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Author’s notes: Okay, this is actually a whole new chapter which should be placed at the beginning of the fic but I only thought of that this time and so I made the prologue so that things won’t go complicated as the story goes on. I think I’m already spoiling the surprises that have to reveal in the upcoming chapters but since this should be put up as soon as possible, I made it. I’m really, really sorry for this.

Towards a New Destiny-Prolouge

Destiny, the most powerful magic is unexplainable to everybody, even the Gods know nothing of it. It is inscrutable, mystical, and impenetrable as far as words can describe it. No one knows what their destiny will lead someone’s life and no one can change the past that destiny had done for you but you can change what destiny had set for you in the future by considering things and acting now. One famous philosophy states that: ‘There are no coincidences in this world because some things are just meant to happen’.


It started eons of years ago where five gods ruled over a universe devoid of life and worlds. These gods, living in a secluded place known as ‘The Clymph’, resembled those of a phoenix, a dragon, turtle, tiger and the last a snake. These gods who have been there even before the universe was created were arguing to what they have to create after the universe, and neither one of them consented with each other and so the universe remained lifeless.

These five owned special magical objects, which are called the ‘Five Sovereign Gramarye’, their primary source of energy and the power to create anything they wished to. These Gramaryes have limited source of energy albeit bearing immense power. When the energy have all been used up, they turn to their simplest form and over the years will emerge a revived set of Gramaryes.

It was to this time when the extravagant Majestic Snake God had almost used up it’s Gramarye power, which was the ‘Acromance’ for the benefits of himself. The other gods meanwhile remained powerful, as they were frugal enough to use their gifted objects and this made the Snake so jealous, it planned a scheme on stealing their Gramaryes. The gods decided that they have to divide the universe to five parts so that each of them can do what they wish. The four gods decided to explore their part as the Snake remained, unbeknownst to the others that he has an evil plan set up on his mind. As soon as they were out of sight, the Snake proceeded with its scheme, and as soon as it found the Gramaryes, he seized all of them, which includes the Talisman of the Powerful Golem, the Prism of the Sacred Dragon, the Pylon of the mighty Tiger, and the Shield of the Great Phoenix.

The Snake scuttled quickly in escape to a space where neither of the Gods knows. The Gods returned after a few hours and realizing that the Snake stole their Gramaryes, the four were suddenly outraged by its evilness. The four searched around the wilderness, it took longer than they expect until about almost 45 years, came across the Snake, busy using the Gramaryes for his own sake. The Snake sensing the arrival of his friends, or rather enemies was startled by their sudden appearance and as the four gods looked at him in disgust, the Snake used this time to escape once again leaving the Gramaryes where it resided as it ran away, though knowing it was hopeless for it escape anymore. The four gods were not to be outsmarted, and they quickly caught up with the Snake. Without further ado, the gods used their own abilities to destroy the Snake albeit of the fact that consequences might follow as Gods were forbidden to kill one another. Raising their minatory claw-hands, they slashed the Snake to death. It shriveled to nothingness as its life was put to an end.

Meanwhile, the remaining Gramaryes including the languished ‘Acromance’, all started to wither up. This incident made possible other life now existing in different worlds inside the universe. The shield broke into parts, forming worlds of different kinds. The Prism shattered to million pieces, creating various beings on different worlds. The Pylon melted as its drops gave chosen livings minor powers of their own. The ‘Acromance’ became the pieces of lands, shrines, cities and seas. The talisman, the most powerful one turned to Destiny. The four Gods regretted what they had done for they haven’t given the Snake a chance to explain and settle things down and they only made things more difficult.

As the years passed, various lifeforms rose up on different worlds. The Gods waited for their Gramaryes to be revived, even of the Snake’s ‘Acromance’. The Sacred Dragon was overjoyed as soon as he found out that his ‘Prism’ was the first to be revived and yet the others remained non-existing. To prevent the other gods from getting envious, the Sacred Dragon suggested that they join to form one god and posses the Prism’s power as their own new source of energy. Zaku, was the new god formed and having the ‘Prism’ on their side, they were able to rule the universe, create life and other wonders of life. This event from the beginning of the Snake’s envy to the time Zaku was created took 50 years and this led eventually to the occurrence of the ‘Era of Evil’, which destiny repeats once every 50 years after prosperity and peace reigned for some quite of time.


