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Manjoume Jun
08-28-2004, 05:16 AM
"Three days it's been... three days..." Leonard said as he continued to walk down the gritty path of the Jagged Pass.

Leonard had just recently scaled Mt. Chimney, a towering peak from within the Hoenn region. It was a large volcano that sat quietly next to Lavaridge Town, the location of Leonard's next gym battle.

Leonard was exhausted from his walk down the path, it seemed to go on forever. He had already ditched his marble-coloured cap, and his navy blue shirt was starting to show signs of sweat and mud.

"Gah, stupid trees, now I ripped my jeans!" Leonard complained as he continued down the dank road that had been set out in the dusty mud. His chestnut hair was almost literally all over the place, the rigours of travel were definitely starting to show.

"I don't know what the heck is up with this place, it seems like I've been walking down here forever... I'm gonna' run out of things to eat and drink eventually... and then what am I going to do?" he worried to himself as he finally stopped to sit on the edge of a small ledge towards the towering trees that were intertwined right across the length of the path.

"Perhaps one of my Pokémon can help me..." Leonard wondered, as he reached down to his belt for one of the small Poké Balls that were attached. Leonard had three of the small red and white contraptions, each one containing one of his trusted companions...

Firstly, there was Zangoose, a 4 foot tall Pokémon covered in a soft, white fur, which billowed out behind it in a large, plushy tail. It had long streaks of red down its belly and face that looked like scars, which went perfectly with its menacing claws. Its power and speed in a fight were almost unrivalled, it was also the Pokémon that Leonard had began his journey with, and was his best friend.

Next came Solrock, the apprentice of a tribe of Charmander and Bagon from back on Viron Island, his first adventure... it was about three times the size of a football, and was made entirely of stone. Its colouring and shape gave it the image of a sun, and its eyes always had a lazy look in them. It was able to levitate, and had amazing psychic powers that had come in very handy during battle.

Finally, Zubat, Leonard's latest ally. It was a small blue-coloured bat, with purple wings, and large ears. Like a normal bat, it could hear things for miles, and used sonic waves to determine where it was. It was rather inexperienced in battle, but nevertheless, it was a handy member of the team thanks to the high pitched screeching of its Supersonic attack.

Leonard tried imagining what difference it would make by sending out any of his Pokémon...

First was him sending out Zangoose, but there wasn't any way that the proud Pokémon could cool him down, so it just looked at its owner with a confused expression...

Then he imagined Solrock trying its hardest to keep its master cool, but the only thing it could really do was heat things up, as Leonard imagined himself being set alight by the extreme heat...

Finally, he thought about using Zubat... now that was a good idea... with its wings flapping towards him, they could blow a breeze towards where he was sitting... so that's what he decided to do, as he reached for the Poké Ball containing Zubat, and pressed its button, causing it to almost quadruple in size.

"Go Zubat!!" he shouted as the ball burst open, white light erupting from within it. The light eventually began to take the shape of the small bat Pokémon.

"Zu, zu, zubat!!" it said in a very fast-paced voice.

"Zubat, flap your wings really quickly and cool me down, otherwise... I don't think I can go on in this swealtering heat..." Leonard requested, and at this, the little Pokémon flapped its wings like never before, slowly blowing a cool, refreshing wind past Leonard's worn face.

"Ah... that's good..." Leonard said as he basked in the joy of this revitalising breeze, "Okay Zubat, that's enough... heh, don't wanna' tire yourself out too quickly." Leonard commented.

"Zub, zu!" the Zubat replied, and at this, Leonard held out its Poké Ball, and a red beam shot out of it and into Zubat, causing it to be sucked back inside. The ball then shrank back to its original size, and was placed back onto Leonard's belt where it belonged.

Leonard stood up, as he tried his best to tidy up his scruffy hair, and straighten his clothes to a decent standard. As a determined look burned within his brown eyes, he looked on down the path, ready for more.

"Come on then guys, let's get going..." Leonard said confidently, as he continued down the long, winding road of Jagged Pass...

To be continued...

BTW, if anyone wants to comment then feel free, although just remember that this is a capture fic, and so there'll be a capture... eventually... :silly: