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03-10-2004, 03:09 AM
This is the story I started on PE2K and got up to his Journey in Johto, so I will be continueing and starting it over here. Also Nick will have diffrent Pokemon.

Chapter 1: The begining

Dream sequence: The last day I saw my dad was when he left to go to Saffron City. He was to become the gym leader and take Sabrina's place. I beat him and now am at the final four to the championship of Kanto.
Me: Ok go Sharpedo.

My side of the field turned into water and my Sharpedo showed.
Me: Use tackle!
Opponet: Use razor lef Bayleef...

A huge blue spark hit my arm and I woke up. Then a huge Pikachu scream went off. I looked at my Pikachu alarm and hit it. It shut off.
Mom: Nick are you up?
Me: Yes.
Mom: Well you need to hurry because is that day.
Nick: Oh yeah. I need to hurry!

I quickly threw a light blue shirt on and dark blue jean shorts, grabbed my backpack with ten pokeballs, a cell phone, and the Pokedex Oak gave me.

I am fifteen years old and I wanted to start my journey at eleven when I first found out how my cousin Ash Ketchum went on his journy. I was so excited.

I looked at my room knowing it would be the last time I will probably see it. I had a Charmander poster with it flamethrowing a Squirtle, a Hounder doll since that is my favorite Pokemon, a Hounder evolution poster, my TV with my Gamecube and PS2 hooked up to it, and my bed that was all blue. I walked out of it smiling knowing that one day I would be back.

I went to my mom's room to tell her bye.
Mom: Nick becareful.
Me: I will.
Mom: Do you have clean...
Me: Yes mom I do. Well I neeed to go.

I kissed her on the cheek and left. As I was walking out the door my pet Hounder named Max came to me. It rubbed its head on the side of my leg. I bent over and ppet it.
Me: Well I am going to go buddy, but I will come back one day.
Max: Hounder...Houn!

I pet him and walked down the path to Oak's. I kept walking and it seemed like forever. I finally got up to a big white lab. It had a huge Pokeball on the roof. Oak did some renovations about a month ago and his place looks better.

I was ready to get my Pokemon and start my journey.

03-12-2004, 03:52 AM
Chapter 2: Nick Chooses Corphish :dance:

I rang the doorbell on Oak's door and about two minutes later he came up.
Oak: well hello Nick.
Me: Hi, I am here to get my Pokemon.
Oak: Ok come in. You are lucky, you have been the fourth and last person to come.
Me: Fourth?
Oak: You'll see.

He took me to the back and three other kids were there, two girls and a boy. I knew the boy his name was Chris.
Oak: All four of you are here tog start your journey. It will be long and hard. So I will give you each two items.

He pressed a button and four books and four Pokeballs appered.
Oak: This is the book that I hope when you guys get it you all read it. It is by the greatest trainer I've met Ash Ketchum.

A lab assistant came up.
Oak: This is tracey.
Tracey: Hi.

Tracey grabbed the books and handed the all out. The book was called A Starter's Dream. Then Oak looked up.
Oak: Ready Tiffany?
Tiffany: Yes.
Oak: Ok who do you want?
Tiffany: I want...um...Squitle.

Oak grabbed a blue ball and threw it to her. She caught it and ran out in joy. Though when she passed me she gave me an evil glasre.
Oak: Ok now you Chris.

He just pointed to a red ball and grabbed it. Oak frowned then let him walk out.
Oak: That was Torchic.
Girl: My turn and I want Chikorita.
Oak: Ok here you go.

He grabbed the green Pokeball and threw it out. She ran outside.

Oak smiled and then looked at me.
Oak: Nick you have a huge family line that you are going to follow.
Nick: I know, my dad and Ash.
Oak: Yes and I watched both start and still watch them. Well your dad started witha Gastly when we were allowed to give out ghost and psycic types and Ash got Pikachu. Now you will start with your own type unless you want to wait till next month.

I sat there and thought.
Me: My answer will be no. I've waited a long time.
Oak: Ok well this Pokemon has also waited a long time. I am hoping you two will be the best of friends. Nick here is a Corphish.
Me: A Corphish! I love this Pokemon I used to play with Ash's all the time and battled with it against his Taillow, but lost.

Oak laughed then picked up a lighter blue ball then Tiffany's. Oak handed it to me.

Then after a while the ball popped open. Oak then looked in shock.
Oak: And so the legacy continues. All of you guys have had your starters stand by your side.
Me: Awesome.

I looked down and saw a red crab, with yellow belly. I looked deepp in its eyes and we both smiled. I picked Corphish up and put it o my back. [Like the episode when Ash had to rush Corphish to the Poke Center]

I shook Oak's hand and also Tracie's. Then walked out. When I walked out Tiffany and the other girl battling. Chris then walked up to me. Hed had red hair like me and wore all red. He also had the red And Ones on.
Chris: Want to battle?
Me: Yes!

03-12-2004, 03:37 PM
This story looks great so far, I can't wait to read more! I wonder who Nick's father is?

03-15-2004, 02:18 AM
Chapter 3: The start of a rivalry

Chris and I stared into anothers eyes and could see flames. Then we each took five BIG steps back and got into a ready posistion.
Me: Ok go Corphish!

My red crab jumped into the middle of us.
Chris: This will be hard, ok go Torchic.

He threw the red sphere and out came a small red chick.
Torchic: Torchic! [In a high pitch voice]

I looked at Corphish and it looked bored. I quickly pulled mmy Pokedex out.
Pokedex: Torchic: This is a fun loving Pokemon. It can stand flames up to 1000 degrees.

Corphish: It belongs to the crustation family. It has a very aggresive attitude.

Chris looked up and smiled.
Me: Lets get this on. Ok Corphish use tackle.
Chris: You too Torchic.

The two Pokemon ran towards another and nailed eachother in the head. They both stumpled backwards and then looked up.
Me: Tackle!
Chris: Ember!
Me: What!?

As corphish was going in for a tackle he got nailed with small fire balls. It started to roll backwards and hit a tree.
Me: Ok use bubble!

Corphish quickly jumped up and opened one of its claws. Than he shot about six bubbles. All but one hit, and it did a lot of damage. Also Torchic's speed fell.
Me: Tackle!
Chris: Ember!

Since Torchic's speed fell it didn't get its move off. It got hit and then soared into a tree. When I looked at Torchic it was very hurt and had bruises on its body.
Chris: Oh no!
Me: Well I guess you lose?
Chris: No. Ember!

Torchic shot once again some small fireballs.
Me: Dodge Corphish!

Corphish jumped to the right. All the fireballs went rite past Corphish.
Me: Sorry I have to do this Chris. Use bubble!

Again Corphish shot six bubbles from its claw. They all hit Torchic sending it flying into another tree. The impact was so tough the tree fell over. Torchic was KOed.
Me: Great job Corphish. Come back.

It crawled into my arms.

Chris looked down and then returned Torchic. He looked at me and smiled.
Chris: Well I can tell you will be a great trainer.
Me: Thanks.

We gave eachother a handshake, when we released I found five hundred dollars in my hand. When I looked up he disapeared.
Me: When this looks like we have started a rivalry Chris.

I laughed, looked at Corphish who had a smile on then put the money in my backpack.
Me: Ready to go buddy?
Corphish: Cor!

I looked at the route and started off with Corphish.

03-16-2004, 03:29 AM
Chapter 4: Team Meowth?

Corphish and I were on the route to Viridian City. I got two new Pokemon's data and it was Pidgey and Rattata. Though both Pokemon got away from me.
Me: Well Corphish I know that we haven't had the best of luck but we will catch something.

Corphish just looked in the sky and then let a little sigh out. I was upset that it seemed like my Pokemon disliked me because we haven't caught one Pokemon.

After a while of traveling I saw a flock of Pidey, than one in the front. It looked strong and fast. I needed to catch it.

I put Corphish on the ground.
Me: Ok see that one rite there? Well use bubble on it.

Corphish nodded opened his claws up and sent about six bubbles out. It hit the strong looking Pidgey. It looked angrey and then flew up. In a quick second all the other small brown and white birds lifted up in the air. Then at one movement of a wing all started to dive after us.
Me: That one must be the leader of the pack. Hmm...we better run!

I turned and saw Corphish already starting to run. I ran after it, and picked him up on the way. The Pidgeys were rite on my trail and I was starting to run out of breath. The pack almost hit us when a huge net caught them. I turned and saw this. Though only one wasn't caught the leader. I was scared. It wasn't really paying attention, the Pidgey was looking at the net. Then on a small cliff to the left of my three figures showed. Two look like a girl and a boy and one looked like a cat.
Girl: Team Meowth
Boy: On the speed of light
Girl: Surrender now
Boy: Or prepare to fight.
Girl: Jesse
Boy: James.
Both:: Team Meowth will scratch your dreams.
Meowth: Thats rite!

After hearing the last few lines I laughed.
Me: Well Jesse and James finally got kicked ot of Team Rocket.
James: Yes.
Jesse: And don't laugh at us. We are working on our moto. Though anyways we have all these Pidgeys and ther is nothing you can do.

The small Pidgies were frantic and so was the leader one. It flew around the net about twenty times till it looked at Team Meowth. I then looked at Corphish and nodded. He crawled up to the bottom of the mountain.
Jesse: Go Spearow!

I looked at the net and saw Pidgey trying to naw part of the net to make a hole.
Me: Bubble!

Again bubbles shot out of Corphish's claw and nailed Spearow in the face. The Spearow fell and I saw a huge white light appear. I looked at Pidgey, it turned white and turned into a bigger bird Pokemon.
Me: A pidgeotto.

The Pidgeotto Pokemon chirped and then started to flap it wings.
Me: Corphish try to cut the net open.

My red crab Pokemon jumped over to the net and opened and closed its claw over the net. After about five tries I heard a snap. Then I looked at Team Meowth who were all hugging eachother while Pidgeotto flapped its wings over them. Then alll the Pidgeys were flapping their wings, and over thirty gust shot at Team Meowth. All four of them shot up in the sky.
Three of them: Were blasting off...

I laughed than looked at the pack.
Me: Sorry for attacking you Pidgeotto.

It chirped. Than it and its back flew off. Corphish and I waved goodbye to them.

03-17-2004, 03:46 AM
Chapter 5: Viridian Arrest

Corphish was almost jumping up and down in my arms. We could see the entrance of Viridian and I coldn't wait.
Me: We're almost there!
Corphish: Cor...Phish!

I started to run and got closer to Viridian City and then as I hit the entrance, I stopped and looked in awe. The buildings were shining in the sun and the Pokecenter's Pokeball roof was having a light reflect on the gym's roof.
Me: Well thats my uncle's gym and I know alreday that I can't battle him unless I have all seven badges. Then I would have to battle him for our eighth.

Corphish nodded.

I started to walk to the Pokecenter and as soon as I stood in front of it Officer Jenny jumped in front of me.
Jenny: Nick you are under arrest for stealing that Pokemon.
Me: What?!


An hour later...

I was sitting in a jail cell with Corphish. Surprisingly they had me keep him with me so that Corphish couldn't run away.
Me: I am sorry for the confusion buddy.
Corphish: Corrrr.
Me: I know that you know I didn't steal you.

Corphish jumped on my lab and then curled up to sleep.

I looked at the corner of the room and a strange shadow figure was straing at me.
Stranger: Well hello Nick.
Me: What how do you know my name?

He stood up and smiled.
Man: I am the reason why you are here. Under your uncle's order's I told the cops you stole Corphish and then I was caught for stealing.
Me: So what does that help me to know...

Then I had a flashback to the day I got Corphish. Chris got in and out of Oak's lab and did not say one thing. Then after I beat him he dissapeared in thin air.
Me: Its you.
Chris: Great guess buddy.

Corphish jumped up and than I did too.
Me: Why?
Chris: You will see.

Than Jenny walked up to the cell. She opened it up and looked at me.
Jenny: Nick we have found you innocent.

I looked at Corphish and picked him up. I then walked back taking one glimps of Chris.
Jenny: We got hold of Oak and he told us.
Me: He always comes in handy.

As I exited the station a loud boom went off near the cell I wasin. Jenny and I ran over to it finding that chris got loose.
Me: Mo way he got away.
Jenny: I will tell everyone to watch out for him.

I looked at her and frowned.
Me: That won't work with my uncle on his side.
Jenny: Trust me iit will.

She told me to head off and I did. I walked to the Pokecenter and grabbed a room. Then I went to the room and put Corphish next to me in the bed.
Me: Tommorow we will go to Viridian Forest and try to capture a frien.

Corphish nodded. Then we fell asleep.

03-17-2004, 05:30 AM
Chapter 6: Nick's First Capture

The next morning I woke up and got Corphish up. He looked very entergetic so I took him to get healed real quick. Than after he was done I bought breakfest for the both of us. I had a ham, chees biscuit and he had Bacon flavored Pokefood.

We both ended at the same time so I took the dishes up and thanked Joy. I grabbed my backpack, swung it over my shoulder, and Corphish by my side walked out of the Pokemon Center. We are headed towards Viridian Forest.
Me: Ready Corphish?

I asked that whle we were like a quarter of the way there.
Corphish: Phish. Pish...Corphish?
Me: [Laughing] Of course I am ready.

A few minutes later Corphish and I got to the entrane of the forest. I could see all the trees and some Pokemon flying in the air. I was ready. Corphish and I started to run. As soon as I entered the forest I could see Caterpie's crawling on the floor, Weedle's tackling one another, Pidgey's dancing in the sky and Beedrills fighting against Butterfrees. It was a magical site.

I started to walk and found a small opening. I knew that it was time for a rest.
Me: Lets sit down here Corphish.

At the sound of my words he just fell down on the floor. I laughed. Then I pulled out a gronola bar that had small choclate chips in it. Then I gave Corphish some original Pokefood I bought. After a while a small Spinarak came crawling threw the open field and then a Pidgeotto followed.
Me: It looks like Pidgeotto is trying to get that Spinarak. [Turning to the bird Pokemon] Hey how about you pick on someone your own size.

The medium sized brown and white bird stopped in its tracks, then looked at me. It started to come and tackle me, when Corphish jumped up and both Pokemon tackled eachother in te head. Pidgeotto fell down and so did Corphish. Than they both jumped up.
Me: Ok use tackle.

Corphish went in for a tackle. Pidgeotto moved but its right wing was hit on the end. The bird got mad and then started to flap its wings.
Me: Its using a gust attack, move!

Corphish wasn't quick enough and got hit into a tree.
Me: Ok now use bubble.

Corphish shook the attack off and shot six bubbles out of his claws. Four hit and Pidgeotto dove to the ground. Its speed fell.
M: Tackle while its falling!

Corphish started to sprint and before Pidgeotto hit the ground it was tackled and flew into a tree.
Me: One more tackle!

At that command Pidgeotto also started to fly after Corphish, but since its speed fell Corphish beat it and hit Pidgeotto rite in the gut KOing it. I grabbed a Pokeball out of my backpack and threw it. The red and white sphere hit Pidgeotto on the wing, popped up, opened and sucked Pidgeotto in. The ball shook once, twice, the Bing! Pidgeotto was caught.
Me: Allrite you did it Corphish. We caught Pidgeotto.

I ran to the ball and threw it up in the air. Pidgeotto came out, then I clipped its ball to my belt. I hugged Pidgeotto and he hugged me back. I knew this Pokemo would be perfect for my team.
Me: Welcome Pidgeotto.
Corphish: Corphish.
Pidgeotto: Eotto.

03-18-2004, 07:38 PM
Chapter 7: Nick vs. Thomas the Bug Catcher

After a while of getting to know Pidgeotto I started to train with him and Corphish.
Me: Corphish use bubble on that tree. Than tackle, Pidgotto use gust on that tree. Than quick attack.

Corphish shot six bubbles at one tree. It didn't do much. Than Pidgeotto started to flap his wings shooting off a small tornado. It hit the tree and cracked it halfway. Than both Corphish and Pidgeotto rammed into their trees. Pidgeotto's fell and Corphish's cracked halfway.
Me: Well its ok you both doing great. Return Pidgeotto.

Pidgeotto was sucked into his ball and I placed the ball on my belt. I than picked up Corphish.

I started to walk and saw more Pokemon. Nidorans [Male and female], more Buterfrees, and Ratatas. Some trainers were fighting on the side and they didn't look intresting. I kept walking when a Pokeball flew rite in front of me. Out came a Scyther.
Scyther: Scy...ther.
Pokedex: Scyther the mantis Pokemon, this Pokemon has quick speed and attacks with its scyths.

I looked at the green mantis Pokemon and it gave me a weird look.
Me: Who do you belong to?

Than after I finshed my question a boy jumped out from a tree and landed like in Ninja form.
Boy: It belongs to me.
Me: That doesn't help.
Boy: Oh ok sorry, my name is Thomas, Thomas the Bug Catcher.
Me: So why did you send your Pokemon out?
Thomas: I want to battle you one-on-one.

To be continued...

03-19-2004, 04:18 AM
Chapter 7 cont...

I looked at Thomas and then looked at his Scyther.
Me: Ok I agree. Go Pidgeotto!

I grabbed the red and white sphere that holds Pidgeotto and threw it up. Out came my medium sized brown and white bird. It chirped. The green mantis Pokemon moved it scyth in a slash movment.
Me: Ok Pidgeotto use gust.
Thomas: Use scratch.

Pidgeotto started to flap his wings and than shot a tornado at Scyther. Though the bug Pokemon jumped to the right and than got in my Pokemon's face and scratch him. Pidgeotto fell down.
Thomas: Go in for a tackle.
Me: Move with quick attack!

Scyther started towards Pidgeotto, than as it went to attack Pidgeotto quickly dissapered and from behind tackled Scyther.
Thomas: Wow that was an awesome move. Though let me guess you are a rookie.
Me: Yeah but I have een a trainer for about two days now.

Corphish looked up and than fell asleep on the ground
Me: Who cares though go Pidgeotto gust.

Pidgeotto started to flap his wings again. The tornado was a little bigger than normal and it shot off towards Scyther. The bug Pokemon was hit and was thrown into a tree.
Scyther: Scy...ther!
Thomas: Oh no! Scyther use double team!

Scyther jumped up and than twenty forms of it apeared. Thomas started to laugh.
Me: How did it do that? It like duplicated itself.
Thomas: Ha I knew this would get you.
Me: Use tackle on the one if front of you.

He started to flap his wings towards one of the Scythers. Then when he hit Pidgeotto went straight threw.
Me: Its a halagram!
Thomas: Good job. Use scratch.

All in one second all the Scythers combined and made one. Than it jumped up and scratched Pidgeotto. Pidgeotto fell and let out a loud squak.
Me: Pidgeotto!
Thomas: Scyther use double team again.

Again about twenty figures of Scyther appeared. Pidgeotto got up and flew higher up in the air.
Me: Ok only one is real so lets figure this one out!

I looked around and thought of an attack. I kept thinking and then got it.
Me: Gust!

Pidgeotto came closer and than started to flap its wings. A tornado came up and hit about half of the Scythers. Than all dissapeared, except one who was again thrown into a tree.
Me: Quick attack!

Pidgeotto started to move to the left than the right than the left again. Scyther almost got up when Pidgeotto hit him in the head. Scyther was KOed.
Thomas: Wow that was good. Return.

His Scyther was sucked up and he clipped the ball to his belt.
Me: Thanks, your good too. Return.

A red beam sucked up Pidgeotto and I clipped the ball to my belt.

Thomas gave me a hundred dollars and we said goodbye. It was getting dark so I stopped and fell asleep with Corphish by my side. I was ready to get out of the forest and face Brock.

03-22-2004, 03:49 AM
Chapter 8: The Spinarak Affair

The next morning I grabbed some sticks and made a fire out of it. I grabbed a pan out of my bag and stuck some eggs i found in the forest. Than I got Pokemon food out for Pidgeotto and Corphish. When they were almost finished my eggs were done. I ate them and packed everything up. Than Pidgeotto took flight and I grabbed Corphish.

We were walking down a trail and than we came to two signs, one said: Pewter City the other said: Cerelian City. I took the exit to Pewter City. We were walking down the path when Pidgeotto was pulled down by a white string. I turned around and there stood the small green little spider, Spinarak.
Me: Hey what did you do that?!
Spinarak: Spina!

I turned and looked at Pidgeotto who snipped the string off. Than I got it. It was the same Spinarak that Pidgeotto chased.
Pidgeotto: Geottoooo!

He started in for a tackle. Than Spinarak lowered its head and both rammed into eachothers' heads. They both fell to the ground and than Pidgeotto stood up.
Me: Use gust!

Pidgeotto started to flap its wings and than a small tornado hit Spinarak into a tree. It screamed a cry of pain.
Me: Quick attack!

Pidgeotto started to move left than right than left really fast. Than as it went to hit, the small spider shot a string knocking Pidgeotto down and had him tied up.
Me: No!

Spinarak than headbutted Pidgeotto. The bird Pokemon slid across the ground. Than the string broke.
Me: Gust again!

Once again the bird Pokemon flapped his wings and shot another tornado at Spinarak. The spider Pokemon hit a tree.
Me: Quick attack.

Once again Pidgeotto started to move fast, but since the silly string hit him it took some toll in his speed. Then Pidgeotto hit Spinarak and KOed it. In the process the tree broke and fell over. I grabbed a Pokeball and threw it. The ball hit Spinarak and 1..2..3..Bing! I caught Spinarak.
Me: Great job Pidgeotto! Return.

Pidgeotto was sucked up by a red beam and I stuck both balls on my belt.

03-22-2004, 10:56 PM
Chapter 9: Nick vs. Chris part 2

After my capture of Spinarak I continued to walk down the trail to Pewter City. I looked up at the sky and it was turning grey.
Me: Well Corphish it looks like it is going to rain.
Corphish: Cor!
Me: Oh yeah you like the water, haha.

I continued to walk and Corphish jumped out of my arms. He startedc to walk and than headed towards a bush. It started to move.
Me: Corphish come back!

Than out of no where a black ball hit it. Out jumped Chris.
Chris: I got your little crab.
Me: Give it back.
Chris: Battle me for it.
Me: No I won't ever battle for the sake of my own Pokemon.
Chris: Than I will take it.
Me: Fine two on two!
Chris: Fine and this will be the third stolen Pokemon added to my team. Go Meowth!

A small white cat with a golden coin on its head came out. The small cat liked its paw.
Me: Go Pidgeotto!

My medium sized bird Pokemon came out and took flight.
Chri: Use scratch.
Me: Gust!

The small cat jump up and extended her claws. Pidgeotto started to flap his wings and the small cat got caught up in the tornado. The tornado hit a tree and Meowth fell out.
Meowth: Meowth!
Me: Ok go in for a quick attack!
Chris: Payday!

Pidgeotto started to move left than right very fast. In the middle of the attack Meowth grabbed its coin and threw it at Pidgeotto. A coin went back n the spot and Pidgeotto fell to the ground.
Chris: Use tackle!
Me: Dodge!

Meowth went in for the tackle, but instead it hit the ground. Pidgeotto got up real quick.
Me: Use...

All of a sudden Pidgeotto's wings turned white and than he attacking with his wings. Meowth was KOed.
Chris: Return!

Meowth was returned and than he grabbed a black Pokeball.

To Be Continued...

03-24-2004, 01:08 AM
Chapter 9 cont...

He threw the black ball and out came a Spearow.
Chris: I took this from a worthless trainer that only had this Pokemon and a Skitty. It was easy, so easy it was like stealing candy...
Me: From a baby, so how did you catch it.
Chris: Actually I weas going to say from an amatuar trainer. What do you mean though?
Me: Well the kid had to have the Pokemon near full health so how do you catch it wihout weakining it?
chris: Oh these balls lower the health of a Pokemon by half, but after a day it regains all its health. It also has a healer in it, how do you think I always win.

He started to laugh. I knew that I couldn't let him win.
Me: Use quick attack.
Chris: Dodge and peck

Pidgeotto started to fly real quick. Than Spearow moved to the right and pecked onto Pidgeotto's left wing. He fell.
Chris: se gust.

Spearow started to flap his wings and shot a tornado making Pidgeotto fly into a tree.
Me: Get up and use wing attack.

Pidgeotto slowly got up and turned to Spearow.
Chris: Gust.
Me: Dodge.

Spearow started to flap his wings, but instead of waiting for the attack, Pidgeotto started to fly towards him. His wings turned white and smacked them in Spearow's face. The small bird fell down. It looked like the attack took a lot out of him.

Pidgeotto started to breath really hard.
Chris: Return.

He returned Spearow into the black ball. Than he threw Spearow back out, the bird looked back in health, completely.
Me: No way thats cheap.
Chris: All far in Pokemon battles.
Me: You have the stupidest sayings.
Chris: Peck.

The Spearow moved really fast and started to peck Pidgeotto. After a while Pidgeotto fainted.
Me: No way! Return.

Pidgeotto was sucked up by a red beam. I looked at my last Pokeball Spinarak and wondering if he could make it.

03-24-2004, 02:56 AM
Chapter 10: Tangled Battle
I picked up Spinarak's Pokeball and threw it at the ground.
Me: Ok I choose Spinarak.
Chris: Do you know how easy this will be?
Me: It won't be that easy. [Turning to Spinarak] We really need to win buddy, he has Corphish and if we lose he will take it.

SPinarak jumped up and turned to Chris and Spearow.
Me: Like I said it won't be that easy. Ok Spinarak tackle.

Spinarak started to crawl and than jumped up hitting Spearow in the gut. The bird barely hovered over the ground.
Chris: Ok use peck.

Spinarak looked up and the small bird Pokemon pecked Spinarak on the head. It kept pecking. I could tell that Spinarak was getting tired and aggrevated.
Me: Dodge!

Spinarak looked up and shot some needles at Spearow. I pulled out my Pokedex and opened it up to see the attack. Chris looked very scared.
Pokedex: The move is known as Poison Sting.

Spearow started to look down. He fell to th ground and let a cry out.
Me: Tackle!

Spinarak started to run and hit Spearow, the small bird slid into a tree. That time its cry was worse. I looked at Chris who just brought out the black pokeball. Spearow's face went black.
Me: Its poisoned, Spinarak use string shot at the Pokeball.

Chris lifted the ball up with a smile, than Spinarak shot a rope of web at the ball and knocked it out of his hand. Than Spearow KOed because of the poisoning.
Me: I won. I mean we won, return Spinarak.

I grabbed its Pokeball and returned the small spider like Pokemon. Chris released Corphish who was really tired. I clipped Spinarak's ball onto my belt and grabbed Corphish's, than I returned him. I placed his ball on my belt. I threw the black ball at Chris's face and it hit him.
Me: You deserve that Chris, I can't believe the cool friend I used to know has become a loser jerk.
Chris: Well Nick me and you have both changed in diffrent ways. i have become a jerk and of course you are popular and a great trainer. Here is a hundred dollars.

He threw it in my face as I caught it and placed it in my backpack, then he returned the bird Pokemon and I started to run towards Pewter City. Chris ran towards the entrance and I was in shock of how he changed. I saw the entrance of Pewter City.
Me: [thinking out loud] Uncle Giovanni you have ruined my friends life, but I will ruin yours. Brock I am on my way.

03-25-2004, 06:45 AM
Chapter 11: Old Meetings

I was walking down the trail to the Pokecenter. I looked around and saw Pokemon battles going on. Pikachus versus Bulbasaurs, Pidgeys versus Ratattas.
Me: I wish Corphish could see this.

I kept thinking about how Chris could've easily stolen my very first Pokemon. My three Pokeballs stayed in the same spot imobile and I smiled.
Me: Good thing Spinarak came threw and my two new Pokemon learned a new attack.

I looked up and saw the door to the Pokecenter. It quickly swung opened and smacked me in the face.
Me: Ouch! Hey what up with that?
Kid: Well well if it isn't Nick.

My vision was still sortof blurry. I saw a hand come towards me and lifted me up. After a few minutes I got my vision back and there standing in front of me, my friend from fourth grade, Doug Wright.
Me: Doug, what up!?
Doug: Not much, just healing my Pokemon after the battle against Brock. He's tough.
Me: You fought him?
Doug: Yeah I will tell you it when we get inside.
Me: Ok.

We both walked in and I walked up to the desk and standing there was a beautiful Nurse.
Me: Hello.
Nurse: Hi my name is Nurse Joy. Can I help you?
Me: Yeah I need my Pokemon to be healed.
Joy: Ok.

I grabbed my three Pokeballs and handed them to her. She took them, put it on a silver tray and gave it to a pink Pokemon with an egg in its stomach.
Joy: Chansey will be about ten minutes.
Me: Ok.

I turned around and Doug had two Pokeballs on the table. I walked to the table and sat down.
Me: Coushined or not coushined this couch isn't still comfertable.
Doug: [Laughing] Yeah I agree.

He looked sortof depressed and I knew we shouldn't talk about the Gym battle.
Me: So what Pokemon do you have?
Doug: Well I have a Butterfree and Bulbasaur.
Me: Cool let me see.

Doug threw both Pokeballs down on the floor and two Pokemon appeared. One looked like a butterfly and had a purple body. Its wings glimered with the light from above and even from the sunlight that came threw the windows. Its wings were a green, red, and yellow mixture of colors. The other Pokemon was smaller and was all blue, besides its bulb. It had big red eyes, there was a big bulb on its back. Its body was a light blue and the bulb was a dark green. I grabbed my Pokedex and flipped it open.
Bulbasaur: The seed on its back is filled with nutrients. The seed grows steadily and larger as it grows.
Butterfree: Water-repellent water on its wings enables it to collect honey, even in the heaviest rains.

I closed the Pokedex and smiled. I put the small red device in my backpack.
Me: Well I can't see why you lost to Brock. Opps I'm sorry.
Doug: Na its cool, see you learn from loses. Though I can't believe that I lost also, espicially against his Onix. It used a certain move that it wrapped his body around Butterfree slowly taking its energy out. I can't remember what it is called though.
Me: Thats ok I will just have to look out for it.

A bell went off and a sign that had a needle on it lit up.
Joy: Nick will you please come get your Pokemon.

I looked at Doug how she knew my name.
Doug: She finds out somehow by your Pokeballs.
Me: Oh ok.

I went up to the desk and got my Pokemon. I turned around and Doug returned his Pokemon, I clipped mine to my belt.
Me: Well Doug it was cool to see you again.

We started our secret hand shake, then in the middle he stopped.
Me: What?
Doug: Well I was thinking, why make this the last time we do this untill next time we see another. How about we become traveling partners?
Me: Well you know I have always wondered how it would be on a journey and now I sortof know.
Doug: Nick not another story just cut to it.

We both started to laugh.
Me: Yeah its cool. How about you go get your rematch and I get my battle?
Doug: Thats cool, lets go.

We walked out of the center and I was ready to take on Brock. I started to think of my startegy when Doug chirped up.
Doug: I remember the move name.
Me: What!

I couldn't wait I needed to know the attack name.
Doug: Bind.

03-26-2004, 03:29 AM
Chapter 12: Doug vs. Brock

Doug and I kept getting to catch up when we both stood in front of a huge building that was made out of boulders. I looked up and smiled.
Me: So this is it?
Doug: Yeah. Well lets get inside.

I kept staring at the gym made of boulders and Doug pratically pushed me into the Gym. We walked in and a flash of light came on. Sitting on a boulder criss cross apple sauce like a man that had medium skin, orange vest, and green pants. His eyes looked like they were squinting.
Me: Who is that?
Doug: That would be Brock.
Me: Oh.

I sortof lowered my head. I then looked up and Doug smirked at me.
Doug: Who guess first?

I looked at Brocl again and he spoke up.
Brock: Nick can go next. Doug do you want your rematch now?
Me: You go.
Doug: Ok yes I will go first.

A lot of lights lit up and the whole battlefield was showing. There were boulders on the sides and almost in the middle. Though in the middle a huge white Pokeball was were I would guess the Pokemon would be. Brock walked up to a red box and Doug stood up to a green box. Then on the right side a referee appeared with a red and green flag.
Ref: This battle will be one-on-one. Let the battle begin.

Doug grabbed one of his red and white spheres and released his Bulbasaur.
Brock: Well lets see how much better this Pokemon has improved. Go Pokeball.

Out came a Pokemon that had a brown shell with many holes and its head slowly popped out.
Pokemon: Shuck.

I quickly pulled out my tiny red device.
Pokedex: Shuckle: It stores berries in its shell that decompose and become gooey liquid.

Doug looked at the Pokemon confused.
Doug: Isn't that a bug type Pokemon?
Brock: [Chuckiling] Yes though it is also a rock type Pokemon.
Doug: Doesn't matter, Bulbasaur use vine whip.

Two vines shot out threw the bulb and I thought it was going to work.
Brock: Withdraw!

Shuclke stuck its body and head into its shell and the vines hit. Nothing happened. The vines went back in.
Brock: Rock throw.

Shuckle popped out of its body and jumped onto a boulder. Peices of rocks were flying everywhere, but Bulbasaur kept running away from them. Then a small sized boulder hit Bulbasaur in the head. It fell to the ground and screamed. Than Bulbasaur slowly got up.
Brock: Tackle!

The Shuckle some how was moving pretty fast.
Doug: Vine whip.

Again two vines shot out and hit Shuckle in the face. The small Pokemon stopped in its tracks.
Doug: Poison powder!

A yellow mist shot from Bulbasaur's bulb and Shuckle tried to get away. Though it couldn't get away fast enough and all of it hit Shuckle. Than the shelled Pokemon started to shake around.
Brock: Oh no!

Doug smiled and than I remembered that the posion slowly but surely weakens a Pokemon. Shuckle went into its shell.
Doug: Ok wrap ur vines inside the shell and throw it into a rock.

Again two vines shot out. When it went towards Shuckle the vines split up. It started to wrap around the holes of the shell. After a minute the Bulbasaur lifted Shuckle up and threw it into a rock. When the Shuckle hit the rock its body came out and it was KOed. The ref raised the green flag and spoke up.
Ref: Bulbasaur wins! The match goes to Doug.

Doug jumped in the battlefield and picked up Bulbasaur to give him a hug.
Doug: I knew our plan would win.

Brock walked up and handed a small grey metal piece to Doug that looked like a small boulder.
Brock: Congratulations you have won the Boulder Badge and a TM called Bind.

He handed him a small box and Doug stuck it in his pocket. Then clipped his badge to a silver bracelet on his right wrist.
Brock: Your turn.

03-27-2004, 04:59 AM
Chapter 13: Nick vs. Brock

I looked up at Brock and smiled.
Doug: Allright man you can do it.

He gave me a highfive and I walked into the green box. Brock walked across the battlefield and stood in the red box. He turned around and smiled.
Brock: I wondered when you would have start your journey. Go Pokeball.

He threw his Pokeball and out came a boulder like Pokemon with two arms, it floated above the ground. I studied its detail though and notice that this would be a hard battle. I pulled out my Pokedex.
Pokedex: Geodude: It uses its arms to steadily climb up moutain paths. It swings its arms around if angrered.

I grabbed a Pokeball from my belt and instead of putting the red device in my backpack I stuck it in my pocket. I then threw the red and white sphere.
Me: Pidgeotto go.

It hit the ground and in a flash of white light my bird Pokemon appeared. I smiled knowing that Pidgeotto had the advantage. I then looked to the right, the ref looked shocked and than spoke up.
Ref: his will be a two-on-two battle. Let the battle begin. Also no subsitutions.
Brock: Just like your cousin and dad you have had an evolved Pokemon by the time of your battle at this gym.

He looked at Geodude who was ready for this battle. Pidgeotto chirped at Geodude.
Brock: Tackle.
Me: Dodge than quick attack.

Heodude started to charge at Pidgeotto when it flew a little higher up, barely escaping the attack. It than charged at Geodude at a really fast speed. Pidgeotto rammed his head into Geodude, but came out dizzy.
Me: Huh?

Doug yelled from the stands.
Doug: Ground and rock types are strong against physical attacks.

Geodude turned around and stared at Pidgeotto with anger.
Brock: Well done Geodude now use rock throw!

Geodude grabbed some pebbles that were left from Doug and Brocks battle and started two by two chucking them at Pidgeotto. Than he grabbed a medium sized one, and began to pull back.
Me: Gust!

Pidgeotto started to flap his wings fast. A huge gust of wind came as Geodudethrew the rock. The gust of wind actually made the rock move the other way and it began to fly towards Geodude. The rock and the gust attack hit Geodude sending it into a rock that explded basically in like five pieces from impact. Pidgeotto got hit by one of the pieces and I frowned.
Me: Ok wing attack.

Pidgeotto's wings turned white as it started to fly towards Geodude.
Brock: Grab him and use self-destruct.

As Pidgeotto went to hit Geodude, the rock type Pokemon grabbed Pidgeotto and its wings went back to normal. Than Geodude went all white, then black. I looked at Pidgeotto. I never expected that attack and then tried to find a way out of it. I couldn't except for one.
Me: Use sand attack!

I thought it could work because Pidgeotto's wings would be flapping and that is exactly what he started to do. Sand picked up around them and you couldn't see a thing. Than a huge explosion happened. Both Pokemon screamed in pain. I wanted to know what happened to my bird Pokemon.
Brock: Why did you want this attack?

I didn't even listen what he said. I looked harder and harder at the area. After a couple of minutes the sand died down and we all could see Geodude KOed. The ref called Geodude KOed, but still waited for Pidgeotto. Than its sand dissapeared and my bird Pokemon was slowly getting up. The rf raised a green flag.
Ref: Pidgeotto wins round one!

Brock returned his Pokemon and grabbed another.
Brock: To bad there is no subsitutions so I will feel sorry for your Pokemon. Go Onix.

He threw a Pokeball to the ground. Out of it was a snake like Pokemon that towered over everyone. The snake Pokemon was a bunch of grey boulders and it was very intimitaded.
Doug: Thats the Pokemon.

I saw and looked at the Pokemon that might or could have me lose my first Gym battle. I couldn't and with Pidgeotto weak as it is I didn't know if he could make it.
Me: Use quick attack!
Brock: Knock it down with your tail Onix.

Pidgeotto again flew really fast at the Pokemon, but was nailed with a long tail. Pidgeotto cried and fell to the grund. His eyes were now spinning and I knew that he was KOed. The ref raised a red flag.
Ref: Onix wins round two.

I started to get upset. I grabbed his Pokeball and returned my Pokemon. I grabbed Corphish's Pokeball forgetting to release him. I grabbed its Pokeball and threw it.
Me: Go Corphish.

The red crab appeared and I smiled. This is were I had my whole plan. The ball whizzed back to my hand. Though before battling I pulled my Pokedex out.
Pokedex: Onix: It rapidly bores threw the ground at fifty miles per hour y squirming and twisting its massive, rugged body. On the way it picks up minerals that makes its body hard.

I looked at the Pokemon again. I knew that water had a huge advatage over rock and ground types.
Me: Ok Corphish use watergun!

Corphish nodded and opened its mouth. A long cold jet of water shot out and hit Onix in the face. It roared and slid behind a rock.
Me: Bubble.

Corphish opened his claws and then shot six bubbles at Onix. They all hit Onix's hard body. It roared really loudly. It hurt my ears, but Corphish for some reason didn't care. I knew that he could win this.
Brock: Rock smash.

Onix's tail smashed the rock it was hiding behind. Thirty pieces of rocks all went after Corphish and about ten hit him. Corphish cried a little.
Brock: Iron tail.

Onix's tail glew white. It stuck it up in the air and started to bring it down.
Me: Dodge it and than use watergun.

Corphish jumped to the right as Onix's tail hit the ground so it messed up Corphish's shot and aim. The watergun went straight pass Onix's face.
Brock: Bind!

The move! I had to put the plan in action, I waited. Onix's tail grabbed a hold of Corphish.
Me: Bubble now!

Corphish got a claw free and shot three bubbles out. Onix cried and dropped Corphish to the ground. Since it wasn't that high up he landed on his feet only with a little bit of damage to his health.
Me: Watergun.

Again Corphish shot a cold stream of water that smacked Onix in the face, Onix cried. Onix started to fall down and then the Pokemon smacked down on the ground. Its eyes rolled back and started to roll. Onix was KOed and the ref raised a green flag.
Ref: Corphish wins! Nick wins the match and the Boulder Badge.

I ran up to Corphish, picked him up and hugged him. Corphish's claws went on my shoulder's with a hug. Brock ran up to me and smiled. He handed me a Boulder badge that I clipped to my shirt. I smiled. Than I got the TM for bind.
Me: Thank you.
Brock: Your welcome.

Doug ran down and gave me a super high five.
Doug: That was an awesome battle.
Me: It was all cause of Pidgeotto and Corphish.

I raised my hands up in a peace sign.

03-27-2004, 06:34 AM
WOW! What a great battle, this story has really came a long ways and developed into a great fic! You keep advancing into a better writer as well, keep up the great work HM!

03-27-2004, 10:48 PM
Chapter 14: Enter Tag Team Battles

Doug and I just got our Pokemon healed and we walked out of the Pokemon Center.
Me: So where next?
Doug: Well we can make a pit stop at the museum or we can go to Mount Moon and straight from there Cereluan City.

I looked up at the sky and started to think.
Me: Well museum sounds boring so I guess lets go to Mount Moon!
Doug: Ok I was hoping you would say that.

We found the path to Mount Moon and walked towards it. On our way there were fields of grass and Pokemon that kept walking away. I could tell Doug wanted to catch on, but he couldn't cause everytime he clicked on his Pokeball the wild Pokemon would run away. He kept on smiling though.
Me: Do you want a new Pokemon or something?
Doug: Na if I only have Bulbasaur and Butterfree when we arrive at Cereluan City, I'll be fine.
Me: Your spirit will never fall will it?

We both laughed.
Doug: So have you heard anthing on Chris or Nick?
Me: Nick started his journey and is in Vermelion.

I didn't say anything about Chris though.
Doug: Hey what about Chris?
Me: He started, but thats all I know.

I didn't want to tell him he was part of Team Rocket because I wanted this battle to be our own. He shrugged his shoulders and than smirked. We continued to walk down the path. Than we saw a girl and a boy. The girl had brown hair, a very short pink skirt on and fine. The boy had a green Tommy Hillfiger shirt on and black jeans. They turned around and looked at me and Doug.
Boy: Hi my name is John.
Girl: My name is Tammy.
Doug: Oh hi my name is Doug.
Me: And I am Nick.

The boy and girl looked at eachother and smiled.
John: The cousin to Ash Ketchum and the son of Tracey?
Me: Yes I am cousin to Ash, but I am not sure if Tracey is my dad, and if he is how is Ash my cousin.

Tammy smirked and than left the subject by asking Doug and me something.
Tammy: Have you two ever done a tag team battle?
John: No don't ask them we will cream them.
Tammy: My point.

Doug and I looked at eachother and shrugged.
Doug: No.
John: Oh I see, this will be perfect.
Tammy: Well you two vs us two in a two vs two battle, we each choose one. Joh and I are a team and Doug and Nick you guys are on a team.
Me: Ok thats kool with me.

Doug and I both reached for a Pokeball. We threw the balls in sycronized time and they opend up. Out sprang in a flash of white was Pidgeotto and Butterfree.
John: Two evolved Pokemon eh. Ok go Cyndaquil.

He threw a straight red Pokeball and out came a small mouse looking Pokemon. It had a black body with a yellow stomach. The Pokemon had holes on its back and than started to do something that made it look like it was taking a crap. All of a sudden its whole back was lit on fire.
Me: A fire type, Doug watch out.
Doug: I will.

Than Tammy picked up a pink Pokeball from the ground. She threw it. Out came a pink pufball. It had a red bow on its head signifying she is a girl.
Tammy: I choose Jigglypuff.
Doug: Thats a cute looking Pokemon.

We all then got into like battle forms and got ready. John had his legs shoulder length and stuck one fingure at Cyndaquil. Tammy just put her legs together and smiled. I stood straight up in a relazed way. Doug did the same.
Me: Lets get this on.

Doug and I shook hands.
John: Cyndaquil shot a ember at Butterfree.
Doug: Blew it away with gust Butterfree!

Cyndaquil charged up and shot small fire balls at Butterfree. The poor Butterfly Pokemon looked hopeless. Than the bug type Pokemon started to flap his wings and the embers fell to the ground. Doug smirked.
Doug: SO does it look like I will need help now?
Me: Guess not.
Tammy: Headbutt.

When I turned the small pink pufball rammed her head into Pidgeotto who slid back a few feet.
Me: Ok Quick attack!
Doug: Psybeam!
John: Flamethrower!

Pidgeotto started to move really fast and than hit Jigglypuff. The puff ball took the hit and moved back a few inches. Its body and health took the blow, but its fat sortof took away the pain.
Tammy: This will be hard for you Nick.

A purple beam and a streak of fire shot at eachother hitting them. At first the two were equal and than the purple blast started to move towards the direction of the black Pokemon. It tried to run, but couldn't so it was hit. Cyndaquil took a lot of damage from the attack.
Me: Ok that was awesome I never knew that Butterfree could learn that.
Doug Yep.
Me: Finish it off with wing attack.

Pidgeotto stared at Cyndaquil and than his wings went white. He started to fly at Cyndaquil when Jigglypuff rolled in and took the attack. This time she was severly hurt.
Me: Wow thats team work!
Doug: Yeah it is.
Tammy: Well he's my older brother of course I would help him.

Both Jigglypuff and Cyndaquil were at their last line, but both stood up.
Me: Ok lets make a super gust Doug.
Doug: Ok.
Both: Gust!

The two Pokemon started to flap their wings. The faster they got the bigger the gust got.
Tammy: Sing.

Jigglypuff started to hum , but after the two gust came to one you couldn't hear a word, also see a thing. The huge tornado was shot off and it hit the two opposing Pokemon. Both Jigglypuff and Cyndaquil cried out in pain. After we all could see them there eyes were spinning showing KOed. Doug and I did our secret hand shake. Then returned Pidgeotto and Butterfree.
Tammy: Well you guys win.

She picked up the pick Pokemon and it sucked up the small pink Pokemon. John shot a red beam and Cyndaquil went back to the red Pokeball.
John: Here you go.

He started to hand us money, Doug and I rejected it though.
Me: Na we couldn't you showed us a new style of battle.
Doug: So keep it.

We all shook hands and we both walked off. Doug and I were ready for Mount Moon. I was defently ready for Misty though in Cerulean City and we aren't going to be there for a day or so.

03-27-2004, 10:50 PM
Chapter 15: Doug's new friend

It started to get dark and it was really hard to see even with the flashlight we had out. So Doug and decided to got to bed. I pulled out my sleeping bag and Doug grabbed his. I laid down waiting for tomorrow to pass. After awhile we fell to sleep. Then we woke up to some cracking noise near by.
Doug: What was that?
Me: I don't know.

I was scared not knowing if it was a huge Pokemon, a robber, or someone from Team Rocket. Doug grabbed his flashlight and than started to turn it at the area we heard the crack. Nothing. Than Doug jumped up.
Me: What?
Doug: Something moved over there.
Me: Well flash it where you saw something move.

He than flashed it in my eyes.
Doug: Opps sorry. It was you.

CRACK! We heard it again and then flashed it in some bushes. There was a black bird that was standing there pecking at the ground. I pulled out my Pokedex.
Pokedex: Murkrow: This Pokemon likes shiny items. It will steal anything from anyone and its known as the theft Pokemon.

Doug grabbed a Pokeball.
Doug: This one is mine!

He seemed a little angry I was guessing because that Murkrow rudely woke us up. He threw the flashlight at me and I caught it.
Doug: Bulbasaur go!

The grass Pokemon appeared and stretched. After a while Bulbasaur reliesed it was time for battle.
Doug: Ok use vine whip.

Two vines shot out and hit Murkro in the face. The black bird picked its head up and then turned towards Bulbasaur. It started to peck at Bulbasaur with a lot of fury in it. It kept on pecking and pecking.
Pokedex: That attack is known as furry attack.
Doug: Ok dodge it.

Bulbasaur moved and Murkrow's beak went into the ground. It was stuck and I began to laugh.
Doug: No don't laugh, Ok use tackle.

Bulbasaur started to run and hit Murkrow on the right side. The black Pokemon sprang up and fell onto the ground.
Doug: Use Vine Whip.

Again two vines sprang out of the bulb. It smacked Murkrow in the face.
Doug: Wrap it around the bird.

The green vines warpped around Murkrow's beak and body.
Doug: Start slamming it on the ground.

Bulbasaur picked up Murkrow and than slammed it on the ground. Then again and again and again. The poor Pokemon was injured pretty badly. Than Bulbasaur released its grip. Though even after the huge attack Murkrow was still able to stand up. Then Murkrow started to run at Bulbasaur.
Doug: Move!

Bulbasaur stepped to the side, and Murkrow missed. The dark Pokemon than fell down. Doug grabbed a Pokeball and threw it. The ball hit Murkrow who went all white and was sucked in. It locked closed and then started to wiggle left and right. 1..2..3..PING1 The noise that let everyone know if the Pokemon is caught went off and Doug smiled.
Doug: I caught a new Pokemon. Yes, great job Bulbasaur! Return.

The green Pokemon was sucked in and then Doug clipped his belt to his belt loop. Doug went over and picked up Murkrow's Pokeball. He raised it up in the air and than clipped it to his belt.
Me: Great job man.
Doug: Thanks and I know this Pokemon will be a great addition to my team.

We than went back to sleep.

03-29-2004, 02:18 AM
Chapter 16

The next morining I hid behind a bunch of bushes and changed. I was wearing a black, red, and white striped shirt from Aeropostale and cacky shorts from their also. When I came out of the bushes I stuck my clothes in my backpack. Doug was wearing the same thing almost just straight black. The wind blew in our faces. I looked up and saw Mount Moon, its graciest look hovered over us and I smiled.
Me: I can't wait to get up ther. Lets go.
Doug: Ok.

We started to walk. The sun was just staying in the same spot and was shining on my face. I thought I was getting sunburnt. Then the mountain shadowed the space and the sun vanished behind it. I grabbed my phone to see what time it was and it was 10:23 a.m. I frowned than my phone started to ring Likin Park, In The End. I answered and my mom was on the other line.
Me: Hey mom.
Mom: Hey Nick, guess whos waiting for you in Cereluan?
Me: Dad?

She hesitated a little than spoke.
Mom: Nope Katie.
Me: Katie! What she doing there?
Doug: Your sister is on a journey.
Mom: Oh nothing she is just doing contest and she called me asking if you were in Cereluan if not tell you she is waiting for you.
Me: Ok.
Mom: I love you bye.
Me: Love you too bye.

We hung up and I stuck my phone in my pocket. Doug looked at me.
Doug: Your sister is on a journey.
Me: I guess she is waiting for is in Cereluan.

Doug shrugged and we continued to walk. I could see the mountain closer now and I had a huge grin on my face. On the right side of the mountain was a Pokecenter so Doug and I stopped there. Nurse Joy was there. I went to talk to her.
Me: Wo thats cool.
Joy: What?
Me: How you work at the Pewter City center and this one.

Joy began to giggle.
Me: Huh?
Joy: No thats my aunt. I am new and I've been working here for five years.

I kindof blushed and than looked up.
Me: Can we have our Pokemon healed?
Joy: Yeah.

I put Corphish on the table and my other two Pokeballs on the table next to Corphish. Doug put his three Pokeballs on the table.
Doug: I need Murkrow healed I want to battle with her inside Mount Moon.

Joy put Corphish in the Pokeballs inside a healing machine and than looked at us.
Joy: You haven't heard?
Me: Huh?
Doug: Yeah what are you talking about?
Joy: Well there has been to many mining, and strange things going on in there. So the Pewter City FBA angency has put agents in their so no trainers go thru their and no one mines. It said though, but also because a quarter of the agents have been knocked out and dissapeared for weeks on end, than when they're found the agents are really diffrent. Like more violent or has amesia.

I looked down and frowned. Doug just stood there acting like it was cool. I looked at him. Than a bell went off. A Chansey brought our Pokemon over and we both clipped our Pokeballs to our belt, than Corphish tapped a Pokeball and was sucked in.
Doug: Wow I guess its tired of staying outside.
Me: Yeah. Though to bad Mount Moon is not able to pass at the momment. I wish I could catch a Clefairy.

Joy than smiled.
Joy: A Clefairy? I have one.

She grabbed a Pokeball from under the desk and released it, the pink Pokemon stood there and smiled. I pulled my Pokedex out and see what it said about Clefairy.
Pokedex: Clefairy: The Pokemon is rumored that it came from space.
Doug: Why do you want one?
Me: Well Katie's birthday is in two days and it will take a few days to get to Cereluan.
Joy: Well actually a new route has been made and its gets you to Cereluan in a day.
Me: Really well lets go.
Joy: Also here give this to your sister.
Me: Really?
Joy: Yeah I just caught it for a little company, but I just got Chansey. Though I also have a Clefable.

She returned the Clefairy and started to hand it to me.
Me: How about the Clefable?
Joy: Thats pushing it a little to far.

We laughe, than I took the Pokeball. Though when I grabbed it Joy kissed me on the cheek. I smiled and she did too. Than Doug and I walked out and left to Cerulean City.

03-29-2004, 11:02 PM
Chapter 16 cont...

After walking out of the Pokecenter I looked ahead and nothing. I looked to the right and it was the mountain, and I looked to the left and the trail back to Pewter. Doug than started to take off. I ran after him.
Me: Where are you going?
Doug: To Cerulean.

He than pointed to a sign that was just a little to the right of the Pokecenter that read: New route to Cerulean. I kindof chuckled. Than we headed off. Doug pulled out a navigator and it showed the new route.
Doug: If we don't stop except for two battles at the most we can make it there by night and see your sister.

I looked at him.
Me: Only two? This will be hard considering that there are a bunch of trainers on this route. Watch even if we have more than two we can make it.
Doug: Yeah well I don't want to take the chance considering that this is a new route and their could be trainers on here that steal.

When he said that word I clinched my fist, because it brought up when Chris tried to take Corphish. Doug looked at me and frowned for once.
Doug: I knew that you were holding something in and its about Chris.
Me: Its nothing, don't worry about it.

He than smiled again and we continued to walk. The grass was really brown and the dirt was black. It was super bad. Though trainers continued to battle and some even had Pokemon like Magikarp which who they badly lost. Than a trainer came up to me and she had a Magikarp in her hands. I strated to laugh when I saw the small red and white fish.
Girl: My name is Tonya and I am wondering if you will battle me...?
Me: My name is Nick and are you sure you want to battle me?
Tonya: Yeah I can feel that Magikarp will evolve soon. Lets go.
Me: Ok.

Doug followed behind us and than we got to a small lake. The water was a dark green and you couldn't see the bottom even in the shallow.
Tonya: Here its digusting, but it is water so you know.

I nodded and than released Spinarak. She was happy to be out and jumped up.
Me: Ok Spinarak its time to battle.
Spinarak: Spina.

I clinched my fist and stuck my hands in my pocket than stood straight up. Tonya stuck Magicarp in the water. The red fish swam soom and went under water. I didn't know what to do and Tonya could tell.
Tonya: New to this how?
Me: Yeah.
Tonya: Better get used to it before you battle Misty though her water is blue and almost clear to half way.

I was stunned.
Tonya: Ok enough of this.

Her brown hair was drifting in the wind and she had a battle face on. Doug started to walk off.
Me: Hey where are you going?
Doug: I saw something over there. I think its a Pokemon.

I saw it too, but didn't care and I stared back at the water.
Tonya: Use tackle.

The red fish jumped up and rammed into my little spider. She went back some.
Me: Ok this will be tough.
Tonya: Flail!
Me: When it appears out of the water use strings shot!

The tiny red fish came up out of water and than my tiny green spider shot a string out at Magicarp. It caught onto its tail and Spinarak pulled it to the ground.
Me: Posion sting.

Tiny white needles went out of Spinarak's mouth and hit Magicarp. It seemeed to take some toll.
Me: Ok while the string shot is still connected use tackle.

Spinarak started to run when she stoppred in her tracks. Magicarp glew white, but for some reason its shape wasn't changing. Tonya, Spinrak and I watched. The Magicarp just stayed white and than it started to shake. It was really cool I was going to see my first evolution. Than the small fish grew in size and it looked like a snake. When the white went away what stood in the Magicarps place was a blue dragon like Pokemon with fangs. It looked really powerful. I pulled out my Pokedex.
Pokedex: Gyrados: The dragon Pokemon, it is said that these creatures are very timid and hard to have control of.

Tonya smiled and than jumped up. She had just gotten a newly evolved Pokemon. I grabbed Spinarak's Pokeball because she looked scared. Than I returned her and placed the ball on my belt.
Tonya: Why did you do that?
Me: Because I didn't want Spinarak to seriously get hurt and plus she was to scared to battle, I coould tell.
Tonya: Oh ok thats ok.

She returned Gyrados and smiled. She walked off.
Tonya: See you in the Indigo League.
Me: You too.

She than vanished.
Me: But at that time I will have Ariados and she will be able to win no matter the advantage.

I walked over to Doug and he was in the middle of a battle. He was facing against a blue Pokemon with white hands. It was standing firm on the ground and his Pokemon was a bigger looking version of Bulbasaur. Except its body was more green and the bulb on its back started to grow flowers. I pulled out my Pokedex again.
Ivyasaur: The leaf Pokemon, its bulb gets bigger and heavier as it grows. This is the evolved form of Bulbasaur.

Poliwhirl: The fighting water type, this Pokemon uses its fist to win battles. This is the evolved form of Poliwag.

I put the Pokedex away. Doug called out razor leaf and it hit the blue Pokemon. Both of them were breathing hard and looked super tired. Doug than called out sleep powder and a yellow mist hit Poliwhirl and it fell asleep. Doug grabbed a Pokeball and threw it. Poliwhirl went white and was sucked in. It closed and started to wobble left and right. 1..2..3..PING! The sound. Doug had just caught his second Pokemon in two days and also had an evolved Pokemon. Well two. He returned Ivysaur, placed his ball on his bracelet and picked up Poliwhirls Pokeball and also did the same he did with Ivysaur's Pokeball.
Doug: Hey. Did you win?
Me: No her tiny Magicarp evolved into a huge dragon Pokemon so I returned Spinarak. Oh congradulations on your two new Pokemon.
doug: Too bad, thanks. Yeah Bulbasaur and Poliwag evolved at the same time.
Me: Well we better go.
Doug: Yeah.

We continued to walk nothing really happened, but we fought against Pokemon. I was mainly training Pidgeotto and Spinarak. Doug was training Murkrow and Poliwhirl. Though they were pretty quick. After my battle no one came up to us. It was getting dark and we thought we weren't going to make it. Than there was a huge hill and we climbed it, over on the other side there were lights and cars going down the road.
Me: Cerulean lets get going.

We began to run and it wasn't far. So Doug and I weren't really tired after all the running. We than saw a sign that said welcome to Cerulean City. Standing next to it was my sister, Katie, with a yellow cat like Pokemon.

03-30-2004, 02:50 AM

Katie stood at the sign smiling. She most of thought how we caught up with her.
Katie: Man you guys took forever.
Me: Yeah, yeah, but Doug got us lost.
Doug: Lost! Ha! You couldn't even find a sign that said New Route to Cerulean City.

Katie began to laugh and when I looked at her I reliezed that my little sister is growing up. I am 15 and she is 12 so I was happy to hear she started her journey. Than I looked at the yellow cat like Pokemon.
Me: So whats that?
Katie: Oh this is my Joltean. She's great I started with Evee and than when I won a secret tournement I got a ribbon and a thunder stone so I used it on Evee and got this Pokemon. She's my favorite out of my five.
Doug: Five! Wow Nick she is beating you by two and me by one.
Me: Well soon to be me by three and you by two.
Doug: Oh yeah.

Katie had a huge smile and than looked at me.
Katie: You got me something for my birthday?

I laughed and than I reliezed that Katie always is surprised when I get something. I grabbed the Pokeball.
Katie: So what did you get me?
Me: First let me see your Pokemon.
Katie: Ok.

She grabbed four Pokeballs and threw them. Their was a Charmander, Mareep, Quilava, and Clefable.
Katie: I caught all of these, but I caught Clefabla as a Clefairy. So what Pokemon did you get me.
Me: Ok oh well you had this one before, but I got you Cleafairy.

I wasn't expecting a huge deal, but I was in for a surprise. She returned every Pokemon, but Joltean and snatched Clefairy's Pokeball out of my hand and released it quickly. Katie picked up and hugged the Pokemon.
Katie: Another one. Yes I wanted another one since Clefable evolved, Clefairy was a great Pokemon to train, but Clefable is stronger. [she looked at Clefairy] Welcome to my kick butt team.

She returned Clefairy to her Pokeball and stuck it in her huge purse with her others. Than she returned Joltean and stuck that Pokeball in her huge black purse.
Katie: So Doug what Pokemon do you have?
Doug: Ivysaur, Butterfree, Murkrow and Poliwhirl.
Katie: And you Nick?
Me: Corphish, Pidgeotto, and Spinarak.

Katie began to laugh.
Katie: And you're supposed to be the best trainer out of dad and Ash. I laugh thats a weak team.
Me: We will se tomorrow in a battle.
Katie: Huh? Are you serious? I was kidding its just that I thought you would have a Beutifly or Beedrill or Butterfree.
Me: You left out Dustox.
Katie: I know I meant to.
Doug: Well before you guys start argueing lets go get our rooms.
Me: Ok.
Katie: Fine!

We walked to the Pokemon Center and healed our Pokemon, than got three keys to get rooms. We all said goodnight. I walked in my room and it was all red, like fire. I went to bed.

The next morning we all woke up and I met Katie and Doug out in the cafeteria. They were feeding their Pokemon and I grabbed food and fed my Pokemon. My Pidgeotto looked great.His coat was becoming really shiny. Corphish's shell seemed to look like it was becoming harder. I noticed though that Spinarak's string was getting stronger. Katie had her new Clefairy on her lap and she was eating.
Doug: What Pokemon are you going to use against Misty?
Me: Umm.....Pidgeotto, Corphish and Spinarak. So all three.
Doug: All three you sure?
Me: Yeah.
Katie: Hey Nick can I ask you if I could actually use Spinarak for a bug tournement so I can get the new bug ribbon, trust me these things help them evolve faster.
Me: Ok but I will get to choose what Pokemon I want to use.
Katie: Fine which one.
Me: Umm....I will use Clefairy!
Katie: O....O....O....Ok. She needs some battling training anyways.
Me: Ok.
Doug: Well looks like you are using Clefairy, Pidgeotto, and Clefairy.

Than I began to think and started to change my mind.
Katie: What time does the tourny begin?
Katie: Umm...1 P.M.
Me: Than lets get going I want to have Spinarak with me to battle.
Katie: Ok. Yeah thats fine.

We all returned our Pokemon and put our plates and cups in a sink that said Drop off and come again. We all left to go to The Gym. I was ready. Spinarak's string shot will do well when I use its two powerful attacks back to back.

04-02-2004, 02:23 AM
Chapter 18:

We were now all in front of the Gym. It was huge and blue. Threw a window you could see a huge tank that had like small pieces of land for battle fields I guessed. Katie, Doug and I all walked in.
Me: Whose first?
Doug: You I was last time.
Me: Ok.

We continued to walk when we came to the field. I saw Misty, and she had red hair, wore a yellow shirt with blue overralls. Though what really surprised me was that Ash was there too, he was making out with her.
Me: Oh man not in front of me and my friends.

My two cousins turned around and smiled. Misty whispered something in his ear. Than they walked down the step of the stands and came to us. After a minute they were standing in front of me. Katie and I gave them hugs.
Misty: Well cousin what are you here for, a Gym battle maybe?
Me: I am. So how about we start.
Misty: Ok and you are.

She was straing a Doug.
Doug: My name is Doug and I will battle you after Nick.

Katie was than stared at.
Katie: Nope not me. I am just doing tournements to pick up skill and get ribbons

Misty told the three of them to go into the stands. When I reached my area a huge thing picked up and it had a place were you put your Pokemon.
Misty: This machine is fun, put all three of my Pokeballs and you will end up with two. I will do the same.
Me: No way! So we can't choose?!
Misty nope, now lets go.

We both put three Pokeballs in and two came out. I could tell that Corphish was inside one, because his ball was a diffrent color than the others. Misty released a Pokemon and out came a yellow star with a red gym.
Misty: Staryu yes!

I relesed Corphish and it stared at Staryu. This was going to be a diffucult battle.
Staryu: Hi ya!
Corphish: Phish!

The two Pokemon jumped into the pool and I could see them.
Misty: Bubblebeam attack.
Me: Buble attack and than go lower!

Corphish shot six bubbles at Staryu who shot like twenty in a row. Some canceled out, but the others went above Corphish's head. I was happy.
Me: Ok now use watergun!
Misty: You too!

Two cold jets of water shot at eachother and connected. It seemed since they were under water the attacks were stronger some. I thought I needed an electric type, but I am glad with my Pokemon. Neither of the two Pokemon gave up and than I looked at the other Pokeball. I wanted to know if it is Spinarak or Pidgeotto. The attacks stopped.
Misty: Swift.
Me: Watergun!

Stars shot out from Staryu's gem and Corphish shot another cold blast of water. The swift attack was canceled out completely and the yellow star was hit. The Pokemon flung out of the water and landed on one of the pieces of land. Corphish jumped on the one across it.
Me: Ok use bubble!

Six bubbles shot out three from each of his red claws. They hit Staryu and it looked really worn out and its gem started to blink. I returned Corphish and grabbed the other Pokeball.
Me; I will use you later, ok go Pokeball!

When I threw the Pokeball at the land a white figure appeared and slowly started to take shape. It than looked like a spider. It was Spinarak!
Me: Ok lets finish this Pokemon off. Use string shot.
Misty: Dive into the water.

Staryu slowly got up, but when it reached the edge a long silky white string hit it and it was trapped.
Me: Poison sting!

The small green spider shot out white needles hitting the yellow Pokemon. It started to shake and I knew it was poisoned. Misty was really scared. The star Pokemon started to get up, but violently shaked and fell.
Misty: Swift to cut open the string.

The yellow Pokemon shot the stars and got free.
Me: Poison sting.

Again white needles hit Staryu and the star Pokemon fainted. She grabbed a Pokeball and retuened the Pokemon, when she placed it on the machine, the ball shot down like it was in an elevator. I knew I had this because she had one Pokemon left and I had two. Sh grabbed the last Pokeball and threw it. Out came a red crab like Corphish, but it was diffrent.
Misty: Use water gun Krabby!
Me: Use string shot.

A silky white string shot from Spinarak's mouth and a cold jet of water shot from Krabby's mouth. The two attacks were getting closer and closer...

04-03-2004, 09:26 PM
Chapter 18 continued...

The jet of water hit the string and the string just decenigrated. The watergun attack hit Spinarak sending it backwards. I was worried that Spinarak couldn't make it.
Me: Ok use poison sting!

Needles shot from Spinrak's mouth. The white needles hit Krabby, but doing a little damage. No poisoning came out of it. I couldn't believe it.
Me: Huh what happened, why wasn't Krabby poisoned?
Misty: Poison sting will not poison its opponets a hundred precent.
Me: Ok ok. Use string shot to arap it up.
Misty: Bubblebeam!

Just like earlier Spinarak shot a white silky string from her mouth. Though like Corphish bubbles shot from Krabby's claws. Though instead of bubble attack having six bubbles coming out like twenty to thirty did from both claws. The string got to one claw that had it stop from shooting the bubble attack. The other claw had the attack keep going and they hit Spinarak.
Misty: Pull it foward and hit it with tackle.

Krabby did so and pulled the green spider foward. Than it jumped up and rammed into Spinrak's side sending it into the water. Spinarak floated KOed.
Me: AAAAAAA!! Return.

I returned her. Than placed the Pokeball on the machine and it shot down into the machine. It was now one-on-one. Well actually crab- vs-crab. I threw Corphish out and it looked at Krabby. I will win.
Me: Corphish wtaergun!
Misty: You too Krabby.

The two red crabs shot water jets at one another. The attacks hit. It was even for a little while. Than Krabby's watergun started to puch Corphish's back, but than it started to go the other way. It became equal again.
Me: Come on Corphish!
Doug and Katie: Go Corphish! Go Corphish.
Misty: Come on Krabby do it.
Ash: Go Krabby!

The two of them wouldn't quit. The watergun attack than started to go in Corphish's favor. It was going faster and faster than it hit Krabby sending it backwards.
Me: Ok bubble!
Misty: Oh no!

Krabby landed. Corphish shot some bubbles out.
Misty: Bubblebeam!

Krabby opened his claws and shot a beam of bubbles at Corphish. It canceled out Corphish's bubble attack. I had to think of something.
Me: Jump up!

Corphish started to, but the attack hit him. He went flying up in the air and started towards Krabby's direction. Than as it went to land his claw went white and he brought it down on Krabby's skull.
Misty: Crabhammer attack!

Krabby started to walk around in circles like it was confused.
Me: Watergun!

When Krabby was in front of Corphish it shot a huge gushing jet of water out hitting Krabby in the face. It was sent into a wall and when it landed it was KOed.
Misty: Return!

The pokeball sucked in Krabby. I returned Corphish and the two other Pokeballs came out. I clipped them on my belt. The two machines went down and the islands connected. Misty handed me a badge that looked like a drop of water, and a TM.
Me: Wow my second badge.

I toom them.
Misty: That is the Cascade Badge and that TM is bubblebeam.
Me: Thank you.

We hugged and I clipped the badge to my shirt. I placed the TM in my backpack like I did with Bind. Doug ran down the steps.
Doug: My turn.
Misty: Yep.
Me: Good luck.
Doug: Thanks.
Misty: Oh yeah Nick that machine also heals your Pokemon.

I smiled.
Me: Ok thank you.

I walked of the field and went up to the steps sitting next to Ash and Katie who kept congradulating me. Doug stuck his four Pokeballs into the machine. Misty did also.
Misty: Two-on-two good?
Doug: Yep.

