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Here is a thread that will contain all my poems and very short articles of pokemon as well as short stories and fanfics which will be hyperlinked and they will be listed as they come in.So with that said I hope you enjoy my writing as much as i do writing it :biggrin: *posts will be edited every now and then and i'll inform just on this post, and thread*ENJOY!

Tears in the Mist

What will i Become?

Guile be Love

Eve's Song (story helper!)

A Sunday Passed

Heros from the Fire FOUND!!!!! :)

Tokeio Town

THE BUG! (lost in the move but will find!!)

Short Stories
Burning Ambitions (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=5524)
Burning Redemption (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=5661)

Charizard the Dragon (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=6515) (not completed)
Stitches (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=4384)
Peperoni Slashin'!!!!!! (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=5404)(update 1 1/2)
note*some stories my appear a few days later or weeks....maybe months*

09-05-2004, 03:17 AM
Tears in the Mist
Softly I stare to the star in the east,it looks like it weeps does it not?
See how it twinkles so deeply, so gently it looks as if it had sighed
Maria would look at that star every night and wished it to come down
"Come little star,oh won't you please?" Maria would daily beg
The star would twinkle "Oh,no Maria, you come to me"
My trainer was so young,and the young are nieve,
Why could't Maria see her true self in the mirror? How beautiful she...
That mirror told her lies,lies only she could see
Lies that I couldn't reflect for thay were no attack
How do you protect your trainer from something like that?
Soon her clothes began to moan" Oh Maria I can't breathe!"
As a Guardevior our gowns are neatly fit, Maria would glance at me
"Why couldn't I be you?" She whispered. Oh Maria can't you see....
Then the sea began to speak" Oh Maria come with me!
Forget that crazy star,hear not that lying mirror,come with me!"
Oh my poor Maria,how do I protect you?
"Mom they called me ugly, please don't make me go back!"
Who Maria? I heard nothing of the sort........
"Mom they make fun of me, please don't make me go back!"
My psychic eyes don't miss much Maria, I saw no one.......
"Mom they pointed and stared!,please don't make me go back!"
My trainer is seeing things,on my poor Maria
Why do you see those wicked things? Is that mirror talking to you?
Maria lay in bed one night talking to the star ,wishing on it hard
Tell me Maria what you whished,oh am I but a shadow to you?
Don't glance at my gown, look at me, me Maria! Look at you!
Oh how do I protect you Maria?
No don't look at that mirror Maria-it lies!
Don't listen to that sea!
Oh you wicked,wicked star!
MARIA!! ......................

I was powerless to save Maria, I am no Guardevior
She listened to the mirror
She left with the sea
And went to the star
The sky lay misty when she left,it swallowed her whole,took her....
..........tears were still on her face beside the "happy dagger"......
She is dead.....for no reason.......I am no Guardevior
Softly I stare to the star in the east, do you know what you've done?
Is Maria with you now?
Tell Maria I miss her so and I loved her with all my heart!
Tell her there's not a day that goes by that she is not sorley missed
Tell her that I am sorry,oh god Maria I am sorry! Forgive me!........
........"Tell her yourself ",the star replied.

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Hoenn Mirror Girl
09-05-2004, 04:58 AM
Your wish has been granted.

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When I Become......

When I become a ferocious Gyradoes, all will cower before me!
I will strike terror and fear into thier wicked hearts and shatter thier
hold upon me !
When I become a beautiful Milotic, all will gasp before me.I will show
those stuck-up vixens what true beauty beholds as grace and
elegance flow through me.
When I become a soaring Salamence, all will lie beneath me! For I will
reign "king of the skies" and glide so quickly that no one will catch
When I become a sturdy Tyranitar all will crumble around me. My
strength will stumble my foes into defeat and knock out the trainers
that hunt me.
Oh how I envy you all for you know what you will become. With five evolutions to choose from, I am a most complexed one! I could dive through the oceans, or play with fire! I could race lightning or predict you every move; why I could even talk to the moon! But as I've been told, in all due time, I will know what I be and when that time comes it'll all depend upon me.

