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Author’s Note: Hello, this is the new revised edition of ‘Cesta Journeys’ and ‘Ash’s Hoenn Journeys’ which will finally be more better and more interesting. I’ve changed the plot too so those of you who have been reading this ever since it came first here, I want to apologize because I keep changing my fic. I was to continue the ‘Ash’s Hoenn Journey’s but it got deleted, maybe by the hacker so I have to change it once again, this time to ‘A Master’s Destiny’ to make the fic more attractive when it comes to title. So, the setting would be on Hoenn. I might be basing some of the events here with the original pokemon animation. I might miss some of Ash and his friend’s pokemon but I’m going to try remembering them. And for those who keep reading but not replying, please do reply because it makes me feel good. Anyway, criticisms are allowed as long as you make it constructive or detailed. So, on to the fic!

Ash’s current Pokemon-Pikachu, Heracross, Snorlax, Cyndaquil, Bayleef and Croconaw, Tauros, Kingler, Muk, Noctowl, Phanphy.
Misty’s current Pokemon-Starmie, Staryu, Goldeen, Togepi, Politoed and Psyduck, Corsola.
Brock’s current Pokemon-Crobat, Onix, Geodude and Pineco.

There was this one place called the ‘Temple of Karnack’ floating above the glorious, ethereal heavens where the Gods of the Universe resided. Here, the Gods does their responsibility of keeping different worlds apart, maintain the peace and order that was there since the beginning, set the souls to their destinies & give life to new souls that will strive to the world they are meant to be. These Gods were called the ‘Enlightened Twelve’, unique for their special abilities and their power of creation. These twelve looked like animals but they take various forms when they visit different worlds. The Gods serves as the guide of every living in every world that was created or existing and so this task was no piece of cake.

Now, as the Gods always have destined that in every 100 years, one soul is to be born in every world to possess such amazing prowess, skills and abilities. Creation of these special souls has to be carried out gingerly as any crucial mistake will cause great disorder in the balance of peace and order reigning between worlds.

And so at this certain point of time, the task has to be started soon as the deadline of the anticipated year neared. The God of Life was the one who carries out the first step by purifying the ’gas of life’ for souls to emerge and materialize. The second process has to be done by the God of Fate, and that is obviously to set destinies and paths for each souls. The third stage was set for all of the remaining Gods to cast the souls in glass spheres, each one representing each world and also to give each of them sole gifted aptitude.

These souls, the basis of every life, are one of the most significant elements in the universe. Without these, there’ll only be wilderness and emptiness in the wilderness and so the Gods have to create souls at some times and these souls we are talking about here are very special. Among the hundreds of souls to be born and transmigrated, they are the only ones to possess great dexterity that only very few can surpass them in a few aspects. Yet, with these gifts the Gods has given them, trials and ordeals all come along their path continuously.

These special souls not only possess great finesse but also great energy and power hidden within them that will help them in the precarious tasks they have to accomplish. Albeit they are just souls, they already possess that great energy ever since they materialized and so they need to be processed out very carefully and be tightly sowed to their rightful worlds as one soul can possibly exchange worlds with another one. The Gods nodded in en rapport that they have to do this very carefully as what they always have been doing.

As the last phase has to begin, the Gods cleared their minds, focused their strength and started meditating for the souls to be contained in the glass spheres. The vibrant, polychrome souls, one by one, ricochet in midair before it plunges down to their respective spheres. The whole process almost took a day to finish for there were too many worlds. These balls of spheres have to be placed then in a secluded place known as the ‘Wilderness in White’ where no one, even the Gods, could enter until the said time had passed.

As the time turned a minute only away to midnight, the awaited year, one of the souls, so strong and energetic was able to break out of its glass sphere. The glowing aura of spirit gazed around its surroundings curiously. There were crystal balls all around and inside were souls just like it, encaged inside the glass. It wafted around the white wilderness, exploring the whole new surrounding with its liberty. Suddenly, it noticed a lone sphere, which was wafting high above than the others. Amazed by it, the soul effortlessly looked at it an abruptly jumped into it. The other spirit was immediately expelled out and finding it hard to enter the sphere once again, it searched around for an empty one.

Meanwhile, as only a few more seconds were left, the Gods, all looking anxious was observing a splotch of transparent water in a clamp shell. It was showing them what was happening from the secluded place. The expelled soul found one quickly, that of belonging to the fugitive soul and without hesitating, dives into it. The Gods stared in bewilderment as crease marks of anxiety could be seen lining their worried faces.

“A crucial mistake,” one of them muttered out in despair.

