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Hoenn Mirror Girl
09-07-2004, 03:39 AM
Orre Star Shuffle
I kinda had a few ideas for this fic and decided to save it for sometime in December, but I was tempted to write it.

As you can tell from the title, it's a spinoff of Pokemon Collosseum. However, the main characters (well, four of them, anyway) will occasionally play some songs since they play in a band. The next post will explain them a bit to prevent any confusion. Also, it'll parody some of the fics on PE2K.

With that said, I hope you enjoy this story.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
09-07-2004, 03:53 AM
Type: Psychic
Ability: Trace
Age: 16
Sign: Aries
Instrument: None (She's the singer in the band)

Type: Psychic
Ability: Own Tempo
Age: 14
Sign: Saggitarius
Instrument: Keyboard synthesizer

Type: Normal
Ability: Keen Eye
Age: 13
Sign: Pisces
Instrument: Drums

Type: Dark/Ice
Ability: Inner Focus
Age: 17
Sign: Aquarius
Instrument: Guitar

Type: Steel
Ability: Intimidate
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Sign: Scorpio
Other: Despite his efforts to impress Sneasel, she can't stand him

Type: Normal
Ability: Pickup
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Sign: Gemini
Sister: Furret
Girlfriend: Sneasel

Type: Bug/Flying
Ability: Compound Eyes
Gender: Female
Age: 8
Sign: Virgo
Special Ability: Able to identify Shadow Pokemon

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkrs048.gif http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkrs308.gif

Hoenn Mirror Girl
09-07-2004, 03:55 AM
PROLOGUE: The Garage Girls
When someone at Cianwood Island heard the word "music", the first thing that comes to mind are the Garage Girls. The band, originally started by Kirlia and Grumpig, had a slow beginning, but now it was one of the famous music bands in Johto. As time passed, the band have acquired two more members: Sneasel and Furret.

Kirlia is the singer of the band, and it isn't hard to notice why with her beautiful singing voice. She's also the leader of the band, so she makes sure that everything is flawless in progress. However, Kirlia can get a little carried away with her leadership roles at times. A few sour notes or unnecessary pauses can throw off her timing, meaning that the band will have to start the song all over. Also, she can be overwhelmed and stressed by being the lead of the Garage Girls. Despite her minor dominance and perfectionism at times, Kirlia's singing and passion for the band couldn't be topped.

Grumpig, Kirlia's best friend, is more easygoing. She usually has a million ideas for just about everything, and the Garage Girls is no exception. Grumpig picks the songs that would pique the interest of music lovers, and since she has her computer packed with Mp3 files and over a thousand CDs (with a few she "borrowed" from her parents before their divorce), at least one of them is lucky enough to be performed. She's often in a good mood and is open to everything, so the band members can talk to her about certain things that bother them. Her trademark instrument is a keyboard synthesizer.

Furret, the drum player of the Garage Girls, can be quite emotional. She's mainly bashful and is often seen with her brother, Linoone. At first, she was quite hesistant to join the band. However, Furret decided to try out for the band after Kirlia, Grumpig, and Linoone encouraged her to do so. As soon as she began auditioning, the singer and keyboard player were stunned by Furret's phenomenal performance and immediately accepted her. While Furret had some mood swings, being in the band helped her self-esteem a bit.

Finally, there was Sneasel. She's considered a loner because other than the band and Linoone (who she's currently dating), she doesn't like to be around people. She's often found near the beach by herself whenever she isn't at band practice or sharing an ice cream with Furret's brother. Sneasel and Furret get along pretty well because they can trust each other with major issues that they don't want leaking out. She is very serious and doesn't laugh much as well as smiling rarely. Sneasel can have a short temper and usually lets it all out on Mawile, a Pokemon that is often seen with the band. Mawile tries as hard as he could to make Sneasel like him, but he usually fails.

After the Garage Girls performed their first song in Cianwood, they had received more fan mail than they can handle. Of course, they wrote back to them when they had time on their hands. One day, however, Sneasel noticed a letter that would take the band to greater heights:

Dear Garage Girls,
I loved your music. It was worth it to skip my usual day at the movies and come all the way from Goldenrod City to see your debut. You blew me away!
Do you think you can perform here in Goldenrod one day? It'll mean a lot to me if I didn't have to get ready two hours before the show starts.


The Garage Girls were speechless after reading the letter.

GRUMPIG: Whoa... unbelievable...
SNEASEL: Well, there goes anything I was going to say. [turns to Kirlia] I know it isn't my style, but do you think we should travel around and perform in the cities of Johto?

Kirlia thought for a moment. It would be nice if the Garage Girls could travel. After a moment of silence, Kirlia's mind was made up.

KIRLIA: We'll extend tommorow's practice by an hour and head to Goldenrod first thing Friday morning.

So that began the road to fame for the Garage Girls. After performing in Goldenrod, they played in Ecruteak City, Mahogany Town, and New Bark Town. It wasn't long before they ended up playing in every city in Johto.

A couple of months after their latest performance in Cherrygrove City, a music company in Olivine City called Pop 'til You Drop Records took an interest in the Garage Girls. As soon as the manager and Kirlia talked things out, everything was settled, and the contract was signed, CDs and video cassettes were sold in every music store in Johto. Eventually, Linoone and Mawile visited the girls whenever they were on their breaks. However, life continued like normal. Sneasel still went out with Linoone while still blowing her stack at Mawile, Grumpig enjoyed her issues of Pokemon Elite Magazine that she had been collecting for the past two years, and everyone else continued with their usual routines.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
09-07-2004, 04:00 AM
EPISODE 1: Unexpected Turnaround
CHAPTER 1: Going International
After wrapping up practice for the day at the studio of Pop 'til You Drop Records, the girls decided to head back to Cianwood Island until the manager bursts into the room. The Vigoroth looked estatic as he waves a letter around.

MANAGER: Hey, ladies! Great news!

The girls began to get sour looks when the manager handed the letter to them.

FURRET: Uh...sir? I think we have more than enough fan mail...
MANAGER: Fan mail? Oh, this? This is even better. Open it up.

Sneasel slashes the envelope open and starts to read the note inside.

Dear Garage Girls,

I heard that you have developed quite a reputation in the Johto region. I'd like to ask a favor of you. Recently the band in the Kanto region called the Wind Shuffle have disbanded and our sales have dropped severely. If this continues, we'll be out of business.

This is why I'd like for you ladies to play at Kanto. With this letter is a boat ticket for the S.S. Anne, which docks at Olivine and Vermillion. Once you arrive in Vermillion, a bus will take you to Celadon City. Everything has been set up for your performance.

I look foward to seeing you if you're able to come.

Alakazam, Manager of Storm Rider Records

FURRET: Storm Rider Records?
SNEASEL: Who would've thought that the biggest music company in Kanto would ask us to perform?
GRUMPIG: I wonder if we should go. I hope we do, 'cause I have a bunch of songs we can perform.
SNEASEL: Uh...Grumpig? If you're talking about doing "Follow Me"* again...
GRUMPIG: No... I have something else planned.
MANAGER: So, ladies... what it'll be?

There was a brief pause. The other three girls looked at Kirlia. Seeing that the other girls wanted to go, Kirlia sighs and looks at her manager.

KIRLIA: We'll go to Kanto. It sounds like fun to perform in another region. What time does the boat leave?
SNEASEL: Noon tommorow.
KIRLIA: Great! I'll call Linoone and Mawile and see if they want to come with us.
SNEASEL: I was hoping that we can go and leave Mawile here.

Kirlia let out a slight laugh as she gets her cell phone. As she starts to dial, the manager starts to leave but then stops and turns to the girls.

MANAGER: Have fun in Kanto, ladies!

As the manager left and Kirlia begins to get a ring signal, Sneasel heads back to her dressing room. Sneasel didn't seem too enthusiastic about the trip like everyone else was. She didn't like to travel much. Even performing in the cities of Johto stressed her out, and now she was going to another region. Even though she began to like performing in front of her fans, Sneasel didn't like the idea of going to Kanto.

Furret began to follow Sneasel when she notices that she was a bit stressful about this.

FURRET: I'm guessing going to Kanto is too much for you...
SNEASEL: You could say that.
FURRET: I bet it'll be fun. We'll probably perform in Hoenn after this. Try to lighten up a bit. I was just as stressed out as you were when I tried out for the band, and ever since then, I like being with you guys.

Sneasel lets out a sigh and smiles.

SNEASEL: Well... I guess Kanto won't be so bad...

* * *

The next day, the Garage Girls, Mawile, and Linoone were boarding the S.S. Anne at Olivine City. Ever since they arrived, millions of their fans have flocked around them, but the Machoke security guards were there to keep the crowd under control. Still, the Garage Girls were kind enough to wave to their fans. Even Grumpig, despite the fact that she was listening to her usual Japanese pop on the CD Player in the pound around her waist, manage to squeeze in a few "hellos" to her adoring fans.

As soon as they boarded the ship, the group where shown their room. There were two beds, one against the right wall and another by the dresser. In front of a dark purple sofa was a small rectangular table. On top of the dresser was the TV, and on the right was a small refrigerator.

FURRET: This seems nice.
MAWILE: Too bad it'll be for only six hours.
FURRET: Then, we just have to get the best of it.

Noon came, and the ship left the port.

Episode 1-1 Notes
Follow Me - Team Rose's theme song in Sonic Heroes

Hoenn Mirror Girl
09-07-2004, 04:04 AM
CHAPTER 2: From Olivine to Vermillion
Within the first hour of the trip to Vermillion City, the group have already made themselves comfortable. They went to have a bite to eat at the cafe and went their own separate ways after that. When they came back to the room, they noticed Grumpig lying on the bed and reading one of her issues of Pokemon Elite Magazine while eating the twelve ounce bag of chips she bought a while ago after leaving the arcade. The stereo was resting on the dresser and was playing one of Grumpig's many CDs. Kirlia lies down on the sofa while Furret and Sneasel sat beside the window and watched the wavy sparkling ocean continue for miles. Mawile sat with Grumpig while Linoone sits on the floor with his paws resting on the table. As Grumpig continues to read the magazine, she begins laughing.