04-04-2004, 04:01 AM
Chapter 19

Ash looked at me. Katie was watching the field. Doug's two Pokeballs appeared followed by Misty's.
Ash: Nick congrats on your second badge.

I looked at him and he was frowning.
Me: Thank you. Though whats wrong?
Ash: Well ou have five more and than you go to battle my dad, his Gym isn't the greatest to stand in front of.
Me: Huh?
Ash: Darkness lives in his Gym. When you enter the darkness gets darker and darker. Something happened to my dad, but your dad, my uncle Tracey somehow stayed good.
Me: How is Tracey my dad?
Ash: Tracey is only about three years older than me yes, but my dads parents had him so he is Giovanni's younger brother.
Me: Though why does his gym fill with darkness.
Katie: Yeah Ash?

Ash looked down and than frowned.
Ash: I don't know, but when you are there watch out Nick, watch out.

He looked at the field and I kept that thought in my mind, when you are there watch out Nick, watch out. I looked at the field. Doug had Poliwhirl out and Misty had a purple pokemon out that looked bigger than Staryu. I pulled out my red device.
Pokedex: Starmie: This is the evolve form of Staryu. It evolves by water stone, with its water powers it also has psycic.

I put the Pokedex back in my pocket. I released my three Pokemon. Pidgeotto, Corphish, and Spinarak all sat or laid down on the stands. Katie released her Pokemon. Joltean, Clefable, Clefairy, Mareep and Cyndaquil sat next to her. Ash released three Pokemon a Groyvle, Corphish and Tailow who sat behind us. We all watched the battle.

Poliwhirl pulled its fist back and punched Starmie. The purple star flew back. Than Starmie shot a jet of water. Poliwhirl shot a watergun back at it. Doug had a huge smile on. Than Starmie over powered Poliwhirl and hit it, the blue Pokemon was knocked into the water. Misty's mouth was moving, but I couldn't hear what she said. Starmie than jumped into the water and I got it. Katie gasped.

All her Pokemon jumped up. Than I looked closely, a hug claw was coming from the roof.
Jesse: Prepare for trouble.
James: Make it double.
Jesse: Team Meowth
James: Blast off at the speed of light.
Meowth: Meowth thats right!

I looked at the trio. Ash and Misty jumped up. They knew the trio, but I did also.
Me: Team Meowth what do you want?!
James: Your Pokemon.

The claw than grabbed Groyvle, Tailow, Ash's Corphish, my Corphish, Pidgeotto, Joltean, Clefable, Clefairy, Mareep, Cyndaquil, Poliwhirl Dougs other Pokeball on the machine, Starmie and Misty's other Pokeball.
Misty: Give them back.

Than the huge claw put the Pokemon and two Pokeballs in a net.
Jesse: You still have the nerves to ask.
Ash: I have lived with you guys out of my life for five years now leave!
James: Ha it is. Ash and Misty.

I looked at the two of them.
Me: Give me my Pokemon.

I looked at Spinarak.
Me: Huh?
Jesse: Oh thats such a weak Pokemon.
Me: No you didn't!

Doug grabed his other two Pokeballs and appeared Murkrow and Ivysaur.
Doug: You have Poliwhirl and Butterfree. No.

Misty threw her three Pokeballs and out came Staryu, Goldfish and Dewgong. Ash and Katie had none.
Jesse: Looks like we missed a few.
Meowth: Who cares. Lets go!

The trio started to move higher and higher thats when I could tell they were in a hot air ballon. The two of them started to laugh.
Me: String shot!

Spinarak shot a silky string that hit the net. Spinrak started to go up. Than Murkrow and Ivysaur with its vines held on. It still didn't work.
Me: Let go!

Spinarak let go of the string.
Me: Ok what are we going to do?
Doug: Use razor leaf to hit the ballon.

Ivysaur shot off leaves from its bulb and hit the ballon and it fell to the ground. The Pokemon were still in the net. Meowth, Jesse and James stood up.
Jesse: I will not lose. Go Seviper!

A huge black and purple snake with a red tail and long white fangs came out. I looked worried.
Jesse: Poison tail!

The tail of the snake turned white and it smacke Doug's and Misty's Pokemon.
Ash: Oh no! It won't turn out good. I wish I had Pikachu.

I looked a the Pokemon. They were all shaking indicating they were all poison. Doug and Misty returned their Pokemon. I knew it was up to me.
Me: Ok use string shot around its mouth.

Spinarak shot the white string. It wrapped around Seviper's mouth and than it lifted its tail upp, striking the string. The attack fell right off.
Me: Oh no.
Jesse: Poison tail!
Me: Move!

Spinarak jumped up and the tail struck the ground. Seviper seemed to get mad.
Me: Ok use string shot and stick its tail to the ground and shut its mouth closed.

Spinarak shot the white silky string and it hit Seviper's mouth shuting it closed. Than it shot another white string hitting the tail and having it stick to the ground. I smiled.
Me: Ok poison sting!

Spinarak opened its mouth sending small white needles hitting Seviper. It moved a little.
Seviper: SSSSS!
James: You look stuck?
Jesse: You think, help me.
James: Oh yeah go Cacnea.

He threw a a pokeball and out came a small green Pokemon. It had spikes all over its body and looked at Spinarak.
Me: Oh man this will be hard.
Ash: Where are you Pikachu?
James: Use Poison sting to break Seviper free.
Me: Poison sting on Cacnea.

Cacnea shot posion sting and broke the string. Spinarak shot the white spikes at Cacnea and hit it. The small green Pokemon started to shake. I knew it was poisoned.
James: Huh? Ok use poison sting on that small green pokemon.
Me: Use Poison sting on Cacnea.

The two Pokemon shot the small white stingers and they hit. Jesse whispered something into Seviper's ear. The poison stings fell to the ground and they each canceled out. Sevipers tail turned white and than it started to come down onto Spinarak. Though out of no where a huge yellow bolt hit Seviper. From the sky jumped a yellow rat with black ears, brown stripes on its back and a black tip on its tail. Ash jumped up with joy. I pulled my Pokedex out.
Dex: Pikachu: The electris mouse. Never grab onto its tail because you will be in the shock of your life.
[ I also pointed it at the other two]
Seviper: The dark snake its poison tail attack it deadly.
Cacnea: The cactus Pokemon, it uses the spikes on its body to poison its opponets.

I put the pokeball away.
Me: Ok String shot!

Spinarak shot a string at Cacnea.
Ash: Pikachu!

The small yellow rodent looked at Ash and jumped up into his arms.
Pikachu: Pika...Pika...Pikachu...Chu!!
Ash: Are you ready to fight?
Pikachu: Pikachu!

Sparks went around its cheeks. Cacnea was trapped and Pikachu shot another bolt of electricty at Seviper who was severly hurt. The black snake Pokemon had its eyes rolling. Pikachu and Ash smiled.
Me: Poison sting!

Again my small spider shot white spikes at Cacnea who shook more and fainted. James returned his Pokemon.
Jesse, James, and Meowth: Oh no you won't.

They started to grab the net but couldn't run because the net was so heavy with Pokemon. Ash looked at Pikachu and nodded. A huge bolt hit the trio sending the flying.
Team Meowth: We're blasting off agaiiiiiin!

A huge blink in the sky appeared. I knew that they were gone. I looked at Spinarak who then turned white. It was begining to transform. It was bigger and bigger. From the white flash came a bigger spider that was red, purple and yellow. I smiled.
Me: It evolved! My first evolved Pokemon!

I pulled Dex out.
Dex: Ariados: This spider Pokemon has two times the poison than Spinarak.
Me: Welcome Ariados.
Ariados: Dos.

It rubbed it head against my arm. Than coming from behind Corphish crawled up and Pidgeotto was above me. They became friends immediatly with Ariados. I had a huge smile on my face. As you can say from ear to ear.
Misty: Well here you go Doug. Your Cascade Badge and TM Bubblebeam.

Doug returned his Pokemon and smiled. Taking the gifts he than looked at Misty.
Doug: But we didn't finish our battle.
Misty: I know, but you show a lot of heart and doesn't matter this is the same way Ash one it by Team Rocket or Team Meowth, whatever they are, interferying.
Doug: Thank you.

He clipped the the Cascade badge to his neckalace. Than placed the TM in his pocket with Bind. Doug and I smiled than shook hands. Katie, Doug, Ash, Misty and I all returned our Pokemon except Ash with Pikachu who was on his left shoulder.
Ash: Well Nick and Doug you guys look like you have a great team.
Both of us: Thank you.

We all shook hands and left.
Doug: Where to next?
Me: Rock tunnel and than Lavindar Town.
Katie: Wait what about the bug tourny.
Me: Oh yeah that too.

Katie, Doug and I all walked towards the end of the city.

04-05-2004, 04:57 AM
Chapter 20

We all where at the end of the city and we saw a huge tent. I smiled. Katie looked at me.
Katie: Allright Nick.
Me: Ok I will give you Ariados, but you have to promise me you will win.
Katie: I will, you want Clefairty right?
Me: Yeah, but this is just borrowing.
Katie: I know.

We walked up there and saw Nurse Joy at the sign up.
Joy: Hello.
Katie: I would like to sign up for the bug tourny.
Joy: Bug Tourny, that was canceled its now a Tourny for the strongest trainer. The strongest trainer wins a sun stone.
Me: Really? So we can all enter, no matter what type?
Joy: Yep.

Katie and I smiled. We looked at Doug.
Doug: I'm not doing this one.
Me: Ok.
Katie; Allright.
Joy: All watchers have to go over there.

She pointed to a grass area around a ring with only like five people so far. Doug waved and walked to the area. Joy than pulled out a couple forms, I took one. It had:
Name: Nick Varela
How many Pokemon?: Three
Pokemon: Ariados, Pidgeotto and Corphish.
Bracket side East or West, put E or W: W

I handed it to Joy and Katie did right after me.
Katie: What side are you on?
Me: West you?
Katie: East. Maybe we will meet up.
Me: Yeah.

Than an announcement came on.
Announcer: Will Nick please go to arena one! Nick Varela please arena one! Katie Varela arena two! Katie Varela arena two! Steven Nichols arena one! Steven Nichols arena one! Tammy Johnson arena two! Tammy Johnson arena two!

I walked towards the west side of the arena. It had a huge one. I entered it with a kid standing across from me. He was wearing all gree. Than a ref appeared.
Ref: This will be one-on-one. Nick from Pallet Town and Steven from Cerulean City, let the battle begin.

He threw a Pokeball and out came a bear Pokemon that was brown had white fangsa and had a half moon on its forehead. I smiled it was such a cute Pokemon, but I will have to beat it.I pulled out Dex.
Dex: Teddiursa: If it finds honey, its crescent mark glows. It always licks its paws because thet are soaked with honey.

I put dex away. Then threw a Pokeball.
Me: Ok go Pidgeotto!

My brown and white medium sized bird appeared. It squaked a liitle and than saw the tiny bird. It just stayed in one spot.
Steven Scratch!
Me: Dodge it and smacked it with your wing!
Pidgeotto: Geotto!

The small brown teddibear looking Pokemon ran and jumped up to scratch Pidgeotto. The bird Pokemon moved to the right a little and smacked it with its left wing. The small Pokemon fell face first, but jumped right back up.
Steven: Allright buddy, now use Slash!
Me: This kid doesn't get that physical attacks don't work. Use wing attack.

The small bear Pokemon started to run while Pidgeotto's wings went white. It started to fly towards Teddiursa. The bear jumped and slashed Pidgeotto, but at the same time was smacked in the gut by the powerful wing attack. Teddiursa fell down and rolled. While Pidgeotto lost its balance a little but made a u-turn and caught its balance back. The small brown bear stayed down, but got right back up, though very slowly.
Me: Ok use gust, we must stay on defence.

Pidgeotto flapped its wings, a strong wind came up and a tornado appeared. It went towards Teddiursa who got hit. Though the attack did little.
Steven: Swift attack.

Stars shot out at Pidgeotto who tried to dodge them, but couldn't. My poor bird Pokemon was stuck. It started to fall to the ground.
Me: Pidgeotto get back up!

As its beak went to hit the ground he caught his balance again and flew up in the air.
Me: Ok Quick attack!

Pidgeotto started to fly at high speeds. It went towards Teddiursa who than got tackled in the stomach. The small brown bear rolled backwards and when we all could see its face its eyes were rolling. The crowd cheered and I could hear Doug the best.
Doug: Yeah Nick!

The ref raised his left hand at my side.
Ref: Pidgeotto wins! Nick from Pallet Town wins the match.
Me: Great job Pidgeotto.

My bird Pokemon flew towards me and landed next to my right leg. I petted him on the top of his head.
Me: Lets go stand next to Doug.

Pidgeotto took flight and I walked over. After getting threw the crowd I was standing next to Doug and Pidgeotto was already there in front of him. Doug had his arms crossed. Katie had Mareep out and was facing against a Wooper. I figured thhey had been battling for some time cause both Pokemon were breathing hard. Then Mareep let a little shock out and Katie won. The ref raised his right hand to declare Katie the winner.
Ref: Mareep wins the round. Katie from Pallet Town wins.

She hugged her little Pokemon and returned it.
Doug and I: Go Katie! Woo-hoo!

She looked at us and we met up with her at the end of the arena.
Katie: Thanks a lot you two.
Me: Your welcome.

Pidgeotto chirped. We all laughed. After a while matches we starting and ending, but one match caught my eye. I saw Chris on the stage and he had Meowth out. The small cat Pokemon whipped a Spearow in under a minute flat. I clinched my fist and Doug saw him. Pidgeotto also, but Chris did not see anyone of us. An anouncement went on.
Joy: The next round will begin in one hour. The first match for the west is Nick Varela from Pallet Town and Chris from Pallet Town. On the East Katie Varela from Pallet Town and Thomas Miclone from Vermilion City. Round two will also be one-on-one. Thank you!
Me: I will beat that punk again.
Doug: Hey Nick I can go grab my computer and I bet we can check out Chris's Pokemon and your opponet too Katie.
Me: Awesome.
Katie: Ok we will wait.

Doug ran off and I looked at the arena. My fist closed tighter.

04-08-2004, 02:31 AM
Chapter 20 continued...

I had my hands balled up into fists. Katie looked at me and smiled.
Katie: Lighten up its just Chris.
Me: Yeah I know, but if you knew what me and him been threw.
Katie: Whatever.

Then I felt a tap on my right shoulder. A huge cold feeling went down my spine and I jumped up.
Doug: Woah!
Me: Oh sorry do you have you computer?

Doug showed me a silver laptop. We sat on the ground and he placed the laptop on the ground. When he opened it up there was a picture of me, with my profile, and pictures of my Pokemon. I was amazed.
Me: Ok show Chris.

Doug typed in 'Chris' on the top right hand cornor. A picture of him appeared. His profile too and than on the left side it said Pokemon has. It showed Torchic, Meowth, Beutifly, Beedrill, Natu (whish was a small gree bird, with red and yellow wings and a golden beak), and Growilthe ( a small orange dog with black stripes on its back). Than it said Pokemon in storage; Dratini, Nidoran Male, Nidorina Female and Pulse. I opened my Pokedex up to get infomation on Natu and Growlthe.
Natu: It usually forages for food on the ground but may, on rare occasions, hop onto branches to peck shoots.

Growlithe: When it sinces danger it lets out a loud abnoxius bark that frightens people and Pokemon.

I clicked Dex in my pocket. Than a bell went off.
Joy: Will Nick and Chris please go to arena one for the sweet sixteen battle one on west and Katie and Thomas for the sweet sixteen battle one on east.
Doug: Good luck you two.

He clicked the laptop closed and than Katie and I left towards the arenas. We split at the beggining and I was ready if me and her had to battle. I walked up the steps into a blue box. Chris was in a green. The ref showed up with a blue flag and green flag. Than the arena was turned all into grass. Pidgeotto was hovering over me.
Ref: The battle between Nick Varela from Pallet Town and Chris Walker from Pallet Town will take place on grass field. This is one-on-one. Let the battle begin!
Chris: Well Nck your lucky winning streak against me will end now! I will beat you for once and your uncle is watching from above.

He pointed and I saw a big black blimp, that had a huge red 'R' on it. I looked at Chris again.
Chris: Go Natu!

He threw a red and white Pokeball and out came the small green bird.
Me: Wow you caught this one on your own.
Chris: Shut up.
Me: Ok Pidgeotto go!

My medium size brown and white bird again took its place on he battle field. I smiled knowing that this little bird would not make it.
Chris: Use peck.
Me: Quick attack!

Natu took flight and started towards Pidgeotto who started at extreme speed towards the small green bird. Pidgeotto dodge the attack, and rammed its head into Natu's right side. I smiled while the little bird fell down to the ground. I was ready to win. Natu got up, shaking around.
Chris: Confusion Ray.

Natu's eyes glew blue and than Pidgeotto's eyes were blue for a second.It started to fly around histerillacly.
Me: Gust.

Pidgeotto looked at me and slapped itself with its wings.
Me: What are you doing?
Chris: Ha your Pidgeotto will beat itself by Confusion.
Me: No!

Think Nick, think. Come on Pidgeotto is over there fighting for you come on. Got it!
Me: Concentrate and use wing attack, gust combo.

Pidgeotto stopped shaking and than stared ta Natu. Its wings glew and he stated to fly towards Natu. natu was smacked in the face, rolling across the grass area. Than Pidgeotto started to flap its wings and sand picked up with grass. A tornado started up and it went towards Natu. The small green bird tried to escape and was hit. natu was KOed right away. The ref raised a blue flag.
Ref: Pidgeotto win the round. Nick from Pallet Town wins!

I clicked off Pidgeotto's Pokeball and a red beam sucked in the bird. Chris than started to climb up a rope ladder that led him to the blimp. He dissapeared. I walked down the steps and from the other side I heard a ref.
Ref: Katie from Pallet Town wins!

Katie ran down to me and hugged me.
Katie: I won!
Me: Me too.

We laughed, than we met up with Doug. I grabbed my cell and looked at the time. It was 6:05 p.m. and I knew it was time to go to rent a room.
Joy: Thank all who has battled, we are done for tonight untill tomorrow.

04-09-2004, 03:42 AM
Chapter 21

The next morning I woke up to see that Ariados and Corphish were by my side.
Me: Oh hey guys.
Ariados: Aria....Aria....Dod...Dos....Ariados.
Corphish: Cor...Phish...Corphish.
Me: Huh? Do you want me to use you two in the next battle.

They both jumped up and down. Than the door slammed open, Katie and Doug oth ran in.
Katie: The Elite Eight are ready for the bracket and its two-on-two.
Doug: This is your opponet.

He opened the silver laptop and when I got the glimpse of who it I was I knew right damn well that this match would be hard. I was facing my exgirlfriend Ashely Woodell was my opponet. I looked down.
Katie: Hey its Ashely.

I looked at her profile and than the two Pokemon she had a pink Pokemon with like two green tails, thats name was Hoppip, and a Pokemon that was brown and had a pale white skull on its head. Also a bone in his right hand, thats name was Cubone. I grabbed Dex out of my pocket and flipped it open.
Hoppip: Its body is so light, it must grip the ground firmly with its feet to keep from being blown away.

Cubone: Because it never removes its skull helmet, no one has ever seen this Pokemon's real face.

I clicked Dex closed and smiled. I put the red device in my pocket and stood up, I had my blue jeans from Holisteer on and no shirt. My muscles on my chest was flexed and arm muscles were just poping out.
Katie: Bro when did you get those.
Me: Have had them for a while.
Katie: Oh ok.

I pulled on a red Holisteer shirt and grabbed my Pokeballs, returning Ariados and Corphish, than clipping them on my belt. We walked out of my room and than I heard an announcement.
Joy: For the second match today will Nick and Ashely please go to arena one. Katie and Michael please go to arena two.

I just left the two and walked out of the building. I went to the arena that I have gotten used to and walked up the steps. I stood in a green box now, and I looked across. There she was with her blonde hair floating in her air, also she was wearing the shirt that we made that said together 4eva. I looked down.
Ashely: Nick its you that I am battling, I thought it was a diffrent one. Oh my gosh, I've missed you Nick.
Me: I've missed you too, but we will talk later.
Ashely: Oh yeah, right. Lets get this on.

Than a ref walked up. He had a green flag and a red flag. He rose them and let them down.
Ref: The match between Nick from Pallet Town and Ashely from Pallet town, it is a two-on-two match. Let the battle begin.

She threw a Pokeball and so did I. Her small pink Pokemon appeared and I sent out Ariados. My red, purple and yellow spider came out ready to battle. I smiled.
Ashely: Ok use whats that move again.
Me: Ashely what are you doing?
Ashely: I just got this Pokemon from the area before Mount Moon. I have won a ribbon with it so I thought maybe it is a good Pokemon to battle with and train.
Me: Oh ok well here we go use Poison Sting.

Ariados opened its mouth and shot white needles of poison. I laughed. The small Hoppip was hit and started to shake.
Me: Back on track again Ariados good.

The poor little Hoppip shook more and more. I than fell down and started to shake.
Ashely: Got it, use Synthesis!

Than out of no where the sun got brighter and Hoppip started to glow. It was now not shaking anymore, but was at like full health. It acted like it just took a long nap. Ariados jumped back. So this was a time for Dex. I opened the small red device.
Dex: Synthesis: A grass Pokemon uses this attack when it is at low health and the sun helps it regain it strength.

I clicked it and put it back.
Me: String Shot!

Ariados opened its mouth and shot out the white silky string. The small Hoppip was caught and tied up.
Me: Ok now use Poison Sting!

Ariados shot white needles agian and hit the little grass Pokemon. Some of the string broke and Hoppip was now tired again, but not shaking,
Me: Ashely I hate to say this to you, but this is pathetic, come on were is your battle you had a while ago?
Ashely: Hmmm....Don't know, Nick why do you think you are better watch and see my next Pokemon.
Me: Cubone?
Ashely: Huh? No I just caught a new Pokemon. Though you're right though I do have Cubone.

Hoppip looked reall tired and I was really upset. I hated doing this to the girl I loved at a time and still had feelings for her.
Me: Tackle!

Ariados shot towards Hoppip and nailed it with its head. The small Hoppip fainted. Ariados jumped up and down.
Me: Yes great job!

The ref raised a green flag.
Ref: Ariados wins round one! Let the next round begin.

Ashely threw the other red and white Pokeball was thrown. As soon as the Pokemon came out Ariados jumped back in fright. It was medium height, dark red and its tail was on fire. I looked amazed. Than looked at Ariados.
Me: Can you do it?
Ashely: Ha against a fire Pokemon ha.
Me: Yes she will.
Ariados: Ariados!

I pulled out my Pokedex to see what this Pokemon was called.
Dex: Char....

04-10-2004, 01:42 PM
Chapter 21 continued...

Dex:...meleon: This is the evolved form of Charmander, its fire when it swings it tail, it raises its tempeture to unbearbly high levels.

I clicked dex back into my pocket.
Ashely: Well you see you have no chance!
Me: Well see.

Ariaodos's eyes looked like they were on fire. Charmeleon's eyes did to also. This battle was going to rage up quick. No matter if I loved her at one time I won't let that come between Ariados and me. I love the spider Pokemon more.
Me: Ok poison sting!
Ashely: Double team!

Ariados shot out the needles of poison at Charmeleon who than started to move, but after it moved it left ten other Charmeleons. The poison attack went straight threw. My jaw dropped.
Ashely: Flamethrower.

A fire started up in all the fire Pokemon's mouth.
Me: Jump!

The fire Pokemon shot the attack, but Ariados jumped up and all Charmeleons were hit and only one stood. I laughed. Than as Ariados landed Charmeleon shot a cheap shot from behind and burnt Ariados with a flamethrower, but it spun.
Dex: Fire spin: This move traps Pokemon in a cylindar of fire, that sends of an extreme heat.

I looked at the move and saw that Ariados wasn't trapped in fire at all.
Me: Why isn't it trapped in fire?
Ashely: Guess cause Charmealeon just learned the attack.
Me: Oh, string shot.

Ariados opened its mouth and shot the white silky string. It hit Charmeleon's mouth and it closed shut. I laughed at the poor fire Pokemon.
Me: ok use poison sting.

Ariados shot white needles at Charmeleon. It hit and the Pokemon got weak. Than the string started to burn and the fire Pokemon shot a flamethrower which KOed Ariados.
Me: You put up a great fight buddy, I will never think diffrent. Return.

I grabbed her Pokeball and a red beam hit the spider Pokemon and sucked it in. I clicked her pokeball on my belt and grabbed Corphish's, throwing it at the ground.
Me: Ok Corphish come out. here take this.

I grabbed the bubblebeam TM and placed it on Corphish's head. It dissapeared when it touched, this battle was mine.
Me: Ok use watergun!
Ashely: Flamethrower!

The two attacks went toward eachother. They collided and smoke started to come from the attacks. The flamethrower for a little while started to take over, but than the watergun did its job and completely took over the flamethrower, Charmeleon was hit and took a lot of damage.
Me: Bubble beam.

Corphish's claws opened and than beams of hubbles shot out and hit Charmeleon. This attack did some also and Charmeleon was at a state were it could barely battle.
Me: Crab hammer.

I felt bad, but Corphish jumped up and its claw went white and its slammed the top of Charmeleon's head. The fire Pokemon was now KOed winning me the match. The ref raised a green flag.
Ref; Corphish wins. Nick from Pallet Town wins!

Ashely and I both returned our Pokemon. Than we went to the middle of the ring and hugged eachother. I have missed her being in my arms.
Me: You want to join our journy?
Ashely: Yes. If I am with you again.

I smiled.
Joy: Well Nick stay on the platform cause the championship match is going to be now. Nick's opponet for the final four had to leave do to personal buisness. Now will Katie go to the stage. The championship match is now. Thank you.

I looked up and saw my little sister walking up the steps with Joltean. I was surprised, she made it as far as I did, but she did more. I will beat her and show her who is the best between us. Ashely kissed me on the lips.
Ashely: You can do it.

Ashely walked off the stage, Katie and I took our places. The ref came up with a red and green flag. I was in the green box and Katie was in the red box.
Me: Go Pidgeotto!
Katie: Go Clefairy.

My brown and white bird Pokemon took its place in the air and looked at the small pink Pokemon. The small pick Pokemon stood firm and looked at Pidgeotto.

04-10-2004, 04:34 PM
Wow, great work HM! Your doing a great job on the fic and you keep approving with every post. I can honestly say this is probably your best, your old ones dont come close. You put lots more description in the story then you use to, just watch out for those spelling errors :wink: Keep up the great work!

04-12-2004, 04:00 AM
Chapter 22

The two Pokemon waited for their trainers commands. I looked at Pidgeotto, who just kept its concentration on Clefairy.
Ref: This battle will be between Nick and Katie Varela from Pallet Town. It is two-on-two, now let the battle begin!
Me: Ok use quick attack.
Katie: Evade.

Pidgeotto started to fly towards Clefairy at a fast spped, but the small pink Pokemon got smaller and Pidgeotto went straight over it. Than it was back at its normal size.
Me: Oh no. Use wing attack.
Katie: Again then use encore.

Pidgeotto's wings glew white and its started towards Clefairy who got smaller once again. The attack missed, and when it was normal size again, the pink Pokemon began to clap. Pidgeotto turned around and went for another wing attack, but missed.
Me: Ok use gust.
Katie: When its near you use double slap.

Instead of Pidgeotto using gust its wings turned white again and it flew towards Clefairy.
Me: What, why aren't you listening to me?
Pidgeotto: Eotto?!

When it was close enough, Clefairy drew its hand back and slapped it across the skull of Pidgeotto. Pidgeotto fell to the ground and Clefairy pounced on it, than began to slap Pidgeotto over and over again. My poor Pokemon began to cry. Clefairy jumped up.
Katie: Ok use sing.

Clefairy stood straight up and began to sing, but it only went towards Pidgeotto's way.
Clefairy: Clef, Clef, Clefairy, Clef, Clef, Clefairy, Fairy.

Pidgeotto started to fall asleep. Than it ploped down onto the ground asleep. The ref raised a red flag.
Ref: Clefairy wins the round. Continue.
Me: Oh man. Return.

A red beam hit Pidgeotto who was sucked into his Pokeball. I felt so bad because without him I would basically not be here. It won me my first two tournement battles, Pidgeotto helped me beat Brock for my first badge and helpped me catch Spinarak and helped me to defeat Chris. I clipped his Pokeball on my belt and I than grabbed Corphish's. Now my sister had the advantage over me. Her Clefairy is tough, but I wasn't sure how. All I needed now was a great attack and defense to beat her small pink Pokemon.
Me: Ok go Corphish.

I threw the red Pokeball and out came the red crab. He moved his claw up and down showing that he was ready for battle.
Me: Bubblebeam!
Katie: Evade.

Corphish opened up its claws and shot out two beams of bubbles. This time though since the bubbles could hit, Clefairy was nailed and flew back. The Pokemon again was at normal size and Corphish got ready.
Me: Watergun!

Corphish shot the cold jet of water. Though Clefairy jumped right up and dodge the attack. Clefairy smiled.
Me: Ok use Crabhammer.
Katie: Use pound!

Both Pokemon jumped up. Corphish's claw was all white and Clefairy lifted it hand up into a fist and readied its attack. They both hit at the smae time, both in eachothers face. Corphish landed on its feet. Clefairy landed on its stomach.
Me: Ok watergun!

Corphish shot a long jet of cold water and hit Clefairy. The Pokemon skidded some and when everyone saw it, its eyes were spinning. The Clefairy was KOed.
Katie: The Pokemon you gave me, how good return.

The Clefairy was returned into the Pokeball.
Katie: ok Joltean finish this!

Her yellow cat like Pokemon jumped out into the middle of the arena. It was ready to shock up the small crab, but Corphish had the same face on that Ariados did when it was about to battle Charmeleon. Joltean looked ar Katie and Corphish looked at me.
Me: Ok watergun!
Katie: Thundershock!

Corphish opened its mouth and shot the jet of water out. Joltean let yellow lines of bolts out and shot them at the watergun. The surge of electricity went straight threw the water attack. Than Corphish was shocked and was almost crisp. He started to shake around and it was back at his normal color. Katie smiled.
Katie: Pin Missle!
Me: Dodge and use Crabhammer!

Jolteans back went white and than small pins went towards Corphish. He jumped up and his claw went white, than smacked it across the back of Joltean. The small yellow cat Pokemon fall down. I smailed now. The yellow Pokemon stood up quickly.
Me: Ok Corphish, Bubblebeam!
Katie: Thunderbolt!

Corphish opened up his claws, Joltean started to have electricity surge around her body. The two attacks were shot off. Bubblebeam smacked Joltean in the face, thunderbolt nailed Corphish in the back. I stood there fearful that I lost. I saw the two Pokemon and both were down.
Me: Get up Corphish! Come on buddy.
Katie: Come on Joltean! You've done this before.

The ref started to count. 1..neither Pokemon came up..2still nothing..3..Joltean and Corphish began to move..4...both stood up slowly...5...both were up. I smiled, than Corphish fell down and was KOed. I kept my smile and knew that Corphish did his best.
Me: [lowly] Good job buddy. Return.
Katie: Yes! I win, I am the better one now Katie.

We both returned our Pokemon. I clipped my Pokeball on my belt loop. Katie put her's in her backpack.
Me: Well wait till next time and oh yeah you have to make everything a competition don't ya.
Katie: Yep big bro.

We walked to the middle of the ring and hugged. At the end Joy named Katie the Champion and gave her a Sun Stone, since I was in second I got a leaf stone. I thanked her and Katie, Doug, Ashely and me walked to the Pokecenter.

04-13-2004, 03:15 AM
Chapter 22 continued...

We got to the Pokecenter, Katie was still bragging over how she won the tournement and didn't get a lucky entry to the second round. Doug was agreeing, but Ashely took my side. She was grabbing onto my arm and I looked at Doug, surprised at what he was saying. We all dropped off our Pokemon and Joy said it was going to be 20 minutes. Joy also congradulated me on my effort and congradulated Katie on winning. We sat at a table, Ashely and I sat across Doug and Katie.
Me: Katie ou know what shutup about, yes you won I got it. Doug why would you agree that I got in the championship lucky.
Doug: Well you did.
Me: No I didn't! I worked my sweat and blood out there and so did my Pokemon. Yes Katie had one MORE battle than me, but she got in there with luck too. She could've lost.
Katie: No luck is when you have the person drop out cause of personal reasons. That was just lucky on your part, so you did get in luckily.
Me: No it was a lucky in. Yes I am fortunate that he or she had to drop out, but I still did it on my own. So did my Pokemon.
Katie: Yeah ok.
Ashely: Well how come Mrs. Winner, his water Pokemon Corphish almost had a draw with your EVOLVED electric type Joltean. And we all know that electric is better against water.

Katie paused, she couldn't answer. She knew Ashely was right and so did I. I just looked at Ashely in shock how she spoke just than. Doug than looked at me.
Doug: Listen Nick we're friends, but tell your girlfriend to stay out.
me: Doug you really don't have a reason to be in here also.

Than we stayed silent. No one spook to eachother. Than my phone rang, I picked it up. It was Ash.
Ash: Hey Nick.
Me: Hey. What up?
Ash: Nothing mch, but to tell yeah I just won my seventh badge.
Me: What you couldn't of.
Ash: Yeah I could've. I won six already and stopped to visit Misty, you know we are getting married after the Indigo League.
Me: Yeah.
Ash: Well just thought I would tell you.
Me: Ok bye.

We hung up and I put my phone in my pocket. Katie walked off, and when I found her she was at a trading both. I stood up and walked towards her. She had tears in her eyes. I hugged her.
Me: Listen Katie you are my little sister and I love you, but sometimes you get to causght up in your wins. It just made me mad.
Katie: I know and I love you too, but Doug and I have been talking and thinkint that we should break away from your guys relationship. Also do our own journey together. Nick I know this will upset you, but Doug and I are starting to really like eachother, so this is bye.

I looked down at the ground, shocked. I knew that it was right I was still upset though. Katie walked off. I grabbed Ashely and our Pokemon were the first down so we grabbed them. Ashely was surprised and she could see the anger in my eyes, but did not ask. Doug and Katie followed two minutes later.
Katie: Doung and I are heading to Bills.

I nodded and turned my back. Ashely hugged Katie bye and the two walked off.
Ashely: Where to?
Me: Well Vermelion because I can get my third badge there. So lets go.
Ashely: Ok.

We walked out towards a house. A sign said: All trainers may come threw. Also get TM Dig.

Ashely and I walked in, but the door was teared down, the walls had blood on it, tables were all over the place, officers were there also. The only person in the house was a old man, a Pokemon was dead on the floor. I went up to the man, Ashely just ran out the back door because she was going to puke.
Me: Sorry sir what happened?
Man: Names Tony.

His voice was so low and full of hate, anger and sadness. He lifted his head up.
Me: Sorry my name is Nick and I was wondering what happened.
Tony: Well this red head punk with all blue on and a red 'R' on his back killed my Digelett. He ended up than taking my Dugtrio and two of my other Digellets'. Than he stole all the TM Digs. I was so scared that I fell into shock.