Circling wildly in its axis, a world where good and evil reigned, mysteries roam around but at this very moment, no one knows what will happen next. The world of pokemon is full of wonders and enigmas uncouth to everyone. Six regions beset and dominate this world. Deus was the centermost, the region of Oore and the Orange Islands are at the south. Opposite of it in the north lays Hoenn. The Johto region occupied the west and on the east was where Kanto resided. These 5 cetners of the world are all ruled by a god, of which was named Zaku. A monster pokemon, having the head of a dragon, wings of a phoenix, arms and legs of a tiger and a carapace that serves as its body with that of a turtle. Together, this God ruled over Deus region, the center of all. Separated, it ruled on all other regions. The mighty Gyarados shower its prowess over the north. The sacred Ho-oh radiates its bizarre, shimmering glow on the south. The great Arcanine encompasses its protection at the west whilst the powerful Golem casts its shade around the east. The God Zaku was there to watch things happen, bring life and also death when times comes, create wonders and ambiguity but the only exception to its power and Gramarye is the ability to set or change destiny.

It was in these times when destiny and time reached its most crucial and darkest part. Within each city around the world are hidden shrines where only a few people have seen s it were protected and prohibited by the God. These shrines serve as foundations, sources of energy for a prosperous city and a significant part in the pokemon world. It is said that these shrines came from an Acromance, the magical sphere the Snake God once keeps. When all of the Gramraryes of this object was utilized, it was said to have been shattered to several pieces and these pieces became the shrines that eventually created the cities and made the world of pokemon and other diverse worlds existing with cities and land. Besides with the pieces that were sent to several worlds, the core was the only prominent part left and after it had done its task, the core bore itself deep in the world of pokemon and started to regenerate to become one new Acromance.

At the heart of the centermost region exists the Dark Shrine, feared and forbidden as anyone who enters it may lose his or her memory or even his or her life. During these times, special people, tested in virtue and abilities inherit remarkable powers that pokemon uniquely has. Their comes the Heir of Grass, the Ice Heir and the Psychic Heir but most importantly are the Water, Fire, Earth and Air Heir, aided with other heirs to portect the world and destroy the Dark Heir. Yet, only the Dark Heir can pass through these forbidden walls of the Dark Path and emerge out unscathed.

The Acromance, one of the ‘Five Sovereign Gramaryes’, is essentially important to the occurrence of a certain era known as the ‘Era of the Dark”. It is a circular object with 20 squares designated for each heir and once they deciphered their powers, their respected squares became colored according to their type. Once it is completed, a riddle would appear and to whoever deciphers the riddle can use its unique powers either for good or for bad. The Acromance, as we know was one of the source for the life of the pokemon world but it can also be the source for its destruction. It contains the immense power of sealing the Dark Path away from the sight of the naked human eye and to anyone, making it invisible and impermeable as long as it can but this event never occurred in history. The cunning and tricky riddle changes everytime as the ‘Era of Evil’ repeats itself and this made things more complicated.


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As what had happened within these past years of forgotten ages and after these special people have deciphered the hidden powers within them, commotion and ruckus abruptly followed. The Dark Heir was able to solve the riddle of the Acromance and as expected, it utilized its powers to suck up all the energy out of the shrines, starting from the Dark Shrine. When these shrines ran out of energy, it would send beams called ‘genocide rays’ to the nearest shrine horizontally until all of them within the region of Deus would connect. These rays would then start to close until it reaches the heart of evil, which is the ‘Dark Path’ (Dark Path and Dark Shrine are the same) and as the rays would continued to close, it will destroy everything in its path, pokemon, plants, buildings and even humans creating a the fearful known event the ‘genocide’ or mass destruction. The only means of escape is by air but this only way was very difficult to do especially for the humans. Unfortunate pokemon and other livings vanished, trees disappeared, even the land was sucked away leaving a deep chasm no one knows what skulks down.

