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08-27-2004, 12:43 PM
All was fine, one Saturday morning when our story begins. Most kids were in the park, playing sport. But not all of them. A small group of friends were all at their respective homes on their computers. They had what were called PETs, or PErsonal Terminals. Each PET was inhabited by a Navi, a virtual friend, which best suited their personality.
It had been three years since Lan and his Navi, MegaMan.EXE, had thwatted Dr. Wily and the WWW's latest plan. Lan was now in 8th Grade. He had little time for MegaMan.EXE during the week and most weekends due to homework. But he and his friends all agreed to take this Saturday off to have fun on the 'net.
MegaMan.EXE and Lan had many good friends. May was Lan's big crush, and MegaMan.EXE's was her Navi, Roll.EXE. Dex and his Navi, GutsMan.EXE were the "tough" members of the group. Yai was a spoilt brat but her Navi, Glyde.EXE, was the complete opposite. Last was Chaud. Chaud was Lan's rival, and his Navi ProtoMan.EXE, was MegaMan's.
They were meeting at the Square, the busiest place on the 'net in their local area. But ever since they started High School, it's crowd diminished slightly. MegaMan, Roll, Glyde and GutsMan were all at an "Internet" Cafe, talking for it had been a while once they had met. They were banned at school as they distracted students from their studies. GutsMan still thought he was tough, but MegaMan pointed out how much he has improved in his time alone to GutsMan, that he soon shut up.
A small green Navi teleported into the Square running straight towards MegaMan and the gang. He wore a grim look on his face, and Roll knew instantly that something was wrong.
"What's happened?"
The Navi was breathing heavily as if he had just run a mile. He looked and surveyed the group. Knowing that MegaMan was powerful, he would naturally run to him.
"A red Navi carrying a beam saber ran into the run down section of Kotobuki Square muttering to himself. A few minutes later there was a small explosion from inside the room."
MegaMan stood up and turned to the group.
"Something's happened to ProtoMan."
Everyone nodded. They knew that they had to protect one of the fellow members of their small group. MegaMan look back at the small green Navi.
"Lead the way."

08-28-2004, 12:41 AM
They started to follow the little green Navi. It was easy to navigate the 'net today, like usual, cause everyone was busy. A light blue haze entered the area. Glyde started to cough, but everyone else covered their noses. A form glided out to show the Navi Ghost.EXE.
He was basically a floating cape with a head. Hence the name Ghost.
"It is too late, MegaMan. He has returned."
MegaMan looked shocked. How could he be back. He made sure he deleted him. MegaMan look straight at Ghost who floated slightly higher then him.
"Are you sure?" Ghost nodded.
"I saw him with my own eyes."
The others were all confused. They had no idea what was going on. Who was he? That is what they had to figure out. MegaMan looked straight at Ghost once more.
"Is he still there?"
"Not as far as I know, but there is strange happenings happening there."
MegaMan turned around to look at his friends. He couldn't risk them.
"Guys, you should jack-out before you get hurt." GutsMan nodded. He hated pain. Glyde would not go against Mega's judgement, but Roll objected.
"I'm going to help you." MegaMan stood by what he said.
"No! I'm going along with you wether you like it or not!" MegaMan gave in.
"Fine, but it's at your own risk."
The rest jacked-out. They did'not want to be deleted.
"Ghost, can you teleport us there?" Ghost nodded.
"Hold tight."