The hearing of the description made my fist clench up. I knew it was Chris working for Team Rocket.
Me: How did he capture them?
Tony: Well the punk took out three black Pokeballs and threw them at my Pokemon, than they dissapeared in a green light. The worse part is that he didn't even battle any of the Pokemon.
Me: Yeah he used the same thing on my COrphish, but we ended up battling so I could keep him. Do you have any other Pokemon?
Tony: Yeah and Steelix, but she went out for mating season, so she is still mine. Steelix will be back in like a day. Do you know who it was?
Me: Yeah I know who it was, we used to be friends till he joined Team Rocket.

The man fainted and than Officer Jenny ran over.
Jenny: What happened to him?
Me: I was telling him I know the person's name that took his Pokemon and that we used to be friends till he joined Team Rocket, than he fainted.
Jenny: The reason he fainted cause Team Rocket killed his family and took his son in as a member. What is the person's name though?
Me: Chris Walker.

Jenny wrote that down and than pushed me out the back door after thanking me. I saw Ashely who was sitting quietly waiting.
Me: Ok lets go.
Ashely: What happened?
Me: Oh nothing, that wasn't blood a huge Ketchup bottle exploded and hit the wall.
Ashely: Oh ok, so we're off to Vermelion?
Me: Yep.

We continued to walk towards the city were my third badge rest. Ashely grabbed my hand.

04-15-2004, 03:45 AM
Chapter 23

It had become no fun without Doug and Katie. Although I loved traveling with Ashely I just wished I could have my friend and sister with me. Ashely and I noticed that it was getting dark and had to find a place quick. I saw a big cabin that had a lake that had water Pokemon in it, grass with grass Pokemon and normal types in it and trees were bugs stayed.
Me: Hey lets go there.
Ashely: Um..ok.

We began to walk towards the cabin. I smiled and now noticed that the sky was darker than normal. It looked like storm clouds were in, so I grabbed Ashely's hand and began to run. We got to the front door, so I kncoked on it, basically pounded on it. Thunder craccked behind us and the door slowly opened. A old man stood at the door way, pulling us in.
Man: Hi my name is Stephen would you like to stay in our guest room?
Me: Yes thats exactly what we were hoping. Where are we?
Stephen: Well this is a day care center that me and my wife Maria live. We watched Pokemon and let trainers stay the night. Also this is were if you catch more than six Pokemon I could keep them.
Me: Oh.
Ashely: Oh like Pokemon transfer?
Stephen: Yep, if you guys like I could go to my computer and let you do that here.
Me: Ok yeah.
Ashely: I already have a place my mom's.

Stephen smiled. He walked me to his computer and asked for my name. I told him, he than asked for my age, again I told him and he hit enter. Than I pulled out my Pokedex and read a number off of it that he asked for. I put the Pokedex back in my pocket.
Stephen: Done.
Me: Awesome and thank you.
Stephen: My pleasure, now go to bed you two.

Ashely and I thanked him again for letting us stay the night and we walked to our room. Two beds stood across from eachother. I took the closest to the door and she took the one close to the window.
Me: Goodnight.
Ashely: goodnight babe.

I than fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up. I didn't take my clothes off so I was ready and my Pokeball were already clipped to my belt loops. I walked out and Ashely wads talking to the lady I guessed who was Maria. She had biscuits with ham and chees next to her.
Ashely: Oh hey Nick this is Maria.
Maria: Hi want a biscuit.

She was also old like Stephen, but was very nice. I grabbed two and started to eat. Ashely and Maria were talking about girl stuff and Pokemon. Ashely told her that she had two Pokemon a Charmeleon and Hoppip.
Maria: What about you son.
Me: [just finishing my last biscuit I have a Corphish, Pidgeotto and Ariados.
Maria: Wow you two don't catch often how many badges do you have.
Me: Two on my way to win my third.
Ashely: None I'm not doing the whole badge thing.

Maria nodded, Stephen than walked out.
Stephen: Well I heard what you guys said, if you want to walk out back you can catch a Pokemon, but just one ok.

A huge smile came across my face. Ashely quickly jumped up and ran out to the back. Again I thanked Stephen and walked out back. When I got out there I could smell the clean air and the sun was bright. The sky was blue and dew glinted in the grass. I smiled again.
Me: Nice day to catch.

Ashely was out far in the back and I started to walk. Pokemon all over, but non I found I would like. Than I saw it, a small black Pokemon with yellow holes on its back. I quickly pulled out Dex.
Dex: Cyndaquil: This Pokemon uses its flames on its back to release melting flames.

I smiled, putting Dex back and in the process grabbing Corphish's Pokeball. I threw it down and my red crab came out.
Corphish: Phish?
Me: Lets catch a new Pokemon ok?
Corphish: Corphish.

Cyndaquil finally notcied Corphish and me. Cyndaquil's back went on fire.
Me: Ok Bubblebeam!

Corphish opened his claws and shot long beams of bubbles. each hitting the small fir Pokemon.
Cyndaquil: Cynda! Quiiiill!

The attack stopped and it rolled up into a ball, than started to spin. Corphish was hit hard flying back. Cyndaquil though stayed in a ball.
Stephen: Ahh the toughest fire typr around.

I ignored him and watch Corphish get hit again. My small red crab Pokemon was getting tired.
Me: Use crab hammer!

COrphish jumped up and his claw went white. Cyndaquil went right under with the attack missing, the claw made a deep hole in the ground. Corphish and Cyndaquil were at diffrent sides of the hole, but Cyndaquil couldn't see it. When it rolled at Corphish the small Pokemon fell deep into the hole. Cyndaquil was stuck and had no way to get out.
Me: Watergun it out Corphish!

Corphish jumped up over the hole and shot a watergun at Cyndaquil. It quickly filled up with water and made like a pond. Cyndaquil floated on top KOed.
Me: Pokeball go!

I threw a Pokeball and it hit Cyndaquil on the back absorbing it. The ball shook vigerously and 1..2..3...PING! I caught myself a new Pokemon, my forth one. Corphish jumped up and gave me a claw-five. I returned him. I went up to the small Pond and grabbed CYndaquil's Pokeball, I clipped it to my belt loop and my four Pokeballs were glimmering in the sun. Ashely came running to me with a new Pokemon in her hand.
Ashely: Its a Cyndaquil.
Me: What! I caught one also!
Ashely: Really?
Me: Yeppers.

We laughed and she returned her Cyndaquil. We walked back inside and grabbed our stuff. After about ten minutes of talking we said bye to Maria and Stephen, than walked off towards Vermelion again. I was ready to battle Surge for my third badge. With my new Pokemon I could and will win.

04-17-2004, 11:21 PM
Chapter 23 continued...

Ashely and I continued to walk and than she turned to me.

"Nick how about since we both caught a Cyndaquil lets battle to see whose is stronger," she said to me.

"Ok lets go," I replied.

I grabbed Cyndaquil's Pokeball and she did the same. Throwing Cyndaquil's ball at the ground, a white flash appeared and out came the two small black and yellow Pokemon. I remembered that Stephen said that my Cyndaquil was the strongest they had. Both Pokemon's backs went on flames, signaling they were ready to battle.



Both attacks were screamed and two strong lines of fire were shot off, and they collided. I could feel the heat that was being given off. The attacks than exploded.

"Rollout!" I screamed.

All of a sudden I could hear something rolling. Than I heard a collision, Ashely screamed, the dust went away and my Cyndaquil just stood in one spot and spun. Ashely frowned. Cyndaquil again started to spin towards Ashely's fire Pokemon.

"Flamethrower again!" She screamed. "Why are you doing that?" Her face looked really determined.

Cyndaquil shot a flamethrower at my spinning Cyndaquil and the fire attack just seemed to roll of, but than Cyndaquil started to roll backwards. Cyndaquil now came unballed, laying down on the ground. "Get up buddy!"

Cyndaquil slowly got up, when she was up she was panting hard. The attack took a lot of energy out of her. "Ok now use flamethrower!"

Cyndaquil shot a fire line again, Ashely's Pokemon was hit and fell down.

I smiled. "Cyndaquil," my small Pokemon said with pride.

I smiled again and said, " Looks like you lose Ashely." She didn't quit staring at her Cyndaquil. It slowly got up. "Tackle to finish it off!" I told Cyndaquil.

She started to run towards the other Cyndaquil and rammed her head into the side of Cyndaquil. It fell down and eyes were spinning. Therefore claiming I won. I returned my Cyndaquil and smiled. Ashely returned hers with a frown.
"Ashely it's going to be ok we all lose sometimes." She looked up and said, " I know."

We continued to walk towards Vermelion. Than I saw a trainer who wore a hot pink skirt, pink shirt with a huge red heart on it and had red hair. I smiled and Ashely slapped me across the back of my head. Than I noticed around the girl was two Pokemon. A small yellow mouse and a medium sized brown one. The yellow mouse had black tip ears, black stripes on its back and its tail was the shape of a lighting bolt with brown at the end. The other was brown and also had a lighting tail. The girl finally noticed us.

" Hi would you like to battle?" she asked. Ashely pointed to herself, and the girl nodded, "Sure. How about we make this two-on-two?"

Girl replied, " Ok my Pikachu and Raichu both need training." Ashely grabbed a Pokeball and threw it. Out came Hoppip. The girl nodded to the small yellow mouse. I grabbed dex.

" Pikachu: The small electric mouse. It is shocking by itself, but in a group its power intesifies ten times. Don't grab its tail."

Ashley closed her fist, I also decided to check teh other Pokemon.

"Raichu: It is the evolved form of Pikachu with a thunder stone. It is usually dependent and will rarely be seen with others."
Ashely smiled. "Ok use tackle." Hoppip started to fly up, diving at Pikachu.

"Thundershock." Pikachu let out a little shock that knocked Hoppip to the ground.

Than Pikachu tackled Hoppip sending it back. "Use synthesis Hoppip."

The sun semmed to get brighter and it went green. Hoppip got up fully healed.

"Now use Mega Drain." Hoppip glew yellow also Pikachu, even though it was already yellow. Slowly energy was being drained from Pikachu and it started to fall on one knee. Hoppip stopped.

"Well looks like that small rodent isn't able to battle well." Ashely bega to laugh. "Oh you have just seen its power. Pikachu use thunderbolt." The small yellow ret shot a huge bolt of lighting at Hoppip who was hit.

"Ok quick attack!" Pikachu started to run fast and nailed into Hoppip's left side. Hoppip was hurt.

" Get up and use Mega Drain." Hoppip slowly got up. Than it turned yellow along with Pikachu. Slowly Pikachu was losing energy and Hoppip was gaining. The attack was done and Pikachu fell down KOed. The girl returned Pikachu and nodded to Raichu.

The bigger electric Pokemon walked up towards the battle field.

" Use Mach Punch!" Raichu's fist turned white and started quickly towards Hoppip. Its fist smacked across Hoppip's face and it fell.

"Thunderbolt." Raichu also shot a huge bolt of electricity at Hoppip. It nailed and Hoppip was down.

" Get up ands use Synthesis." Hoppip got up and the sun got brighter.

"Don't let it finish thunderbolt." Again more bolts of lighting shot off and hit Hoppip. Hoppip was now KOed.

Ashely returned her Pokemon.

"This is were it will get tough for you. Go Charmelion!" She threw her red and white Pokeball at the ground. Out came a red medium sized looking lizard.

"Two evolved Pokemon hmm intresting," the girl said.

"Ok use fire spin!"

Charmelion shot off a line of fire that spun. Raichu was hit and trapped in the process. Even in the attack Raichu was losing strength and energy, the girl looked worried. Finally the attack stopped. Raichu was all black and burnt. Ashely jumped up, I knew she was getting over cofindent.

"Use Mach Punch."

Raichu started to run and its fist turned white, it started towards Charmelion. Raichu nailed Charmelion in the face knocking it to the ground.

"Ok use thunderbolt," the girl yelled. Raichu shot a bolt of lighting at Charmelion hitting it in the gut. Charmelion seemed to get really upset. The medium sized red lizard jumped up and started to scratch Raichu over and over again. Finally the attack stopped and Raichu was KOed.

" I won, I won!" Ashely yelled, "Return." Ashely returned Charmelion back into its Pokeball and so did the girl.

04-19-2004, 03:16 AM
Chapter 24

I looked at the girl and she seemed upset. She mumbled something, but I got out of it was, "Good enough electric trainer like..."

"What do you mean by electric trainer and who are you, you never gave us your nam," I said.

"Oh my dad Lt. Surge. He is an electric type trainer and the gym leader. I am his daughter Sam Surge," she replied.

"His daughter!?" Ashely said surprised.

"Yep. I can take you there if you like."

"Sure, but is Pikachu and Raichu you're only Pokemon?" I asked.

"Nope I have a Rattata. I know its strange an electric trainer with a normal type, but its so cute," she replied.

"Cute, do you love rats or something," Ashely said.

Sam gave her a look of hatred. I grabbed a Pokeball.

"How about we battle one-on-one," I told her. " Ok," she answered quickly.

I threw my Pokeball releasing my spider Pokemon, Ariados and she sent out a small grey rat Pokemon that had white teeth hanging out of its mouth, I asumed that was Rattata. I pulled dex out
" Rattata: The rat Pokemon, it is usually found in forest and plains. It likes to steal berries from new trainers."

I closed Dex and looked at her.

"Ok use Poison sting!"

"Use defense curl Rattata." She said.

Ariados shot off white needles, but Rattata rolled up into a ball. When they struck Rattata the attack just seemed to bounce right off.

"No way!" I yelled. "Who cares String shot."

"Hyper fang!"

Ariados opened her mouth and began to shot the string. Rattata started to run towards Ariados and than than bit the string. Rattata continued to run, than its teeted enlarged some and were even whiter. Rattata bit Ariados hard, my Pokemon fell down KOed.

"One-hit wonder as I call. Not even the toughest Pokemon could survive it," she started to say. Than Rattata turned all white and began to grow. When it stopped it was a bit taller, teeth were bigger and was standing on two feet.

I returned Ariados and grabbed Dex. "Raticate: The evolved form of Rattata, it uses its whiskers to maintain its balance. It seems to slow down if they are cut off."

"Raticate, you finally evolved!'' she screamed. "Raticate! Rati." It replied. She returned her Pokemon and clipped on her skirt." So we better get going huh?" she asked.

"Yep," I replied.

Ashely grabbed my hand and Sam got in front of us. She started to lead us to a trail and than she quickly turned into a path to a house. We walked up to the house and thre was a box to speak in. It said "Hello welcome to underground tunnel, to Vermelion or Safron please put in your password."

Sam covered the box with her body, I looked at her, she was so hot. Than she grabbed something out of her pocket. She started to type when a small piece of paper fell down. She bent over to pick it up and when she did her skirt revealed, and I saw a pink thong on her. She grabbed the paper quickly and continued to type.

Luckily Ashley was watching some Butterfrees and Pidgeys fly over us. Sam than stopped typing and the ground opened up, revealing stairs. Sam waved us down and we continued to walk down our path to Vermelion.

When I saw what the place looked like, it was like an underground mall. It had a bunch of stores like Hollister and Aeropastle, a pokecenter and Pokemart. Ashely ran to the Hollister. While Sam and I walked to the Pokecenter.

"Do you need me to heal your Pokemon?" Joy asked.

Sam replied, "Yes please and can we have a room for three?"

Joy tyoed onto a computer while Sam and I put oour Pokemon on the table. She grabbed us a key and told us that we will have to wait about two hours. I took the key and thanked her.

"What room is it?" Sam asked.

"Room 24B," I replied.

"Ok lets go to it."

She grabbed my arm and seemed to know where she was going. We saw some steps and the walls were bright orange up the steps. The ralling was cherry oak, it was beautiful. She ran up the steps and I followed. We finaly got to the room. I unlucked the door and saw the room. There was one bed that had red silk bed sheets on it. Orange drapes covered the window, while there was and Oak set that had a TV and stereo system on it.

Sam rushed me in and quickly closed the door. I set my backpack on the ground. Sam than walked up to me. She sat down on my lap and took her shirt off. Revealing a red bra. She started to kiss me on the neck.

"Hey stop I am going out with Ashely. And what if she walks in?"

"Don't worry, I locked the door. I don't mind if you two are going out."

She pushed me down. I just lost all intent to fight and began to kiss her back. She was so pretty and she smelt great.

A hour later, we got up out of bed and got our clothes on. After a while we walked downstairs to go find Ashely. She searched Areopastle while I searched Hollister. After a while of looking Ashely was no where to be found. Sam and I met up, than I spitted her, she was at the Pokecenter.

"Where were you baby?" I asked.

"The question is where were you, and Sam?" she replied sharply.

"Um..we went to fo check out the room."

"I know. Remember last time we broke up it was because you cheated on me, and you did it again with this skank. I love you Nick, but bye."

She kissed me on the cheek and walked off. I ran up to Joy and asked for my Pokemon. I started to go after Ashely. Sam grabbed me.

"I'm coming."

"No I have to talk to her alone, just go back to the room."

She did and I walked off towards the direction of Ashely.

04-19-2004, 01:20 PM
Well even though I should be telling you how much better this fic is with the new style you are writing in... I wont because something else is on my mind...

If more fics had the kind of entertainment like the last post had... lets just say I would never get bored. I like those soap opera ordeals. I love it.. cant wait to see what happens next! That was the best post yet!

04-20-2004, 02:47 AM
Chapter 24 continued...

I ran down the hall she went down, checking every corner and store basically. she was no where in site. I kept thinking of what she said, "I know. Remember last time we broke up it was because you cheated on me, and you did it again with this skank. I love you Nick, but bye."

I looked up at the ground and frowning on my face, than from a distance I heard laughter. I ran quickly hoping it was Ashely. When I got there, there was Team Meowth and another Team. That team wore all yellow with some black on them. I looked foward and saw her, there was Ashely. I looked to the right of her and to my surprise a new friend, new partner again turned on me. I had Chris turn his back to Team Rocket and now her.

There standing next to Ashely who was crying and screaming in pain, with a whip in her right hand, was Sam. I looked at her and screamed.

"Let her go!" I yelled.

Sam quickly turned, "But with her out of the way we can be together."

I looked at her with disgust, but when Ashely saw me, she gave me the most disgust look I have ever seen towards another person. Her eyes broke out with tears, the worse part was that she had her shirt off and had whip marks on her chest and arms.

"No Sam I hate you. I can't believe I let you trick me into what we did, who are you really?!" I yelled in confusion.

She replied, "Sam Surge. I am who I said I am, but this is my evil team called Team Electra. There is Team Rocket, Meowh, Aqua and Magma, but with Team Electra, Team Meowth is our side Team. Why you my ask, why would a sweet girl like you be so evil? I will tell you why. Ha, my dad has physically abused me, my mom died of cancer, and my own sister is a ****."

Ashely yelled, "LIKE YOU!!!" Tear flowed from her eyes to the ground.

Sam said, "Shut up *****." She whipped her with the whip, "Now why I have done this I explained. Well now let me tell you something with a symbol."

She pulled out a gun and pointed it at Ashely's head. I grabbed Ariados's Pokeball and quickly threw it down. Her back was turn and said, "Now you see Nick... what!?"

Ariados shot a string shot at the gun and pulled it towards me. I grabbed it and threw it in the trash can.

"What did you do that for?!" Sam asked.

"Oh man tis twerp is like his cousin." Jesse said.

I colsed my fist tightly. Than a voice appeared.

"Well I am glad he is a twerp like me! Use flamethrower!"

A black Pokemon that had fire around its neck appeared and shot a hot stream of fire at Team Meowth.

"We're blasting off again!"


A star blinked in the sky, and jumping beside me was Ash. He gave me a highfive. Sam than threw out Raichu and the other member threw out Voltorbs. Ashely looked at me and said, "Why are you helping me?" I turned my head and looked at the six Pokemon and my and Ash's Pokemon. I threw out Cyndaquil's Pokeball and Ash threw out a black and gray Pokemon. It looked like an elephant, so I pulled dex.

Dex: Typhlosion: If it is rage peaks, it becomes so hot that anything that touches it will instanly go up in flames.

Donphan: The evolved form of Phanphy, this Pokemon uses its hide for protection and will take its opponets out with rollout.

Ash nodded at me.

"Cyndaquil flamthrower! Ariados Poison sting!" I yelled.

"Typhlosion fire blast, Donphan rollout!" Ash yelled.

"Thundershock!" All the Electra grunts yelled. "Thunderbolt!" Sam yelled to Raichu.

Typhlosion started a fire in its mouth. Cyndaquil back caught on fire and shot a line of fire at twoVoltorbs who shot Thudershocks. It exploded and I heard a rolling coming from Donphan's direction. Than I heard three yells, "Voolltorb!!"

Raichu's Thunderbolt hit Ariados who was hurt badly, but shot of its attack at Raichu. Missing cause of the smoke. When it all cleared, Typhlosion shot its attack nailing the whole Team Electra. It looked like a fire star, that gave off emense heat and shot the whole Team off.

After they were gone, Ash and I returned our Pokemon and he said goodbye, I wondered why he didn't say a word to me. Ashely put her shirt on to cover up her chest and all the scars. Ashely and I sat down on a bench near us. She began to cry.

"Nick why?" she asked.

I answered, "Why did I save you? Or why did I cheat on you?"

"Both." Her voice was very low, and upset.

"Ashely look I am an ass, I shouldn't have done what I did with Sam. I am sorry, but you won't forgive me will you? I understand. Though I went to look for you, save you because I love you Ashely. You mean the world and if Sam had what she wanted than I don't know."

She began to have tears in her eyes.

"This will be hard, but for now untill we meet in Vermelion lets go our seperate ways. I need awhile to think."


She kissed meon the cheek again, and walked off towards Vermelion. I looked up and smiled, I thought 'she might just accept. I know she will if we really love eachother.'

I walked back to the Pokecenter and got Ariados and Cyndaquil healed. While they were healing, I grabbed my backpack, tossed it over my shoulder and walked out of the room. I returned the key to Joy and got my Pokemon back. Before walking away I turned around and said, "Sorry for all the trouble Nurse Joy." She smiled and nodded.

I went towards Vermelion also. I wanted to meet up with Ashely to see if she forgives me.

04-21-2004, 02:12 AM
Chapter 24 continued...

I walked down the hallway of the hidden tunnel. I was staring all over the place seeing Trade centers, Stores, Pokecenter and battles. I wanted to be in a battle, but I couldn't because I knew being upset would stop me. I threw a Pokeball down and released Pidgeotto. He was my first capture, and I knew that if I was with one of my Pokemon I will cheer up.

"So you ready to battle Lt. Surge?" I asked.

"Pidge...Pid...Geotto...Pidgeotto." It didn't sound very sure.

"Its ok we will train hard before getting there."

It did a flip for happines. I started to walk down the hallway, while Pidgeotto was flyingover my head. My medium sized brown and white bird chirped. Than a small boy with green Knickers on and a purple shirt came up to me. He had a net strapped onto his back.

"My name is Zach and I am going to be the greatest bug and grass trainer. Will you battle me in a one-on-one Pokemon battle?" Zach asked.

"Yes of course I will." I replied.

I looked at Pidgeotto and nodded. It took its place on the battle field. When I turned and looked there was a staircase in front of us, a McDonalds besides us, and for some strange reason no people. Pidgeotto chirped. Zach grabbed a Pokeball from his wrist and threw it at his feet. A small looking dragonfly Pokemon came out, it had a red body with a red tail that had spikes on it, a green face with dark black eyes, four wings that were orange and white. I decided to grab dex to check this Pokemon out.

"Yanma: If it flaps its wings really fast, it can generate shock waves that will shatter windows in the area," dex explained. I clicked it closed and stuffed it in my backpack. Pidgeotto got ready.

"Ok use gust!" I told my Pokemon.

"You too," Zach told Yanma.

The two Pokemon began to flap their wings super fast. While Yanma was flapping a couple of the McDonald's windows smashed into twenty pieces. The two tornadoes shot at eachother. They hit and stayed there for a while.

"When the attack is gone use sonic boom Yanma." Zach yelled.

After a while the tornado dicinegrated and than Yanma began flapping its wings superfast. A huge boom went of and Pidgeotto fell to the ground. It quickly got back up though.

"Ok your turn wing attack." I said.

Pidgeotto's wings turned white and started towards Yanma, when he went to hit Yanma moved out of the way dodging the attack.

"Ok another sonic boom!"

"Dodge it Pidgeotto!"

Yanma started to flap its wings super fast again, but this time Pidgeotto quickly flew out of the way. When the boom hit, I blinked and saw that Pidgeotto was behind Yanma.

"Agility," Dex exclaimed.

"Ok you learned a new move Pidgeotto sweet. Now quick attack." I told him.

Pidgeotto flew really fast at Yanma and nailed it in the back. Yanma was pushed foward some and than stopped moving.

"Ok try another sonic boom."

I was thinking of a plan and got it. Yanma started to flaps its wings fast.

"Agility than follow it with Wing attack!"

The boom went off, but in a blink of an eye Pidgeotto moved. Though it moved so fast that when it used Wing Attack, all you saw was Yanma get hit by a white object. Yanma fell, slowly got up and was like floating in the air.

"Gust," I told Pidgeotto.

"You two Yanma," Zach said sounding like he was in pain because he was losing. The two Pokemon started to flap their wings. Two tornadoes smack eachother. I couldn't see threw it, but I heard a smack on the ground. I looked up and saw Pidgeotto. I knew that Yanma fell. When the attack stopped I saw Yanma on the ground and its eyes were soinning.

"Yes my losing streak is over, return Pidgeotto," I boasted.

I pulled out his Pokeball and a red line sucked it in. I clipped it on my belt, and Zach returned his Pokemon. he stepped up towards me and stuck his hand out. I shook his hand.

"Well you are a great trainer. Zach keep it up." I told him.

"Zach you too, I thought Yanma would win since she is my starter." He told me with a big smile on his face.

"Thats cool."

He walked off and I walked towards the steps. I saw the door out of the tunnel and slowly opened it. Standing there was Chris.

"Nick hello there let me guess you heard about my new Pokemon, Dugtrio and Diglett. Come to congradulate me?" He had a huge smirk on his face.

"Chris no! I know you stole those Pokemon, and I know you kiiled the other Diglett." I yelled at him.

He looked at me confused, his eyebrows were up and he stood straight up.

"How dare you, now I caught these Pokemon in Diglett Cave. I swear, my legience with Giovanni is over. I've been framed." He looked serious, more serious than I have ever seen him.

I looked at him, knowing that this was time to tell. Do I believe my old friend who turned his back on me or do I find out he is lieing right here right now. I lloked at him and frowned.

"So you are telling me that there is another red head that looks like you?" I questioned you. Now I was staring straight into his eyes, which blinked twice and than quivered, " I knew it Chris, any time your eyes quiver and you blink twice you are lieing."

"No I am not! I swear that I am not they only red head on the Team. I promise you Nick!"

"Why should I believe you?"

I walked foward and pushed him out of the way. He than yelled something, "Nick you will soon find out that there is another red head on the team. She or he is close to you." I continued to walk off ignoring him.

HM here ------------------> Who is this mystery person Chris is talking about? Will Nick and Ashely hook up together again? Maybe who knows. Look out for the next post of NPJ.

Charecter updates:

Nick Varela
Age 15
Hometown: Pallet Town
Pokemon: Corphish, Pidgeotto, Ariados and Cyndaquil

Katie Varela
Age 12
Hometown: Pallet Town
Pokemon: Joltean, Mareep, Cleable, Cyndaquil, Clefairy and ??

Doug Wright
Age 14
Hometown: Pallet Town
Pokemon: Ivysaur, Butterfree, Poliwhirl and Murkrow

Chris Walker
Age 15
Hometown: Pallet Town
Pokemon: Combuskin, Meowth, Diglett, Dugtrio, Fearow, ??
Computer: ?, ?

04-23-2004, 01:51 AM
Chapter 25

I was now on the route to Viridian, but to my surprise I saw a Pokecenter just straight ahead. I chuckled a bit thinking how there was one inside that place and another right outside of it. So I decided to walk into it. When I walked in I first noticed that there was a huge line of Telephone screens, also Nurse Joy standing next to a Pokemon, that looked like a fatter version of Clefairy.

"Blissey: The evolved form of Clefairy threw happines. The egg inside its stomach heals patients quicker than the egg on Clefairy." Dex said.

I walked up to Nurse Joy and unclipped all of my Pokeballs handing them to her. Blissey pulled a golden trey out and placed all the Pokeballs on them.

"It will be about half an hour, ok." She said.

"Yes that is fine," I replied.

I walked off to the telephone screens and called Oak. After on ring a old man with grey hair appeared on the screen.

"Well, hello there Nick, I am glad you called," Oak said.

"Hey, um why are you glad that I called you?" I asked.

"Well one I like to hear check ups from trainers and I have something new for you." He answered.

"Ok, well I am right outside of Vermemlion and what is it?" I was sortof excited about it.

"Put your Pokedex and phone into that slot."

I grabbed the red device and red phone that I barely use. Under the screen a slot opened up and I stuck the two items in it. Than Oak grabbed a yellow device. He stuck it in a slot and it appeared right in front of me. I grabbed it, looking at it for a long while.

"Um....What is it?" I questioned.

"It is a NavDex. It uses a telephone screen, map and Pokedex. I have made it and like you to try it. It also tells you what Pokemon you have look at one of yours, like Corphish or Pidgeotto or even Ariados." he answered.

I looked up Cyndaquil, and a woman's voice appeared, "You have this Pokemon. Caught July third, 2004." I looked at the small yellow device again. It had a huge red button and two blue buttons.

"So you have caught a new Pokemon. Wow! Well let me tell you what those buttons are. The red one is to answer your phone. The two blue ones are, the one on the top is to the map and the one on the bottom is your Pokedex."

I was in awe for a long time.

"Thank you Oak."

"Your welcome well I need to go, bye."


I clicked off and heard a bing. I looked up and saw a red sign that had a needle on it. I walked up to the desk and Joy gave me my four Pokeballs.

"Thank you Nurse Joy." I said.

"Your welcome," she replied.

I clipped my Pokeballs to my belt and stuck the yellow device in my pocket. I than walked out of the Pokcenter automatically seeing a sign that said: To Vermelion.

I walked off to the direction. On the way I saw Rattatas, Pidgeys, Caterpies and a small green Pokemon that had a leaf on its head. I decided to use my new NavDex.

"Chikorita: Its pleasently aromatic leaves have the ability to check the humidity and tempeture."

I clicked NavDex closed. Than I grabbed Cyndaquil's Pokeball, I threw it at the ground and my black and yellow fire Pokemon appeared. It lit its back on fire, reading for the match.

"Ok use ember on that Pokemon." I told Cyndaquil.

My fire Pokemon shot some fireballs at Chikorita. It was hit, and than turned around shooting vines out at Cyndaquil. It smacked it with the vines across Cyndaquil's face.

"Vinewhip," NavDex said.

"Huh? So this Pokemon has trained itself pretty well. Ok use rollout Cyndaquil!"

My small fire Pokemon rolled up it into a small ball, than dust started to fly behind her. She started to roll at Chikorita, smacking its boddy across the grass Pokemon's body. Chikorita flew up and landed on the ground again. Cyndaquil started at Chikorita again sending it up in the air. Chikorita was badly hurt and landed again. Cyndaquil started towards Chikorita again, nailing her. It looked like a semi truck running over a frog.

Cyndaquil unravled herself staring at Chikorita whose eyes were spinning. I grabbed a Pokeball and threw it. When it hit the ball bounced right off the small grass Pokemon's body.


"This Pokemon is allready owned by Zach." NavDex said.

Then the kis I faced earlier appeared. he had a smile on and grabbed a Pokeball sucking in Chikorita.

"Hey Nick you've met my new Pokemon huh? I just caught it." Zach told me.

"Awesome, sorry I tried to catch it, thought it was wild." I said.

"It's cool. Rita decided to run from me playing tag and got to far. I see your Cyndaquil there, looks pretty tough."

"Yep she is. Well I need to get going. See you later Zach."

I returned Cyndaquil and turned towards Vermemlion City. I knew cause of that battle Cyndaquil had gotten a bit stronger. I continued to walk.

It started to get dark, when I saw some lights off in the distance. I ran towards them and stopped seeing all these buildings. I knew this was the place where I can get my third badge.

To be continued....

------------> HM news, Hey this is HM again. Well next post will be the battle betwen, Zach and Nick?! A rematch is going to happen, but this is a battle that counts, whoever wins gets to face Surge. Well Nick win? Maybe. Check on the next post to ick's Pokemon Journey. Also what about Ashely?

04-23-2004, 02:17 AM
------------> HM news, Hey this is HM again. Well next post will be the battle betwen, Zach and Nick?! A rematch is going to happen, but this is a battle that counts, whoever wins gets to face Surge. Well Nick win? Maybe. Check on the next post to ick's Pokemon Journey. Also what about Ashely?

Well for me thats a huge cliffhanger as I sit here wanting to read that battle, guess as Phoenix says... Cliffhangers: Love to write 'em, Hate to read 'em.

Your style has developed so much lately and it seems like it happened so fast! That last post was well planned out, not rushed a single bit, and he lots of great description in it. Your doing a great on this fic HM and your are becoming on of PE2K's best if you keep up work like this!

04-24-2004, 03:28 AM
Chapter 25 continued...

I walked onto a trail that would lead me into Vermelion. It seemed so long, I mean that I was on it for about twenty miles. I finally reached the city. Lights filled every streets, no people or no Pokemon. Nothing.

Than straight ahead I saw a huge building, it over towered the whole city. Than a little bit down the street I saw the Pokecenter. I walked toward it and saw a road sign, it read: Lighting Circle. I passed it and when I came to the Pokecenter, it was on a street called Electric Court.

"What is up with all the street names after lighting and electricity," I thought outloud.

I walked closer to the center and saw that it was all yellow. The door looked like lighting bolts and I opened them. Than inside all the walls were lighting blue, and the wall paper had lighting bolts on them. I saw Joy and standing in front of her was Ashely! I ran up to her.

"Ashely hey," I said to her. She turned around to see me. Ashely had a half frown and smile on, but it quickly turned into a smile.

"Hey Nick," she replied.

I looked at Joy.

"Um do you have any rooms open?" I asked.

"Yes hold on." She replied than quickly to her computer typing up things.

"So Nick what are you doing tomorrow?"

"Oh going to the gym to battle Lt. Surge." I told her. "All I want to know is why everything is about electricity and Lighting."

"Oh you don't know. Lt. Surge uses electric type Pokemon so the gym is about that. Water are weak to electric, so Corphish won't work. Though ground are immune to electric, do you have any?" she asked and informed me.

"No, but don't worry I can do it." I told her with a smile on.

She smiled back and than Joy caught my attention.

"Yes I have five rooms open on this floor. Would you like one?" She asked.

"Yes please, I will take the closest one to the exit." I answered.

She typed in a number and asked for my name. After I told her she put my name in told me the charge is five bucks for the night and I handed it to her. I saw that I only have 1,000 dollars left.

"Uh I am so poor. I need to find more people to battle," I said. Ashely giggled. I took the key and walked out towards my room. I had room one and when I got there I saw that the key looked like a lighting bolt. "Nerds," I said out loud.

