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Welcome viewers! I am glad to announce Journey of Wonders! This fic has been in the process in making department for three months! Finally its here for everyone to see and I couldn't be happier about it. This is the new generation fic of the two fics- Quest of a Champion and Orange Islands Adventures. This generation will leave you on the edge of your seats! I love to see any comments, reviews, or suggestions about my fic.

Now take a dive to a new league of wonders as you experience the journey of the young Joshua Dunbar!

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Chapter One
My Own Legacy

I took off my headphones and stuffed the small portable radio inside my bag. I looked in the distance and saw the clouds bunch up as if a huge explosion just occurred in the early sky. The clouds seemed to be getting darker and the sun started to disappear, signaling to me that it would be raining soon.

I took a drink of my black cherry Kool-Aid, the juice my dad calls the ‘brain power drink’. I looked to my left and saw my Charmander, laying on its stomach and sprawled out in a deep sleep. My dad had given Charmander to me when I was ten, that was three years ago. He thought I would be going on my journey but I didn’t because I had friends, had a life, away from his. I never wanted a Charmander, of course I’m happy I have my buddy now but at the time I was mad because I had always wanted a Totodile or a Mudkip, water ruled all in my opinion.

You probably heard of my dad, Nick Dunbar? Won the Orange Island Trophy and got into the island’s Hall of Fame. Then he went on to win the Silver Conference in Johto, which is West Johto now. That was all when he was just my age, he still went on to win many more. He failed a lot but still he kept achieving. Now he thinks I will follow in his footsteps. Wrong.

I’m going to create my own footsteps, create my own legacy. My name might be Joshua Dunbar, but I’m anything like the Dunbar everyone else knows. I was out to prove to everyone that I could be better then my dad and all on my own.

So here I was, sitting on the side of a red boat that rocked with a heavy motion along with the hard waves. I was on my way to a recently new league of opportunities, the Kenip Region. I didn’t know anything about it but I was on my way to see Professor Shulze, a pokemon researcher that could tell me about the islands in the Kenip region.

I’m very cold though, now thinking maybe I’m not up to the task. Then again, I just think to myself that my body is telling me that, not my head. The captain and only other person on the boat interrupted my thoughts, “We a most e’there lad.”

I just opened my mouth like I was going to say something but just nodded my head instead. I never could understand him, all I knew is that he was headed to Fire Field Island and that’s where I was headed.

The boat rocked with intensity, making me have to grab on to something so I didn’t slide off my seat. The motion of the sea made me feel like I was back at home, riding a roller coaster at the local theme park. The waves were becoming brutal and now it was definitely noticeable that a storm was coming. Charmander hated storms so I could only hope that we would be on land shortly.

That’s when land caught my eye, we were almost there, heading right for an island that seemed mostly flat. I could notice a few buildings but my eye could only see so far. I was ready to land and take on the challenge now, show everyone what Joshua Dunbar and his Charmander can do!

(-o-) (-o-) (-o-)

The boat had landed on a small port, connecting to a small wooden dock that went right into the dry land of the island. This island was filled with large fields that had a red and orange color to them, whatever plant they might be, they sure were beautiful. With the little bit of light from the sun squinting past the dark and stormy clouds, it looked like the field was on fire. The fields were definitely bright and full of color with the sunlight, showing why the island was named Fire Field Island.

Charmander used his paw to rub his eyes, showing tiredness still roaming in his body. Usually Charmander and me would battle friends during the day but if we got tired we could go home and rest. Lately its just been a constant impact of traveling. This life wasn’t as easy as it sounded and it seemed to tire out Charmander quicker.

The weather felt extremely cool with my nice black, blue, and white outfit. I wore baggy jeans that was keeping up on my waist by a black belt, having six silver straps on it for my pokeballs. The shirt on my back had long sleeves, having different mixes of blue and dark gray on it. My black hair went well with the outfit I was wearing. On my right shoulder, a small strap was strung over which was my bag I was carrying for my long journey ahead.

Charmander seemed very bored so I tried to spice things up a bit. “Tag, your it!” I hit Charmander across the head fairly hard but in a playful way. Charmander smiled before racing off towards me. Charmander had always shown great speed so it wasn’t long upon the path that Charmander had slugged me from behind.

I was smarter in this game of tag, however. As soon as Charmander laid a paw on me, I slugged him right back before he could get away. As Charmander raced after me, I suddenly stopped on the path and held my stomach. I had became very hungry and all very quickly.

As I stopped, Charmander, who was very close behind, had rammed into me. This little maneuver sent me head first into the dirt path, showing me the real meaning of ‘taste like dirt’. As I raised my head up off the ground, I saw two red shoes in front of me. They were heel shoes, like a women would wear to something business related or something of high importance.

“Oh my gosh! Is this Charmander attacking you?!” she screamed loud enough to make a Snorlax roll over.

She grabbed my arm and helped me up to my feet. This women was very beautiful, having hair blacker then mine that was rolled up in a bun on the back of her head. She wore red framed glasses with a red skirt and white shirt, underneath the long, white lab coat she was wearing.

The woman took off her heel shoe and reared her hand back as if she was going to throw it. This picture circled my head for a few seconds before I figured out what she was planning to do.

