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08-28-2004, 01:41 AM

It was the final match of the local tournament and Justin was in a deli of a pickle. His only Pokemon was Dark Dragonair, which was asleep, and his opponent Chris was one turn away from defeating him with his Charizard.
"What are you waiting for? Flip to see if you wake up!"
This is hopeless. No wonder he is duelling me in the final. He's too good.
Dark Dragonair had a Grass energy on it, not enough to attack; and with it asleep he couldn't get Dark Dragonite. He flipped the coin and closed his eyes. A roar erupted throughout the stadium and he opened his eyes. He had landed a heads.
So Justin took his turn feeling slightly more confident. It had come down to a prize each way. As far as Justin remembered, this was his last Pokemon, having used the others for discards. Pokemon. That disspirited him a little. Now he needs one card to take victory. He drew. This is not the card...
Justin surveyed his hand. Sabrina's Gaze! Of course!
"I play Sabrina's Gaze." They shuffled their hands back into their decks and withdrew their new hands. This is it! The card I needed!
"I play Nightly Garbage Run!"
"Oh no!" Chris was shocked. This may be Justin's chance to clinch the match.
"I choose both my Mr. Mimes and my Sabrina's Mr. Mime." Chris was speechless. But then he straightened his face and grinned again.
"Too bad they go to your deck." He laughed. He had this in the bag.
"Not quite." Now Justin was the one grinning. "I activate Dark Dragonair's Pokemon Power, Evolutionary Light, and get my Dark Dragonite!" Chris had heard of this card's power, but had never seen it in action. "So now I evolve my Dark Dragonair to Dark Dragonite! His Pokemon Power, Summon Minions, also activates."
Chris was broken. He thought he had it in the bag. But he grinned again.
"You don't have enough energy to attack!"
"Who said I was going to attack?"
Chris went deep into thought. What could he be planning?
"I play both my Mr. Mimes on the bench. I play one more Grass energy on Dark Dragonite and retreat it."
Chris looked shocked. He had managed to successfully counter his 'flawless' plan.
"Mr. Mime is now my active Pokemon. Invisible Wall is now active. I end my turn." Justin was grinning now.
Chris drew. Gust of Wind! Perfect!
"I play Gust of Wind!"
"Fine, but I choose to bring out my other Mr. Mime."
Chris re-read the card. Damn! He does get to choose.
"I play one more Fire energy on Charizard and end my turn."
Justin smiled. This was going to come down to the wire. He drew. Just the card he wanted!
"I play Super Energy Retrieval! See as I only have two cards in my hand, I'll discard both of them to bring back four Psychic energies. I will then play one on Mr. Mime and end my turn."
Chris's hands were shaking as he withdrew. Nothing to help him.
"I end my turn."
Justin smiled. Perfect, he had locked him. The game was as good as in the bag.
"One more Psychic energy on Mr. Mime. Then I'll attack with Meditate."
Charizard, Chris's 'invincible' Pokemon, had taken damage.
"Still, with an attack that weak, your deck'll run out before you slay my Charizard!" Chris had his confidence back. He withdrew.
"I'll end my turn once more." He laughed. Great, he thought, He's trying to beat me with an extremly weak Pokemon.
Justin withdrew. It was true, his deck was getting extremly low. But Chris obviously didn't know the full extent of Mr. Mime's power.
"I attack once more with Meditate."
Chris had a look of shock as the official placed two more damage counters on Charizard.
"Wait, that attack only does ten damage!"
"You've obviously never read it threw completly. Does 10 damage plus 10 more for each damage counter on the defending Pokemon."
Chris was broken. He was going to lose, no doubt about it. He withdrew and hung his head in shame.
"I end my turn."
Justin withdrew and attacked once more. The cycle continued until Justin was victorious. Justin placed his hand out in a friendly fashion and Chris looked surprised.
"That was a good duel. I've never had to think so hard, or place so much on one flip."
Anger and hatred was filling Chris. He had mocked him. He had been toying with him.
The lights went out and everybody went into panic. Chris's vein started to stand out and turn purple. They went flurescent and his eyes glowed a dim yellow.
"I'll get my revenge later." He turned and walked out of the stadium. The lights turned back on and Justin looked confused.
"What just happened?"

