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As Life Shoots By-Written By:Melyssa A.


In a small brick house in Hoenn Region of Littleroot Town,you may see the 12 year old girl,Nikki.This is her story.The story that tells ho she rose through the ranks as the best Pokemon Master of all time.How she grew,learned and had adventures never before seen in the region of great Hoenn.

Chapter 1-Part 1::As The Story Awakens

"Honey,wake up." cooed a soft voice,and the lump of comforters in the four-poster shifted and moaned.

It was 10:00 A.M,a sunny day in small Littleroot Town of the Hoenn Region.The shimmering dew was alightened by the sun,and the sun cradled by the fluffy clouds.Taillows twittered outside the small house,built with unpainted burgendy brick.The sun filtered through the circular window placed above the head of the four-poster,creating a dancing yellow illusion upon the blue painted walls of the bedroom.

"It's your birthday," cooed the voice softly,as the sun bounced off a mothers brown hair.The lump of purple comforters shifted,and a girl emerged.Her head seemed too lift the pillow as she dislodged her head from it.She yawned deeply,then collapsed back onto the cozy bed after throwing the covers off of her,revealing blue Raichu-covered pajamas.

"Nikki Rose Smith,lift yourself out of bed this instant..you will be late for receiving your Starter Pokemon!" said the caring mother of the pre-teen.She groaned as she lifted herself straight,giving up on her daughter and throwing her image into the releif of the sun.

The suns rays burned upon her,revealing her too be fair-skinned and skinny behind the pink dress and pink heels she wore.Brown hair was tucked gently behind her ear,and bottle green eyes were hidden by long bangs.The wooden floor quaked beneath her feet as she stomped from the room and slammed the wooden door behind her,making the golden doorknob quake in it's socket.

Laughing at her not so funny joke,the girl leaped swiftly from the bed,landing with skill in white slippers.The sun now was dancing off the Raichu pictures papering her walls as the fit 10 year old danced over to her bathroom door,throwing the room into the illusions of light cancelling out the darkness of the marble cube.

She took a quick glance in the mirror,and smiled with pearly white teeth.Her blue eyes sparkled beneath her wispy black bangs,her frizzy hair sticking up in every direction with static.She shrugged,and shut the door as she took a quick shower and got dressed.

Out of the marble she walked,blue laced purple shoes clapping against the wooden floor.Her hair was smooth and wavy,part tucked skillfully behind her left ear.Her fair skin was hidden underneath the white tanktop and aqua skort she wore as she jumped out of the door.

She jumped onto the slick banister atop the wooden stairs and slid cautiously down.Her shoes smacked against the floor,creating a resounding thump.The mothers head peeked around a corner,one hand skillfully holding a white glass plate lade with toast,eggs and bacon.From the other hung a blue,red,and purple pack.Her face showed the well-known expression of relief as she spotted Nikki,dressed and prepared.

The pre-teen smoothly slid into a four-egged chair at the table,slinging the pack over one shoulder and wolfing down breakfast as her mother watched sadly. "Thanks mom," smiled the girl,rising after the quick meal.Her mom smiled "I'm glad you up..I'll miss you." she said tearily,throwing her arms around the child before her.

Nikki made a choking noise before hugging her mom back,allowing a couple of tears too cling upon her shoulder before letting go of her beloved relative,and opening the door,revealing a perfect day."I will see you later..perhaps." Said Nikki,a bit sadly."Will I be being sent any birthday presents?" she said,still wishing for gifts although her only prescence was absent.

"Sorry,Nikki,but I think getting your first Pokemon and embarking on your long-awaited journey is present enough." said her mother,hoping Nikki would understand.The girl nodded,and with a final goodbye jumped into the world,breathed a breath of fresh,clean air and snapped the door shut behind her.

She adjusted the pack too a comfortable segment of her shoulder,and breathed another breath of the fine morning air.Then she ran steadily down the dirt path,shoes pounding against the dirt as she continued on,farther and farther from the dear home she knew and loved.

She came too a giganticwhite building.It was clean inside,which you could easily see through the shiny and clean window.Nikki walked nervusly through the door,which slid open too reveal a room.

In the room,there were several comfy chairs set on white tile,and a few machines.Many doors led too the end of the lab,and a couple into the backyard where all the trainers Pokemon were kept when they were left out.In one chair,near a computer with a shiny screen,sat Professor Birch with his glasses glinting in the computer light.

Birch looked up with a smile. "Oh,hello,Nikki!" he said,smiling and jumping out of the burgendy computer chair,swiftly pushing a button on the computer keyboard,The computer screen went black and the many lights that once flashed green flickered and died.

"I supposed you'd be here too receive your starter,correct?" said Professor Birch,starting towards a silver door that read 'Starters Become Companions' in big black letters.

"Yes." said Nikki nervously,following the Professor through the door too a room with about one hundered grey shelve filled from top to bottom with glinting Pokeballs.Birch grasped three,one in one hand and two in the other.He threw them,andt he white light formed three Pokemon before a Pokeball dropped behind each.