GRUMPIG: I never get tired of that part...
KIRLIA: Let me guess: the Sun Water part in "The Gray Battlegrounds"?
GRUMPIG: What can I say? I love that part. A boy in a flower dress... how ironic... and yet so hilarious.

Furret, becoming interested, heads over to the stack of Pokemon Elite Magazines on the floor. She takes one that was made in May 2004 and begins to look at the fan art section. One of the pictures caught her attention. It had a girl with Butterfree wings, a dark-skinned girl that looked like she lived in a cave, a mermaid, and another girl in a sailor-styled school uniform. The background had a light purple sky dotted with stars and small clouds that were a mix of pink and white. They formed a trail in front of a bright blue gate with stars on top of the bars that was surrounded in peach colored clouds. At the bottom of the picture were strange berries, a spiky one that was pink with some traces of brown, a light blue one with tan zigzag patterns, a large white one with hints of red dotted all over, and a green cactus-like one. In the middle were the words "HOENN MIRROR WORLD" in dark blue lettering. Underneath that were the words "By Johto Island Girl". Smaller lettering in the same color under the author's name read "Powers of the land, the sea, the sky, and living things..." followed by "The key to defeat the darkness lies in them".

FURRET: "Hoenn Mirror World"? What's that?
MAWILE: You mean you never heard of that?
FURRET: Not really... I usually pay attention to "Adventure of a Lifetime". I don't know. I'm just used to the Trainer stories. But then again, I'm starting to get into "Death Upon Tohjo Island"...
MAWILE: Furret, once you check out "Hoenn Mirror World", you'll feel rather silly for not hearing about it.
LINOONE: That was basically the only story I read in the story section of Pokemon Elite... well, that and the "Trial of Juno". Too bad both of them ended. I'll never forget about that final battle between Juno and Zander...
MAWILE: I don't know... Connie kicked a lot of butt in her final battle with Walrein.
LINOONE: I know. That's pretty hard to forget.
KIRLIA: Hey, have you checked out that one story? What's the name of it...? It's a fantasy...
GRUMPIG: "Protector of the Forest"?
KIRLIA: Not that one. The new one...with the road trip...
LINOONE: "Road to Palantria"?
KIRLIA: Yeah! That one! I just read the latest chapter yesterday. It was hilarious. Now I know why Grumpig likes the whole Sun Water scenario so much.
FURRET: Hey, Sneasel? Which one of the stories did you like in Pokemon Elite?

Sneasel had to think it over. She didn't read too many magazines, but she did enjoy Pokemon Elite. Everyone people who hated reading magazine have at least read a page of the popular magazine.

SNEASEL: Probably "Dawn of the Night"... Too bad it was discontinued. "Death Upon Tohjo Island" was pretty good.
MAWILE: Hey... anyone remember "Johto Island Adventure"?
GRUMPIG: That's a classic! How can anyone forget that?
FURRET: What's "Johto Island Adventure"?
GRUMPIG: It was this fic where this Raichu invites her pals to Johto Island.
FURRET: Is it anything like "Death Upon Tohjo Island"?
MAWILE: Not exactly. I doubt that Johto Island Girl would be doing gory stuff anytime soon.
FURRET: Ugh... that's the one thing I didn't like about "Death Upon Tohjo Island"...

After chatting over the stories and the art, Grumpig switched the CD in the stereo with another. A few seconds after putting the new CD in, the group were enjoying the sounds of 20 November* for a while before they went off again. As Kirlia left the room and headed to the elevator, she sighed.

KIRLIA: I can't wait to get to Vermillion. This trip is taking long enough as it is...

Episode 1-2 Notes
20 November - a song from Dance Dance Revolution

Hoenn Mirror Girl
09-10-2004, 05:22 AM
CHAPTER 3: Bus to the Outskirts
By the time the S.S. Anne have arrived in Vermillion City, the sun was already setting. The sky had mixes of gold, red, and purple; and the ocean became a dark blue with the sun's orange tint mixed in.

Everything was let off the ship and head to their intended places. Meanwhile, the Garage Girls, Mawile, and Linoone were heading to the bus stop. The bus arrived as soon as they did. The door whoosed open, and the six teenage Pokemon boarded the bus. Linoone, Furret, and Sneasel got in one seat, and Mawile, Kirlia, and Grumpig sat behind them. The door closed, and the bus began to head to Celadon City. Nothing happened for the first five minutes until Mawile tapped Sneasel on the shoulder.

MAWILE: Hey, Sneasel. I've got a good joke for ya.
SNEASEL: [sarcastically] Oh, goodie.
MAWILE: It's a classic. Why did the Combusken cross the road?
SNEASEL: To beat up the little punk making jokes about him?

Immediately, everyone but Mawile, who had the sour look of being insulted on his face, began to laugh.

KIRLIA: To beat up the little punk... now, THAT'S funny!
MAWILE: Yeah, yeah... Laugh it up, my friends. One of these day, you'll be laughing with me instead of at me.
LINOONE: No offense, man, but the chances of that happening are the same when Grumpig learns to fly.

Suddenly, everyone on the bus suddenly felt a sharp jolt almost immediately after hearing a loud shattering crash. Everything suddenly went dark. A faint, chilling feeling flowed through the passengers. Everything around Kirlia, Grumpig, Furret, Sneasel, Linoone, and Mawile became a dark, eerie purple and began to swirl as if the entire bus was in a blender. The six suddenly passed out...

* * *

When the group woke up, the group found themselves in a large, barren desert. Breezes carry particles of sand, and the sun was shining intensly. There were no sources of food and water. The only thing that stood was something that looked like an abandoned cable car. Clearly, they were not at Celadon City.

LINOONE: Where the heck are we?
FURRET: Sure isn't Celadon City, that's for sure.
KIRLIA: I remember being on the bus, and the next thing I know, we're...in the middle of nowhere.
MAWILE: How about we just find the bus stop?
KIRLIA: I don't think there's a bus stop for miles.
FURRET: Can somebody please tell me what happened?
GRUMPIG: Uh... we crashed, everything became dark and turned purple... then we passed out and somehow ended up here.
SNEASEL: But where IS here?
FURRET: I don't know.

Just then, the group notices their luggage on the ground totally unscatched. Furret heads to her part of the luggage and fumbles to her dark tan backpack.

FURRET: I think I call the person in charge for our show at Celadon. Maybe he knows where we are.

Everyone was relieved. Furret and Linoone had parents that were the definition of rich, so they had top of the line cell phones. Furret gets out her phone and flips it open. A few seconds later, she wanted to scream.

FURRET: No way...
LINOONE: What is it, sis?

Linoone looks over to the pink cell phone Furret was holding and his jaw dropped.

LINOONE: What the...?!
KIRLIA: What is it?
FURRET: I can't get a signal...

Grumpig's eyes grew wide as she heard this.

GRUMPIG: Wait a sec... We were riding a bus... We're in a desert... And now, Furret's cell phone doesn't work... I think I know what's going on here...
KIRLIA: What is it?
GRUMPIG: Three words... "Road to Palantria"...

With that, everyone hits the ground in sheer annoyance. They immediately get up a few seconds later, and Sneasel grabs Grumpig and shakes her.

SNEASEL: Grumpig, use your head! Don't say stupid stuff like that! There's no way that could be possible!
GRUMPIG: But think about it. We could be somewhere in Palantria. This is exactly what happened in "Road to Palantria". The guys were driving, they end up in some valley, Kenneth's cell phone didn't work... The next thing that could happen is that Furret may become a Salamence!

Kirlia suddenly gets annoyed by Grumpig's bizarre "theory" and slaps her hard in the face.

KIRLIA: Get a grip! There's no way we could be in Palantria, and if we were, I don't recall a part of it being a barren desert in the middle of nowhere!
GRUMPIG: Uh...maybe we're somewhere in the Hoenn Mirror World... Or this is Kivistal during the day...

Kirlia slaps Grumpig twice and Sneasel scratches her. Both of them were annoyed.

KIRLIA: Will you please come back to Earth, Grumpig?! Those were just stories that the authors just thought up just to kill some time. They are no way realistic in any way, shape, or form!
FURRET: Uh...Kirlia... I understand you're upset, but maybe you should calm down.
KIRLIA: How can I calm down!? It's blazing hot, some sand just got in my eye, and in case you haven't notice, we can't make it to our big performance in Celadon!
GRUMPIG: Well, if we're not at Palantria, Kivistal, or the Hoenn Mirror World, then where on Earth are we?!
MAWILE: I'm not even sure if we're on Earth anymore.
LINOONE: Can I say something?
KIRLIA: No! You can't say anything!

And with that, the six Pokemon began to argue amongst themselves. Just then, there was a whistle. They then turn around and saw a Charmeleon standing in front of the train.

CHARMELEON: Uh...I'm sorry for butting into your business, but are you guys lost?
FURRET: Yes. We're going to Celadon City.

The Charmeleon seemed a little confused about this as he scratched his head.

CHARMELEON: Celadon what?
KIRLIA: Celadon City. A bus was taking us there, but--
CHARMELEON: A bus? Going through the Outskirts? I'm sorry, but I never heard of places like that on Orre Star.

Everyone froze.

MAWILE: Orre Star?
CHARMELEON: Yep. Anyway, you guys look like you need a rest. Come on in.

The Charmeleon head back into the train. Mawile and Linoone went in, but the Garage Girls looked at each in confusion.

FURRET: I can't believe this. We're on another planet...
SNEASEL: Don't worry about it. Maybe he just said that to freak us out. Either that or it's his way to get cool points with girls.
KIRLIA: Let's... just... go inside that train thing. Hoepfully someone will know where we are for real.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
09-13-2004, 12:13 AM
CHAPTER 4: Uneasy
To the group's surprise, the inside of the abadoned train looked like a bar. Several tables were laid out, and a jukebox stood by the entrance. There was a TV by the counter to entertain the Pokemon having their drinks.

As soon as the group entered the bar, the bar was filled with whistles and light laughter.

FURRET: They're flirting with us, huh?
SNEASEL: Sadly, yes.