The time had reached its most awaited point and the souls, all eager vanished out of the crystal balls as they make their travel in the universe towards their worlds within one year to receive their bodies in which they were destined to be conceived.


Almost thirteen years had passed since that fateful event happened and now in a certain part of the universe, a world eccentric and peculiar than any other spins wildly in its axis as things continued to happen as what they were meant to be.

Pallet Town, peaceful and pacific as it was, held some of the strange wonders of this known world of Pokemon and Ash Ketchum, an innocent boy, had just experienced some of the most enigmatic occurrences in his life within these past few months. Now, after being defeated from the Johto League, he is now prepared to tackle the next adventure, and that is to Hoenn, a region far to the north (I’m not really sure with the direction). After having just spent his vacation with his friends, he’s all packed up to get moving.

“Hey Ash, you’re leaving right?” his mother said as her voice was trailing off in melancholy.

“Yeah, I’m sorry but I have to go. I have that destiny to continue my quest of becoming the world’s greatest pokemon master,” he said sadly but bravely while looking down on the ground.

The destined trainer was now set to start his quest, unbeknownst of the ordeals that will come his way. Will he and his friends make it to the top of the rest? Find out on the next episode of A Master’s Destiny!

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Author’s Note: I don’t own Pokemon or any other products of it (Disclaimer). I’ll inform you that before each of my Hoenn episodes was divided into 8 chapters but now I decided to make it one so it’ll not be confusing for you. I was very inexperienced that time. This was actually called Cesta journeys but I decided to change it to Hoenn so it’ll not be confusing. But now, to make it more attractive, I changed it to A Master’s Destiny. Pls. always read the Author’s Note because there’s something new in it sometimes. I really hope everyone likes this and to anyone reading this please reply so I know if I still have to improve or not. Thanks!
Ash’s current Pokemon-Pikachu, Heracross, Snorlax, Cyndaquil, Bayleef Croconaw, Tauros, Kingler, Muk, Noctowl, Phanphy.
Misty’s current Pokemon-Horsea, Starmie, Staryu, Goldeen, Togepi, Politoed and Psyduck, Corsola.
Brock’s current Pokemon-Crobat, Onix, Geodude and Foretress.

Hoenn Journeys- Episode 1-Trouble Day

“Wake up Ash,” Misty was the first to wake up from their campsite after the day Ash was defeated in the Johto League. She noticed Ash wasn’t yet awake and knowing that it was her job, she started nudging Ash’s back but as expected, Ash doesn’t seem to bother. Misty rolled her eyes. She was used to Ash being always like this but why would of all the trainers in the world; her friend has to be that one that sleeps like a frog and an owl. Thinking of a good way she squatted over Ash and opened her mouth wide ready to do something nasty.

“Well then I’ll use the harsh way,” she said as she screamed wildly right at his ear. Ash woke up patently annoyed and startled while picking his ear. Eyeing Misty straight in the eye, he noticed that she was just right over him! Ash and Misty’s face both grew red and she quickly got down, humiliated.

“Why do you have to wake me up like that?” Ash asked, quite embarrassed too. Misty stared at him for a moment, her face still red as tomato and went away hastily to look for Tracey. It was obvious that she was feeling mortified that she was right over Ash in his bed, luckily Brock wasn’t there. (lol)

Sitting up from his bed, Ash saw his Pikachu and Misty’s egg-shaped Togepi happily playing with each other underneath a large, shady tree. They were just heading back to Pallet Town after their adventure from the Johto region but first they have to go through New Bark Town to meet Tracey and pass through the shortcut. Tracey was Ash’s fellow friend who wanted to become the world’s greatest pokemon watcher of all. Ash knew that his Johto adventure were far more interesting than the others. He had met several brand new species in there, caught many brand new Pokemons including Heracross, Bayleef, Cyndaquil, Totodile, etc. and even made friends with a lot of great trainers. Although he hasn’t won the League in there, he still has learned many significant lessons, which he could probably use in his upcoming adventures.

“It’s a beautiful day, isn’t it Ash?” Misty asked looking up at the partly blocked sky. Ash nodded falsely, looking up at the sky the same time. They had enough rest for now and they decided to pack their things once again to get ready for New Bark Town, Tracey might have waited for them already for minutes. They stood up, so refreshed at this time after sleeping for some hours. Misty and Ash picked up their Pikachu and Togepi as they started making their way. Along the path, Ash saw a lot of grass pokemons like Weepinbel and Butterfree squirming their body against the thick lush bushes and trees but they didn’t care catch any of them. They were such in a hurry to reach the town and they don’t want to interrupt their blissful liberty.