"These are the Pokemon you can choose from." said Birch,gesturing too the Pokemon seeing the environment for the first time.

First he gestured too a green lizard-like Pokemon who looked laid-back,with a peice of what seemed too be grass sticking out of its mouth and a somewhat long dark green tail. "This,is Treeko,the grass Pokemon." said Birch,as the Treeko stared interestedly at Nikki.

Then he pointed at an orange bird-like Pokemon,who looked cute and friendly,with yellow wings and an adorable expression."This is Torchic,the Fire Pokemon." said Birch,as the cute Pokemon hopped over too rub it's head against Nikki's pant leg.

Finally,he gestured at a blue strange-looking Pokemon,with what looked like orange gloves on the side of it's head,wearing an intelligant look that told you it was ready too strategize and beat anything down. "This is Mudkip,the Water Pokemon." explained Birch,as the cute Pokemon snapped out of its thoughts too cock its head intelligently at the stranger that was Nikki.

"I think I will take that..Torchic!"said Nikki,pointing too the cutie that had now hopped on to her shoulder.Birch returned the other Pokemon,and gave her the 5 pokeballs,Pokedex and Pokenav required,knowing she was eager too get on her way.

They walked too the door,and Nikki returned her amazing,but cute new Torchic,then turned too Birch as she was leaving and grinned. "You have made a fine choice.Have fun out there,but be careful!" said Birch.Nikki nodded and continued out the door,then ran forward with a lunge of speed and energy,right into the first Route which lead too Oldale.

************************************************** ********************************

She continued down the Route for a while,then found a nice spot too rest.She lie underneath a fully grown oak tree,lounging next too a clear water spring.She let out her new buddy,Torchic. "I think I will call you Tory,how about that?" said Nikki,inquiring the opinion of her new companion.

"Tor,torchic!" chirped the bird happily,standing next too Nikki's head. "Tory it is!" said Nikki,happy that her pal had agreed.Just as they began too revive their comfort,they heard a rustle in the berry bush beside them and it sounded like a giant Pokemon.

Nikki immediatly jumped up,protecting Tory with her legs."Tor!" cried out Tory,and the rustling stopped.A gentl brush of air swept through the lime green grass,and the branches of the tree rubbed together,dancing upon the gentle zephyr.The bush started,and Nikki shrunk back.The bush opened too reveal...

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Part 2::Friends Together,Foes Apart

A boy with a Treeko standing beside him.The boy stepped skillfully from the bush,his companion trailing the boys movements as he stood.He wore black everywhere,except for a red vest.His hair was a bit messy and looked like it might have been spiked at one time,and was a dirty blondeish color.His eyes were a blue-redish color,and he wore a black bracelet with silver spikes upon it.

His Treeko stood beside him,and they looked almost identical.The Treeko was black with redish eyes and a silver tail!

Seeing Nikki,he stopped and gazed at her.His tough composure fell away as he stared,before shaking his head a bit and smiling nervously. "Urm..Hi,I'm Lance." said the boy shyly.She's pretty.. he was thinking,but avoided catching her eye.

She boldly spoke up. "Hello,my name is Nikki and this is my torchic,Tory." Oh,wow..he's so cool.. she thought,but avoided his gaze as well.

He kept his smile firmly in place and tried too be as brave as she was acting. "This is my Treeko,Nagin." he said,gesturing with a shaky hand at his tough-looking Treeko,who was staring at Tory with interest.

"But I thought Treeko's were green?" asked Nikki,looking puzzled,catching his gaze and looking away with a blush.

"They are,this one is special." assured Lance,marveling at how easily they were talking too each other.Nagin and Tory did not speak too each other,but seemed as if they were communicating in some way.

"I thought you may have been a Pokemon,because I heard your Torchic.I am trying too become a Pokemon Master,too collect all the Pokemon there are.It's tough work though.Unfortunately,my only buddy now is Nagin." smiled Lance,as though he didn't mind at all having Nagin as his only partner.

"I thought you were a Pokemon too,the rustling in the bushes frightened us a bit.Me and Tory are trying for the same thing.Why don't you relax with us?We were taking a rest too,before you showed up." said Nikki. "Not that I mind that you did," added the girl quickly.

Lance nodded. "Sure I will." and sat down under the tree.Nikki sat next too him and their Pokemon sat between the two.They fell silent and avoided one anothers gaze for quite a while.Just as they were about too talk,a rustle from the bush errupted once more,but this time much smaller.

Lance seemed trying too get in between Nikki and the bush,as if protecting her,but nothing fell out but a small Poochyena.Nikki immediatly darted forward.The Poochyenas coat was caked in mud,and small leaves and twigs were knotted and tangled in it.In the Poochyena's front paws where thorns that had been driven far into the paws,and a scratch lay over the poor canine's left eye.

"Oh no!" cried Nikki,scooping up the poochyena and ignoring the mud getting all over her arms.The Poochyena whimpered in pain as Lance,Tory,and Nagin came forth.Lance stroked the canine's head,shaking his. "It won't survive." said Lance. "Not like this."

Nikki shook her head firmly,and a tear dropped into the shallow-breathing Poochyena's fur.She looked as if she would leave the canine there for a split second,but continued too shake her head, "Yes she will." she said firmly.

She used her fingers too pry the thorns from the poor Pokemons paws,and used her own extra clothes too wrap the Poochyena in their warmth after cleaning up her eye.but she was still in danger.Lance marveled at the courage and determination Nikki had.Nikki began running towards Oldale.

Lance followed,but could barely keep up.Nikki ignored the many stitches in her sides.She ran through mud and water,and ignored pain from scratchs created by branches and thorns.Soon they had made it too Oldale,and immediatly Nikki ran panting up too the Pokemon Center.

Trainers darted out of her way,and she tracked a bit of mud onto the hot pink carpet,setting the Poochyena on the counter and gasping for breathe.Lance came in behind her,and placed a hand on her back,as if trying too help.

Nurse Joy turned too see them,and immediatly gasped. "Oh dear,what happened too-" she cut herself in the sentence,after beginning too ask if Nikki was alright,and spotted the Poochyena.Her face turned a concerned and serious expression,as she took teh Poochyena in her arms.

"We'll do what we can." said Nurse Joy. "But I doubt the Poochyena will make it.You can goand rest now." directing the last comment too Nikki,she turned and the Emergency Room light flickered too a bright red.

Nikki gave a shaky sigh,then proceeded with her pack too a small room.She changed into clean clothes,and brushed out her hair,then immediatly lunged back into the waiting room.The room light was still on,and it had been around an hour.

She sat down with her head in her arms,pressing her palms into her shaky mouth.The words Nurse Joy had last said buzzed through her head. "But I doubt the Poochyena will make it." A tear trickled down her arm and she felt the seat next too hers push down as someone sat beside her.A warm and comforting arm wrapped around her shoulder,and she could hear Lance's voice saying softly. "The Poochyena will be alrgiht.If something bad would've happened,they would be out already."

The arm lifted off her shoulder,and Lance stared with a concerned expression.Then the Emergency Room light flickered off,and joy came out with a sad expression.Drying her tears,Nikki looked up.

"Well,Poochyena should be alrgiht.But I'm afraid she will be too fragile too battle or be her old self.She might die,because with so many Pokemon we cannot care for her properly here.

"Might I take the Poochyena with me,then?" asked Nikki sadly,sorry too hear that the Poochyena's life was ruined. "No,she would be best cared for here." said Joy,feeling the pre-teens sad mood.Nikki hung her head,but then felt Lance stand,with an indignant expression.

"Joy,Nikki saved that canines life.I know she is courageous and caring enough too save this Poochyena,and I know that she would hate too see her hard work go too waste by allowing the Poochyena too live a boring and sad life like this." said Lance,a touch of impatient angriness growing in his voice.He was nervous,but he wuldn't stand for all of Nikki's sadness and pain too waste away just because Joy didn't think the canine would last.

Nurse Joy was shocked,and Nikki stared at Lance with wide eyes as the boy stood up for her. "Well,you have spoken the truth.I suppose we could let the poochyena go with you." said Joy,sincerely not liking the decision as she retrieved the Poochyena from the room behind her.Joy let the fragile poochyena slip onto Nikki's lap,and the Poochyena,remembering her,stood up carefully too lick Nikki's face.

With a happy tear,Nikki hugged it gently and kissed it on the head.It's coat had been cleaned,washed and now it looked good as new.Nikki smiled,and used a Pokeball too let the Poochyena rest.The canine willingly remained in side,and Nagin,Tory and Lance were happy for her new and first rescue and capture.Returning the ball too her belt.

She stood and,eager too say something too Lance privately,hurried out of the Center,then waited for Lance outside.After thanking Joy,Lance and Nagin joined her and Tory.Lance beat Nikki too speech.

"You have really shown me what courage is.I am a long way from becoming a master,but for that mistake I have learned and won't give up my dream.I thank you for teaching me,but I must be on my way." Lance said,and blushed slightly at how smoothly he had last poken too the beautiful girl in front of him.

"And you have shown me determination,and too never give up.You have comforted and cared for me like no-one has before.I too,am a long way from becoming a master and refuse too give up on my ever-lasting dream.I don't see why we can't travel together." said Nikki,but looked away with a crimson blush aftter speaking the comment that had been burning inside since she had met the handsome boy.

Looking shocked,but his expression fading into a warm look,he grinned. "Me neither.Let's go." He smiled,and reached over too warmly grasp her hand in his.

Nikki felt warmth flow through her veins,as if that was what she had been waiting for. "Let's." she said,her mood immediatly lightening.With their Pokemon between them,the foursome fading into the setting sun.Who knows what adventures may befall them now.