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Lord Celebi
04-26-2007, 11:24 PM

First, any prerequisites from Season 5 need to be posted here as property of that respective team. Any team that didn't participate in Season 5 gets either two free capital ships and two free Gundams or three free capital ships and one free Gundam. The four Team Leaders need to post here first before it is open to individual RPers to post their prerequisites, projects, and properties.

[Also, the banner features Huanlong, the new Father of Legendaries :P]

Corona Solar System Territory



Kanto - [Team Trainer]
Johto - [Team Trainer]
Hoenn - [Team Trainer]
Orange Islands - [Team Trainer]
Sevii Islands - [Diabora]
Orre - [Diabora]
South Fiore - [Diabora]
North Fiore - [Diabora]
Sinnoh - [Team Trainer]
Poketopia - [Team Trainer]


Mewuno - [Team Trainer]
Celebidos - [Team Trainer]
Jirachitres - [Team Trainer]
Manaphycuaranto - [Team Trainer]


Articuno - [Dead]
Zapdos - [Dead]
Moltres - [Dead]
Mewtwo - [Dead]
Mew - [RPer Possession]
Entei -
Raikou - [Bai-Hu]
Suicune - [Bai-Hu]
Lugia - [Free]
Regice - [Free]
Regirock - [Free]
Registeel - [Free]
Latios - [Free]
Latias - [Free]
Groudon - [Free]
Kyogre - [Free]
Rayquaza - [Dead]
Jirachi - [Free]
Deoxys - [Team Aqua Possession]
Azelf - [Free]
Uxie - [Free]
Mesprit - [Free]
Dialga - [Free]
Palkia - [Free]
Hetran - [Free]
Regigigas - [Free]
Giratina - [Free]
Cresselia - [Free]
Phione - [Non-Existant]
Manaphy - [RPer Possession]
Darkrai - [Free]
Shaymin - [Free]

Republic of Ramdyne


Lastat - [Team Aqua Possession]
Dymarion - [Team Aqua Possession]
Uskot - [Team Aqua Possession]
Combine - [Team Aqua Possession]


ASM Hellsky Space Station - [Team Aqua Possession]


Celebi - [RPer Possession]
Narjita - [Free]
Narsaka - [Free]

Jasandax Territory


Jasandax - [Team Aqua Possession]
Fort Makuta - [Team Aqua Possession]


Planet Endgame/J Azure - [Destroyed]
J Zephyr - [Team Aqua Possession]


Rejuya - [Free]
Scempara - [Free]



Cala - [Neutral]
Mencia - [Neutral]
Taiyou - [Neutral]
Noenn - [Neutral]


Perlilovedo - [Free]
Diasirenda - [Free]



Lornrash - [Neutral]
Fachal - [Neutral]
Scorous - [Neutral]
Badlands -
Badlands - [Unsettled]


Chron - [Free]
Solneos - [Free]



Region 1 - [Neutral]
Region 2 - [Neutral]
Region 3 - [Neutral]
Region 4 - [Neutral]
Region 5 - [Neutral]
Region 6 - [Neutral]
Region 7 - [Neutral]
Region 8 - [Neutral]
Region 9 - [Neutral]
Region 10 - [Neutral]
Region 11 - [Neutral]
Region 12 - [Neutral]
Region 13 - [Neutral]
Region 14 - [Neutral]


Perydra - [Free]
Diaburus - [Free]



Veeshan - [NSRK Possession]
Janzek Islands - [NSRK Possession]
Syantra - [NSRK Possession]
Lakasanas - [NSRK Possession]
Ultima City - [NSRK Possession]


Lakaskas - [Dead]
Namisk - [Dead]



Debis - [Neutral]
Rakamatiza - [Neutral]
Luscaria - [Neutral]


Jestearl - [Free]
Fooli - [Free]



Kushius - [Neutral]
Regulus - [Neutral]
Yunus - [Neutral]
Bishius - [Neutral]
Delectus - [Neutral]
Girus - [Neutral]





Tousaka - [Destroyed] (Sekai/Infera)
Ketsube - [Destroyed] (Sekai/Infera)

Diabora - [Aggressive]
Ho-Oh - [Against Infera]

Crystals of Power Locations

Crystal of Communications - [AMS Deathwing II] Absorbed by Infera
Crystal of Nature - [AMS Deathwing II] Absorbed by Infera
Crystal of Weather - [Neo Lugia] Essence Absorbed by Infera
Crystal of Power - Essence Absorbed by Infera
Crystal of Life - [b][Team Trainer Vault] Absorbed by Infera
Crystal of Vision - [Gullcannon] Absorbed by Infera
Crystal of Change - [Team Trainer Vault] Absorbed by Infera

[u]Crystal Guardians

Coming Soon...

Other Worldly Beings

Ketsuban (PokeGod) - [Neutral]
Arceus (PokeGod) - [Neutral]
Kashan (Former Father of Legendaries) - [Dead]
Huanlong (Father of Legendaries) - [Neutral]

Quinlong (Lugia Evolution) - [RPer Possession]
Zhu-Quiao (Ho-Oh Evolution) - [RPer Possession]
Bai-Hu (Spirit of Legendary Dogs) - [Reformed]
Xuanwu (Celebi Evolution) - [Missing]

Inazuma (Evil Lugia Evolution Spirit) - [RPer Possession]
Izaterasu (Evil Ho-Oh Evolution Spirit) - [RPer Possession]

Lord Celebi
04-26-2007, 11:24 PM
Team Aqua Army

AMS Deathwing (Team Aqua HQ, Advanced Supercarrier)
ASM Spacewing (Team Aqua Mothership)
ASM Shadow God (Team Aqua Mothership)
ASM Divine God (Team Aqua Mothership)
ASM Malacoda (Team Aqua Mothership)

All Clown Squadron of Fun Elite Air/Space Corps

DragoniteX Stealth Jets
GarchompZ Fighters
ACSF Malebranche x10
Space Readied Chimeras

MS Azure
MS Zephyr
MS Paladin

Ground Troops
Omega Chimeras
Delta Species Pokemon
Shadow Pokemon
Team Aqua Special Forces
Team Aqua Commandos
Team Aqua SWAT

Charizard Michelle
04-26-2007, 11:29 PM
From the top of my head and from what I remember I countrubute from myself is this.

The Mirage System: Created by Proffessor Yung who went into hiding in Johto after his meeting with Ash Ketchem. His Mirage System at the time was frowned upon and when the PHT Gas was release in Johto, YUng became a Ditto Hybrid. When the Great War began, Micheal Anone found him and was able to convince him join the Johto Allience and allow him to countinue his research on the Mirage System.

The Mirage System are hard 3D pokemon created by Mirage Crystals. These Mirage Crystals can be equiped to Missiles which can be fired from Goldenrod and the MIrage SAT which orbits Homeworld. Dr. Yung is the mastermind of the Mirage System and works on it with a small team but he perfers to work alone and keeps the secerts of the MIrage System to himself.

MIrage SAT (System Adminsated Transmit) -Helps spread the data that is needed to create mirage pokemon all over space and sends out Mirage Missiles.

MIrage Pokemon- 3D pokemon that can be changed by a simple typing on a keyboard. These pokemon can use any attack and have no weaknesses.

Shadow Purification by Mirage System- Made in response to the Shadowication of Neo as a Lugia and the use of Shadow Pokemon by Team Aqua. The Shadow Purication creates giant versions of certain pokemon like Jiggypuff and Whismer. The pokemon that are created have had their Sing or Uproar attack modified to be the Purification Tempo in order to purify pokemon.

Shield Type M- A 3D planel that can absorb the energy of any kind of attack and then store it into a battery. It converts the force that has energy involve into energy.

Mirage Crystal Light- Able to produce a 30x30 ft Mirage Field that can create Mirage Pokemon or a Shield Type M.

Some of the things involveing the Mirage System like the Mirage Processed haven't been used since the Great War but the Shield Type M was kept incase of natural disasters.

Mirages Processed - MIrage Pokemon that are made up of several pokemon and have their ablities. They are weak against certain pokemon attacks.

Jirachitres- Was once created by the Neo Lugia as a space colony that was basically a giant bomb. The Mirage System was used to make it look like there was people on there to cover up the truth that Project BAM (Bombing Aqua Mega) was hidden on there. It has been charge and storing energy for the day incase Aqua came to take over Homeworld so it would destory the bulk of Aqua's army. It was never used since Aqua never came and was terminated after the Treaty of Mewuno. Now it just houses people.