But what caught their attention was the three dark figures once again jumping from one tree to another like what Ash had been trying to say a while ago. Misty and Brock saw it too but this time, the three figures jumped right in front of their path! Each of them were clad in black ninja suits that made them hard to be recognized. Acting like braves, they each took their hood off of their heads and guess what!? Each of them has different hair color but the same, exact faces! The three teenaged ninjas must be a triplet or something. Pikachu wearily squeaked from behind and Ash knew that they’re in danger right now.

“Okay I have enough of this. Each of us is going to challenge each of you and if either of you loses, we’ll take all your pokemons!” The yellow-haired ninja said laughing hysterically. Ash stepped closer at them and asked who the heck they are and why they kept following them.

“Of course Ashy boy, we’re the Kemmies Ninja and our task is to steal all the great pokemons of all trainers and we heard that you have done well in the past league!” The yellow-haired boy exclaimed. He then introduced his name as Cruft (their leader), the red haired one was Johnson and the blue-haired was called Thor. Ash had no idea how Cruft knew his name but the important thing to think about right now is the battle. Cruft barked at Johnson to be the first to battle and Ash felt what they’re doing was just not right.

“I’ll go against him!” Ash cried.

“No Ash, this is my battle,” Brock said bravely, holding Ash by the shoulders.

“Be careful Tracey,” Ash and Misty warned him. Thor stood as the referee of the match as he explained the rules, only one pokemon and with no time limit, as always. Brock didn’t wasted any single minute anymore. He threw the pokeball he was clasping to the field and as ball exploded with a bright sheen of light, a metallic round-bodied pokemon with two horns protruding from its head came out. It was obviously his Foretress, a great pokemon Brock once evolved from the Pineco he caught.

Johnson let out a smile as he released his own one, a circular pokemon with a flower blooming on top of it. It was a Skiploom. Misty and Ash laughed at his choice of pokemon, it was not obviously one suited for such kind of a person but they knew very well that every pokemon shouldn’t be underestimated, even the weakest of the weakest. Brock can’t wait any longer and soon ordered his Foretress to do a Rapid Spin attack. The metallic pokemon twisted and spun around in circles rapidly creating speed as it trudged to Skiploom’s position. The fluffy pokemon tried all its best to float as high as it can but being too afraid from the unexpected winds, it floated too low that Foretress had reached it. Ash could see that Johnson reacted slightly. The ninja immediately countered with a Spore attack. Small, fluffy, balls of whites wafted in the air as it slowly approached Brock’s pokemon.

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“That won’t work! Foretres, Rapid Spin again!” Brock cried. Foretress, after resting for a while began spinning once again but this time it remained in position and continued to rotate as strong winds were formed. The air created was enough to drive the spores back to the one who emanated it. Skiploom was stunned! The poor pokemon fell slowly to the ground, dazed and unconscious from its own attack. Johnson stared at his pokemon in disgust before he decided to recall it back to where it belong, to a pokeball precisely.

“You’re a shame to our group Johnson,” Cruft said softly but firmly. Jonhson bent his head as a sign of apology but Cruft snubbed him. He didn’t know in the first place that Brock is going to use its rapid spin to drive his weightless (almost) pokemon out of battle. And it only took a short time with only one attack!

“That’s the shortest battle I’ve ever seen!” Ash remarked. Cruft was too impatient to wait and decided to battle next. Ash, seeing this as his chance, abruptly and sanguinely stood before him. Thor stood again as the referee and the rules stayed the same.

“Let this battle begin!” Thor thundered. Ash turned his league cap backwards and did his usual trademark pose before throwing a circular, red and white pokeball. An immense, stubby and fat pokemon colored black and cream came out, baring its huge size amongst all the trainers present.

“That’s a tough one, but you’re still no match for my Jigglypuff!” Cruft exclaimed. Again, the trio let a small giggle at his pokemon. They never thought they would have to battle such crappy pokemon but this time, although the pokemon was not suited, it would be a perfect match against Ash’s Snorlax, who tend to eat and sleep all day. The trio paused in silence as they realized what big problem they had now. Recently in their past adventures, a Jigglypuff had been following them wherever they went and would tend to caused ruckus but they had to admit that Jigglypuff had been some kind of help too.

Another thing they hated about it was the fact that if it found no one listening to its music while singing, it will grab its microphone-like marker and paint strange markings on their sleek faces without realizing that it was the one who put them to sleep in the first place! It wasn’t really bad really since everyone would laugh at all their faces but sometimes it can cause agitation too. Looking at the situation now, a Jigglypuff confronting a Snorlax isn’t such a very good idea especially that at this time they couldn’t afford to lose.

“Intimidated aren’t you? I know you were timid from the first impression I had,” Cruft told him sarcastically. The trio were not only worried at their pokemon’s situation but also to their own selves, since it could be possible that Jigglypuff’s soothing song can put them to sleep too. Ash eyed Cruft directly in its two eyes but decided not to go vociferous as this would only make the battle last longer.

As expected, Thor commanded a sing attack before Ash could make or think of any move. Jigglypuff opened its mouth wide as the trio prepared themselves, it then began to sing its usual soothing lullaby, which wafted into the air. Jiguh-lee-puff, Jigu-lee-eee-puff.

Snorlax fell to the ground, its eyes starting to close as Ash’s friends listened to Jigglypuff’s bland song. Ash knew he had to make a move fast or he’ll lose all his pokemons, including his precious pokemon who was squeaking in anxiousness behind him. After spending a few more moments, Ash finally thought up of a good way to deflect the song. Snorlax was trying as hard as it can to stay up but it looked like it would give up soon.

“Belly Drum now!” Ash behest. Snorlax subtly tried hard even though it was falling asleep now. Slowly but successfully, Snorlax raised its arms before tapping its big and round belly loudly sending eerie cacophonous vibrations that countered Jigglypuff’s song. Hearing the noise, Jigglypuff stopped curiously and started deciphering on to where the sound was coming from. Ash knew Tracey had been waiting for so long already and he has to end this match soon if he don’t want to receive mocking statements. Cruft was startled at his Jigglypuff’s reaction, he ordered it to use its disable attack but Ash was too hasty for him. Ash had already ordered a Hyper Beam attack. Snorlax closed its hands in a circle as it concentrated on the beam to come out. Cruft knew this one is a great attack and if it made contact on his pomemon, it would surely receive big injuries and faint. Jigglypuff had no time to react, as a quick flash of purple light shot out from Snorlax and engulfed its poor, minute body. The hapless pokemon sprawled on the ground as it suffered the same fate as Johnson’s Skiploom Ash jumped for joy as he won yet another match. Clutching Jigglypuff’s pokeball with anger, he recalled it bearing the same expression as Johnson had.

“Someone is waiting for us and you three are just wasting our time, you can’t even keep up with any of us!!” Ash chastised him with mockery.

“Butt off if you don’t want to get hurt!” Cruft cried in agony, showing his razor-sharp blades. He made his way to the side as Thor and Misty took their position in the ground. Johnson was quick enough to be the referee of this game.

“Our task for the day lies in your hands Thor. Do not fail our honor! You must defeat that girl at any cost!” Cruft said lividly. Thor nodded as he rolled a pokeball out of his pocket to his hands. Misty didn’t even bothered worrying; if Ash and Tracey had beaten the other two guys easily she maybe could do this one as easy as she thought. She took her own pokeball from her pocket, ready to throw it into the field anytime.

“Let the last match now begin!” Johnson exclaimed. Both trainers threw their pokeballs in the battlefield.

“I choose Staaa-“ a flash of light suddenly interrupted Misty before she can even call out the whole name of the pokemon she had chosen and realizing the usual thing that would happen, she groaned in disappointment.

Pssyyy? The pokemon asked perplexed by its new surroundings. Misty sweatdropped. She don’t know why Psyduck would tend to come out of its pokeball even without command but she didn’t tried scolding it as it was otiose.

“Is that what you call a trainer? You can’t even control the pokemon you are releasing!,” Thor told her sarcastically as he caressed the prickly mane of his pokemon. It was a quadruped and its fur was very prickly and spiky as it stood on ends. Its yellowish and peculiar body gives Misty and Ash the thought that this time, the battle was really serious.

“Shut up!” she countered.

“Ladies first,” Thor added in his enigmatic and husky voice. She didn’t mind at all but having the first attack is a good strategy.

“Psyduck Disable!” Misty told her pokemon knowing that I was a powerful attack for Psyduck but she seemed to be forgetting something important. Pssy? The pokemon replied blankly, its eyes wide and curious.

“Psyduck doesn’t know any attack!” Misty complained.

“What kind of trainer are you? You don’t even know how to control it. I guess I’m just wasting time around here. Jolteon finish it with Pin missile!” Thor shrieked, thinking that he could beat the lame and useless pokemon so easily. Jolteon arched its body and then released several ricocheting needles towards Misty’s pokemon. Although helpless, Psyduck ran around in circles frantically, managing to dodge a few pins. It winced in pain as it stumbled upon a rock and lay flat on the floor. Thor could see his chance now, he attempted to have his Jolteon a thundershock but a loud whistle interrupted them.

