn't strong enough.

It was becoming harder and harder to see. In fact, Tenya didn't even know where she was anymore. She felt the ground spinning under her feet and she felt as if some one was holding her upside down. How was that possible? The ground couldn't spin under your feet when you were upside down! It seemed to get worse and she was feeling sick to her stomach. The sound of a harp and a pounding drum were beating in her ear.
"Don't lose this."
A voice was whispering in her ear now. The voice was so gentle... So ghost like... A young girl, perhaps?
"I know you want to throw my home away but you need my help..."
Tenya soundly felt herself reaching out, for what reason she didn't know, and felt a smooth, round object press against her fingers. She grabbed it and pulled it closed, pressing it against her body as the world around her spun faster.
Make it stop... She begged, not having the strength to say anything outloud. Please...
And, oddly enough, it did.

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((Chapter 1, continued))

Tenya slowly opened her eyes, which had been shut for the whole journey in the bright light. Everything seemed dark compared to the brightness she'd just experirenced but she slowly got used to the morning light.
"Whew... That was weird. Well.. Now.. What? Hold on." Tenya looked around herself and realized something rather disturbing. She wasn't in her bedroom anymore. No, she wasn't even in Littleroot anymore! The air was so sweet and she didn't heard any Swellow caring for their nests. No... She heard Pidgey. Odder yet, she heard Rattata and even one of two Weedle. That couldn't be right... She should be hearing Wurmple and Zizagoon and Swellow! Where in the world was she?

The next thing she found different was that she was pressing a round object agaisnt her chest, acting like she might lose it if she didn't hold it close. It was a pokeball. Not just any Pokeball, ethier. The top half was colorful like her opal necklace...
Tenya quickly attached the Pokeball to the belt for her Pokeballs and checked her necklace. It was locked firmly and wasn't about to open for anyone.
"You there." Croaked an old man's voice. Tenya turned around and noticed that an old man was standing in the knee deep grass behind her.
"Don't you know this is dangerous?"
"Eh... No? Where am I?"
"You're in Kanto, sweet girl. Don't you have a Pokemon with you... Oh wait.. That Pokeball..."
"Eh? Oh, this? I just grabbed it."
"You stole it?"
"No. I just grabbed it. I was in a world of colorful lights and sounds."
The man paused and motioned with his hand for Tenya to come closer. "Show me your Pokemon."
"Aaahhh... Ok." Tenya said slowly as she pressed the button on her Pokeball. There was a flash of colorful lights and, out of the ball, came a very colorful looking Eevee. Its fur was white but at a closer look Tenya saw hundreds of pastel colors knitted into her fur silky soft fur.
"Ah! So bright!" Yelped the old man, sheilding his eyes. "I knew you weren't an ordinary human."

Tenya gave the man an odd look with her blue eyes and tilted her head. "Whaaat? How'd ya know?"
"Your hair... And eyes..."
"Well... You've got white hair and brown eyes! And a weird lab coat!"
"You're hair is pink! You've got fluffy wings and your eyes are changing color! That's not normal! And look at your clothes! Your shirt is pink and your skirt's white and you've got that odd necklace of yours!"
Tenya took a second to look herself over and nearly screamed. "I didn't look like this before!"
"Before what?"
"Before the light and sound and spinning!"
The man walked closer to Tenya and stared hard at her. "My name's Tree. Prof. Tree."
"My name's Tenya."
"Well then, Tenya. This world you told me about must be between."
Tenya stared, wanting an explaination.
"I study Pokemon and the different worlds. Your world is the dream world, that's why you're all angelic and the like. This is Reality. That necklace of yours looks like a teleportation charm and it surprises me so that your controlled it so well. Most people send themself to the Nightmare World..."
"Oh, nothing! Listen! All you've got to do to get home is collect 8 gym badges from here! Then you can control that thing and go home!"
"ARG! Listen, I don't wanna go on no stupid journey!!!!!! But... I guess..."
"You'll be fine. Good luck." Prof. Tree said simply, before turning around and walking off. Tenya just watched him, then turned her head to her Eevee.
"Just you and me, huh? In this creepy world."
Eevee nodded.
"Welp.. You'll need a name. Does Angelpaw sound good?"
"Of course."
Tenya looked around in surprise, wondering where the voice had come from. It was the same voice she'd heard before grabbing her Pokeball. "Who said that?"
"Well... Jump and down!"
Angelpaw jumped up and down. Tenya just stared. "You want me to believe that my Pokemon's talkin'?"
"No. I am simply your tamed Pokemon. We share eachother's mind."
Tenya screamed.

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Chapter 2

"What's wrong, Tenya?"
Tenya just stared in horror. Something rustled in the tall grasses and Tenya quickly snapped her attention to it.
"Whos' there?!" Snapped Angelpaw's thoughts, a stream of "Eevee" words following it. The grass was pushed aside by something small and Tenya looked down to see a small Caterpie at her feet.
"Awww... Kawaii!"
"It says that you are a glowing thing and it likes you. It wants to bond with you."
"How do I do that?" Tenya asked. She felt more like a total n00b then when she asked how to train Pokemon in the 2nd grade.
"You must first catch it. Then you must open your mind to its feelings and emotions. You will slowly bond."
"Sounds easy! Pokeball, go!" Tenya ordered, tossing a Pokeball at Caterpie. Caterpie flicked the ball away with its tail, looking a bit hurt.
"Part of bonding is battling. Tenya, we must battle."
"Ok! Use Tackle!"
"You do not understand, Trainer Tenya. We must battle. Together. As one."
".... Eh?"
"Just focus on me."
"As in...?"
"Focus on how much faith you have that I'll protect you."
"Ok..." Tenya said softly. She closed her eyes and built a mental picture of Angelpaw protecting her from some red-eyed Muk.
"Good. Now ball one hand and hold it with the other hand. Doesn't matter which hand. Close your eyes and open them again. All this time, pretend you are me."
Tenya did so. When she opened her eyes she gasped, breaking her train of thought from "Angelpaw protecting" and taking her hands apart.
"I-I-I-I! I saw everything! I could see you and at the same time I felt like you were right next to me and---!"
"Try again, but don't freak out. This is serious. If you cannot master this we cannot fight for our badges and you'll never get home."
Tenya nodded quickly and repeated the motions she'd been ordered to do before.
"Perfect. Now, picture me fighting Caterpie. It doesn't matter how. Anything your mind can create a mental picture of I can do. You're mind has been limited to only my current abilties. As I get stronger, more will open up to you."

Tenya thought hard. Her mind slowly drew a mental scene of Angelpaw running at extreme speed towards Caterpie and hitting it. She felt suddenly like she was running. The scene around her blurred and she felt her body make contact with something, yet there was nothing around her to hit. It was the weirdest thing she'd ever experirenced.
She then saw a picture of Caterpie shotting strings at her. Caterpie used the strings to pull itself in and slammed into Tenya's chest. Surprisingly, the tiny bug's attack hurt her like bad. She felt like someone had punched her with a fist of bricks.

Once again, she pictured Angelpaw performing the attack she had nicknamed "Angel speed". She felt the familar feelings like she was actually attacking, only wasn't as surprised this time around. Caterpie shot a string but Tenya's mind showed her an image of Angelpaw dodging and she thought about taking the time Caterpie was releasing the string to tackle the bug. The next thing she knew the battle was over.
"NOW! Release your hands and come back to your body!"
"What? My body?"
"Think about being yourself."
Tenya's eyes snapped open and she looked around. She hadn't moved but her hands were at her side, one hand on a Pokeball. She suddenly remembered that she had a belt full of empty Pokeballs and threw one at Caterpie.
The ball rocked back.. And forth... And then finally stopped.
"Wow, thank you." Said a hyper girl's voice quickly. It was so high pitch and hyper yet Tenya could barely hear it.. She knew that was Caterpie.
"Hello. I'll call you Cata."

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(( Before I start the story... Before every Chapter starts from now on I'll remind you of what Pokemon Tenya has and what color their voices are going to be in ^_^ So it's easier to tell who's talking.))

~Tenya's Pokemon: "My name's Angelpaw The Eevee. I've got super clean white fur but if you look closely you'll my fur's actually a rainbow of pastel colors!", "HI! My name's Cata and I am a Caterpie. I look so dull compared to Angelpaw..."~

"It's getting late... Where's the closest city?" Tenya yawned. She had walking from wherever she'd started towards wherever the straight line she was walking in for nearly an hour. It was actually a tad miserable. Angelpaw and Cata were both in their Pokeballs that rested on Tenya's belt but she could still hear their comforting voices every now and then. Her mind was fuzzled with many thoughts and she couldn't think straight. So far she knew this world was called Reality but she didn't find that possible. She' read hundreds of fantasy stories and the hero always came from the real world, not the fake happy one.
So what was going on?

The other thing bugging her was the battle she'd just experirenced. Her chest still hurt and Cata had said sorry in a hudred forgien lanuages. That was just a small battle, Angelpaw had said some 3 hours ago, so she needed to try and get over it. Gym battles hurt even worse...
Tenya rushed her thoughts to a different topic. She didn't want to think about Reality's horrible battle system anymore! It hurt even to think about it.

"Tenya, Cata informs me that you were on a route between Viridian and Pallet town. She also says if we hurry we can make it to Pewter before nightfall."
"I think it's a little late. The sun's already setting and no one will let me in with these weird wings."
"People in town look even weirder." Comment Cata. "One kid had big, floppy ears and another had a bushy tail. In Reality everyone if different and special in their own way so you'll fit right in."
"Oh... Ok..." Tenya said softly, looking around. Here she was, in a gloomy forest with trees on every side and she wasn't scared. The sun was setting and things were slowly getting darker... But the voices of Cata (Who Tenya could hear clearer now) and Angelpaw were there and comforting her. They sounded like home...

"Don't move." Angelpaw warnned. Tenya stopped and lifted her gaze from the straight line she was walking in to a clump of trees. A twig snapped behind her and something in front of her made the trees shake. The trees were shaking more then Tenya was...
"Release us from our Pokeballs."
Tenya did as she was told.
"I can fight on my own. Battle with Cata."
"There's a Weedle behind us and a Beedrill in front. Angelpaw can take care of Beedrill while we take Weedle. Ready?"
Tenya balled a fist and held it with her other hand as she turned around to face where Weedle was. Cata was in front of her.
Tenya closed her eyes and built a mental picture of Cata protecting her from the dark. She thought about being a Caterpie, picturing the world from a lower height and pretending to move a bunch of legs. When she opened her eyes she was a Caterpie. She was Cata.

She heard buzzing behind her and heard Angelpaw's small feet beat the ground as her Pokemon ran to battle. She could hear Weedle slowly creep out of hiding and heard its tiny body moving towards her.
Her mind was limited and she couldn't picture Cata at any super speed. She could, though, see Cata spitting string at a tree branch above her and swinging towards Weedle on the string. That would speed them up.
Catat got the picture and looked up at the sky, only to find no branch to spit string at. Something warpped around her upper body, near her head, and she was reeled towards Weedle.
She struggled and struggled until the string finally snapped and spat her own string at her ex-captor. She pulled at the string by moving her head and felt Weedle's heavy body pull back.
Weedle won the quick tug-o-war battle and pulled her off her feet, sending her flying towards him. Tenya knew the Weedle was a he because it smelt like one.

Weedle pointed the silver horn on its head at Cata and a barb of posion was shot from it, sinking into the middle section of Cata's body. Tenya winced, feeling a sudden thrubbing run through her body as the blood traveled around. She felt very weak, as well.
Weedle prepared for a second blow and, as the barb shot, the bug was pushed back by the force. If the first attack had hurt this one was much worse. It hit Catat dead center and pushed her back a bit. She wouldn't be able to take anymore of this... The pain from the posion she'd recieved eariler was sapping her strength as it was...

"So sorry, Trainer Tenya... I tried..." Tenya felt tears in Cata's eyes and the world Catat was seeing faded to darkness. The insane pain Tenya had felt faded too and the Caterpie world she had thought was the only one she'd ever see slowly dissolved into her reality. She was a human again and her hands had fallen limp at her sides. She could still feel the effects of the posion, though they weren't very bad since her body was big and could withstand something that small (Like the tiny posion fo a bumblebee sting).
Out in front of her was a battered and KOed Cata and behind her was a batter and KOed Beedrill with Angelpaw fainted as well. Weedle just glared at her, looking a bit weak and tired.
I can't feel Cata and Angelpaw anymore... Where are they? This is scarey. I'm all alone... All alone. I need to get out of here! But Weedle will attack me! What should I do?"
Tenya gulped and took Angelpaw's special opal Pokeball and Cata's dull red one off her belt and recalled her Pokemon. She had to do something.