08-28-2004, 07:36 AM

It had been two weeks since the strange events of the tournament. What exactly had happened to Chris. He and Chris had been such good friends in the lead-up to the final. Justin was reliving the event over and over again in his mind. Was there something he was meant to do? Was he, Justin, meant to change anything? No matter anyway, it was too early in the morning...
The sun rose over the usually crowded Sydney Harbour, but it was Sunday so everyone was in bed still. Justin's ears were still ringing from the crowd's roar at Homebush. The alarm went off telling Justin to get up. He opened his eyes slightly. Justin didn't want to get up. He was still trying to figure out what happened to Chris. Justin shook his head and got up. It was no use, the only way he would find out was if Chris rang him telling him he had been to a doctor.
Slowly making his way downstairs, Justin saw his plaque hanging on the wall. He earned it fair and square. Why should he be thinking it over? It was Chris's problem, not his. He grabbed some bread and put it in the toaster. Making his way over to the couch, he turned the TV on. Jumping over the back of it, Justin was surprised to see what was on the news.
"A young man was caught earlier this morning trying to break into a Japanese card shop. It looks like he may have extreme poisoning and a dark aura to him, for some reason. This seems to go with the attack on Japanese power stations in the past few weeks." Justin's toast popped, but he didn't care. He recognised the description as Chris right away. So he was in Japan. "The young youth, who we have just been told is named Chris, runner-up in the Sydney District Pokemon Card final, had one last remark before being taken into custody. 'The world shall be plunged into darkness. His heir has returned to this realm, and unless his brother has anything to do with it, he can not be stopped.'"
Justin was speechless. Was Chris behind the attacks on Japanese power stations? He found it hard to believe. Anyway, he had to keep his head down. The State Finals were on tommorow, and once again Justin had made the final. This time, it seemed, he would be playing in the Opera House. Should make for a different environment.
He ate his toast, forgetting to butter them, and put his runners on. Standing back up straight, he looked over the Harbour and the sunset. IT was so beutiful, Justin forgot about everything else. Locking the door, he made his way downstairs and out onto the street.
No one was around, it was deserted. Not a light was on, not a car was out. There was some strange power at work, and it couldn't be natural. Justin ran back inside to see he had left the TV on. Wait a minute, where had the presenter gone? Footsteps were echoing down the stairs.
"Who's there?" A light chuckle filled the room and Justin turned around. He gasped, but nothing seemed to come out.
"What's the matter Justin? Scared of my awsome powers?" Justin was gaping like a fish out of water. "Don't tell me. You heard the news."
The voice moved out of the shadows, and this time a sound came out of Justin's mouth. It was Chris.
"But wait, you were in Japan!"
"Ah, my Background Powers surprise you, Justin. But you are the reason I'm here." He smiled showing a scar across his right cheek.
"What, you want the title of Local Pokemon Card champ?" Justin stood ready, flicking hi deck out of his pocket. Chris cackled.
"Not quite..."
He walked around the room. "You see, until I see fit, everyone in the world stays locked away in a Dark Realm..."
Justin was confused. What was Chris going on about. Background Powers? This was really getting confusing.
"I know the whole legend, about how the world cannot exist without two Powers. Background and Foreground."
"And you're saying I posses the Foreground Powers?" Chris smiled.
"Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying. But the legend also says, the game they play will be changed forever." He laughed. But someone answered that call.
Justin felt lighter. Electricity cracked like a whip at random intervals, but Chris kept laughing.
"I see they have finally bestowed your powers upon you." He grinned.
"Let those people go. You have nothing with them!" Justin was angry, he could feel his power raising, but was unsure of how to control it.
"Fine. If you beat me again in a game of Pokemon, I will let the world's population go." He grinned evily. Justin's looked hardened. "But if I win, I want your Foreground Powers!"
This request took Justin off guard. He didn't expect to be challenged by the person he had just defeated two weeks prior.
"I accept." They look each other straight in the eye. Both shuffled their decks, set their prizes and drew their hands. A grey dome was over them, the cross of dark and light, Background and Foreground. Justin had two Basic Pokemon which he placed down, but Chris had three. They flipped a coin, and Justin won.
"I'll go first. Let's get this started!"