Luckily, the strong group of the elemental heirs was able to stop the destruction of the Deus region with the aid of the other heirs. It was hard for them but it only proved that harmony, love, courage and hope are all what it takes to conquer what one desires. If this event hasn’t been stopped, the shrines of the surrounding regions would follow the same until almost nothing in the world is left except for the ‘Dark Path’. The Dark Heir would receive all the power of the heirs and the Acromance and even the God, Zaku would find it hard to defeat the Dark Heir. The Dark Heir was said to be the representation of the deceased Snake, which wasn’t given any chance at all. Seeking for Avenge, it would revive the world of pokemon to a newer but worst living place where everything would suffer from the evilness that emerged and would fall under the control of the wicked Dark Heir.

But once again, these never happened because of the courageous act of these special people. Peace will reign for another 50 years until new heirs would emerge and as fate would repeat its dark point, will the new heirs be able to stop the Dark Heir this time?
The adventure of the new heirs starts and like what was asked, will they be able to save the world from imminent danger? Find out on the next episode of Towards a New Destiny!

I hope you guys like it

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Author’s notes: Okay, this is actually a whole new fic. I just can’t wait to write this up and I hope everybody likes it. I’ll make my own characters in here unlike my previous fics. Don’t get bugged when I’m too long to post up another chapter because I’m doing 2 fics anyway. This chapter might be short but I’ll keep it longer on the other chaps. Please to anyone who reads this, please rate or even just reply so I’ll know if I have to improve or not. Thanks to those who reads! So on to the fic!

Towards a new destiny
Chapter 1-The destined trainer

There was this boy, sleeping at a place called Deus region, the centermost of the world, which was lying at the far eastern side of Hoenn who was much unwary of the time. The sun had risen already in Hagia Town, the place where the boy resides and yet he hasn’t opened his eyes to see the blazing sunlight.

Criiing!!! The boy’s alarm clock sounded, its tintinnabulation was enough to make the disrupted. Groggily sitting up from his bed, he reached out for the alarm clock and dazedly turned it off. He slumbered back, he was just too tired from his battling practice yesterday when suddenly, he remembered that there was a significant event that is going to happen to his life! He hastily jumped up from his bed and quickly replaced his bedtime clothes with a new set of clothes he just bought yesterday. Without taking breakfast, he rushed up to the nearest house just across theirs. He was hoping it wasn’t too late. He was clad in a plain green shirt under his long-sleeved jacket that ran up to his elbows. He wore fairly sized brown pants, a sneakers and blue gloves that covered all of his hand.

The house looked wondrously natural where a backyard was situated at the back with lots of pokemon happily grazing around. There’s even a pond where water pokemons swim their way around. A large fence surrounded the area to avoid any trouble but the backyard is trivial to what he should be doing by now. He reached for the doorknob with his gloved hands, knocked twice, twisted it and turned opening the door. There was a fat man inside who was somewhat studying a strange-looking pokemon sitting at his table. It was obviously a Mr. Mime, which was clapping its hands in delight. The professor abruptly noticed the boy and was surprised to see that he had just arrived late in the morning.

“Oh, you’re late again. You were lucky I was still here,” the professor said with a smile drawn into his face. The boy was already 15 years old, older than what other people expected him to begin his journey but this was because his parents wanted him to study in school first before venturing out alone in the pokemon world. They thought it would be good if he knew something before going away but it was very unnatural for him. He envied some young trainers, setting out just at the age of ten and yet accomplishing lots of recognition already. He was supposed to get his starter pokemon yesterday but he wasn’t such an early bird just like today and that made him miss all the pokemon. Fortunately for him, tons of pokemon would arrive this day for the professor’s studies and of course, for him too. He had just passed the pokemon passing test a week ago, and what he would be needing now was a pokemon, though he had one in his house, a trainer card, a pokedex and a pokenav.

There was a brief moment that had set in and within that time, the boy was able to observe the Professor. He was just like all other Professors in the world; his outfit looked the same, a shirt and pants that are covered around in his white lab coat. The professor then stood up, fixing his fuzzy hair and his eyeglass before recalling the pokemon he’d been studying. He noticed that the professor had placed the pokeball in a basket full of pokeballs! It must be the pokemon he has to choose from. He brushed his own fuzzy brown hair and blinks his bluish eyes for a second before nearing the appalled and convivial professor.

“Can I have my starter pokemon Professor Acorn?” The boy asked immediately.