I put the key into the key hole and saw that the room was all electric blue. When I clicked onto the light it made the room a whole lot brighter. I released all my Pokemon. Pidgeotto took pirch onto the desk, Ariados jumped onto the chair next to the desk, Corphish and Cyndaquil both rolled up into a ball on the bed. Than I heard a knock on the door. I walked to it and saw that Ashely was standing out in the hallway, with Charmelion by her side.

"Can I come in?" She asked.

"Yes," I replied.

She walked in the room and sat on the bed. Cyndaquil and Corphish jumped off of the bed so I could sit besides her.

"Nick listen I have thought very hard of what you said. I love you a lot and I am going to do something I think I would never do for another boy. Nick in baseball you get three strikes and your out, I want to give you another chance. So we will continue or relationsip and journey together."

I was grinning from ear to ear, "Ok. I will promise that nothing will go wrong. Do you have a room?"

"No can I stay with you?"


yndaquil and Corphish rolled up into a ball next to the bed and Ashely laid under the blankets. Pidgeotto turned the light off with his wings and Ashely and I fell asleep.

The next morning I got up and changed into all blue clothes. Ashely was already up and feeding all the Pokemon, she has a light blue blouse on and a white skirt. Her blonde heair was up in pigtails. I grabbed her hand we both returned our Pokemon.

We walked to the cafeteria and grabbed breakfest, I had eggs and a ham and cheese bagel. She had bacon and potatoes. Finally we ended and walked out. Again in the distance I could see the huge gym.

Ashely and I walked to it and it was around a bunch of trees. To the left though looked like knee deep water. Ashely and I entered it. Though since she had a white skirt on I picked her up and we walked. I than saw a orange and white fish quickly start to swim up. I quickly got out and was past all the trees.

"Goldeen: Its tail fin billows like an elegant ballroom dress, giving it the nickname "Water Queen." NavDex said.

I looked at it, I grabbed NavDex out of my Pocket and saw the fish. It didn't look so scary. I put the yellow device back in my pocket. I put Ashely down and she smiled. Than we walked into the gym. Again for the second day ina row I ran into Zach.

"Zach what are you doing here?" I questioned.

"I am challenging Lt. Surge for a badge you?" He asked.

"To challenge also."

"Well if you both want to battle me you guys can battle eachother to see who battles me." A deep voice said. Out came a tall man with a brown jacket on and standing next to him was a Raichu.

I pulled NavDex out. "Lt. Surge, Pokemon Voltorb, Magnemite, Pikachu and Raichu."

"Its fine with me," I said agreeing to the terms.

"Me too, but make this a one-on-one battle so that we each have some Pokemon left." He said.

"Ok, let this battle begin," Surge yelled.

I grabbed Cyndaquil's Pokeball and threw it. Zach threw a Pokeball out and outcame the Chikorita from yesterday.

"Well Rita looks like we can get our rematch, are you ready?" Zach asked.

"Chikorita!" The small green Pokemon yelled.

"Lets win this Cyndaquil!" I yelled.

"Cyndaquuuuuuuuuilll!" It yelled.

To be Continued....

04-24-2004, 03:18 PM
Chapter 25 continued...

The fire on Cyndaquil's back was larger than normal. She seemed ready to fight for it all. The Chikorita started to run towards Cyndaquil.

"Jump up and use Ember!" I said quickly.

Cyndaquil jumped up into the air. Rita rab past her and looked up, than Cyndaquil shot the fireballs, hitting Rita all over the body. The grass Pokemon was burnt badly. Cyndaquil landed on all fours waiting for the next command.

"Use vine whip Rita!" Zach screamed.

"Use rollout!" I commanded.

Rita shot of her vines and nailed Cyndaquil in the gut before she could roll up into a ball. Chikorita jumped up and down. Whil my fire Pokemon got up.

"Ok use razor leaf."

"Use ember!"

Rita spun its head around releasing three leaves into the air. Cyndaquil did something I have never seen before, her back lit up bigger and than shot some fire in a line directly at Rita. Ashely and I watched in awe as the tremendous fire attack sprang foward burning all the leaves to the ground and hitting Chikorita. Cyndaquil finally stopped the attack and it flame went back to normal.

Cyndaquil than stared at me to see if it was ok. I smiled showing her that she is doing a great job so far. I looked at Rita who was burnt and was KOed. Surge walked up to the burnt leaves and wiped it with his fingure.

"Lookslike you win red head boy." Surge said smelling the burnt smuge on his fingure, "Reminds me off my burnt platoon when I was in the army." He frowned.

Both Zach and I returned our Pokemon and he congradulated me. Zach walked out of the gym and I looked at Surge.

"Lets go umm...."

"Nick," I told him.

"Nick. Fine this will be a two-on-two battle. Fine with you?"


A ref came up and had a yellow flag that said Surge and a blue flag that said opponet.

"This is a two-on-two battle, gym leader cannot subsitute, challenger can. Let the battle begin!" The ref told us.

I was ready. Than NavDex beeped. I opened it. Showing in front of me was Surge and a bio.

"Lt. Surge Vermemlion Gym Leader. Specializes in electric type Pokemon. Has Voltorb, Magnemite, Pikachu and a Raichu. Major loss to Ash Ketchum." Pokenav said.

I clicked NavDex closed and put it in my pocket. I grabbed Pidgeotto's Pokeball and threw it. Out came the brown and white bird.

"Pokeball go!" Surge yelled, "And oh don't ever say anything about Ash Ketchum, great trainer, but my worse loss."

When the Pokeball opened out came a magnic like Pokemon with two probes out of its head. Eachside had a red and blue square. I pulled out NavDex.

"You know what I need to shorten yourn name, you are noe ND."

The yellow device said, "Magnemite: Uses anti-gravity to stay suspended. Appears without warning and uses Thunder Wave." I clicked the yellow device and put it in my pocket.

"Ok Pidgeotto, lets beat this Pokemon." I said, "Use quick attack."

"Use thudershock." Surge said to his Pokemon.

Magnemite slowly started to start some energy in its magnets, while Pidgeotto shot towards Magnemite. Pidgeotto moved really fast, than when my Pokemon nailed Magnemite Magnemite shot the attack hurting Pidgeotto, but also hurt from the quickattack.

Both Pokemon put there spots back in the air. I grabbed ND to see what traits Magnemite has.

"Magnemite: Steel and Electric. Strong against water and flying types cause of Electric part weak against Fighting and Ground types. Steel strong against ? weak against Water and Fire." ND said.

I clicked it closed and put it back in my pocket. I grabbed Pidgeotto's Pokeball and returned him. I grabbed Cyndaquil's Pokeball and threw it. My small fire Pokemon appeared, when it came out and lit her back. I knew she would win.

"Use ember!"

Cyndaquil shot off fireballs at Magnemite. It hit Magnemite sending it back.

"Double Team!" Surge said.

Magnemit moved to the left of Cyndaquil and made about twenty of its own. Cyndaquil looked confused, as I. I started to think of a plan.


All the Magnemites shot a small yellow shock at Cyndaquil. I looked at my Pokemon who was hurt. Cyndaquil got up.


"Jump up and use flamethrower."

Again the Magnemites built up energy in their magnets, but missed because Cyndaquil jumped up in the air. Where Cyndaquil was, was a small burn mark. Than Cyndaquil's back fire got bigger as from the air it shot a huge line of fire. It hit about all the Magnemites and when one was left, it was left on the ground burnt. Cyndaquil landed on the ground.

"Oh no1 Use Thunderbolt."

"Again Flamethrower."

Magnemite charged some blue electricity in its magnets, while Cyndaquil started fire in its mouth. Both attacks were shot off towards one another. A blazing fire stream and a shocking blue bolt. The attacks nailed. At first Thunderbolt took charge, but than Flamthrower started to over power. Finally the attacks just explodedleaving nothing, but black smoke.

"Hahaha! When electricity overheats it explodes. It was all cause of my Magnemite," Lt. Surge said. I stared in the smoke shaking my head.

"No it just wasn't your Pokemon's fault. We'll see." I told him.

"You can do it Nick!" Ashely yelled from the side. The smoke was so dark I couldn't see her.

"Use thundershock." Surge told his Pokemon. I could see yellow light in the smoke.

"Thats it look for the light and use ember." I told Cyndaquil.

Magnemite floated in the same spot were you could see the yellow of the charge, but than red fireballs were shot off. I heard Magnemite fall down by a clank and it screeched its name. The smoke finally cleared, and Surge and I saw Magnemite's eyes spinning and Cyndaquil....sitting!

"Cyndaquil wins the round," The ref said raising a blue flag.

"That is not right, I am going to teach your Pokemon a lesson. Return," Surge said returning his Magnemite. Than he nodded to the Raichu that was by his side.

"This will be hard Cyndaquil, but I have faith." I told her.


My small black Pokemon looked at Raichu. I knew if she lost I still have Pidgeotto. Raichu smacked its fist together.

"Thunder punch!" yelled Surge.

Raichu ran up towards Cyndaquil and its fist surronded with electricity. It ran closer and closer, untill it nailed Cyndaquil in the face. My small fire Pokemon fell backwards and was laying on her back for a long time. She finally got up.

"Use rollout!"

Cyndaquil rolled up into a ball and started after Raichu. Cyndaquil clipped its legs as Raichu fell down. Cyndaquil turned around and headed for Raichu again. This time she hit the elctric Pokemon in the stomach two times harder. Raichu was gasping for air. Again Cyndaquil turned towards Raichu.

"Catch it!" Surge yelled.

As Cyndaquil was going on for another attack, Raichu stuck its hands out catching Cyndaquil. Cyndaquil wass just rolling in place.

"Zap Cannon!"

Raichu started to build up and electric ball around its body, than a huge sphere shot at Cyndaquil. It hit, but since it was close range it hit Raichu also hurting it badly. Cyndaquil was KOed. I frowned returning her.

"You did a great job," I said clipping her Pokeball back on a belt loop, I grabbed Pidgeotto's Pokeball, "Go Pidgeotto."

I threw the red and white sphere releasing my Pokemon. My bird Pokemon was still close to full health while Raichu was breathing very hard, since its own attack did damage to it also.

"Use thunderbolt Raichu."

"Agility Pidgeotto."

Raichu shot a blue bolt of electricity at Pidgeotto who quickly moved around the attack. His speed was super fast. Than he started to go around Raichu who was following it with its eyes, getting dizzy.

"Not again!" Surge yelled.

"Thats right this is how my cousin beat you, but instead Pikachu was using Agility, not Pidgeotto." I said.

Finally Pidgeotto stopped and Raichu fell down, dizzy.

"Wing attack!"

Pidgeotto's wings went white as it narrowed itself towards Raichu. It hit and this time Raichu's spinning eyes meant KOed. I won!

The ref raised a blue flag, "Pidgeotto wins the round. The challenger wins!"

"Great job Pigeotto!"

My bird Pokemon flew up to me and pirched itself on my shoulder. I smiled, than Surge out of his Pocket grabbed a TM and a Thunder badge. He handed them to me.

"That here is your thunder badge and this is the TM for Zap Cannon, teach it to an electric Pokemon and it will knock out your opponet first shot or just paralize them."

I stuffed the TM into my pocket with bind and clipped the Thunder badge to my shirt next to the Boulder Badge and the Cascade Badge. I looked at him.

"Didn't Zap Cannon also hurt your Pokemon?"

"No it doesn't, it only did because it was a close range shot not far. So don't worry about it."

"Ok, where is the next gym?" I asked.

"Well you can go over to the farthest east side of the city and go on that route to a bridge and that leads you to Lavander Town. Or go to the underground tunnel, back to Cerulean and go to the most souther portion of the city, than go threw a building which will put you in Saffron City automatically." He answered.

"Thank you." I answered.

"Oh yeah here is your money for winning and here is an extra two hundred since the kid never paid you."

He handed out to me 2,000 dollars and I took it. I shook his hand. Ashely and I said goodbye, than walked out of the Gym.

"Congradulations Nick." She said kissing me on the cheek. I smiled.

"Thank you."

We were now back at the knee deep water and I looked for any Pokemon and saw that Goldeen again. Ashely grabbed a Pokeball releasing a Pokemon. It was Pikachu.

04-24-2004, 03:20 PM
Sorry for making this its own post I went over 10,000 charecters.

Charecter updates:

Nick Varela
Age 15
Hometown: Pallet Town
Pokemon: Corphish, Pidgeotto, Ariados and Cyndaquil

Ashley Woddel
Age 15
Hometown: Pallet Town
Pokemon: Charmelion, Pikachu, Hoppip and Cyndaquil

Katie Varela
Age 12
Hometown: Pallet Town
Pokemon: Joltean, Mareep, Cleable, Cyndaquil, Clefairy and ??

Doug Wright
Age 14
Hometown: Pallet Town
Pokemon: Ivysaur, Butterfree, Poliwhirl and Murkrow

Chris Walker
Age 15
Hometown: Pallet Town
Pokemon: Combuskin, Meowth, Diglett, Dugtrio, Fearow, ??
Computer: ?, ?

Age 12
Hometown: Celedon
Pokemon: Yanma and Chikorita (Rita)

------------> Hm News: What city will Nick choose? Where will he get his fourth badge? Find out next time on NPJ.

04-24-2004, 05:23 PM
Chapter 26

I looked at Ashely's new Pokemon, I was surprised that she caught a Pikachu. She looked at me and winked.

"Ok Pikachu use Spark." She told her little mouse.

Pikachu started electricity from it cheeks and shot a little bolt of lighting. It hit Goldeen, the small orange and white fish appeared. It tried to tackle Pikachu, but ended up on the beach flopping up and down. It tried to get back into the water.

"Ok use thundershock!" Ashely yelled.

Pikachu shot off a yellow lighting bolt hitting Goldeen KOing it. I thought that was real quick. She than threw a blue Pokeball, hitting Goldeen and sucking it up.

"What was that?!'' I asked.

"Lure ball, a man in Johto makes these special Pokeballs and I bought one from the Pokemart." She replied. "This one is made for water types." The ball wobbled and 1..2..BING! The Pokemon was caught. She picked the Pokeball up.

I grabbed ND to check out these Pokeballs.

"Lure ball one of the many balls that Kurt makes. He makes these from apricorns. He also makes Fast, Friend, heavy, and moon balls. He is working on Dark balls and Ghost balls." Nd said.

I clicked it closed and stuffed it in my pocket. Ashely and I walked off back to Vermelion CIty. Again I picked her up and walked to the other side of the land. When I reached the land I put her down and a man passed us in a jet ski. Than he stopped, reversed and parked in front of us.

"Hey baby you looking fine," the man said pulling up some googles. He had muscles all over his body and sandy brown hair. I looked at him.

"Hey leave her alone!" I told him.

"Why you her little boyfriend?" He questioned with a snicker.

"Yes he is actually," Ashely replied to the guy grabbing my hand.

"Well how about we battle for her?"

"Why should I?" I asked him.

"Nick its ok, I know you will win." Ashely told me.

"Ok than how about we have a one-on-one water battle." The guy said.

"Ok I will use Corphish." I said throwing down his Pokeball into the water. My red crab came out, I decided to use ND again.

"John the Surfer, from Cinnabar Island. Pokemon has Pidgey, Spearow and Totidile." I looked at John's choice. He threw a Pokeball in the water relesing a small blue crocidile Pokemon, it had orange spikes down its back and a yellow chest. "Totidile: It is small but rough and tough. It won't hesitate to take a bite out of anything that moves."

I clicked ND closed, but kept it in my right hand. I looked at Corphish.

"Bubblebeam!" I said.

"You too Totidile!" John yelled at his Pokemon.

Corphish opened his claws shooting at Totidile. The attacks hit and fell down.

"Ok use bite Totidile."

"Duck into the water Corphish. Than use watergun."

Totidile sprang towards Corphish and opened its mouth. Corphish jumped under water making Totidiel get a mouthful of water. It stood up shootting water out of its mouth. Than a blast of water hit Totidile in the umm...feet sending it flying.

It landed on the water with a belly splash. It seemed hurt. Corphish reappeared and was dancing around.

"Ok use crab hammer." I said.

Corphish jumped up and its claw went white. It started to land on top of Totidile, when it used the attack nailed Totidile in the skull. The small Crocidile fell lower into the water. It slowly floated up and was KOed. I had a huge smile on.. I returned Corphish and he returned Totidile.

"Good job buddy," I said to Corphish's Pokeball. I clipped his Pokeball back on my belt loop.

"Your good kid. Hey you when you leave this loser and if you are on Cinnabar Island look for me." John said skieing back off.

Ashely frowned and both of us walked back into the city. We walked to the Pokecenter and had oy heal our Pokemon.

"It will be an hour." Joy informed us.

"Ok," Ashely said.

We walked out of the Pokecenter and to the Pokemart, so I could get a couple of those new Pokeballs. I have 3000 dollars and Ashely told me they are each five hundred a piece. When we got there my ND started to ring. I answered it and Katie was on it. her hair was now red and Doug was behind her.

"Nick hey." Katie said.

"Hey Katie whats up?"

"Nothing umm can I ask you to meet us in Cerulean by tomorrow?" She asked.

"Sure why not." I answered.

''Ok thank you bye."

She clicked off and so did I. I put ND in my pocket and walked up to the Pokeball section. I grabbed a Fast ball and a heavy ball. When I went up to the counter the lady gave me a free Pokeball.

"We have a deal get two Pokeballs get one free." The lady said.

I took my two new Pokeballs and grabbed the other Pokeball. It is a heavy ball. I thanked her and after Ashely bought a twelve pack of Mountain Dew Live Wire we walked out. I told Ashely about Katie and she just sighed. We walked back to the Pokecenter.

To Be Continued.....

04-24-2004, 08:53 PM
Chaoter 26 continued...

Ashely and I got our Pokemon and walked out of the Center. Than we started towards Cereluan.

"So I guess this means we are going to Saffron first huh?" She asked.

"Actually I wanted to go to Celedon first, so actually we can get there from Cerulean. We can go to the farthest east side of the city and head towards the Rock Tunnel." I replied.

"Ok thats cool. Though doesn't the Rock Tunnel end up to Lavander Town?" She questioned.

"I don't know let me check. Hmmm...." I said. I grabbed ND and opened it, I than said, "Looks like it does, but Team Rocket blew up the Powere Plant so now we cannot go threw the Rock Tunnel."

"Oh man, that Team is always a hassle." She said.

We went up to the path I went up to get to Vermelion. We finally reached the top and saw the building. We got to it and I opened the door. Ashely walked into the path. Chris was still there and I past right by him.

"Nick listen that person I was telling you about is waiting to ambush you." Chris told me.

"What are you talking about, the only one waiting for me is my sister and we are meeting by tommorow." I said.

"Did you notice anything new about her?" He asked.

"Yes she died....her hair....red! Oh no, Katie is in trouble." I said.

"No she is the trouble Nick." Chris yelled. "Let me come with you and help."

"Ok come on Chris." I said. He followed behind me and Ashely noticed him.

"Why is he with us?" Ashely questioned my judgement. "He is going to help us, Katie had betrayed our trust." I replied. Ashely nodded and we continued to run towards Cerulean.

Than infront of us the top of the tunnel fell destroying a Holister and Aeropastle. I looked up seeing Doug and Katie wearing a green uniform with a huge black R on it.

"Time to advance..." Katie said.

'To the next Rocket..." Doug replied.

"Giovanni rules..." Katie answered.

"All tools..." Doug said.

"Neo Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light. HA!!" Both said in union. Katie noticed me and her face looked frightened.

"Oh no its my brother! Our plan won't work." She said. Doug looked at me and stepped back.

I grabbed Pidgeotto's Pokeball and Ariados's. Ashely grabbed a Pokeball also. Doug threw a Pokeball releasing Murkrow while Katie threw out her Clefairy and a new Pokemon. I pulled out ND.

"Diglett: Lives about three feet underground, where it feeds on plant roots. It sometimes appears above ground." ND said.

I clicked it closed and stuffed back into my pocket. I threw my Pokemon and out came my medium sized bird and spider Pokemon. Ashely released Pikachu, Chris than threw out a Pokemon that looked like a bigger chicken. Nd beeped.

"Combuskin: This is the evolved form of Torchic. Iit can blow fires out that reach to five hundred thousand degrees."

I stared at Chris and nodded congradulating him on his evolved Pokemon. Murkrow than shot a dark beam at Combuskin.

"How do you like Murkrow's Night Shade? Hahahaha!" Doug said.

"Ok Ariados use poison sting and Pidgeotto use agility-wing attack combo." I said.

"Use pound Clefairy and Diglett use rock throw." Katie said.

"Use thundershock!" yelled Ashely.

"Use flamethrower!" Chris yelled.

Araidos shot a bunch of poison needles at Murkrow. The dark bird Pokemon shook being poisoned. Pidgeotto flew very fast and all you saw hitting Murkrow was a white wing. The dark brid Pokemon was sent back into Doug's gut.

Clefairy jumped up and smacked Pikachu with its fist. While the fist hit Pikachu let out its yellow bolt shocking Clefairy. Both Pokemon fell down. Diglett jumped up and smacked some rocks from were Neo Team Rocket hit the tunnel sending rocks after Pikachu. It hurt the small rat Pokemon.

Combuskin shot off a strong beam of fire burning Clefairy. Now the battle was three-on-one.

"Ok Diglett dig." Katie said.

Ashely returned Pikachu, Katie returned Clefairy and Doug returned Murkrow. I stared at Diglett who dove under ground. I looked for the Pokemon and Chris stared also. Diglett came from underground smacking Ariados in the stomach. My spider Pokemon was now KOed. I returned her. I looked at Pidgeotto and smiled. The Diglett waited for its attack. Than my ND beeped. I answered it and it was Oak.

"Oh um..looks like your busy Nick." Oak said.

"No, but Chris and I are having trouble with one little Digelett." I replied.

"Ok, good since you are in battle after we hang up tell Chris to place his Pokemon's Pokeball down on the ground and you do the same. Than say DNA Evolve ok?" He told me.

"Ok I will." I replied, Chris heard Oak and placed Combuskin's Pokeball down on the ground. I did the same with Pidgeotto's Pokeball. Than in unison we yelled, "DNA Evolve."

A flash of light appeared and than the two Pokemon flew towards' another. They hit into eachother and a blue and yellow light appeared...

To Be continued...

04-27-2004, 02:22 AM
Chapter 26 continued...

I stared at the light and finally the magneficint show ended. Whe down out came a five foot tall bird that was all red, had brown and white wings and a long beak. Its talons were whit and looked to be razor sharp. It than squaked out its name.


"Wow man what happened?" Chris asked.

"I really don't know Oak told me to do it. Must be some type of new evolution. We will have to decide who keeps this one," I replied.

The new Pokemon just stared at the Diglett.

"Dig...lett...Diglett!" The small brown Pokemon yelled.

"Comb..Geot..Combgeot!" It seemed like the two Pokemon were talking. I grabbed ND to see what attacks it has, "Pokemon unown has flamethrower, wing attack and agility." I clicked ND closed and stuck it back into my pocket.

"To bad it doesn't know what Pokemon it is," Chris said.

"Yeah," I answered, "Ok who cares use agility."

"Follow with flamethrower." Chris yelled.

The Pokemon took one step foward and then was gone. it reappered behind the Diglett and shot a huge, scoarching fire at the small Pokemon. This new type of Pokemon looked really tough. I wanted it. When Digelett appeared it was KOed and black all over. Katie returned her Pokemon.

"I am not down!" She said.

"Use wing attack on the two losers." I said. Chris nodded in agreement.

Combgeot's wings turned white and it dashed towards Doug and Katie. It hit, sending the two Neo Team Rocket members up threw the hole they created. I saw Ashely and her jaw was dropped, literally dropped. She than smiled.

Chris and I looked at eachother to see who gets the new Pokemon when a green flash happened and appearing in front of us was Pidgeotto and Combuskin. I smiled seeing my old friend,, returning him and Chris returning his Pokemon. We shook hands.

"Till next time we meet Nick."

"Next time."

Chris walked up some steps while Ashely came up to me.

"Looks like back to Vermelion it is and now stopping in Cerulean and goig strait to Saffron," she told me.

"I know, I guess I will wait to see my dad. Oh well." I than decided to pull out ND and call Oak.

"Oh hello there Nick. So did it work?" he asked.

"Yeah, but we ended up getting the two Pokemon back. And how did you find this new evolution out?" I asked wanting to know really bad.

"Well I am glad the two Pokemon split back into two. Well I decided one day to see how we could make stronger, more advanced Pokemon. So with Ash's approval I started to work on this with Groyvle and Swellow, and the Pokemon I got was amazing. I mean this new thing will be a fad in like a wekk I hope. Also I am working on to have ND just give names and attacks for the Pokemon. Well got to go finish up on my research bye." He answered and clicked off.

I did the same, than asking Ashely for some rope, she gave me some and I tied it around a belt loop and a small whole in ND. It was now clipped to my pants for any use.

Ashely and I walked off to Vermelion City and got there the same way we got to the tunnel. Than from the gym we walked down the city. I was ready for the next part of my journey and couldn't wait.

-----------> HM News: Hm here I hope you guys like my new idea, please give me some thoughts on it. Also look out next cause Ashely's Goldeen will do something important in her battle that might lead to a victory. Though Nick finds a Pokemon that almost seems unbeatable, who owns it? Why is it so strong? Find out next time on NPJ.

Charecter updates

Nick Varela
Age: 15
Hometown: Pallet Town
Badges: 3
Pokemon: Corphish, Pidgeotto, Ariados and Cyndaquil

Ashely Wooddell
Age: 15
Hometown: Pallet Town
Pokemon: Charmelion, Pikachu, Hoppip and Cyndaquil

Neo Team Rocket
Pokemon: Joltean, Mareep, Cleable, Cyndaquil, Clefairy, Diglett, Ivysaur, Butterfree, Poliwhirl and Murkrow

Chris Walker
Age 15
Hometown: Pallet Town
Pokemon: Combuskin, Meowth, Diglett, Dugtrio, Fearow, ??
Computer: ?, ?

Age 12
Hometown: Celedon
Pokemon: Yanma and Chikorita (Rita)

04-27-2004, 03:06 AM
Chapter 26 continued...

Ashely and I finally reached a route that lead into a long plain. Though instead of seeing a beautiful green plain, we saw a brown burnt plain. I frowned.

"Wow this is so ugly." Ashely said.

"I know," I replied.

We continued to walk off. I could feel and hear the grass breaking and crunching underneath my foot, than I saw a man with a red cap on, blue vest, black shirt and black shorts. I squinched my eyes and saw that it was Ash. He had Typhlosion out facing a Pokemon that is yellow and purple. It had one fingure up and was waving it back and forth. Ashely and I ran up to Ash.

"Hey Ash whats up?" I said.

"Oh hey Nick, just trying to catch this Drowzee." He replied. I pulled out ND and checked up on Drowzee's ID.

"Drowzee: This psycic Pokemon hypnotizes its opponets and slowly eats thier dreams." I clicked Nd closed.

I saw that Typhlosion was sleeping, than Drowzee did something weird. Its body turned purple along with Typhlosion and than a shadow appeared quickly entering and exiting the fire Pokemon's mind. The fire Pokemon fainted. Ash returned his Pokemon.

"Wow this is a strong Pokemon," Ash exclaimed.

I looked at saw that Drowzee was running away, I wanted to catch it so I could prove that I might be better than Ash, but I couldn't now.

"So what Pokemon do you have Nick?" He asked. I released Corphish, Pidgeotto, Ariados and Cyndaquil. "Good team man. Three of the Pokemon you have I had or have." All three of us laughed.

"Yeah I guess," I returned my Pokemon. "Well I have to go man, talk to you later." Ash said. "Ok see you," I replied. He walked off towards Vermelion.

Ashely and I got back onto the road to Lavander Town. I looked up on ND to see what Lavander Town was like and it was also called, "Dead Town." That made me frown, though ND also said that Lavander has mainly ghost type Pokemon.

I clicked Nd off again, Ashely than ran towards the greenest part of the plain we have seen. I followed her. Than deciding to release Ariados and Corphish, so that the two of them could have a breather out of their Pokeballs. Corphish smiled and Ariados walked in front of us, Ashely released Hoppip and the small pink Pokemon was flying next to Ariados, Corphish jumped up into my arms than.

I grabbed him and laughed. We began to walk farther and farther. Though what I liked about this route is that trainers were all over the place battling or catching Pokemon. It was great, I had never seen this meny trainers on one route. Than Hoppip landed in Ashely's arm's. I smiled, Corphish than shot bubbles in the air, one of the most beautiful sites I have seen.

I could now smell salt water, I could hear waves hitting on rocks and I could see clue water. Over the blue water was a golden-reddish bridge.

"We're here Nick!" Ashely screamed. "Yep," I replied. We walked towards the bridge when a girl jumped in front of us. She had brown hair in pigtails, wore a green and yellow shirt, blue pats on and wore braces.

"Excuse me will you two battle me 2-vs.-2?" the girl asked.

"Sure why not." I said.

"Yes we will," Ashely answered.

"Ok lets do this now, go Corphish and Squirtle." She said releasing two Pokemon and another red Corphish came out, along with a blue turtle that had a brown shell on. She than placed the Pokeballs down and yelled those magical words, "DNA Evolve"

"You know Oak!" I yelled.

"Yep he was the one that told me how to do this." She replied. The two Pokemon started towards eachother and a huge blue light flashed in everyones eyes. When it was down a hermit crab like Pokemon appeared, its claws were now red with a black stripe down the middle of each, they were so jagged that it could rip the flesh off a Groudon's hide, the shell was tan and its eyed were he only thing along with the claws we could see.

It stood up and yelled its name, "Squirphish!" The girl laughed and smiled.

I put Corphish back in its Pokeball and sent Ariados to the field. Ashely let Hoppip out next to Ariados. She placed a Pokeball down on the ground.

"It was cool when you and Chris did it, now I want us to do it so we can be a full team," She said. I smiled and placed Ariados's Pokeball on the ground, than in unison we said, "DNA Evolve!"

A huge green flash emerged out of no where. The two Pokemon sprang at eachother and entered the flash. Out came a black widow like Pokemon that had huge green leaves on its back, and huge black eyes.

"Hodos!" It screamed witha shrieking voice. I smiled and pulled ND up.

"Pokemon ? knows razor leaf, poison sting, meaga drain and stun powder." It said I then pointed ND at Squirphish and it read, "pokemon unknown knows watergun, bubblebeam, vicegrip and tackle." I smiled and closed ND. It hung from my shorts.

The girl looked up and yelled, "Ok use Bubblebeam!"

"Counter act it with razor leaf," I yelled.

The hermit crab Pokemon opened its claws and shot beams of bubbles at Hodos. Though the grass type Pokemon shot off siz razor sharp leaves that spun, while soaring threw the air.

To Be Continued....

04-30-2004, 01:38 AM
Chapter 26 continued...

The bubbles floated in the air. As the razor leafs shot foward, the attacks hit. Bubbles were popping and the razor sharp leaves just shot threw each bubble. The attack finally hit Squirphish, it nocked the water Pokemon backwards.

"Use vicegrip!" yelled the girl.

Squirphsih jumped up and opened a claw. It hit Hodos in the body, than closed its claw. Hodos fell backwards some and was hurt. I frowned.

"Ok use Mega Drain!" Ashely yelled.

Than Hodos flew up and started to turn yellow. Than Squirphish turned yellow also and began to go into its shell. Than it appeared again, breathing hard, while Hodos was fully healed. I smiled and so did Ashely.

"Ok finish this with poison sting!" I shouted.

Hodos opened its mouth and shot about five centimeter long needles at the opponet Pokemon. They hit and Squirphish's eyes were rolling, than Squirtle and Corphish reappeared. Followed by the reappearence of Ariados and Hoppip. Ashely and I hugged eachother and laughed. The three of us returned our Pokemon.

"That was a nice battle thank you for it," the girl said politely.

"Your welcome," Ashely and I said back. The girl walked off, Ashely and I walked onto the bridge. It was a long bridge and a lot of people were fishing.

Ashely seemed to want to go fishing bad, so we found a fishing rod rental. The Fly Fisher Super Rod was the best they had and only was for two-hundred dollars to rent, so I got two of them. We walked off to the side of the bridge and threw our lines into the water, I grabbed Corphish's Pokeball and placed it on the ground.

"Excuse me no fishing there!" Yelled and old looking man that had salt and pepper hair. I pulled up my line, helping Ashely out. I clipped Corphish Pokeball back onto a belt loop.

"Oh sorry," I said, "Lets go Ashely."

"Oh just walk down those steps kids sorry I stopped your fishing." The man said.

We saw the steps and walked down them. I saw a beautiful brown sand bar and released the fishing line. Ashely did the same. I put Corphish Pokeball back on the ground. Slowly I reeled the line back in so I can get a Pokemon. Than Ashely's line started to shake and be tugged. Quickly she reeled the Pokemon in and we saw a Pokemon that was a yellow star and had a red gem in the middle of its body. It was a Staryu.

She grabbed her lureball, and threw it into the water. The Lureball released Goldeen. I smiled and watched while my line just stayed under water.

"Ok what moves do you have? Nick will you help me?" She asked.

"Ok," I replied. I lifted up ND and opened it. I put it on Goldeen and read its moves. "Ok Ashely it knows Horn Drill, Peck, Flail and Supersonic." I clicked ND closed and just dropped it. ND was hanging onto my knee basically.

"Ok use peck Goldeen." Ashely said.

The small fish Pokemon went towards Staryu, than shot toward it pecking it with its horn on her head. Staryu floated down some, but then shot a watergun at Goldeen. It hit and sent the Pokemon up in the air. Goldeen landed on the water.

"Oh no! Use flail." Ashely said.

Goldeen jumped up and started to wag its tail in Staryu's umm....face. It was ent back, I laughed, than felt a tug on my line. I looked at the line. Starting to bring it up, than it came free again.

"Oh man I will never catch anything." I said.

Goldeen plopped onto the water and I looked at the match. Goldeen than went all white! I looked at it and appearing was a yellow fish, with a white belly and a bigger horn by an inch. I grabbed ND.

"Seaking: Very protective of its eggs. The male and female will take turns patrolling around their nest and eggs. The guarding of eggs by these POKéMON goes on for over a month.
Nick Varela
Age: 15
Hometown: Pallet Town
Badges: 3
Pokemon: Corphish, Pidgeotto, Ariados and Cyndaquil

Ashely Wooddell
Age: 15
Hometown: Pallet Town
Pokemon: Charmelion, Pikachu, Hoppip and Cyndaquil

Neo Team Rocket
Pokemon: Joltean, Mareep, Cleable, Cyndaquil, Clefairy, Diglett, Ivysaur, Butterfree, Poliwhirl and Murkrow

Chris Walker
Age 15
Hometown: Pallet Town
Pokemon: Combuskin, Meowth, Diglett, Dugtrio, Fearow, ??
Computer: ?, ?

