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Xlugon Pyro
04-09-2007, 07:02 AM
Pre-I: Scars of War

Nearly 1,000 years ago, a terrible war split the world in to ruin. The Shadowmaw Legion fought the Aezmarr Alliance for possession over the world, Omenaar. Guided by the converted hand of Aamaki, savage hordes rose amongst the ranks of the legion and crushed the dark army in to pieces. Though returning light to the world came at a grave price. Racism sprung amongst the races of the Alliance towards the Hordes for the grave damage their kin did to their empires. The hordes fled far west, away from the newly liberated races of the Alliance. To this day, that hatred for the hordes and the legion still burn, and a deep desire to whipe all non human beings from the world burns fiercely in their souls. Even worse, the land still burns. The darkness still stands, and few realize it.

Not all hordes escaped to the west. The northern humans, half elves and dwarves guided by Lithiugh rounded up the ogres and lupine gnolls in camps and later let them free in the northern mountains and woodlands after being convinced of their devotion to justice. While the gnolls and ogres honor the forgiving light of Lithiugh, spiritual rituals still are a way of life for these people. Southern humans, high elves, and gnomes under Soroshei also followed a camp like system as they rounded up the cyclops and goblins. The crafty goblins were not enslaved for long but were quickly offered an alliance of convenience in return for peace. Cyclops were soon used in military and rebuilding operations and proved to be great builders. In exchange for loyalty, the cyclops were offered a forested southern colony near the bottom of the world.

In the eastern and northern isles, sylvan elves, their treoot allies, sly fox and cat-like hybrid kixu, and the wingless fairy-like fey took to a more harmonious way to convert the defeated hordes. Trolls were immediately offered a home in the vast swamps and jungles of the elves' great kingdom. The art of druidism and devotion to Nethserue, including introduction to the ways of nature quickly drew the attention of the trolls. As for the escaped hordes of the west, the wooly draconic drokth, the reclusive scaled ssilik, the agile rabbit-like kobolds, the converted storm elves, and the industrious mantis like revekther live their days in hiding under the protection of Aamaki across the greatly varying climates of the western isles.

However, the Shadowmaw Legion was not truly destroyed, only shattered. Hiding in the northern and southern poles of the world hide the forces of Undhemekh. Shade elves, cryptically mutated humans, dark ghost-like etherukh, hulked over zombie-like zombraath, and red-skinned demonic orcs make up the cryptic destroyers of Undhemekh's frozen army. Still plotting the eradication of all 'infidels', the unknown forces of the arctic bring up many questions of the future.

Aezmarr Empire
Guided by the valorous god Lithiugh, citizens of the vast continent Aezmarr seek to vanquish evil and establish order. Traditionally, northern humans and dwarves were the main devotees to Lithiugh, but recently the half elves, gnolls, and ogres reluctantly accepted their ways while mostly keeping to themselves.

Sohlecht Nation
The knowledge seekers of the arcane goddess Soroshei upon the continent of Sohlecht honor the power of knowledge and seek answers and knowledge wherever it lies. Southern humans, gnomes, and high elves have always sought her ways, but now the goblins and cyclops see it as a way of redemption.

Easthor Guard
Defenders of nature and devotion to the nature goddess Nethserue and inhabitants of the many isles of Easthor, the defense of nature is in high pursuit. Sylvan elves, the fey, kixu, and the treoot being of nature themselves forever have never halted to defend Nethserue's ways. Now the trolls have curiously joined in the defense with a curious and enthusiastic attitude.

Xo'jugh Horde
Scattered outcasts safeguarded by the free wanderer goddess Aamaki, trouble never escapes the drokth, storm elves, ssilik, kobolds, and the revekther. Hated by all, scattered, and left behind in technology thousands of years in the past, only the guiding sympathetic light of Aamaki lead the people of the Xo'jugh isles. Even the storm elves, being converted shade elves brings a toll on the survivability of these people.

Vodhuar Legion
Cold plague bringers of the god Undhemekh hide out in the fozen lifeless arctic and antarctic of Omenaar. Beginning the bloody war 1,000 years ago, the shade elves and cultist humans, now mutated in to a more fiendish form plot a cold revenge on the other races. Bloodthirsty orcs and the risen-from-the-dead etherukh and the zombraath eagerly ally themselves with this dark power to bring plague and darkness to all.

First we will cover the status of the Xo'jugh Horde. Grudges still hold and the factions/teams had a whole millenium to repair and grow. The drums of war are about to beat again, but are the hordes of Xo'jugh ready for it? For centuries the people struggled to etch out a living amongst the harsh western isles. The drokth still struggle for peace amongst their clans in the western mountains and glades. Revekther have built many nests and hives amongst the wastelandish revh isles and struggle for resources. Kobolds live reclusively and feudal in their massive warrens in the central grasslands while the ssilik suffer from disease and famine in the southeastern jungles. Harsh climate changes afflict the storm elves who have built sky high structures hidden in the clouds.

With fear of war on the horizon and rumor of multiple invasions aimed at Xo'jugh, life looks bleak for the hordes of these western isles. But are these people so prepared to fall easily? Is there a chance of survival?

Sign-ups are coming along with more information, but for now I got to sleep. If you have any questions or comments, please share here. Hope you all will enjoy the RP once I get it started!