Neo Lugia The Neo Lugia was named after Neo Winterfield after his death was announced. This space ship was basically a giant metal bird-shape ship. It housed many different ships inside and can produce Mirage Pokemon and able to make a full Shield Type M to cover it whole self. It is also able to shot many missiles. It speacail attack is Aeroblast which unleash charged wind mixed with plasma. Also the Neo Lugia has the power to control weather by the use of the Crystal of Weather which was found on Kazmer during its travels. Currently the Neo Lugia is on on/off retirement mostly making stops in Cinnabar Island.

Ano Ho-oh Smaller then the Neo Lugia and can't hold many ships but has the most advance firepower then any ship in existance. It also has the ability to trasform into a giant mech known as an LFO. Sacred Fire is the ANo Ho-oh signature move which unlease a fury of fire missiles.

There some more stuff but I don't remember it all like the Amazings and junk.

Other things to be determine on how to be used that Neo mostly made.

JSDC Indigo Hawk (Flagship)-
OSM Angelwish (Flagship)
JSDC Platinum X (frigate)
OSM Titanium X (frigate)
15 Unnamed frigates
Seventh Wave (Planetary Barrier)
Ragefire and Twinfire Ion Cannons (Automated Defenses)
Neons (Fighters)
Xenons (Bombers)-
Amazings Robot Fighters
Heavy Robot Bombers

Sent Reglay
04-27-2007, 10:21 PM
Ok, I'll make a spec sheet for my three capital ships, and let Sky do the Gundam, he's better at that.

Ship name: Escoth
Araments: 2 Heavy ship-to-ship/ship-to-planet beam artillery, 6 heavy ship-to-ship rapid fire laser cannons, 2 medium ship-to-fighter beam cannons, 24 light "spitfire" defense turrets
Primary Function: Artillery Cruiser
Carries: Extra ammunition for artillery
Look: http://img239.imageshack.us/img239/6670/escothew5.png

Ship name: Trianite
Araments: 8 heavy ship-to-ship rapid fire laser cannons, 20 Medium ship-to-fighter beam cannons, 48 light "spitfire" defense turrets, 2 ship-to-ship torpedo tubes, 8 ship-to-fighter tropedo tubes.
Primary Function: Battleship/Fighter tansport
Carries: Marine invasion forces, Fighters, bombers.
Look: coming soon

I'll do our planet one with different criteria, but since it moves, I'll use a capital ship credit for it.

04-27-2007, 11:13 PM
When we do this we're not listing personal gundams that our team members have right? As for Team Gundams who uses them? Anyone that is a pilot on the team?

Edit: Ok I'll post my team ships and Gundams here.

One more question. Neo had a lot of stuff built for Kazmar and it's army. Wouldn't I get some of those that survived even though I'm not a new team? Oh and the two new continents, Syantra and Lakasanas, that he made emerge with his creation of the polar caps too? Hoi, I been reading up on the Season 5 RP and Neo found a whole bunch of "old" technology and medicines and chemical enhancers that had been lost with the flooding. Do we get any of that? I mean it IS Kazmar and you can't really change a planet that much if it is a continuation right? I mean it's not like we would willingly reflood the world.

Edit 2: XD alright fair enough. I'll list what I think NS ought to have from it being on Kazmar and you let me know if what I have is ok. So finally, here it is the list of NS Army stuff:

NightStriders Armada:

NightStrider Starships:
NSS Essense (the mothership)
Here's a pic:
Go to This Site (http://www.thescifiworld.net/img/wallpapers/users/warp10_01_1024x768.jpg) to see the full size pic
Realize this is just the shape and model that I am imagining for the ship, the actual ship that I want for the RP will be 2/5 the size of the Durandal, have welded steel that looks smooth and is painted silver and navy blue. Oh and BTW, this ship comes with 2 short-range shuttles. For any Firefly or Serenity fans out there WOOT!

NSS Durandal (An attack ship the size of a moon, expanded upon from the original Durandal that came with Ultima)
Here's a pic:
This one is exact

NSS Wave x1000 (Fighter ships that can change into speedboats & submarines)

NightStrider Gundam/GEARS:
NSG #42 (Standard team Gundam/GEARS and I like the #42 so :P)
(GEARS stands for Giant Exo And Robotic Suit, I really don't care which you call them.)

NightStriders Equipment:
Since NS has such strong ties with Trainer 'cause of the story line we've come up with we'll probably share a lot of tech. But, I think all of the following are native to Kazmar according to Neo in the 5th War RP.

Karletto: The ancient and nearly unbreakable metal used in the old armor found by Neo Winterfield and his troops five years ago. It is STILL unknown how the ancient people of Kazmar created and formed the alloy. If the Mer people know, they have not yet shared their secret many from both sides still remember the days when there was war between those on land and those in the sea. Where Karletto is found, in already made armor and weapons, it is used in whatever form it comes in and is guarded and kept very carefully.

Transformation Jewelry: Rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, basically any kind of celtic-looking jewelry made of pewter and a special turquoise-colored rock known of, found, and crafted into jewelry only by the Mer people of Kazmar. It allows the wearer to transform into pokemon by concentration. (These are rare and very precious to both the Mer and to the people of Kazmar, they would not be easily given up to anyone.)

Chemical Enhancers:Stimpacks, Lomax, Tetrophine, and Contocyclin. (These are all under NS control but, because Trainer were the ones to help them find it, they also know how to make the chemicals.)
Stimpacks: Vaccinations able to trigger a fast but safe process of blood clotting, tissue replication, and calcium production to heal wounds and repair broken bones in seconds. They also come in multiple forms, named Super Stimpacks and Ultra Stimpacks. However, the chemicals in these were very powerful. Fast and immediate healing would be offered, but the effect was damaging to the body over short-term periods.

Lomax: These injections are used to give the user superior strength and endurance to take many shots and still live. However, the side effects are awful. If the soldier that used it lives through the battle, they will shortly after find themselves sick for nearly two weeks. It is not fatal, but there is a price to pay for using this kind of chemical.

Tetrophine: These injections could be used to make the user faster, slowing down the world around them to highly amplify their response time. The problem with Tetrophine is it was extremely addicting, giving the user a rush of energy. Withdrawal is also difficult, due to the fact the normal rotation of time seemed to go so slow to those that use it and it is very difficult to tolerate. There is an antidote for these effects, able to clear the mind of these experiences, as well as remove all traces of Tetrophine in the system. (For ease sake we'll call the antidote TP-Antidote unless Neo objects.)

Contocyclin: An injection used to give the user extreme perception, eyesight comparable to a hawk, and awareness even superior to those of psychic suggestion. Accuracy is also greatly amplified in the process, but the problem here is withdrawal involved a feeling of blindness, weakness, and depression after each use. These after effects only last twenty-four hours.

Bio Force Gun 9000: Commonly abreviated as “BFG 9000,” these guns are large support weapons capable of releasing an energy charge to release a projective ray to obliterate and vaporize enemies, and even contains a microchip core to identifiy allies from enemies. When the chip is destroyed, the projectile will be triggered for detonation.

Ulix NT 2000: A high-tech anti-tank rocket launcher capable of launching a powerful Zeta-charged Warhead, a new variant of energy as compared to laser and plasma weapons.

Zakar T-1000 Assault Rifle: The propellant in the ammo casings of these guns is superior, allowing the bullets to travel at extreme speeds. They can easily rip through most armor like magnum shots. Meanwhile, a shock absorber was added into the firearm to neutralize recoil. Otherwise, these would be so inaccurate that they wouldn’t even work as mounted weapons. These are the standard issue guns of NS.

05-22-2007, 09:18 AM
Silver Etherlight's and various Rocket Renegade Mobile Weaponry

[CENTER][Obsolete Units]
[Gespenst S] (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b204/Skiboydoggy/GespenstS.jpg)
Gespenst R (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b204/Skiboydoggy/GespenstIIR.png)
Schutzwald (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b204/Skiboydoggy/schutzwald.png)
Gespenst M (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b204/Skiboydoggy/gespenstmk2m.jpg)
Grungust Type 1 (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b204/Skiboydoggy/grungust.png)


[Units Currently in Use]

R-1 (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b204/Skiboydoggy/r-1.png)
Height: 19.1 Meters
Weight: 50.2 Tons
Weapons: Head Vulcans, T-Link Knuckle, T-Link Sword
Assigned Pilot(s): Ryusei (Silver's Medicham)

The first unit to be piloted exclusively by a Pokemon, the R-1 is armed with both the T-Link and PT-Link System, making its reaction speeds boosted beyond imagination. This allows it to fully function in its capacity as a forward combatant, excelling in Melee combat, especially with the pilot being a Medicham, a Fighting type Pokemon. However, its true potential is only reached with the formation of the SRX.

R-2 Powered (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b204/Skiboydoggy/r-2p.png)
Height: 24.2 Meters
Weight: 152.4 Tons
Weapons: Head Vulcan, Beam Sword, Wired Beam Chakram, and Hi Zol Launcher.
Assigned Pilot: Davion Sargtlin

Upgraded from the previous incomplete form, the R-2 Powered has had its position in combat pushed back slightly, to make full use of the Hi Zol Launchers, the massive cannons mounted on its shoulders. To make up for this extra weight, extra thrusters have been added to the machine, allowing it to continuing hovering, and to remain relatively mobile. Its main purpose however, is to act as the body and power core for the SRX, as it has a piece of Tronium - a radioactive material at least ten times as radioactive as uranium - as the base of its engine.

R-3 Powered (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b204/Skiboydoggy/r-3p.png)
Height: 24.7 Meters
Weight: 186.2 Tons
Weapons: Head Vulcan, Beam Sword, Telekinesis Missiles, TK Powered Laser Cannon, Burst Shield, and Strike Shields.

Capable of high speed flight, the R-3 Powered remains extremely mobile despite being extremely heavy, as most of its extra weight is used on Tesla Drives, Silver's preferred method of flight for his units. Gaining several new weapons, most noticeably the Telekinesis Missiles that are made for small, controlled, and extremely powerful explosions, they are often employed in huge amounts, all mysteriously avoiding allies and hitting only enemies...
It serves as the T-Link Centre for the SRX, keeping TK levels in check such that the two pilots can fight in peace.

R-Gun Without Hi Twin Launchers (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b204/Skiboydoggy/r-gun.png)
R-Gun With Hi Twin Launchers (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b204/Skiboydoggy/r-gunp.png)
Height: 16.8 Meters/29.8 Meters With Hi Twin Launchers
Weight: 46.2 Tons/66.2 Tons With Hi Twin Launchers
Weapons: Head Vulcan, T-Link Boomerang, Metal Genocider and Hi Twin Launcher
Assigned Pilot: Rio (Silver's Gardevoir)

A medium to long range support unit, this is the second unit to be piloted solely by a Pokemon. As opposed to using the Pokemon's natural combative abilities like with the R-1, the R-Gun mainly employs the T-Link Boomerang, an extremely sharp disk that slices through almost anything with razor sharp precision. However, the Gardevoir within simply ripping apart the environs to throw at targets is not unheard of, and neither is it simply directly assaulting the opponent with T-Link System enhanced Psychic attacks. That said, its strongest weapon is still the Metal Genocider and Hi Twin Launcher, the former of which transforms the entire unit into a gun lookalike and fires a huge beam of energy, the latter of which channels the same energy to the huge launchers on its shoulders and blasts off, much like the R-2 Powered. Also, it is armed with the Tronium Engine, though the true power of it is only accessed with the secret weapon, the HTB Cannon is employed.

Grungust Sanshiki (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b204/Skiboydoggy/grungustsanshiki.png)
Height: 60.2 Meters
Weight: 390.0 Tons
Weapons: Eye Laser, Drill Boost Knuckle, Omega Blaster, Shishioh Blade, and Sanshiki Zankantou
Assigned Pilots: Silver Etherlight and Cobray

The penultimate Super Robot to date, the Grungust Sanshiki, or Type 3, is the third in the Grungust line. Or rather, fourth, if the Prototype Reishiki is to be considered (although technically it's not really a prototype). It's powered by an extremely powerful Cracker Engine, giving it nearly unlimited energy to blast away with its huge weaponry. In between the Eye Laser, Drill Boost Knuckle, and Omega Blaster, no enemy has been known to be left standing. At least, no enemy which can be replicated in data. How it would fare against the Legendaries, and more importantly, Diabora, is something only known to its swords the Shishioh Blade and Sanshiki Zankantou.


Ongoing Projects

Neo Emolga
05-29-2007, 01:53 AM
Other NSRK Forces Developed by Neo

Ground Assault

These were intended to be the NSRK’s next generation of ground forces, intended for homeland security and for invasion and capturing. Using the latest in weaponry, armor, and technology, the design of the new forces makes the older variant obsolete.

THE GEAR – Standard Assault Mecha
THE COMODORE – Special Task “Sniper” Mecha

THE DARK STEEL BRIGADIER – Advanced Landmaster Tank
THE DARK STEEL TERRORHAWK – Advanced Hovering Gunship
THE DARK STEEL BANDIT – Advanced Recon Patrol Vehicle
THE DARK STEEL APC – Advanced Personnel Carrier
THE DARK STEEL SKYSTRIKER - Advanced Mobile Anti-Air


THE NSS RAZOR (http://www.fl-tw.com/Infinity/Media/Artwork/shipbuilder_1.jpg)
Designed to be slower but more durable than the traditional NSS Wave. NSS Razors would be used in fights that don’t require large amounts of travel, and would be very low range, body guard fighters designed to either swarm together for a strike, or protect a capital ship. Comes with standard Plasma blasters and Photon bombs.

THE NSS SOLUTION (http://shipyards.relicnews.com/hw2/images/AKHiigaran_Interceptor.JPG) (Would come with a large weapon attachment under the hull)
The NSS Solution is a type of purpose craft, medium sized but manned by only one pilot. Originally made to destroy the AMS Endgame base, this versatile ship is designed to hold heavy weaponry without the need of a large craft to fire it, making it very tactical. However, other onboard weapons are minimal, and while it has more durability than a standard fighter, it is very prone to damage if not protected.

Frigate Capital Ships

THE NSS RAGNAROK (http://shipyards.relicnews.com/hw2/images/concept_Vfrigate.jpg)
A standard battleship designed to provide covering fire for fighters rather than be a main assault battleship. However, it is armed with a Retribution Plasma Cannon designed to assault other enemy frigates if they pose a threat to the NSS Ragnarok. It is also capable of holding many fighters, which can be released through the hangar bay.

THE NSS EXCALIBUR (http://shipyards.relicnews.com/hw2/images/hw2_0403-g.jpg)
Designed to be a sister ship to the NSS Ragnarok, the NSS Excalibur has the same purpose of providing covering fire for fighters, as well as holding them and repairing them. It too, also has a Retribution Plasma Cannon designed to assault enemy frigates as support fire.

THE NSS NIGHTFALL (http://www.fl-tw.com/Infinity/Media/Artwork/koshime_10.jpg)
After the destruction of the NSS Helix, the NSS Nightfall was designed to take its place as a large battleship designed to assault other enemy frigates. While many turrets exist on the outside to attack fighters, the main features of the frigate include two dual Hyperstriker Beamlasers designed to pierce hull armor and damage the interiors of ships. The Dominion Plasma cannon is designed to crave away layers of armor to reveal fragile undersides, and the Sentinel Rocket Launchers are designed to tear away portions of hulls from enemy craft.

THE NSS KVALNIR (http://www.eternal-silence.net/4images/data/media/8/ngm_frigate.jpg)
Joined with the NSS Nightfall as a brotherhood, the NSS Kvalnir is intended to cover for the NSS Nightfall, and vice versa. While both ships are designed with the same weaponry, the NSS Kvalnir sacrifices speed for a little more armor. Meanwhile, both ships are intended to hold both the NSS Wave and the NSS Razor fighters.


THE NSS ZANTETSUKEN (http://www.flatrock.org.nz/wolf/images/X2_Pix/D_Sulaco2.jpg) (Currently under research and planning)
Designed to be one of NSRK’s major flagships alongside the NSS Essence and the NSS Durandal, the NSS Zantetsuken is a massive, city-sized ship capable of holding swarms of fighters, as well as possessing very powerful weaponry, including a Geo-Zeon Ion Cannon designed for dealing massive damage to smaller capital ships, six Sentinel Rocket Launchers, and Dual Angelfire Gattling Plasma Cannons designed to providing heavy continuous fire. It is also possible for human and Pokémon lifeforms to survive and never leave the ship itself.

06-20-2007, 05:55 AM
Post reserved for my projects. For now just posting bare bones of them.

NSS Durandal (Expanded Description)

NSS Masamune

NSS Flamberge (All the info I have on it right now is that it is bigger than the Durandal and that it can burst into flames in any environment, including space. Not even half finished, but will probably be half done when the next RP starts).