“Surely, you’ll have it, Kyle. But the problem is, it isn’t a starter pokemon and I wasn’t able to look at any of them. Mr. Mime was the first one I had opened in this basket,” Professor Acorn explained. He shoved the basket in front of Kyle and told him to pick any pokeball randomly. Although disappointed but mesmerized, Kyle began studying the pokeballs, each of them appeared to be the same but he knew that the pokemon he’ll pick would lead him to his goal so he really had to pick a very good one, if he was lucky enough. He could see that Professor Acorn was getting exasperated at how long he would be picking his pokemon.

Indeed it took him longer than expected, Kyle was already out of his senses and he was dreaming of something else, on how he’ll win the Pokemon League. It’s quite a dream just like his most favorite idol of all-time, Ash Ketchum. He really wished that if given a chance, he could meet the greatest pokemon master of all time but he desired to be far greater than him so he really has to try his best. In fact, he idolized Misty too, the best water pokemon trainer of all time.

All the past years where Kyle should have been out wandering in the pokemon world, his father would forbid him to have a journey unless he is 15 years old. All that he did that time was listening to his father’s stories of his past adventures. He could have used that time to start his journey but his stupid father was just too stubborn. Kyle knew he had to be far greater than Ash Ketchum or even Misty and so he really should put all his best. Pewter City was really his homeplace until his mother married his recent father, Manson who wishes them to live at Hagia Town. But Pewter City was still his most loved; it is such a place of great brilliance and Brock, the greatest pokemon breeder of all time was also living there.

Time had already passed and Professor Acorn managed to take Kyle away from his dreams. Kyle quickly stood straight like nothing had happened and without thinking anymore, he grasped one of the slender and circular pokeballs from the basket Professor Acorn had been holding. Prof. Acorn then took out some things somewhere near his drawer. Kyle knew what they were going to be. One of them was a strange looking pokedex he had never seen in his life but he had heard such news that the Ultimate Pokedex had been released, the highest brand of pokedex so far. It not only contained information about the world’s pokemon but the features of the pokegear and the pokenav had been installed there too. Along with it was a green trainer card, with his name under it and his status. Professor Acorn had also taken out 6 pokeballs, which Kyle would need to catch new pokemon to add up to his team.

“Use this trainer card in order to participate in contests and battles, understand?’ he asked sternly. Kyle nodded.

“Well, I guess that’s all, good luck on your journey though,” he said. Kyle once again nodded before he, though reluctantly, headed back to his home. It was only a quarter more to 9 in the morning so that means he could reach his first destination in more or less 3 hours. His parents were just eating their breakfast and were they surprised to see Kyle.

“Oh, there you are, have you got your starter pokemon already?” asked her mother, of which was named Amanda. Kyle twitched his head as his eyes widened in amazement as he stared at the pokeball he hasn’t yet opened since when he was still at the lab. Encouraging himself up and stopping himself from being anxious of what pokemon he had picked, he raised the pokeball with his gloved hands and immediately after exerting enough force threw it in midair. A bright flash of white light erupted from the ball as it bounced back. A blue, cute-looking pokemon was standing on the floor with its curly tail supporting itself from the ground.

“It’s a cute Horsea! Just like mine a lot of years ago until it evolved into a Seadra!” Amanda cried. Kyle looked at his pokemon with austerity, he wasn’t really happy at all and neither do sad for he is just satisfied, at least he knew that it could evolve into a powerful Kingdra. He threw the pokeball again as a flash of light sucked the pokemon inside.

“Have you taken your breakfast?” Manson, his father asked.

“Erm…not yet but I’m not hungry,” he said uncertainly, as if afraid to talk to his father at all. Well, that’s not the only reason at all, starting his quest was starting to bother him though.

“Oh, if that’s the case, I’ll pack you some snacks,” Amanda said with a smile on her face, she was just happy to see that her son was going to start his journey now but she also know that part of her felt dolor for she would be missing her son a lot. Kyle rushed upstairs to pack his things, he would mostly bring the things he needed, his clothes, pokemon guide and a picture of him and his mother. He climbed down along with his loaded backpack, Amanda quickly handed him is snacks which will suely help him for his first few hours of walking.

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Here's the continuation...

