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08-31-2004, 03:35 PM
The Chronicles of Martak

By Cody

Cody was an orphan boy. He lived alone, in a hideout in the woods, that he crafted himself. In this place, he would draw. By using a leaf from a Derrishoul tree, he scratched designs for pokemon. Not just any pokemon, but strange ones, from the realm of his mind. These fantasy creatures would be the way he spent most of his time. He also liked to play with the pokemon in the forest.

Being in the forest for such a long time had changed him, and he now knew the language of the pokemon. His companion, Tropius, had raised him for as long as he could remember. Our story begins in this makeshift home…

I sighed as I scratched the wax off the derrishoul leaf I was working. The Shrubot was still not complete. Creating the aspects of an entire pokemon is not an easy business. Though I always gazed at his perfection, pops would always point out my errors in the grass pokemon.

“Cody, that bramble there might catch on the bushes in his surroundings! Don’t want that!”

“No, pops, that’s his arm.”

“Ah. Okies. Anyway, did you finish that aqua jee?”

“That’s Aquagy. And yes, he’s done. *sigh*, if only they were real…”
I suddenly heard a crash in the bushes.

“Stupid Shroomish, always putting me to sleep. I’ll never get that kid at this rate!” It sounded like Professor Binge. That loony old nerd stomped my old house last year, and he’s been looking for me ever since. I dunno what that gizmo he carries around is, but I’m not looking to get zapped by it. “Those stinkin’ stinkflowers are gonna pay!” He got closer, and closer.

“Pops, hide me!”

“You got it, Code!” Binge got closer, and closer. Suddenly he spotted Pops.

“AHA! You don’t tink I don’t recinize a shainin’ Trodius when I seas one! Hand ova teh kid!”

“I don’t think so! Solus! I need your help!” Of course, all he heard was: “Tropus Tropius! Absol! Sol ab aaaaaaaaabsol!” In a flash, Solus the Absol was in front of me.
“Oh, this’ll be fun!” Solus exclaimed. Binge collapsed, and one of his pokeballs rolled across the ground. “Dang! And I was looking forward to a fight.”

“SOLUS LOOK OUT!” I yelled. A Milotic sent a huge blast of water at Solus, sending him flying. The pokeball lay open on the ground.

“YEAH! This is what I was hoping for! Let’s do it!” Solus jumped into the air, blade aglow. He came down faster than a Rapidash, and struck Milotic in the head with a powerful Aerial Ace. Milotic let out a scream of pain and began to glow. A beam of cold water shot at Solus, freezing him solid. “Not on my watch!” Solus’s blade glowed again, shattering the ice, and letting out a blast of darkness that engulfed Milotic. Milotic’s black body became red, and went back into the pokeball, which clicked shut. “Booyaka! That was fun!”

“Say cheese.” A wave of energy engulfed me and my pokemon designs. The last thing I saw before blacking out was Binge, smiling evilly.