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09-05-2004, 01:20 AM
~The Thief of Goldenrod~

Stephen walked with his head down, to keep his eyes away from the bright sun. He looked up, and squinted as the bright rays from the sun shone upon him. In the distance, he could see many tall buildings shining magnificentely.

Goldenrod! I've finally made it to the place where the Game Corner and the Radio Tower is in Johto!

Stephen walked about another mile, and came upon Goldenrod City. All of the places had many people going in and out, to and from, and rushing to the next place with eager faces. None of the cities Stephen has been to before were like this, and he was amazed by the great hustle of the city. Stephen, being tired and weary from the trip, decided to unwind and have some fun at the city Game Corner. So, glancing behind his back one more time to see the dusty road he came from, walked through the huge crowd of people and made it to the Game Corner.

The Game Corner looked like a whole city in itself with its magnificentely painted walls and great Pokemon designs on the walls. He walked up to the door, and the door said 'Game Corner! Wind down and have some fun!!'. So Stephen put his right hand on the golden handle and walked in.

When he walked in, he saw many people having fun and laughing while they were playing their slot machines that several people kept shoving the tokens used for playing into and pressed a button when they wanted it to stop. Many people had bad luck, but Stephen saw one guy get the jackpot with 7's in all three categories. The man walked up to Stephen, and talked to him.

"Woo hoo hoo! I hit the jackpot today! I wouldn't take that machine again until a lot of people have used it again, I sucked all the money right out of it!"

The man ran off and Stephen raised his eyebrows at the odd man. Then, wanting to play some slots as well, went up to the counter at the front of the store and saw a man looking bored at the desk. He was barely holding his head up with his left arm. He opened one eye, hearing Stephen, and asked, "Can I help you?"

"Yes, I would like some coins so I can play the slots. How much do they cost?"

"It costs 1,000$ to get 50 coins....."

When Stephen was fumbling his hand through his pocket to get his money, he saw a poster that read in bold print, "A thief has been robbing this store of its valuable coins! The person that captures this thief will be rewarded handsomely!!". Stephen stared at it with a serious look and turned towards the guy working the desk. "What is that poster over there for?"

"The last 2 or 3 nights, we've kept getting robbed by someone or something. We don't have any kind of clue who or what it is because it barely leaves a trace except for all of the coins getting stolen out of our register that we had in there that day. We've had to keep getting money from our cellars down in the basement."

Stephen then looked down and decided to help on this problem the city was having. "Don't get any coins for me, I will help out and catch your robber."

The clerk looked amazed at the young boy's statement and shut the register slowly. Stephen then walked out of the place and went back into the crowd. He decided he was going to stay at a hotel for the night, even though he would be out of his room a lot at night because he wanted to catch the crook. He finally made it to a place called 'The Goldenrod Inn' and pushed the door open. He found a guy at the counter looking at Stephen and said, "Can I help you kind sir?"

"Yeah, can I make a reservation for the night? I think I'm going to be needing it soon...."


09-05-2004, 05:41 PM
~The Spotting of the Thief~

Stephen sat in his new bed staring up at the ceiling. He could see carved Pokemon images on the roof, and decided that this place wasn't that bad to stay at. Stephen looked at the alarm clock, and it read 3:42 P.M.. Stephen closed his eyes, wondering who or what the thief was. He decided to just take a snooze in his comfy bed. Stephen was bored, needed some sleep, and had plenty of time to wake up. So he turned his head to his left, shut his eyes, and just relaxed as he slowly fell into sleep..........

4 Hours later

Stephen awoke and suddenly noticed no light shining on his face through the window. Stephen jolted up and grabbed his alarm clock forcefully. It read 7:45 P.M., and Stephen suddenly clenched his teeth and threw the covers out of his way to get ready. Stephen looked out the window, and saw nothing but darkness. It's already dark! Thought Stephen. How was I able to sleep so late?! I guess I was a lot more tired than I thought I was. So Stephen rushed out, grabbed his two Pokemon in their Pokeballs, and rushed off. I hope Kirlia and Pidgey will be able to help me in capturing this guy. Stephen went out the door to his room and slammed it in his rush, wihch got some people irritated. But did Stephen care? No. He rushed out of The Goldenrod Inn and ran through the crowd of people.

Stephen made his way through some of the people, but most were just taking their time, not paying attention to anyone or anything except themselves. Geez, it's even more crowded at night than it is at day! Stephen finally got through the massive crowd of people, and looked up at the city's great buildings. They were lighted with Pokemon and Pokeballs and trainers. Stephen stood wide-eyed at what Stephen thought was the most spectacular thing he had ever seen. It even had a lighted picture of Professor Oak on the Radio Tower, with Professor Oak smiling while he had a headset on. Stephen slowly raised his hand, and slapped himself remembering what he was originally out here for. So he finally made his way to the Game Corner, and sat there out of exhaustion from running so much. His chest rose and fell with great speed, and he tried to calm down.

