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09-01-2004, 12:48 AM
This is the first battle I actually completed reffing. The second one I did of all but the first one I didn't finish and I'm not sure it will ever be continued.

Nick the Angelic Vs. Jhem
Metagross and Sceptile Vs. Metang and Crawdaunt
No Items with private move calling, also known as Stadium Mode

The battle started with Metagross against Metang. Metagross used Agility and Metang used Iron Defence. The next turn Metagoss used Iron Defence and Metang used Meteor Mash. The following turns both battlers agreed that Metang would use Meteor Mash and Metagross would use Earthquake. Rather than doing stats each time, I counted how many turns Gross would take to kill Tang and then counted his leftover health.

With Metang down, Jhem decided to go for luck and sent out Crawdaunt. He used Guilotine and got a 22 out of the required 30 for accuaracy. I thought we were counting the 30 as above 70 so we went on. Then I came back to my mistake and declared Metagross KOed. Nick sent out Sceptile and we just gave up counting since there was too little health left on Crawdaunt. Using Leaf Blade, Nick won this battle.

Nick: $1000
Jhem: $500

I reffed. This is a 2on2 so my pay should be $1000. *PAID
Go me, woohoo!

11-11-2004, 02:15 AM
Dux/Marth vs. Duke/Ace
Alakazam vs. Charmander
GSC rules, no items

Dux challenged Duke to a battle when it was to be a hopeless one for the latter. And it was.

Dux toyed with Duke for the entire battle. He piled up a Substitute on top of a Reflect, and then added a Calm Mind. I think the order is messed up but those moves were used together.

And Duke didn't help his situation by starting with a Scratch instead of a Slash.

When he did use Slash, the Sub took the hit and still had a little HP left.

Dux thought he'd get a OHKO with a Psychic but the little Lizard held on 0.49. He even got to kill the Sub. Then any move was gonna finish him off since Kazam is faster, so we just assumed it to be a win for Dux.

Interesting battle with Dux just leading for the entire thing but it was a nice learning experinece for me because I learned that PAR is 25% and CH on a high CH ratio move is 30%.

Dux wins and gets $1000
Duke loses and gets $500

I reffed.
This was a 1on1 battle, so my pay should be $500. *PAID

01-15-2005, 10:13 PM
akdude vs. Dark Raichu of Celadon Gym
Flareon, Raichu, and Salamence vs. Ludicolo, Sceptile, and Shiftry
GSC rules, no items

This was by far my longest battle that I reffed so far. It wasn't their fault, but mine. I was searching for Toxic damage and wasn't sure about how much and when to apply Rain Dance.

Ludicolo easily KOed Flareon. AK sent out first and wasn't expecting a Grass/Water type so the Combo of Rain Dance, Hydro Pump and STAB did Flareon in. Ludicolo was left with a Toxic.

AK sent out Raichu who actually didn't use even one Electric attack. A lot of good it did him sending out an Electric type. He did however, manage to Dig long enough for the Toxic to KO Ludicolo. He got a Hydro Pump in the face before Ludicolo was KOed and that did him in the next part.

Sceptile came in and easily KOed Raichu. AK sent out Salamence and KOed Sceptile after suffering some minor damage that left him with 5.75/10.

DR wanted to end it quick, or die trying. He sent out Shiftry and used Explosion from Seedot. (At this point I wasn't sure if it was ok for the last Pkmn to do that. If there's a rule that the last Gym Pkmn can't do this, Mods, let the three of us know, so we can fix this battle.) He was almost guaranteed a win, but I decided to check that "almost". The remarkable happened. Salamence was left with 0.01 HP. I was even surprised myself. DR had actually died trying! I even made a "Print Screen" for proof here (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v489/bronislav84/prooffordamage.png), just in case there are skeptics. The Screen clearly shows my Reffing program with a result of 5.74. Remarkabe, is all I can say for this win.

AK wins and gets $2000
DR loses and gets $1000

I reffed.
This was a 3on3 battle, so my pay should be $1500. *Wow! I DO get paid for this. Cool.

Edit: Oh...my...GOD! I've just been informed that AK already has that Badge. The whole Battle is hereby VOIDED!

Now I just feel bad right now. Man! I wasted FOUR HOURS and didn't get $1500!

I'm just gonna leave this here, anyway.


Edit 2:
JohtoTrainer2009: atleast you get 2000 and the TM again

goalieman413: can i have both?
JohtoTrainer2009: yes
JohtoTrainer2009: was it the same leader you beat twice?
goalieman413: no
goalieman413: different
JohtoTrainer2009: ok, then you get the TM again
JohtoTrainer2009: and the 2000

crotimberwolf: you ARE allowed to challenge a gym whose badge you already own if the gym leader changed
crotimberwolf: an easy way to get a hand on a few TM's....

Now if JTand Magare ar right, we may get something out of this. Mods, can you guys have a look at this and PM us three about it?

04-30-2005, 07:53 AM
Well, I'm not dead in terms of reffing. Here's one, just to prove that I still ref.

DC/Thanatos vs. Neptunes Disciple
Starmie vs. Marshtomp
GSC rules, no items

DC called out Psychic and ND called out Earthquake. I counted the stats for the first round, and they decided to do the same attacks again. I asked if they would keep calling the same attacks over and over. They said yes, and since Starmie's HP was slightly higher I asked if they wanted me to keep showing stats and subtracting the same number, and ND said that since Starmie's HP was higher and his Pkmn was slower, I could just declare DC the winner. DC would have won anyway, with the HP as it was.

DC is declared the winner and gets $1000
ND is declared the loser and gets $500

I reffed.
This was a 1on1 battle, so my pay should be $500. *PAID

05-02-2005, 06:53 AM
DC/Thanatos vs. Neptunes Disciple
Charmander vs. Elekid
GSC rules, no items

This was a quick battle. They used Flamethrower and Thunderbolt, respectively. Charmander had a bit less HP. Elekid then scored a lucky Thunder, KOing Charmander. If that had missed, Charmander would have won, since I checked, and Slash got a Critical Hit.

DC loses and gets $500
ND wins and gets $1000

I reffed.
This was a 1on1 battle, so my pay should be $500. *PAID

06-19-2005, 02:34 AM
VT/Biozone vs. Neptunes Disciple
Jynx vs. Bagon
RS rules, no items

ND called for Double Edge, since Bagon has Rock Head and would take no damage from recoil. Unfortunately for ND, VT had Junx use Lovely Kiss, and Bagon fell asleep. Using an unnecessary, Fake Tears, VT weakened the already weak Dragon Pkmn for a KO next turn with an Ice Beam attack.

VT wins and gets $1000
ND loses and gets $500

I reffed.
This was a 1on1 battle, so my pay should be $500.

07-13-2005, 04:53 AM
Ierdar vs. FrozenChaos
Eevee vs. Jolteon
GSC rules, no items

The battle started with FC using Pin Missle. I was thinking it would be a waste, but she was lucky and got five. Ierdar used Take Down. DC got a lucky Thunder and all three of us were sure that it weas a KO, but Eevee survived even after using Take Down. FC then finished of the battle with one Double Kick. I didn't even need to double the damage. :goofy:

FC wins and gets $1000
Ierdar loses and gets $500, and his seventh battle for Eevee. Take care of that new Jolteon! :cool:

I reffed.
This was a 1on1 battle, so my pay should be $500.

07-16-2005, 04:41 AM
Pidgeot79 vs. FrozenChaos
Ludicolo and Heracross vs. Jolteon and Kakuna
RSE rules, no items

The battle started with FC using Thunder. She was soooooo lucky, that she got three hits in a row to KO Ludicolo. She also almost KOed Heracross like that (with two more Thunders hitting after those three), but Jolteon was KOed and that's when it went downhill for FC. Heracross had very low HP, and used Reverasl, but both of Kakuna's types gave it a big resistance. Pidgeot decided to try to be lucky and called out Megahorn. Two lucky Megahorn hits gave Pidgeot an impressive comeback and the win.

I must also mention that this was the most impressive and interesting battle I have reffed so far. It took so many unexpected twists with the Thunders hitting, that even I was amazed by the dice program on AIM.

Pidgeot wins and gets $1000
FrozenChaos loses and gets $500, and her tenth battle for Kakuna. Take care of that new Beedrill! :cool:

I reffed.
This was a 2on2 battle, so my pay should be $1000.