“Son, remember to call always if there’s an opportunity and be careful all the time. We’ll be wishing you good luck!” Amanda said. His father who was busy reading a newspaper on his chair noticed that Kyle was about to leave too.

“Kyle! I’ll be counting on you,” he said abruptly. Kyle nodded cheerfully as he kissed his mother and father. With one last glanced at his family, he closed the door of his home and began his walk. Small tears ran down his sleek face and after wiping it away, he was feeling completely different this time. The sadness was gone, it wasn’t really that bad since every one has to do this once in their life and now is the time for his turn. He wanted to follow the footsteps of his one and only idol and to accomplish that he had to feel totally positive.

As he continued walking away and making transient glances at his hometown, it grew smaller and smaller until when it was out of sight. Kyle heaved a sigh while remembering all the happy moments back at his hometown, he’ll sure miss them a lot, though he don’t have friends there, but that doesn’t matters now because he has a journey and an important task on his way.

It was just an hour pass and Kyle groaned at the same sight of trees that surrounded him. He was nearing the forest though and he started girding himself up. Realizing that he hasn’t yet checked what town he has to go first, he reached out for his pokedex and pressed some buttons.

“Lacewing City, also known as Trainer’s Destinies, a place famous for it is where trainers have to choose their goals and register themselves. Only about 7 kilometers long,” his pokedex said in its mechanical voice. Kyle was delighted by that and even he haven’t thought of his goals yet, he was sure he would like to compete in the League events particularly the Annual Deus League.

“This sure is tiring,” Kyle complained exasperatedly. He knew very well that Ash isn’t like this, Ash is a determined trainer, ready to take on problems anytime and anywhere but sometimes his attitude of rushing up could lead them to trouble. It was already past noon and his stomach growled in hunger, it was really his fault that he was rushing to start his journey and now he’s turning out to be hungry for both breakfast and lunch. At least, this taught him a lesson and besides his mother had packed some food for him. He paused for a while in a clearing inside this eerie forest to get some snacks his mother had provided him. It was obviously a 3-piece sandwich filled with peanut butter and tightly sealed inside a plastic bag. He gobbled up the sandwich while continuing his walk and leaving some for future use. At the same time he was wondering whether he could some new friends along in his journey that would help him triumph, just like Ash who found a friend exactly after just a day he journeyed. Well, of course, it’s been just two hours and it is too far away from a day. Munching on the last piece of his sandwich, he was abruptly surprised by the fleshy thing he had stumbled from below.

He looked down and realized that he had almost stepped on a pokemon. It was sluggish with a red back and several legs that are connected to its long body. Its googly (‘google’) eyes stared at him with disdain and started walking away in a slow manner. Interested with it, he pressed a button in his pokedex and asked what it was.

Wurmple, the caterpillar pokemon. The several legs it has is very handy and often uses them to cling or climb on trees easily without exerting too much effort and to escape from enemies, his pokedex explained.

“What great ability, maybe I could try catch it so I can have an addition to my pokemon team!” Kyle cried and immediately seized a pokeball from his belt and threw it in the air so that the pokemon held captive inside it would be released.

“Horsea!” The blue seahorse squeaked as it popped out of the pokeball. Kyle quickly ordered his pokemon to do a water gun. Horsea opened its mouth and spit a powerful stream of water from its circular mouth directly at the shocked worm. The worm pokemon somehow was quick enough to react and has managed to release a thread from its mouth to a tree nearby, jumped into it and escaped, bearing its irritating grin. Kyle let out a groan.

“Great! It ran away,” Kyle said in a disappointed voice. It wasn’t really to his nature that pokemon would run away from him but looked like now that he was on a journey they started doing the bad way. In fact, he already received a pokemon from his father, a Ponyta for his 15th birthday that was held just last week; ever since then he’d been making friends with it and training it in preparation. Another hour passed and yet he couldn’t see a slight glimpse of the city he’d been wanting to go.

Irritated and impatiently, he took out his pokedex once again to ask how far could he be right now. You’re 3 kilometers away from Lacewing City. His pokedex’ voice explained. He quite realized that his pokedex was an awesome tool that it could tell almost any information he desired. He also remembered that Ash Ketchum once gave his pokedex a name, which was Dexter. A male name would be perfect because it applies to its town but he seemed not to like the ideas that come to his mind. Carlo? Mike? Nah, those are lame names. Hmm…Dee-dee, no, Ah! Maybe Zed. Yes, that’s it. My pokedex’ name is Zed! Kyle told himself, plastering a riant smile on his face.