The Garage Girls found a table by a Machoke and a Nuzleaf while Mawile and Linoone went to the counter. Kirlia felt a bit uneasy about this, and the feeling grew stronger when the Nuzleaf leaned toward her.

NUZLEAF: Hey, baby... Come here often?
KIRLIA: No. As a matter of fact, I've never been here. You see, I'm in a band--
NUZLEAF: What's your sign?
KIRLIA: [sighs] Octagon.
NUZLEAF: Huh? Octagon? Never heard of it.
KIRLIA: Yes, Octagon... as in STOP.

A wave of laughter immediately filled the bar as Nuzleaf folds his arms and gets a sly smile on his face.

MACHOKE: Aw, man! You just got the brush off big time!
NUZLEAF: Chill, man. She's playing hard-to-get.

The laughter died down. Just then, one of the barkeepers, a Croconaw, placed down some crystal clear water for the girls.

SNEASEL: If this is for a date, forget it.
CROCONAW: This isn't for a date. They just have a tendency to do that whenever girls come in here. We don't get a lot of females here.
SNEASEL: [to herself] I can see why...
GRUMPIG: What kinds of soda do you have?
CROCONAW: We have root beer, strawberry, orange, lemon-lime...
GRUMPIG: Oooh...a personal favorite. Lemon-lime, please.
FURRET: I'll have an orange.
CROCONAW: You got it!

The Croconaw left. Kirlia stretches a bit before getting up.

KIRLIA: Well, I'm gonna head outside for a while.
SNEASEL: For what? There's nothing out there but desert.
KIRLIA: I know, but someone that might be passing by might help us get to Celadon City.

Sneasel began to protest, but then shrugs it off and heads out the door along with Kirlia. As soon as the two girls were outside, they saw a couple of Zigzagoon playing. One of them saw the girls and raced over to them.

ZIGZAGOON 1: Hi. Are you from around here?
KIRLIA: No. We're from Cianwood Island.
ZIGZAGOON 2: Cianwood Island? What's that?
KIRLIA: It's in Johto. You see, my friend Sneasel and I are part of a band called the Garage Girls...
ZIGZAGOON 1: A band? As in music?
SNEASEL: That's pretty much what a band was the last time I checked, kiddo.
ZIGZAGOON 2: Cool! How about we have a little battle? If we win, could you play one of your songs?
KIRLIA: Uh...not right now. You see, we've got lost on our way to Celadon City.
ZIGZAGOON 1: Celadon City? [to the second Zigzagoon] Do you know anything about a Celadon City?
ZIGZAGOON 2: Nope... at least not on Orre Star...

Kirlia and Sneasel looked at each other in shock.

SNEASEL: Excuse me, but is this place really called Orre Star?
ZIGZAGOON 1: Well, yeah. Orre Star is the name of this planet. We're in the middle of the Outskirts. Not a lot here.
KIRLIA: Aw, man...
ZIGZAGOON 2: So...are you gonna battle us...?
KIRLIA: [sighs] Why not? After what happened, I need to get rid of this tension one way or another.

The four Pokemon were stanced for battle. The Zigzagoon were on one side of the desert field and have their paws firmly on the ground with serious looks on their faces. Kirlia and Sneasel glared at their young opponents. Sneasel's claws shone in the sunlight as Kirlia appeared to be in the middle of intense concentration.

ZIGZAGOON 1: Don't take us likely!
ZIGZAGOON 2: Even though we're young, we're tough!

Hoenn Mirror Girl
09-18-2004, 02:57 AM
CHAPTER 5: Little League Players
Sneasel was the first one to attack. She lashes out her claws and raced toward one of the Zigzagoon. Before long, the Zigzagoon found the sharp claw making a brief impact on his face before he was slammed into the ground and rolled over to his partner.

ZIGZAGOON 1: Hey, Ziggy, you okay?

Ziggy gets up and turns to his partner.

ZIGGY: Nothing serious.

Meanwhile, Kirlia went into a state of immense concentration. She spins around a few times and spreads out her hands as she began to glow. The other Zigzagoon suddenly rose into the air for a few seconds before crashing back on the ground.

Ziggy decided to go on the offense to buy some time while his partner recovers. He leaps toward Sneasel and lowered his head which made contact on Sneasel's stomach with much force as Ziggy could muster. Sneasel stumbled backwards a bit while she caught her breath.

KIRLIA: You okay?
SNEASEL: I'm fine. Nothing I couldn't handle.
KIRLIA: [to Ziggy] That Headbutt attack was impressive, kid... but it's not as good as this!

The red horns on Kirlia's head began to glow an eerie blue color. The glow begins to drift toward Ziggy as a small fireball.


Before Ziggy could respond, the glow made contact.

ZIGGY: I'm fine, Zaggy...
ZAGGY: Don't worry. I'll take care of these girls.

Zaggy turns around and begins to kick sand into the girls' faces.

ZAGGY: That oughta slow 'em down!
KIRLIA: Don't think this is over!

Kirlia's horns began to spark with forks of electricity that shot out as a bolt of lightning that made a direct hit on Zaggy. Zaggy, unable to continue, collapsed.

ZAGGY: Aw, man...
ZIGGY: Zaggy!

Ziggy was still in pain from the Will-O-Wisp attack.

SNEASEL: This one's mine.

The pink horn on Sneasel's head begins glowing a bright blue. Ziggy begans to head toward the sharp claw weasel at full force but being hit with an icy cold beam that froze him.

KIRLIA: Looks like we've won that one.
SNEASEL: Yep, but we'd better make sure they're okay.

The girls carried the Zigzagoon into the bar. Fortunately, a Chansey was there on her way to a nearby town. She treated the tiny raccoons with very little problem.

CHANSEY: There we go.
ZIGGY: Whew...that was a tough battle. Maybe it was a bad idea to battle someone older than us.
KIRLIA: No, it wasn't. It took my mind off of the fact that we're stuck in the middle of nowhere.
CHANSEY: Actually, the town I'm going to is Phenactropolis. It's really beautiful, especially at this time of years. Maybe we can go there.
MAWILE: Fine with me.

The girls began to leave until Ziggy stops them.

ZIGGY: I guess that means no song...

Kirlia, knowing how much the Zigzagoon were looking foward to a performance, turns to the girls.

KIRLIA: Hey, you have your stuff with you, right?

With that, the Garage Girls began to prepare for a sudden performance. Grumpig sets up her keyboard as Furret was putting together her drums and Sneasel was fine turning her guitar. Mawile, Linoone, and the Zigzagoon took front row while everyone in the bar made themselves comfortable. Kirlia finishes preparations as she plugs in the microphone into the amplifier after the other Garage Girls did the same with their instruments.

KIRLIA: Well, this is the first time we're performing on the spot. We were expecting to play at Celadon City instead of a bar in the middle of a desert, but I guess stuff like this has to happen every now and then. Anyway, we play this song a couple of times in the Johto region, specifically Blackthorn City and Goldenrod City. It almost became one of Grumpig's favorites, but then again, she normally likes stuff like this.

Grumpig puts her hand behind her hand and laughs in embarrassment.

KIRLIA: But enough about that. Is everyone here at the Outskirts ready for a Garage Girls performance?

Everyone in bar cheered in anticipation.

KIRLIA: Okay! Here we go!

After a few beats of Furret's drums and a crash on the cymbals, Sneasel follows by playing a happy-type pop song on her guitar. All of the Garage Girls got into the rythym and feel of the music.

[I]Anywhere you wanna go,
Anything you need to know,
All the best in life, I want to get it for you

Baby, I just feel so fine
I imagine that you’re mine
In my world, you’re gold
I only want to protect you

Already everyone was enjoying the music and Kirlia's singing. A Lombre was tapping softly on the table in tune with Furret's drumming while bobbing his head with the music. Ziggy hums the music to himself (even though he never heard the song before).

Whatever I want, I get
I want shooting stars
Whatever I need, I have
When I’m with you

Everything ceased to exist except for the pleasure of listening to the song. The Garage Girls have already made their first hit on Orre Star.

Follow me inside, outside, through the stratosphere
The moon is shining for you
It knows that I adore you
Suddenly, all the sadness will just slip away
And you will see what I mean,
If you just follow me in my dreams
Follow Me, theme of Team Rose (from Sonic Heroes)

As soon as the song ended with a chord from Sneasel and a few drumbeats from Furret, everyone in the bar was wildly applauding with some whistles and hoots. The Zigzagoon were hopping up and down in excitment constantly yelling, "Play more!"

KIRLIA: Thank you! Thank you so much, everyone! We appreciate the praise!

The Chansey heads to the stage.

CHANSEY: That was wonderful, girls! I'm sure that everyone at Phenactropolis would love it. We don't get many performers on Orre Star.
FURRET: It feels pretty weird to be playing on another planet.
CHANSEY: If you don't mind, maybe we can go there together.
KIRLIA: Say no more. We'll be ready to leave as soon as we put our stuff away.
CHANSEY: Great! I'll wait for you outside.

Half an hour later, the Garage Girls have their stuff packed. Fortunately, the Chansey had enough room in her hover car for the luggage. Kirlia sat next to Chansey, Grumpig and Mawile sat in the middle seat, and the others sat in the back.

CHANSEY: Everyone comfortable?
ALL: Yep. All comfy!
CHANSEY: Okay. Next stop, Phenactropolis!

Chansey turns on the ignition, and the hover car slowly rose into the air before accelerating west to the destination of Phenactropolis.


Neo Emolga
09-18-2004, 03:04 AM
For a minute I thought you created that song from scratch. Still, it's good nonetheless.

Interesting chapter JIG. I wonder what's going to happen next. Please update again soon!

Hoenn Mirror Girl
09-25-2004, 11:44 PM
EPISODE 2: Pokemon Gone Wrong
CHAPTER 1: An Oasis and a City
Phenactropolis was the most beautiful places that the Garage Girls, Mawile, and Linoone have ever seen. Despite the fact that the city was in the middle of a desert, Pokemon managed to make their homes here. Crystal clear water poured from a fountain that was located at the center of the city as well as waterfalls that usually hung on the side of the small houses, making it possible for plantlife to exist here as well as quenching the thrists of the citizens that lived here. The buildings weren't too large compared to the houses, and the largest one was the Phenac Stadium at the rear of the bright yellow earthed city.