08-28-2004, 11:39 AM
They each revealed their cards, and Justin gasped. His Pokemon cards had come to life. His Sabrina's Mr. Mime and his ordinary Mr. Mime were standing in front of him, just the same with Chris' Kangaskhan, Onix and Charmander were in front of him. Chris noticed and laughed.
"Never had a Ground battle before?" He started to laugh even more. "You feel the attacks, you can get singed and you can get hurt!"
This kind of battle was starting to scare Justin. He looked at Chris with a hardened expression.
"Turn it back to normal." Chris laughed even more.
"What, can't stand the 'heat'?" He pointed at Charmander and laughed even more.
"You've always been one for bad jokes." Justin withdrew. This should help.
"I play down Nidoran M!" Nidoran appeared from his card to join the ranks of the other two. "Then I give my Sabrina's Mr. Mime a Psychic energy and end my turn." A light purple aura started to surround His Sabrina's Mr. Mime, as it started to flex it's muscles and look menacing.
Chris laughed. "I guess you are yet to harness your Foreground Powers. Your Pokemon may not obey all your commands." He grinned to himself.
Chris drew a card from the top of his deck and he laughed.
"Although, I would normally power-up Kangaskhan so I could draw more, I drew an even better card. Double Colorless Energy on Charmander." A semi-light grey aura surrounded Charmander as it looked pleased with itself. "I'll end my turn."
So I have to harness my powers... how? Justin was confused.
Easy, put faith in yourself. Justin was shocked at hearing another voice. He looked at his bench and saw his Mr. Mime, most loyal card in his deck, nodding at him.
"I see you've just learned that your Pokemon can read your thoughts and can communicate with you telepathically. They can also see all the cards in your hand, implement stratergies and help give confidence in you to your other Pokemon."
All Justin's Pokemon turned around and gave him signs of agreement. This was starting to get confusing for Justin. He had no idea what was going on.
This has got to be some kind of bad dream.
Sorry, but this isn't a dream.
Justin surveyed his Pokemon to see Nidoran nodding at him. He smiled.
That's the spirit!
Justin withdrew and grinned from ear to ear.
"I evolve Nidoran M to Nidorino!" A white light veiled Nidoran as it grew in size to turn out as Nidorino. It ran around on the card to which it belonged and nodded at Justin. "I'll play one more energy on Sabrina's Mr. Mime," The aura turned a deeper shade of purple. "Sabrina's Mr. Mime, use Magic Darts!"
Mr. Mime got into a position to launch an attack. "I'll target your benched Charmander." Charmander looked shocked at this gesture, but turned around and slapped it's bottom in the direction of Mr. Mime as if to say, 'Bring it on!'.
Justin flipped the coin. Heads. Blue, diamond shaped crystals went flying across the table and collided with Charmander. It didn't look so cocky now. Chris sheilded his face from the mini-explosion.
Justin flipped again. Tails. Charmander pointed and laughed as Justin flipped again. Heads. Charmander copped a mouthful. Chris was laughing.
"Now you see the full extent of a Ground game." He smiled and withdrew. A large grin spread across his face. He looked at Justin with a combined look of loathing and gloating.
"Now I take my turn."

08-28-2004, 10:23 PM
Chris withdrew. Probably another perfectly planned move. Justin was annoyed with how much Chris was gloating.
"Prepare yourself, for I play another Double Colorless Energy on Charmander." The grey glow became darker. "Then I play Pokemon Breeder to evolve it to Charizard!" The small form of Charmander started to glow and transform. It grew in size and then wings appeared. Charizard was on the field. The grey glow had now changed to a bright scarlet due to it's Pokemon Power.
"Like it? Now I play switch. I switch it with my Kangaskhan." Each of the specified Pokemon picked up their cards and moved into the new position. Charizard grinned evily. "Fire Blast, Charizard."
A great heat filled the room and Justin thought he was going to melt. The heat was so intense... Sabrina's Mr. Mime was obliterated.
"Like the 'firepower' I have at my disposal?" He laughed again. Yet another of his bad jokes. He took his prize and looked at Justin. "Take your turn."
Justin decided to send out Mr. Mime to stall for time. He with drew hopeing for it to help. Yes! Perfect!
"I play a Psychic energy on Mr. Mime and end my turn."
Chris grinned. He had another perfectly planned move. Justin noticed that the red aura of Charizard had gone down slightly.
"I just play this Fighting energy on Charizard and end my turn." The red intensified in colour again.
Justin was confused. He had mocked him all that time to only play one card. Anyway, it was his turn now. Justin withdrew from the top of his deck...
"I play one more energy on Mr. Mime and use Meditate!" Mr. Mime started to hover. It unleashed a psychic wave which moved across the table. Charizard was hit which meant it lost another 30 HP, lowering it to only 70 remaining."
"My turn?" Chris was gloating again. He withdrew for another 'spectacular' turn.
"Now we play. Another Fighting energy on Charizard." The red intensified to the scarlet once more. What was the use of that? He knows he can't attack. "Then I play Switch. Seeing you only have one benched Pokemon, Nidorino becomes your new active Pokemon. Charizard, Fire Blast!" The heat intensified again as Charizard turned Nidorino to ash. Mr. Mime re-took his position as Chris picked a prize.
"Now it's your turn."