Age 12
Hometown: Celedon
Pokemon: Yanma and Chikorita (Rita)

04-30-2004, 04:23 PM
Chapter 27

Ashely returned her Seaking and the Staryu just floated away. I looked at Ashely confused.

"Why aren't you going to catch it?" I asked.

"Oh cause just don't feel like it. I mean all I wanted is to level up Goldeen and now it evolved, so." Ashely replied.

"Ok," I answered.

We grabbed the lines and went back up to the steps to the shop. Ashely waited outside and I went into the shop, returning the rods.

"Hey for fishing today, take this." The man from earlier said.

He threw me a Pokeball that was all blue.

"It's a Lureball," he said. I put the Lureball on one of my belt loops and thanked him.

I walked outside and Ashely was smiling. She threw her blonde hair behind her shoulder and we began to walk. The bridge was long, but not to long. Fishers were wanting to battle because they just missed a chance to catch a Pokemon. Ashely and I would tell them that we will not battle them cause of that and they walked back off to their rods'.

Than we could see dark buildings, and a tall white and black building that had a huge tomb on it. I looked at it and was dissapointed.

"Well Nick looks like we will have to see what creepy vill is like,'' Ashely said.

"Yeah, but that huge building dissapoints me some," I told her.

She grabbed my hand and we walked off into Lavender Town. It was dark and erie, the street lights were like the only lights in the whole town. For a second I felt a quick breeze go past me and I sortof jumped. Ashely laughed, the Pokemon Center seemed like it took forever to find, but we found it.

Ashely walked in first and I followed. One light was on and it was the desk light, lucikly it lit up the whole front part of the center. I walked up to the desk, while Ashely waited in the hall. I saw a bell and rang it.

"Chansey!" yelled a Pokemon's voice. Than a Nurse Joy in a black bathrobe appeared. She looked up at me.

"Uh hello. May I help you?" She asked.

I looked at Ashely, saw that the sun was going down and started to answer, "Yes umm do you have any rooms open?"

"Yes we do here is the key." Nurse Joy said. She handed me a grey looking key and I took it.

Ashely and I walked to the back and found our room. I opened it and a lamp was in the middle of the room, illuminating it. We saw the bed and walked towards it. I was so tired that I plopped onto the bed and fell asleep.

The next morning...

Ashely was up and fully dressed. She had two plates in her hands and placed them down on the table. The sun lit up the room, threw the open window. I sat up and went to the table. I was also fully dressed and started to eat. I had eggs with cheese on it, bacon and a ham, egg and chesse bisquit.

"Well good morning to you." Ashely said.

"Oh sorry, good morning," I said, kissing her on the cheek.

"Thank you. Nick do you like competitions?"

"Yep why?"

"Well that big tall building we saw is called the Ghost Tower and the people that run it are having a ghost catching competition. It is so that they can have the people try out the Ghost Balls."

"Sweet, I need a new partner so I think I will do it. You?"

"Na, I really don't feel like I need anymore Pokemon at this point. I mean I don't battle for badges, and two there is no competitions her for like ribbons."

"Ok so I guess you are going to wait here?"

"Yep, bye sweetie."

I walked out of the room and closed the door quietly. When I reached the desk I saw now that the whole place was lit up. Joy stood at the desk and I walked up to her.

"Where do I sign up to enter the Ghost Catching Competition?" I asked.

"Oh right here, just give me your Pokedex. Than I will give you a ticket." She replied.

I untied ND and gave it to her. She slid the yellow device into a box pocket, and it had my ID on the computer screen. She pulled ND out, gave it back to me and also a ticket.

"There you go all set Nick." Joy said.

"Thank you," I replied.

I walked out of the Pokecenter and headed towards the Ghost Tower. I could see it as soon as I exited the Pokecenter.

To Be Continued...

04-30-2004, 04:37 PM
Chapter 27 continued...

After a walk to the Ghost Tower I finally made it. It was huge, had some spots were paint fell off. It looked really bad and reminded me of a haunted mansion. I saw the huge black doors and I opened it. Than a woman asked for my ticket. I gave it to her.

"Well Nick looks like I can finally beat you." Said a familiar voice.

"Me too," said another familiar voice.

I turned around to see Chris and Zach. I smiled as they walked up to me.

"Well are you ready Nick?" Asked Chris.

"Yep, are you guys ready?" I shot the question back at him and Zach.

"We sure are," Zach said.

"So do you guys know eachother?" I asked.

"Yep we met after you and I did the DNA Evolve. This kid is really good Nick, so looks like your two major rivals have joined to be travel companions." Chris said.

We all laughed than a huge sounding bell went off.

"The competition will now start!" Yelled a man's voice.

Chris, Zach, and I all walked off seprate ways. I enter a doorway that led to the second story. I grasped the ghost ball I picked up at the door into this place. Tomb's filled the whole place. The man's voice came back up.

"You all have 10 minutes, ghost Pokemon fill this place so it won't be hard," said the voice.

I continued to walk. What Pokemon was I going to use, I thought. Than a grey looking Pokemon past my face. It turned around and looked at me, it had a grey skull on its face and was all grey. I lifted up ND.

"Duskull: Duskull can pass through any wall no matter how thick it may be. Once this Pokémon chooses a target, it will doggedly pursue the intended victim until the break of dawn." ND said.

I dropped it down and it hung on my pants, I grabbed Cyndaquil's Pokeball and threw it at the ground. My black Pokemon appeared and I smiled. Cyndaquil lit its back on fire.

"Ok Cyndaquil use ember!" I yelled.

Cyndaquil shot fire balls at the ghost Pokemon. It hit and than fell down. It got back up and the area went black and waves hit Cyndaquil, ND said," Night Shade."

"Great a psycic move, ok use Flamethrower," I said.

Cyndaquil's fire on its back got bigger. She than shot a long stream of fire at Duskull and it hit. The ghost Pokemon fell backwards. It shot up and then shot another Night Shade, this time Cyndaquil got more hurt out of it.

"Ok use flamthrower again!"

Cyndaquil again shot a stream of fire, than a black and yellow wave shot at Cyndaquil. The flamethrower connect, but the black wave hit Cyndaquil also. I looked at my Pokemon and she slammed herself against the ground.

"Crap you're confused. Break it." I said. I looked at Duskull and saw that it was KOed. I grabbed the ghost ball.

"One minute left!" said the voice. Cyndaquil than popped up, showing she was not confused anymore. I threw the Ghost ball and it hit Duskull. The ball popped open, sucking in Duskul. "Thirty seconds." said the voice.

The ball pinged and shock 1..2..3..PING! I caught Duskull, than ran to the ball and grabbed it. I returned Cyndaquil and ran off to the first floor. I got down the steps and heard Bing. I made it just in time.

"Ok well its time to see who the winners are," said a man. "Everyone please step up."

There were at least twenty contestents. I was the thenth in line and they checked Duskull out. The people were telling me how good Duskull looks and I thanked them, returning my Pokemon I walked down the steps. After about another ten people the thing ended.

"We will be back in five minutes." Said the man.

Chris, Zach and I stood next to another.

"So Chris and Zach what kind of ghost Pokemon did you get?" I asked the two of them."

"I got a Gastly," Said Zach.

"I got a Misdreavus, what about you?" Questioned Chris.

"I got a Duskull." I grabbed ND and lifted it up.

"Gastly: Gastly is largely composed of gaseous matter. When exposed to a strong wind, the gaseous body quickly dwindles away. Groups of this Pokémon cluster under the eaves of houses to escape the ravages of wind." Nd said about Gastly.

"Misdreavus: likes playing mischievous tricks such as screaming and wailing to startle people at night."

The people came back out.

The man started to say, "Ok placing third was Zach for catching a Misdreavus, he wins a six pack of Ghost balls. Placing second is Chris for catching a shiny Misdreavus, its gold value gave it second so he wins a Thunder Stone. And placing first is Nick for catching a Duskull, for winning he gets a six pack of Ghost balls and a Sun Stone."

Chris, Zach and I walked up to the man recieved our prizes and had pictures taken of us.

05-01-2004, 03:21 PM
Chapter 27 continued...

The three of us chatted for a while and Zach stood up.

"Nick how about we have a 1-on-1 battle?" Zach asked me.

"Ok, lets do this," I answered him. I grabbed one of my Pokeballs, intill he threw out his Gastly. I switched and threw Duskull out. My ghost Pokmon took the field.

"Ready Duskull, sorry we didn't meet right," I told the Pokemon.

"Duskull!" Shouted my Pokemon. I looked at the Gastly, it had a black face and purple gas arround it, than out of no where the Pokemon dissapeared.

"Good Gastlly!" Shouted Zach.

"Sorry man it won't work that easily, use foresight Duskull." I said.

Duskull's eyes lit up in a red erie light, than my Pokemon started to turn around slowly. After a while he stopped, revealing Gastly. Its eyes went back to normal.

"What turn invisible again!" Zach commanded his Pokemon. The Gastly was trying, it closed its eyes and couldn't. I smirked.

"He can't foresight has made him reveal himself, also now it can be hit by normal attacks. Who cares use Night Shade!" I said.

A black wave shot at Gastly. It nailed the ghost Pokemon sending it backwards. Duskull looked fowards, thats when I notciced it eyes were purple, than the attack stopped and it turned black again.

"Use Night Shade also Gastly." Zach told his Pokemon.

"Again another one!" I shouted.

The two Pokemon eyes went purple. A black wave surrpnded the area as the attacks collided. An explosion happened. Though Duskul just went threw the smoke.

"Ok use Confuse Ray," I said.

Duskull's eyes turned red and shot a beam at Gastly. The Pokemon looked confused and slammed itself on the ground.

"Use Confuse Ray," said Zach.

Gastly's eyes turned red, but the ray shot up in the air because he looked up. I smiled. Gastly again slammed its body on the ground.

"Finish this Night Shade," I commanded.

Again Duskull's eyes turned purple and shot teh black wave at Gastly. It hit KOing the ghost Pokemon. I smiled again. Zach returned his Pokemon, followed by me.

"Well we need to go Zach," Chris told him.

"Yeah I know, one day Nick I will beat you, wait and see," Zach said.

"I am waiting," I replied.

We all shook hands and the two of them walked towards Celedon City. I walked back towards the Pokecenter to get Ashely and head to Celedon City.

Nick Varela
Age: 15
Hometown: Pallet Town
Badges: 3
Pokemon: Corphish, Pidgeotto, Ariados, Cyndaquil and Duskull

Ashely Wooddell
Age: 15
Hometown: Pallet Town
Pokemon: Charmelion, Pikachu, Hoppip and Cyndaquil

Neo Team Rocket
Pokemon: Joltean, Mareep, Cleable, Cyndaquil, Clefairy, Diglett, Ivysaur, Butterfree, Poliwhirl and Murkrow

Chris Walker
Age 15
Hometown: Pallet Town
Pokemon: Combuskin, Meowth, Diglett, Dugtrio, Fearow, Misdreavus
Computer: ?, ?

Age 12
Hometown: Celedon
Pokemon: Yanma, Chikorita (Rita) and Gastly

05-01-2004, 08:39 PM
Chapter 28

I finally made it to the Pokecenter, seeing Ashely was in the middle of a battle. Ashely had her Charmelion out, while the other person had a gray bird out, that had like green metal feathers. I pulled ND up.

"Skarmory: The feathers that it sheds are very sharp. It is said that people once used the feathers as swords." Said ND. Though on the small box the picture showed a silver bird with red feathers.

"Thats strange, why does that Pokemon have green feathers and not red? Why is it also grey instead of silver?" I asked myself. I walked over to the battle.

"Fury Attack Steel-Wing!'' Said Ashely's opponet. The grey bird Pokemon flew up in the air and it started to peck at Charmelion. After awhile the Pokemon fell down, Koed. Skarmory won.

"Hey wait a second what is up with your PokemoN?" I asked him.

"Oh it is a shiny type Pokemon, do you want to battle it?" He asked.

Ashely returned Charmelion, and smiled at me. I grabbed Cyndaquil's Pokeball.

"Yeah why not. Go Cyndaquil!" I shouted. I threw the red and white sphere and out came my small black and yellow Pokemon. Cyndaquil lit her back on fire and got ready.

"Ok Steel-Wing lets beat this punk also. Use peck!" He shouted.

"Ember attack," I told Cyndaquil.

The steel bird started to come towards Cyndaquil, than my small fire Pokemon shot the small fire bals at Skarmory, sending it backwards. The boy looked upset.

"Ok try peck again!" The boy shouted this time.

The grey bird Pokemon started after Cyndaquil. This time pecking it twice on the head.

"Fury attack now, that it is distracted." Commanded the boy.

Skarmory sprung after Cyndaquil. Rapidly and furiously it started to peck Cyndaquil, I stared at my Pokemon who was taking a lot of damage. I wanted to say something, but I couldn't think of anything. All of a sudden, Cyndaquil's back fire got bigger, burning Skarmory. My Pokemon looked up and I could see fire in its eyes, the fire got bigger and surronded her. A huge white light appeared and it exploded. The whole area was bright.

"Is she evolving!" I said out loud. Everyone continued to stare at the light, than a foot stepped out of it, the light dissapeared. Showing in the place of Cyndaquil was now a red Pokemon, that has a yellow belly, fire on its head and back. I grabbed ND.

"Quilava: This Pokemon is fully covered with nonflamable fur. It can withstand any fire attack" Said ND, but like Skarmory the picture was diffrent. It showed a blue furred Pokemon with a yellow belly, I figured out that Cyndaquil evolved into a shiny Quilava.

"It's a shiny Pokemon!" I screamed.

"Quiiiilavvaa!" Yelled my Pokemon.

"Threw evolution Quilva learns Flame Wheel." ND also added. I placed it down as it hung again. I had a gigantic smile on my face, literally you can say from cheek to cheek.

"Ok use Flame Wheel!" I shouted.

Quilava's fire on her back surronded her. A ring of fire was around her body and it began to run towards Skarmory. My fire Pokemon hit Skarmory burning it, a small scorch mark was on its belly. My smile got bigger.

"Ok Flamethrower," I commanded.

Quilava's fire on its back got bigger and on its head, than a long stream of fire shot out of her mouth scorching the Skarmory, KOing it. The boy returned his Pokemon, I hugged Quilava and returned her. I clipped my Pokemon Pokeball to my beltloop. The boy walked up to me and shook my hand.

"Now you will know how strong shiny Pokemon are. The reason Skarmory beat Charmelion is cause shiny Pokemon are stronger than normal," He said.

He walked off and I looked at Ashely. She smiled, and we grabbed hands. Than we saw a path towards Celedon City, Ashely led the way and I followed. Trees surronded the place and so did flowers, than a man with a yellow and black suit stood next to a girl with the same color dress. She turned and stared at me, it was Sam!

"Sam what are you doing here!?" Ashely questioned. Sam smiled.

"Team Electra is trying to find a path to get to the Electric Plant so we can get Zapdos. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!" Sam answered with a laugh.

"And with you in the way how can we Nick," the man turned around and he had blonde hair with green eyes. I continued to stare at him. I was confused beyond the point of confusion.

To Be Continued....

------------> HM News: Who is this strange man? What does he want with Nick? Could this be his father or even an old friend that Nick forgot about? Find out on the next post of NPJ.

05-02-2004, 01:50 AM
Chapter 28 continued...

The man began to laugh, I continued to stare at him, Ashely released Hoppip and chased Sam. The man stopped laughing and pointed his fingure at me.

"You seriously don't know who I am?" He asked.

"No I don't, and if I have to I will stop you from getting Zapdos!" I yelled. The man began to laugh, and he smiled.

"Well let me give you a clue I am an ex-friend named Micheal Antes. Ring a bell now!" He shouted.

"Yes now I know you. Its you soccer boy, hahahaha!" I laughed. Micheal's face got all red as he threw a Pokeball out, releasing a Magnimite. I grabbed Quilava'a Pokeball and threw it out. "Meet my newest Pokemon Micheal."

"Ha, it won't matter a bit, use Thunder Wave!" yelled Micheal.

The small electric Pokemon shot a blue bolt at Quilava, paralyzing it. I frowned and returned my Pokemon. I threw out Pidgeotto and the same thing happened, also with Ariados and Corphish. Duskull was to weak since he was down with a battle about twenty minutes ago.

"Looks like you can't beat me Nick!" He said laughing. Out of no where a huge yellow ball of electricity hit Magnemite paralyzing it. Micheal returned his Pokemon, and run.

"Crap, I will see you later Nick." Micheal yelled to me. I turned around to see a kid with brown hair and a Pikachu on his shoulder. He had a grin on his face.

"Hi my name is Robert. What is yours?" Robert asked.

"My name is Nick, my girlfriend Ashely has gone to face the leader of Team Electra." I said.

"Yeah they beat me earlier, cause I got down facing a tough Eevee, but Pikachu beat them this time. Here have a couple Paralize Heals." Robert said. He handed me four bottles that were yellow. I took them and released my Pokemon. I sprayed the four of them with it and they all cheered. I returned them all and clipped them to my belt loops.

The Pikachu stayed on Roberts shoulder and smiled. Robert looked up at me.

"Hey Nick could I join your and Ashely's journey?" He asked.

"Yeah sure man, fine with me," I told him, "First off we need to fine Ashely."

My word wasn't much cause out came Ashely with a new looking Pokemon. It was green Pokemon that had a yellow daisy on its head. Ashley had a grin on her face.

"Skiploom," Said the Pokemon.

"You were great buddy," She told the Pokemon. I grabbed ND to check out data on Skiploom.

"Skiploom: The bloom on the top of its head opens and closes as the tempeture fluctuates up and down." ND said. I put it down, Ashely looked at Robert.

"Hello who are you?" She asked.

"Oh my name is Robert, are you Ashely?" He replied.

"Yes I am, Nick what is he doing?" She turned looking at me.

"Oh he is joining our journey, now let me figure out something about you. I want to be a Pokemon Master like my Cousin Ash, my dad Tracey and Uncle Giovanni. Ashely wants to do competitions, what do you want to do?" I asked him, also telling him about me and Ashely.

"Well I want to be a breeder, also a doctor," Zach told us. I smiled, "Thats awesome."

Than the three of us started to walk off. Instead of being on a long trail that would take days, the trail wasn't long, I guessed that Lavander Town was just a short cut to Celedon. The three of us ran into town, the first thing I saw was the gym. It was huge, had a flower on the top of it and looked like a green house.

First we went to the Pokecenter, that was on Flower Circle, I guessed it was called this because the Gym Leader used grass Pokemon. Joy took mine and Ashely's Pokemon and told us it would be about twenty minutes. We thanked her. Ashely grabbed a room while Zach and I went outside to see if he could catch anymore Pokemon.

Than a Pokemon appeared that was all brown and white. It looked like a cat Pokemon and Zach told Pikachu to get ready to battle. The small yellow rat Pokemon jumped on the ground.

"I guess this is Eevee right?" I asked Robert.

"Yep," he replied. I pulled up ND to check on Eevee's stats.

"Eevee: Its genetic code is unstable, so it could evolve in a variety of ways. There are only a few alive." Said ND.

"Pikachu use Thundershock," Robert told his Pokemon. Pikachu started electricity around its cheeks and shot it at Eevee. The little Pokemon was hit by the electric attack.

Eevee skidded backwards. Than it quickly started to run towards Pikachu hitting the rat in the stomach, the rat Pokemon stood its ground though.

"Ok I am tired of this, use zap cannon!"

The Pikachu began electricity on its cheeks. Than it started a circle and it was a huge yellow ball with lighting surronding it. Pikachu shot it off at Eevee, who was hit and KOed instantly. He grabbed a pink Pokeball that had a smile in it and threw it.

"Go friend ball!" He shouted. The Pokeball hit Eevee sucking it in. The ball began to shake and it stopped. Zach ran up and grab the pokeball, he put it on his belt. I smiled.

"Well looks like you have your Pokemon now."

"Yeah it does," he replied, Pikachu jumped on his right shoulder, than Robert looked up, "Well Nick I just caught a Pokemon, so I can do it on my own. So I think I will travel on my own and we can run into eachother, like friendly rivals."

"Thats cool, you will be my third one," I told him.

He shook my hand and walked off. I walked towards the Pokecenter and get my Pokemon and Ashely. I turned and saw Robert walking off. He waved at me as I turned around. Than I saw the Pokemon Center and saw smoke coming from the top, I ran to it. Wondering what was going on.

I got there and saw her again. My only hope was that I could stop her, she saw me and walked off to the rooms. When I entered the Center Joy quickly gave me my Pokemon back, and I chased her.

"Why is Katie here?" I asked outloud. I entered the room and saw Ashely on the bed crying. Katie had a small silver object in her hand and shot it off. I jumped in the way and the last thing I remember is hearing Ashely and Katie screaming...


05-03-2004, 11:46 PM
Chapter 28 continued...

I woke up, curtains were open and Ashely stood over me smiling.

"Glad you're awake Nick. You've been asleep for a week," she told me kissing me on the lips. I looked at my arm and it was in a sling.

"What happened?" I asked.

"Well Katie triued to shot me and you dove in the way. She thought she killed you, that ran while I noticed the bullet hit you in the shoulder. I was happy that it wasn't to bad, but you have one more week to be fully healed, the bullet shattered your shoulder." She said frowning,

"Oh ok. Can I battle?"

"Yes, the day you wake up, today, they are going to release you."

I looked to my left seeing that Corphish was laying on Quilava's back. Ariados layed next to them and Pidgeotto pirched on the foot post. I sta up and they all woke up like I was magic, all began to laugh and Quilava licked my left hand, the one she could. I smiled arising from bed my Pokemon jumped up.

"Thank you all for being here, now I need to return you. Sorry." I told them. One by one I returned clipping the Pokeballs' on my belt loops. I tried to dress, manging to get my pants on, but not my shirt. Ashely walked up to help me. I looked down, flexed my abs and arm muscles while Ashely helped me with my shirt.

"Well Nick a lot stronger, nice." She told me.

"Must be the journey." I replied.

We walked out of my room and went to the front desk were a Nurse Joy stood. I was surprised to see one working with humans. Joy gave Ashely a capsual of medicine. We walked out of the building.

"So where to Nick?" Ashely asked me.

"The Gym to get my next badge.'' I told her.

"Are you sure your Pokemon haven't trained for a week?"

"Yeah you have a point I will train in that forest right there.'' We walked towards the forest.

I grabbed all of my Pokeballs and threw them one by one. Quilava appeared, Corphish appeared, Pidgeotto, Ariados and Duskull.

"Ok Corphish use your crab hammer on some stumps. Quilava use flame wheel on the rest of the stumps. Pidgeotto use Wing Attack and Agility on the trees, try to cut them down. Ariados, try pulling the logs with string shot and Duskull float threw the trees." I told my Pokemon.

Quilava started fire around her body and rammed into stumps, Corphish's claw turned white as it hit the stumps. The stumps would crack in half and break. Than Pidgeotto worked on his speed nailing the trees with his wing attack, while Ariados shot the string at the logs. Slowly she would pull them, but after like five she began to pull them fastly.Duskul swished threw the trees like they were nothing.

Over and over again this happened, untill an hour past. I tolled them all they were great and returned them. I smiled at Ashely as we walked to the Pokecenter.

We got there and Joy took my Pokemon healing them quickly.

"Now Erika watch out I am on my way to beat you and become a Pokemon master!"

05-05-2004, 12:57 AM
Chapter 28 continued...

Ashely and I, being in a spring, walked over to the gym. It was huge, the outside walls were green, the door was yellow, a huge rose was on the top of the Gym, gardens all in the front besides the walkway to get inside, Pokemon working in the gardens and vunes surronding the place. The two of us walked in and a man wearing a green tux looked at me and said, "Are you two here to battle?"

"I am, my name is Nick Varela and I want to challenge Erika." I told him.

"Ok than young lady go threw the door over to your right," he pointed with a white glove on his hand, "And sir come with me, but you will have to wait."

"Good luck Nick," Ashely said while walking threw the door. The man had jet black hair and lead me threw the door. When we entered, we entered a greenhouse with gardens all around a battle field made of grass. Two row of bleachers were on the right and left sides, Ashely was on the right and I noticed that Chris Walker was here also and was on the left side.

I turned my attention to the battlefield were Zach stood, commanding his Yanma to use sonic boom on a Pokemon that looked like it was drooling. Yanm quickly flapped its wings KOing the Pokemon. Eika returned her Pokemon and gave him a badge, and something else.

Zach turned around and looked at me, he waved, than walked up the bleachers to sit next to Chris. I guessed they're stayinf to watch me win.

"Next challenger come up!" Erika yelled. I stepped up into a box of daisies, "Ok this is a two-on-two battle. The ref will explain the rest."

Erika had green hair and wore all green. She had a green shirt on, grenn pants and even a green vest on over her shirt. Thean the man from earlier walked up into the referee box lifting up a green and yellow flag.

"The challenger Nick will face Erika in a two-on-two battle. Challenger may subsitute, but leader can't. First to lose all Pokemon will lose, let the battle begin!" He said raising two flags.

Erika threw out a Pokeball and it was green. From the Pokeball came out a yellow and brown striped Pokemon. It had a small stem on the top of its head with leaves on them. I pulled up ND.

"Sukern: It lives by drinking only dewdrops from under the leaves of plants. It is said that it eats nothing else."

I grabbed Duskull's Pokeball with my free arm and threw the Pokeball out. My ghost Pokemon looked at its opponet. Sunkern than looked at Duskull. BEEP! My ND beeped, I picked it up and on the screen flashing was: NEW PROFILE: CHARESTICS! I looked at Duskull pointing it at him.

"Duskull: Charestic: Levitate, not hit by ground attacks." ND said, so I pointed it at Sunkern, "Sunkern: Charestics: Chlrophyll: Speed increases in sun." I clicked it close and it dropped to my thigh.

"Is that why we fight in a greenhouse?" I mumbled, "Ok who cares, use Night Shade Duskull!"

Duskull's eyes turned purple as it shot a wave of energy at Sunkern knocking it back wards. The grass made and image in it of Sunkern sliding.

"Growth!" Yelled Erika.

Sunkern began to glow and it quickly got bigger. Though after like five seconds Sunkern bacame smaller again. I sighed off relief.

"Ok again, Night Shade!" I yelled.

Duskull's eyes grew purple and a wave of psycic powers shot at Sunkern. The Pokemon was hit, but except for last time, this time it barely moved. "No way!" I exclaimed.

"Ok finish it off, solarbeam!"

Threw the greenhouse I could see the sun to get bigger. I looked at Sunkern who became all green, than a beam of blue and white light shot at Duskull knocking it to the ground, KOing him. I returned Duskull.

"Sunkern wins round one! Now continue!" The man said raising a green flag. I grabbed Quilava's Pokeball and threw her out. My red fire Pokemon appeared and lit her back and head on fire. She was ready.

"Quilava: Charestic: Blaze, ups fire moves in a pinch."

"Ok I guess, oh well use flame wheel on that Pokemon!" I said.

Quilava lit her back on fire some more, which caused it to surrond her whole body. She began to run towards Sunker, burning some of the grass down on the field. Sunkern was hit, being knocked back and hurt badly. I smiled.

"Ok solarbeam!" Erika yelled.

"Don't let it finish flamethrower!" I yelled sharply.

Quilava sucked in air and began to shoot a stream of fire. Sunkern was almost green when the attack hit, KOing it. Erika returned her Pokemon.

"Quilava wins Round two. Continue the battle!" The man yelled.

"Go baby!" Yelled Ashely.

"Go Nick!" Yelled Chris and Zach in unision. I lifted my bad arm up and then put it back down quickly. I forgot all about it. Erika threw out a Pokemon that looked exactly like the one Zach faced.

"Gloom: The fluid that oozes from its mouth isn't drool. It is necter to catch prey. Charestic: Chlorophyll: Raises speed in sunshine."

I put ND down and looked at Gloom. It was blue, had a brown bulb on the top of its head and four red vines coming from the bulb. I nodded at Quilava.

"Ok use ember!"

"Use Light Screen, Gloom!"

Quilava started to shot fireballs out of its mouth. Gloom started a yellow screen in front of it, and when the embers hit, some deflected off. Gloom was hurt a little bit.

"Ok Gloom, use acid."

Gloom opened its mouth and shot some black junk at Quilava, smacking it in the eye. Quilava screamed a little bit, removing the gunk.

"Ok use acid again!"

"Use flamethrower!"

Gloom opened its mouth and began to shot the gunk again. Quilava sucked in air, and shot a line of fire at Gloom. The acid was hit and began to burn down. The flame hit Gloom knocking the grass Pokemon back.

"Flame Wheel!"

Quilava's back fire got bigger and shot around her body. The fire Pokemon ran at Gloom, nailing the grass Pokemon and sending it backwards. I smiled, Gloom was now KOed.

"Quilava wins the match. Nick Varela wins!" The man said raising a yellow flag. I returned Quilava and Erika returned Gloom. The Gym leader walked up to me handing me a TM and badge, that looked like a rainbow.

"This is the TM solarbeam, the most effective grass move and this is the Rainbow Badge." Erika said.

I took them and stuffed the TM in my pocket, I clipped the badge on my shirt.

"More steps to go. Dad I am on my way," I said. Once again I lifted my bad arm and hurt it.Chapter 28 continued...

Ashely and I, being in a spring, walked over to the gym. It was huge, the outside walls were green, the door was yellow, a huge rose was on the top of the Gym, gardens all in the front besides the walkway to get inside, Pokemon working in the gardens and vunes surronding the place. The two of us walked in and a man wearing a green tux looked at me and said, "Are you two here to battle?"

"I am, my name is Nick Varela and I want to challenge Erika." I told him.

"Ok than young lady go threw the door over to your right," he pointed with a white glove on his hand, "And sir come with me, but you will have to wait."

"Good luck Nick," Ashely said while walking threw the door. The man had jet black hair and lead me threw the door. When we entered, we entered a greenhouse with gardens all around a battle field made of grass. Two row of bleachers were on the right and left sides, Ashely was on the right and I noticed that Chris Walker was here also and was on the left side.

I turned my attention to the battlefield were Zach stood, commanding his Yanma to use sonic boom on a Pokemon that looked like it was drooling. Yanm quickly flapped its wings KOing the Pokemon. Eika returned her Pokemon and gave him a badge, and something else.

Zach turned around and looked at me, he waved, than walked up the bleachers to sit next to Chris. I guessed they're stayinf to watch me win.

"Next challenger come up!" Erika yelled. I stepped up into a box of daisies, "Ok this is a two-on-two battle. The ref will explain the rest."

Erika had green hair and wore all green. She had a green shirt on, grenn pants and even a green vest on over her shirt. Thean the man from earlier walked up into the referee box lifting up a green and yellow flag.

"The challenger Nick will face Erika in a two-on-two battle. Challenger may subsitute, but leader can't. First to lose all Pokemon will lose, let the battle begin!" He said raising two flags.

Erika threw out a Pokeball and it was green. From the Pokeball came out a yellow and brown striped Pokemon. It had a small stem on the top of its head with leaves on them. I pulled up ND.

"Sukern: It lives by drinking only dewdrops from under the leaves of plants. It is said that it eats nothing else."

05-05-2004, 12:59 AM
I grabbed Duskull's Pokeball with my free arm and threw the Pokeball out. My ghost Pokemon looked at its opponet. Sunkern than looked at Duskull. BEEP! My ND beeped, I picked it up and on the screen flashing was: NEW PROFILE: CHARESTICS! I looked at Duskull pointing it at him.

"Duskull: Charestic: Levitate, not hit by ground attacks." ND said, so I pointed it at Sunkern, "Sunkern: Charestics: Chlrophyll: Speed increases in sun." I clicked it close and it dropped to my thigh.

"Is that why we fight in a greenhouse?" I mumbled, "Ok who cares, use Night Shade Duskull!"

Duskull's eyes turned purple as it shot a wave of energy at Sunkern knocking it back wards. The grass made and image in it of Sunkern sliding.

"Growth!" Yelled Erika.

Sunkern began to glow and it quickly got bigger. Though after like five seconds Sunkern bacame smaller again. I sighed off relief.

"Ok again, Night Shade!" I yelled.

Duskull's eyes grew purple and a wave of psycic powers shot at Sunkern. The Pokemon was hit, but except for last time, this time it barely moved. "No way!" I exclaimed.

"Ok finish it off, solarbeam!"

Threw the greenhouse I could see the sun to get bigger. I looked at Sunkern who became all green, than a beam of blue and white light shot at Duskull knocking it to the ground, KOing him. I returned Duskull.

"Sunkern wins round one! Now continue!" The man said raising a green flag. I grabbed Quilava's Pokeball and threw her out. My red fire Pokemon appeared and lit her back and head on fire. She was ready.

"Quilava: Charestic: Blaze, ups fire moves in a pinch."

"Ok I guess, oh well use flame wheel on that Pokemon!" I said.

Quilava lit her back on fire some more, which caused it to surrond her whole body. She began to run towards Sunker, burning some of the grass down on the field. Sunkern was hit, being knocked back and hurt badly. I smiled.

"Ok solarbeam!" Erika yelled.

"Don't let it finish flamethrower!" I yelled sharply.

Quilava sucked in air and began to shoot a stream of fire. Sunkern was almost green when the attack hit, KOing it. Erika returned her Pokemon.

"Quilava wins Round two. Continue the battle!" The man yelled.

"Go baby!" Yelled Ashely.

"Go Nick!" Yelled Chris and Zach in unision. I lifted my bad arm up and then put it back down quickly. I forgot all about it. Erika threw out a Pokemon that looked exactly like the one Zach faced.

"Gloom: The fluid that oozes from its mouth isn't drool. It is necter to catch prey. Charestic: Chlorophyll: Raises speed in sunshine."

I put ND down and looked at Gloom. It was blue, had a brown bulb on the top of its head and four red vines coming from the bulb. I nodded at Quilava.

"Ok use ember!"

"Use Light Screen, Gloom!"

Quilava started to shot fireballs out of its mouth. Gloom started a yellow screen in front of it, and when the embers hit, some deflected off. Gloom was hurt a little bit.

"Ok Gloom, use acid."

Gloom opened its mouth and shot some black junk at Quilava, smacking it in the eye. Quilava screamed a little bit, removing the gunk.

"Ok use acid again!"

"Use flamethrower!"

Gloom opened its mouth and began to shot the gunk again. Quilava sucked in air, and shot a line of fire at Gloom. The acid was hit and began to burn down. The flame hit Gloom knocking the grass Pokemon back.

"Flame Wheel!"

Quilava's back fire got bigger and shot around her body. The fire Pokemon ran at Gloom, nailing the grass Pokemon and sending it backwards. I smiled, Gloom was now KOed.

"Quilava wins the match. Nick Varela wins!" The man said raising a yellow flag. I returned Quilava and Erika returned Gloom. The Gym leader walked up to me handing me a TM and badge, that looked like a rainbow.

"This is the TM solarbeam, the most effective grass move and this is the Rainbow Badge." Erika said.

I took them and stuffed the TM in my pocket, I clipped the badge on my shirt.

"More steps to go. Dad I am on my way," I said. Once again I lifted my bad arm and hurt it.

05-06-2004, 04:23 AM
Chapter 28 continued...