Finally, after 2 or 3 minutes, he got out of his excitement and listened for the intruder. He crept up closer and closer to the Game Corner, and put his head against the glass door, hoping to hear something. He decided to give up, and just wait. But, right when he pulled his ear away, he heared something rummaging through what sounded like tons of coins. Stephen quickly thrusted his head to the side the noise was coming from, and heard it moving to the edge of the Game Corner. He must be trying to escape! Better watch out for him!! So Stephen crept over to the side of the Game Corner the noise was coming from, and hid in the shadows. He then saw a claw shine from the small light, and Stephen wondered what it was. The claw unlatched the window and moved it aside. There jumping out of the window and closing it, Stephen saw what seemed like a Pokemon. He got closer, and flipped open his Pokedex. Stephen pointed it straight at the figure, and what the pokedex came out of the Pokemon was a suprise to Stephen

<Start Pokedex translation> Robotic voice: Meowth, the Scratch Cat Pokemon. Appears to be more active a night. It adores round and shiny things, and will not hesitate to steal coins off of the ground. <End Pokedex translation>

The Meowth jumped when it heard the Pokedex, and Stephen got his first good luck at it. A whitish colored Pokemon with black ears, 6 whiskers, a tail that was white at the start and turned brown at the end, paws, and a special golden amulet stuck inbetween the Meowth's forehead. Stephen looked at the creature suspiciously, and grabbed for one of his Pokeballs. He detached the red and white ball from his belt, and threw the Pokeball yelling, "Go Kirlia!!" A red blob shot out of the Pokeball, and soon became a shape that looked like a Kirlia. Stephen grabbed the Pokeball that had Kirlia in it in midair, while Kirlia was concentrating on his foe.

At the site of this the Meowth tried to run, but Kirlia stood in it's way. Stephen, feeling confident, said, "Oh no, you won't get away from this battle. I won't let you steal from this place again!"


09-05-2004, 08:29 PM
~The Fight~

Kirlia and Meowth stood, staring at each other with menacing looks. A haze started enveloping around them and the city, which was the fog rolling in early at night. Stephen decided to start things off right, and yelled, "Kirlia, use your Hypnosis!"

Kirlia closed his eyes and suddenly small red rings shot out from Kirlia's body. The rings were headed straight toward Meowth, but Meowth reacted quickly. Meowth jumped into the air, avoiding the Hypnosis, and came down on Kirlia using Fury Swipes. Meowth raked it's claws savagely across Kirlia's face, and after about 4 swipes of its claws, Meowth stopped. Kirlia had red marks on its face where Meowth scratched him. Kirlia's temper rose and he narrowed his eyes. Again, it tried a Hypnosis, but Meowth disappeared. Kirlia looked around, becoming panicked and wondering where it was. Suddenly, straight in front of Kirlia appeared Meowth. Meowth rammed straight into Kirlia's chest with its claws barred. It used its Faint Attack!

Kirlia fell to the ground, looking weak and tired. Kirlia slowly rose, using a lot of strength just to get off of the ground. You could see the sweat and marks on Kirlia's face. Stephen knew he was having a tough time, so he decided to change strategy. "Kirlia, use your Psychic attack and don't miss!"

Kirlia closed it's eyes again, and when he opened them again his eyes were blood red. He looked straight at the Meowth menacingly, and Meowth started to turn Blue. Meowth cried and struggled to get out of the grasp of te Psychic attack, but Meowth couldn't get out of it. Meowth slowly rose in the air, and then flew head-on into a tree. The tree split in half and Meowth fell to the ground with a thud. Splinters from the tree flew like sparks as Meowth went through the tree. It stayed on the ground and looked like it had been severely hurt. Meowth slowly rose, but you could see many bruises from the impact of the tree and when it fell. Meowth looked angry, and stood straight up and raised both claws. Meowth sent a jolt through his arms, and out came 3 sharp nails from the right paw and out came another 3 from the left paw. They looked nearly invisible, except for a street light that shone upon Meowth's hand. The claws sparkled from the light, and Meowth smiled menacingly. Stephen looked at the Meowth and started to worry about Kirlia.

Suddenly, when Stephen thought nothing was going to happen, Meowth charged at Kirlia with its paws at its sides. Kirlia's eyes were struck with fear at that moment, and Kirlia's eyes were as wide as they ever could be. Stephen then thought of a simple strategy that could work. "Kirlia, use your teleport to escape Meowth's Slash!" Kirlia glanced at Stephen quickly and then suddenly disappeared in a yellow blinding light right before Meowth hit Kirlia. Meowth swiped at the air and fell when it used so much force in swinging its paws. Kirlia reappeared in a yellow light behind Meowth, and stared at the Meowth lying on the ground. "Kirlia, use your Psychic to finish it off!" Stephen yelled at the top of his lungs.

Kirlia closed it's eyes again and when he opened them they turned blood red again. He concentrated on Meowth, and Meowth began to glow blue again. Meowth, not having much strength, didn't fight it and was starting to rise into the air again. When Meowth was probably 10 feet off of the ground, Kirlia flipped Meowth around sent it hurtling towards the ground head first. Meowth cried one last time before it hit the ground, and dust rose from the impact. Stephen shielded his eyes with his left arm and started coughing as the dust enveloped all 3 figures.

Finally, when the dust cleared, Stephen could see Meowth laying there, motionless. "Great work Kirlia! You've done your part! Now it's time for mine...." Stephen reached into his bag, and grabbed a little Pokeball. He pressed the white button in the middle, and the ball grew about 3 times the size that Stephen pulled out of his backpack. Stephen raised his right arm, and threw the Pokeball while saying, "Go Pokeball!!" The red and white ball struck Meowth on the back of the head, and Meowth started to turn red. Meowth was sucked up into the Pokeball and a white light emitted from the Pokeball when it closed on Meowth. Stephen stared at the Pokeball, clenching his fists so hard his knuckles were turning white. His sweat dripped from his face, and he stood breathing deeply while watching the Pokeball. The ball shook once, twice.....


Agent Orange
09-05-2004, 10:10 PM
Story: Good, Good, nice idea.

Reality: Fine, kinda like the show.

Detail: Great, I thought it was a little funny too.

Spelling + Grammar: I didnt see any, awesome.

Length: Nice, certinly long enough for a Meowth.

Outcome: Meowth = Captured.