09-04-2004, 12:31 AM
This is hopeless...
Nothing's hopeless. You just don't fully understand what you're dealling with.
Thousands of years ago, they played a game just like this, only it was real. Trainers caught Pokemon and enslaved them. They were either mistreated or used for others dirty work. This is where the Ground powers came in. The gods, seeing what humans were doing, bestowed powers upon two youths. There job was to capture all the Pokemon. But it was not in balls that they were to catch them. It was in cards. You two are descendants of those two boys.
I'm guessing Chris wants your Foreground powers to rerelease us Pokemon to the wild. Free us from our entrapment. But, we like it in our cards. Here, we now we are safe. Stop him at all costs!
Mr. Mime had boosted Justin's confidence. He withdrew, hands slightly shaky. Justin smiled, but Chris tapped his feet quite impatiently.
"What's the hold-up? Take your turn already."
"I play down Dratini on the Bench." Dratini appeared from it's card. It curled up and smiled towards Justin. So his Pokemon do have faith in him.
"But that's not all."
Chris looked confused. What was he planning?
"One more energy on Mr. Mime, and then I activate Super Energy Removal!"
Chris had a rancid look on his face, as if someone had shoved an old boot under his nose.
"Now Mr. Mime, attack with Meditate!"
Charizard was hit with another psychic blast. Only 10HP left to go...
"It's your turn now."
Chris withdrew. He looked at his card and laughed. It was a cold, heartless laugh that sent a chill down Justin's spine.
"I play another Double Colorless energy on Charizard!"
"Oh no!"
"Oh yes. Feel another Gust of Wind in your direction!"
Dratini was blown off the Bench and Mr. Mime was blown onto it.
"Two potions for Charizard, and attack with Fire Blast!" Dratini was burnt to a crisp and was sent to his Discard Pile. He had to send Mr. Mime back out. "It's your turn now."
Justin, let me explain more about the powers...
Originally, they had no names until the two played each other. I remember it as if it were yesterday...
You were there?
Oh yes. I was the Foreground power players only Pokemon before we were put into the cards. I had to go up against that exact Charizard. Mr. Mime pointed to the large chunk missing from his neck.
Nidoking did that. He's an original too. No, they were called Foreground and Background after that game. Foreground because it stood out, Background cause it was pushed aside.
"Hurry up and take your turn, Justin!"
"Fine!" He withdrew and smiled. "Looks like I may win again..."

09-04-2004, 01:26 AM
"One more energy on Mr. Mime, then another Super Energy Removal!"
"No!" Charizard's glow was completly gone. Chris was broken again.
"I surrender, have it your way." The dome went down as Justin picked up his deck. He held Mr. Mime in front of him, and quietly said, "Thanks."
Chris was gone when he looked back away from his deck. But the street was busy and noisy again. That was a good sign. Seemed Chris did keep his word after all.
"Of course he would've had to, it's in the contact."
Justin wheeled around and was totally caught off guard by what he saw now. There was an Espeon, and Umbreon, a Vaporeon, a Jolteon and a Flareon standing in his living room.
"Who are you?"
"We are the protectors of this continent. He are some of the last surviving Pokemon from the capture." Umbreon sat down and stared at Justin, as Espeon took it's turn to speak.
"The gods assigned as a special place in this world. We are invisible unless we want to show ourselves. We represent five elements. Light..."
"And electricity..."
Espeon looked back up at Justin. "You were chosen because you are the last direct bloodline relative of the original bearer of the Foreground powers. Chris took care of the others, as he desperatly wanted to take you on again, but for higher stakes."
"I waould not have chosen him to possess the Background powers, or Dark as they are referred to..." Umbreon was looking a tad upset. It's ears hung low.
"You have been summoned to a card meeting, is that correct?"
"Yeah..." Justin was confused. What did they want?
"We have started constructing you a new deck, using some of your previous cards. Some of them lie in your deck. But don't worry, we'll have the deck ready by tommorow."
Vaporeon stepped forward and look at Justin with a puzzled expression.
"You look tired. Get rest young one, for you must regain your focus."
Justin nodded as they pushed and prodded him up the stairs. He crawled into bed.
Haunters and Gastlys were taunting him in his dreams. Stop, leave me alone! Just as he thought it, they dissapeared. The rest of his sleep, was dreamless.

