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Charizard Michelle
05-01-2007, 04:13 PM

Note: This RP is open for all members and supports of Team Trainer. If you are not one of the two please PM me. I would like this RP to be open to everybody but I would like to know who will be joining and if you are planning to particpate in the WAR. This is a training RP for the WAR VI RP so I would like anybody new person to partcipate in truth.

Sign ups are still welcomed.

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Welcome to Battle Academy! Where the best of Trainers from all over the world come to learn the ways to become a Pokemon Master. Located on the Southern Islands of Hoenn many children come here to compete and learn with many of them graduating to become great trainers. The island has many different terrains and each on has many powerful pokemon to fit the ranks of the students attending the Academy and even rumor to have ruins that can summon certain Legendary Pokemon.

The students? ages ranges from 10 to 15. While in Battle Academy they learn the basics to becoming a Pokemon trainers. The Academy offers many different courses from breeding to coornating along side the courses for battling.

The Battle Academy is famous for its teachers and the special events that it hosts on certain dates. The event that is coming is who can find the rarest pokemon on the island. All the students at Battle Academy are expected to compete along side a few teachers. Still there are some teachers who are planning to use this event to lure the Legendary Pokemon Latios and Latias.

You are a student who is about to enter the event to see who can capture the rarest pokemon possible. This is a four year school but all Trainer Members will either be a first or second year student but you will have some sort of freedom. This is base on the WAR style of RPing where you can be either with a group of other RPers or could be the loner and away from the others on a different part of the Island.

Important Stuff
The Map:

The Rules
1) To be in this RP you must either be part of Team Trainer as member or as a support. If you are not one of those then you need to PM Charizard_mike so he can know that you are intrested and planning to participate in th WAR.
2) No flaming other RPers.
3) No SPAMing.
4) Post need to be at least two paragraphs and include your location at the top of the post.
5) Keep OOCs to a minimum. Please avoid to have just OOC post. Use the Discussion Thread once it is set up.

More important stuff can be found on the Sign Up thread. Please read if you haven't looked at it.

Now to further adue I present you with the 1st annual 25th [Trainer] Training RP base on a school for this 2007 year!


Battle Academy School
Professor Dori's Breed Class (Second Period)

Maria sighed. She sat in her second period class waiting for it to end. Her professor was discussing about how certain pokemon like Staryu are unable to breed because they are genderless. Maria let out another sigh of boredom since she already knew this information already. She just ran her hand into her long purple hair and began to wish that the battle she had earlier lasted longer. This morning she battled against another first year student. It was easy for her. Maria didn't even had to take out Char to finish it. A Sword Dance here and then a Twinneedle to finish off the poor FireRed first year's Jigglypuff.

Maria sighed and whisper to herself, "Stupid FireRed first year. I wonder what do the the Chancellor sees in all of these lower classed losers." Maria was using the word lower class as in to referring to their underprivage background compare to hers.

Maria looked up at the clock and smiled. It was only a matter of time before the contest would begin. It was that time of year when Battle Academy would start their semester contest which was one of the reasons why Maria wanted to come to Battle Academy. This semester the contest was going to be called, Rare Hunt. The Rare Hunt involved all the students of the academy where they will be allow to go around the school grounds and search for the rarest pokemon they can capture. At the end of the week, the studen with the rarest pokemon will be declare the winner. Even some of the professors were going to compete. Maria knew that her chances to win was slim but she had an idea on how to gain an edge which involves the Advance Terrain which first years like her were unable to step on.

Maria looked up as Professor Dori continue on listing about other pokemon who are unable to breed including legendaries like Latios. The professor also mention that the therory about Legendaries being unable to breed has only be determine from studies of anicent text but never proven. Maria then thought about how cool it would be to find a Legendary but knew that it would be impossible but she knew Professor Dori was particpating in the Rare Hunt in order to study the island for signs of Legendary Pokemon.

Only a matter of time thought Maria as the clock's hand came close to twleve.

05-01-2007, 10:20 PM
Ryan stared at his book, thinking about it. "I don't even get it, this is stupid." He closes the book. He waited for class to end, and thought his wish wouldn't be true 'til a long time. Ever since he's been in the Academy, he's been bored except at his dorm. The Professor kept blabbing about things Ryan didn't care about. He was about to fall asleep, but remember what happened in his last class. He would have to serve detention for tomorrow. He didn't care. He knew some things about what was taught, like what his granny and pop-pop told him. Well, he knew lots of things about breeding in the fact he works at a day care center. He waited for the class to end. He stared minute after minute. He felt the school was boring. He didn't need to learn, he was very smart already. He saw that it was time, time to leave. The teacher dismissed them, except Ryan.

"Ryan, you need to listen more, if you fail, you will stay FireRed next year. So, tell me what you learned today." Ryan sighed. He knew what he learned becuase he was kind of listening.

"You told us that Staryu or Starmie cannot breed due to the fact they are breedless. I learned this from my Grandpa Louie. He works at the day care in Verdanturf."

"Wow. When I was young, I remeber I got my Torchic by him breeding my Ditto and Blazekin. Once you get back, please tell him thank you and ask if he remembers me. Please? You may leave now" Ryan sighed again. He hated doing favors. Ryan nodded and left the room.

Charizard Michelle
05-01-2007, 10:43 PM
I assume we're at 2nd period? Which class? I'll edit when questions answered.


I knew I should have kept my second OOC.

Answer: Whatever class you would like and it is second period. Keep it simple. I would like to keep all the first years together in one class(note: Maria is a first year student) and the second years in another to help oraganize everything. Still you do have the choice to be in a different class like Contest, Battling, Healing. Don't worry about it too much since for the rest of the RP will be involving the Rare Hunt.

05-04-2007, 01:15 AM
Kenneth sat attentively, his notebook open. Though his eyes were wide open, he was drifting his mind away, into thoughts of strategies and good movesets for his Pokemon. His hand scribbled furiously and absentmindedly on the notebook as the focused part of his brain jotted down Professor Dori's words. Currently, he was writing something along the lines of "Staryu breeding habits," although he had already done a bit of basic research on the subject out of curiosity the week before.

He glanced up, letting his hand mechanically copy down Professor Dori's lecture. As he glanced around the room, he saw his other classmates. Some were sleeping with their heads in their hands, others were copying notes too, and still others were simply staring down their watches. One girl in particular was fidgeting slightly in her seat.

Kenneth shot his attention back to his notes. In a moment, a loud, noisy bell emitted throughout the small classroom. The girl jumped up and almost sprinted out the doorway with her books. Kenneth gathered his lackadaisically and joined into the vociferous crowd of other eager students.

"Just a bit longer until the Rare Hunt starts," he thought to himself, grinning almost oddly.

Down the marble hallways he walked, his sneakers muting the sound of his steps. Ken quickly approached the large, glass doors to the outside campus courtyard, in front of the main entrance to the Battle Academy. The boy closed his eyes for a moment to take in the soothing scent of the grass and trees before his next class.


Kenneth found himself on the cold, pale, cement floor, his arm throbbing slightly in a bit of pain. Towering above him was an irritated girl, the one that had been so jumpy in breeding class.

"Ah!" Ken yelled defensively as he looked up at the girl.

05-04-2007, 02:09 AM
Out in the courtyard, it appeared that lucky ol' Ryo had Second Period for today free, along with some other second year students that were lyeing everywhere, relaxing, some battling. Ryo laid his back against a statue and stood/sat there, waiting for a foolish little first year to dare and try fighting one of the smartest kids in FireRed second dorm. Just Ryo's luck. A little kid from the first year came up to Ryo, unsuspecting of his nature, and directly challenged him.

"Hey loser! You want to try your luck against me!?"

The kid said with a big grin on his face, and he let out his starter Pokemon: Electabuzz. The Electabuzz wasn't terribly strong, and it wasn't anything that Ryo couldn't handle.

"I, for one, wouldn't stoop tp your level, foolish child. Still, it would please me to bathe you in shame as your little, 'goal', fails, and your Pokemon falls to me. Go, Dusclops!"

Ryo sent out a Pokeball, and out of it came a very frightening Dusclops, and it had a battle face on it. It was ready to win this fight.

"Electabuzz use Thunderpunch!"

The kid's Electabuzz's hand glew with electronic energy, and the Electabuzz dashed straight for Dusclops, ready to make a critical hit.

"Fool. Me and Dusclops are not as stupid as other second years as to sit around doing nothing while you attack away. Dusclops use Bind."

The ribbon like appendages on Dusclops shot forward and tied themselves around Electabuzz's body before the Thunderpunch hit Dusclops. Electabuzz stared the Dusclops in the eyes.

"Electabuzz use Thunderbolt!"

"Dusclops Confuse Ray".

Dusclops sent a direct hit of Confuse Ray at Electabuzz, and he was badly confused, and launched Thunderbolt in a completely random direction: Himself! It wasn't too strong, but it cost Electabuzz somewhat.

"Dusclops throw Electabuzz, then use Will-O-Wisp"

Dusclops released the bind with a powerful toss that sent Electabuzz straight into the statue, and he layed there, but then, he caught the Will-O-Wisp in his eyes, and reacted quickly.

"Electabuzz use Thunderpunch!"

But Electabuzz was to confused o corectly perform the move, and therefore, hit itself. Will-O-Wisp burned Electabuzz quite badly with a direct hit. Electabuzzz is suffering right about now, and it doesn't look good for Electabuzz.

"Dusclops, finish it with Shadow Punch".

Shadow Punch went straight into Electabuzz's stomach, sending him flying, and knocking him out. The victory goes to Ryo.

"Now, leave. Run. Run and hide your loss..."

Ryo puched the loss a little too much, but it sent the kid away quickly, a Ryo decided to have a bit of a snack with Dusclops before 3rd period Battle training class.

Charizard Michelle
05-04-2007, 09:42 PM

I left note for you Sonics on the discussion page concerning your post.

IC to come later.

05-04-2007, 11:44 PM
Suno smiled some, looking around. He was a newcomer, and had never actually been to a Battle School. He sighed some, looking around again. "Hmmm..."He said aloud as he walked pass a few classmates. "Now then. Where do I go?" He asked aloud, without noticing it. This was a habbit the boy had.
He raised a brow and looked at the three different colored dorms, "What was I again?" He asked, aloud again. He took a piece of paper out of his left pocket and looked at it. "Yellow?" He asked, staring blankly into the terribly smeared sticky note. Sighing heavily he turned around and asked someone, "How do I figure out what dorm I'm in?"

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Charizard Michelle
05-06-2007, 01:20 AM
Suno smiled some, looking around. He was a newcomer, and had never actually been to a Battle School. He sighed some, looking around again. "Hmmm..."He said aloud as he walked pass a few classmates. "Now then. Where do I go?" He asked aloud, without noticing it. This was a habbit the boy had.
He raised a brow and looked at the three different colored dorms, "What was I again?" He asked, aloud again. He took a piece of paper out of his left pocket and looked at it. "Yellow?" He asked, staring blankly into the terribly smeared sticky note. Sighing heavily he turned around and asked someone, "How do I figure out what dorm I'm in?"

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Suno: I need you to post in the Sign Up thread (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=36242) before you can post here. That is the rule here at PE2K. I just need you to fill out the form there and then I will approve your character for you can RP here.


Battle Academy School
Professor Dori's Breed Class (Second Period)

Maria stared at her teacher as Dori began to pace around. The teacher was done with her lecture and was just thinking about what advice she could give to her students about the up coming Rare Hunt. The green hair professor then smiled and said, "Well remember your basics. Just weaken the pokemon and make sure to give it a stat condition before throwing the pokeball." Professor Dori smiled at the simple advice she had given.

Maria morned and knew that the advice was useless since everybody here already knew that. It was like giving a trainer their first pokemon when they already have ten different pokemon. She then shifted in her seat and saw the clock. She then smiled and at once the bell rang.

Professor Dori smiled and said, "Good luck everybody. May you all catch some great pokemon!"

Maria didn't care what the professor said and walk out of the classroom smoothly. THere was no reason for her to rush out like the many of the immature classmates. Maria just had an expressionless face as she walked pass her rushing fellow students. She didn't know why they were rushing to start in this event. Doesn't really matter when she was going to be the one who wins this event. Maria then smiled as she knew that her statement was only a joke since there are many others that will have even rarer pokemon then she would but still Maria wasn't going to let some other underclass get the better of her.

Maria was now outside and smiled. She grabbed a pink Healball in her hand that held her poliwag. She let the wind blow her purple hair lightly and enjoy the nice day. Then out of nowhere another student crashed into her. Maria held her ground and stayed up but she looked down to the ground to see the person who had distrubed her. It was a student from the Lightning Yellow dorm. Maria reconize him from the breeding class with Professor Dori.

"Ah!" said the LigthningYellow student in pain.

Maria then said with anger in her face, "Watch where you going you disrespectful wrech. No need to rush for something you will clearly will lose." She then began to walk slowly away from the kid. She couldn't believe that somebody like that kid as admitted to LightningYellow much less this academy.

Diesel 34
05-11-2007, 01:37 AM
Darn that class was boring. Professor Dori could even put a little boy hyped up on sugar to sleep. It least it was over. Still the rest of the day was to come and not running on much sleep didn't help. It was only the fact that the Rare Hunt was soon. Being a LeafGreen was okay, but most of the people in the LeafGreen dorms were so mean and full of themselves. Like this one girl who had purple hair. I had never seen her nice out of the time being here. It didn't matter to me though. I hung out with Yellow and Reds because they were a lot more fun.

Still I was so confused. How did I get into Leaf Green. I knew about as much as the average Yellow guy. I was okay at battling, but still not even that would get me into Green. Especially since I'm a 1st year. Even though that girl with the purple hair was a 1st year she was still really smart and was amazing at battling. I guess the better the trainer the snobbier they can be. I then realized that I had dropped a book. Then when I saw it a girl with purple hair was standing on top of it.

Charizard Michelle
05-12-2007, 11:51 PM

I feel the love....


Outside Battle Acadamy School Building

Then if anything else couldn't happen to make Maria anymore annoyed then she was already then it just happen to happen with another event. As Maria began to walk away from the kid who bumped into her there she began to walk when a book had fallen out of a kid's arms and slided over to the spot where Maria's foot was going to step on the ground. At once Maria stepped on it and felt something strange. She looked down and saw that she had stepped on the book that the kid had dropped.

Maria morned to herself knowing that this meant more interaction with unworthly students. She looked up and reconized the kid that was chasing after his fallen book as a fellow member of LeafGreen. Maria shook her head and knew that of all the students here at the academy that this student truely didn't deserve to be in LeafGreen if you looked at his skill. Still Maria knew enough about the kid to know that like herself his father was once a great pokemon trainer from the Sinnoh region and those childern who came from such lifestyles like herself were sometimes bumped up but unlike him, Maria had the skills to back up her lifestyle. Maria also knew the kid rarely spends any time in the LeafGreen dorms which meant he was either with the lower dorms or just being stupid.

Maria at once kicked the book to the kid and said to him, "You need to watch where you drop your stuff or somebody might just steal it or better yet use it as target pratice for training their pokemon." Maria just stood there with the wind blowing her purple hair making it sway.

05-13-2007, 07:00 AM
Kenneth's dorm room

Who was that kid?

That girl with the purple hair... The one he'd bumped into...

Who was it?

Sonic had a notebook open on his lap, and a copy of "The History of Sneasle's Moves," out open in front of him on his bed. But he couldn't focus his mind. What was keeping him from studying?

The fan on the ceiling above twirled lightly above him, cooling off his slightly hot forehead.

Who was that girl? That snobby one. Ken suddenly felt a pang of anger in his chest, but it was quickly dissolved away by something else. Something was gnawing at him about that girl...

Ken set his book down and walked out of his dorm room to find that girl again. It had been weeks since he last battled, and he was itching to try out a new strategy.

Five minutes later, he found himself back out on the courtyard. But where was the kid? Ken chose a random direction and wheeled himself off towards it. There was nothing.

"Where would a Leafgreen student be..." he asked himself. Then he slapped himself in the forehead and raced off in a different direction, toward the Leafgreen dormitory that seemed so small from a distance.

He finally reached the upper class dormitory, totally out of breath and panting for air, but at last he was there. And his intuition was correct. A girl with long purple hair was walking directly toward the front door to the extravangant building.

"Hey... girl..." Kenneth gasped. "Battle... now."

Diesel 34
05-13-2007, 11:05 PM
Well someone sure has an attitude. I drop my book and she acts like I dropped a nuculear bomb. I recognized her from Leaf Green and she was probably the snottiest out of all the members. She came from a family that makes pokeballs and she is a really good trainer yet she still has no right to be that mean. That was why I liked hanging out with the other kids that weren't in LeafGreen. They didn't care and just had fun most of the time. While in LeafGreen all people did was brag on how good they are and how rich their family is. One person even bragged how his cat had its own limo. A CAT! Really whats so impressive about that.

I then decided to go after that girl and challenge her to a battle. I started looking all over for her in the direction she went. I was getting so confused and wanted to give up. Then I hit myself on the head. Of course. I took out my Vs. Seeker. My dad had given it to me so I could find anyone in the school who had one so I could challenge them. Sure enough Ms. Purple Snotty hair had one. I started walking to where she was. I had a lets battle face on and when I saw her someone else was there challenging her to a battle.

Charizard Michelle
05-14-2007, 03:26 AM
LeafGreen Dorms

THen as pointless as the two events happened with the two other student they just left as fast as that. Maria sighed and thought something like this was going to happen. Apperently they didn't have anything else to say because she knew that it was their careless fault for not watching out for where they were going. Maria coutinued to walk away and knew that she had to prepare for the Rare Hunt.

When Maria walked to the front door of the LeafGreen dorms she heard somebody call her name out but she injore it. Maria knew she had more important things to do then waste her time talking to such lower classmen. Maria walked gracefully into the LeafGreen dorms which looked like a small mansion and were much more good looking compared to the other dorms on the island. SHe could hear the pointless bragging coming from the other LeafGreen students about how good their pokemon were and how they were going to sweep the competition. Maria looked at them angry because she knew it was pointless to brag because it made them sound stupid. One of the other students looked at Maria and said, "Hey Maria! Do you want to see this cool pokemon that my folks sent over to me? It is stighth from the Sinnoh region. Its a Glameow and you know what? I will help me catch what ever pokemon there is with it's Hyponisis attack."

Maria looked at her fellow LeafGreen and said in a cold voice, "No. There is no point in admiring a pokemon when even you don't know if it will do good in a battle much less listen to such a worthless trainer as yourself." Maria walked away from the stupid trainer knowing that he was one of the many that doesn't deserve being in Leafgreen.

Maria walked into her room and grabbed a bag that hung on the coat hanger. She place it on her bed and began to grab healing items when at once her rich purple VS Seeker began to ring. The small map on the device had pointed down towards the first floor of the building to where two other students were waiting outside her window. She at once walked over to her window and open it to what she had guess were the two student that had bother her earlier today. She signed and knew that they both wanted to battle her. She sighed and guess she might as well grace these students with her presentance. After making her way down to the front of the dorm she looked at the one with the VS seeker and said in an annoyed tone, "Are you the one seeking a battle from me?"

Diesel 34
05-15-2007, 03:17 AM
Well that was part of it. I wanted to literally interagate her and find out why she was so snobby. I mean really We were all students yet the seperation of dorms must've meant to her that if your not in my dorm or don't look worthy your a waste of air. Thats the way she acted. Like she was so amazing like she should be queen of the pokemon. I mean what was the deal with the purple hair even. Must''ve been something else with her being so very snobby. Yet I couldn't put it out of my mind. It was like I had seen that purple hair before and her face looked so familiar. I put it out of my mind and came back to earth.

She was looking at me like I was some kind of idiot who didn't know how to speak. I then remebered the words I needed to say.

"Yeah I challenge you.

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Charizard Michelle
05-16-2007, 02:43 AM
LeafGreen Dorms

"Yeah I challenge you!" said the other student with the cheap VS Seeker.

Maria looked down at the kid and saw that he was shorter then her. She nodded and thought that it couldn't hurt to battle this person. She still had time before the Rare Hunt actually began and if her pokemon did get too injured then she could just heal them before she starts the contest. She then grabbed a Quick Ball that held her Poliwag. She then said, "Ok. I accept. Best out of three. The one that knocks out two pokemon wins."

She then release her Poliwag from her imported Quickball and said, "Go Poliwag!!!"

The small pokemon then appeared and smiled before hoping around preparing for battle. Maria looked at her pokemon and knew that it was tougher then it looked. She then looked at the trainer that was wasting her time and said, "You can attack first. My little Poliwag and me will be waiting." The Poliwag smiled when his name was mentioned.

Diesel 34
05-16-2007, 03:06 AM
She was telling me she accepted. She accepted my battle and sent out her Poliwag. Alright what was she up tp. As snobby as she acted she must have to be good. Her Poliwag must be stronger than it looks. So I had to look at my belt. What was the best type of pokemon to go up against a water pokemon like Poliwag. Not that one or that one or that one. Leaving one pokemon. I then decided to just throw a random pokeball. Pokemon can be good even with weaknesses. I grabbed a pokeball and threw it out.

"Lets Kick It Aron."

She was now telling me to send out first.

"Tell me why. Cause you think I'm that bad and you pity me."

That was how she felt. About everyone around her. I could see it in her eyes. I didn't care truly about who started I just was tired of her treating me and others like nothing. Truth was if she happened to do exactly as I think she will she'll lose immeadieatly.

Charizard Michelle
05-16-2007, 04:55 AM
LeafGreen Dorms

"Lets Kick It Aron." said the other trainer letting out his steel and rock type pokemon. She sighed and wonder what he had planned. Had to be something since he picked that one. Maria waited for him to make the first move but the annoying trainer just asked another question instead, "Tell me why. Cause you think I'm that bad and you pity me."

Maria sighed. She guess there was no point in reasoning her way of thinking to this lowly trainer. She then shook her head and said, "Maybe I was being nice and allowing you to do the first move before I can attack? Give you something of a chance. Pity are for those who deserve it. NOt for the ones who are strong. No matter. I guess I will go first"

Maria looked at her Poliwag and said, "Start things out with a Rain Dance!"

Poliwag nodded and happily began to prance around with its tail waging. At once dark clouds began to form and rain began to fall hard on the battling pokemon below. Maria's hair was getting wet from the rain but shine with the falling water.

Maria then said, "Your move." She was kind of annoy that the trainer didn't took the first move because now the battle was moving slower then she wanted. Still Maria didn't care this battle was going to end one way or another.

Diesel 34
05-16-2007, 01:32 PM
Rain dance. This girl must have something up her sleeve. Think Jack think. Why was it that now this girl was stuck in his mind again like he had seen her before the school. This wouldn't stop coming back into my mind. It helpful when I need to focus on the battle. Yet then I remembered something my old best friend once told me to do with my Aron. Now things were going to get a bit more interesting. If this worked it would do some major damage.

"Alright Aron. Go and use Iron Tail.

From this point on I had to pray that this attack would fall right into place other wise it could be trouble. Big trouble.

Charizard Michelle
05-17-2007, 03:01 AM
LeafGreen Dorms

"Alright Aron. Go and use Iron Tail." said the other trainer.

The little aron at once began to charge forth at Maria's Poliwag. Poliwag stood firm as the pokemon came closer and closer to it. The aron then turned to the left to attack with it's shiny tail. Maria then said, "Spin around to your right Poliwag."

The poliwag did as told and span around along with the extra speed provided by the aron's Iron Tail. That way the attack did little damage since Poliwag wasn't fighting against the aron's attack. The rain also countinued to fall from Rain Dance making Maria's purple hair shine.

Maria then said, "Now use a Water Pulse attack!"

Poliwag was still spinning but now slower and began to make small blue waves form around his month. Soon it then form a blue orb and when it was infront of the aron Poliwag shot the blue orb at aron with the rain still pouring from Rain Dance. The attack then hit Aron by the help of the Rain Dance guiding it.

Diesel 34
05-17-2007, 10:56 PM
"Hang in there Aron"

Well this Poliwag was strong, but I expected it to be so no surprise there. Time to apply my brain here. Lets see wha attack would be good. I then felt like hitting myself in the head.

It was then I had a great move to use against it. Aron can't get hurt from this move the Poliwag can. It was one of the two moves that needed to work right.

"Aron. Use Metal Sound."

Aron used it and both the poliwag and the trainer were covering there ears. The Poliwag couldn't concentrate and was stilll being hurt by Aron screaming. Time for part B.

"Now Aron use Double Edge."

Charizard Michelle
05-18-2007, 04:53 AM
LeafGreen Dorms

"Aron. Use Metal Sound." said the other student. The arun began to produce a sound that made Maria's poliwag shiver. It was painful to both her and her pokemon but still Maria knew what Metal Sound does.

"Now Aron use Double Edge." said the trainer to countinue his combination attack. The iron pokemon then jumped up and attack with the hard hitting attack.

At the last minuted Maria sighed and said, "Use Protect Poliwag."

At the last minutes Poliwag focused and formed a green barriar around itself to take the attack for it. The Poliwag then jumped back and was ready to attack with no damge from the past round. Maria knew that Protect was basically a one time thing and may not work the next time Poliwag uses it meaning that was the last one she may ask Poliwag to use. She then looked at Poliwag and said, "Use another Water Pulse!"

Poliwag formed another blue orb in it's month and then shot it to the ground making a small wave to appear heading for aron along with the rain from Rain Dance.

05-18-2007, 04:57 AM
Kenneth blinked. The battle had already started without him. How could he have been so slow?

The battle was getting intense. Double edge. Protect. Water pulse. Rain Dance.

Sonic was almost lost in the attacks. He found himself almost dizzy.

"I challenge you next!" he declared to the purple haired girl, pointing almost angrily.

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Diesel 34
05-19-2007, 02:15 PM
Uh oh. This wasn't good.

Think think.

I then wanted to hit myself because Aron knew protect to. I couldn't waste it so early though. Think. Then I realized I could drain the water out.

" Aron use Earthquake."

OOC: Sorry for short post. Ortho appointment.

Charizard Michelle
05-20-2007, 03:14 AM

Also. Don't forget to put your location at the top of every post. That is a must if you are planning to RP in the WAR RP. I cut you guys some slack here since even I been forgetting to do that in the mist of all this RP action. Still don't forget to do that from now on.


LeafGreen Dorms

" Aron use Earthquake." said the novice trainer.

At once the ground began to shake and many small cracks began to appear making all the water that was building up from Rain Dance and the wave caused by Water Pulse sink into the cracks. Poliwag began to loose it footing cause by the shaking land but was ok. It looked a little tired but Maria knew that her pokemon could take a few more hits.

"I challenge you next!" said an angry person to Maria who annoyed her even more for distrubing the peace caused by the battle. SHe scolded at him and then said, "Then how about we make this more intresting. I take both you and him." Maria was talking about the person she was currently battling, "At the same time in a double battle. Save me and my pokemon the time if I battle you both at the same time. I even give you the advangtage by showing you my poliwag's partner."

At once Maria grabbed a pokeball and threw it into the air releasing an elekid. The eletric pokemon began to swing its arms and made some static come out of it's outlet plugs. It smiled and was ready to battle. At once the rain from Rain Dance stopped and the sun began to shine though the disappearing clouds.

Maria then looked at the kid who distrubed her battle and said, "I resume my turn once you release your pokemon." Maria was getting annoyed that these two trainers were wasting valuable time that she could be using preparing for the Rare Hunt. She just looked at the two trainers seeing if they will be able to work together to at least make this battle worthwhile of her time.

Negative Zone
05-20-2007, 03:55 AM
OOC: Okay! Here it goes!


The crowd was roaring for me! I was the best trainer ever! I had finally beaten everyone in the world!

"Dustin! Dustin! Dustin!"

"Dustin! Dustin! Dustin, wake up!" Ms. Brekke said.

"Huh, wha?" I said bolting my head up. The whole class started laughing.

"This is the fourth time this week you have fallen asleep in my class!" Ms. Brekke said. "One more and it's detention!"

"Ah, great." I sighed. Detention?! If I get that, I'll never be the top trainer.

I was in coordinating class. The one I hated most. I wanna be a trainer! Not a coordinator...

"So, if you pull of the move Sunny Day, what's the best move you can do after that?" Ms. Brekke quized.

Most of the class raised their hand. All except me.

"Yes... Dustin?" Ms. Brekke asked.

"Um... Water Pulse?" I said sheepishly.

The class burst out laughing. Ms. Brekke rolled her eyes.

"No, the best attack is any fire move," she said.

I simply laid my head down and waited for class to be over.

05-20-2007, 03:57 PM
Leafgreen Dorms, Outside

A double battle? Kenneth pondered the thought quickly. He would have to work with another trainer to win. To battle this rich snob. And to try out his strategy.

But could he? Double battles were not Kenneth's favorite type of battle. It was risky and a lot more difficult.

But he couldn't wait to make up his mind and take the chance of being berated by this rich girl.


He shut his eyes and winced slightly as he pulled out a Pokeball and released a blue, mouselike Pokemon from it that growled at the Poliwag it was facing. Suddenly, Kenneth took a step back.

"What was I thinking?"

But it was too late. He had already sent out a Pokemon and he was battling.

05-20-2007, 07:59 PM
LeafGreen Dorms

The noise had brought a rather annoyed Andromeda out of her room, trailed by an elegant Ninetales and a sour-looking Espeon. They were almost never in their Pokeballs, and now was no exception. She followed the sound of battle to its location, her notebook still held in her hand. She had been studying--Pokemon Language, a big part of the reason she had come to the academy. Evi could translate for her, sure, but it was easier if she could understand without the psychic cat's help. Faye was easy enough to understand, but she was Andromeda's first Pokemon, and they had that bond to make it easier. Of course, she shouldn't have been going down to watch the match, but she could study while she was there, right?

She recognized the first-year LeafGreen girl, both from seeing her in the dorms and having seen her in Goldenrod before. The others she didn't recognize, but she didn't spend much time with the other students anyway. She found a place to sit with her notebook, Faye and Evi on either side of her.

I wonder if this match will be any good? Evi said with a sigh, using her telepathy to speak only to Andromeda and Faye.

/Perhaps,/ Faye said evenly, although Andromeda knew she wasn't expecting much.

Charizard Michelle
05-20-2007, 09:42 PM
Outside LeafGreen Dorms

"Marril!" said the other trainer as he release a blue mouse pokemon to use in the double battle. Maria thought that it was a foolish choice to use such a pokemon with her Elekid out on the field but that wasn't her choice to make on which pokemon they use.

"What was I thinking?" said the other trainer once, from what can Maria only guess, he relize that it was a bad idea to sending out a Water type to battle against an eletric type like Elekid.

Maria then knew it was time to pull out the combo she wanted to do. She looked at Poliwag and said, "Use Rain Dance again!"

Poliwag at once began to prank around waging its tail and soon dark clouds began to form. Soon rain followed and began to fall making Maria's purple hair shine. Maria then smiled and said, "Now Elekid! Use Thunder on aron!"

Maria knew what she was doing. This was something that she picked up while she was listening to a few third year students studying. THey called it the ThunderDance combo. First you use Rain Dance then take advantage of the rain clounds and shot a Thunder attack into the clouds making it a garentee hit.

Elekid at once began to spin its arms rapidlly until enough energy was seen on it's outlet's plugs. Then it shot the Thunder Attack into the clouds. Soon the clouds began to rumble and then at once a large bolt of lightning was being shot at the little steel and rock type pokemon.

Diesel 34
05-21-2007, 03:47 AM

OH GOD. What to do. I had to think. I then realized I still had protect.

I thought hard, but now was the time to use it. Unless of course I was willing to reveal Aron and I's secret power all ready. No.

"Alright Aron, Use Protect."

I just said it in time.

The attack hit the barrier and Aron was unharmed. Now time to fight back.

"Aron use Roar than Double Edge." I said

I then looked at the boy who had joined me in the battle. I then said this to him.

“Glad to be fightin wit ya.”

OOC: Sorry it aint longer. Brain dead from writing story all day.

05-22-2007, 01:14 AM
Leafgreen Dorm

Kenneth didn't reply. His partner was grinning at him, but he was looking straight on into the battle.

Aron curled up into a ball defensively, allowing the bolt of electricity to envelop it. It unfurled itself unharmed. Next, the Aron began to gulp in a large hunk of air, and then pried his jaws open wide. From his throat came a loud Roar attack, high pitched and screechy. The attack reminded Kenneth of nails scratching a chalkboard.

The attack sent Elekid flinging backwards a few feet or so. A flash of red, and Elekid was sucked into a Pokeball, out of the battle.

"Good call," muttered Kenneth. "Uh... Marril... Defense Curl, I guess..." Kenneth began to grope for thoughts, too scared to attack. "If I mess up, so does my Partner..." he thought. His Pokemon rolled up into a small ball and tightened itself.

Now he just had to wait for his opponent to send another Pokemon and for Aron to use Double Edge.

Charizard Michelle
05-22-2007, 03:06 AM

Also when you declare an attack. Tell me who you are attacking ok? There are three other pokemon on the field. I need to know which one you guys are attacking to help me figure out what I am going to do next.


Outside LeafGreen Dorms

"Aron use Roar than Double Edge." said the trainer with the small aron. THe small steel type pokemon took up a lot of air and then yelled to make elekid return back to its pokeball. Then it began to ran after poliwag.

Maria smiled and said, "I guess I need to finish this up soon." She looked at her PokeGear and saw that this battle was lasting too long. She grabbed her only red pokeball and threw it into the air releasing a large charizard. Char, her first pokemon.

Char appeared right infront of the attacking aron and poliwag. Maria smiled and said, "Try to use Protect now! Brick Break Char!"

The charizard let out a loud roar and raised it claw into the air. Then then the claw began to glow as it was made into a fist and dropped down hard on the steel and rock type pokemon. Maria knew that was it for the little aron since it had double weakness to any fighting attacks and also her charizard was her most developed pokemon.

"Good call," muttered Kenneth. "Uh... Marril... Defense Curl, I guess..." said the other student unsure if his partner made the right move and from what Maria could tell unsure of himself too. The small blue ball pokemon just rolled up in a ball with it's tail in the air. She kind of felt bad for the kid since now her charizard was out and there was nothing that he could do. Still she didn't felt any pity for them since they distrubed her and challenge her to this battle.

"USe Sunny Day Char!" said Maria. She then looked at Poliwag and said, "Use Hypnosis on the Marril!"

Char opened her month and shot a flaming hot orb into the sky making the rain clouds disappear and bright sunlight to appear. THen Poliwag jumped on Char and from the charizard's head shot yellow waves at the marril to perform's his Hypnosis attack to put the pokemon to sleep.

05-23-2007, 04:41 AM
Leafgreen Dorm

"Dang it..." Kenneth thought to himself. "I knew I should have went with Rollout..."

He turned to the boy next to him. "Sorry about that..."

But Kenneth was still slightly awestruck at the opponent's creativity in allowing Charizard to use a Hypnosis through Poliwag. "Remember that," he noted mentally.

"Marril... try to wake up," he murmured. But his Pokemon was still dozing, not moving from where he was sleeping away.

"Drat!" he whispered hoarsely. "I guess it's your turn then," he turned back to face his partner, "and I'm Kenneth, by the way."

OOC: Can't think of anything to say. So short.

Diesel 34
05-23-2007, 10:32 PM
“Hey it’s okay. What ever happens happens. Just loosen up and do your best.”

This girl though. She was tough.

Aron was drooping about to collapse.

It was now or never.

I was tired of holding back.

This girl had to realize other were better than her.

It was time for my secret weapon.

“ARON! You Ready?”

Aron looked back at me and nooded its head saying hurry up in a way.

Then I concentrated on Aron and then a bright yellow light formed around me.


Aron shot forward for the attack.

05-24-2007, 12:07 AM
OOC: That's power play, Diesel--you can't force a hit on someone else's Pokemon, or show how a character that doesn't belong to you reacts to a situation (unless you have permission, which is usually only granted in special cases, like someone having to go away for the weekend or something).

Charizard Michelle
05-24-2007, 12:43 AM
A double what Neptunes said. I would perfer to RP out my own pokemon's actions. Also you may not want to use that kind of wording to describe how your aron looks like when attacking. YOu could said it glowed yellow but please don't use 'Super Sayan' here. (Kind of embrassing)

ALso yeah. Let my character react like she would and by me.

Edit and I will edit this post according. You can trust me to react to your attacks when you post them. I won't ignore something like that. Trust me. No need to control my characters like that.

Diesel 34
05-24-2007, 04:10 AM
Sorry was in a rush when wrote it. Had to help wit band recruitment. I'll edit.

Charizard Michelle
05-25-2007, 01:08 AM
Outside LeafGreen Dorms

It seemed like things were moving slowing for Maria when she looked at the kid who reveal himself to be named Kenneth. He had said, "Marril... try to wake up," but when his pokemon did awaken he just looked at his partner and said, "Drat! I guess it's your turn then and I'm Kenneth, by the way."

His partner seem to have paid little attention to Kennth by saying, “Hey it’s okay. What ever happens happens. Just loosen up and do your best.” Maria then notice that the trainer looked to what she could guess thinking about his next move. Soon he yelled at his weaken aron to attack, "“ARON! You Ready? ALL RIGHT ARON! LET’S USE DOUBLE EDGE!”

The little steel pokemon at once began to glow yellow and charged at Char. Maria knew this was just pointless and looked at the glowing orb that Char had sent out for Sunny Day. She then looked at Char and said, "Use Brick Break Char."

The charizard raised his arms and at once they began to glow white. The aron was coming faster and faster then slammed into Char making the charizard step back a bit but then with it glowing white claws they were dropping and were going to hit the aron who had just impacted on Char's chest.

Maria was a bit surprise with the power of the aron's attack time. Still she didn't let her surprisment show on her face. She looked at poliwag and said, ""Finish it off with Water Pulse!"

The Poliwag formed a blue orb in his month and shot it at the opponet's pokemon.

05-25-2007, 02:33 AM
OOC: Um, mike, wasn't that power play, too? You forced that hit on Aron. ^^;

Diesel 34
05-25-2007, 02:56 AM
"Nice to meet you to. I'm Jack."

Alright this girl was trying a combo.

To finish Aron off she was trying to use brick break and water pulse.

I didn't think so.

I then looked at the guy with the Marril.

I had to give hime some confidence and his sleeping pokemon wasn't exactly helping his case.

I turned to Kenneth.

"I'm gonna try something to wake your Marril up. Just trust me on what I'm doing."

I didn't wait for his permission though.

"Aron use a less stronger Metal Sound on the Marril to wake it up."

Then It was time to hopefully let my partner help.

05-25-2007, 10:47 PM
OOC: Not too likely, Marril jumping in the way so quickly between the attack, but whatever. I realize that, don't hurt me.

Leafgreen Dorms

That was sheer genius. Using Metal Sound to wake up Marril... Although his Pokemon would be weakened now, it was better than having it fainted. How did Kenneth not think of that? His plan was going horribly, and it was going to be hard pull off what he had planned hours before.

But at least he had his Pokemon back up.

"Uh..." Kenneth stuttered. Brick Break would do a lot of Damage to Aron due to its type. Then Water Pulse would soak it down. The attacks were nearing his partner, and Kenneth began to panic.

"Jump and Defense Curl, Marril!" Kenneth managed to choke out of his voice box.

His mouselike Pokemon hopped in front of Aron and jumped into the air, curling up together so hard that he appeared metal for a moment. Charizard's fist rammed into his Marril, sending it flying back toward Kenneth. The blue Pokemon wearily lifted itself up and growled smally at the attacker. Aron was unharmed, but Water Pulse was still speeding toward it.

Now Aron just had to use the commanded Earthquake before the hit could damage it..

Charizard Michelle
05-26-2007, 01:35 AM

Diesels. YOu may want to edit your post again. Techiqually by the series of events I called my attack while your aron was attacking. So rigth after your pokemon hit my charizard then my charizard and poliwag attacks should have hit. Then you would be able to declare your attack. Only makes sense too. I post later.

Diesel 34
05-26-2007, 02:03 AM
His Marril took the blow for me on the brick break.

This guy was a good partner.

If I he could have his pokemon take a hit so could mine.

I could almost hear Aron saying it was okay in my head.

I had to do it.

"Aron stop your attack and run into the Poliwags."

I really could see on what was gonna happen.

Both Kenneth and the girl would probably think I was crazy, but I didn't care.

It was time to act like a real trainer and fight head on.

It was so strong Aron got flung into the wall behind me.

Now it was showtime.

Aron was weak and I was hurt since we were connected with power.

I had to attack quickly.


Aron shot out a water pulse that was aimed at the Charizard.

Charizard Michelle
05-26-2007, 05:27 AM
Outside LeafGreen Dorms

The two seem to be working as a team now and looked as if this battle may last long then Maria wanted it to. She just shrugged and countinue wasting her time with these two lower trainers.

Maria smiled and just looked up at the flaming orb in the sky. She then looked at the Water Pulse attack that was coming at Char and waved. Char was flying in the air now because it felt the Earthquake attack coming and went into the air to avoid it. Now it had a blue orb at it and just took it by raising his claw.

Maria then said, "There is a fact that as long as SUnny Day is on the field that all water attacks are weaken by half. It will take more then just one Water Pulse to knock Char out."

Maria then looked at Poliwag and said, "Mud Shot on the Marill!"

The small tadpole pokemon at once hopped on to Char and shot shot a fury of mud at the Marill from the foot of Char.

Maria then knew that these two people were willing to take hits for each other so she knew that she had to tell Char to use an attack that will hit both of them so both pokemon will take the hit. Maria had the right attack in mind too. She then said to Char. "Use Heat Wave."

Char began to open his month and an orange glow appeared from his month. Then the charizard shot many orange waves of heat at both aron and marill. Both pokemon were goint have to take the hit and Maria knew that aron couldn't dodge this attack now.

05-26-2007, 01:34 PM
Leafgreen Dorms

Kenneth took a step back. His attacks were not working, and he hadn't had a moment to pull out any of his strategies. The heat wave was blasting toward them and there was not much that he could do. He quickly took in all that was happening.

Sunny Day was out, Heat Wave and Mud Slap were coming their way. Marril was going to take two hits instead of one.

Then Kenneth grinned as he thought of his next move. His plan was starting to come together, and his strategy was almost ready to reveal itself.

"Marril! Rain Dance, quickly!" he shouted.

The water Pokemon quickly looked up and concentrated. Clouds began to form rapidly, and rain began to drizzle from the clouds. A few plopped onto Kenneth's burning face, cooling him off a bit.

The rain strengthened viciously and fell upon Mud Slap and Heat Wave. The mud became more and more loose, slowing slightly and breaking apart a little. Heatwave began to sizzle and shrank slightly.

"Now that Heat Wave is weakened, I might still have a chance..." Kenneth thought hopefully.

The Heat Wave attack collided with Marril with the Mud Slap attack. Marril was sent flying backward, and landed face down. However, he righted himself slowly and hobbled back where it stood. Mud covered its eyes, and it was slightly blinded temporarily.

"Dang!" Kenneth whispered.

Now to see how Aron took the attack...

05-26-2007, 10:37 PM
Fire red dorm

Opolious yawned.he then looked at the clock."OH MY GOSH!!!!!I MISSED FIRST AND SECOND PERIOD"he quickly got dressed and ran outsid when he remembered that he had third period off.He then noticeda few clouds in front off the leaf green dorms.Before he got there a lightnig yellow first yesr challenged him."We will have a single battle.I choose you , Machoke!!"
"Hmm,this will be easy, GO ALAKAZAM!!!!NOW USE PSYCIC!!!!"
Machoke fainted instantly."That was easy"He then went over to the leaf green dorm.He saw two people fighting a girl with purple hair."Hey everyone wats happening"

Diesel 34
05-27-2007, 01:56 AM
OOC: No offense, but that was just about one of the worst posts I've ever seen. You really need to change it. You can't just fight someone and kill them quickly then while two people are battling you just walk up and say wats up.

IC: Oh boy.

Lets see. What could I do here.

Aron could not survive this if it hits.

Time to try and disrupt the attacks. Time for another roar.


Now I had to hope this would work.

I looked at Kenneth.

"Kenneth. Guide Marill."

I just hoped he would understand what I meant.

OOC: Mikey you say if the Roar disrupts the attacks or not.

05-27-2007, 04:05 AM
(OOC:the bad timing was on purpose.and I could kill the machoke because alakazam is a higher level.and it is psycic witch is fighting's weakness.also opolious is uually annoying when he wakes up.)"Sooo csn I join this fight?I wanna have a fight.ehh in fact I dont. So I vote for the purple haired girl with the charzard.Am I annoying you?"

Diesel 34
05-27-2007, 04:12 AM
OOC: Thats not the point. If you were a trainer would you just walk up to people in the middle of a battle and say Hey hows it going. If you really wanted to have a battle on a Machoke even though the Alakazam is higher it still is a poor excuse for a battle. Also you really can't join the battle because the posts arn't good. If you didn't read you need to write it least two paragraphs for each posts.

05-27-2007, 04:54 AM
OOC: I can't remember what that new healing water attack is called exactly. I think Aqua Ring, but it could be Aqua Jet or something. Hopefully you guys still understand what I'm saying.

Leafgreen Dorms

Kenneth nodded unsurely. He hoped this was the right move to make. If the attack hits Aron, he would likely faint. If it doesn't he's still severly weakened...

"Aqua Ring, Marril. On Aron."

Marril lept into the air and sent a beam of water in a circle to the ground. He landed, and the aquatic move encircled him, creating a circle of water around it. The rain hit the ring and enlarged it too. The water suddenly hovered around Marril and shot a spray of water toward the center from the front, sides, and back of it, rejuvenating Marril just a little.

"Sorry, that's all I could think of." Kenneth murmured to his partner.

Aqua Ring paired with Rain Dance could heal Marril a bit, but hopefully it was enough to let it sustain another attack. If it does, it gets health the entire battle too.

The strategy Kenneth had worked out was coming together, although not exactly how he intended. Although, in the back of his mind, a little voice kept on saying, "it's not going to work; you're dead meat."

Diesel 34
05-27-2007, 05:01 AM

He still didn't believe in himself.

If he didn't there was no way we could win this battle.

He had the exact same Aura as I do.

Being able to fuse with his marril was possible like I do with my Aron.

He needed to believe in himself and his pokemon.

"Kennteh listen. There is no way we can win if you don't believe in yourself. You have to believe in yourself and your pokemon. If you do I know that we can beat this girl. Trust yourself, your pokemon, and me. When you trusted me when I woke up your Marril you did a good thing. Just believe. Thats all it takes."

Charizard Michelle
05-27-2007, 08:01 AM

Fire red dorm

Opolious yawned.he then looked at the clock."OH MY GOSH!!!!!I MISSED FIRST AND SECOND PERIOD"he quickly got dressed and ran outsid when he remembered that he had third period off.He then noticeda few clouds in front off the leaf green dorms.Before he got there a lightnig yellow first yesr challenged him."We will have a single battle.I choose you , Machoke!!"
"Hmm,this will be easy, GO ALAKAZAM!!!!NOW USE PSYCIC!!!!"
Machoke fainted instantly."That was easy"He then went over to the leaf green dorm.He saw two people fighting a girl with purple hair."Hey everyone wats happening"

I have seen worst post. My own. haha

Ok. A few problems here. First thing first. There is no third period for today because if you read the first few post and the plot it is the day the Rare Hunt starts.

ALso there is something that make your post look much better and it is the use of paragrapths. Paragrapths are made whenever somebody different talks and whenever you are describing an attack or action. Use paragraphts.

Also you are going to need to streach out the battle. Just because you have a strong Alakazam and type advantage doesn't mean you can win in one turn. YOu are not the Elite Four or something of that level. You are a first year FireRed student which means you have flaws. A battle shouldn't be just one sentance. Also you need to describe what happen


My oppenet decided to use machoke against my alakazam. I looked at the typing and knew that this was going to be easy. I at once told my Alakazam, "Go alakazam! Use Psychic now!"

At once my alakazam raised a hand with a spoon in it's grip. Then by focusing it's power, alakazam glowed blue and then made the machoke glow blue. Then the figthing type pokemon was shot back and hit the ground. After that the battle was over leaving me the victor. I then began to make my way towards the LeafGreen dorm where I could tell a battle was happening.

Diesel: Yeah. Roar returns the pokemon. Not the attack. I commanded my charizard to use Heat Wave before you told aron to use Roar which means Heat Wave was preform before Roar was.

Also give direction of who you are directing the attacks too.

EX: I at once looked at aron and said, "Use Roar on _______" That helps because I am not left guessing your straegy.

Sonic: It is Aqua Ring but it only works on the pokemon that uses it. Not Aron. I suggest you change it since yeah. Things don't look too good for aron considering it is getting hit by Heat Wave. Even a Rain Dance weaken Heat Wave may do some good damage against an aron that has taken so much damage already....


Outside LeafGreen Dorms

The Heat Wave attack was shot but at the same time Kennth had told his Marill to use Rain Dance to get rid of SUnny Day. The rain had weaken the fire attack and hit Marill. The waves of orange heat were now going to hit the aron.

Still before the Heat Wave attack hit the Aron, the little steel type pokemon used Roar again to this time scare off Maria's poliwag into its pokeball. Maria looked at the pokeball that Marill returned to and guess she might as well take advantage of the rain. She threw a pokeball and knew it was going to be a risk but it was going to be worth it. Maria's Elekid then took the field. Maria then said, "Time for battle again Elekid!"

Elekid smiled and began to spin his arms fast to charge up eletrcity. The Marill then used Aqua Ring to help gain some health back.

Soon the other person began to talk to Kennth about believing in himself and his pokemon. Maria knew that was true because even in this rain she believed in her pokemon and her ablities. Still that could only get you so far she knew and it was going to take smarts to win battles. That what made her better then these two trainers.

Maria smiled and said, "Use another Heat Wave Char!" She then looked at her Elekid and said, "Thunder again but on marill!"

Char was in the air and from his orange glowing month shot many orange waves of heat at the aron and marill. Elekid began to spin his arms to charge energy then yelled to yet a large eletrical burst into the dark skies of Rain Dance. Then it fell out of the sky and was heading for marill.

05-27-2007, 02:08 PM
Leafgreen Dorms

Kenneth gaped at Jack. The sudden rant caught him off guard. He wasn't expecting someone to stop to talk when his Pokemon were about to get beat around the clock. Something was different about Jack than himself.

Kenneth played the words over in his head.

"Kennteth listen. There is no way we can win if you don't believe in yourself. You have to believe in yourself and your pokemon. If you do I know that we can beat this girl. Trust yourself, your pokemon, and me. When you trusted me when I woke up your Marril you did a good thing. Just believe. Thats all it takes."

It sounded quite dramatic. Like they were in the middle of a movie. But nevertheless; was Jack right?

Rain Dance! Crud. Rain Dance and Thunder would not go well. Marril could not dodge the attack. But there was nothing else to be done.

Where was Jack's "believe in yourself now?"

But still... the attack was inching closer. His Pokemon would be fried if he didn't do something...

What had he read? What had he learned before?

Kenneth calmed his mind and looked through what he had in his mental database. Every egg group. Every ability. And still none of this had come in handy throughout the entire battle. How had that happened? All of that which he had studied so hard...

"Focus," Sonic told himself.

But nothing told him anything to do at this moment. Mud Sport would come in handy, but he didn't have that move on Marril.

"Hang on!" he yelled to his Marril. "Defense Curl!"

His Pokemon nodded and curled into a ball tightly. It wouldn't help a lot, but he still had his Aqua Ring.

The lightning crashed onto Marril, nearly blinding Kenneth. When it cleared, Marril was sprawled onto the floor, unmoving.

Kenneth glanced at Jack apoligetically and zapped Marril to his Pokeball.

"I can still use another Pokemon," he said to the girl battling Jack and himself. "You did. Go, Gible!"

Diesel 34
05-27-2007, 04:59 PM
Dang that heat wave did bad.

Man Kenneth could believe a bit, but then the moment something bad happened he would lose all hope.

Maybe just maybe I had to show him what I meant.

"Aron. Close your eyes and use Mud Slap."

Aron closed his eyes and started to gather up the mud.

I had to direct him at that point.

"Aron . Fire it a bit to the left of you."

Aron trusted me and shot it that exact way and it was heading towards the Elekid.

05-28-2007, 04:55 PM
(ooc:i accually would go up to a person and do that.I was aiming for somone to slip up.I was rushing.I was also not on a computer i was on a cell phone so i wasnt able to type quick or right.I will try better next time.

Charizard Michelle
05-28-2007, 09:42 PM
(ooc:i accually would go up to a person and do that.I was aiming for somone to slip up.I was rushing.I was also not on a computer i was on a cell phone so i wasnt able to type quick or right.I will try better next time.


Next time I suggest to post when you do have the time that way you can form a better post.

IC to come later.

05-29-2007, 04:39 AM
(ooc:like i said i will try better next time.i appreciate the constructive critizism.I like to know where i can improve. I will have more time now to post.Also how long will a paragraph be here.3 sentances or 5.or other if other wat.Also when he said he had third period off i ment because of the rare hunt.)

Outside Leafgreen dorms

The battle seemed to be looking good for the purple haired girl but the other trainers were working preety good as a team.They all were having a preety good battle.It was extreamly entertaining to watch.He wondered what there next moves would be.

He was little hungry but the battle was so good.He had an idea."Go piplup and larvitar!"His pokemon came out of there pokeballs with a flash of white light.They both looked at him questioningly."I want you guys to go get me some cereal.I don't care what kind just get me some."They both nodded and headed off in the direction of the cafateria.He quickly looked back at the battle.

(ooc:there was that post better.)

Charizard Michelle
05-29-2007, 03:27 PM

I am only asking for four lines which should then lead into a good few paragraphts but that may be up to something like 400 words or something to help prepare anybody that is planning to take part in the WAR VI RP *Looks at Sonice and Diesels....)



Outside LeafGreen Dorms
It seemed like that Thunder on Marill was enough to knock out the pokemon. The little blue ball pokemon was returned by it's trainer and was not being replace by a gible. The little big month pokemon just stood there awaiting a command from it's trainer. Maria still knew that ther was the aron she had to take care of before the gible. It seemed as if the little metal pokemon is kind of strong if it could take two Heat Waves attack in a roll.

"Aron . Fire it a bit to the left of you." said the student to his aron

Maria looked at the direction that the Mud Slap attack would hit. The aron was preparing for the attack by gathering mud and then Maria saw that the pokemon was aiming for her elekid. The aron then pounded the mud it had gather and it was aimed for Elekid's eye making it kind of blind.

Maria looked at Char and said, "Pick up Elekid!"

The charizard dove down and grabbed the temportary blinded pokemon. Maria then came up with a plan to finish off the clearly tired aron once and for all. "Char use Heat Wave to finish off the aron." The Charizard postion itself to hit both the aron and gible with it's flame attack. Maria then said, "Then throw elekid right for the aron! Elekid use Brick Break!"

The charizard's mouth began to glow orange and at once shot many orange waves of heat at both of the pokemon. Then the charizard threw the elekid who was spinning it's arms to hit the aron.

05-29-2007, 07:23 PM
OOC: XD! Aron = Gible?


Leafgreen Dorms

Kenneth began to think. "Calm down. Aron can live if you can help him."

"Gible!" he cried, "Sandstorm!"

His land shark Pokemon began to turn around and kick huge amounts of dirt into the air, clouding the area and causing a sheild of dust to form between Kenneth's and the purple-haired girl's side of the field.

"That should do it," he thought to himself, hoping the attack could miss.

At that moment, he caught sight of a boy a bit behind him, standing there and watching like the battle was a movie. Kenneth remained silent and tried to ignore him.

"There's someone watching me," he thought, "don't screw up."

"Gible!" he said quietly, "dig, quickly!"

The Pokemon disappeared under the ground. Kenneth turned to see what had happened to his partner.

05-29-2007, 08:58 PM
Outside Leaf green dorms

Larviter and piplup came back with corn pops."oooh my favorite.Thanks guys.Also GO Alakazam and ralts."He sent out his pokemon."Ok guys you guys go play over there.See ya."His pokemon went over to play.He looked back at the battle.He started to lose attention.

All of a sudden a sandstorm started.He had to cover his eyes with his arm.The sand was really fast and rough.All he saw was tan dust swirling trough the air.It must be really annoying for the battlers he thought.He barley saw the trainers or the pokemon but he was to the side.It was probably impossible for the trainers and pokemon to see each other.

(OOC:umm yea i am running out of things to do when not being in this fight.Could someone finish it quick.At least post.I am getting really bored.)

Diesel 34
05-31-2007, 01:50 AM
Uh oh.

Now what to do.

I had to think here.

What could I do that would be so unexpected that she wouldn't well expect it.

I then remembered something I learned. I wasn't sure if Aron was able to do it or if he could.

Yet I had no choice.

"Aron use Aerial Ace and Metal Sound on Typhlosion and Elekid at the same time."

Now I could only hope.

Charizard Michelle
05-31-2007, 02:01 AM

Yeah. Diesel. I know arons have lots of defense of three Heat Waves kind of means that it would be out. Still ok. This battle has lasted too long.


Maria sighed. It looked as if this battle has lasted too long. She looked at the clock that hung on the LeafGreen dorm. She was wasting her time here with these two unworthly trainers. One of them had made a sandstorm and went underground while the other was trying to keep on battling and won't give up. Still it was time to end this. She had the perfect move to end this battle. An attack that is super effected against a steel type pokemon and does lots of damage to pokemon who are underground. This attack should take care of all of the pokemon.

Maria looked at Elekid and said, "Sorry elekid."

Maria then sighed and said, "When I came to this school I left all of my pokemon at home except my most experience pokemon." Maria looked at Char and said, "I was hoping we won't result to use this attack but this battle is becoming annoying Char. Finish it now." SHe then closed her eyes and said "Use Earthquake!"

Char at once flew into the air and then hit the ground with a hard thunder sound making the ground below shake hard. The ground opened and all the pokemon except for Char could feel the hard shaking. Elekid felt that attack and at once fainted from the power of the attack.

Diesel 34
05-31-2007, 02:12 AM
OOC: Mikey the battle can't be over yet cause I still have one more pokemon to use.

I couldn't see Aron fall to the ground so I did what I could.

"Aron Return."

I knew he wouldn't be returning. It was the end for him.

Now time to use my final pokemon.

Also the only one left to help me.

I could tell even though the atack hadn't hit Kenneths pokemon yet it was over for his. Leaving me on my own. When she still has three more pokemon left.

"Lets kick it Tyranitar."

I flung him out and then he appeared. My pride was ready to fight.

"Now Tyranitar. Use Water Pulse on Typhlosion.

05-31-2007, 02:19 AM
Outside LeafGreen dorms

All of a suuden the ground started shaking. Opolious guessed that somone used earthquake. The pokemon on the feild that used it was the purple haired girl's Charzard.Her other pokemon, an electakid, fainted immediatly. He saw the pokemon. They were about to get hit.

Quickly he turned around and ran to his pokemon.He ran over to them. They were luckily not hit."Come on guys.Come back into your pokeballs."He brought them all back into there pokeballs.He then ran back to the battle to see how the other pkemon were hit.

Charizard Michelle
05-31-2007, 02:31 AM

...Diesel. I have a charizard. NOte her name is Char? Char-izard. CHarizard_mike? Why would I have a Typhlosion?

IC to come later...

05-31-2007, 02:48 AM
(OOC:lol where the heak did typhlosion come from.I am gonna end this myself if it is still going when i get home tomarrow from school.AKA 3:00 -4:00 GMT

Diesel 34
05-31-2007, 03:12 AM
(oops. My bad. I thought I was battlin a Typhlosion. Well I'm sick so it messed up my brain.

05-31-2007, 06:41 PM
Outside Leafgreen dorms

He wondered what was taking these battlers so long.He remembered that Rare Hunt was starting.If these people didn't stop battleing soon they would be late. he was wondering if he should head over to the school for the announcement now.He also was watching the battle.

"Hey people battleing! We are gonna be late to the beggining of rare hunt.Stop battleing or you will be late!"

05-31-2007, 07:02 PM
Leafgreen Dorms

Earthquake? But Gible was underground! He would be slaughtered! But there was no way out.

Tyranitar stood beside him in glory. Kenneth awed at it, dumbstruck. How did this trainer have a huge Tyranitar? All Kenneth had was a Gible. A Gible, and a Marril, both of which were fainted and useless at the moment.

A hole appeared in the ground right in front of Kenneth. From it, a very weak Gible clambored out and lay on the ground, unmoving. Kenneth took out a Pokeball and walked away quickly, leaving Jack and his Tyranitar to face the girl alone.

"... We are gonna be late to the beginning of the Rare Hunt!" Kenneth heard a voice call. He stopped for a moment with realization, and then sprinted off.

"Oh, crud," he thought.

05-31-2007, 07:50 PM
Opolious saw that a kid started going so he ran too.He tried to catch up to him.Opolious was a little bit behind him when he called out "Where are we even go for it!"he eventually caught up."Hi i am opolious what is your name?"

Diesel 34
05-31-2007, 10:24 PM
Uh oh.

The Rare hunt was gonna start soon.

"Tyranitar return."

I looked over at the girl.

"We will finish this battle later."

I then started sprinting off to the rare hunt.

Charizard Michelle
06-01-2007, 02:04 AM
OUtside LeafGreen Dorms

Maria heard some person telling them to end the battle because the Rare Hunt was about to begin. The other trainer with the Tyranatar returned his. She looked at her charizard who had used Fly to avoid the attack.

Maria nodded and knew that the battle needed to end. She was getting bored anyways since she had already planned out her way to defeat that Tyranatar by use of poison and hard figthing attacks. Still she nodded and said to Char, "Nice battling."

She then looked at the person who she was battling and said, "Good. I was going to end it myself. You were boring me."

She then walked away and began to make her way to the healing center on LeafGreen Dorms.

Diesel 34
06-01-2007, 02:18 AM
Boring Me.

Jeez this girl mmaybe good, but she needs to get friends.

I doubt her pokemon even like her.

How could she be so mean.

Did she have a heart.

I couldn't go to the Leaf Green healing centers because it was far.

I went to the Lightning one and the person happily took them.

She gave my pokemon back and I started running for the rare hunt.

Charizard Michelle
06-01-2007, 02:51 AM
LeafGreen Dorms

Maria was in the healing center located on the first floor of the LeafGreen Dorms. She was waiting for her pokemon to be returned from the nurse. Maria could hear the other students talking about her and the battle that she was with against the other unworthly students. One of the students pointed out that she could have been defeated. Another agreed.

Maria didn't care what they said because they didn't even battle. Maria knew she could have defeated those students and even the ones that were talking about her except for the upperclassmen. SHe knew that they were in another league then herself.

Soon the nurse arrive with her pokemon and Maria walked to her room to gather her materials for the Rare Hunt with the door locked. She at the same time she release her pokemon. She gave each one of them a smile and at once her smaller pokemon like elekid and poliwag jumped on her. Poliwag gave a wet kiss while elekid gave her a hug. She smiled from the tickling hug and kiss. She looked at her charizard and beedrill who gave her a thumbs up.

Maria looked at her pokemon and said, "You guys did great today in that battle. Too bad you didn't battle Beedrill. You would have done great if you did." She then looked at her clock and said, "Now let get to that opening ceromony for the Rare Hunt. See you guys later." She then returned her pokemon and began to make her way out of the dorm.

Diesel 34
06-01-2007, 03:06 AM
All right.

I hade made it in time for the rare hunt.

Nothing had been done.

I thought back to my battle with that girl.

I was strong. Yet there was no way that she could truly always win.

She'll get so cocky at one point that she will lose due to it one day.

I knew that I could have beaten her.

If only I still had him.

06-01-2007, 03:14 PM
In Front of the School

Kenneth found himself jostled around in the humongous crowd. Every student in the school was standing there and waiting for the hunt to begin. The sun mercilessly drew sweat from every person's skin, but Kenneth ignored it as best as he could, focusing on the stand that had been put up at the top of the stairs. He watched intently, waiting for it to begin.

Kenneth was already thinking about what he would catch. It had to be something shiny- only one in every about 300 Pokemon were. That had to be rare. It wouldn't be easy, but it would suffice. At that, preferably something that's a rare species, like a Dragonair or something. But did Dragonair live at the Battle Academy?

What about if he caught a Legendary Pokemon... A one-of-a-kind, superior Pokemon with the skill of unmatched potential... He could be famous. His name would be carved in every brick of the school, and he would be the first person at this school to ever catch a Legendary Pokemon. Every kid would chant his name. He would live in glory...

"Pay attention, Kenneth," he scolded himself, turning his attention back to the speech.

06-01-2007, 08:26 PM
Opolious ran up to the rare hunt announcement.It seemed that e was a little late but he still got there. He looked around at the masses of people. He was wondering how he should do it.How should catch that rare pokemon."Maybe i could use bait and lead them into a trap. Then i could weaken and catch them before they could run.But what could be used for some of the bigger pokemon?"He thought to himself."I will win though.Maybe i could go into the...no i couldn't" He thought aloud.

He started trying to make his way to the front of the crowd.He saw that the headmaster and a few teachers were up there.It looked like they were waiting to begin.The students were getting really loud.He saw a few friends thinking of ways that they could win.The idiots. He finnaly got up to the front of the crowd with a lot of pushing and squezzing.He saw that the headmaster was goiung to begin in a little so everyone would start being quiet now.

Charizard Michelle
06-02-2007, 01:43 AM

haha. I wonder who the princpal reminds you of? haha


In Front of the School

Maria calmly walked to the school. She wasn't going to rush herself to hear the princepal talk about how this event would turn out to be and his preaching.She had more important things to do to worry about. Maria already had a plan to stand a good chance in the competition against the other first year students. Maria knew that she couldn't win the Rare Hunt but she could at least try to catch something rare for herself.

Maria now walked in the crowd and looked up. She had just arrive in time because Princpal Shepperd. He was a board shoulder man who wore a red coat over a red suit. He wore a bright smile on his bald shiny head. He spoke into the mircophone to speak.

"Welcome all!" smiled Shepperd. "I can see we have a good crowd of brave trainers and students who wish to make themselves a name by particpating in this semester's speacil event, the Rare Hunt! During this event the challenge I bring to all students is to capture the rarest pokemon on the grounds. We are famous for having such a large campus grounds where we can house many different types of pokemon. As you have seen there is the chance to capture many pokemon like onixes, Gyarados, Lavitars, COmbustens and even a few gachomps. There are even rumored pokemon on these grounds like Dragonairs. Maybe you be lucky to catch a Legendary." At once the princpal laughed as he said the Legendary part jokily.

Some of the other students laughed along with Shepperd's joke but Maria didn't. She thought his creul attempt at making a joke horrible.

Shepperd countinued and said, "Still there are many rules that must be followed. Classes will be cancel for the next few days during the competition but the school will be opened to anybody who wish to do research on anything they want. Also as you are aware you can only look for pokemon in areas that you are allow to be in. First and Second years are only able to search for pokemon in the beginner terrains while all terraines are open to third and fourth years. Now let wait a few moments before I begin the event!" He then stepped down from the microphone and smiled.

06-02-2007, 02:11 AM
Outside school

The principal had made the announcement and the rules.He said they would start in a moment.
"what was taking him so long.Just start it."Opolious thought."Maybe i should just start myself and get a head start."He started heading to the back of the crowd."I will just head to the back. He will be done soon anyway."As he made his way to the back he saw the girl with purple hair that was battleing before.

"Hello, I am Opolious. What is your name?I saw your battle earlier.You were going to win if we didn't come here."He held out his hand.

Diesel 34
06-02-2007, 02:34 AM
Boring Man this dude was. I had to think. If I had a shot at catching a Pokemon which one would I want to get. It would probably a Lapras or a Chimchar. Who knows though? I decided to look around at the crowd to see the competition. I didn’t plan on winning, but wanted to do well. After all the first five places got prizes. Yet the second through fifth prize were not nearly as cool as the first place. I couldn’t say what it was because it was different each year. I then saw something. That guy who was watching our battle was talking to the girl in the purple hair. This kid was dead. If he was asking her if she wanted to be friends he would be dead. This girl won’t even be nice to me and I’m in the same dorm as her. He was a fire red. She thought he shouldn’t even be let near this academy.

Then the principal started to talk again about random stuff. I truly had to think while he was babbling about nothing. When he said maybe even a legendary was he acting serious. Was there really a legendary Pokemon in the woods? He was telling us though that first and second years were allowed only in certain terrains. I knew if I wanted to have a shot of coming in the top five I would have to sneak into the other terrains to get cool pokemon. The good part was though that all water was in the terrains we were allowed in. Except for one lake that held good pokemon.

OOC: Are there actually gonna be legendaries Mikey. Also my posts are steppin up a notch.

06-02-2007, 05:23 AM
In Front of Battle Academy.

A gap in the crowd appeared where Kenneth stood only a moment ago. Some kids turned their heads to see what happened, but they could only glance a rustling in the pile of students behind them. Kenneth was already away, back to the Lightning Yellow dormitories to do a bit of research and investigation. As soon as he made his way out through the bustling, anxious crowd, he began a full-speed sprint back to his dorm. The trees and grass raced by him as he dashed back, away from the front entrance to the school.

The path split into two ways. One went left, and the other went right. Kenneth took a moment to think and sighed. "Argh!" he berated himself, "which way are you supposed to go?!" He stopped for a moment and looked both ways before heading off to the right, down the path and across a long stretch of the dirt path.

Kenneth turned around and took a survey of his surroundings. This wasn't the way he had come. In the distance was a large, grassy area, and on the horizon he could see a speck of blue. He had found himself in the wrong direction.

Kenneth was just about to turn around when he was stopped suddenly. A figure appeared before him, racing across the great blue sky. He could catch a glimpse of it, but barely. It was a streak of light red, speeding through the air like a jet plane. The boy stood in awe, taking in the sight for a few seconds.

A moment later, he began to race the other way, heading back toward his Lightning Yellow dorm, but with intensifed speed and determination. "What was that?"

Charizard Michelle
06-03-2007, 01:42 AM

There will be legendaries in the RP but there is going to be a certain way to summond them. They won't be flying around like you saw in Sonic's post.

Ok. Starting with this post there is going to be a posting minumum. This is because some people here are going to particpate in the WAR VI RP and from what I was told by RP Judge Scotts there is going to be a posting minumum.

Not to worry. I won't make the posting minumum the same as what I been told which may be for the WAR VI RP since there are some people who may/won't be in the RP so to be nice I will make the minumum:

250 words

Ok, to tell how many words you have in your post you can copy and paste what you typed here then open up a MS Word Document. Go to Tools then there will be something called Word Count in that tab.

Also to help place how many words your post is on the bottom of each post so I know how many words it is. Also I may up the word count a little in the next week or so. Depends.

Back to the RP!


In Front of the School

Maria was now waiting for the princpal to annouce the start of the Rare Hunt. She was thinking about what will be the best thing to do until she actually starts searching for the pokemon that she wanted. Maria then was disturbed by another person. She looked over to see that a FireRed student that was watching her battle with the two underclassed trainers.

"Hello, I am Opolious. What is your name?I saw your battle earlier.You were going to win if we didn't come here." said the FireRed student named Opolious. He held his hand out for Maria to shake it.

Maria scolded at the young student and then slapped his hand away. She then closed her eyes and said, "Only a silly trainer would think that. Anybody with enough sense knows that a battle can both either way in any time."

Maria did had it planned out where she could win if her plan had been done but she knew that there were many unknown variables to fully determine the outcome of the battle.

Maria then looked at Opolious and said, "If you are done wasting my time then do you mind if I ignore you and listen to Princpal Sheppard. "By the way if you were even worth being here then you would know my name is Maria."

Soon Princpal Sheppard walked to the microphone and said, "Now with out farther ado I would like to say that this semester's event, The Rare Hunt, has begun!"

At once a Grovyle shot many Bullet Seeds into the air to annouce the start of the Rare Hunt.

Maria then turned around letting her hair swish and began to walk away from Opolious.

Words: 282

06-03-2007, 02:53 AM
Outside School

“Ouch” Opolious said. The girl slapped his hand. She then told him that the battle could have gone either way. “No way, she would have won” He thought. She then told him that her name was Maria. She then started to ignore him. Then principal Sheppard made his announcement that rare hunt had started. She then walked away.

He started to think now about what kind of pokemon he was going to catch. He was thinking about what Principal Shepard had said about legendaries. Maybe he could find one. They would probably be deep in the areas. Or they might need to be summoned in a certain way. He wondered how. He then thought about how he could win. “The upperclassmen can go to more places and are trained more. The places wouldn’t be a problem though” he thought.

He then thought about himself winning whatever award it was. He then thought about him with the legendary pokemon, Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdoes. They were the legendaries from his region. He wondered if they came here. And of course the legend of mew. No one has ever seen him. Maybe he hides out here.

He finally snapped back to reality. He then ran over and caught up with Maria again. “Sheesh I was just trying to be nice and introduce myself. Also I saw the tyranitar was pretty new at being one. It probably just evolved. You obviously had a plan to beat it. So why were you being mean to me.” He then braced himself for yelling or slapping or whatever.

(OOC:Dang that was hard.What ever you do do not up the word count.It took me like an hour for this one post.)

260 characters about.I know it is above.

06-03-2007, 07:43 AM
At The Announcement
Azari listened as the principal announced that the rare hunt would begin. As everyone walked off, Rai, her Raichu pointed at where it wanted her to go. "Ok, Rai!" Azari said as she walked in the direction. '' I hope we don't find somthing too rare, like a Metagross!" She laughed. Then, she saw two people go in the same direction as her.

"I better not," Azari said to Rai."If we go in the same direction, we could end up with the same pokemon." "Rai,Raichu." Raichu agreed. Azari decided to go the oppisite way to them. "Well, Rai," she laughed,"Maybe We'll win!''.

After a while of searching, Azari looked back at Rai."Find Anything?" She asked him. "Rai." Raichu said sadly. Azari understood."Don't worry, i did'nt find anything ether." She said sadly. As she walked out, she saw two people walk past.

"That girl looks mean," Azari said.'' That boy looks nice. Their the Complete oppisite of each other. I wonder what ranks their in?" Rai nodded it's head in agreement. It was scared, and she felt it down her neck. "Don't worry, Rai," Azari said."We'll be just fine." "Rai...Rai,Raichu." Rai said. Azari understood perfectly. "Ok Rai, if you insist! Lets get out of here!''

"Rai, Hurry up!" Azari Called to Rai. "Rai,Raichu!" Raichu said as it ran twards her. As they walked twords the other two kids, Azari felt a stroke of fear going down her spine. "Ummm...Hi..,I'm Azari, but you can call me Aza. And this is Rai.Who are you?" Azari asked, running twords them. She heard the girl say her name was Maria earlier, but was that her? She thought.

272 words.

Diesel 34
06-04-2007, 01:59 AM
OOC: Are you even in this RP?

IC: The rare hunt had started. People quickly cleared out either running to the library or out to find a pokemon.

I had thought about what the Principal had said about the legendaries.

If there were legendaries here which one would I want to catch.

Who was my favorite?

I thought back to when I was younger.

I always loved hearing the story about Dialga.

A pokemon that there was no trace of it even existing.

I decided to go to the Library to do some research on where rare pokemon around here were.

When I got inside I started to head off towards the LeafGreen dorms.

I tried to think on what types of Pokemon I had seen here before.

I remembered once seeing a Larvitar, but I had no need to catch it since I had Tyranitar already.

Even though the idea was to get a rare pokemon I wanted to catch a rare one which I didn’t already have so I could actually use instead of just releasing it after the competition.

When I was coming to the part of the hallway that intersects I saw Kenneth coming down it.

Why was he over here though when Lightning Yellow dorms where on the exact other side of our dorms.

He was probably lost.

Wasn’t hard to get lost if you didn’t know your way around here though.

I remember getting lost my first few times too.

I then thought it would be a good idea if I invited Kenneth to come to the Leaf Green dorms library with me if he wanted.

After all Leaf Green had the best library of all the dorms since the kids in there were the highest in the school.

“Hey Kenneth. Wanna come use the Leaf Green library with me.

He could come as long as someone was with him also I figured I could learn more about him in the process.

Maybe even become friends.

Words: 324

Charizard Michelle
06-04-2007, 06:08 AM

No idea what I do if you are under post count. Maybe a warning the first time then if you do it again I will ignore that post that is under count and then move on like nothing happen until you post a post that is up to count.

Kittys is in the RP. Approve her last night. Heck. She is pretty good if you ask me. (Wish she had became part of Trainer....)

Also the Libary is in the school.....


En Route to Beginner Forest Terrain

Maria thought that it would be a good idea to just hang around the Beginner Forest Terrain to just pass the time as she waited for night fall. Maria thought that maybe she can catch herself a new pokemon worth to join her others. Soon she heard somebody's else voice and reconize it as Opolious's. He had said, “Ouch No way, she would have won” He then paused to what Maria guess to lick his wounds. Maria then heard him talk to her again, "Sheesh I was just trying to be nice and introduce myself. Also I saw the tyranitar was pretty new at being one. It probably just evolved. You obviously had a plan to beat it. So why were you being mean to me.”

Maria took the time to gather her thoughts. She knew that this student must be new because any kind of trainer would know never to underestimate their opponet. That is one of the must basic rules to learn as a trainer to Maria. Even the best plans can be countered if enough work was made to counter it.

"It doesn't matter if the tyrantar was newly evolve because it is still a dangerous Pokemon. If used correctly then it could have won the battle. Even with a plan as good as mines there was still a chance for a lost." Maria then turned around and looked at Opolious, "And as for you second question. I am not being mean to you. I am only expressing my annoyance of you because you are proving to be just like most people on at this school that you don't the skills needed to attend this school and clearly since you are in FireRed. If you knew anything about battling then you wouldn't be so impress or assume that I would have won."

Then it turned out that there was another person that had came to bother her this time. The girl looked like she was from LigthningYellow and older then Maria so she could only guess she was a second or third year student. The girl was running towards Maria and Opolious yelling, "Ummm...Hi..,I'm Azari, but you can call me Aza. And this is Rai.Who are you?"

Maria sighed and said in a gentle voice, "My name is Maria." Maria was trying to hide her annoyance because she had no idea how this Aza would annoy her except for acting a little under her age. "May I ask why you are disturbing me this moment Aza?"

Words: 419

06-04-2007, 01:30 PM
Heading to Lightning Yellow dorms

Kenneth turned around to see a kid standing there with a grin on his face. A sudden wave of annoyance crashed onto him, but he pushed it aside.

What was this guy doing?! Kenneth was practically nonexistant in this school. Yet, this kid is inviting him into the Leaf Green dorms. Was that allowed? Or even legal? Wouldn't Kenneth get caught or in trouble? How could he be sure that he wouldn't get in trouble or in any sort of pain? Leaf Green was bigger than Lightning Yellow. Leaf Green was more painful that Lightning Yellow.

"Eh... Uh... Me?" he stuttered, pointing to himself. "I don't know... is that allowed?"

He scanned his memory through the rules of Battle Academy, thinking. "Chapter.. some number," he thought, "a student may go into a dorm not his own if he is accompanied by a student of the same gender and it is during school hours." Kenneth sighed slightly.

If he went with him, he would have access to vast expanses of knowledge. He could easily find any information that he needed to find in capturing a rare Pokemon for the Rare Hunt. He could even find out what that red blur was. However, he may be ridiculed by the students in Leaf Green and get beaten again, in front of a larger crowd. And, what if this kid starts getting inside his head...? Was he just trying to mess with Kenneth or make him weak for some different plot to win the Rare Hunt? On the other hand, he could avoid all that by simply heading back to Lightning Yellow. But all this opportunity would be passed up and forgotten if he did. Kenneth doubted that he would get a chance to go to Leaf Green and experience what it was like inside.

Kenneth stood there, looking down at the ground and waiting. However, he saw that the kid was beginning to grow impatient, or at least, he thought he was.

"Y-yes, sure, I guess," he replied absentmindedly. He then realized what he said and almost slapped himself. But it was too late now; he was heading to Leaf Green.


06-04-2007, 09:09 PM
Outside school

Opolious wasn’t yelled at or hit by the girl this time as he expected. She then answered his questions. He understood the first answer easy. Then she said “I am not being mean to you. I am only expressing my annoyance of you because you are proving to be just like most people on at this school that you don't the skills needed to attend this school and clearly since you are in FireRed. If you knew anything about battling then you wouldn't be so impressed or assume that I would have won."

He then said “Well I don’t want to argue with you but, I do have the skills to be in this school. Why do you think I am? Set me up with someone and I will show you.” He then turned to the other girl that had showed up. Her name was Aza. “Hello Aza” he said. He then walked off to the school library. He wanted to research the legendaries and some rare pokemon's terrain.

As he walked into the libary he was surprised not too see to many people. He would think that a lot of people would want to study up on the rare pokemon. The first pokemon he looked up was Moltres. The computer had told him that it was extreamly rare and probably didn’t exist. “Of course the same old stuff as usual but then he read that the few sitings there have , if they were true storys, say that it hangs out on the tops of volcanos. He then thought. “I think there is a volcano here but it is in the advanced rough terrain.

He then looked up Articuno. It said , of course, that it was only a legend. The sitings,if they were true, said that it could be found in ice cold caves or mountains. He then thought “Maybe there was a cold cave in the beginners rough terrain. And probably a mountain in the advanced rough.”

He then looked up Zapdoes. It said the same junk as before. Its possible sitings were near sorces of tons of electricity. “It might be found at the schools power generator” he thought. He then got off the computer and left the library. He then headed off to the beginner rough terrain to look for a cave.

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06-05-2007, 05:28 AM
OOC: Lol, lucky you! by the way, Charzard mike, i'm not allowed monday-thursday anymore. Also, can Eevees be found At a begginners terrain?
At the begginners rough terrain
Aza headed off to the begginners rough terrain, thinking she could catch a rare pokemon. "Well, what do you think Rai?" Aza asked Rai. "Rai, Rai Rai." Rai replied. It had said that she would head north if she wanted a rare one. So that's exactly what she did. I hope you're right about this... Aza thought.

As she walked north, a brown pokemon with bunny ears came out. An Eevee. "An eevee? how cute!," Aza thought dreamily. " I MUST capture it!" As she was in thought, One of her eggs started to hatch. The Azurill Egg. Pretty soon the cute pokemon was fully hatched. "Great! Azurill, I'll use YOU! Go!" Aza shouted. The Battle was ON!

Aza was quite shocked at Azurill's attacks. It even knew Bubble Beam! Eevee used tackle. Azurill dodged. Eevee used iron tail. Azurill took damage. Azurill used bubble beam. Eevee took damage. Eevee used tail wag. Eevee's defense rose. Azurill used tail wag. Azurill's defense also rose. Eevee used tackle. Azurill took Damage.Aza threw a pokeball. One...Two...Three! Eevee was caught! Aza's Heart was filled with happiness. Azurill Hatched, Aza caught an Eevee....How Lucky is that?

Aza sent out Azurill. "Well, Lets see....I'll call you....Zurill! And Eevee....," Aza sent out Eevee."...I'll call you Eve!" Aza said happily. The pokemon loved their names. "Come on out, Rai!" Aza called, throwing a ball the size of an orange. Rai came out in a flash. "Rai, Meet Zurill and Eve! Zurill hatched from one of the eggs i had, and Eve i caught!" Aza told Rai. "Zurill and Eve, Meet Rai!" Aza told Eve and Zurill. The Pokemon greeted each other happily.

As Aza walked out, she saw the Boy she meet walk out the libary. "Hi!" Aza shouted to him, Catching up to him. "I just caught an Eevee!" She told him happily.

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Charizard Michelle
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Yeah. Eevee's can be found in beginner's forest terrain. They are basic enough. Wild jungle eevees. haha

IC to come later

Words: 19

Warning to Charizard_mike: Longer post!

Diesel 34
06-07-2007, 10:38 PM
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IC: Okay. I walked in to the libray and started looking at the maps.

I needed a water and a ground type pokemon.

Mostly cause I knew I was gonna have to face that girl again.

This time I had to be ready though.

I could beat this girl.

I started gathering books and looking to see what pokemon I could catch.

I had to have a good one.

The pokemon around the school were good, but everyone knew the best were located in the advanced terrains.

I looked over at the advanced terrain maps.

I needed a good pokemon.

If I got a good pokemon in that terrain I could do well.

Besides. If I didn’t get caught I couldn’t get punished.

I grabbed the advanced terrain maps.

I spread them across my table.

Then I saw something amazing.

On the map for some reason a spot was circled.

The circle was around a cave.

What could be in a cave that is so important that someone would circle that exact spot.

I grabbed even more books on pokemon that are in caves.

I studied for what seemed like 2 hours.

I saw nothing important.

I accidentally knocked the book off the table.

I went to go pick it up when I saw something lying under the bookshelf.

I stuck my arm under it.

I was stretching and stretching.

I couldn’t reach it.

Then I touched it and knocked it closer.

I grabbed it out and looked at the title.

Legends and Their Where Abouts.


I flipped over to the index and searched for Caves.

Words: 277

Charizard Michelle
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Don't expect to find a place to catch Legendaries so easy. Remember could have been others that have tried to look for Legendaries on the island and so far they have all failed. Don't think Wiki can help you to find one here. haha


Beginner Forest Terrain

Maria sighed as the Opolious character began to rant about something. Maria was bary hearing what he was saying but she did pick up most of what he was saying. Opolious said, “Well I don’t want to argue with you but, I do have the skills to be in this school. Why do you think I am? Set me up with someone and I will show you.”

But before Maria was even able to take up the challenge to choose the person she wanted him to fight with Opolious began to walk away. She sighed knowing that he was a waste of time anyways since like most of the unintellengent members that made up the FireRed dorm Opolious lacked the attention to even talk to somebody for more then five minutes.

Maria then notice that the other girl, Aza, had already left and was going to catch a pokemon. Maria just shurgged her off and was glad to have both underclassed trainers away from her. She was finding them annoying.

Maria walked around the jungle like green area. Since the Beginner Forest Terrain was close to a beach it had taken the look of a jungle while the Advance Forest Terrain looked a forest. A misname on the areas in Maria's mind but she guess it doesn't really matter since this area was mostly filled with weak pokemon.

Maria then looked around and saw that Professor Dori was aimlessly wondering around and by the looks of it confuse. The professor wasn't one of Maria's favorite teachers but she did find it patatic that a respected professor like herself was lost in the place she has apperently taught at for over ten years. At once Maria began to make her way towards her.

Words: 292

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06-18-2007, 10:52 PM

In Front of School

Marcus arrived at the Pokemon Battle Academy by boat. He rushed off of the boat carrying his bag holding his pokeballs and held his Servipers baseball cap down as the wind attempted to knock it off. Marcus found himself in what looked like complete pandemonium. He arrived as the Rare Hunt event was taking place. Marcus sighed and took a step off the boat. A small FireRed student bumped into Marcus just as he was about to take a look around.

The little FireRed student apologized to Marcus and attempted to tell him what was going on around the campus. "Hi my name is John. I am a first year student here at the Pokemon Battle Academy and everyone is running around to take part in the Rare Hunt," the little student said. "The Rare Hunt, what is that?" Marcus said. John looked at Marcus with a suprised face. "You do not know what the Rare Hunt is?" John asked. "Well I heard a rumor that the school was holding an event where you could catch rare pokemon. Is that what this Rare Hunt is?" Marcus asked. "Yes that is it exactly. I need to find myself a rare pokemon. Good luck and try to find a really rare pokemon" John said as he ran off in the distance toward the Beginner Forest Terrain. Marcus hates when people wish him good luck. He feels that is insincere and just something to end a conversation with.

As Marcus wondered around aimlessly without any idea of where he was going he remembered there was a map he saw just a few walks away. Marcus walked toward the map and looked at the campus from a bird's eye view. He decided he would head over to the Beginner Forest Terrain, the same place John ran to. Marcus hoped that he would see some rare pokemon or his pokemon team would suffer from the lack of needed diversity.

Word Count: 324

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