She suddenly felt her hands on an empty Pokeball and jerked it off her belt.
"I guess I've got no choice! Pokeball, go!" She ordered, tossing the Pokeball at Weedle. The ball shook back and forth until... Tenya never knew what happened afterward. She saw a hand pick up her Pokeball and feet in blue sneakers. Someone lifted her up and but by then the world was so dark she couldn't see...
The pain of her 3 only bonds was too great... She fainted.

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Chapter 3

~Tenya's Pokemon: "My name's Angelpaw The Eevee. I've got super clean white fur but if you look closely you'll my fur's actually a rainbow of pastel colors!", "HI! My name's Cata and I am a Caterpie. I look so dull compared to Angelpaw...". "My name's.... I don't have a name and I am a Weedle..."~

Tenya could hear the moaning of her best friends. She heard them in her ear. She could tell they were awake. But Weedle wasn't. She still felt a bit dizzy and slowly the blackness she'd just known drifting away. She was on her back in a room with white walls. Great. She'd moved again.
"Wow! You're awake!"
A face suddenly peered down at Tenya, one belonging to a boy. He had short blonde hair and a terrible tan. He also had what appeared to be a a pair of cat ears on his head. Pale, creamy yellow cat ears. And his shirt must've been black.
Tenya just stared, still a bit dazed by her surroundings. She wanted to go to sleep.
"Goo'way... O...K....?" She mumbled, rolled over on her side.
"Uh... Ok.... You're Weedle should be awake soon..."
"My Weedle? Oh. His name is Food."
"Food. I want Food."
"Ummm... Ok." The boy said slowly, walking off. Minutes later he reappeared with Tenya's Weedle.
"I can't get that." She snapped. Weedle was waking up and she was feeling a bit better.
"Ack! Sorry! You called your Weedle Food!"
"You named me FOOD? C'mon, give me a better name."
"Eek! Can't I change it?" Tenya asked. Her Weedle was glaring with his big red nose pressed against hers. He wasn't happy.
"Sorry. Once you name a Pokemon the name won't leave without a special spell."
"Oh my gosh... I am SOOO sorry, Weedle! I mean.. Food... SORRY!"
"You'd better be, sissy lady! You were so totally weak!"
"HEY! I said I was sorry!" Tenya snapped at Food. "We'll find a name spell person and change your name to Brat!"

"Food? I've got some." Said a sweet, musical voice. A young woman with blue hair in a ponytail walked over to Tenya and put a steaming tray of food in her lap. Tenya stared at the food and Food, the Weedle, crawled off her face and sat on the edge of the tray. Angelpaw then jumped onto her bed with Catat clinging to her white fur.
"YAY! Food!"
"Why are you so happy to see me? I whipped your butts yesterday."
"Not you! The munchings!"
Food glared and opened his mouth, glaring at Tenya.
"Feed me already." He snapped while pointing his tail at the tray of food.
"Ok... Angelpaw likes fruit and so does Cata and you like meat... How'd I know that?"
"It comes with your bond." The cat-earred boy said. Tenya was rather surprise that he was still watching her and realized that his shirt wasn't totally black. It was striped black and white going vertically and he had black shorts.
"My name's Nyo. Pleasure to meet you...?"
"Tenya. Nice to meet you too. Want some of this food?"
"That's ok, I ate at already 8."
Tenya cut up an apple and split the slices amoung Angelpaw and Catat before giving Food some the scrambled eggs on her tray. Then she nibbled on the corner of her toast.
"What time is it?" She asked after swallowing her food.
"About 12. You took forever to wake up. It's a good thing my Meowth and I found you. You passed out after catching that Weedle."
enya looked mildly depressed by this news and finished off her toast and drank some milk. Food and Angelpaw were drinking a cup of orange juice while Cata sucked on an orange slice.

"So... Do you know alot about Pokemon?" Nyo finally asked, looking at Tenya "It's just that yesterday you seemed so shocked by the fact you were blacking out..."
"Why was that?" Tenya asked. The blue haired Nurse, who Angelpaw informed Tenya was named "Nurse Happy", took her tray and left.
"When you've got bonds for more then 2 hours your mind needs them to support itself. If one falls and you've got another left you've got a bit of comfort but when all those Pokemon you're bonded with black out then you black out too. Unless you get stronger you'll always black out. In fact, the Gym Badge in Pewter City makes you a bit stronger." Nyo explained. He sounded like this was basic knowledge but the information startled Tenya a bit.
"I guess that would explain everything... I remember being so scared and lonely... And then everything just faded away..."

"I think you need some help. So why don't I travel with you?" Nyo offered after a momment of staring. Tenya smiled and nodded, feeling tired again.
"You should take some time to rest. You got pretty beat up yesterday. Tomorrow we can head off to train for Pewter City." Nyo said with a smile. He then walked off. Tenya smiled weakly, glad to be alone with just her Pokemon, and fell back against some comfy pillows.
"We're here now, Tenya Master." Angelpaw promised. Tenya closed her eyes and felt her Eevee curling up next to her. She also knew that Cata was curled up in a tight ball and that Food was resting on her opposite side, only cuddling with Tenya for warmth.
"Whatever. I just wanna kick butt tomorrow, ok?"
"Shut-up, you over grown flea. Tenya's froma different world then us and we're here to protect her now!"
The last thing Tenya heard was Food muttering about not wanting to care.

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~Tenya's Pokemon: "My name's Angelpaw The Eevee. I've got super clean white fur but if you look closely you'll my fur's actually a rainbow of pastel colors!", "HI! My name's Cata and I am a Caterpie. I look so dull compared to Angelpaw...", "My name's Food and I am a Weedle... So... Yeah. Go away, now."~

~Nyo's Pokemon: A Meowth (Kat, Male), A Vulpix (Chii, Female), A Sandshrew (Sandy, Female)~

The next day was very bright and sunny. Tenya woke up feeling refreashed and relaxed and discovered that her Pokemon had been playing with Nyo's Pokemon. They'd be fighting for practice. Catat claimed that fighting with Nyo's Vulpix had helped her feel stronger and thinking about Catat made Tenya feel warm and strong. She felt like something amazing was about to happen...
Fighting Nyo's Meowth had made Angelpaw grow wings on her back. Angelpaw's wings were tiny and didn't support her in flight but were growing. Angelpaw explained she was winged because of her bond with Tenya. As she grew closer to Tenya she'd become more like her.
Even Food had trained. Fighting a Sandshrew hadn't been easy but he'd won once and felt pretty good about himself. He was even glowing a bit and talking about evolving soon.