Our heroes could see in their expression that they seemed to be in trouble. Thor uickly recalled his Jolteon as he and his friends swiftly hopped from one branch to another and Ash knew why. That whistle must have come from Officer Jenny, a police officer of every town who helps fight pokemon crime.

A motorbike roared and as it came to view and reached their position, it skidded to a stop. A tall, beautiful, blue-haired girl stood up from her motorbike, looking suspicious as usual. Misty let out a sigh of relief. She knew in the first place she’ll be defeated if Psyduck’s headache doesn’t becomes more intense. Her pokemon could have been stolen but it seemed that luck was on their side.

“Just what had happened here?” she asked abruptly, eyeing the three sternly.

“Long story,” Ash said slightly. Brock suddenly goes lala again, drifting in pleasure as he neared Officer Jenny.

“I can explain everything!” he cried. Misty groaned before pinching Brock’s ear and driving him away. Officer Jenny just giggled.

“We better talk this out at the police station,” Officer Jenny invited them. The station was just near New Bark Town so it’s no problem at all because they’ll be heading that way as well. Ash and his friends both rode on Officer Jenny’s motorbike as they passed through the thick, lush and deciduous canopy of trees. It took them slower than expected since four of them are riding on one bike but it appeared to be a great help too since they would be nearing New Bark Town faster as well. The police station stood in front of a tall tree; it was small but big enough for 50 people to fit in. The town could be seen from here already and it looked like the station was situated in a secluded place. Officer Jenny seized a piece of paper and a pen before Ash started explaining everything that happened, from the time the ninjas had confronted them until to when Officer Jenny arrived to help them.

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“Thank you guys, I’m sure those ninjas won’t show up again. There had been several reports from several towns stating that some ninjas had stolen pokemon from other trainers,” Officer Jenny muttered out.

“Well, I guess we’re done here. We have to hurry up because we need to meet up a friend of ours and he’d been waiting for long already,” Misty told her.

“But we’re not done yet! Maybe you could give us a ride,” Brock demanded. Misty groaned once more and pinched his ear.

“Okay then, I’ll give you a ride,” Officer Jenny offered. The trio felt delighted about this and as soon as they had seated at Officer Jenny’s motorbike, she began driving them towards the town. The motorbike seemed to be moving faster than before and Officer Jenny don’t know why, it’s as if something is pulling them towards the town. As a few moments had passed, they noticed that someone was waving at them.

“Can we stop here?” Misty asked. Brock groaned at her statement. Officer Jenny nodded as she skidded her motorbike to stop. Ash and co. thanked her for the help as she rode away, waving farewell as well.

“It must be Tracey, I’m sure he’s mad already,” Ash said. It was Tracey all along but something made him look like not the Tracey that our heroes once knew. His face seemed to be plastered by an anxious expression, one that signifies that something bad is going on.

“Why that face?” Misty immediately asked shortly after they have came near enough to him.

“Big problem, the town’s been attacked by Team Rocket and this time it seemed that they aren’t joking anymore. They are using a special giant magnet that pulls all the pokeballs from trainers towards them. Luckily I was able to get out of there before they sucked out my pokeballs as well,” Tracey explained.

“So that’s why you’re here instead at the pokemon center. But somehow I really think we have to stop those guys,” Ash replied. So that’s why the motorbike had gone faster than before. Brock and Misty thought in unison. Ash looked up at the town and he could see that all the people were having a commotion, all screaming and running from all directions. It seemed that they were frantic to see their pokemon being sucked away. Tracey sighed before asking a question.

“What took you so long?” Tracey asked exasperatedly. It was obvious that he is really tired, standing here for almost 2 hours, watching the commotion at the town while waiting for them.

“Three stupid ninjas attacked us but luckily, Officer Jenny came to our aid,” Ash explained.

“Maybe we should stop standing here and start helping save the town!” Misty cried. Ash nodded in agreement, Team Rocket had no right at all to steal pokemon. As if on cue, a boy came running right at their way, panting rapidly. He didn’t seemed to notice Ash and co. and Brock called his attention before he could go any further.

“Run! Your pokemon could be stolen away! I was lucky enough to have my Scizor back,” he cried frantically.

“Couldn’t we use the Scizor to help stop those Team Rocket?” Misty suggested but the boy twitched his head in disagreement.

“Scizor is metallic, it’ll get suck up too,” he replied before running away.

“What a coward,” Misty remarked.

“If we can’t use our pokeballs, I think I have a better idea!” Ash cried in excitement. His three friends stared at him eagerly.
What idea did Ash thought? Will they be able to save the town before it’s too late? Find out on the next episode of A Master’s Destiny!