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08-26-2004, 09:02 PM

* Heart Beats *
Everyones Favourite Game
* Heart Beats Again *
8 Completely Different Teams
* Heart Beats One More Time *
The Winner Takes The Cup

* Shots Fired *
' What Does This Button Do? '
' I'll stay if it's the only thing i do. - 15 Minutes Later, *Snores and sleeps* '

*Dramatic Action Thriller Music*
Counter-Strike Has Never Been So Crazy, UNTIL NOW
The N00bs: ' Where am'i? '
The Hackers: ' Let's Hack These bas***** wooo! '
Camping Rebels: ' U'll Stay Here And Guard, That's the Easy Way! '
The Pros: ' Hump! '
The Bullet-Time Bozos: ' HAHA Ur so slow '
The Suicides: ' GGGGAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! *Fires Bullets* '
Lone Wolf: ' I Don't Need A Team, I WORK ALONE......... ' And........
The Knife Ninjas: 'We Don't Need Guns, Knifes Are The Answer'


Coming To PE2K Fics soon................

'errrrrr....... YAY A GUN! *BANG* '

What u think? :oops:

08-26-2004, 10:41 PM
Match 1

The N00b's
The Hackers

*before match time*
Hacker 1: Heh Would u Believe It, us against N00bs there so gonna get owned.
Hacker 2: Ur tell me, Look at the latest cheat patch for CS V1.6
*Shows off his Bazooka*
Others: *claps* Very nice! Alright!

*In The N00b's Locker Room*
N00b 1: Omg, I'm I'm so nervous
N00b 2: Don't Worry We'll Know The Basics Somehow.........
*N00b 3 Reads Counter-Strike For Dummies*
N00b 3: *mumbles* Mouse Click 1 for shoot, 2 for Reload and U,D,L,R are moving. YAY GOT IT!

* Both Teams Teleport to there first Arena = DE_AZTEC! *
T = Hackers
CT = N00bs

T: Go,go,go,go!
CT: Alright Let's Move!

N00b 4: errrrr guys! there's a gun on the floor.
Hacker 1: First Trick No.1 - Telekanisis!
*Hacker Mind Controls the Gun as the N00b Picks It Up*
N00b 4: YAY A GUN! *BANG*

Suicide Kill - N00b 4

End Of Round 1 Part 1

Tamer San
08-27-2004, 11:33 AM
Its so funny :crackup: Keep it up, I am looking forward for Round Two :goofy:

08-29-2004, 11:42 AM
n00b 3: OH NO! No.4 Is Dead
n00b 1: Don't Worry Just Stick together and.... *BANG shot on the head*

Hacker 1 headshoted N00b 1 with Sniper Rifle.

n00b 3: oh god!
*behind him is hacker 2 with a knife*
N00b 3: THAT'S IT
*he takes out the M259, the N00bist gun in the game, he shoots around the place and kill's Hacker 2*
N00b 3: BOOYA!

Still Alive:
Hackers 1,3,4
N00bs 2,3

Mean While At The Bomb Site......N00b 2 Holds his position.
n00b 2: HEHEHEHEHEHEHEEHE I'm gonna luv this, what i swipt from the hackers recently don't know what it is but meh!.

Hackers 1,3,4 come charging in.
Hacker 1: Bomb Time Lads
3,4: yeah! lol kick butt!
N00b 2: STOP
All Hacker's: Huh?! Oh look it's the n00b
N00b 2: Don't Let Me Press This Button.
Hacker 1: Oh Crap! It's a enemy lagger stwich
*N00b 2 presses it*
Hacker's 1,4: NOOOOOOO!!!!!! WERE LAGGING
N00b 2: Oh Yeah i got this as well *pulls out a bazooka*
*he shots and destroys 1 and 4 leaving 3 left*

'Bomb As Been Planted'
n00b 2: *Radio Commands* Hey Find Number 3!
u'll see N00b 3 Campin in the side, Hacker 3 Speeds Past, n00b 2 Chases him, then slowly after n00b 3.
They get back to the bomb site.

*n00b's 2,3 point aim on hacker 3*

Hacker 3: SPARE ME!
N00b 3: Never Done Nothing on this, OOOHHHH What does this button do...
*POP* a headshot to hacker 3. No hackers Left Only them, But they haven't won the game??

N00b 2,3 Celebrates: WE WIN WE WIN WE WIN until.... What's that Noise

Beep beeeeeeeeeep.............................BBBBBOOOO MMMMMMBBBBBBBB

Terroists Win!

Thus meaning the Hackers Advance to Semis

The End of Chapter 1