"Good morning, Sleep Beauty. You've been out for hours." Nyo said when he noticed Tenya awake, sounding only a tiny bit annoyed. "I was about to send Food in to kiss you."
"He's not kidding, ya know."
Tenya giggled and picked Angelpaw and Cata up since Food was mentally screaming at her to go aay and not touch him.
"Well.. Shall we be off?"
"Yes! Finally! Sounds great!" Nyo said quickly, recalling all his Pokemon but his Meowth. His Meowth hopped into his arms just as Food crawled up Tenya's leg, up Angelpaw's tail, and onto Tenya's shoulder.

The morning was extremly beautiful and Nyo talked alot about soccer and how he'd seen some Pikachu in the forest. He also chatted about his Pokemon. Apprently, he'd won Vulpix in the lottery and Meowth was a stray at one point. He'd gotten Sandshrew on Mt. Moon and had beaten Brock already.
"But don't worry. I'll coach you so you can beat him fast. I think you shoulder get Cata to evolve into Butterfree and Food into Beedrill."
"That sounds fun! I'll be all pretty!"
"OH YEAH! Count me in!"
"They seem to like the idea." Tenya said with a giggle "So... What do I do?"
"Let's start with Food. Us two can battle together."
Tenya stopped walking and stared at Nyo is horror. "Battle like that... For fun?"
"It's not for fun. Listen, Angelpaw told Kat all about your past and Kat told me. You need those gym badges so we need to fight!" Nyo said firmly, stomping his foot and glaring at Tenya. "Now I see what Kat ment. You can't get home alone. You simply won't admit that to get what you want you've gotta go through a bit of pain."

"But!! I don't want to hurt anyone!"
"No sweat! We can stop if your Pokemon or you start feeling dizzy again. Don't worry." Nyo said, seeming to have calmed down. In side, he really did find Tenya a tad annoying.
"But!! But!!"
Nyo ball a fist and held his balled fist with another hand. Tenya watched and noticed that Nyo wasn't moving.
"He can't hear you. I think he's trying to tune you out." Angelpaw said sorrowfully, looking at Nyo in mild confusion.
"Who wouldn't? You are awfully annoying."

"Great! I've got pretend to be YOU? Let's get this over with." Tenya said angrily, flicking Food off her shoulder. Food shot a string at Tenya's out stretched hand and landed on the ground carefully. Then released himself from the string. Tenya held her balled fist and thought about Food protecting her, not an easy thing to do since he hated her completly. Once she felt slightly like a Pokemon she pretended she was a weedle with a bad attitude and open her eyes to find herself actually as a Weedle.

"Over here, Tenya!" Hissed a voice that was slightly familar. Tenya turned her thoughts and Food his head towards Nyo's Meowth, Kat. Kat's tail was swaying and his claws were digging into the dirt covered battlefield. "I hope you two learn to get along, otherwise this battle is MINE!"

Hoenn Mirror Girl
08-23-2004, 11:58 PM
Food? LOL!!!! No wonder the Weedle hates Tenya's guts. But Food's pretty funny. Maybe when I catch a Weedle in FR/LG I'll name it Food!

Anyway, the story's great. Keep it up, my friend!

Meowth (F) L2

08-24-2004, 01:03 AM
I'd LOVE to be named Food! That Weedle should be thanking her! At least she didn't call him "a taxi to get away from me forever"! That's a pretty long name right there.

08-24-2004, 01:19 AM
LOL. Thanks for all your comments. The next chapter will be up sometime tomorrow * bow *

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Chapter 4

~Tenya's Pokemon: "My name's Angelpaw The Eevee. I've got super clean white fur but if you look closely you'll my fur's actually a rainbow of pastel colors!", "HI! My name's Cata and I am a Caterpie. I look so dull compared to Angelpaw...", "My name's Food and I am a Weedle... So... Yeah. Go away, now."~

~Nyo's Pokemon: A Meowth (Kat, Male), A Vulpix (Chii, Female), A Sandshrew (Sandy, Female)~

"Got a plan, o'high ' mighty one?" Asked Food, who seemed in no better mood then he was when he wasn't sharing a mind with Tenya. Tenya would've glared at him but she couldn't so just thought tartly in reply "A better one then you could think up."
"Doesn't seem like it! Actually think something up, ok?"
Tenya grumbled to herself and started thinking. Weedles were such limited Pokemon.
Something scratched Food's body and both Pokemon and Trainer felt blood leak out of an small wound. Kat was lightning fast and really strong! Battling the Pewter City Gym must've done that to him.

Tenya despratly picture Food's posion sting, remembering how much it had hurt her. Hopefully it'd have the same effect on a Meowth. Food performed the attack bitterly and Tenya suddenly knew that it wouldn't work on a Pokemon as strong as Kat. This battle wasn't fair!
But Kat was slightly damaged by the attack. Food seemed to very pleased but Tenya found it surprising. Was Nyo just letting her win?

Kat hissed and sprung forward but then fell to the ground before he scratched Food again. Tenya knew very well that if Food and her took another hit they were finished. She felt perfectly fine at the momment but she just knew Food won't stand another attack.
Tenya felt herself drawn back to her job as a trainer, the job of commanding Food, and picture him tieing Kat's paw up with string.
Food arched his body so that his tail was pointed at Kat and shot a wave of icky strings at Kat's paw. Kat tried to remove it with his other paw but only got the two stuck together.
Now's our chance! Thought Tenya as her picture of Food using another posion sting was put into action. The posion sting only succeeded in making Kat so mad that the Meowth easily tore the strings on his paws apart.

Kat jumped forward and scratched Food, leaving another little wound to bleed. Food's body was throbbing with pain that Tenya could feel as well and sheknew that unless she gave up Food would pass out.
"Please.... Stop fighting..." She said quietly, her own voice spilling from Food's mouth with a slight echo of Food's.
"Ok." Kat replied, sounding more like Nyo then Kat now. Tenya sighed in relief and focused on becoming herself again.
Nothing happened.
She closed her eyes and pictured herself as a human again.
Still nothing happened.

"Uh... Tenya? Wake up?" Nyo said, shaking her. She wasn't able to reply with her own body but only screech as Food.
"THIS BATTLE IS NOT OVER! YOU ARE NOT LEAVING UNTILIT'S OVER!" Food yelled angrily as he sped at Kat. He tackled Kat who, unprepared for being attacked, took a major hit.
"What are you doing?!" Kat yelled angrily at Food "This battle's over!"
"Not until I say it's over!" Food replied angrily, using posion sting on Kat. KAt just glared and looked up at Nyo for orders.

