View Full Version : Help with my Zombie RP?

Crossfire Chaos
04-03-2007, 02:45 AM
Well so far I have the rules and setting pretty much set up, however I'm not very good with backstories and have never done a role play that will force the RPers to solve puzzles in order to advance and win before.

Currently I'm looking for a person with experience in these areas to help me flesh out a believable and interesting mystery that can be solved over a period of time with clues.

Horror Story Writing
Mystery Writing

Okay, so maybe that's difficult, but If you feel you are great with writing fanfics or making RPs or Games about Murder and stuff go ahead and apply. There are some Perks and some Negatives to this job though so here they are.


Get a chance to be a GM in what is possibly PE2K's first good horror mystery
Get to make a fun idea into a reality
Get a chance play as the zombie horde, fate and possibly god in the RP


Can't roleplay as a character in the RP for metagaming reasons
If the RP fails you'll waste time on this thing
You'll have to spend time during the RP as a GM (optional of coarse.)