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Xlugon Pyro
04-28-2007, 09:21 PM
Information for the actual pokemon RP can be found here (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=36575). This is where requests are made, approved members are listed, and current statistics of players in the RP are found. Feel free to discuss the RP here and with any questions not listed in the sign-up thread here.

Map Route
This is the course of which our characters will be traveling. The area that is underlined is the location our characters currently are at.

Singabar City >>> New Pallet Town >>> Route 101 >>> Viridian Forest >>> Route 125 >>> Westen Town >>> Route 125 >>> Viridian Forest >>> Route 102 >>> Viridian Metro

Accepted Characters
If you're not up here, wait until the RP starts. If you're not up here then, you're probably not accepted. Note this lists your character name, not your forum name.

Xue Kyuei

Fake Request
Got a made-up pokemon you want to request? Fill out this form! Remember, only list Pokemon that would logically be available in this session or relate to the pokemon you get in this session.

Category: (Ex: Poison Pin Pokemon, Monkey Pokemon, Hard head Pokemon)
Description: (What does it look like? Atleast 1 paragraph please.)
Height: (Average)
Weight: (Average)
Evolutions: (Does it have any evolutions or pre-evolutions? List them here.)
Sample Moves: (List 6)

Move Request
Do you have a move you'd like to make up? Does its power match up well with the session? List it here!

Effect: (Any side effects?)
Power: (You know, like for example, Tackle's power is 35.)

Pokemon Request
Got a Pokemon you want to catch in this session that relates to the session's environment? Request here in this form! You can also request which of the Pokemon you get, either ones you have or ones you want to catch, if they'll evolve. If they're listed to evolve, it doesn't mean they will, but that they have the possibility to. I wont make your pokemon evolve if you dont want it to.

Names: (For official pokemon found in this session.)
Fakes: (If you want to request a fake, either made up by you or someone else, list 'em here.)
Evolution: (Which pokemon do you want to evolve?)

Fakemon Dex
Approved fake pokemon are listed here.

Name: Ryugeon
Category: Wolf Dragon Pokemon
Description: It has a thick mane like eevee's. It has longer ears with fur tufts at the tip and ear bottom like a lynx. It has powerful hind legs for running with sharp retractable claws on all paws. Ryugeon's face is more of a snout but somewhat round with large black eyes with a blood red center and tusks protruding upwards from its lower jaw. The tail is long and reptilian like with spikes at the end. Most of its fur is brown with a golden underbelly and a mahogany mane. Tufts of black fur are found in the mane along with two horizontal golden stripes above the creature's eyes.
Height: 4' 11"
Type: Dragon
Evolutions: Eevee in to Ryugeon via element shard.
Sample Moves: Claw, Quick Attack, Bite, Dragonbreath, Dragon Claw, Slash

Approved Moves
If a move you made up is listed here, that means it's approved and usable when it is learned. Information on it is also listed here.

Name: Tree Lasso
Type: Grass
Description: Grabs or lifts the foe with a strong tail or vine, and throws down or releases the foe with a great titanic force.
Effect: May induce flinching.
Power: 95

Trainer Request
If you requested to catch certain pokemon and they're listed here under your name, they'll be eligible to catch. If pokemon you want to evolve are listed under your name, they are registered and are able to be evolved. Only accepted members are listed here.

Xue Kyuei
Catches: Treecko, Kricketot
Evolutions: Kricketot

Current Pokemon
Pokemon that approved members currently have are listed here. Nicknames for the pokemon are also listed.

Xue Kyuei
Ryuor the Eevee

More information will come later. For now, discuss, request, and get ready for an awesome RP!