"What's up with Tenya's Weedle?" Nyo asked Kat, looking mildly confused. Kat looked at Nyo to reply but knocked over by the glowing Weedle. Food grinned and closed his eyes, glowing more and more...
He changed shape and Tenya felt a startling amount of power. Food wasn't a weak Weedle anymore...
"AWESOME! Food the Kakuna! Has a nice ring... The Kakuna part. Not my name."
"Can we stop fighting now...?"
"Wait a second, ok? I wanna give this new power a test run."

While they were talking, Kat scratched Food and the crazy pain increased.
"Aw crap... I put my gaurd down and now look....." Food moaned. Tenya focused on being herself again and opened her eyes as a human again. She fell to her knees and picking up Food, looking a bit sad.
"Why does he have to be so..."
"Why won't he just admit he loses? I guess he's just that type of person. Annoying." Angelpaw said simply, licking a cut on Tenya's arm.

"Are you ok, Tenya? Let's not train with Food for a while... He got me worried." Nyo said firmly, kneeling down to Tenya's level. "And YOU need to control your Pokemon better! Do you realize that you could've been stuck as a Weedle forever?!"
"That would never happen. Food would kick her out sooner or later."

08-25-2004, 12:09 AM
That Food's been in the refridgerator too long. It grew sour. Time to throw it away! :silly:

08-25-2004, 12:15 AM
~Tenya's Pokemon: "My name's Angelpaw The Eevee. I've got super clean white fur but if you look closely you'll my fur's actually a rainbow of pastel colors! Oh! And I've got a pair of wings growing!", "HI! My name's Cata and I am a Caterpie. I look so dull compared to Angelpaw...", "My name's Food and I am a Kakuna baby! Don't mess with me, got that?"~

~Nyo's Pokemon: A Meowth (Kat, Male), A Vulpix (Chii, Female), A Sandshrew (Sandy, Female)~

"Tenya, let's train Cata for a while. If we get Cata to a decent level we can probbly beat the gym leader. Besides, I wanna see what your Metapod looks like." Nyo said as he and Tenya wandered deeper into the Viridian Forest.
"Eh? What is that supposed to mean, Nyo?" Tenya asked. She was holding Cata who was ready for battle.
"Oh, you didn't notice?"
"Notice what?"
"Food's coloring. He's a bit shinier then most Kakuna. I think evolving with you got him higher defense. And besides, you're dream-world-ness is rubbing off on your Pokemon." Nyo explained with a little shrug.
"What does that mean...?"
"They look different. I think it's because they're bonded with someone from the dream world. It must change them."

Tenya nodded, though she really didn't understand, and kept walking with Nyo. "Ok. Just... I wanna battle something easier this time." She pointed out miserably. Her past battle experirence wasn't very pleasent.
"Ok. We'll find a wild Pokemon. Maybe a Metapod. They're easiest."
Tenya smiled and nodded, looking around the forest for any signs of a Metapod.
"Hey, Tenya."
"Hey. Food's come to it. What is it?"
"First off, I can hear your thoughts so stop thinking about knocking me out again."
"I've been thinking. I don't like you and you don't like me. So once I evolve into a Beedrill I want you to let me go."

Tenya stopped walking and just listened, a bit startled by the request.
"I'll meet you in Lavendar Town and you can change my name. Then just release me, got it?"
"Ok...." Tenya thought in reply before starting to walk again.
"What's up?" Nyo asked, one of his cat ears twitching. His ears made Tenya smile, since she loved cats.
"Nothing much. Food wants me to release him later." Tenya said. She was surprised that this didn't really disturb Nyo much.
"Ok. Hey, I think I see a Metapod."
Sure enough, right in front of them, on a tree was a Metapod. The Metapod was staring right at them with drowsy eyes. It hopped off the tree and rolled towards Tenya and Nyo.
"Ok. Get ready for battle." Nyo warnned her. Tenya nodded, balling on fist and holding it. Cata hopped away from her and towards Metapod, glaring darkly.

This'll be easy... Cata can protect me from a Metapod. Tenya thought as she thought about becoming a Caterpie "Too easy.
She opened her eyes and found herself once again fighting with Cata. Cata was a very pleasent Pokemon to fight as and she was eagar to have Cata evolve. She'd heard Bug Pokemon evolved rather quickly so was excited to get a fully evolved Pokemon out Cata but not as much for Food. She hated to admit it, but she'd be so lonely without with mocking her.

Metapod's body suddenly became hard and shiny, like a piece of copper, and Tenya realized she'd have to finish this battle quickly. If Metapod got any shinier she'd have a hard time attacking it.
"Here we go!"Cata cried out as Tenya picture her Caterpie using tackle. She was surprised by the sudden speed Cata had earnned. Cata's training with Nyo must've helped a ton. Cata plowed into Metapod but barely left a scratch or even a bruise on the bug's hard outter shell.
"We need to attack harder. More strength, next time."
Tenya nodded but was terrified to see Metapod's protective shell turn copper again. How was she going to beat a bug that kept getting harder and harder to inflict damage on?!
"This Metapod is tired. I think it had a battle recently and just evolved. It's already close to a knock out." Cata said in a depressed tone. Tenya didn't bother asking why because she already knew. Cata won't learn as much from a half finished battle. But, then again, Cata was very close to evolving. Tenya could feel it.

After a momment of thinking up an attack, Cata was already starting another tackle attack. This time when the bug smashed into Metapod they received some damage themself. The pain wasn't horrible but it ached on and on and Tenya felt like she'd been bruised all over.
AGAIN! She ordered. Cata quickly moved forward and tackled Metapod once more. The Metapod was glowing and so was Cata, making Tenya feel slightly uneasy. She felt warm and strong. Cata tackle Metapod again and, to the surprise of the two, Metapod's protective shell cracked.
A small droplet of clear liquid oozed from the crack and Cata suddenly stopped attacking.
Cata? Tenya thought in alarm, confused by how Cata was responding to her orders to tackle Metapod. Cata looked up and started to spit string from her mouth again, tieing herself up. Tenya just waited in confusion, wondering why Cata was attacking herself like this.
But she felt no damage.
Could this possibly be an attack?

Cata finally stopped spitting the gross string and glowed. Her body grew longer and harder and she seemed very pleased with herself for some reason.
"I evolved! Yes! Yes! Finally!"
You aren't the only thing that evolved. Tenya warnned her, suddenly looking at the Metapod they'd been battling. The Metapod was now only an empty shell. It was white and gross and sitting on top of it was a beautiful butterfly. The Butterfree's wings were damp and it looked at Cata happily, almost as if to thank her.

Huh? IT's not attacking us? Tenya said carefully, wondering if Butterfree was just about to attack.
"Butterfree says thank you. It thanks us for helping it evolve before the Moonlight Gathering of bugs."
What's that?
"That's when all the bugs gather and travel to Lavendar Town together."
Tenya nodded and focused on becoming herself again. Before she knew it, she was a human once more and she was staring at a Weedle. Food was out of his Pokeball and clinging to her arm.
"The Moonlight Festivel... I want to go to it, ok?"

08-25-2004, 11:59 AM
Chapter 5

"Ok... Today's the day." Nyo said quickly as Tenya walked out into the main section of the Pokemon center. For 5 whole days since Catat evolved, Nya and her had been training Cata while Food trained himself and Angelpaw commented on how she was training secretly in her spare time. Cata had often been beat up so Angelpaw and Food had gotten some experirence by fighting for her. Things were going really slowly for Cata but at the time the Caterpie and Food looked close to evolving.

"Now what, Nyo?" Tenya asked with a yawn, her eyes blurred from sleep and a lazy look displayed across her face.
"Easy. One more battle and Cata is sure to evolve." Nyo promised her with a grin. "Not to worry. Now, ready for our battle?"
"Of course!" Tenya said cheerfully, balling a fist and closing her eyes. Hopefully, just hopefully, this would be the last time she fought with Cata as a Metapod. She was running out of attack ideas!
"Yay yay yay! Let's fight Food again! He likes fighting me and I've gotta whip his butt."
"Whatever you say, you lil'midget!"
"I'd be careful about what I said, Food. I'm taller then you."

Tenya smiled and slowly became Cata, ready to help Cata out in the process of battle. This WOULD be their final fight. She wouldn't let anything else happen.
Ready, Cata?
"Ready." Replied Cata.
The battle started and Tenya took a few seconds to check out where Food was standing and her surroundings. They were fighting under a tree, much to Metapod's advantage.
Cata read Tenya's battle plan and shot a sticky web of string into the air and then yanked herself into the air. She hung for a couple seconds before swinging and dropping on top of Food. Food's cacoon turned copper and Cata bounced off, leaving barely enough damage to keep Food from sending a posion sting in their general direction.
Cata shot another string shot at the tree and dodged the Posion sting and then dropped herself on Food, who didn't harden this time but stabbed the fallign Metapod with a second round of Posion sting.
Metapod smashed into Food and the Kakuna was instantly, KOed.
YAY! Whoa! Tenya's celebration was short lived. Food's cacoon was glowing and a little crack ran down its side. A copper liquid oozed from the Kakuna shell and a rather odd looking Beedrill pushed through the now empty cacoon. Food checked himself over and nearly screamed when he saw his new body.
True enough, poor Food had large pink pointed front hands, or stingers, and his wings were more silvery then white. He even had a metallic glow to him. But all of this wasn't going to make-up for the pink.

Tenya and Cata seperated and Tenya was too busy holding back laughter from her new Beedrill to realize that Cata was also cracking open. When she finally turned around to ask what Cata thought of Food's color she was face to face with a damp Butterfree.
Cata was now a lovely pink Butterfree and looked more then just a little pleased with herself.
"Awww! Look at you, Food! You're pink! Just like me!" She giggled and spread out her damp wings and flapped them a bit to shake the golden liquid off them. Tenya smiled and started clapping in excitement for her new Pokemon, trying not to laugh at Food.

"Admit it, Food. You look simply adoreable." Nyo joked, also trying not to laugh. "Hey Hey! Tenya! It's time for a Gym Battle!" He pointed out firmly. "Get your Pokemon healed and let's go!"
"Ok." Tenya said brightly, recalling Beedrill and Butterfree to their respectful Pokeballs. She knew very well that from in side his Pokeball Food was swearing at her and like crazy.

08-25-2004, 05:51 PM
PINK FOOD!!!!! ^_^

Even if he leaves her, he'll always remember her from the color! XD

08-27-2004, 12:57 AM
"I am SO sorry, Food!" Tenya blurted out as she and Nyo walked to Pewter City. "I really, seriously totally am! I swear, we'll change your color!"
"Right you are, Tenya. For in Celadon City is a wonderful young woman named Erika who changes the color of your Pokemon!" Nyo said firmly. "So I think Food here will be sticking around for a while."
"No. After this gym battle tonight I am going to fly ahead to Lavendar Town and meet you guys there."
Tenya sighed and put Food's Pokeball really close to her face.
"You annoying bug. I'll be glad to have you leave, dangit!"
"Eh? Tenya?" Nyo shrugged and took a deep breath before pushed open the Pokemon Center door for Tenya.
"Hey, Tenya? I've been wondering... If you don't battle this way where you come from how do your Pokemon battle?" He asked, his long cream colored cat tail swaying a bit. Tenya looked over at Nyo miserably, not very interested in talking about the world she'd left behind.
She placed her Pokeballs on the Pokemon Center counter and took a seat on a red chair.
"Well... We'd just give our Pokemon command verbally. It was alot easier--"
"ARE YOU KIDDING? That sounds super hard! I mean, I don't even know the names for any attacks my Pokemon do! And how would we work together and make secret plans? That must've been really hard, Tenya." Nyo loudly before calming down and looking away. "Eh... Sorry... It does sound tough, though."

"Easier then here." Tenya whispered sadly, looking at the floor. For a momment she wondered what was happening in her own world. Were her parents ok? Was time passing in her world or was everything still? What if her parents came in and found that she wasn't there? What would they do? They needed her. They needed her to make money for them...
A single tear rolled down Tenya's cheek but she failed to notice it.
Mom... Dad... She thought miserably. They've always been for me... They bought me nice clothes and a wonderful present... And what did I do for them? On the one day I could help them the most I vanished! I just vanished! They're probbly worried sick and they'll spend money to hire search parties and then they'll strave! Why me? Why now?