The Chansey who escorted the group to the beautiful city headed to the Pokemon Center where it was revealed that she worked there. After rearrangements, the group stayed with Wigglytuff, a friend of Chansey's.

WIGGLYTUFF: So, how do you like it here at Phenactropolis?

Kirlia was helping herself to some soda in the fridge. Grumpig and Sneasel were reading a couple of magazines that were stacked under the coffee table, Mawile was sleeping on the sofa, and Furret and Linoone were out exploring the town.

KIRLIA: It's great. Really beautiful.
WIGGLYTUFF: I heard that you're a band. The Garage Girls, right?
SNEASEL: Yeah. That's us.
KIRLIA: We ended up here by mistake. A bus was taking us to Celadon City. We were actually supposed to perform there.
WIGGLYTUFF: What was this Celadon City place like?
SNEASEL: We've never been there. It was our first time going there.
GRUMPIG: Uh...does weird stuff happen here? You know, like sugary water that turns you into an overgrown Bellossom and a three-headed Milotic wreck havoc every now and then? Or maybe you have heard of some people called the Khans or someone named Ice or...

Grumpig was cut off by a cold look and a soft growl from Sneasel.

SNEASEL: Grumpig, three words: Shut up already.
GRUMPIG: I still say that we're in some parellel version of Palantria.
SNEASEL: If you say Palantria one more time, I'll--
WIGGLYTUFF: Um...come to think of it, I've been hearing some rumors about a Makuhita running around and attacking everything...but I doubt that it's true.

Grumpig, eager to know more about this Makuhita, rushes up to the Wigglytuff.

GRUMPIG: What did he look like? How big was he? Was he made of metal? Did he shoot missiles from his fists?

Sneasel then grabs the hysterical Grumpig by the neck and tosses her at Mawile. The steel-type Pokemon had a rude awakening as he felt Grumpig's moderate amount of bulk slam into him. He fell off the couch seconds before Grumpig landed on him again.

MAWILE: What the--?! Grumpig! Get off of me!

Embarrassed, Grumpig gets off and Sneasel lets out an annoyed sigh. The Wigglytuff chuckles sheepishly as she heads over to Kirlia.

WIGGLYTUFF: Uh...do stuff like this happen?
KIRLIA: Yeah. But you get used to it quick.

* * *

Furret was just leaving an ice cream stand by the PokeMart. She had in her paws a small chocolate-vanilla ice cream cone. Linoone caught up to his sister as she began to lick away at the soft, frozen treat.

LINOONE: I see that they have the same ice cream we have on Earth.

Furret couldn't answer because her mouth was too full. The long body ferret Pokemon then noticed two Loudred carrying a sack as she ate her ice cream.

LOUDRED 1: Move it already, you Slowpoke!
LOUDRED 2: I'm moving! I'm moving!
LOUDRED 1: We have to get this twerp as far away from us as possible!
LOUDRED 2: Yeah. If she stuck around, it'll make all of Cipher look bad!

Linoone and Furret looked at each other and then back at the two Loudred's sack. Surely enough, someone was in there. Without a minute of hesistation, Linoone approached the Loudred pair with Furret following.

LINOONE: Hey, you punks! What's in the sack?

The Loudred dropped the sack upon hearing Linoone's voice. The sack made a plop sound as it hits the ground, and the Pokemon inside wiggled a bit.


One of the Loudred glared at Linoone and Furret.

LOUDRED 2: Looks like we've been caught...
LOUDRED 1: Maybe we should get out of here. They might get the police.
LOUDRED 2: Those two aren't going anywhere. I'm not going to have a couple of teenagers make us look bad. Let's go!
LINOONE: You don't have to tell me twice. [to Furret] Let's do it, sis!
FURRET: You got it!

All four Pokemon prepared for battle.

Neo Emolga
09-26-2004, 12:45 AM
Very nicely done JIG! It’s an interesting parallel from what happens in Pokémon Colosseum, only with many interesting new twists. Definitely keep it going, I like how its developing and I await to see more.

09-26-2004, 01:19 AM
Woah...WOah...WOAh...WOAH!!! That's great, this fan fic is going great! keep up the good work! ^^

Hoenn Mirror Girl
09-26-2004, 05:36 AM
Thanks. I'll have the battle up sometime this weekend (or next).

Hoenn Mirror Girl
09-28-2004, 02:27 AM
CHAPTER 2: Details Revealed...
LOUDRED 1: We're gonna show you how big a mistake you just made, my friends!

The first Loudred took in a deep breath and screamed as loud as he could. Linoone covered his ears to drown out the insanely loud screaming, but it was no use.

Meanwhile, Furret put her front paws on the ground and leaned back her body as she glared at the second Loudred. A split second later, she sprints off and rammed into him with her head. The force of the Quick Attack knocked down him down.

LINOONE: Thanks, sis.
FURRET: No problem.
LOUDRED 2: This ain't over yet, you two!

The second Loudred balled his fist and headed straight for Furret.

LINOONE: Hey, Furret! Watch out!
FURRET: Don't have to tell me twice.
LINOONE: I'll handle the Loudred on the right. You handle the left one.

And with that, the raccoon and ferret Pokemon prepared to attack. Furret ducked to dodge the second Loudred's attack the minute his fist was in her face. She then lashes out her somewhat small claws and slashes him in the face.

LOUDRED 2: I can't believe I'm getting whooped here!

Linoone rushed up to the Loudred that he was battling. He then jumps up and hits his opponent with a shining hard tail. The Loudred then falls next to his comrade.

LOUDRED 1: That makes two of us. Cut AND Iron Tail?
FURRET: There's more where that came from!

Furret made a beeline toward the Loudred Linoone just attacked and slamed her long, slender body on him. The Loudred and Furret bounced up a bit before they landed, but Loudred didn't seem he was able to take anymore.

LOUDRED 1: Looks like it's game over for me...

The first Loudred collapsed on the ground, and the second Loudred, seeing what was happening, helped his partner up and placed him on his back.

LOUDRED 2: We'll let you go this time, but don't think we'll be taking it easy the next time we see you!

The Loudred heads out of the city. After that, Furret and Linoone head to the sack and untied the knot. A Butterfree then flopped out of the bag and begins to catch her breath, obviously suffociating from being in the bag for so long.

BUTTERFREE: Thanks...so much. I thought... I thought I was a goner.
LINOONE: It's okay, kid. You're safe with us.
BUTTERFREE: That's a relief. You don't seem to be from here.
LINOONE: My sister and I came from Cianwood Island.
BUTTERFREE: I never heard of that place.
FURRET: It's on Earth. [nervous laugh]
BUTTERFREE: Oh. I never been on Earth before... and with creeps like those Loudred running around, I probably never will.
FURRET: Tell us... Why were you in that sack?

Butterfree sighed and blushed as she twidled her "fingers".

BUTTERFREE: Well, I saw those guys with a Makuhita...
FURRET: A Makuhita?
BUTTERFREE: There was something weird about him. He had this black aura around him...

Furret and Linoone looked at each other.

FURRET: I think we need to talk to Kirlia and Grumpig about this.
LINOONE: Yeah. You can always depend on Psychic-types like them to figure out stuff like this.

Neo Emolga
09-28-2004, 02:49 AM
Interesting, I never thought the sidekick character would be a Butterfree. I like these kinds of surprises.

Keep it up JIG, you're doing a good job and I lovin' it!

Hoenn Mirror Girl
10-02-2004, 11:45 PM
CHAPTER 3: A Long Story
When Furret and Linoone came back to Wigglytuff's house with Butterfree right behind, they noticed that Kirlia and Grumpig weren't around. Sneasel was sleeping on the sofa, and Mawile was just returning.

MAWILE: Huh? Linoone, what's going on? And what's with the Butterfree?
LINOONE: Some Loudred punks were giving her a hard time, but Furret and I took care of them. Where have you been?
MAWILE: I wanted to try my luck at the Phenactropolis Colosseum, but they said that a knockout challenge is already going on. Bleh...
FURRET: [sighs, then looks around] Where's Kirlia and Grumpig?
MAWILE: They're out at some Pre Gym place. They should be back soon.
LINOONE: Where is this Pre Gym? We need to see them now.
BUTTERFREE: Please...?

Mawile sighs and shakes his head as he looked down on the ground before looking at his friends and the Butterfree.

MAWILE: I've just passed the place. I'll show you where it is...

* * *

Kirlia was just knocked back by a windy stream of snow blown by a Swinub while a Trapinch was heading right toward Grumpig with his open jaws. Suddenly, the pearls on Grumpig's head began to glow white before shooting a ray at the Trapinch. The ant Pokemon began to wobble around a bit.

TRAPINCH: Whoa... I don't feel so good...
SWINUB: Leave this to me!

With that, the Swinub began crawling quickly toward Grumpig, but a blue fireball makes impact on the furry pig Pokemon. Swinub began to feel the intense pain of his recent burn.

GRUMPIG: Thanks, Kirlia.
KIRLIA: Don't mention it.

Kirlia's horns began to glow an eerie blue color when Mawile flung the doors open. Kirlia stops her attack and turns to him along with Grumpig, Swinub, and Trapinch.

MAWILE: Kirlia! Emergency! We need to talk now!
KIRLIA: I'm in the middle of a battle, my friend!
MAWILE: I know, but this is serious!

Kirlia sighs and walks off the battle area with Grumpig following.

GRUMPIG: [turning back to Trapinch and Swinub] Sorry, guys. Maybe we'll finish the battle later.

Mawile, Kirlia, and Grumpig have left the Pre Gym and saw that Linoone, Furret, and Butterfree were waiting for them near the PokeMart.

KIRLIA: What's going on?
FURRET: Well, this Butterfree says that there's a Makuhita around here with some sort of black aura. We thought that you and Grumpig would pick something like that up.
KIRLIA: Nope. Sorry.
GRUMPIG: I didn't sense anything.
LINOONE: Maybe we should take a look around. I'll call Sneasel and--
FURRET: Our cell phones don't work, remember?