“Hmm…maybe it has other features besides the pokegear, the pokenav and the pokedex itself,” he muttered out pressing some more buttons to scan the mechanical gear he held in his hands.

“Oh yes! Trainer’s profiles!” He cried out in excitement. He continuously depressed some buttons, typed his name and waited as the ultimate pokedex began searching for his name. People of different faces flashed before his eyes until after one moment it suddenly stopped. He stared in disbelief at the glowing screen, there was his name, his trainer card, his pokemons, his personal information and his accomplishments, which states that: Loses to a Wurmple. He fell down Anime-style of what he found out. If other trainers would see him, he’ll surely be embarrassed.

Forgetting about that stuff and focusing more on his goal, he finally finds that he’d been traveling for quite a long time already, this is not good for the one who wants to be a pokemon master but he knew also that Ash Ketchum always took long before reaching the next city, though he would tend to rush.

“Aarghh!!! I have to keep myself from thinking of Ash Ketchum. I’m not like him because I am a different pokemon master and I’ll do things my way!” Kyle yelled to no one. His voice resonated around the peculiar and creepy forest. He grabbed a pokeball from his pocket once again, hurled it in the air as a flesh pokemon with flames around it materialize from the pokeball. It was a horse that stood in all fours and its awesome flames that surrounded its body create a magnificent glow.

“Ponyta, give me a ride!" Kyle ordered his pokemon as he climbed at its back. As soon as Kyle let out a command, Ponyta began running at a fast rate; the city was already getting to view as the trees declined. The city held several tall buildings that almost touches the sky but most of the infrastructures were lower than half of the length of these tall buildings. Lately noticing, a girl was already crossing the path his Ponyta was running and seeing the Ponyta, he noticed that she was just so startled but he’s more appalled than her because he knew this is one big problem!

“Get out!!!” Kyle yelled.
Will Kyle really hit the girl? What awaits him at Lacewing City? Find out on the next part of Towards a Destiny!

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Author’s notes: Okay, this is actually a whole new fic, which is somewhat, related to Ash’s Heian Journeys. I just can’t wait to write this up and I hope everybody likes it. I’ll make my own characters in here unlike my previous fics. I’m sorry if my title is quite similar to that of the other writer but I didn’t know there’s already a fic with that title. Sorry about that. Don’t get bugged when I’m too long to post up another chapter because I’m doing 2 fics anyway. This chapter might be short but I’ll keep it longer on the other chaps. And oh, the Trainer Card shouldn’t be given at the start because he will receive it here. So on to the fic!
Kyle’s current pokemon- Ponyta and Horsea
Candy’s current pokemon-Growlithe

Towards a new destiny
Chapter 2-Goals of a trainer!

Last time, Kyle began his journey as a pokemon trainer and his first stop is Lacewing City. He got there for some time until he decided to give his Ponyta a ride and he went on their way until when a girl crosses their path…

“Aaahhh!!!” The girl cried. At that very moment, a pokemon leapt out and pushed the girl to the other side of the road to avoid Ponyta from hitting it. Ponyta continued running until it gained friction and came to a stop. Kyle quickly came down from his pokemon and checked to see if the girl is just right.

“Are you hurt?” Kyle asked. The girl looked at him sternly and twitched her head from side to side. She wasn’t really hurt and only a bruise could be seen on her arms on the impact a pokemon leapt to save her. Speaking of the pokemon, he noticed that the pokemon who had saved the girl was a Growlithe. It looks sturdy and the flame-colored fur that surrounded it was perfectly shaved. It growled and snarled its teeth at Kyle.

“Take it easy, Growly” The girl said standing up as se brushed away the dust from her blue skirt and pink shirt. She had a long blonde wavy hair, her eyes were electric blue and his bag and hat were perfectly matching.

“It’s okay. I’m not hurt, only a small bruise I guess,” The girl said as she patted her dog pokemon before recalling it. Kyle also recalled his Ponyta back. She wasn’t angry at all, not like what Kyle had expected of her and she was plastering a riant smile on her face. He held out his gloved hand as a sign of recognition.