The Elite Ygseto
09-17-2004, 04:35 PM
Wow! These are so good! More please!

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Yay!!! someone likes my work! sit tight please thier coming!* updates board*

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I also like the poems

03-05-2005, 05:10 PM
Guile be Love

O' night of solemn eve, did a nefarious serendipity cross your wake?
Would a young man be laid so still upon a sanguine night as this!
A pariah of public consensus need worry about homage no more,
Need worry about rashins no more,
Need worry about pecuniary relations no more,
Need worry about his chimerical dreams no longer for is a kadaver may walk freely about with no testimony from the public, then may the heaviest swine take thier bellies off the ground and dance with the clouds.
Some may say his death was desultry, an anachronism, or a wicked twist of fate, but no one truly knows that better than the kadaver and as they say "Dead man don't tell no tales".
So on behalf of my poor meloncholy soul, I shall tell his tale and perhaps for your own pleasure, use this as a mnemonic for your own sake......

How blind is the eye of love?
When does it's adamant grasp leave the senses to thier mortal instincts?
This poor fool did fall into the abyss of love and love isn't as the mortal eye would think the eye of love would act.
Perhaps he would dissmiss it as a hyperbole and begone of his omen, but
no, he was in love, and when his sand did and at that very time began to trickle, t'was proof enough for I that man would fall to his emotions once again.
Was not Romeo and Juliet the omen of man to fall by thier own emotions?
Man is too gullible and love too guile for man to comprehend alone.
Love be the charlatan of the senses!
Had this man looked at her conjual hand,
Had this man listen'd to her effete plea,
Had this man known that her husband was just as inine as himself then this night would be bloodless.
My poor syncophant, this was your own doing,
Had your meloncholy childhood been as joyful as this eve could you have been saved?
Or were my sister fates toying with an already toyed mind?
His "happy dagger" was joyful indeed for it greeted him more than thrice until his flesh satisfied it no longer.
Here you'll lay and here you'll stay until your bones grind with the gravel of the pity of the people,
They saw only what thier eyes could see, my hidden kadaver, and will bury the gentle peddler that once walked these streets.

Now you who did listen to my cliche' of a life,
do not be fooled by mindless infatuation and the undying spark of loves true love,
search yourself first, then seek out the heart
Don't disparage this feeling though this tale be true to trite,
tis not worth your "happy dagger", so live but another day!
and I pray you will find the one of all the worlds, till then
live but another day to seek the secrit keeper of your keep, till then
just live but another day.....
Tis not worth my sickle to sever joven minds

I hope you fathom this tale well as many a time before it has handed me souls.
It would be desultory for me to shine my sickle and glase my cloak for a person who doesn't appreciate the amazing gift of life.
Oh my, now why should the sands start to trickle now?

03-26-2005, 03:15 AM
*for those of you who have read my 2 stories on Eve in the URPG sec. this will give you a preview of the 3rd story which will be titled "Burning Souls"*

Eve's Song

*a gentle hum emits its vibrations from the depth of Eve's heart, not fully conscious of what she sings, yet she knows the song so well*

(to a slow tune)

Someone is calling for you,
someone's been crying for you.....
Someone is se-eking you,
please answer my call.....

I know that you've been hurt-
your scars from earth-
but nothing lasts fore-ver,...
we will heal toge-ther

take your hand in mine-
grasp it for all times-
we will never part,
*whispers*you will always be in my heart

*Eve lays her head on the soft, silky pillow as the monitor line goes flat.....*

Pokemon Trainer Sarah
03-26-2005, 09:35 AM
Those are incredible ^_^ I really loved Tears in the Mist and Eve's Song! Well done!