Linoone lets out an annoyed sigh and heads off to Wigglytuff's house. The others continued toward a building next to the Pre Gym. They then saw a Blaziken walking out of the building. The Blaziken had a small scar on his forehead, and his hair seemed darker than a normal Blaziken. Kirlia and Grumpig had felt something from him, so they tried not to be noticed as they and the others head toward the building in question. However, the Blaziken sees the two girls by the time Linoone, with Sneasel, catch up to the group.

BLAZIKEN: Hello there. My name is Nascour.

Kirlia and Grumpig stood their with uneasy looks on their faces while the others don't seem to have a clue about what's going on.

NASCOUR: I can see that you are travelers.
FURRET: Uh...yes, sir. We're in a band. Well, me, Sneasel, Kirlia, and Grumpig are. We're called the Garage Girls.

Nascour nods at the group and turns to the exit just in front of the building.

NASCOUR: I have a feeling that we'll meet again.

And with that, Nascour leaves Phenactropolis. Grumpig elbows Kirlia.

GRUMPIG: I don't like that guy.
KIRLIA: Let me guess: He's Zander in disguise, right?
GRUMPIG: Actually, I think that guy is worse than Zander, Ice, and Shadow Wing combined.

The group have finally entered the building. Despite the small size of the building from the outside, the room was moderately large. The floor was made up of a dark red carpet, and plants dotted almost every corner of the room. There was a television near a staircase that led to the upper room, and right on the side was a Slowking sitting at a desk. He sees the group and walks over to them.

SLOWKING: Hello. My name is Es Cade, the mayor of Phenactropolis. How can I help you?

Butterfree was twidling her "fingers" again before she flew up to Es Cade. She seemed rather nervous, and yet she wanted the whole story about the Makuhita to get out to everyone as soon as possible so that some sort of action will be taken. After gathering the courage, Butterfree takes a breath and tries hard not to stumble.

BUTTERFREE: You see, sir... I... I...uh... I saw a... There's a... Well, it's like this... I saw... a Makuhita that was acting... weird.
ES CADE: A Makuhita?
BUTTERFREE: Yes. I was at Pyrite Alley at the time. I saw this black aura around him, and he would attack other Pokemon for no reason at all. It was like he was fighting against his own will... Before I could figure out what's going on, a couple of Loudred kidnapped me!

Es Cade folds his arms and nods a couple of times. He looked at Butterfree with a concerned look on his face.

ES CADE: Hmmm... A Makuhita fighting against his own will? I will order an investigation about this at once.
BUTTERFREE: Thanks so much, sir!
ES CADE: [to the rest of the group] By the way, are you travelers?
KIRLIA: Yes...for the moment. We're a band called the Garage Girls.
ES CADE: A band, huh? Well, perhaps if you could drop by at the Phenactropolis Colosseum, you can do one of your performances and get in a few battles.
SNEASEL: That's a good idea.
KIRLIA: I agree. Let's go.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
10-02-2004, 11:46 PM
CHAPTER 4: Ambush
Upon arriving at the entrance of the large Phenactropolis Colosseum, there were greeted by an angry Corphish and Koffing.

KOFFING: Hey! We're in the middle of something here! Do yourselves a favor and get lost!
MAWILE: Hey, we're just going in the Colosseum for a few friendly Pokemon battles!
KIRLIA: Yeah! Step aside! The battling spaces are filling up!
CORPHISH: Butt out! We don't need you creeps here!

The Corphish opened his claws and shot a stream of bubbles at the group, but the bubbles were all popped by Sneasel and Linoone's sharp claws.

CORPHISH: Oh, so you wanna fight, eh?! Let's get it on! Me and Koffing against two of you losers!

Sneasel and Linoone stepped up to accept the challenge.

KOFFING: You guys are toast! Eat this!

Koffing inflated himself a little with small traces of toxic gas surrounding him. A few seconds later, he attacked by spewing thick sludge from the small craters on his body and made a direct hit on Linoone, heavily poisoning him. Despite the poison, however, Linoone lashed out his claws and slashed Koffing in the face. Koffing was knocked back a bit, but he looked like he could keep going.

Meanwhile, Corphish raished his claw and slams it on Sneasel's chest. Sneasel fell on her side but got back up and furiously slashed Corphish. After Sneasel's assault have ended, Corphish headed toward Sneasel again.

SNEASEL: These guys are tough.
LINOONE: No kidding.

More thick, poisonous sludge was heading toward Sneasel, but she swiftly dodges the attack. She then leaps toward Koffing and slashes him a few times.

KOFFING: You...think you can...stop us that easily?!
CORPHISH: We're not done with you yet!

While Sneasel was ready for more action, Linoone was shaking a bit from the poison he received earlier. Sneasel's claws began to glow with dark lightning which is later formed into a ball, and Linoone firmly puts his front claws on the ground as his hair began to slowly stand on end. Koffing inflates himself again, and Corphish opens his claws.

MAWILE: Looks like this is it.

Sneasel tosses the ball of dark lightning at Corphish as the crawfish shoots bubbles out of his claws. The Shadow Ball tore through the Bubble attack and makes a direct, hard hit on Corphish. Linoone follows by shooting needles from his fur that homed in on Koffing, making the Sludge attack backfire on himself. Corphish then falls on his side, and Koffing lands on top of him.

LINOONE: I guess that's that.

Just then, Corphish got up and gave the two winners of the battle an angry glare.

CORPHISH: Grr... you! We'll get you for this!

With that, Corphish slowly and weakly heads off as he carried Koffing with his claws.

SNEASEL: I don't think this'll be the last time we'll be seeing creeps like them...

* * *

Later that night, the Garage Girls and Butterfree noticed a truck parked by Es Cade's office. Butterfree's eyes widen upon sight of it.

BUTTERFREE: That truck! Those creeps must be in Mr. Mayor's office! We'd better check it out!

Upon entering the office, the two Loudred that Furret and Linoone have beaten were there as well as a Ludicolo, a Grimer, and a Spoink.

LOUDRED 1: [points to Furret] There! Right there, Miror B! That's the Furret that whooped us!

Miror B., the Ludicolo, walked up to the Garage Girls and laid his eyes on Butterfree and then on Furret.

MIROR B: You mean to tell me that you've been beaten by a weak little Furret? And to make matters worse, they have that Butterfree with them. We can't have her running around to ruin our plans.
FURRET: Plans for what?

Miror B. shakes his head and lets out a chuckle. He then turns to the pair of Loudred.

MIROR B: Do what it takes to get that Butterfree, but make sure you don't hurt her in any way, understand? I'll be heading back to Pyrite Alley. With that said, it's time to let the music spin!

Miror B. leaves the office while humming a song to himself and dancing to the tune. The Spoink and the Grimer leave as well. Furret prepared for a fight while the Loudred seemed not to worry.

FURRET: Just because my brother isn't here doesn't mean I can't stop your plans, whatever they are!
LOUDRED 2: Oh, it's not us you'll be fighting.

With that, the second Loudred snapped his fingers, and a Makuhita enters. He had an aggresive expression on his face as he took a good look at Furret. Just then, Butterfree begins to shudder a bit.

BUTTERFREE: There! It's that Makuhita! The one with the black aura!

Kirlia and Grumpig looked at the Makuhita, but he seemed normal to them.

KIRLIA: Uh... there's nothing weird about him.
GRUMPIG: He looks fine to me. If there was something weird, Kirlia and I would've found out a long time ago.
FURRET: Are you sure this is the Makuhita you're talking about, Butterfree?

Makuhita winds up his fist and delivers a hard punch on Sneasel's side. The sharp clawed weasel collapsed as she gasped for breath.

SNEASEL: Whoa... what was that?
GRUMPIG: Okay. It's official. I have a feeling that this will be like the battle between Juno and Vorox smacked on top of the Lyoko vs Absol battle with just a hint of the first death on Death Upon Tohjo Island except not as bloody.
SNEASEL: After that attack, I'm ready to believe ANYTHING now...

Furret felt a little nervous after watching what Makuhita did to Sneasel but regained her focus as she prepared to attack.

BUTTERFREE: Furret, be careful! Makuhita isn't afraid to attack any of us! I know this seems wrong, but there's no choice! You can... No... actually, you and the other Garage Girls are the only ones who can do it! Go for it!

Furret nods at Butterfree and leaps toward Makuhita...

Neo Emolga
10-03-2004, 05:20 PM
I love it! Very well done JIG, I love the way you've taken the original storyline from Colosseum and changed it around in very interesting ways.

Keep up the fantastic job!

Hoenn Mirror Girl
10-04-2004, 05:07 AM
CHAPTER 5: The Dark Side of Pokemon
When Furret was close to Makuhita, she lashed out her claws and slashes Makuhita on his side before she landed on solid ground. However, Makuhita shook off the attack like a pencil was thrown at him. He retaliates by grabbing Furret by the tail, spinning around a few times, and sending her flying right into the wall. The attack did some heavy damage, but Furret managed to regain herself and zips toward Makuhita again.

MAKUHITA: Heh. This girl doesn't know when to quit.

Once Furret was within striking distance, Makuhita rears back his fist and prepares to attack. Furret dives into the ground a second before the Arm Thrust attack landed on her. While Makuhita was regaining himself, Furret raced toward him at full force. She slammed her body on him, and they both ended up rolling across the floor before crashing into Es Cade's desk.

GRUMPIG: Please be okay!

The desk had a few dents in it, but it was still in good condition. However, Furret and Makuhita looked like they both have been taking some heavy hits.

Makuhita was lying on the group as he grappled with Furret, who was right on top of him. He managed to knock Furret down on her back before he was able to get back up.

MAKUHITA: Too bad there won't be enough of you to make a carpet when I get done with you, little lady.

Furret slowly gets up as she looks at Makuhita.

FURRET: Too bad there won't be enough of you to make anything...
MAKUHITA: Whatever. It's time to finish this, you overgrown chipmunk!

Makuhita jumps into the air and prepares to body slam Furret, but the ferret dashed out of the way. When Makuhita landed on the ground, Furret hits him with her now glowing tail. The force of the attack send Makuhita tumbling quite a way across the room. After the Iron Tail attack have landed on its target, everyone was silent as they wondered whether or not Makuhita was beaten... and he was. The Loudred pair seemed nervous and immediately left the building. Grumpig approaches the unconscious Makuhita.

GRUMPIG: We'd better take this guy to a Pokemon Center.
SNEASEL: That's the smartest thing you said all day.

Grumpig lets out an embarrased sigh and puts her hand behind her head.

GRUMPIG: You're right. I was way off. The whole battle started out with the first part of the Juno vs Zander battle, then it shifted to Jake's Bellossom vs Frank's Articuno, but I'm not sure about the last part. Perhaps it was like that battle with Chris's Umbreon and Kenneth's Trapinch, but then again there was a hint of Cascadia vs Dusclops...but I'm not a hundred percent sure on that.
KIRLIA: Whatever that battle was about, it's over. Let's get out of here.

Kirlia and Grumpig, who was carrying Makuhita, walked out of the building with Furret limping a bit. Sneasel was about to leave when Butterfree stopped her.

BUTTERFREE: I'm just wondering... what kind of a Pokemon is a Cascadia? And a Juno and a Zander on top of that?

* * *

The next day, the Garage Girls were setting up for a performance at the Phenactropolis Colosseum. The actual arena was a lot larger than the building led them to believe. There were waterfalls at several areas on the wall, and several of the rows that crowd were watching from were scattered and had colorful banners with the outline of a Pokeball on them. Half of a large, shining blue sphere was hanging from the dome-styled ceiling, and the arena platform was surrounded by crystal clear water.

Furret, Mawile, Linoone, Butterfree and Makuhita have arrived into the stadium. Furret heads to the other girls while the three males and the young butterfly head for their seats. As soon as everything was ready, Kirlia steps up to the mike.

KIRLIA: Hello, Phenactropolis! Is everyone ready for a Garage Girl jamboree?

The stadium was filled with loud cheering of anticipation.

KIRLIA: I can't hear you! Are you ready for a Garage Girl jamboree?!

The cheering nearly doubled in loudness.

KIRLIA: [giggles] Okay! Let's get this show on the road!

Before the music could begin, a burning stream of fire was headed for Kirlia. She managed to avoid the attack, but the fire hits Grumpig's keyboard. The group could only watch as the flames consumed the piano and there was nothing left but a pile of ash a few seconds later.

GRUMPIG: What the heck...?!

Just then, a Bayleef, Quilava, and Croconaw entered the stadium, and they looked less than friendly. The Spoink and Grimer from yesterday joined them.

SPOINK: Don't think we'll go easy on you girls! We know what happened yesterday!
GRIMER: You're better off giving up now!

Grumpig looked at the pile of ash that was once her keyboard synthesizer. She then looked at the five Pokemon with an angry look.

GRUMPIG: I'll get you for this.

The Bayleef steps up, and Grumpig does the same. Suddenly, the Grimer joins Bayleef.

BAYLEEF: Let's get this show on the road!
GRIMER: I'm with you!

The sludge that formed Grimer's arm began to build up until he had enough to attack with. He hurls the sludge toward Grumpig, but she managed to evade the attack. Unfortunately, Bayleef attacks by spinning the leaf on her head to shoot out razor-sharp leaves. Grumpig, unable dodge from her position, gets hit by Bayleef's Razor Leaf attack.

MAKUHITA: Hey! Two against one's not fair!

And with that, Makuhita jumps down from the balcony he was sitting and landed besides Grumpig.

BAYLEEF: Looks like the traitor decided to help his new friend. Doesn't matter...

Bayleef lashed out two vines from around her neck. Makuhita sidesteps the attack and prepares for one of his own, but something strange happened, and Butterfree managed to notice it.

BUTTERFREE: Huh? Something's up with Makuhita... There's a dark red aura around him. [looks at Bayleef, Croconaw, and Quilava] And those three Pokemon have black auras as well!

Although the auras were clearly visible to Butterfree, Grumpig didn't see any sign of them.

GRUMPIG: I don't see anything...
GRIMER: Hah! Looks like the Butterfree's with 'em as well, and she's the only one who can see the auras! We thought we made it so that even Psychic-type Pokemon can't see the auras!
GRUMPIG: Well, that explains a lot.

Grumpig then concentrates as hard as she could, and Grimer rose high into the air. After a few seconds, Grimer was suddenly slammed into the ground. Grimer was already unable to battle because of being overwhelmed by Grumpig's psychic powers.

GRIMER: Dang it...

Meanwhile, Makuhita was relentlessly beating up Bayleef. He then delivers a powerful punch that sends Bayleef flying across the stadium and making her land into the flowing water.

MAKUHITA: Okay! Now it's time to end this!

Bayleef only had a chunk of her health left, and Makuhita looked like he won't be showing her any mercy. He heads toward the injured Grass-type Pokemon, gets her out of the water, and gets ready to punch her.

GRUMPIG: Makuhita! Stop!

Just then, Makuhita snapped out of his fury. He noticed he was holding Bayleef by her neck and slowly puts her down. Grumpig then turns her attention to the Spoink.

GRUMPIG: What have you done to Makuhita and those other Pokemon?
SPOINK: Isn't it obvious? We made those Pokemon into fighting machines by artificially closing the doors to their hearts.

There was a sudden, total silence after that statement. The Garage Girls then had worried expressions on their faces.

FURRET: No... you couldn't...
KIRLIA: That is too cruel...
SNEASEL: You closed the door to the hearts of those Pokemon?
GRUMPIG: That's even worse than the part in Hoenn Mirror World where Solrock and Lunatone were possessed by Shadow Wing and gave Mariah amnesia...
SPOINK: Okay. While I was lost by that Mariah scenario, the rest of it is right! There's nothing you can do to stop us!

The girls looked at Makuhita, who had came to his senses after Grumpig's worried call, and Bayleef, who laid on the ground unconscious.

SPOINK: [to Croconaw and Quilava] Let's fall back. We can't be seen like this. Take Grimer with us, but leave Bayleef here.

Without asking any questions, Quilava gets Grimer on his back and heads off with Croconaw and Spoink following.

Meanwhile, the Garage Girls are stunned by what the Spoink said.

KIRLIA: [to herself] Pokemon made into fighting machines by closing the doors to their hearts... It's not right... It just isn't...


Neo Emolga
10-04-2004, 05:49 AM
Man, once again you take me on a roller-coaster ride of one amazing, adventurous and even hilarous fan fic JIG! Words can't describe how much fun it is to read this, and I hope you keep it going because this is one amazing epic. Needless to say, fantastic job. Your work is just incredible.

10-04-2004, 08:25 PM
Wow, that was great! You're really good at this! Keep it up! :happy:

Hoenn Mirror Girl
10-14-2004, 05:01 AM
EPISODE 3: Trouble in Pyrite Alley
CHAPTER 1: Dark Alley
After the incident at Phenactropolis Colosseum, Kirlia talked to the receptionist to arrange another time to perform, which turned out to be the day after next. During that time, a Mankey managed to meet up with the girls and gave Grumpig his keyboard synthesizer. Grumpig wondered why the Mankey was just giving it away, and the pig monkey Pokemon said that he used to be in a band himself but it recently broke up. It was a little dusty, but it was still usable. Of course, Grumpig managed to figure out how it worked in very little time.

However, the main thing that were on the minds of the Garage Girls and their friends where the Shadow Pokemon. They already learned a lot about them from observing Makuhita and Bayleef. They had a powerful move called Shadow Rush, and the more it was used, the more likely their emotions will rise to a fever pitch. They will also attack Pokemon who aren't battling. The worse part is that even a Psychic-type Pokemon can't detect the dark feelings that dwell in Shadow Pokemon, so they're hard to distinguish.

Fortunately, the group ran into a special Butterfree that can see the dark auras of Shadow Pokemon. With her help, they managed to rescue Makuhita and Bayleef, but there was a high possibility that there could be more. It was then decided that they have to save the Pokemon who have fallen victim to Cipher's evil intensions.

A week after the Garage Girl's performance at Phenactropolis Colosseum, Butterfree told them about Pyrite Alley, the place where she was captured by the Loudred. However, it was rather far away from Phenactropolis. Fortunately, a Bagon, a Combusken and an Aipom were passing by. They see the group and offered them a ride to Pyrite Alley. Thankfully, it took less than an hour and a half to arrive there.

Unlike Phenactropolis, Pyrite Alley was anything but beautiful. The whole city lived up to its name, for it looked like one giant alley where you can be robbed by thugs in less than a few seconds. The buildings were made up of broken down metal and had graffiti, and all the Pokemon who lived there seemed gloomy and tense.

SNEASEL: [sarcastically] Boy... this seems like the friendliest place on the planet...
FURRET: [sighs] I can't believe this. I can't believe that I've been playing the drums and be a part of the hottest band of Johto for THIS.
KIRLIA: Furret, please don't start. I didn't expect to be on another planet as much as you did.

After a few moments of walking, there was a short loud noise, and a trash can rolled in front of Bayleef.

GRUMPIG: What's wrong?
BAYLEEF: I thought I heard something... What was it?
MAKUHITA: Heck if I know. Probably a Rattata.
LINOONE: Whatever. Let's keep going.

Just then, a group of six Pokemon began to follow them as they hide behind buildings. They went unnoticed for a while until one of them knocked over a trash can. The noise made everyone stop in their tracks.

KIRLIA: Who's there?

There was no answer, so they just kept going. Suddenly, Butterfree lets out a shriek and flies behind Kirlia.

KIRLIA: What the...?
BUTTERFREE: Sh...sha... Shadow Pokemon!

Sure enough, Butterfree saw the dark auras of a Slugma, a Noctowl, a Skiploom, a Quagsire, and Misdreavus, and a Flaaffy. They appeared to have less than friendly looks on their faces and looked ready to attack at any second.

GRUMPIG: For a second there, I thought they were those Hanzar and Gretel monsters... but then again, Shadow Pokemon could be worse...

The Garage Girls, Mawile, and Linoone got ready for a fight as Slugma prepares to launch his attack...

Neo Emolga
10-14-2004, 07:41 AM
Hmm, seems like this is going to be one nasty battle with so many Pokemon fighting at once.

I'm interested to see how this is going to turn out...

Hoenn Mirror Girl
10-21-2004, 06:30 AM
Thanks, Junomeow! After a long while, here's more!

CHAPTER 2: Hyper Mode
Slugma attacked by blowing a stream of fire was heading toward Sneasel, and Mawile. However, Makuhita gets in the attack's path and didn't receive heavy damage from the Flamethrower.

SLUGMA: What?!
FLAAFFY: That guy must have the Thick Fat ability. No matter. He won't stand against THIS!

The pink and black horns on Flaaffy's head began to charge with electricity that was fired at the group. The Garage Girls managed to dodge the attack, but Mawile was struck in the chest by Flaaffy's Thundershock. To make matters worse, he was inflicted with paralysis.

FLAAFFY: Hah! Eat that!
SKIPLOOM: I think I'll take it from here!
MISDREAVUS: I'll take the Kirlia. You take care of the Furret.

Both of them begin to glow black for a few seconds before charging into their intended targets. Kirlia and Furret were knocked back but were still able to fight. The other Pokemon followed suit as Slugma attacks Grumpig, Noctowl attacks Linoone, Flaaffy attacks Mawile, and Quagsire attacks Sneasel. Suddenly, Butterfree notices something that freaked her out. The Quagsire had an eerie red aura around it.

MISDREAVUS: Looks like Quaggy went into Hyper Mode.
SKIPLOOM: You guys are so dead.

Quagsire charges toward the group again, and Furret does the same. Furret lashes out her claws and scratches Quagsire in the face, but the Water Fish Pokemon counters by squirting mud in Furret's face.

SNEASEL: Looks like it's my turn now.

Sneasel focuses as hard as she could, and her claws were surrounded by black lighting. It then forms into a ball that was thrown at Qaugsire and the other Pokemon. There was a loud explosion, and smoke drifted throughout the alley. When it cleared, all six of the Pokemon seemed unable to battle.

MAWILE: That was too close...
VOICE: I don't think so!

Suddenly, another Shadow Pokemon approaches the group. Upon seeing her, the other six Pokemon immediately got up and seemed glad to see her.

NOCTOWL: Whew... your timing couldn't be better.
QUAGSIRE: These punks were pounding us!

The Garage Girls and Butterfree were especially surprised at the next Shadow Pokemon they had to deal with...a Furret.

SHADOW FURRET: I'll take care of them. Now who wants a beating...?
KIRLIA: I think you'll be getting one from me!
SHADOW FURRET: Let's raise the stakes a bit. If you win, we'll leave you alone.
KIRLIA: That sounds good to me.
SHADOW FURRET: But if I win... let's just say that you'll be working for us for a while...
KIRLIA: Boy, aren't you as sweet as Lyoko.
GRUMPIG: Kirlia, please. She has nothing on Lyoko. First of all, she's Winona's daughter. Second of all, she's pretty tough although she doesn't seem like it on the surface. And on top of that--
SHADOW FURRET: Will you keep out of this, Bacon Brain?!

Grumpig stepped back as the Shadow Pokemon began to talk amongst themselves.

NOCTOWL: What's a Winona and Lyoko?
SKIPLOOM: Probably some comic book characters or something. Either that or they're something you eat.
SHADOW FURRET: I don't care about a Leona and a Kyoko or whatever! I want to beat the stuffing out of this Kirlia!
KIRLIA: It's not gonna be easy...

Neo Emolga
10-21-2004, 06:52 AM
Oh man, as if the battle wasn't big and violent enough already, its about to get worse. And I have to commend Sneasel on a nice finishing move though.

Keep it up, I like nice and hot battles like these!

Hoenn Mirror Girl
10-28-2004, 02:59 AM
I appreciate the comments! Here's some more. Enjoy-nya!

CHAPTER 3: A Problem
After a few moments of glaring at each other, the Shadow Furret headed toward Kirlia at full speed, but Kirlia dodges the assualt in time. However, Furret rushes toward Kirlia again, and this time the Quick Attack connected. Kirlia skids across the ground and crashes into some garbage cans.

MAWILE: Kirlia!

Kirlia slowly gets back up and heads toward the Shadow Furret as her horns began to glow with electricity. She then released sparks of electricity, and Shadow Furret was staggered with paralysis. Shadow Furret falls on her side but regains herself. She then leaps toward Kirlia and slams her body on top of her.

SHADOW FURRET: That's what you get for messing with us, sister!

Just then, Mawile steps up.

MAWILE: Hey, Kirlia! Let me handle her!

Before Mawile could assist his friend, he felt stiff from the paralysis. Linoone holds Mawile back, knowing that he wouldn't stand a chance in his condition.

Meanwhile, the Shadow Furret and Kirlia continued fighting. As the battle continued, Shadow Furret appeared to be more aggressive than she already was. Things weren't looking so good for the Psychic-type lead singer of the Garage Girls.

KIRLIA: Whoa...this isn't going to be pretty...
FURRET: And neither is that!

Shadow Furret charged into Kirlia again, but this time the Shadow Rush appeared to have hit hard. Kirlia rolled across the ground and appeared to be exhausted.

KIRLIA: Not quite.

Kirlia had one final move. Her horns began to glow, and the Shadow Furret rose high into the air. The Furret tried to break free from Kirlia's psychic powers, but she couldn't. Finally, the horns stopped glowing, and the Shadow Furret plummeted toward the ground and crashed. Skiploom, Flaaffy, Slugma, Quagsire, Misdreavus, and Noctowl approached the fainted Furret.

FLAAFFY: No way...
QUAGSIRE: Unreal...

The six Pokemon then turned to Kirlia.

FLAAFFY: How'd you manage to beat her? She's one of the toughest Shadow Pokemon around here!
KIRLIA: Well... it was just luck...

Just then, the Pokemon began to give Kirlia a look that made her and the others feel rather uncomfortable...

Hoenn Mirror Girl
10-31-2004, 07:05 AM
CHAPTER 4: Invitation
Instead of another street fight, the Shadow Pokemon took the group to a nearby hotel. Despite the dented look on the outside, the hotel looked rather new on the inside. The rooms weren't suite quality, but the Garage Girls and their friends were comfortable nonetheless.

SNEASEL: Okay... let me get this straight... because we managed to beat you guys and Kirlia beat that Shadow Furret, you want us to hang around to help you compete in some tourtament?
NOCTOWL: You see, we're pretty tough, but when we tried our luck at the Pyrite Colosseum, we get pounded.
FLAAFFY: Pounded is an understatement. Try rolled over, pulverized, shocked, fried, pounded, pecked, scrambled, and soaked up to our necks!
GRUMPIG: Well, that's...unexpected.
MAWILE: Yeah. Considering what you've done to us, Tate and Liza were panicking over nothing when Connie destroyed the hospital.
SKIPLOOM: Tate and Liza? Connie?
SLUGMA: What the heck are you talking about?

Grumpig goes through her backpack and gets out an issue of Pokemon Elite Magazine. She starts flipping through the pages and finds the fan art section. She then shows the other Pokemon the Hoenn Mirror World banner that Furret saw earlier.

GRUMPIG: [pointing at the dark skinned girl] That's Connie right there.
SKIPLOOM: Okay. So, which one's Liza and which one's Tate?
GRUMPIG: They're not on this banner. Let me see if I can find it.

Grumpig turns a few pages before she found the banner in mind. The banner had a blue and purple, space-like background. One on side was a boy dressed in a Japanese style with his black hair in a bun, blue jackets and pants with red outlines, and black shoes. Beside him was a Solrock. On the other side was a girl who looks a lot like the boy except that her hair is longer on the sides. Beside her was a Lunatone. In the middle was a heart with a hole in the middle, and below the pictures were the words "Mossdeep Constellation".

GRUMPIG: That's Tate and Liza right there. The one by the Solrock is Tate, and the one by the Lunatone is Liza.
QUAGSIRE: Are there any more?
GRUMPIG: You could see 'em for yourself.

Grumpig hands over the magazine, and the Shadow Pokemon were all over it like ketchup and mustard on a hot dog. The other Pokemon seemed to be surprised by their enthusiasm.

FURRET: I'm guessing they don't have a lot of stuff to do around here.
SHADOW FURRET: Yeah...ever since Miror B. and his gang came to town.
KIRLIA: We've dealt with a couple of his goons before.
SHADOW FURRET: Since you're pretty tough, what do you say to competing in a tourtament at Pyrite Colosseum? My team with yours.
KIRLIA: Well, we're pretty worn out after today. I'll make plans for tomorrow.
SHADOW FURRET: Okay. Tomorrow it is.

* * *

Later that night, Kirlia was exploring the city when a huge dome-shaped building caught her attention. She immediately heads in the direction, and after crossing the bridge, she could hear cheering. Wondering if it was the colosseum the Shadow Furret was talking about, she enters the building. Indeed, Kirlia noticed a Meditite that looked like that she was on the end of a lot of heavy attacks.

MEDITITE: Whoa... this place is no joke. The Phenactropolis is for little kids compared to this. Aw, man...

The Meditite limped by as Kirlia heads to the front desk. The receptionist, who was a Grovyle, sees her and sighs.

GROVYLE: Sorry, babe, but we're booked for tonight.
KIRLIA: Do you have any open slots for tomorrow? Me and my friends are going to be competing here.

The Grovyle then fumbles through her book and looks back at Kirlia.

GROVYLE: Well, you're the lucky lady. There's one last slot open for a team of four.
KIRLIA: Great! I'll take it.

As Kirlia began to walk off, the Groyvle lets out a digusted sigh.

GROVYLE: Great. Just another battler... I was hoping that I'd at least get a performer!

Upon hearing this, Kirlia stops and rushes back to the desk.

KIRLIA: Uh...did you say that you needed performers, miss?
GROVYLE: Yeah. We need something to give this dump a little spice.
KIRLIA: My friends and I are performers! Maybe we could perform sometime!
GROVYLE: Heh... looks like my problems are answered after all. How would you feel about performing to kick off the semi-finals.
KIRLIA: That's great! I'll be here for a battle and a performance!

* * *

Kirlia returned back to the hotel to tell the other Pokemon the great news. She had already decided that she, Grumpig, Sneasel, and Furret will be battling in the tourtament. The Shadow Pokemon, Butterfree, Mawile, and Linoone have made plans to see the action. However, there was one problem...figuring out which song to peform.

GRUMPIG: I still say that we should play "Happy Wedding"*.
KIRLIA: And I still say that you must be kidding.
GRUMPIG: You know what? The song doesn't get the credit it deserves...just because the author of Hoenn Mirror World thought that it suits Cascadia.
FLAAFFY: Personally, I think Cascadia's a loser.
MAWILE: How would you know?
FLAAFFY: I've been reading that mirror story in those magazines that Grumpig had. I'm halfway through chapter 9. I managed to get enough info on her. Having an army of Water-type Pokemon plus working for a team of wizards obsessed with the sea equals easy pickings for Electric-types. Next!
FURRET: Okay. How about "Butterfly"*?
SNEASEL: Personally, I think that song's overrated.
GRUMPIG: I know what about "Graduation"*?
LINOONE: Heck, no! That song's lame!
SNEASEL: I'm surprised that there are a lot of little kids that never heard it before.
KIRLIA: I don't think so!
LINOONE: I suggest that you do "Dynamite Rave"*.
KIRLIA: Personally, I want save that for the first town in the Hoenn region that we perform in.
SNEASEL: Well, we haven't done "Do it Right"* for quite a while... ever since we first performed as a matter of fact.

Everyone paused for a moment before a smile spreads across Kirlia's face.

KIRLIA: Once again, Sneasel has come up with a good idea.
GRUMPIG: Heh... that was actually the next thing on my list, but Sneasel brought it up first.
KIRLIA: Yeah. Whatever.

Episode 3-4 Notes
Happy Wedding, Butterfly, Graduation, Dynamite Rave, Do it Right - all songs from Dance Dance Revolution

Neo Emolga
10-31-2004, 07:17 AM
Ah, I love it JIG! Keep up the great work with this story! I love all the creative twists that you embed into this fic, and the style you write it in is awesome.

Keep it up, I'd love to read more!

Hoenn Mirror Girl
11-21-2004, 06:00 AM
CHAPTER 5: An Unexpected Twist
The Pyrite Alley Colosseum was a lot different from the one in Phenactropolis. The banners that hung from where the audience was sitting were rather tattered, and the floors were made up of rusty steel. There wasn't any water around the arena, and the dome-shaped roof was made of metal like the floor.

Mawile, Linoone, and Butterfree managed to get a good spot in one of the higher areas while the Shadow Pokemon with them sat in the area next to them. They watched as Kirlia and Furret take down a Sandshrew and a Quagsire with very little problem in the first round. After the Quagsire was taken down, the Sandshrew gave his opponents a cold look.

SANDSHREW: Thanks a lot. A couple of babes like you should've gone easy on us! Now, we'll never get this "Mystery Prize"...

As the Sandshrew left with his fallen partner, Kirlia has her mind on the Mystery Prize that he mentioned. However, she shakes it off and heads to the side lines with Furret as Grumpig and Sneasel headed to the center arena. Their opponents were an Espeon and a Slowpoke. Sneasel had an easy advantage being a Dark-type, so while Grumpig confused the two Pokemon with her Confuse Ray, Sneasel managed to knock them out with swift Shadow Ball and Faint Attacks.

After that battle, the Grovyle from the front desk steps into the arena as the Garage Girls prepared for their performance.

GROVYLE: Hey, everyone! Are you enjoying the tourtament so far?

The crowd lets out a cheer, and the Grovyle lets out a sly smile.

GROVYLE: That's great. Semi-finals will be coming up soon, but first, we've got a little surprise for you. Everyone put your hands, paws, wings or whatever together for the Garage Girls!

The crowd cheers wildly again and the Grovyle hands Kirlia the microphone and leaves.

KIRLIA: Hello, Pyrite Alley! How's everyone doing today?

Cheering fills the stadium with some hoots, hollers, and whistles.

KIRLIA: Looks like we're a lvely bunch today. Okay, is everyone ready to party with the Garage Girls?

As the cheering began, a Nuzleaf and an Azumarill were watching them from the entrance. While the Azumarill didn't recognize anything special about the performers, Nuzleaf seems to be picking up something.

KIRLIA: Without further ado, let's get this show on the road!

Know what you wanna do, get into the groove
Well, you just gotta move
And soon you'll know just what you really gotta do
So take it easy now, I can show you how
Just feel the beat inside, let the rhythm take hold and do it right

You can't give up, you can't give in
When things are looking like your world is tumbling down, you fight
You make the cut, you play to win
And it's guaranteed to be all right

The Nuzleaf gets out a headset and puts it on his head. He presses a button on the left side.

NUZLEAF: [whispering] I think those girls are the ones...

Just do your best, just give your all
Dance to your rhythm, you can make forever start tonight
Don't let it rest, you'll never fall
Believe me

No matter what you do
Can't nobody hold your future back
Gotta go 'cause you know you'll leave them in your tracks
And when all is said and done, ain't no looking back now
Is it all how you dreamed it would be way back then?

The performance had everyone cheering, but the Nuzleaf still remained suspicious. He then notices his Azumarill partner dancing a bit to the music and steps on her tail to make her stop.

Life is just a game
We play to see if we can get it right
God above sends His love to those who see His light
Even if you don't know, He's been there for you too
Did you think you'd get this far without His love?
I tell you what

Know what you wanna do, get into the groove
Well, you just got to move
And then you'll know just what to do
So take it easy now, I can show you how
Just feel the love inside
Let the rhythm take hold and do it right, yeah
Do it Right (from Dance Dance Revolution 6th Mix)

The music ends, and the crowd was cheering like there was no tomorrow. There was a short intermission for the Garage Girls to put away their stuff, and the semi-finals finally began. This time Kirlia and Grumpig took on a Cacnea and an Electrike.

CACNEA: Hee hee... don't think we're going easy on a couple of cuties like you, even if the song was awesome.
ELECTRIKE: Less talking, more battling. We'll find out who gets to take out who an a date after this.

Kirlia and Grumpig rolled their eyes at almost the exact same time. Despite the comments made, they knew that they have to fight.

KIRLIA: [in thought] Let's handle the Electrike.
GRUMPIG: [in throught] Got it. You get his attention. After that, I'll confuse him, then you take it from there.

Kirlia had advanced on Electrike, and the opposing Pokemon had no idea what her stragety was. Kirlia and Grumpig were communicating psychically with each other so the stragety was known between them. Cancea carefully watched Kirlia, and by the time he realized what was happening, it was too late. His partner was hit with a strange, dark ray. Electrike's vision began to get blurry and became wobbly in his steps.

CACNEA: Unreal...
ELECTRIKE: [not facing Cacnea] Whatever! I'm going after the Grumpig!
CACNEA: But the Grumpig...

Electrike didn't listen and heads to the opposite direction of his opponents. He charges up with electricity and rams into "Grumpig", which was actually a wastebasket. Paper went all over the floor, and Cacnea sighed in annoyance.

CACNEA: Aw, man... We're not only losing a battle but cool points with some girls as well.
KIRLIA: [in thought] They've lost all of their cool points with us already.

The cactus Pokemon heads over to help his friend, but it turned out to be a mistake. Both of them ended up being disqualified for leaving the arena, and Kirlia and Grumpig won by the fault.

Furret and Sneasel were in the final match against a Bagon and a Magnemite. The Bagon looked like he has been in one too many street fights, and the Magnemite looked ready to attack the two girls at any time.

BAGON: So, ladies... Feeling lucky?
SNEASEL: Pretty much.

Sneasel shows her shining claws to the Bagon, obviously proving to him that losing was not an option for her.

BAGON: Well, then... Let's get started!

Bagon takes a deep breath and start blowing fireballs at Sneasel. However, with swift agility, Sneasel managed to dodge Bagon's attack and slashes him with her claws. The dragon Pokemon fell on his side but was still able to battle.

Magnemite charges up electricity on its magnets and shoots it all at Furret, but the long body Pokemon dodges by burrowing into the ground. Before Magnemite could figure out what was going on, Furret pops out of the hole and tackles Magnemite.

MAGNEMITE: Forty percent damaged by Dig attack...
BAGON: Don't worry about a thing. I'll handle her...

Bagon reared back his fist as he headed for Furret, and Magnemite charges up its magnets again and aims at Sneasel. However, before Bagon's fist made contact with Furret, Furret grabs Bagon's arm and pulls him, making him fall. Furret then slams her tail against Bagon's stomach and sends him flying across the field and up against a wall. Bagon was unable to battle. Meanwhile, Sneasel made swift work on Magnemite with a few slashes. The battle was over...


Later that day, the Garage Girls were in the prize room. The Nuzleaf, Azumarill, and Grovyle were with them.

AZUMARILL: Congrats, my friends. It's a real surprise that some girls won the tourtament.
GRUMPIG: I wonder what our prizes are.
SNEASEL: Hopefully, something that'll get us out of here. I'm sick of being in this city that's supposed to Ever Grande Cathedral after World War I.
GROVYLE: Ever Grande WHAT?
AZUMARILL: Probably something from a fantasy story or something. Now, if you don't mind, we have Shadow Pokemon to make!
GROVYLE: Thanks a lot, you dimwit!
NUZLEAF: It doesn't matter! Those brats are on the blacklist anyway!
KIRLIA: Oh, so we're on a black list, eh? Well, here's something else to put on it!

Kirlia's horns began glowing and shot out an eerie blue-white light. The light collided with the three Pokemon. Before they can figure out what happen, they moaned in pain from an intense burn as the Garage Girls fled...

Hoenn Mirror Girl
02-06-2005, 05:18 AM
Okay, I know you guys were expecting an update, but the thing is that I didn't plan on updating OSS again until I got done purifying my Shadow Pokemon. Well, I'm in the long process of transfering them, so it may take me a while.

However, I was recently thinking about doing something that was totally different from Colosseum in the next chapter. Yes, you can still expect a battle with Miror B the Ludicolo, but...in a different way.

So, stay tight, my friends. The story WILL be updated sometime this month one way or another.