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Sunset sets over the beautiful region of Denko, and night dawns the time for slumber. Pokemon and People gather around there tables and eat and feast there supper. Tauros and Miltank gather in the pens out side of Silvervale City, and people laugh and chat at the dinner tables as the pokemon dig in to the dishes. You, a young pokemon explorer have been waiting for tommorow morning for all your life. You are going to on the most amazing journey ever. You need to be prepared, and need to be ready. You think all night what partner pokemon to get. Should you get, Corele, the cute little eel pokemon or maybe Trylyk, the adorable Spike pokemon. Or perhaps the tough, Detrol, the magma pokemon. Your unsure, but after a good nights sleep, you will defenitly understand.

You wake up, the morning of your adventure, and you have finally decided your first pokemon. You race over to Proffesor Eugena Maple's Lab, and get ready to recieve your partner, the pokemon you will promise to love and cherish. And with this pokemon, you will use them to find your fufill your pokemon searchs and fufill your dreams to become a Pokemon Explorer!!

Making it easier, a Pokemon Explorer is a type of Pokemon Trainer, bearing a starter and being able of obtaining badges. But Pokemon Explorers, have usually goals like exploring ruins and finding rare pokemon. Your pokedex is uploaded with a different tool called the "Search Gear". This gear shows a rare pokemon, not usually found around the area. It will change when you get to different places, and show a different Rare Pokemon. Also, there is the Pokemon Partner. A pokemon partner is a pokemon friend, having distinct abilities. Detrol, the fire partner has a amazing sence of small, while Trylyk the grass partner, has an amazing sense of enviorment. Corele, the water partner, has an amazing abilty of sight and reasoning. These pokemon are your partner pokemon, and they will easily learn to love you.

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Trylyk, is the spike grass pokemon. It has spiky leaves on its back, and a twisted branchy tail. Trylyk evolves into Solaite the plate pokemon. Soilate is a tall green pokemon, with golden plates on its shoulders and feet. Soilate also has stange ear like blades coming from its head. The blades are extremely sharp, and can easily cut steel and iron without trying. Vindrecye, is the Final evolution has long endless vines for hands that easily become any shape. The blades on her head become small wing shaped, and the plates now cover most of Vindrecye's body.

Detrol, is magma pokemon. Detrol has a horn on its head, with red body. There are 3 triangles of brownish colors. The triangles glow bright red when close to evolution into the second evolution, Deisen. Deisen is a long fast version of Detrol, having two scizor like tails and 5 brown triangles on its back. It grows two horns instead of two and gains the Ground Type trait. Finally, there is the amazing Torolene. Torolene is a long slender pokemon, bearing the intensive heat of fire. Torolene has 12 triangles on its back. Plus, Torolene has 2 horns like its evolution before. Toroleneis the fastest Fire Pokemon Starter Out there.

Corele, is the cute eel pokemon. It has a blue pokemon body with adorable wings lined with yellow scales. Corele is by far, the Cutest Water Starter out there. Corele evolves into the cool Scalenel. Scalenel has large wings sticking out of it snake like body. Scalenel is known as the Sea Snake Pokemon, for it may be seen in a snakey or eel appearance. Finally, there is Wertonile, the Flyer Pokemon. Wertonile has a large scaly body, with two sets of immense wings. Wertonile has a blue body like its evolution before it. Wertonile has a glowing spike tail scaling down it's body.

The rest of the pokemon from Denko are already made and will be discussed through the RP thread.

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This is map of Denko, the region of your adventure.

Forelec Town
Forelec Town is the small town where you start your adventure. Eugena Maple has her pokemon Lab hee, and is waiting to gice you your partner pokemon

Bigatree City
The frest town you visit, home to the Bigatree Gym. The leader is Roselyn, and she specializes in Grass Pokemon. Roselyn is also close friends to PR. Maple

Tarien Town
The second town and home the Tarien Gym. The leader is Kirk, a big tough man, being the former head of a massive biker group

Fertona City
The third town to visit, and home to the third pokemon gym. The Gym Leader, Fiona is a hot fire trainer, specializing in burning than attack here opponents.

More to come later!

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Player's Reach Bigatree City!!

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