03-29-2005, 10:25 PM
A Sunday Passed

One day you were fine, you looked like you were normal
dressed in fine clothes, your passion was formal
but then you had to see what all men were forbiden
you gave your last breath when heavan was given

I hope i will see you soon
becuase I'm just as adventurous as you

04-03-2005, 01:04 AM
Here's a pokemon haiku:

Pokemon sucks balls
As do all of you panzies
I hope you all die

04-03-2005, 01:32 AM
Here's a pokemon haiku:

Pokemon sucks balls
As do all of you panzies
I hope you all die
ooh that was pretty good

i love your poem
but this thread isn't for you
so make your own thread

05-01-2005, 12:36 AM
After searching box, after box, after box, I finally found it! yay!

Heros from the Fire

something had to happen for all the world to see-
to witness all us humans; the evil we all breath,
and so the spark was took that set it all ablaze-
the fire ran like water and ensued a burning rage,
the tower once a home, now became a tomb-
three pokemon it took-collapsed-and sealed thier doom,
apalled by the deed, Ho-oh sent it's light-
and the pokemon were given a new chance at life,
reborn they were from the ash, the new legends have come!
reicarnations of mother nature they stand as one:
Entei, the volcanic beast, roars his molten fury!-
Raikou, the thunder beast, strikes his foes no mercy!-
Suicune, the wind-water beast, calms the battle's tide,
all in Ho-oh's light, they fight for justice and pride,
thier end gleamed a new beginning for the rightous glance-
These Heros from the fire give evil no second chance.

06-05-2005, 04:03 AM
a snipet of my pride and joy fanfiction- the main reason for my being so slow on the Eve saga.....

Tokeio Town

Fouresent lights of all rainbow brilliance and glow illuminated the night sky, some jumped alive and moved about the signs they were pinned to, others winked, blinked, or waved beckoning faithful moths closer while some structures rather wowed thier faithfuls by towering over all others causing a nearly backward bend to take all into view with a small hole of black starry, starry sky at the end of the enclosure of lights.


"AAhck!", Sora fell back as a small yellow haired monkey girl smudged her face in his-then suddenly pulling back.

*a gun cocked* "Should I shoot her?," asked Spike.

The monkey girl began to dance (not noticing the gun) an intro and sing notes that would crack a dead deaf person's sleep.

"Is that a question?," Fay replied," Put it out-"

"Put that away!," spat Kagome who slapped the gun down-triggering it -with the shot nearly hitting Sora in the head.

" Ehh,he,heh..."

"I belive I will put it away for Sora's sake."

"Oh-my-GOD! We've been here for, not even a minuet, and yall are already fighting?!", screached Karu.

"She started it," pointed Spike-

"No, don't even," Karu shook her finger near Spike's nose (who so wanted to bite it)," I have been your little peace keeper, I have settled quarrel after quarrel after quarrel- ' She's been in the potty too long!', ' He won't let me pet the mouse!', ' He grabbed my butt!'- ' She breathed on me'- I have been helpful, I have earned my keep, and I will earn MY SILENCE!! All of you!" Karu whipped around getting all who got off the ship and those who stood by the windows (but ducked for fear of the medusa) in her vicious sight, " Will get off this ship, in single *flippin'* file and we are gonna find the guide and meet up with Satou- any questions?"


"Good, Sora would you please lead?"

"Sure," he stumbled up and noticed the monkey girl still dancing in her own world.

"Kenshin! Front and center!", and out came Ruroni from behind Al like a frighted doddle-bug as he quickly met up with Karu.


"Make sure everyone is off the ship, I won't have anyone be left behind."

"Yes mam," and off he went-glad to be released-and gathered all the others up with absolute speed ( "I have to go potty!"-"Hold it for life and freedom!")

"Ash, I want you and Inuyasha to make sure there is no cutting."

"Okay Mist-uh-eh Karu." He quickly dipped his hat and rushed off with Inuyasha.

"Will you lead us Sora?"

Before the first step was took, the Monkey girl returned before him finishing up her song&dance number with the flatest note-

"Do you know Satou?", asked Karu through grit teeth.

" Yes, yep, yes! I was sent to lead yall to Mew Mew Tower! Follow me!",and she cartwheeled off.

Sora looked toward the sea of neon and flashing lights and remebered a far, far away place.....