09-05-2004, 07:48 AM

All was quiet, not a bird was making a sound, not a car was rumbling around. Only the smell, of slightly overcooked breakfast was looming around Justin. Slowly, he opened his eyes. Wait a minute, the sun is just raising? He look at his clock. It was Monday. Justin had slept for a whole day.
He crawled out of his bed and into the shower. The warm water seemed to poke at his mind as if to say, get up already! He was still tired, but he had a big day ahead of him. The State Finals were on, then he would be going on to the Nationals. What a day that would make, National Champion. Justin kept fantisising until the warm water ran out.
He pulled himself downstairs. The five Eevee evolutions layed sprawled randomly over his living room. He hated to think what his landlord would say if he could see this. Justin, you know you're not allowed pets! That's why he took up Pokemon, to take his mind off things. He looked towards his coffee table and noticed his deck sitting there. He picked it up and flicked through it. All it seemed to be was a slight improvment on his previous deck. Jolteon moved slightly. It look Justin straight in the eye and said...
The rest popped up immediatly. Justin was wondering, did he have to get them water? Did he have to feed them?
"That's your new deck. It may need some minor improvments, but that's something we can handle."
Justin still felt strange about the idea of using a deck a bunch of Pokemon made. That last part still confused Justin. A bunch of Pokemon.
"Hurry, gather your deck and be on your way!" Justin did as he was told and headed towards the door. Umbreon jumped in his way. He gave Justin a card, and a small warning.
"Don't add it to your deck. That card is just in case..."
Justin walked out the door and looked at the card as he was going down in the lift. It was a Sneasel. No wonder he was told not to put it into his deck. It was a dark type, he couldn't use it.
He stood outside on the kerb and caught a taxi to the Opera House. This was going to be so cool. He was 21, but still a boy at heart. When he reached the front door, the guards asked him to show them his ticket, but he showed them his tournament entry pass. They directed him through a door in the side.
It was cool to be backstage. The table sat in the middle and all the lights were focused upon it. Every seat was filled, and he couldn't imagine why they would be. Pokemon wasn't this popular, was it? Somehow their eyes didn't seem to have their normal shine.
"Our first competitor, from the Sydney area, 21 year old Justin Fraucrutz!" Justin walked out on stage feeling a little stupid. He surveyed the crowd carefully. They seemed to have hollow eyes, but he still couldn't imagine why. He pulled out the Sneasel and used it for good luck, but a card slid out from behind it this time. A Pokeball. Quickly, he slipped both cards back into his pocket. The presentor was about to introduce his opponent, when Justin noticed a flash of yellow that looked like Umbreon's eyes. Next second though, they were gone.
"And his opponent, from the Dubbo area, 17 year olf Julie Hompkins!"
A dazzling blond came walking out to face Justin. She had eyes the colour of... wait a minute. Her eyes are empty too!
"Please shuffle your decks and place your prizes." Justin and Julie both did as they were told. "Now draw your opening hands and place down your Basic Pokemon."
Not much here... Justin played down two Basic Pokemon, while Julie placed down four. Luck, total luck...
"Call, Justin."
"Heads." The official, whose eyes were also hollow flipped the coin.
"You called wrong. Miss Hompkins will go first."
They both revealed their Pokemon. Justin had Slowpoke out and Dratini on the bench. Julie on the other hand, had Rattatta out, with Porygon, Koffing and Farfetch'd on the bench.
Justin looked up the back of the crowd and saw Chris sitting their, waving. He felt anger raise in him. The official made a statement.
"Before this match gets underway, Master Chris would like to make an announcment."
Master Chris? This is getting weirder and weirder... Chris made his way down the aisle and stood infront of the crowd.
"My fellow vegetables, welcome! I'll use a little power to make this a Ground battle for your entertainment!" The crowd cheered, but Justin pulled Chris down so only he could hear.
"What have you done to them?"
"When you specified you wanted me to let them go, you didn't specify that I had to free their minds!"
"Why you..."
Chris moved off to take a seat at the officials table. Once again, the cards had come to life.
"Now, let the match begin!"