Chris, Zach, Ashely and I all stood on the battle field. Erika let us since it is a slow day, we talked about what has happened since we last met, why am I in a sling and why does Quilava look diffrent. Many questions, many answers.

Erika had her two Gloom's out, feeding them food as they went to work in the garden. There will also Pokemon called Bellosoom, Weepinbell, Bellsprought and Oddish. Chris than showed me his five badges, he had between my father to win the Masrh Badge and I was surprised.

"So how tough is my father?" I asked him.

n see where you gat your skills from, him and Ash." Chris replied.

Just than the roof popped off as I looked up to see Team Meowth. They were in a Meowth head hot air balloon and looked down at me. The two laughed.

"Well look who it is. Its that punk, that always gets in our way James." Jesse said.

"Yeah I see, maybe we should take his Pokemon," James answered sharply.

Than Zach and Chris stepped up.

"Nope you have to go threw us first!" Chris yelled, "Go Combuskin!"

"Go Yanma!" Yelled Zach.

A red and white chicken appeared and the green bug appeared. Jesse and James threw out their Pokemon, releasing Dustox and Cacnea. I picked up ND.

"Combuskin: Charestics: Blaze, ups fire moves in a pinch, Yanma: Charestics: Speed Boost, gradually speeds up and compound eyes, raises accuracy. Dustox: Charestics: Shield dust, prevents added affects and Cacnea: Charestics: Sand veil, ups evasion in sandstorm." ND said for all the Pokemon.

I put it down. Cacnea shot missles at Combuskin, who just kicked them away, Dustox shot a purple and red beam at Yanma, and smacking Yanma across the face. Yanma fell to the fround.

"Ok Combuskin use Flame Punch!" Chris yelled.

Combuskin's fist went on fire as the fire Pokemon jumped up in the air. It punched Cacnea right in the face, burning it some. I smiled. Than at that very moment Dustox shot the same beam at Commbuskin hitting it in the stomach.

"Yanma use sonicboom!" Zach commanded.

Yanma started to flap its wings and loud booms were hitting the air. Dustox fell backwards onto the ground, qhilw Cacnea tried to get away. I grabbed Corphish's Pokeball revealing my Pokemon.

"Corphish: Charestics: Hyper cutter, prevents attack reduction and shell armor, blocks critical hits." ND said.

"Nick no you have a bad arm!" Chris said.

"I know, but with this bad arm I also defeated a Gym leader, let me help." I told him. He looked me in the eyes and nodded.

"Corphish use Crab Hammer on Cacnea!" I told my crab Pokemon. The red crab jumped up and smacked Cacnea in the skull, with a white claw. Cacnea was sent back into James.

"Combuskin use flamethrower on Dustox!" Chris said.

Combusikn sucked in air and shot a stream of fire at the moth Pokemon, KOing it and sending it back to Jesse.

"Ok Yanma send the flying with Sonicboom!" Zach said.

Yanma started to flap its wings sending booms at Team Meowth. The attack hit and sent all them flying into the air.

"We blast off again!!!" Said Team Meowth.

Chris, Zach and I highfived eachother and said how we made a great team. The three of us returned our Pokemon and I turned to see Ashely with a huge smile on. It was great, I loved seeing her smile. Chris and Zach walked out of the gym waving goodbye. We waved back and headed out also.

----------> HM News: Next time some exciting new reaches Ashely. A competition has started in Celedon for Beuty in Pokemon. It is the first Pokemon competition in Kanto. Will Ashely win it? Find out next time on NPJ.

05-06-2004, 01:15 PM
Nice chapter HM, nice filler before the Pokemon Beauty Competition, which by the way is a great thing to put into a Kanto fic. The battles are getting better and better for ya, keep up the great work.

05-09-2004, 01:42 PM
Chapter 29

Ashely and I walked out of the Gym. We saw that the sun just hit the highest peak of the day, so I knew it was the afternoon. She walked a little fast, up to a man wearing a Pikachu custom, and was handing out flyers. I ran up to Ashely.

"I sure need to catch a Pikachu," I mumbled. Ashely was looking at a flyer, that had six Pokemon on it a Pikachu, Butterfree, Mareep, Dustox, Beautifly and Yanma. It big gold letters it said Pokemon Beauty Contest, the first ever to hit Kanto. Soon to come in Saffron and Viridian.

"Nick I have to go, I've wanted to do this for like ever!" She exclaimed.

"Ok, but who you going to use?" I asked her.

"I can't tell you that, will it says I need to stop at the Pokemart first. People that want to watch, go to the Celedon Mansion." She told me. Ashely ran off towards an eight story building that said Pokemart on it.

I looked around to see if I could find this Celedon Mansion. I couldn't, the whole area looked like mansions, I was seriously confused. The guy wearing the Pikachu suit walked up to me.

"Do you need help young sir?" He asked.

"Yes I need to find the Celedon Mansion." I told him. All the man did was point next to us. I turned and saw a sign that said Celedon Mansion, "Thank you."

I walked towards it. The mansion was all black in the out side, had a big windows all over the place, a Bayleef and Quilava guarded the front door. I entered a line that had atleast twenty people in it, but more showed up afterwards.

Finally I got up there, and all they told me is that I had to go to the auditoriam, which is behind them. I walked to it, from the outside it looked like a HUGE shelter, but when I walked in I saw. The stage was made of cherryoak and had a golden glimer almost, curtains hung from the left and right, seats were blue and orange (thats right Florida Gator colors) and the walls were all green. It felt a little gurlie to me. I walked to the second row of the seats, because the first row was all the judges.

Than I looked up at the stage, the curtains were now closed and a girl with golden blonde hair, wearing a blue skirt and white shirt stood in the middle of the auditoriam.

"What is this some kind of strip show?" I thought.

"Hello everyone, my name is Elizabeth and this is the first ever Pokemon Contest in Kanto. My parents and I own this mansion, and it was my idea to start this thing. We may now get started since I have narrowed it down to four contestents." Elizabeth said.

Everyone clapped, so I did also. Than a boy with brown short hair came out, he wore all red, and released a bee looking Pokemon, that was all yellow and black. I grabbed ND to check out this Pokemon.

"Beedrill: Flies at high speeds and attack using its large venomos stingers on its forelegs and tail. Charestic: Swarm, ups bug moves in a pinch." ND exclaimed about the Pokemon.

The Pokemon did some moves, flipped and spun, the refs just graded. Than a girl came out with a Nidorina. Had it do the same thing with Nidorina that Beedrill did. Another boy came out with a Nidorino, a girl came out with Pikachu and than Ashely walked out. Her hair was in a red ribbon, she wore a red tank top and white skirt. Ashely released Clefable and the whole crowd clapped. Clefable did cartwheels and backflips.

The judges nodded to Ashely who returned her Pokemon. She saw me and smiled, the ref turned to us.

"The first round is done. Now we will do the second round and it goes in this order, Ashely, Tom, Sam, Chris, and Kristi. We will now begin round two, each person must show an attack." The judge said.

Ashely walked out and released Clefable again. She had the Pokemon use metronome.

"Oh no Ashely I would be careful," I said softly. She glanced at me reliezing I said something. Clefable slowly waved its fingure back and forth than a huge tornado appeared, than stopped.

"Twister," ND said.

To Be Continued...

05-29-2004, 01:30 PM
Chapter 29 continued...

"That was amazing!" I said.

The ref nodded Ashely off, and than the next person came out. Tom sent Nidorino out and it used Horn Drill. Followed by Sam who looked familiar. When I looked closer I was right, it was her, the leader of Team Electra, and she released Pikachu.

"Where is the rest of her group?" I questioned under my breath. She had Pikachu use Thundershock. The ref nodded at her, than the boy named Chris walked out releasing Beedrill and had it use poison sting. It was amazing. Than the last person Kristi came out releasing Nidorina, had it use stomp. Than after about ten minutes of moves being used and the order changing, the owner of the place stood up.

Elizabeth grabbed a microphone and spook into it, "Ok we have the winners now. We only do third and up, ok, in thrid Kristi, in second Ashely and in first is Tom. We thank you all for participating, but the only person witha ribbon is Tom. Ashely for getting second you win ten beauty Pokeblocks."

Ashely was handed a bag of pink and white blocks. Tom was given a pink ribbon and he tied it to a badge. Than Sam walked out with Micheal behind her. She released Pikachu.

"Give me your Pokeblocks Ashely! Or my partner and I will have to do something about it." Sam demanded.

"Now I can see some action," I said. I stood up to the auditoriam, and stood behind Micheal.

"Looks like your boyfriend isn't here," Micheal said looking at the seat. I tapped him on the shoulder, he turned around and I punched him square in the nose, with my bad hand. Slowly I took off the sling, I had a huge smile on my face.

"Looks like I can beat you with my health back up, go Quilava!" I yelled releasing my shiny Quilava. Micheal released his Pikachu. "Use flamethrower."

Quilava sucked in air and shot it at the rodent. The small yellow mouse fell backwards, Quilava jumped up in celebration.

"Looks like I will beat you this time. Use flamewheel!"

Quilava's back fire and head fire got bigger as the flames inswallowed Quilava's body as it ran towards Pikachu. It nailed the rat Pokemon KOing it at touch. Micheal returned his Pokemon.

"Thats cool Nick I will take you down next time, leats go Sam!" Misheal said. Sam returned her Pokemon and the two ran out of the place. Ashely smiled at me and hugged me. She then put all the Pokeblocks in my backpack. We walked out of the auditoriam, the sky was dark blue and I looked at ND, it said 5:00 pm.

"We better get going, I need to face my dad." I told Ashely.

"Ok." She answered.

------------>HM News: Sorry real short, well Nick is on his way to Saffron Town. He gets a new surprise, what could it be? A new Pokemon? A new partner on the journey? Find out next time on NPJ.
Chapter 29 continued...

"That was amazing!" I said.

The ref nodded Ashely off, and than the next person came out. Tom sent Nidorino out and it used Horn Drill. Followed by Sam who looked familiar. When I looked closer I was right, it was her, the leader of Team Electra, and she released Pikachu.

"Where is the rest of her group?" I questioned under my breath. She had Pikachu use Thundershock. The ref nodded at her, than the boy named Chris walked out releasing Beedrill and had it use poison sting. It was amazing. Than the last person Kristi came out releasing Nidorina, had it use stomp. Than after about ten minutes of moves being used and the order changing, the owner of the place stood up.

Elizabeth grabbed a microphone and spook into it, "Ok we have the winners now. We only do third and up, ok, in thrid Kristi, in second Ashely and in first is Tom. We thank you all for participating, but the only person witha ribbon is Tom. Ashely for getting second you win ten beauty Pokeblocks."

Ashely was handed a bag of pink and white blocks. Tom was given a pink ribbon and he tied it to a badge. Than Sam walked out with Micheal behind her. She released Pikachu.

"Give me your Pokeblocks Ashely! Or my partner and I will have to do something about it." Sam demanded.

"Now I can see some action," I said. I stood up to the auditoriam, and stood behind Micheal.

"Looks like your boyfriend isn't here," Micheal said looking at the seat. I tapped him on the shoulder, he turned around and I punched him square in the nose, with my bad hand. Slowly I took off the sling, I had a huge smile on my face.

"Looks like I can beat you with my health back up, go Quilava!" I yelled releasing my shiny Quilava. Micheal released his Pikachu. "Use flamethrower."

Quilava sucked in air and shot it at the rodent. The small yellow mouse fell backwards, Quilava jumped up in celebration.

"Looks like I will beat you this time. Use flamewheel!"

Quilava's back fire and head fire got bigger as the flames inswallowed Quilava's body as it ran towards Pikachu. It nailed the rat Pokemon KOing it at touch. Micheal returned his Pokemon.

"Thats cool Nick I will take you down next time, leats go Sam!" Misheal said. Sam returned her Pokemon and the two ran out of the place. Ashely smiled at me and hugged me. She then put all the Pokeblocks in my backpack. We walked out of the auditoriam, the sky was dark blue and I looked at ND, it said 5:00 pm.

"We better get going, I need to face my dad." I told Ashely.

"Ok." She answered.

------------>HM News: Sorry real short, well Nick is on his way to Saffron Town. He gets a new surprise, what could it be? A new Pokemon? A new partner on the journey? Find out next time on NPJ.

05-30-2004, 04:05 AM
Chapter 30

Ashely had a frown on her face after not winning the competition. I went to go cheer her up.

"Ashely look you got second place, thats better than the others." I told her.

"Yeah I know, its just that now I have to wait till I go to Johto or Hoenn," She replied. I just looked at the ground.

She just walked foward. I wish I could do something. Than ahead I saw a familiar face. It was Rob he looked like he was training his Eevee. Rob was facing a girl with a Staryu. The star Pokemon shot yellow stars at Eevee KOing it. Ashely than smileed.

"Maybe I can beat Rob, Nick." She told me.

"Maybe," I replied.

Ashely ran up to Rob and he saw the both of us. A smile went straight across his face. Rob was treating Eevee with two Super Potions.

"Hey Rob! I was wondering, if you will battle me?" Ashely asked him.

He looked at me and I nodded.

"Sure why not. I will use Eevee." He replied. His brown and white cat Pokemon jumped in the middle of the two. Ashely grabbed a Pokeball and released Skiploom. Her green Pokemon stared at Rob's small Pokemon.

"A evolved form huh?" Rob said, "Oh well still no match, use quick attack!"

"Dodge it Skiploom. Than use Mega Drain!" Ashely commanded.

Eevee moved back and forth for a while and than jumped in the air. Skiploom turned yellow, did not even move and than Eevee did too. The small cat Pokemon fell down and hit the ground. Slowly its health went down. Skiploom didn't even need the attack, but I guess Ashely figured that it would work well. I started to walk away from the battle.

"Nick where are you going?" Ashely asked.

"No where," Said a deep dark voice. Out of some bushes a couple of guys in all red appeared. One had horns on his head the other wore black glasses. "My name is Max, I used to travel with your cousin, later on I joined Team Magma and now an administrator."

"What do you want with me?"

"Lets battle." Max demanded. He threw out a red Pokeball releasing a red slug type Pokemon that had a couple of rocks on its body. I grabbed ND.

"Slugma: It never sleeps. It has to keep moving because if stopped, its magma would cool and harden. Special Ability: Magma Armor, keeps from freezing. Flame Body, burns the foe on contact."

"I must keep it away from my Pokemon. Go Quilava!'' I released my shiny Pokemon. It lit its back on fire and its head too. Max smiled and Slugma waited. The other guy just seemed to stare at the ground.

"Use rock throw Slugma." Max yelled. "Dodge it with quick attack." The snail Pokemon jumped up and than landed hard. Rocks flew up into the air as, Quilava ran past them, going left and right. Rock throw connected as one hit. Quilava stopped.

"Hahaha! Looks like your Quilava can't stand the heat." Max said. "Use flamethrower Slugma!"

The fire snail sucked in air and shot a flame line at Quilava. It burnt the rock and it exploded. Quilava shot back. My fire Pokemon stood up and was breathing hard.

''Your turn Quilava..." I was stopped in the middle of my sentence. Quilava turned red and than the ground began to steam. I could see smoke rising from the ground, it seemed like it was going towards Slugma. Than I could feel heat from the area of the two Pokemon. Slugma than shot up in the air, hurt. Slowly falling to the ground.

"Overheat," ND said.

To Be Continued...

06-04-2004, 11:53 PM
Chapter 30 Continued...

Slugma shot up when overheat finished again the fire snail smacked itself on the ground. It looked super hurt. Max nodded to his partner. He threw a Pokeball releasing a Hondoom.

"Haha! Nick my partner and I will tear you up," Max yelled. Than a strange thing happeaned, a Pokeball fell from the sky. I caught it.

"Nick this will be the nicest thing I do. Thought I would repay you for shooting you in the arm." I looked up and saw Katie.

"Go Pokeball!" I yelled. Out of the Pokeball came my first ever Pokemon, besides Corphish. It was my Hondour. Except he was bigger and had a skull on its back. Maxx was now a Hondoom.

"Max you evolved!" I yelled. It barked, Katie and Doug fell from the sky. They released their Pokemon, Joltean and Diglett.

"Now we will take it back!" Doug yelled. I threw out a Pokeball releasing Corphish. I grabbed ND to see what moves Max has.

"Crunch, Ember, Flamethrower and Bite." ND said. I placed it down.

"Corphish you will have an easy job for a little while. Use bubblebeam on Slugma!" I commanded. Corphish opened both claws and shot beams of bubbles at Slugma. BAM!! Slugma was KOed. Max had to return his Pokemon. A frown appeared on his face. Now six Pokemon stood, a shiny Quilava, a red Crab Corphish and a tall black dog Hondoom, my team. A yellow with white mane cat, Joltean and a small brown Pokemon, Diglett, Neo Team Rocket's team. Another tall dog Hondoom, Team Magma. The six Pokemon awaited for commands.

HM News-------> Well we have seen Nick's new Pokemon, but how will he win? Find out next time on NPJ.

06-05-2004, 10:03 PM
Chapter 31

"Ok Joltean attack Hondoom with Pin Missle!" Katie commanded.

"Attack back with Bite!" Commanded the mysterious person.

Joltean's mane stood up and it began to shot missles at Hondoom. The big black dog took the attack. Hondoom started to run at Joltean and bit down on its shoulder. Than a line of flame smacked Hondoom in the face.

"Good job Max. Now use crunch on Hondoom. Quilava use flame wheel on Joltean and Corphish use crab hammer on Diglett!" I said.

"Huh? I didn't even attack you!" Katie yelled.

Max jumped up and like super bit Hondoom. The other black dog fell back and KOed. I smiled, the mysterious guy returned his Pokemon, Team Magma than dissapeared.

"See Katie your attack did damage, so I knew that I could attack Team Magma!" I yelled.

Quilava had fire circle her body and ran towards Joltean. The cat like Pokemon yelled in pain. Corphish's claw turned white, as it jumped up and crashed its claws on Diglett's fore head.

"Dig!" Doug yelled. "Thunderbolt!" Screamed Katie.

"Watch out Corphish! Use flamethrower Quilava!" I commanded.

A yellow bolt shot towards Quilava as Quilava shot a fire stream at the bolt. The two hit and first stood still. BAM!! The two attacks exploded, causing smoke everywhere. I couldn't see a thing.

"Quilava can you see anything?" I asked.

"Quilava!" She said and I took that as a no. I continued to look. Max stepped out of the smoke.

"Ok Max?" I asked. "Doom!" He said nodding.

A gust of wind appeared. Corphish, Quilava, Max and I looked foward. We could see Joltean, but not Diglett. A hole were it stood was in its spot. "Where is he?" I questioned.

I looked around for Diglett. Studying the ground, so was Corphish.

"Now Joltean quick attack!" Katie yelled. Joltean quickly sped up and nailed Quilava in the side. Than under Corphish the ground began to shake. Popped out was Diglett. Corphish was sent flying. WHACK!! Corphish landed hurt.

"Ok Max use flamethrower on Joltean, Corphish use Bubblebeam on Diglett!" I commanded.

"Thunderbolt Joltean," Katie replied back.

"Dig!" Doug shouted.

""Good there going for it," I thought in my mind.

Both Joltean and Max shot beams at eachother, causing another explosion. Corphish shot beams of bubbles at Diglett, but missed because it dug under the surface.

"Good now use Overheat Quilava!"

Quilava turned all red, the ground added steam to the smoke. Joltean than screamed in pain. Smoked cleared and like ten feet in front of Corphish, Diglett shot up in flames. The two Pokemon just laid on the ground. After a little while Joltean rose up. Diglett was KOed though. Doug returned his Pokemon. He watched.

"Lets play this starter versus starter. Return Quilava and Max!' Two red beams sucked up my two Pokemon. Corphish stared at Joltean.

"Ok buddy you can do this. Use crab hammer!''

"Phish!" Corphish's claws turned white and he jumped up...

To Be Continued..

06-08-2004, 04:33 AM
Chapter 31 Continued...

Corphish came down hard on Joltean, the cat like Pokemon fell down to the ground. She stood up and shook her head like she had a headache.

"Come on Quick attack!" Katie yelled.

Joltean began to run fast and smacked Corphish in the side Corphish fell down, but got right back up. The two Pokemon began to stare each other down. Corphish smacked its claws together, Joltean dug its paws in the ground. The Pokemon were ready to square it off.

"Ok Pin Missle!'

"Use bubblebeam!"

The mane on Joltean sprung up, Corphish opened both of its claws. Spikes and bubbles shot towards each other, popping and knocking down, it was evenly squared. Though some spikes and some bubbles hit the Pokemon, Joltean was breathing hard.

"Good, overheat did its job, Corphish use another crab hammer!" I commanded.

Corphish's right claw turned white and he jumped.

"When it hits, use spark!" Katie commanded.

Corphish began to fall and smacked Joltean in the skull. At contact Joltean sent a small blue bolt that surged threw Corphish's body. Joltean was Koed and so was Corphish. A red beam sucked Corphish up. Another for Joltean.

"Give me Max back." Katie demanded.

"No it was a draw." I replied

"Yes, but you didn't beat me." Katie said.

"Don't worry Nick I will finish this off." Rob's voice appeared. Than a beam smacked Doug and Katie in the gut, sending them flying. I smiled, turning to see Eevee evolved.

"Espeon: It uses the fine fur that covers its body to sense air currents and predict its enemy's actions. Charestics: Sychronize: Passes on status problem." ND said.

"Nice Pokemon," I said.

"Thanks," Rob replied.

Ashely, Rob and I walked onto a trail, ending up at three signs. One said to "Saffron", other said to "Fuschia" and the third to "Pallet".

"Well we're headed to Saffron," I said.

"I am going to Fuschia City," Rob said. He walked off and went to Fuschia. Ashely turned to me and grabbed my hand.

"Nick I feel like we have to split up for a little while, so I am going to Pallet." She said kissing me on the cheek. I didn't say a thing. Ashely nodded and walked towards Pallet Town. I turned to Saffron and walked to it not once having Ashely on my mind.

"Nick just know that you can win if you don't think about her," I thought, "Just keep her off your mind. Though I should've said something."

Suddenly I stepped onto a trail that led into Saffron, the lights snuck up on me, Pidgeys flying everywhere. My heart began to pound as I knew that I would meet my father at last.

"I am coming dad!" I thought outloud.

HM News-------> Well it looks like Ashely and Nick have split up. I will again start to add titles to my chapters. Next Nick finds out his dads name is not Tracie. What is it? Also will Nick in his fifth badge? Find out next time on NPJ. Chapter 32: Clash of Father vs. Son.

06-09-2004, 04:53 AM
Chapter 32: Clash, Father Vs. Son

I walked into Saffron City, it was huge and like ten Pallet Towns together. I saw two gyms, one is all brown and has a Machop statue in the front. The other was all purple with a black door. I saw the Pokecenter and decided to stop at it first. It was a blue building with purple glass, but you could still see threw it.

I walked in and a tall man wearing all black walked out cursing at his Kadabra. Before I entered the man stared at me and smiled. He was bald, and about 6' 4". I just continued to walk.

Peeking over the counter was Nurse Joy, I could see her red hair and big blue eyes. I walked up to her and took off all my Pokeballs.

"I would like to heal my Pokemon," I said.

"Ok." Nurse Joy replied taking my Pokeballs to a machine. She walked back and said, "So you are the son of JM?"

"Um who is JM?" I asked.

"The Saffron Gym Leader. Your father," She said.

"I guess, but I thought his name was Tracie." I replied. BING!! She grabbed my Pokeballs and handed them to me. I clipped them to my belt.

"I wish you good luck." Joy told me.

"Thank you, but can you tell me why..." I was stopped.

"He will explain."

I walked out of the center and saw the gym again. It was a straight line to it and began to head over. I was ready to meet my dad. I walked up to the gym door, and sighed. SWISH!! The doors slid open. I walked in.

Once again I saw the man from the Pokecenter. he smiled at me and I saw behind him a door leading into an all black room. Besides me was and Abra statue and Kadabra statue. The two of us than met in the eyes.

"Hello son," My dad said, "I know why your here. First to beat me for my badge, second to find out who I am."

"Yes, but the other way around." I told him.

"Sorry, you have to beat me to get some information. This way," he said. We walked into the gym and he stood in a black box. I stood in a purple box.

"Ready Kadabra?" He said, "Great, lets do this. One-on-one, and it is starter versus starter."

"Fine with me, go Corphish!" I yelled throwing the Pokeball to the air. Out came my red crab. A ref walked up with black and purple flags.

"This is a one-on-one battle. The gym leader JM Varela will defend his bafge against challenger and son Nick Varela. Let the battle begin!" The ref explained and yelled raising the flags. A rat wearing a purple shirt stepped up and was all yellow. In its left hand he held a spoon.

"Kadabra: Many odd things happen if this Pokemon is close by, for example the clock runs backeards. Charestics: Synchronize, passes on status problems and Inner focus, prevents flinching," ND said. I placed it down.

"Ok use watergun!" I said.

"Teleport!" My dad snapped back, "What why not?", He said like he was talking to himself, "Oh, gotcha!"

Corphish opened its mouth and shot a long stream of water. It hit Kadabra in the chest.

"Ok use psycic!" Yelled my dad.

Kadabra's eyes turned red. Nothing happened to Corphish, so I decided to call out an attack. Than Corphish smacked himself with his claw. All of a sudden he jumped up and smacked himself on the ground.

"Hey stop that Corphish!" I said. "Corphish!" It cried and I knew it wasn't him doing it. I than found out what psycic did.

"Try bubblebeam," I said. Corphish tried to open its claws, but it was like his claws were tied up. Finally Kadabra stopped, by slamming Corphish on the ground. I was scared.

"Good use future sight to finish it."

A gust of wind appeared and nothing else happened. I stared at COrphish, while my crab Pokemon looked at Kadabra, my dad watched me and Kadabra had a smile on its face.

To Be Continued...

06-09-2004, 10:45 PM
Chapter 32 continued...

"Corphish can you still fight?" I asked my crab Pokemon.

"Yes." I heard a voice.

"Hey who said that, I was talking to my Corphish." I said.

''It is me you bafoon." My crab Pokemon said. I stared at it and stared at m dad, "Hey dad can you talk to Pokemon?"

"Yes, and let me guess Corphish just said something to you. He told you he can continue to talk right?" My dad replied.

"Yes, he....did" I answered.

"Good you are getting some of the powers us Varela's have, but remember to get the whole story you must beat me." He said with a laugh.

"Do it Corphish, carb hammer!" I yelled.

The right claw turned all white and my crab Pokemon jumped up. The psycic rat Pokemon just watched. WHACK!! The claw nailed. The rat Pokemon shook its head. ZOOM!! A beam came out of nowhere hitting Corphish. My crab Pokemon was KOed. The ref raised a black flag, signifying I lost.

"Maybe next time son." My dad said. I picked up my Pokemon and than the door swung open. I stood up, trying to walk to my dad, but I couldn't a force lifted me up off the ground. I was flying out of the room, I looked at Kadabra's eyes and they were red.

"You hide behind your Pokemon Dad! I will be back!" I yelled. Corphish and I were now out side of the gym, my crab Pokemon were still in my arms. I ran to the Pokecenter with thears in my eyes. I entered the center and handed Joy my Pokemon.

"I am sorry you lost Nick. Here take this flyer." She handed me a piece of paper that had a fist on it. I found an empty table and sat down.

"Dad why would you do this to me? How come you will not tell me why I can talk to Pokemon and what your life is about, and mine." I thought. Than I looked at the flyer. I read it: Did you just lose to the Gym Leader? Well come here to battle Black Belt Sam at the Saffron Dojo. If you win, you get a choiie of his three fighting Pokemon. Come now for some training."

I had a smile on my face.

"Nick I am ready." Corphish said form the room. "Ok buddy," I replied. People looked at me like I was weird or something. BING!! The sign with a shot on it lit up. I stood up and walked to the front desk.

"Here you go Nick." Joy said handing my crab Pokemon. I grabbed him and swung my crab Pokemon over my shoulders. Corphish just hung onto my shoulders and I walked out of the Pokecenter. I saw the Saffron Dojo, right next to my dad's gym. I began to walk towards it.

HM News----> Well Nick has just lost once against his dad, but what about next time. Also how come he can talk to Pokemon? Is he psycic? Or is it a family thing? What Pokemon will Nick get if he beats Black Belt Sam? Find out next time on NPJ. Also after every chapter you will get a preview for the next on, so the first one is up.

Preview For Chapter 33: Showdown at Dojo.

"Well lets do this corphish. Max just lost hope you can beat his Hitmochan." I said.

"I will Nick don't worry." Corphish replied. He jumped to the ground, but than he turned all white....

06-16-2004, 05:36 AM
Chapter 33: Showdown at Dojo

I stepped up to the door of the dojo. Before pushing the door open I stared at my dad's gym. He looked at me from the door with a smile. I looked at him and grinned backed a little. I could read his lips and he said "You can do it son." I walked in with confidence.

As I stepped up to see a boy in a red belt I placed Corphish down. I walked up and the red belt boy stopped me. He wore a white uniform, red belt and had a sandy brown hair. He gave me a glare in the eyes.

"Hello little boy. My name is Karate Kid Sean. If you beat me you have one person left, than the black belt master. This will be a one-on-one match. Go Hitmolee!" Sean yelled. Behind him a Pokemon with stubs for arms, long legs, a round body and eyes at the top head of its body.

"Hitmolee: HITMONLEE's legs freely contract and stretch. Using these springlike legs, it bowls over foes with devastating kicks. After battle, it rubs down its legs and loosens the muscles to overcome fatigue. Ability/Characteristic: Limber Prevents paralysis. " Nd said.

"Nick I will go against him!" Corphish told me.

"No thats ok buddy. I think I might use an old time buddy. Go Pidgeotto!" I yelled. I threw the red and white sphere, out came my brown and white Pokemon. Its wings stretched out and than he flapped them.

"Hello buddy, long time no see." I said to Pidgeotto. "Yeah Nick I know. Woah I can talk!" Pidgeotto replied.

"Yeah, well lets start this thing, use gust!" I commanded. Pidgeotto began to flap his wings. A tornado appeared and was sent towards Hitmolee.

"Dodge!" Yelled Sean.

Hitmolee jumped to the right as the tornado was sent to dissapear. Sean had a smile on. The fighting Pokemon looked on.

"Ok, Hi Jump Kick!" Sean said.

"Agility!" I commanded.

Hitmolee curled up its legs and began to jump up. Pidgeotto went very fast foward and Hitmolle missed by a lot. The fighting Pokemon landed on the ground bad. It just sat there. I smiled right back, as Sean just frowned.

"Ok use Wing Attack!"

Pidgeotto turned around and than both wings turned white. My bird Pokemon shot foward towards Hitmolee. The fighting Pokemon just watched, to see its final attack of the match. Pidgeotto's wings hit Hitmolee in the body sending the fighting Pokemon flying. WHAM!!!

Hitmolee's body just looked foward at me and Pidgeotto. Its eyes rolled around, showing it was KOed. I jumped up, as Pidgeotto chirped.

"We won! Its been so long since we have battled together!" I yelled.

"Yeah I know Nick! I hop we continue on our roll!" Pidgeotto said back.

I grabbed Pidgeotto's Pokeball and returned my bird Pokemon. I placed the ball on a belt loop, I smiled. I picked up Corphish and he hung on my shoulder. Sean walked up to me, shooked my hand, than walked off. In my hand was a piece of paper, that said: Move ON!

Corphish read the paper and laughed. I did too, but than I saw the next person. This time it was a girl, she had long brown hair, tall legs and a brown belt. I nodded at Corphish.

"Now it will be Ariados's turn, I hope he will be in shape still." I said.

"Hee will Nick trust me." Corphish said.

I nodded and walked up to the girl. She looked at me and next to her was a Pokemon that looked like Hitmochan, but it had arms and boxing gloves around its hands. I knew she would be tougher. She grabbed the piece of paper and smiled.

"My name is Brown Belt Jolie. Lets see if you can beat the mighty Power of Hitmochan!'' Jolie said witha fist in the air.

"Hitmochan: HITMONCHAN is said to possess the spirit of a boxer who had been working towards a world championship. This POKéMON has an indomitable spirit and will never give up in the face of adversity. Keen Eye, Prevents loss of accuracy." ND said.

"Ok go Ariados!'' I yelled. I released my red, yellow, and black body Pokemon with purple legs and small white fangs. It looked at me with its red eyes and knew that he was battling again.

To Be Continued...

06-21-2004, 05:29 PM
Chapter 33 continued...

Jolie stared at her Pokemon, I stared at Ariados, Hitmochan smacked its fist together and Ariados dug a leg into the ground. Jolie looked up and stared at me with curiosity. I smiled seeing that Ariados was so determined to win.

"Ok buddy I know you can do this. Are you ready?" I asked Ariados.

"Yes. Aw man I can talk now, so everyone can hear me?" Ariados replied.

I chuckled some and shook my head, "No just me and our other friends, Pokemon I mean." Ariados nodded and basically took a leg to wipe its head.

"I knew it! You are the son of the Saffron Gym Leader!" Jolie yelled.

"Yep. Now can we just start."

"Ok, Hitmochan use fire punch!"

"String shot!"

A flame bursted onto Hitmochans left arm and it started to run towards Ariados. He just watched as the fighting Pokemon got closer. Than a spry of nice silky string hit Hitmochan's legs and tripped it. Hitmochan fell like a foot in front of Ariados.

"Break it Hitmochan!"

"No before it can use Poison Sting!"

Ariados shot open its mouth and needles flew out of it. They all hit Hitmochan and the Pokemon started to slide down the floor. The string broke, but to Jolie and Hitmochan that was the least of their worries. Hitmochan turned purple and shook, signifying its poisoned.

"Ok use...." I was cut off to Ariados's eyes turning red and a black ora filling the dojo. It covered Hitmochan and the fighting Pokemon was shot back. The brown Pokemon was hurt badly as it began to shake around. The poison was settling in.

"What was that?" I asked.

"I really don't know Nick." Ariados answered dumb founded. I picked up ND, but a voice behind me appeared.

"Its Night Shade son. A strong ghost and psycic move, now finish this!" My dad told me. I looked at him and smiled. I nodded than looked at Ariados.

"Stay there buddy." I told my spider Pokemon.

"Why?'' Ariados asked.

"What are you doing!" My dad yelled.

"Winning like a winner." I replied. Ariados looked at me and smiled. He understood now what I was thinking, a feeling came over me as if my Pokemon and I were now just one. It took me this long to have the feeling, but it was great.

''Fine you won't hit, I will! Psycic leader's son bunch of crap, no leader's son would be like this!" Jolie yelled.

"How would you know! I bet that you don't notice that every second is Hitmochan's last fight. The poison is draining him of energy. Bet you didn't notice that." I replied.

"I did, and I would know. My dad is Wattson from Hoenn. I wanted to use fighting Pokemon so he sent me to Brawly the fighting Pokemon leader in Hoenn. I bet you didn't know that. Oh well, use Ice Punch Hitmochan!" Jolie yelled.

