View Full Version : mtg: Wild Pair Midrange

04-12-2007, 03:52 AM
4x scrying sheets
4x breeding pool
7x snow-covered island
9x snow-covered forest

4x Tidesprout Tyrant
2x Rimefeather Owl
3x Teferi
2x Simic Sky Swallower
2x Gleancrawler
2x Brooding Saurian
4x Wall of Roots
1x Indrik Stomphowler

3x Mark of Eviction
4x Into the North
4x Wild Pair
4x Hunting Wilds
1x Gaea's Blessing

Well this breaks enough rules to make people puke. Anyway, the deck starts off with a turn 1 mark (if applicable), and then follow up with a turn 2 into the north to find either coloured mana (fix), or sheets for potential card advanatage. Wall of roots is also applicable here. turn 3 I have 4 mana, so I'll accelerate up to 6 mana there. On turn 4, I drop a wild pair. Turn 5, I should be able to play anything up to 8 mana (hint: anything I have), and tutor out something else that's freaky. Like 2x tyrants.

All parts of the 2-4-6 curve have dropoff points as well. The 2 mana-dropoff point also is an accelerator.

The 4 mana drop-off is a 4/4 that kills stealing strategies (well when you have so many fatties, it's logical to have this). 5-drops go to Teferi and the 4/4 (though I kept 1 copy for wild pair tutoring, really).

I actually don't have a 6-mana play, but it shouldn't matter too much.

This spread of creatures is good for stopping extirpate, etc. from killing the deck as easily. Gaea's blessing guards against mill. Also, Wild Pair lets me play toolbox in my deck (like the 1 Indrik), which will warrant more consideration. I still don't have a clue why this came from me trying to figure out a way to abuse Braids...

Well, it's just your typical midrange deck. ;)

Cards in consideration: