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03-10-2004, 10:36 PM
((It would help if you are familiar with what happened in the prequel to Season 1, which is this Season that I'm writing about but it's not absolutely necessary.

This Fic assumes that I won the battle North of Pallet Town against the then (not now since he's leader now) General of TMA, Varagas (played by SavageD) and happens after.))

The invading army retreated and I raised my sword in Victory. The forest Norht of Pallet looked like a Hurricane blew threw it except that bodies of TMA soldiers littered the floor. My Ninja Army suffered about 20 casualties out of 1,000 because of their skill in Steath Kills.

I was happy that it finally ended. It lasted for 2 more days and I had to send in reinforcements to the 500 originally sent out.

We headed back to celebrate and I threw a big feast.

The tables were littered with so much food that I could have sworn that it was for a small country instead of a Castle of 20,000.

I decided to make an announcement.

"My friends, we have beaten the invader sbut The Alliance of Magnificence will not rest untill it finally beats us. Tomorrow we must start preparations for the war against the kingdom of Alidar. It will not be as easy as this." I said, trying to be cheerfull still.

"HERE, HERE!" all the people yelled and raised their glasses.

((A Note: Since I am not allowed to write about what Syrus's character (A.K.A. Bunnying) would have done, I will skip to after he gives up and after Kenny came in and restored the Queen (who was presumed dead) to her throne. In my version she would order that Vampyr (or any of his children) has no rights to the throne anymore. That would explain why Alidar doesn't exist in Season 1. I'll skip to when I'm already back for another celebration. Harry and the rest of Team Trainer (presumably already started by Harry) are there but I'm not allowed to Bunny them either.))

The feast that I threw after the battle was even bigger that the one after we defeated Vargus. Food of all types was on the tables and everybody ate and cheered. I was not as happy as everybody for I had a question for Dana that I wanted to ask since we were young.

She was sitting at one of the Army Tables chatting and Laughing hysterically to a Joke on of the Ninjas told her. I walked over.

"Dana, *breathing gets hard* I don't know how you will react to this but I have been wanting to say this since we were young." I said, having a hard time breathing.

"What is it? Is is bad?" she asked, worried.

"Actually, it's good. I love you, Dana. Marry me, be mine to have and to hold forever. I promise to be good to you always." I said, near the posint of colapsing.

"Bron. You don't have to prove yourself. I've waited for this for a long time and I say yes." she said, as happy as I am.

*falls over* "You will? Thank you. :dance: Somebody, call a Painter. I want to preserve each of us as we are right now." I said, overjoyed.

((I think Ninja Emperor would let me put him in here since I know him in Real Life.))

Ioshi came over and I decided to ask the Painer to paint the two of us shaking hands. Thomas Oak and Rachel Ketchum were there too and asked to be paineted as well.

~5 hours later~

The Painter was so good that if we put the paintings next to us, you couldn't tell the difference.

Ms. Ketchum decided to keep her painting but I put the others away for future generations to admire.

We partied all night and the next day was the Wedding.

((I'm not gonna put how the Wedding is done because I would like the reader to imagine it by him/herself due to the different wedding customs of different Religions. This Fic also explains how my Season 1 character came into being about 700 years later. Thank you for reading and now my Agenda for War Season 2 is complete.))