The long heel on the shoe was about to leave a print in the markings of my Charmander and I wasn’t about to let that happen. As the woman let go of the shoe, I did the only thing I could do. I leapt off my right leg and dodged in front of the long heel.

The next thing I remember is waking up in a room that frightened me to death.

Tamer San
09-14-2004, 05:17 PM
I wonder why I haven't voted for you as a best author KCash...its a very good start my friend...I want to see this in progress =D

09-14-2004, 07:33 PM
Alright! A sequel to QOAC! Brilliant work so far KC! And Joshua has one of my favourite Pokemon, Charmander! Nice idea having them play tag, it shows that they have a friendly bond. I can't wait to see how this story turns out, will Joshua be as successful as his father? That'll be a hard target to reach! I guess I'll just have to wait and see...

09-15-2004, 12:16 AM
--KCash-> Thank you heavily for those awesome comments Tamer and Phoenix! I used it as my motivation, hope you enjoy...

Chapter One continued…

A razor sharp object was just inches in front of my face. To my left was a magnet figure that had a circle around the two points coming off like a fork. On my right was a piece of steel that had been swirled around like a Grumpig’s tail.

I had no clue onto where I was or how I got there. All I remember was a pretty woman and my Charmander. My head gave me a link on what happened because it felt like a knife was being inserted into my forehead.

“Oh my gosh! Are you ok?” screamed the same pretty voice I heard before my fall.

She came running up to me with a bag of ice, placing it on my forehead with a lot of force. I used my foggy arms to lift my backside up, as well as pushing away all the mechanical devices around me. “What is all this?!”

“Oh, this is just the room I use to do operations on injured pokemon,” the lady swept hair out of her face. “Be careful now.”

I was standing up and trying to be careful but it was hard to do with my non-energetic body. My feet stumbled to the ground but my left knee gave out. This wasn’t the first time my left knee ached with intense pain. On many occasions it had held me back. Thinking about the accident of my fatal knee injury hurt my thoughts. I noticed Charmander next to me, hoping I was ok. The knee accident was definitely worth it for my little buddy.

I pat Charmander’s head and tried to take a step. Suddenly I was falling to the floor, making a clatter of noises throughout the small room.

“I’m so sorry!” the lady kept pleading.

“Its ok, really,” I took a deep breath before trying to stand up again. “I’m just weak, that’s all.”

“I’ll help you to the table in the kitchen and then I will serve you milk and cookies, what about that?” the woman was hoping I would answer back with a smile. That’s actually what I did.

Charmander beat me to the kitchen, the words ‘cookies’ and ‘kitchen’ had caught his attention. The lady wrapped her arm around my shoulder and helped me through the small house. Something signaled me that this wasn’t just a house. Lots of books, pokemon posters, computers, and weird tools were scattered around the main room next to the kitchen. It looked more like a lab then a house.

“Professor Shulze?” I wondered. She looked at me with her beautiful bold eyes and replied, “Yes Josh.”

She knew who I was too. This was church bells to my ears. Finally I had got to Professor Shulze’s lab where I could get started on my journey through this new and apparently challenging league. I sat down at a small brown table sitting in the middle of the kitchen. The table smelled like a variety of foods from past scents and the texture of the surface was incredibly smooth. Charmander took a seat beside me, ready for a delicious treat.

The smell of roses fluttered the kitchen as small, red roses laid in a vase at the middle of the table. Around the smell of roses the air was brushed with the smell of chocolate chip cookies. She had obviously been cooking the cookies while I slept.

“Its great to meet you Joshua, its quite the honor in being a professor for the son of the famous Nick Dunbar,” she said with a huge smile. She picked up a plate of cookies and brought them over to Charmander and myself.

I rolled my eyes, “Well don’t get my dad and me confused as the same people. We are definitely different in every way.”

She took the comment in with surprise at the fact that I didn’t want to be like my father. “Here,” she laid down a glass of milk in front of me. I took a sip of the white wonder which seemed fresh from the utters of a Miltank.

She walked to another room before returning with a box filled with different devices. She said she would lay this on my bed for me to look over later on. “I don’t get it, I’m staying here?”

“Of course, its almost dark and I’ll have supper done in just a bit,” Professor Shulze was really making a mark in my book. I was just wondering on what was in that box.

(-o-) (-o-) (-o-)

I groaned as I rubbed my left knee, smearing a bluish cream on it. The doctor told me that it would take the pain off it for a good few hours. I laid sprawled out on the bed which Professor Shulze allowed me to use for the night. My ears continued to take a beat from the heavy rains that came in. My eyes scrolled away from the window and to the box that Professor Shulze gave me. I first noticed a pamphlet or a book that was white with blue lettering. I read the title out loud so Charmander could hear, “Kenip Region, the League of Amazing Wonders.”

Sounded kind of cheesy to me so I looked at the edge of the bed to see what Charmander thought but already he was sound asleep. I flipped the soft covering of the pamphlet and skipped the index so I could get started on the first page right away.

The first page had a map of the region, showing that it take quite a bit of time to cover. That was mainly because it was surrounded by hundreds of little islands, but only five islands really stood out from the rest.