“I’m Kyle. What’s your name by the way?” Kyle asked.

“I’m Candy and I’m heading at Lacewing City right now,” she told Kyle, a little softer.

“Oh, I’m heading there too. Sorry again about what happened a while ago,” Kyle apologized. Candy just smiled at him back. It’s like as if nothing had happened.

“Care to come with me?” asked the girl. Kyle nodded without hesitating. The two trainers made their way to Lacewing City and not before long they were already standing at the foot of some of the tall buildings of the city.

“So, where did you came from anyway?” Candy asked politely.

“Hagia Town, you?” he asked.

“This is my hometown. I am planning to make my journey this day, how about you?” she asked, even more politer.

“Oh, I just started my journey a while ago. I just want to choose my goal here,” Kyle replied.

“So that means it could be possible that we could journey together!” Candy exclaimed. Kyle blushed a bit.

“If that’s what you want, we can be friends too,” he said, now happy that he had finally found a companion. Candy nodded cheerfully as they continued walking towards the city; the buildings became very clear now than from before. A grandiose and big gate welcomed them in the city as they entered it. Trees towered up from anywhere and a beautiful park could be seen not far from here where a pool was sitting on it. Kyle and Candy decided to sit at one of the wooden bench at the park first for a rest. Candy looked no older than him, neither do younger. It appeared they had the same age and not long before Kyle’s curiosity aroused him.

“What are you planning to do this year?” Kyle asked Candy. She looked at him blankly twitching her head giving a sign that she still doesn’t know. But not to worry since both of them will soon find out as soon as they got to the buildings. Kyle looked around and noticed that a lot of people passing in and out of the building that was situated just in front of the park. Mostly of the people were kids about his age whom he though must be there too for their goals. Kyle could see the excitement and mirth in the eyes of every trainer he sees. Knowing that he shouldn’t be wasting time around here, he stood up from the wooden bench and excitedly grabbed Candy’s arm and dragged her to the building he was dreaming to enter.

“Hey! Take it slow,” Candy protested, as Kyle wasn’t gentle in grabbing her. Seeing this, he sheepishly let go of Candy’s arm.

“Sorry for that,” Kyle said meekly as they reached the foot of the building.

“It’s okay but never do that again, I really hate that you know!” Candy exclaimed. She really don’t want to be dragged around by someone especially if it is a boy she doesn’t know. Even though Kyle was her friend now, she still doesn’t know him much. Kyle and Candy made their way inside the building through the blue plated iron door and they were appalled to see lots of kids around! But at least, it wasn’t enough to fill the whole building or they’ll have a hard time registering themselves. The building was a bit small making the room crowded. It has only one story but there were lots of rooms found inside lining the corridors. At the center of the building was a big placard that stood on a cemented post not higher than 5 foot. Most kids were crowding up in here.

“This is going to be one tough day!” Kyle exclaimed with exhaust as he and Candy approached the placard. There were words written in it, of course and each numbered respectively to their rooms. For those willing to take the Pokemon league they had to go to room 1, Pokemon Contests on room 2, 2VS2 battles on room 3 and other stuffs like breeding, pokemon job, professors or the like.

10-08-2004, 04:19 AM
“Have you decided?” Kyle asked.

“Yeah, I guess we’ll meet each other outside this building after we are finished,” Candy replied mildly. Kyle nodded as he and Candy parted ways. We know of course that Kyle would soon proceed to Room 1. He stared in disbelief and disappointment as he watched tons of people inside! The room was in total ruckus but Kyle managed to register himself after a long time. He was then given a badge case, a trainer’s I.D and a pokemon league card to show that he is joining one.

Candy, on the other hand has decided to take the task of becoming the greatest pokemon coordinator, and that should be Pokemon Contests. The room wasn’t really crowded and in fact, Candy was able to register herself in just a few minutes. She too was given a trainer’s I.D. and a pokemon contests card. She walked out of the room and headed outside the building but there was no sign of Kyle. It was obvious that he had a hard time.

“What took you so long!? I’ve been waiting here for what seemed like centuries!” Candy complained.

“Sorry! There were a lot of trainers inside the pokemon league room,” he explained.