"Tenya? Are you crying? Oh gosh, you are! I'm sorry!" Nyo said quickly, looking a bit ashamed with his ears and tail drooping. "Sorry, sorry sorry! I didn't mean to insult you or anything! Please don't be mad!"
"I wanna go home..." Tenya murmered softly, her small wings growing to 3 times their original size and folded around her body. Her eyes were flashing every color of the rainbw and her tears were glowing.
"Tenya? What is going on? Stop that! Are you ok?" Nyo asked, trying to push her wings apart. He wasn't strong enough and her body automachically had her wings shove him back.
"You are so mean, Nyo." Kat said firmly, shaking his head. "Tenya's been through alot with all this. She's in a new world and is missing her family. Just leave her alone, you only make things worse."
Nyo glared at nothing in perticular and took a seat far away from Tenya. Everyone in the Pokemon center seemed to be watching Tenya.

"Oh?" A young girl murmered as she entered the Pokemon center. The girl pushed her sun glasses up and blew stray pieces of her black hair out of her golden eyes, grinning. "Would that be here? Looks like it. And I thought my day was getting bad..."
The young girl dug into the pocket of her black jacket that covered her red tank top and pulled something small and silver out. She then fished into the pocket of her jean shorts and yanked out another small silver object.
"Day 4 of the search. I think I might've found what we've been looking for." She whispered into the first silver object, which was no doubt some sort of recorder.
Then she whispered into her tiny walky-talky, the second silver object.
"Hello? Boss? I've found a target. I'll be following her. Over." She whispered, then put her things away and took a seat far away from Tenya while she waited for her Pokemon to be healed.

09-02-2004, 08:44 PM
Chapter 6

"You're Pokmemon are healed!" Nurse Happy said cheerfully as she slid a tray with Tenya and Nyo's Pokeballs forward. Tenya and Nyo always share a tray because they each had 3 Pokemon and because it made sure they were both battle ready at the same time.
"Finally. You ready for your first gym battle, Tenya?" Nyo asked his miserable friend, who was finally coming out of her feathery hiding and face Nyo again, who any one could tell was just getting over major tears.
Tenya nodded and stood up slowly, taking her Pokeballs from Nyo and wiping away her tears before slowly shaking to the door. Her legs were shaky and she seemed a bit tired but nothing major seemed to be bugging her. She should be ok.

"Now, the gym leader here is super tough. He uses his Onix in battle. Like all gym leaders he has his special spell that allows--"
"Spell?" Tenya yelped, looking mildly surprised and confused. "Oh wow! I thought this wa reality! We don't have magic where I live!"
"I know. You're so lucky. Anyways, he uses a special spell you earn with the boulder badge. It allows him to convert all of his special strength into power for his Onix. He's really awesome and can use it once every turn!"
"Huh? You've lost me. Me being lucky? Magic's awesome! And special power? What's that?" Tenya asked quickly, stopping Nyo where he was. She wasn't going to battle Brock with understanding what the heck was going on.

"Ok, think about it. Magic is a very taxing thing and only those with strong hearts can use it. That's why I can't use much yet, I don't really have much of a reason for wanting magic yet."
"Explain. You're confusing me." Tenya said. She spotted a bench and dragged Nyo over to it, shoving him and forcing him to sit down before taking a seat next to him.
Nyo groaned and shook his head. "C'mon, you can't be that dumb. The gym challenage is to strengthen you. Every badge opens a new spell and you can slowly train to use that spell to strengthen your Pokemon. Everyone has a special Power, too. We when start our Pokemon journey we get a symbol."
Tenya paused and gave Nyo a odd look. He groaned again and took out his Pokedex, flipping it open and opened up a page on it.
"Nyo Neko? That's your name? It says here that you've got the special power of... Bravery?" Tenya felt like laughing for a momment, having never found Nyo to be very brave yet, but wanted answers on these secret powers.

"What's... My special Power?" She asked softly, taking out a Pokedex of his own. Nyo took her Dream-Type Pokedex and started to download the Reality features onto her Dex. A page opened up displaying Tenya's page and Nyo shook his head.
"We'll need to have Nurse Joy take a look at your page, I think it was screwed when you came here." He said miserably, handing it back to her.
"Oh? It says Angel Tenya." She said in confusion, rubbing her head. "What's wrong with that?"
"Most new trainers get Bravery, Determination, Dream, Hope, Power or another common thing found in kids. Angel isn't an average Special Power. Heck, I don't see what it could be. We'll need Nurse Happy to discover what your Secret Power is, otherwise you can't battle Brooke."
"Brooke?! I thought the gym leader was a guy named Brock!"
"Yeah. Brooke's a gym trainer here. Unless she knows your secret power she won't fight you and then you can't battle Brock. We'll get this stuff over with now." Nyo explained, standing up and grabbing Tenya's hand. He dragged her forcefully back to the Pokemon Center.


"A Special Power scan? You mean she doesn't have one?" Nurse Happy asked when Nyo requested the scan. She looked at Tenya, who was practically hiding behind Nyo, and smiled.
"I guess it can't be helped if what you say is true. When a page goes hywire it usually means the old Special Power upgraded."
"Upgraded?" Tenya hissed at Nyo, seeming very offended.
"You're so lucky. It means you've got stronger magic. You can control it and then don't cause chaos."
So that's what he ment by I was lucky to live in Dream World. I guess real Magic isn't like in stories. People must get hurt from it here...
"Ok, what do I do?" Tenya asked Nyo queitly and Nurse Happy clicked her fingers. The counter slid apart and Tenya was dragged behind it before it closed again.
"All you do is follow Nurse Happy's orders! Don't worry!" Nyo called after her, waving farewell as Tenya was yanked into another room.

This room was extremly dark and slightly gloomy. The only light came from computor screens and other machinary.
The first thing that Tenya noticed was a circle on the floor. The circle looked like a cookie cutter had been plowed into the hard, midnight blue metal flooring. There were glowing green hoops in the circle too, lights going around them.
"Stand in the circle." Nurse Happy said as she wandered over to a wall full of computors. Tenya wandered into the circle and Nurse Happy pressed her hand against a keyboard.
"Computor, I'd like you scan this girl's heart. I need to update her trainer page."
"Confirmed." Replied an odd robotic voice. The top hoop in the circle on the ground lifted into the air, behind it, left a green light-like wall. Tenya realized that she was surrounded and couldn't move and began to panic. She struggled and struggled but couldn't find herself moving.
"Calm down. This'll go quicker if you stay calm." Nurse Happy said sweetly. Tenya stared at her, not wanting to take this comment seriosuly, but finally closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She reopened her eyes and discovered the wall around her changing color. It couldn't seem to pick a soild color. It even started creating polka dot patterns and stripes! Stars, hearts, comets, flowers... It couldn't pick anything!
It finally stopped switching colors and was the same mixture of calming pastels as the spinning world that Tenya hated so badly.