09-11-2004, 12:23 AM
Julie withdrew and stared at Justin.
"I play one Grass energy on my Rattatta." Her voice was distant. It was as if she was only an echo of her true self. Remember, Justin, their minds are trapped. You have to formulate a way to free them.
"Rattatta uses Bite." The official placed two damage counters on Slowpoke. Chris however stood up.
"You're forgetting Slowpoke's unwritten weakness, my good man." He grinned evily to Justin."
"Right you are. Master says that if a Colorless Pokemon Knocks Out a Psychic Pokemon, the person wins. The winner is Julie Hompkins!"
"That's not in the rules!"
Suddenly everything froze. Justin was confused. He could move around, but no one else could. Chris' eyes were moving though. The five Eevee evolutions came running down the aisle to stand in front of Justin.
"We havn't got much time. You have to use those cards in your pocket." Justin pulled out the Sneasel and the PoKeball. "Overlap the Pokeball." Justin did so not seeing what this'll do.
Flareon pushed five more Pokeballs into Justin's other hand. What was going on?
Espeon was looking tired. "I have frozen everything. I'm going to send you to a place, put time won't pass here while you are there. Ready? 1... 2... 3!"
Everything swirled. Justin felt his stomach jerking around inside him. He could hear Chris' rage in his mind...
Justin landed on a dirt road. He looked up to see a Ledyba staring at him. No way... I can't be, I just can't be!
He got up. People were battling each other... with Pokemon? He reliesed he was wearing a bag, in it were five Pokeballs? Hey, those were the cards Flareon gave him! On his belt was another Pokeball. What was in that, he didn't know.
"Hey you, I challenge you!" Justin spun around on the spot. He was standing in front of Julie Hompkins. Wait a minute, this must be her mind! He looked around and reliesed the others must be trapped too.
"Fine, I'll take you on." Julie reached onto her belt and threw a Pokeball. It revealed the small form of Rattatta, whose tail hairs seemed to stand up. Justin threw his Pokeball to reveal Sneasel. It was flexing it's long claws menacingly towards Rattatta.
"Rattatta, bite it!"
"Dodge and slash, Sneasel!"
Both Pokemon did what they were commanded. The Rattatta rolled over after the slash which seemed to leave a deep mark on his side.
"No, my Rattatta! I've been defeated." It was at these words that the strangest event happened. Julie turned to specks and flew away, thanking Justin for what he has done. But what have I done? Espeon appeared in front of Justin to answer that query.
"Obviously, everybody's minds are stuck here playing Pokemon. You have to defeat each and everyone of them to free there minds.
The world is broken into three main regions; Kanto, Johto and Hoenn. We are in Johto at the moment. It is up to you to train Pokemon to save everyone.
We'll bring you back when we feel you have done enough."
Espeon disapeared, obviously to go back to the real world. Justin started to wade through the long grass. This is confusing, I still have no idea what I have to do. Oh well, I guess this'll kinda be like starting Silver again with Sneasel...
So Justin ran towards the other trainers, now knowing he must defeat them all.

09-12-2004, 09:30 AM
Justin stood by watching the other trainers battle. I should take these guys down easy, they're quite weak.
"Not quite all of them." Justin spun around and stared into the eyes of Chris. He laughed at the puzzled expression on Justin's face as he saw him in front of him. "What's the matter Justin? Surprised to see me?"
"Why, yes." Chris laughed again. It was cold, heartless and merciless. "You're stuck in Espeon's time freeze though."
"Not exactly." Chris walked around Justin as all the other trainers glared at him. With good reason too. "Our bodies were suspended back in the real world. We are but our minds stuck in a parralel dimension."
"This still makes no sense." Justin was thinking. How the hell could he be in two places at once. Maybe this was a bad dream. "Does that mean that if we die..."
"... here you no longer exist in the real world." Chris reached onto his belt and grabbed a knife. It's blade was six inches long and already at a red tinge to it.
"Who have you got to already?"
"Just the world leaders." He laughed once more. His plan could not go unstopped.
"You... you..."
"What about me? Watch out, Justin. You're next."
"Not if I can help it." Justin looked at the mysterious figure. She had flaming red hair, long jeans and a bikini top. Justin recognised her instantly. It was Erana.
"Erana, ran for it!"
"Nah uh, Justin. You told me to stick up for what I believed in. Now this Background punks gonna sink a little further into it once the Foreground has it's way." She pointed her index finger at Chris and he was gone in a wisp of smoke.
"I'll be back..." Justin was confused. Erana also had Foreground powers? But he had been told he was the only one. He focused his mind. Espeon, you have a lot of explaining to do...
A puff of smoke happened as Espeon approached. She said hello to both Justin and Erana. "What did you want Justin?"
"To explain why both me and Erana have Foreground powers." Espeon's ears drooped.
"I wish I didn't have to explain this." She started to walk around in circles, contemplating how she was going to deliver he response. She finally looked Justin in the eye and sighed.
"Everyone has the powers, it is just their choice to follow whichever path they see fit."
"So you and Mr. Mime lied to me?"
"Mr. Mime? I was never visited by a Mr. Mime..."
Justin launched into the story about the Ground battle he and Chris had and how Mr. Mime had helped him.
"Now that explains it."
Justin looked at his feet. He had known Erana since the start of High School, and she was extremely attractive to him. But he would just have to put his feeling aside.
"Will you help me save the people?" Erana thought. Her feelings for Justin were mutual.
"Yes, I will." She looked at Justin and smiled. He smiled back and then they both blushed and looked away. "If I remember, Seth and Fiona are in Violet City. We best be heading there." Espeon just laughed.
"I see you can guide yourself, so my job here is unrequired." She disappeared in a puff of smoke. Justin looked at Erana.
"Seth and Fiona have Foreground powers too?" Seth had been Justin's best friend since High School and Fiona had been Erana's. Now those two were going out. "Then what's Chris up to?"
They slowly walked over to a private spot behind a bush, hoping not to catch anyone's attention. Erana leaned close to Justin.
"He's trying to persuade them to awake their evil side, hence their Background powers." They both stod up and Erana turned around. Justin had just noticed the Pokeball on Erana's belt.
"Well, lets go. There's no time to lose."