The main islands were formed as if it was a five on a dice. Four fairly big islands had made a rectangle and then in the middle of this was a giant island, which was the one I was on- Fire Field Island. Around these islands were, like I said, hundreds of islands. I know this would be a long journey, especially with no boat.

I continued to flip thru the pages. One page had the gym leaders names and strategies on it. At least, it looked like a form of strategy to me.

I had done a lot of studying about the Hoenn and Johto leagues and they seemed extremely different from these. My attention was drawn across the room to the door to a loud knock.

“You aren’t asleep are you?” asked the beautiful professor, swinging the door open with a squeak.

“No, I’m just going over the things you gave me. I find this very weird,” I said to her as she sat on the edge of the bed, next to Charmander.

“I will admit this is a very challenging and interesting league,” she smiled, softly rubbing Charmander’s head.

I scrolled down the gym leader page, reading the bizarre strategies I had seen before she came in. I quoted from the pamphlet, “In your Kenip League Challenge, you will have to fight in amazing gym battles which include- a Poke Ring Sky Battle, an Underwater Battle, a Stamina Maze race, and a Two-on-Two Physical or Effect Battle. If you win a badge from each gym then you may challenge the champion at Fire Field Island.”

I raised an eyebrow, not sure on what kind of battles these were. “Explain?” I asked.

“Well I can definitely say that’s its not like the regular one-on-one battles like your use to!” Shulze smiled.

I closed the pamphlet, thinking that she meant that I would probably find out soon enough. She reached into the box and pulled out a blue device. “Do you know what this is?”

“Yeah, actually I do. It’s a pokedex,” I said, flipping open the device and pressing buttons to turn it on. “Well, I’m impressed,” said Professor Shulze.

“My dad has a red one at home, I use to play with it,” I closed the device and reached down into the box for four pokeballs.

“Only four? I thought I was allowed to have six pokemon with me,” I wondered.

“Well don’t forget about Charmander and I thought I’d give you a surprise…” she smiled wide before blurting out the surprise. “I want to give you a Treecko!”

“A Treecko? Well, that’s cool,” I shrugged. Her face came down into a slope and she took the feeling that I didn’t want the Treecko.

“Happy…Happy…Joy Joy,” she clapped her hands, trying to see if I even cared about getting a Treecko.

“Look its not you or the Treecko, personally I would love to have a Treecko but…” I glanced away from her and looked outside. “There’s a whole world out their for me to see and for me to experience on my own. With this I want to capture each pokemon, defeat each gym, and win against every trainer in my path all by myself. I appreciate the offering but I want to go out into the world and catch my own Treecko or pokemon for that matter.”

Professor Shulze smiled as she stood up. As she slowly walked to the door, she suddenly stopped in the thought she had in her head. She turned around and smiled even wider. “Your going to be a great and wonderful trainer Josh,” she then continued out the door where she said good night.

Those words from her mouth just said seconds ago would be my motivation. I wanted to be a great and a wonderful trainer. I wanted to be a loyal companion to all of my pokemon buddies. I wanted to be glorified by all. And I would be.

09-15-2004, 01:41 AM
Awesome KC. Joshua is an awesome charecter and unlike his dad he didn't just openly accept a Pokemon. I see this as prob even a better charecter then Nick Dunbar. Don't take me wrong Nick is a great charecter, but really I see a lot in Josh. Keep it up!

Neo Emolga
09-15-2004, 05:44 AM
Pow! Another outstanding and nicely descriptive fic you've got going on here KCash! I like the way you're going into real depth when it comes to each character's personality, and making each character uniquely different. Also, your description is very vivid and has greatly improved from the last time I saw your writing.

It's great to see you back at PE2K again with the great welcome of this awesome fic. Keep up the good work KCash!

09-16-2004, 04:25 AM
--KCash-> Thanks for the comments HM and Neo! I become really motivated with comments like that and it brings more life to the fic. Thanks a lot, now heres a small part before we see Josh in battle for the first time...

Chapter Two
Dragon Odor

The sun sparkled as the bright rays shined through the fog and mist of last night’s rain. Not a lot of people were out at this time of the morning but I felt like I needed to get started early, especially if I wanted to achieve my goal.

The first thing on my list was to open up Charmander’s pokeball so he could get an early start with me. As the red and white sphere opened up, a red beam took form on the ground in the shape of my buddy. Finally, color came into the picture and Charmander was ready to get a start on this fresh morning.

My hair twirled with the different air currents coming in from the surrounding sea. My pants blew with the wind like I was about to be picked up and carried to my destination. That would be easier then what I would be doing. Swimming didn’t seem like the best option but I had no boat to get to the next island.

“Your best bet would be Skyridge Valley. The island is northwest from here,” Professor Shulze suggested I went to that island since I didn’t have water pokemon or even two pokemon as of right now, which canceled out two of the gyms.

“Ok, then I’ll head down to the port and see if I can catch a ferry or some kind of transportation to somewhere other then here,” I shrugged.

“May the best of luck be with you, Josh!” she smiled, showing her paper white teeth.

“Thanks for everything,” I said before darting away with my hand waving goodbye. Charmander raced behind me.

By the time we had gotten more than a mile down the road, Charmander and me were breathing like we had just raced against a Rapidash. I was obviously out of shape and I honestly wanted to quit half a mile back but Charmander took this as a competitive race, which I wasn’t going to back down from.

