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05-05-2007, 05:29 PM
The Plan. The Pokemon. Must be stopped.

One little kid, has to stop one huge group. One dasterdly event, has intertwined with his destiny. If he doesn't save the world, there will be no world to save. Team Rocket, led by giovanni are trying to gain the control of both Deoxys and Jirachi, to open an ancient prophecy to awaken every legendary pokemon out there. With those Pokemon, anyone can control the entire planet. Sunny, the main character, must defeat Rocket before they can do this. With the help of friends, Sunny can save Earth from the wrath of Team Rocket.

The Characters:

Sullivan Rock

Age: 11

Personality and Backround: Sunny loves to play around with his Pokemon. They love him close, like his father Bruno. Bruno personally had left Sunny, with his grandparents in Vermillion so he could start a pokemon journey. Sad that both his parents were either gone, or dead, Sunny captured a Pidgey a pokemon as a friend. It was a Pidgey, and he adored it forever. Now 11, he is getting ready for an amazing trek to the Elite 4, to get his father's help.

Sprite: Coming soon

Pidga, the Female Pidgeot
Duggo, the Male Diglett
Tyran, the Tyrouge.

Bruno Rock

Age: 35

Personality and Backround: Bruno was born in the Deep Canyon of Sevault 35 years ago. He grew up there for 6 years before moving to Vermillion. There he met his best friend Selena, a little hgirl who would grow up to be his wife, and life partner. At 21, Bruno and Selena elloped and were wed in the ruins of Tanoby, where they thought there marraige would be as secretive as the legendary Unown that inhabitit the ruins. At 22, Bruno had his first son Dret, then AT 23 his first daughter Azel, and finaly Sunny at 24. But when Sunnny was born, Selena was very ill, and died in labor. Sad, Bruno left town and became the Elite 4 champion for having the tough will power to do as he pleased. He still is emotionally upset for losing Selena, but keeps his tough and hardy feel to this day.

Bruno finds himself very humouruos and funny, though he isn't. He is smart, and strong, yet acts retarted most of the time. When angered, he show absolute no mercy in battle, and when saddened is held back and confused, and often loses. Bruno's emotions effect his life phsycally and mentally.



Stella, a Female Steelix
Hitmon, a Male Hitmolee
Mamak, a Female Machoke

More Characters with more editions. Bruno, Agatha, and Misty coming soon.

Issue #1 (Rocket's Meeting) (http://i14.tinypic.com/6h6cv0o.png)
Issue #2 Grounded! (http://i18.tinypic.com/4kwfaq9.png)

05-06-2007, 01:57 AM
The introduction paragraph has an abundance of commas in the wrong places, and the story line is very generic...

I'll have to see the next few comics to leave an accurate comment on it.

05-06-2007, 02:53 AM
I was in a bouncing car going down the highway. I'll try to make a better one, next time. Thank you.

05-06-2007, 05:45 PM
Ok. I will now be accepting Guest Star Aplicacations!

05-06-2007, 05:53 PM
I guess I'll be guest-star.
Hmm...I might not appear in the comic until later, but I want to be a spy working for the good guys. I want to be in Team Rocket unifrom and all, but as a spy for good.
Oh, and my name will be Ariax.

I didn't see a form... >.<

05-06-2007, 06:18 PM
Ok. You don't need a sign-up. Just a description. I will make it so your close firiends with Agatha, who comes in the next article.