"Oh... Well... This is a... Surprise." Nurse Happy said softly, looking a bit shocked and almost scared. "LEt's try again. Must be a bug in the software." The same thing happened the second time. And the third. Nurse Happy kept retrying to process until she'd reached the tenth time in the hour.
"Oh... My... " She breathed softly, looking at a very confused Tenya. "Only your friend may know about these results. I'll set up a public page but I don't want anyone to see your private page... Perhaps Brock will know what to do..."
"Nani?" Tenya murmered. The room went dark again and Tenya wandered out the automagic door, Pokedex in hand.

Her page displayed complete nonsense to Tenya.

Name: Tenya Angelbond
Age: Unknown
Weight: None
Height: None
Species: Fallen Angel
Special Power: Angel
Special Task: Collect 8 gym badges and go home; Earn Wings

Tenya just stared at the species for a while. Fallen Angel... The words echoed in her head for a long time before, finally, she focused on the goal she never knew she had. Earn wings? What the heck was that about? No wonder Nurse Happy was so upset! This was complete nonsense... Right?

10-07-2004, 11:11 PM
NOTE: Sorry it took SO long for me to update! x_x" I feel really awful.

Chapter 6 con't

"For real? That's what your Trainer Page says?"
"Duh, Nyo. You've seen my page yourself."
Tenya and Nyo were on their way to the gym. After thinking long and hard about what Pokemon to start the battles with they'd decided on Food. Nyo thought that a pink Beedrill might lower Brooke's defences a bit and Tenya was slowly beginning to agree on the thought.
"I hate you."
And I hate you too! Tenya thought back happily as she walked to the gym But this'll be quick, ok?
"Better be you pink fluffy angel."
"Hey, Tenya! After this we can zip through Mt. Moon, ok?" Nyo said quickly. Tenya nodded, not really paying attention, and slid open the gym door.

"Welcome to the gym!" Cried an overly hyper little 6 year old as she jumped towards Tenya. Tenya shreiked and took a step backwards, tripping herself and falling into Nyo. "Gwa! What the--?!"
Standing in front of Tenya was a little girl. She had short brown hair in pig tails and wore a chinese style pink and white shirt with matching shorts.
"Welcome to the Gym! Welcome to our shack! Welcome welcome welcome welcome WELCOME CHALLENAGER!" She cheered, dancing around Tenya's legs.
"Now I'll put on a show for you! Don't forget to tip me!"
"Whoa! That's ok! I just wanna battle Brock!"
"Tip first, then battle Older Bro!"
"I'll watch your show." Nyo said quickly, raising his hand and smiling at the little girl. "What's your name?"
"My name is...BLOSSOM! And I'll be your little sister starting right now, Mister!" The little girl cheered as she jumped up and hugged Nyo from the neck. "Wheeee!"
"Ok, my name's Nyo." Nyo said while trying to get Blossom to stop hugging him. He gave Tenya an odd look and she returneit. Then he motioned for her to run. She didn't need to be told twice.

A little ways ahead was the gym. The floor was coated in dirt and there was a rock wall with only one opening. Standing in front of the opening was a girl dressed like a little green girl scout. She looked at Tenya and giggled.
"Your poor friend! You know you won't be able to get rid of that kid. We just got her away from Brock." The girl said with a giggle. Tenya glared, realizing that this girl had been spying on Nyo and her ever since they entered the gym.
How rude!
"My name's Brooke. If you wanna challenage Brock, which I bet you want to, then fight me first."
"Whatever." Tenya said firmly with a hand on Food's Pokeball. Brooke giggled in delight and stomped a foot on the ground. Almost instantly a rather large and tough looking Sandshrew broke through the gym floor and stood in front of Brooke. Tenya released Food from his Pokeball and shot a nasty look at Brooke.

Brooke balled a fist and closed her eyes while Tenya did the same. There was a long during which both girls became their Pokemon and then the battle began.
"I hope you're ready!" Sandshrew called. Sandshrew sounded like a female.
"Whenever you are!" Tenya had Food call back. Food seemed ticked off again and Tenya grumbled angrily. This was going to be a long battle...

Sandshrew started to kick sand at Tenya but Food flapped his wings and sent it back. Then Sandshrew rolled up into a ball and headed for the pair but Food flew up this time to avoid the attack. Food flew down at Sandshrew and stung the rolling Pokemon with a posion sting attack that startled Sandshrew so bad that she came out of her ball and stood on her two feet.

Ok, I want you to use Posion Sting again!
Tenya ordered. Food shot another Posion sting at Sandshrew and then another. Tenya stopped giving orders.
"What are you doing?"
I feel it...
Tenya took a deep breath and thought hard. She knew that there a new attack that Food could perform but couldn't put her finger directly on it yet.
Oh well. Use Posion sting! Tenya ordered in attempts to brush the awful feeling off.
Food prepared to use Posion Sting again but Sandshrew used another tackle attack to throw Beedrill back.
Use Fury Posion Sting! Tenya's mind snapped suddenly.

Food flew into the air and looked at his horn-like hands, which were tipped in purple. He just stared at it for a momment and then flew down at Sandshrew. He kept jabbing the horns at Sandshrew until his every movement was a blurr and then pulled back up into the air where he couldn't be reached. Sandshrew toppled over and Brooke woke up, looking a bit hurt. Food then kicked Tenya out.

Tenya groaned and took Food back to his Pokeball, only yo see an extremly shocked looking Brooke in front of her. Brooke glared darkly and stepped out of the way, though she really didn't want to.
"Go." She said simply while pointing to Brock. There was a long path between dirt and Brock was standing right behind Brooke with his arms crossed. "So you've got a bit of luck, eh?" He said. That was all he had to say for the battle to begin. Tenya didn't pay attention to what happened next but before she knew it she'd sent Food out again and was ready to fight with him while Brock's Geodude stood ready to fight.

Kick butt.
"You're no help."
Geodude swung a fist at Food but the pink Beedrill managed to dodge the attack. Tenya could've screamed as Geodude appeared behind them and punched Food into a wall. Her arms were throbbing with pain and she knew very well that one of her thin beedrill wings was crumpled at the tip.
Ow.... Focus on the next attack, Food.
Food turned to stare at Geodude who was coming in for another attack. He flew into the air and then dove at the rock Pokemon with his stingers tipped in posion. He prepared to attack and Geodude turned his attention upward so he could punch Food in the stomach.
This doesn't look good!