As I placed the palm of my hand on my knees to take a quick rest, I could hear a distant horn. This wasn’t a horn from a car but more like a boat or ship, sounding with a deeper pitch.

I took a few steps until I was able to look over the hill I raced up to. Below was fifty, eighty, possibly a hundred boats and ships getting ready for their daily routines in the beautiful ocean waters.

I started to think it wouldn’t be so hard in finding a ride to get to Skyridge Valley since so many boats were out. Most likely one of them would be bounded for the island and I could catch a ride.

(-o-) (-o-) (-o-)

“No sir, I don’t have the money right now but if you coul-” my breath was cut short by a short sailor named ‘Skimmy”.

“Look, its not that I don’t want to give you a ride but to operate this boat means money out of my pocket. I’m sure you’ll have luck with one of the other boats, now go on,” the little sailor pushed me aside.

I would do what he said and ask someone else if I could get a lift but I had already tried over half of these boats. Everyone made up a lame excuse not to take me, unless money was involved. I wasn’t about to pay for a trip that was going to the same island I was headed to.

“You ‘ah pokemon trainer?” asked a very deep voice.

I looked behind me to see an extremely large man behind me, making me have to look up into the skies to see his face. His arms were as wide as my waist and his legs were up to my neck. The little hair he had looked as if he tried to slick it back but since it wasn’t long it just stood up like spikes. A black and white stripped shirt was stretched out on his abdomen and looked as if it would rip with the flex of his muscles.

“Yes sir,” I replied, using my eyes to point out that I did have a Charmander beside me.

“I overheard you saying that you need a ride to Skyridge Valley, eh?” the sailor questioned.

“Yeah, that’s right,” I said, wondering what this guy wanted from me.

“I just caught a new pokemon and I would love to see what it can do in battle. I’ll let you get onboard if you will allow me to battle your Charmander, what do ya say?”

With a smile on my face, I accepted that instant. I grabbed my bag, slinging it over my shoulder and asked which way. I was ready to get going so I could face my first gym leader.

“There’s the ship, get on cause we are about to get going,” said the sailor.

I took one look at the ship and was suddenly amazed. A boat ,the size of three Wailord, was sitting in the ocean in front of me. Charmander and me walked up wooden steps that led to the top of the boat, or ship I should call it. This thing was a massive piece of steel and I would be getting a ride at the expense of getting to train with Charmander a little.

“The name is Joshua Dunbar,” I smiled, happy I got to ride on a ship big enough to not rock back and forth from the heavy ocean waves like the boat I rode in on.

“You can call me Whitney,” he said, picking up a wooden box and walking onboard the ship with me.

The ship didn’t amaze me much once I got on it, instead I was focused on the battle ahead. Whitney had placed the box in the storage room on the ship and then came back up to clear space for our battle. I just didn’t know what pokemon it would be, Charmander could even be at a disadvantage.

“Are you ready for the battle?” asked Whitney.

I just smiled.

09-16-2004, 04:47 AM
Man if I could be anymore on the edge of my seat, my rolling chair would roll back. Man when I heard sailor I just got the Jaws theme in my head, lets go Josh.

09-16-2004, 09:49 PM
--KCash-> Thanks man, I decided to put that comment into some motivation and I got the first battle of this fic done! Its not a huge, legendary battle but its somewhat entertaining. Depending on how many comments I got and how much time I got, the next chapter will be done by tonight or tomorrow.

Chapter Two continued…

Not a lot of people were on the ship, not on the top deck anyways. Only Whitney, Charmander, and me seemed to be on the ship. According to Whitney, everyone else was on the second floor of the ship, playing poker and watching wrestling.

I wouldn’t mind being a sailor. Being at sea all the time and being able to play poker and watch wrestling didn’t seem like a bad bargain to me.

Charmander walked out in front of me, letting the fire on his tail blaze furiously to symbolize that he had lots of power and was ready for battle.

Whitney stood across the black concrete ground a good few yards away. He held a blue and white pokeball that had a silver net or cage structure on the blue part. I figured it was one of those special pokeballs that you use depending on what pokemon you are going for.

Whitney opened the pokeball in his hand without letting go of it. As a white light flashed on the battle grounds, a small shape started to appear. The figure looked thin but long, as if it was stretched out. Color took form and made the pokemon partially blue or perhaps a light .purple. The other half of its body was a white color.

I decided this would be a good time to see what my pokedex could do. I held up the blue device and pointed it at the opponent.

“Dratini, the dragon pokemon. Dratini is known for its magnificence and rareness,” the computer generated voice came out very monotonously.

“Magnificence and rareness, sounds like a descent opponent. Why don’t you say we start things off Charmander?” I asked, getting very jittery going into this battle.

“Char!” the orange pokemon screamed, letting a small blast of fire out of its mouth. I took this as a yes, “Ember!”

Charmander had his mouth wide open and let out a fury blast of fire by the time I finished saying the word. The ember attack scorched the ground, making a long and wide flame towards the helpless Dratini.

“Twister attack Dratini,” Whitney commanded, crossing his arms to make him looked relaxed.