Hitmochan stood up and ice covered its fist. The Pokemon began to run towards Ariados who stood his ground. The arm was sent back, but when it came foward it wasn't at a fast speed, it was slow and to Hitmochan it was surprising. The hit didn't do much, but give Ariados the chills. Hitmochan fell to the ground, eyes rolling.

"Return. But how did that happen?" Jolie asked loudly.

"Simple, string shot lowers speed. Also the poison was draining your Pokemon's health, so the weaker it got, the weaker its attacks got!" I said. Ariados walked over to me.

"Ok Nick, you can move on." Jolie said while opening some doors. Threw the doors was a man sitting on the floor, with a Hitmochan at his left and a Hitmolee at his right. I returned Ariados and picked up Corphish. My crab Pokemon was on my right shoulder.

I walked inside and the doors shut. I heard a TV come on and Jolie telling my dad he can watch from the television.

"Hello Nick are you ready?" The dojo master asked.

"Yes." I told him. I reached for Max's Pokeball.

To Be Continued...

06-23-2004, 04:33 AM
Chapter 33 continued...

I threw Max's Pokeball over to the middle of Steve and me. He pointed to Hitmolee and the Pokemon jumped in front of Max. My Pokemon stood his ground and Hitmolee kicked the air.

"Ok this is a two-on-two battle! Are you ready?" Steve asked me.

"Always. Ok Max use Crunch." I yelled.

Max began to run and opened his mouth. His jaw seemed to get bigger as Max chomped down on Hitmolee's left leg. The kicking Pokemon screamed in pain.

"Mega Kick it!" Steve yelled.

Hitmolee jumped up and its foot turned white. It zoomed over towards Max and WHACK!! Max was sent flying towards a wall. I got worried.

"Ok use flamethrower!" I yelled. Than the ora I felt earlier surronded Max and hit me. Mac opened its mouth and **** the flame towards Hitmolee. It was more intense than ever.

"Hi Jump Kick!" Steve yelled. Hitmolee jumped up, soaring over the flame of fire. Its left leg stuck out and hit Max in the jaw. Corphish looked up at me. I frowned. Max whimpered some, but got back up. Hitmolee landed on the ground again. Instead of waiting for a command, Max let off another Flamethrower. Again the intesity was really hi. It hit Hitmolee and the kicking Pokemon flew back.

"Thats great Max! Now use..." I was interupted.

"Its not over yet Nick. For you yes, but me no! Use Low Kick!" Steve yelled. Hitmolee began to run and than slid. Its right leg nailed Max's front two legs, tripping him. I frowned.

Max just laid there trying to get up. His eyes started to roll and than Max fell down. I returned him, and clipped his Pokeball on a belt loop. From behind the doors I could hear my dad yell no. He than said "Never give up Nick!"

I knew he knew I heard him.

"Ok Corphish, Max lost to Hitmolee and you are my last hope, please get out there and do it." I told my crab Pokemon.

"I will." He replied. Corphish jumped in front of me. He showed Hitmolee that he wasn't scared by smacking his claws together. I smiled, and this time the ora was stronger than any of my other Pokemon, Corphish and I shared such a bond that he seemed a lot stronger. The bond has brought ud here and later we will beat my dad. Though when I was thinking this one thing happened. The surprise of my journey. FLASH!! A white light formed around Corphish and he became bigger. The light went away and I saw a new Pokemon in Corphish's place. His claws were bigger, a yellow star was on its head and now he stood on two legs. Corphish evolved!

HM News---------> CORPHISH EVOLVED!!! The journey with Nick and COrphish has turned into a new Pokemon. What will this do to the relationship of the two. Will Nick and his new Pokemon be able to pull this off? Find out next time on NPJ.

Chapter 34: Nick vs. Steven Preview:

"Alright Crawdaunt use watergun on Hitmolee!" Crawdaunt nodded and opened one claw and shot a big long stream of water. Hitmolee was hit and KOed.

06-28-2004, 04:27 AM
Chapter 34: Nick vs. Steven Preview:

"Alright Crawdaunt use watergun on Hitmolee!" Crawdaunt nodded and opened one claw and shot a big long stream of water. Hitmolee was hit and KOed.

Chapter 34: Nick vs. Steven

I picked up ND to see what it said about my new Pokemon, "Crawdaunt: CRAWDAUNT has an extremely violent nature that compels it to challenge other living things to battle. Other life-forms refuse to live in ponds inhabited by this POKéMON, making them desolate places. Charestics: Hyper Cutter Prevents, ATTACK reduction. Shell Armor, blocks critical hits"

I smiled, now I knew we had this won. I looked at Crawdaunt and nodded, he nodded back.

"Ok use bubblebeam now!" I commanded. Black Belt Steven looked at me and frowned.

"Why would you pick that move? Your Crawdaunt is...." He than stopped and smiled. Crawdaunt opened his claws and shot two long beams of bubbles at Hitmolee, the kicking Pokemon jumped back and than fell cause one beam hit the Pokemon. Crawdaunt slashed the air.

"Crab Hammer!" I yelled. Crawdaunt's left claw turned white. It ran at Hitmolee with tons of speed, smacking the claw over a leg. The kicking Pokemon fell down and grabbed its leg.

"Now use watergun!" I commanded, "Crawdaunt you have changed a LOT! You're great and I will still remember you as my best buddy Corphish."

Crawdaunt smiled and than sucked in air, a gush of water a lot stronger than normal hit Hitmolee in the face. The gighting Pokemon just shot back and hit a wall. I looked at Hitmolee and got my revenge for it beating Max, its small black eyes were now large rolling eyes. Hitmolee was KOed. Steven grabbed a Pokeball and returned his fighting Pokemon. Then he nodded to Hitmochan. The punching Pokemon jumped onto the field.

"Ok Ice Punch!" Steven yelled. I shouted back, "Knock it away with watergun buddy!"

Hitmochan shot back its fist and ice covered it. Crawdaunt sucked in air, Hitmochan ran foward with the arm back and Crawdaunt shot a blast of water. The two got closer, though the blast hit first and shot the fighting Pokemon back. Hitmochan shot back up and ice covered her fist, the punching Pokemon ran foward again and hit Crawdaunt in the face. My Pokemon shot back.

"AAAAAA COLD!" Crawdaunt yelled, I chuckled at bit. "Ok serious now buddy, use watergun again than crab hammer." I said.

Hitmochan looked at Crawdaunt who sucked in air. Than another blast of water nailed Hitmochan in the face and eyes.

"AAAAAAA I can't see!" Hitmochan said. I thought, so I can hear other Pokemon too, awesome now the other cant hide a move. YES!! Hitmochan got on its right knee and Crawdaunt's left claw turned white. Again my Pokemon's speed was so remarkable, that all I saw was a slap across Hitmochan's face. The Pokemon was on the ground not moving. Its eyes were also rolling and the right arm was spralled across the floor. I jumped up and peaced the air just like my cousin Ash Ketchum. Crawdaunt sliced the air and Steven returned his Pokemon.

"Good job Nick. You won fair and square so like I said you can take one of the three Pokeballs back here, the choices are the left one is Hitmolee, the middle one is a Johto Pokemon called Hitmotop and the right one is Hitmochan. So what will you take?" Steven asked me.

I returned Crawdaunt to his Pokeball and clipped it to one of my belt loops, than I looked at the three Pokeballs. I looked at the left and remembered the two battles with Hitmolee and than the right, remembering the two battles with Hitmochan. I looked at the middle knowing I did not know anything about Hitmotop so I didn't even bother.

I pointed to the right one, "I want the punching Pokemon Hitmochan." Steven nodded and grabbed the Pokeball. He put it in my hand and it dissapeared. I knew it went to the babysitter Stephen's place. I shook black belt Steven's hand and walked out the doors, after me was some kid with green hair. My dad looked at me and my smile was a mile long.

"So you won I take the feeling." I nodded yes and he smiled, "Ok lets go to the gym, after you heal your Pokemon." I nodded and we walked out of the gym.

HM News------------> So Nick won and got a new Pokemon! What will he do with his Pokemon? Also will Crawdaunt do a lot with Nick's next match? Find out next time on NPJ.

Chapter 35: Clash of Father and Son 2

"Two-on-two Nick. Ok. I will use Kadabra first." My dad said, I nodded and he released the yellow Pokemon I lost to earlier. I grabbed Duskull's Pokeball and threw it out.

My ghost Pokemon appeared, "This is were I win dad!"

07-03-2004, 02:47 PM
Chapter 35: Clash of Father and Son 2

I was in the Pokecenter waiting for my Pokemon to be healed. I knew that the battle ahead was going to be a long and hard one at that. BING!! The bell went off, so I waited to hear if it was my Pokemon.

"Nick your Pokemon are ready." Nurse Joy said on a speaker. I got off a red coushined bench and started towards the desk. I was than stopped by some guy dressed in all black. He turned to me and it was Doug. He noticed me and smiled.

"Nick my old friend nice to see..." I interuppted him.

"Not now, I am going to face my dad for a badge." I said to him with no patience to talk after he and Katie left me for Team Rocket. I was up at the front desk and picked up all my Pokeballs. I clipped them to my belt loop. Than Nurse Joy told me something.

"Your dad uses Psycic Pokemon as you know. I read off the computer of your Pokemon attacks and noticed you have Ariados and Duskull. Ariados's Psycic should do good for you and Ghost Pokemon are the best kind to face off against Psycic Pokemon." Nurse Joy said. I nodded and walked over to a computer. I dialed Stephen's number to the daycare.

A white light appeared on the screen and than it blue it said ringing. I waited for about three rings when Stephen answered it. His hair was black and he wored a red shirt from what I could see. His face had a smile on it.

"Hello Nick, I got your Hitmochan, its doing great. How you've been?" He asked.

"Good. I am glad to hear you got my Pokemon and oh yeah, Cyndaquil evolved into a shiny Quilava." I told him.

"Awesome, I always knew that Pokemon had something in it. So what can I do for you?'' He asked.

"Well I would like to have Hitmochan, so I will be sending Pidgeotto." I told him. I unclipped Pidgetto's Pokeball and placed it on a green hole. I saw Stephen grab a Pokeball and return a Pokemon than placing it down.

"Ok here it comes." He said to me. My Pokeball vaniched and on the screen I could see Hitmochan's Pokeball coming from his screen to my screen and Pidgeotto vice versa. Finally Hitmochan's Pokeball was in my face. I grabbed it and clipped it to Pidgeotto's belt loop.

"I got it Stephen, thank you." I said. He nodded and we hung up. I stood up from the computer and walked out the doors towards my dad's gym. I ran to the gym cause I really wanted to test myself now. I needed to beat him also so I can advance. I oushed open the doors and walked into the gym. I saw my dad inside the room were the battle takes place.

I entered threw the door to get ready and fight my dad. He stood on the black box while I was on the purple, this time there was no ref.

"Thought it would be better to fight just us two." He told me.

"Yeah thats better." I replied.

""Two-on-two Nick. Ok. I will use Kadabra first." My dad said, I nodded and he released the yellow Pokemon I lost to earlier. I grabbed Duskull's Pokeball and threw it out.

My ghost Pokemon appeared, "This is were I win dad!'' Duskull came out and yawned some and noticed he was battling. Kadabra just stared at the ghost Pokemon like petrafied. I remembered that Joy told me that Ghost Pokemon had a better chance of beating Psyicic Pokemon.

"Use Psycic Kadabra!" My dad yelled at his Pokemon.

"Night Shade!" I commanded. Kadabra's eyes went all red and I could feel a vibe of some strange waves. Duskull's eyes turned black and I could feel a diffrent vibe of something else. Kadabra than shot back and Duskull forcely kept in place. The two attacks stopped and Kadabra was seriously hurt. I noticed that this plan might work.

"Who should I use next though?" I thought. "I can use Hitmochan or Ariados." I looked back at the battle. I cleared my mind seeing that Duskull basically had this match.

"Ok buddy use Night Shade again!" I yelled. Again Duskull's eyes turned black as again I felt that vibe. I knew this would be a strong move.

"Teleport!" My dad yelled. In front of my own eyes and the wave, Kadabra just vanished....

To Be Continued...

07-03-2004, 06:20 PM
Chapter 35 continued...

I looked at Duskull and in front of him. I saw nothing that looked ordianary. Than behind Duskull a wave of light appeared and Kadabra appeared.

"Watch out Duskull!" I yelled.

"Why?" Duskull asked.

"Use Psycic!" My dad yelled. Kadabra's eyes turned red as a vibe shot at Duskull, my ghost Pokemon was hit. Duskull was sent flying into a wall, except instead of hitting it, he went straight threw

"Hahahahahahahaha! Thats one Pokemon down Nick. If your Pokemon leaves the battle area it counts as one." My dad said.

"Nice trick dad, but not nice enough look again!" I yelled. Duskull floated up in the top of the arena, " All he did was just go invisible and floated to the top."

"AAAAAhhhhhh! Thats too bad for you because now Kadabra can finish him off. Use..." My dad began.

I looked up at Duskull who had black waves all around him. In the middle of his body a black ball appeared, very small. The black waves started to connect to the small ball making it bigger, bigger and finally as big as Duskull.

"A shadow ball!" My dad yelled. "Ok fine, Kadabra you use Shadow Ball too."

"Huh? Oh yeah I've seen this attack." I looked at Kadabra who was almost done with its ball. "Fire it off now Duskull!" I yelled.

Duskull shot the big black ball at Kadabra. Kadabra had finished when the big ball was half way to it. My day nodded and the Psycic rat shot its ball. When the two attacks hit it was real close to Kadabra, like ten feet in front of him. About a whole minute the attacks were just stand still.

The ball began to go towards Duskull and than in like the next second it was going after Kadabra. BOOM!!! The two attacks finally collapsed. A huge black light appeared and covered the gym. Kadabra yelled in pain and Duskull yelled too.

The light went away and Duskull still floated were he was. Kadabra was on the ground looking really hurt from the blast. Since it was closer to the two Shadow Balls. I continued to stare at the Pokemon and Kadabra started to stand up.

"Finish this Duskull and use Night Shade!" I yelled. Kadabra collapsed on the floor and eyes were spinning. That signified the psycic rat is KOed, and I have only one Pokemon left to beat so I can take the badge.

My dad returned his Pokemon and threw out another Pokeball. Out came a small green looking Pokemon with a white dress on and long green hair, that covered its eyes. I just looked at the Pokemon confused, because I have never seen this Pokemon before.

"This is my only girl Pokemon named Ralts. She might be small, buts she can pack a punch! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" My dad said.

I grabbed Duskull's Pokeball and returned him. I than put my pointy fingure on Ariados's Pokeball and my middle fingure on Hitmochan's Pokeball. I wondered which Pokemon I would use, slowly I lifted up my middle fingure, but quickly put it back on. I slowly took off my pointy fingure and completly did, I dropped Hitmochan's Pokeball, releasing my fighting Pokemon.

"I guess we can have our first battle now. You can do it Hitmochan." I told my new Pokemon.

"I... will... do my best." He said. Hitmochan punched the air and I smiled. I looked at the new Pokemon Ralts and didn't even pick up ND to get its description. I would wait till after the match. I still have two Pokemon left while he has only one. I am really hoping Hitmochan could do this.

"Use Psycic Ralts!" My dad yelled. Ralts eyes turned red and again a vibe appeared. I tried to pick it up, but Hitmochan was lifted up.

"Don't move a lot Hitmochan!" I commanded. I watched and waited, Hitmochan just floated in one area and than slammed to the ground. Ralts started to work on my Pokemon. Aftter about two slams after the first, Hitmochan was shot back into a wall. I watched my Pokemon to see what would happen to him. My fighting Pokemon laid in one area.

"Ok Ralts use..."

To Be Continued...

07-05-2004, 11:12 PM
Wow, this is a great battle HM. You did a great job on planning it out and writing it down. I can't wait to see what happens to Hitmonchan. Can't wait for more!

07-07-2004, 09:50 PM
Chapter 35 continued

I looked at the field and then my dad. He stopped what he said, smiling while thinking of his attack. I had a chance.

"Ok use fire punch!" I yelled. Hitmochan stuck his hand back, starting to run towards Ralts. My dad looked at my Pokemon quickly. Before he called Ralts to dodge, Hitmochan nailed the psycic Pokemon. The Pokemon went flying into a wall, falling onto her back.

"Ok use a ice punch!" I commanded.

"Protect!" My Dad shouted. As ice covered Hitmochan's knuckles on his fist, Ralts eyes turned yellow. My punching Pokemon ran towards Ralts beggining to punch. He stuck his arm back and...WHAM!!! Something stopped the icy punch, my jaw dropped.

"Ok than use psybeam Ralts." My dad yelled. Ralts looked at Hitmochan with a purple and black beam coming towards the fighting Pokemon. The brown Pokemon shot back intoa wall behind me. My Pokemon seemed really weak. I frowned, but didn't want to return my Pokemon because I know that he had a chance. My dad just hung his head down in disbelief.

"Use Mach Punch buddy." I said. "Man finally, know.....we can start....this battle." Hitmochan replied back to me. My dad shot his head up.

"Future sight!" He yelled. Ralts eyes went blue, I know that my Pokemon had to attack before Ralts could summon anything. Hitmochan had a feeling also, he ran almost at light speed it seemed. When I looked at Ralts, I saw a red fist nailed the Psycic Pokemon, it went back into the wall. I smiled, but it quickly dissapeared as I noticed Ralts eyes were still blue and then they stopped.

"Ok recover." My dad commanded. Ralts's body turned clear almost and she began to stand up. Her body returned to normal, showing Ralts at almost perfect health.

"See Nick won't matter how much damage you do, nothing will really work. HAHAHAHA!" My dad told me.

"Thats what you see." I replied. "Mach Punch!" Hitmochan again ran at light speed nailing Ralts in the gut, sending her flying up into the ceiling.

"Woah!" I yelled. Ralts began to fall down to the ground. At a really fast speed, SMACK!!!! she hit the concrete floor, with a cry. I smiled.

"No it won't end this way!" My dad yelled and it didn't. A gust of wind appeared, I noticed were it came from....the left. I looked over to the left and a blue beam started coming towards Hitmochan. Ralts was beside him.

"Jump up Hitmochan!"

"What are you doing Nick!?"

Hitmochan nodded, as the beam closed in, my Pokemon jumped up even with his short legs. Hitmochan managed to jump over the beam sucesfully. BAM!!! The beam hit Ralts nailing her into the wall. The attack was pretty long, so Hitmochan didn't have much time in the air, he came down and BAM!!! Both Pokemon were hit. Ralts was barely up, but Hitmochan was Koed.

"Good job buddy, return." I said. I unclipped the Pokeball and returned my fighting Pokemon. I clipped it back to the belt loop and threw out Duskull's Pokeball. My ghost Pokemon appeared and was ready to fight.

"Lets finish this."

"Ralts use recover!" My dad yelled. Ralts body went clear again.

"NO! Use shadow ball Duskull." I commanded. My ghost Pokemon quickly collected the first part of the ball, Ralts was still being healed. The second part appeared, Ralts was almost done. The ball was finished, so was Ralts, but the ball shot off. The Psycic Pokemon looked at the attacking ball. WHAM!!! Ralts was hit and shot back. I looked at my Dad's Pokemon, her eyes were rolling. I had finally won! Ralts was KOed, I was glad for winning the badge and beating my dad.

Though I knew I could finally find out what my family is really, I wasn't so happy.

"Well Nick here you go, the TM Psybeam and for your victory, the Marsh Badge." My dad said handing me a box and a badge that looked like fog. I clipped the badge under the Thunder Badge. ''So like I promised I will tell....''

I cut him off, "No dad I don't care anymore I have some of what I need. Maybe some other time, but i need to worry about my journey untill I am done with everything. Maybe you can call me the first of the month and give me bits and pieces."

He nodded and smile. Than asked, ''Could I keep your Duskull, help train him? Then when you are at the Indigo League give him back."

I looked at my ghost Pokemon.

"What do you think?" I asked Duskull.

"I am good with it." He replied. I nodded, returning my Pokemon, than handing him to my dad. My dad took the Pokeball and we hugged eachother.

"Till next time Nick." He said.

"Till next time." I replied. I let go of him and walked out of the gym. I had a smile on my face, becuase I finally met my dad and beat him. I walked out and the doors opened, I headed towards the Pokecenter.

07-09-2004, 06:30 AM
Chapter 36: Zach vs. Nick; Rematch of The Month

I walked over to the computer while my Pokemon were being healed. I dialed babysitter's Staphen number and his face and a red collar appeared on the computer.

"Hey Nick so I looked up on the computer and saw that you beat your dad, but don't own Duskull." Stephen opened up the conversation.

"Yeah, to my dad though, but I can still use him when I want. Though what I called ofr is to have my Pidgeotto back." I told him.

"I figured and had him ready to go." Stephen said. A flash appeared under my nose and Pidgeotto's Pokeball was there. I nodded showing thank you and he turned off his computer.

I walked away from the screen and looked at the desk. Nurse Joy nodded me over, so I clipped the Pokeball to one of my belt loops. I walked to the desk and grabbed my Pokeballs that were on a tray. Joy walked to a room called poison control.

I walked towards the glas sliding doors when I heard a voice.

"Well Nick I guess you can't say hi anymore."

I turned around to see Chris and Zach. They stood there with a smile on.

"Hey guys!" I said.

"Saw your match on ESPN Pokemon. Nice wins, that Duskull is strong. I would never want to fight it." Zach said laughing.

"Well I guess you can't unless I see you in the Indigo League. My dad is training him for me." I told them. Zach and Chris jumped up, they never heard of someone training your own Pokemon. "Its not that big of a deal."

"He's right," Chris replied.

"So Nick how about we step outside and I get a rematch from last time." Zach said to me.

"Sure why not." I told him. The glass doors slid open, Chris, Zach and I stepped outside. I saw a grass field and walked over to it. "This looks like a good place to battle.

"Ok," Chris said to the side, ''I will be the ref for this battle! This is going to be a two-on-two battle. Begin now!"

Sach grabbed a Pokeball and threw it. What appeared was his Chikorita, I smiled releasing Pidgeotto. My brown and white Pokemon did flips in the air. Zach nodded showing he was ready.

"Ok ise Razor Leaf Chikorita!" Zach commanded. The grass Pokemon with leaf on its head swung it around. Five leaves shot from the Pokemon's head.

"Dodge it with Agility!" I told my Pokemon. The leaves started towards the Pokemon and he dodged them by going at super speed. All leaves missed at a enormus range. I chuckled a bit seeing Zach thought he could get my Pokemon.

"Alright use Wing Attack!" I yelled. Pidgeotto turned towards Chikorita with white wings. The green Pokemon was smacked in the face, being sent back.

"Ok use Vine Whip." Zach said. The Pokemon began to shot from vines out from its side. One wrap around Pidgeotto's legs, the other smacked him in the right wing. Chikorita smacked Pidgeotto on the ground, letting it go.

"Oh, that hurt Nick!" Pidgeotto told me. "Keep in there and use quick attack!"

Pidgeotto shot up and began to lunge towards Chikorita.

"Use Double Team!" Zach yelled. All of a sudden ten little grass Pokemon surronded Pidgeotto. My bird Pokemon flew threw one a it dissapeared.

"AAAAA! That wasn't cool."

"Of course it was Nick. Now use Razor Leaf!"

All nine Chikorita's swung its grass blades around.

"When hit use Quick Attack from the direction of the hit!" The Razor leaves hit Pidgeotto. Eight went threw and dissapeared, one hit, in the left leg. Pidgeotto picked up speed. With fast and a forceful hit, Chikorita was hit, being shot back. The Pokemon rolled for a little while, finally stopping.

I looked closely and the Pokemon's eyes were rolling. That signified I won the first round, but still have one more. I knew he would use Yanma. Chris raised his right arm, Zach returned his Chikorita.

"Pidgeotto wins round one! Round two begin!" Chris yelled.

"Ok Nick time to take this into overtime. Go Yanma!'' Zach said while throwing a green Pokeball in the air. A green bodied, with two big white eyes dragonfly appeared. I looked at Pidgeotto.

"Can you still fight?" I asked my bird Pokemon.

"Yeah, I will do my best." Pidgeotto replied.

To Be Continued...

07-15-2004, 03:19 AM
Chapter 36 continued...

I looked at my bird Pokemon noticing he was a little tired down. Though Pidgeotto told me he could still battle.

"Ok use Wing Attack!" I commanded.

"Sonicboom Yanma!" Zach told his Pokemon. Pidgeotto's wings turned white and began to fly after the dragonfly Pokemon. Yanma flapped its wings at Pidgeotto sending it back with a loud BOOM!! My Pokemon was shot back onto the ground. I watched silently to see if he would get up. No.

"Pidgeotto can no longer battle! Yanma wins the round!" Shouted Chris. "Round two over! Began round three!"

I grabbed Pidgeotto's Pokeball and returned him. I clipped the Pokeball onto my belt loop, than grabbed Max's Pokeball. I threw it out and released my Hondoom. The black dog barked and the bones on his back shined in the sun. I smiled, but knew the match isn't over.

"Ok Max use Tackle!" I commanded. The Hondoom started running at Yanma. He jumped in the air with shoulder down. When it went to hit, Yanma moved out of the way. Hondoom landed on the ground and fell face first into dirt. I frowned.

"Ok Yanma use Psybeam!" Zach told his Pokemon. The green dragonfly eye's turned purple as its hot a beam of purple light at Max. It hit and shot the dark dog backwards into the grass plain. Zach smiled, I was staring at Max. After a little while he stood up.

"Sonicboom!" Zach yelled.

"Move out of the way and use flamethrower." I told Max.

Yanma flapped its wings and a loud BOOM appeared. I looked at Max who moved out of the way, Zach knew his Pokemon missed. My Pokemon shot a fire line at Yanma trapping it in the core of the attack. The bug Pokemon flew down to the ground, but shot back up.

"Ok Bite attack!" I commanded. Hondoom started to run, opening its jaws and bit down onto Yanma's right wing. It wasn't over yet, but I figured Max had this one.

"Oh man......got it! Flap your wings Yanma!"

The bug Pokemon flapped its wings up and down, making Max go up and down. I was thinking of something, to get this victory. Before I came up with it,, Hondoom fell off. I frowned.

"Finish it with Psybeam."

Yanma's eyes turned purple as it shot the attack at Max. A purple beam hit Max, finishing the battle. I saw my Pokemon and his eyes were rolling.

"Zach wins, this battle will end with rivalry now two-one." Chris said laughing. "Nick you still lead him in this rivalry." I returned Max and clipped the Pokeball to one of my belt loops. Zach and I shook hands.

"Till next time Zach and Chris," I told the two of them. They both answered back except with Nick at the end of it. I continued my way down to Fushcia City ready to win my next badge.

Spoilers: Remember the black Charizard Nick had in the original NPJ, well it returnes as a catchy not an evolvey, lol. Also Nick's cousin Cole joins up with him for the rest of the advanture.

07-15-2004, 03:41 AM
Great battle HM! I'm glad to see Zach win, afterall the best become the best by learning from losts! Also, great spoiler :wink: I'm glad to see you know who come back to a Nick fic :biggrin:

07-19-2004, 12:19 AM
Chapter 37: Road to Fuschia

I walked out of the Pokecenter in Cylindar Town. I looked foward and saw a bridge that Nurse Joy called a "Bike Path". While waiting for my Pokeon to be healed, I grabbed one-thousand dollars from my gym ssavings account. I walked towards a shop called "Bike Shop".

I started to walk in when I looked to my left and saw a boy one inch shorter than me, buzzed light brown hair, gray shirt and red silk basketball shorts. He was biking on a light blue bike. As soon as I saw his face, I know it was my cousin Cole. On his lap was a Pokeball with eyes.

"Cole! Whats up buddy?!" I yelled to him. He snapped his neck to see who I was and when he noticed me, he looked shocked.

"Nick, its really you!" My cousin shouted. Cole began to bike towards me, jumped off his bike with his Pokeball rolling behind him, than hugging me. I saw on his shirt eight badges, his Pokeball looked up with confusion.

"Man its been a while," Cole said breaking the silence.

"Yeah two years. See you got all eight badges." I replied.

"Oh yeah! Cole Rousy Pokemon Elite." Cole said, standing like Superman. "Voltorb and I have been with eachother for a while."

"Cool I am on y way for my sixth badge. My first Pokemon was Corphish who evolved and now is a Crawdaunt. My other Pokemon are Pidgeotto, Ariados, Quilava who is a shiney, Hitmachan and Hondoom. My dad is watching my Duskul and training him. What about you?" I asked.

"Oh I have over twenty Pokemon so I well just name my team. Voltorb, Sealeo, Crobat, Blastoise, Arbok and Vaporean." Cole replied. I lifted up ND.

ND said, "Voltorb: Usually found in Power Plants. Easily mistaken for a Pokeball, they have zapped many people. Charestics: Soundproof, avoids sound base moves. Static: Paralyzes on contact.

Sealeo: Sealeo has the habit of allways juggling on the tip of its nose anything it sees for the first time. This Pokemon occasionally entertains itself by balancing and rolling Spheal on its nose. Charestic: Thick Fat, heat-and-cold protection.

Crobat: It flies so silently through the dark on its four wings that it may not be noticed even when nearby. Charestic: Inner Focus, prevents flinching.

Blastoise: Once it takes aim at its enemy, its blast out water with even more force than a fire hose. Charestic: Torrent, ups water moves in a pinch.

Arbok: It is rumored that the ferocious warning markings on its belly differ from area to area. Charestics: Intimidate, lowers the foe's attack. Shed skin, heals the body by shedding.

Vaporean: Lives close to water. Its long tail rigged with a fin which is often mistaken for a mermaid's. Charestic: Water absorb, changes water into HP."

I closed ND and nodded, "Nice team you have there. So what did you think of my dad, who is the Safffron Gym Leader, and Uncle Giovanni?"

"Well your dad took me twice for me to beat. He was one of the toughest that I faced. Anyways, I knew he was your dad, he told me. For Uncle Giovanni you will have to figure that out on your own. Well I need to go, I want to make Fuschia by night." Cole said, sticking out his right hand.

"Cole I am heading for Fuschia also. How about we travel together form here to the Indigo League? All my other traveling partners left cause we had diffrent passions. We have the same to win the Indigo League." I told Cole, he thought for a second.

"Ummm...heck yeah! I was hoping you would ask. Lets do it!" Cole replied.

I nodded, quickly ran inside, didn't know why I was almost listening to Cole because he is younger by seven months, but oh well. I saw a man with black hair, gray button down shirt and surfing shorts on. I didn't mind cause of Cylindar Town was by the beach. The man walked up to the counter.

"What can I help you with man? My name is Tod with one d." The man said with a surfer's accent.

"I want your best bike in red," I told Tod. He smiled, rung it up, and ran to the back. When he came back a bike was ith him, which was all red with nothing else on it, besides a black button on the left handle bar.

"The Nerk Ten Speed. This button her allows the bike to become a small box, that you can pack in your bag or pocket dude. There is also no extra weight. Its awesome and only for on-thousand five hundred dollars." Tod said. So I grabbed that amount out of my wallet, placed it on the counter and walked outside with the bike. Tod counted the money and began to walk to the back.

"Thanks Tod with one d" I said.

"Your welcome. Hey!" He replied and I closed the door. Cole was waiting on his bike with Voltorb on his lap. I hopped on mine, the two well three of us biked off.

To Be Continued...

08-08-2004, 07:11 PM
Well it has been a while since I last posted. My internet is not working in my room so I will have a few post once in a while. Well here is the final chapter to Nick's Pokemon Journey, next the Indigo Journey.

Chapter 37 continued...

Cole and I were getting closer to the bridge when we saw that five kids were surronding it. I stopped to see a big black dragon with red eyes standing in the way of the bike path. Four kids held there Pokemon in their arms and on just stood there shocked.

"Wow that Pokemon is strong. I thought my Dustox could take it." One boy said holding a moth looking Pokemon. Another kid holding a horse with fire on it looked at the dragon Pokemon.

"It even tooked down my Ponyta." The girl screamed with tears running down her cheeks.

I grabbed ND and it said, "Charizard: This is the final evolution to Charmander. This Pokemon could send blast that are so hot the heat melts everything. Charestics, Blaze, pinches up fire moves."

"A Charizard huh? Well I am going to catch it. Alright go Crawdaunt!" I yelled releasing my strongest Pokemon. My red crab Pokemon with a golden star on his forehead stood in front of the Pokemon. The two tried to intimidate the other. Charizard slashed the air, Crawdaunt snipped one claw, Charizard roared and Crawdaunt shot water at the dragon Pokemon feet.

The black dragon looked upset so it shot a line of fire at Crawdaunt.

"Watergun!" I yelled. The flame shot at Crawdaunt, but in a few seconds my Pokemon had a jet of water strike the flamethrower. The two attacks stayed equal for a while. I watched and noticed some smoke appear, than the watergun took complete control. Charizard was hit by the blast and sent back. Smoke covered the whole battle field.

"Ok I can't see, but I know you can Crawdaunt so use Crab Hammer!" I commanded.

Crawdaunt's right claw turned white and he ran into the smoke. Than another white object appeared. I watched for a few seconds, then Crawdaunt slammed by my feet. The smoke started to clear.

When I looked up Charizard was flapping its wings in the air making the smoke clear. Five fire balls were shot at Crawdaunt, all hitting.

"An ember attack. Well two can play like that." I said.

"What do you want me to do Nick?" Crawdaunt asked. "Use bubblebeam," I replied.

Crawdaunt shot open his claws and released two jets of water at Charizard hitting the Pokemon. Charizard began to fall hitting the hard earth ground.

"Ok try another Crab Hammer!" I yelled. Crawdaunt's left claw turned white and he shot towards Charizard. The dragon Pokemon quickly stood up and grabbed the claw. Crawdaunt tried with the other but failed as Charizard grabbed that one two.

The black dragon shot up into the air, spinning circles at a fast speed. Than Charizard shot down at tremendous speed for the ground. They were five feet away from touching when Charizard tried to let go of Crawdaunt, but my crab Pokemon graspped Charizard's arms. Both fell hard onto the ground. I watched some more because dirt and dust filled the battle field.

Cole looked at me and winked, though also frowned.

"Who do you think won?" I asked.

"Neither." Cole answered as he pointed to the two Pokemon. Both Crawdaunt and Charizard were are KOed. So I grabbed a Pokeball and threw it at Charizard. The ball sucked in the Pokemon and one...two...three...PING!!! Charizard was captured. Cole gave me a hi-five and I returned my Pokemon. A white light appeared around Charizard's Pokeball and it dissapeared, signifing Stephen just got it. The four kids clapped, but the girl didn't. She just shrugged her shoulder's and biked off.

Cole and I got onto the bike path, because the four other kids let us go before them. It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. The bridge was over water, and wild Pokemon swam in the waters. Some Pokemon were on the bank.

...Later That Night...

Cole and I reached the bike path. A sign said: Fuschia City straight ahead. I looked foward and saw a liten up city with a Pokecenter, Pokemart, Gym that has a purple roof and a big white buidling. I made it to Fuschia and tomorrow I will battle for my sixth badge.

Spoiler: Next Indigo Journey!