09-15-2004, 12:38 PM
Justin and Erana made their way slowly up the route. Justin was surprised at how many people had been trapped here as trainers. But something was bugging Justin, he had to find out.
"Wait, how do you have a free will if Chris trapped you here?" Erana thought for a bit. Justin reliesed that this was a bit difficult to answer.
"I'm sure that awakening the Foreground powers has something to do with freeing the mind. I don't know. Seth and Fiona are the same as us." Justin was thinking. This didn't answer his question, it just opened new ones. These trainers all had basic Pokemon from the area, mostly Rattattas. Justin had a thought. He tapped Erana on the shoulder and explained his idea.
"You're saying we should take them all down as we go?"
"Well, we have to defeat them to free them. We have to stop Chris!"
Erana went into thought. This was true, they did have to take them all down. It was their one opertunity to save them all.
"Ok, we'll give it a shot. But I'll warn you of one thing."
"What's that?" Justin was puzzled. There was a side note to this? He know it was serious and all.
"If we lose a battle, we are excluded from this world, never to return." Justin thought for a moment. That would explain why Julie disappeared like she did.
"We still have to try."
"Hey, you two!" They wheeled around to see a young boy challenging them. Justin looked at the kid with a puzled look on his face. He sure did look familiar. Erana had a curl in the corner of her mouth, a fire in her eyes.
"I'll accept your challenge." They positioned themselves on the meadow. Others decided to stop to watch, but Justin was intrigued. What Pokemon Erana had was the main thing on his mind, but her battle technic would be interesting to see as well. The kid held his Pokeball in his hand and Erana looked ready to release hers.
"Go Ace!" Spearow emerged from the youngster's Pokeball. It had a slight scar on it's beak giving it an original look. It's face looked hardned and battle weary.
"Go Beldum!" The Pokemon Erana sent out, he had never seen before. What was a Beldum? Surely this Pokemon was from the Ruby and Sapphire versions. Justin had never played them. The youngster looked surprised as well.
"Ace, Peck attack!" Spearow hovered slightly and hung over Numel. It's beak shone slightly in the sun making it look like it was made of steel. Slowly, Spearow got into a position to swoop Beldum.
"Now Beldum, Take Down!" Beldum hovered quickly into Spearow hitting it down.. "Now Beldum, Take Down!" Beldum slowly charged down Spearow and knocked it into a nearby tree, knocking it out. THe youngster looked shocked.
Slowly, he started to disappear in a wisp of smoke. Once again, the last thing he said was, 'Thanks'.
"Whoa... your battle style is good."
"Thanks, but I don't like to drag out a battle." She swept her hair back. It made her eyes really sparkle in her eyes. "Lets go on, we have more people to defeat." She smiled at Justin, and Justin couldn't help but smile back.

09-18-2004, 12:49 PM
They slowly made their way up the route. Every trainer they passed just looked at them in awe. Erana and Justin slowly defeated every trainer they paased. They all thanked them for freeing them from this world. Justin just couldn't help but laugh when they arrived in Violet City. Sprout Tower clearly stood out slightly in the distance even with all the trees in the way. They slowly made their way into the Pokemon Centre.
Seth laughed as Fiona tapped her feet impatiently. Justin was happy to see his old school friend trapped in here as well.
"About time you got back, Erana." Fiona was slightly annoyed. She had been told to wait only a short ammount of time, but instead had to wait a while.
"Sorry, I got tangled up in other things."
"You went battling?" Seth sneered slightly, but just laughed again. He knew he was right, he was usually right.
The door opened but they couldn't see who opened it.
"Down here." They looked down to see Umbreon sitting on the floor staring at them. "Congratulations on your progress so far. You'll be able to return to the real world as soon as the Gym here is taken down."
"That should be easy..."
"If it were anything like the game, than yes. But it's a lot harder." Umbreon started to walk circles around them. "It has gotten a lot harder. This is more real than you're used to."
Seth was thinking. "Do we all have to beat the Gym?"
"If you wish to return, then yes."
This made things a lot more difficult. Justin still didn't know what Pokemon his friends had at their disposal. Justin hoped that he would get a rematch of the game he missed out on because of Chris. But Justin had to keep his anger down, otherwise he would be handing Chris another card. Justin had a thought that he wanted to find out.
"Espeon came to me and Erana earlier saying that a person can choose Foreground or Background powers basically. If they change their mind as such, does their allignment change? What about direct blood relatives and in the real world?" The rest were caught off guard by the seriousness of Justin's question. They had always known him as a quiet guy who kept his nose out of others buisness. Umbreon had to think for a while before delivering his answer.
"I person can change, but a non-direct blood relative don't keep their powers in the real world. A direct blood relatives allignment can't be changed either." This took some pressure off Justin's shoulders, but placed more upon his friends. They needed to keep their anger down for fear of developing Background powers, handing cards to Chris. "And Justin, we built you a new deck after reliesing your last deck was a fiasco."
"Thanks." Umbreon walked out the door and disappeared in a wisp of smoke. The rest of them moved up to the counter to get their Pokemon healed. It was getting late by the time they got their Pokeballs back. They headed down the hall to the dormitory in which they would be staying.
"We'll get up early tommorow morning so we can train." Seth was thinking seriously now. Everyone came to the agreement to do just that.
One by one they fell asleep, leaving Justin to be last. After quite a while, he fell off too.

09-19-2004, 08:50 AM

A slight breeze blew through the open window. The sound of chirping Pidgey signalled the mornings break. Light illuminated the small room, showing the sillouhette that was Justin. His bed was warm, he didn't want to get up...
"Get up, Justin. We have training to do." Justin rolled over. He was tired, very tired. He wondered what the real time was. He opened his eyes very slowly, looking straight into the eyes of Erana. Her eyes looked even more beutiful in the morning...
"Stop looking at me like that and get up. We've already had breakfast." She stormed off, slamming the door behind her. What was that about? Justin got up and run his hand through his hair. Still, he wondered whether everything that had happened was just a dream. Justin gathered up his stuff and headed out to the foyer.
Everyone was there, feeding their Pokemon; except for Erana, whose couldn't eat. Seth was feeding a Heracross, which excited Justin. He liked Heracrosses. Fiona was nurturing a Bulbasaur. She treated her better then Seth on some occasions, which made Justin laugh to himself. He sent out Sneasel and a small bow. Nurse Joy brought over some food and poured it into the bowl. Sneasel looked over joyed. He ate his breakfast happily while Chansey brought Justin a plate of bangers and mash.
It warmed him from the inside, re-igniting his senses. He felt more awake then before, and he guessed Sneasel did as well. It was about 10 o'clock by the time they were ready to go, because Justin savoured every bite of his breakfast.
They walked outside into the full sunlight. The games could never really recreate the actual size of Violet City. He hadn't noticed its size last night because of how dark it was. But in the morning, children and their Pokemon were running around in the streets. He couldn't believe how close they were. Sneasel stood next to Justin, his face beaming. Justin wondered what he was looking at, then across the street he spotted an ice cream stand.
"Maybe later." Sneasel jumped up onto Justin's shoulder. Even though they had only been together for about a day, they were already good mates. They all started to walk around the city, Erana with her face buried in a map of the region.
"Nurse Joy reckomended we trained at Sprout Tower today, which should be here." They all looked up to be staring at the tall tower standing amongst a bunch of pine trees. Stone carvings of Bellsprouts stood at the door of tower, but Justin was surprised once they got inside.
It was made of wooden planks, with a swaying pillar in the center. Justin remembered reading about it, how it swayed like a Bellsprout in the wind. Sages approached them, all wearing gracious smiles on their faces.
"Are you here for training?"
"Yes, we are." Erana seemed to speak for them all. None of them ever disagreed with her, she was just one of those girls you don't want to cross. The sage just smiled at her hot headiness.
"Well then, let the training begin."