“Oh, I’ve chosen Pokemon Contests by the way,” she said. Kyle smiled as he and Candy started walking again. Just before Kyle could say anything further, they suddenly heard a loud, groaning and horrifying sound, which seemed to be coming just near or rather from them. As they looked at their stomachs, the two fell down Anime-style after they realized what it really was.

“I think our stomach’s complaining now that we haven’t eaten yet,” Kyle said. Candy nodded with her face full of agony. Coincidentally, a restaurant was just waiting for them beside the park. The restaurant wasn’t at all expensive and their money is just right for a 2 bowls of hot chicken soup which they hungrily and quickly sipped in. They paid the bills as soon as they were finished and headed outside again with a new and refreshed energy.

“I think we’re done here, what are we going to do next?” Candy asked Kyle. He gave her a blank look before replying.

“Don’t you want to have a goodbye with your parents?” Kyle asked.

“Actually, I already had and that time when you were about to hit me, I was already lost,” Candy explained.

“You mean you don’t know where you are going at all?” Kyle asked in disbelief. Candy nodded. Kyle sighed s he took out a small red handheld device from his pocket. It was the Ultimate Pokedex, a resourceful device for finding information about the pokemon world.

“By the way, are there any gyms or contest halls in here?” Kyle asked her.

“Sorry but there’s none,” she replied sadly.

“Well then, we’re ready to get moving,” he said as he pressed some buttons on his ultimate pokedex. The screen flashed for more than once before it showed the exact information our heroes wanted. A city, with tall, white, glimmering buildings sparkled in the pokedex’ screen. Kyle and Candy were amazed.

“It says here that the next city would be CrystalField Town, famous for its precious and rare crystals that are only found in there,” Kyle explained. Candy stared at him as if he had done something wrong.

“What?” Kyle asked, annoyed.

“Is there a gym or a contest hall in there?” Candy asked flatly. Kyle, quite realizing what he was suppose to do now that he had chosen his quest, pressed some more buttons and finally viewed the page he wanted to see.

“Great, there is a gym and a contest hall in there. We’ll all have our first challenges in that city,” Kyle said as he slid the pokenav back in his pocket. He was just as excited as Candy does and now knowing what awaits them makes them feel they couldn’t wait for the next break of day.

Dawn was quickly coming and they have to start walking now or they’ll end up near a creepy forest lost, just like what is always happening to his idol, Ash Ketchum who insists always on overtaking Gary, his archrival. He had to be thankful he hasn’t found an enemy or a rival yet.

“Don’t you think we have to stay here before going there? Evening might catch us, you know that time is running fast,” Candy suggested as they started walking. She just sounded like scared. Kyle noticed this and let out a wide grin. Candy blushed. Without insisting more to avoid being humiliated with her new friend, she hastily follows Kyle as they exited the city’s gigantic gates. Nothing can stop her from conquering her quest. Candy sadly looked back at his hometown for a while before she sped off with Kyle move along the dusty and filthy road leading to CrystalField town.

The road was really dusty but they didn’t other at all. They seemed to be walking at a faster rate rather than they did a while ago and as they saw the sun sets down and the moon outshines the sun, they hastened their pace. Not longbefore they had reached a large clearing in the forest. Their surroundings had gone darker but not as dark as night. It’ll be coming soon.

“We have to find a safe place to camp before night falls,” Kyle told Candy. She nodded in agreement but with disappointment. She knew this was going to happen but what can she do? The only way they can protect themselves from any danger is to find a safe place to camp. Suddenly, turrets of wind whizzed past them as the trees rustled with their creepy branches. Candy quivered at this. The rustling continued and they realized that it wasn’t the wind at all, it was a silhouette of an unknown figure somewhat moving at an unbelievable speed. Startled, Kyle and Candy readied themselves with their pokeballs.

“Who’s there? Show yourself!” Kyle protested while scanning the whole area.

“I think it’s a pokemon,” Candy said quietly observing the rapid movement of the creature from tree to tree. The creature continued jumping from tree to tree, circling them in the clearing until it decided to stop as it came down to the ground.

“I’m no pokemon!”
What creature is that thing? What will happen to them during their journey to CrystalField City? Find out on the next episode of Towards a new destiny!