Dratini twirled its little body around in a circle until a small tornado appeared. Wind and water combined to make this tornado happen and the attack was let off towards the ember attack. The amazing display of twister had totally destroyed the ember attack, protecting Dratini from getting any injuries at the start of this battle.

“That’s alright Charmander, just stick with it and use Agility,” I called out, not reacting fast enough to the incoming twister attack. The furious mini-tornado came crashing into Charmander, slinging my pokemon up into the air before letting him free fall back onto the hard surface.

I closed my eyes, hoping Charmander could still fight. I should’ve been quicker and smarter, instead my Charmander got nailed by a small twister attack.

“Go in for a Scratch attack buddy,” I whispered, not wanting Whitney to hear my call.

Charmander shook off the damage from the twister and started to charge towards Dratini. Charmander’s paw was raised high and with just seconds in closing in, Whitney ordered an attack without me noticing.

Dratini was prepared and when Charmander swiped at Dratini, the smart dragon pokemon rolled back and used its tail to wrap itself around Charmander’s legs and then its abdomen. Charmander was caught in a Wrap attack!

“Charmander!” I screamed, feeling bad that my order failed.

“Your pokemon has no chance now, Dratini’s wrap attack will have your Charmander finished within seconds,” Whitney smiled, happy that his new pokemon and him had worked so well together.

“Charmander, try to wiggle out of Dratini’s grip!” I shouted loud.

Charmander tried to squirm out of Dratini’s grip but the dragon pokemon had a good handle on him. Charmander knew their was only one way to get out of this. Fury grew inside his eyes, his fire spirit burned endlessly. The fire on his tail became the three times bigger and his new attack was taking place.

“What’s going on?” I wondered.

I held up my pokedex to Charmander, “Rage. Once a pokemon uses this attack, it won’t quit until the opponent is unable to continue.”

That information from my pokedex made me smile a mile wide. This is just what Charmander needed and at just the right time.

Dratini didn’t have a good grip on Charmander’s tail, allowing the lizard pokemon to maneuver its tail towards Dratini’s face to give it a nasty burn.

Dratini quickly let go of Charmander and started to rub its face into the ground, hurting a lot from the hot flame on Charmander’s tail.

“Scratch!” I demanded in a hurry.

Charmander charged towards Dratini and got a nice swipe across the face this time around. Dratini blared in pain and Charmander would only bring more.

“Hurry and you can finish this off with an Ember attack!” I suggested.

Charmander arched his back, getting a lot of rage and fury to be put into this next attack. As Dratini was distracted from the previous harsh attacks, Charmander let out an Ember attack. By the time Dratini noticed the attack coming its way, the fire was to close and to wide to dodge.

Dratini was sunk into the depths of the flames and burned until it was unable to battle any farther. I couldn’t help but smile and cheer for my powerful buddy. He had put up on heck of a fight and proved to me that he was really ready to take on the world, at least the Kenip League anyways.

Whitney seemed depressed, like maybe he could of done better if he would’ve acted sooner and not stumbled at times. I could tell he questioned his next move to often and luckily that’s what I stood away from.

I walked across the battle ground and put my hand up, waiting for Whitney to high five me. “You’re an awesome battler kid, mind giving me some pointers?” asked Whitney.

“Maybe in exchange for a cheeseburger,” and Charmander would agree to that one.

09-18-2004, 10:46 PM
Chapter Three
Stealing the Capture

“Basically we just go island to island and collect the ‘dust’ that they get from certain pokemon in order to make special medicines,” Whitney answered my question as we were leaning against the railing of the ship, as if we could just at any moment fall off into the deep blue sea.

Charmander and Dratini were sprawled out behind us in two lawn chairs, soaking up some sun rays before we made a small stop at a place called Vaca Island. The ship had to port for a hour so that they could load up some more shipments before getting to Skyridge Valley.

The island quickly came into view since it seemed to have so many buildings and towers. Once the ship had ported, I was in a hurry to get off. I was in the mood for a nice cheese pizza with some cheese baked right into the lightly burnt crust. Whitney made sure to warn me that the ship would be gone in a hour, whether we were back or not, so I had to make sure to keep up with the time.

Once Charmander and me got into the main part of the city, everyone acted as if we were nonexistent. People were bumping into us with their fancy suits and their leather briefcases. This got annoying quickly so I was relieved when I found a small pizza place that was about as wide as a Snorlax’s belly. The pizza place looked as if it was being squeezed between two large buildings where business men and woman were filing in and out of like a family of Beedrill.

The pizza place was across the street and through a small ally. I rushed to it right away, smelling the fresh baked pizzas that I could of sworn was right in front of me.

“Come on Charmander, my eye and nose have caught on to something!” I darted across the street without looking for incoming cars. Charmander followed behind me and that’s when I heard a few tires squeak against the street’s surface. Ignoring the curses from the drivers, Charmander and me were in a race for the door to the pizza place, taking large sprints to get there.

We ran right through the small ally, running past dumpsters and old boxes that the buildings making up the ally had used. As I sprinted at full pace by an old, rusty red dumpster, something darted out at me.

Of course I panicked since all my eye caught was a blur of a red, white and blue feathery thing popping out at me. I felt sharp talons wrap around my wrist and rip off my PokeGear wrist wear. The pokemon continued to fly off into the sky, up over the buildings with my favorite gadget.

I screamed loud, making Charmander stop in his tracks. I grabbed my wrist then looked up into the sky. “That thing took my PokeGear!”

People looked into the alley, wondering what the commotion was. My eyes were wide open and my mouth was in an ‘AH!’ state. People just thought I was crazy but I wasn’t! Something, some weird thing, just took my most valuable item!

Charmander shrugged and continued to the pizza place, what companionship there. I rushed out onto the streets and searched heavily with my eyes, looking up high at the tall buildings, wondering if the pokemon had landed on one of them.

Charmander groaned across the street, holding the door open for me to come over and buy him a pizza. I rubbed my wrist, it felt weird not having it strapped tightly to my wrist. I forgot about it and figured I could have my mom or dad send me over another one.

(-o-) (-o-) (-o-)

Thirty minutes until we had to be back at the ship. The pizza, along with some bread sticks, was all in our stomachs now. Now that my stomach was full, I wanted to drift off to my dream world and take a long nap. After all, I would need it cause we were expected to arrive at Skyridge Valley by nightfall.

“Let’s head back, eh? We can sleep ah little before ‘e get to Skyridge,” I slurred at Charmander, being to full of bread, sauce, and cheese to talk correctly.

I opened the door to walk out of the pizza place when I noticed a small pokemon on the curb. The photo of the blue, red, and white blur had hit my head. In the pokemon’s mouth, or beak, was my valuable PokeGear. The pokemon was looking out towards the street and didn’t notice me coming up to it from behind. I was going to snatch that pokemon and get my PokeGear back!

The tips of my toes were slowly pressed against the surface of the sidewalk. My breathing was steady and silent as I went to lean over, arms spread out and hands ready to snatch.

Then Charmander came flying out of the pizza place, opening his mouth wide, and letting out the ugliest burp I’ve ever encountered. The pokemon was frightened by this burp and turned around to see me looking like I was about to attack it. The pokemon freaked out and took flight admittedly. I kicked the ground, watching it fly off up onto the top of a building across the street.

09-18-2004, 10:48 PM
Chapter Three continued...

Charmander figured out what happened and felt sorry by letting out another loud belch. The pokemon made a smirk at me that told me that it didn’t think I could get up to the top of the building and catch it. Well, I thought differently.

“Come on Charmander, we’re going bird hunting,” I raced across the street, walking into one of the business buildings.

A secretary was working at the front desk, with a security guard standing next to her. I ran past both of them, the secretary yelling, “You can’t go in there!” and the security guard running after Charmander and me.

We were quick to hit the elevator and thanks to random luck, the elevator’s doors opened up right away. Charmander hurried and pressed the last button on the control panel, sending us up to floor 12. The security guard was probably using the stairs and then probably had the secretary tell us which floor we landed on so we were going to have to act fast.

“Everyone will be a coming and a riding this way…” sang a song in the elevator’s speakers. “I like this song,” I nodded, waiting patiently for the elevator to get to the top floor.

Charmander’s mouth opened again and I tried to hurry and close it but of course I was to late. Charmander let out a large burp that I could of sworn it shook the elevator.

“DING!” the elevator’s doors opened! As soon as we got off unto our floor, we ran to a door that had ‘STAIRS’ printed on it. We took that door and found stairs that led up onto the roof of the building. We took it and before long we were on the roof, looking at a very frightened pokemon.

The pokemon opened its wings out as if it was about to fly. “Hold on!” I screamed.

The pokemon stood still, ready to lift off if I made a wrong move. “Why don’t we battle? One-on-One, winner gets my PokeGear,” I pointed to Charmander who came out from behind me and got ready for a battle.

The pokemon still had my PokeGear in its mouth, so it slowly put it down and stared down Charmander. I liked the personality of this pokemon, not backing down from a challenge and always willing to try.

I took out my blue pokedex and aimed it at the pokemon. “Tailow. The Tiny Swallow pokemon. Known to be fierce fighters, Tailow love to be in a good fight and to steal shiny items from stupid trainers,” the device spoke.

“Maybe I should just show this Tailow how stupid I am and defeat him in battle!” I said in anger, not knowing if what I said made any sense.

Tailow took flight and flew towards Charmander. “Ember!” I yelled.

Charmander let out a long strip of fire from its mouth, although Tailow easily dodged it by catching an air current. The Tailow came in for a fast attack, bringing its head back and beck ready to drill. Charmander jumped out of the way from the incoming pokemon, trying not to get hit from what looked like a Peck attack.

“Charmander, use Scratch!” I commanded.

Charmander raised its paw up into the air and started to jump and swipe down at Tailow. The bird pokemon just kept flying higher, however, where Charmander couldn’t get to it. Tailow waited until Charmander made another attempt to use Scratch attack. Once Charmander missed, Tailow dove down quickly, wings spread out far, and clipped Charmander in the side.

“Whoa! A Wing attack!” I gritted my teeth, not wanting to lose my PokeGear to a thief.

Charmander fell to the ground and held his side. He gained strength to push himself back up so that he could continue to fight for his trainer’s PokeGear.

“No wait. Don’t get up,” I whispered. Charmander glanced at me, not knowing why I would be telling him to stay on the ground during a battle.

“Make Tailow think your hurt and when it gets close enough, nail it with an Ember attack,” I ordered. Charmander smiled back at me.

As Tailow flew around high above the rooftop of the building, Charmander held his side and groaned as if he was in serious pain. Tailow took this as an opportunity to finish off this battle but Charmander took this as an opportunity to set Tailow ablaze.

Tailow decided on its next attack and started to fall from the sky, closing its wings and diving down at a high speed. “Tailow is nearing…almost…there…” I waited for the right second to command Charmander to attack.

“NOW!” I commanded. Charmander let out a large blast of fire from the hot pockets in his throat.

Fire covered the helpless Tailow, wrapping it in the burning blaze from Charmander. As the Ember attack slowly stopped, Tailow appeared to be burnt like the pizza I just ate.

Tailow hit the ground with impact, laying sprawled out in a daze. I smiled at this opportunity. I clipped off a pokeball that was on my belt and I enlarged it to full size. I threw the red and white sphere towards Tailow and as the pokeball hit the small pokemon, Tailow was sucked up.

The pokeball had absorbed Tailow and then closed, rolling around on the ground. The pokeball kept wobbling and wobbling and I couldn’t figure out what was going on. I had never actually caught a pokemon before. Suddenly, the lock had clicked to signal that the catch was made.

I jumped in joy! I ran over to Charmander and gave him a high five. While Charmander went to fetch the pokeball, I went to get my PokeGear. Putting it back on my wrist felt great and it still looked new, not having any scratches from Tailow’s talons or its long journey of being stolen. Of course, I would let this all pass by since Tailow was part of my team now, which would be a good thing going into a gym battle just a days trip away.

“Hey kid! Your not allowed here!” the security guard had found us and looked very ticked off.

“Tailow, come on out,” I yelled, letting go of my pokeball to let out my newly acquired Tailow.

Tailow came out, shaking its head to wake up from the nap it had after being knocked out. “We need some help, do like what you see?” I asked Tailow, pointing at the security guard’s silver and very shiny watch.

09-19-2004, 12:23 PM
Heh heh heh! Josh seems to have an interesting plan in mind. Great chapter KC, and I totally agree with Josh, there's nothing quite like a good pizza!

09-20-2004, 01:10 AM
Thanks Phoenix for the comment, it means a lot to me as a writer. I thought I'd give you guys a small overview for the upcoming chapters. After Chapter 4 I will give my great readers some spoilers but this is kinda just 'whats to come' summary. Chapter Four will be up by tomorrow night IF I dont stay after school to workout. If I do then it will be Tuesday before the chapter gets up. Here's the overview:

Josh, Charmander, and their new friend, Tailow, are on a journey to Skyridge Valley! The finally get there and decide to have some fun with a new friend by going to a carnival to play games. They get serious the next day when they must battle the Skyridge Gym Leader to a PokeRing Air Battle! Looks like Tailow will come in serious handy in this one! Stay Tuned for Chapter Four- Carnival Double Date and Chapter Five- Air Extraordinaire.

Chapter Four- Coming tomorrow or Tuesday
Chatper Five- Coming Wednesday!

09-21-2004, 01:51 AM
Chapter Four
Carnival Double Date

By the time Charmander, Tailow, and myself, had gotten back to the ship, it had already taken off. Thanks to a watch tower at the end of the bank, I was able to get back onboard. Whitney thought it was funny but it certainly wouldn’t of if I had missed my ride.

Especially since I wouldn’t be just a few feet from porting in Skyridge Valley if I had missed the ship. I quickly gave my thanks and good graces to Whitney and hurried to get off the ship. I decided that I liked being on land more then out at sea.

Charmander and Tailow were resting in their pokeballs and I figured I could go and grab a small bite to eat before having to go to the Pokemon Center to get them healed.

Thanks to my PokeGear, I was able to locate a small and affordable diner just down the street and around the corner from the Pokemon Center.

I knew why the small island got its name. It was definitely a valley; taking shape as one big hole and having cliffs surrounding the edges of the island that was taller then a dozen Groudons. All kinds of winged pokemon lived there, nesting in the tall trees the island had.

The diner was very small, having a few red tables with black chairs. The walls were painted silver with white stripes in various spots and only a few people were there. As I walked in a small bell rung to get the workers attention.

“Sit wherever you want, sweetie,” an older woman said to me, walking by and going to the back where the kitchen was.

I found a table that sat across from another table had a very beautiful girl sitting at it. She seemed to be alone and the workers acted as if they knew her very well. Her face certainly seemed familiar to me but then again, I think that about a lot of people.

After I ordered the double bacon cheeseburger, hold the onions please, and curly fries, I had really came to notice that the girl was by herself and seemed lonely. She wore a blue jean jacket with a light blue shirt underneath. To match her jacket so wore a short blue jean skirt. Her brown hair curled at the end and just barely lapped over her shoulders.

Her food wasn’t out yet and mine wasn’t out yet, and I really hated to eat by myself so I thought I’d give it a shot. “Um excuse me,” I raised my hand out and snapped my fingers to get her attention. My voice seemed like Politoad’s croak and I figured she couldn’t hear me.

“EXCUSE ME!” I tried whispering but clearing my throat out seemed to increase the volume. Not to mention I was nervous since I had never been to good with the ladies, thinking a date was a whole night of pokemon battles instead of going out to dinner and a movie.

The girl looked at me with curiosity. Now that I had her attention I couldn’t think of what to say. We stared at each other for a good few seconds before she broke the ice, “Yes…”

Her eyes got big as if she was trying to study me. “I just noticed you were alone and I’m alone as well…” I searched for the words to say and figured I should just get right to the point. “Would you like to come sit with me?”

She looked down at her table as if she was looking for an excuse but since she hadn’t even gotten her food yet, she didn’t have one. “Sure,” she said, swiping her hair out of face and pushing it behind her ear.

She took her drink which looked to me like ice tea and came over to sit in front of me. She held her hand out, “Angela Thorn.”

I took her hand with my hand, feeling her warmth which surrounded my body with the instant of that slight touch. “Joshua Dunbar,” I smiled.

“You don’t look like your from around here,” she stated, studying my face still.

“Why you say that?”

“Because I know everybody around here. Small island, few houses,” she laughed.

“So you’re a local, which means you can tell me how great this island’s gym leader is…” I lifted an eyebrow, suddenly interested in my upcoming battle than in her.

“I hear she’s ok but what do I know,” her eyes looked away as she took a drink. She wasn’t telling me something.

“Good choice,” I smiled as my eyes pointed behind her where the waitress brought our food to us, her meal being a double bacon cheeseburger, no onions, and curly fries… just like mine.

As we ate we discussed things about the world, mostly what I knew about it. She said she didn’t get off the island much and hoped of traveling around the world some day. To be honest, she was talking to much about herself, me being the one answering questions instead of asking questions. I wanted to know more about her but we had been there for a long time, through our meal and four cups of ice tea.

I was hoping she wouldn’t leave but she kept looking at her watch like she had to be somewhere. I hadn’t had someone to talk to like this since I left Valencia Island to go on my journey so I really enjoyed the company.

“Look, I’m sorry, I’m honestly having a great time but I have to be somewhere,” she grabbed her purse and stood up.

“Well maybe we can have lunch tomorrow… or dinner tonight… breakfast in the morning?” I didn’t want to sound desperate but talking to someone like her really enlightened me.

“What about tonight? The carnival? Everyone will be there cause it’s a big thing with games and shows and live music and the best hot dogs you’ve ever had,” she started towards the door, smiling at the thoughts of this carnival.

“Sure, I’d love to go,” I said while I laid money on the table for both of our meals and then walking her outside.

“Ok, I’ll see you at 7 at the Pokemon Center and then we can walk to the carnival together,” she gave me a wink and walked off. I stood still until her footsteps and scent was just an image in my mind.

As I walked away from the diner, I thought about my upcoming battle and figured that Charmander and Tailow needed some rest at the Pokemon Center and then some fun at the carnival so we could always go and battle tomorrow. After all, with her on my mind there was no way I would be able to focus.

Dr Skottie
09-23-2004, 07:36 AM
Hey, I just finished reading what you have so far and i like it. The basic idea is not that original (Escape father's fame, travel around islands, beautiful love interest) but you're sticking to what you know works, which is smart. Overall the description is pretty good, and the story flows fairly well. I like the little pokeballs seperaters, they are a nice touch. The battle was pretty good aswell.

Be careful though, i did see one blairing mistake (she brushed her hair out of hair and put it behind her ear) <-- Should be "eye". Plus a few other minor grammatical ones. Not enough to detract away from the story however. Nice effort so far, I'll keep reading this. :cool:

09-25-2004, 10:44 PM
--KCash-> Thank you for the comment Skottie. I appreciate it a lot. Thanks for noticing the mistake too, funny thing about that one is that I read over it twice and didn't catch it. Guess thats just how it goes sometimes. And I guess thanks about the story being original. The 'getting away from father's fame' thing just fit in because this goes with Quest of a Champion and I wanted this trainer to struggle a bit, unlike Nick in QoaC. So it fit in. And I know you didn't say anything bad about the battle but I just want everyone to know that the battles will get better as time progresses, I don't want Josh to start out as a Class A Elite Pokemon Battler, ya know? Enough rambling, don't know if this next post will bring in any good reviews but we will see...

Chapter Four continued…

The falling sun was a beautiful sight as Angela and myself walked to the carnival just down the road from the Pokemon Center. The night sky seemed like it was appearing early but I had waited at the Center for about a hour because of Angela being so late.

The carnival was full of lights. A Pidgeot flying miles above the island would be able to see all the lights the carnival was putting out. Charmander and Tailow were in their pokeballs, not that I didn’t want them to be at the carnival with me to have some fun but I really wanted to get to know Angela.

We started out getting hot dogs, and let me just say… those were the greatest hot dogs I have EVER had! Angela knew how to talk though, she could hold her own in the conversation and loved to play competitive games. We played Squirtle Blaster, a game where you shoot a gun that looks like a Squirtle at a target. Water comes out the end and the first person to get to that target and hold it there for a couple of seconds would win. Angela demolished me there. As well as Golem Skeet Ball, