View Full Version : Virtual poke'mon world

04-20-2007, 02:21 AM
There is a poke'mon arcade you go in and there is a virtual game consule. You can take one poke'mon (not legendary) to help you. I already made the world. You get a pendant with 5 sections and a color panel. There are 5 levels in a world, each world is a color here is the list of colors. There are 6 worlds the last is optional if you want to or not.
Red- World 1
Blue- World 2
Green- World 3
Pink- World 4
Silver- World 5
Black- World 6

You get a level as well you start with 20 hp. you can get hurt as well when you hit 0 you lose. When you level up you gain 2 hp. and you get fully healed. If you got questions PM me or post it here.