View Full Version : [AIM] Sutiivun vs. Dux {3v3}

09-03-2004, 01:05 AM
I feel so outta place here. XD

Okay, 3v3, AIM, Stadium, no items. Dux vs. Sutiivun.
Dux: Alakazam, Blaziken, and Kingdra
Sutiivun: Gardevoir, Muk, Tyranitar

Sutiivun opens with Gardevoir, Dux with Alakazam. Gard puts Ala to sleep before damage was inflicted to either mon, so Dux switched to Kingdra. Kingdra gets taken out with little struggle, but Toxic hits on the turn before Kingdra dies. Gardevoir then dies by stalling from Dux and then a sleep talk hyper beam, and Tyranitar is sent. T-tar gets 1 crunch on Ala, but then Sutiivun switches to Muk fearing Blaziken was going to be sent out. Instead, Dux stays with Ala and OHKO's Muk with Psychic after he used Sunny Day. T-Tar is sent again and KOs Ala, but Ala gets in a taunt before it dies. Blaziken is sent, uses Brick Break, T-tar gets OHKO'ed.

Dux: Wins and gets 1000$
Sutiivun: Loses and gets 500$

Omega/Nin reffed this battle.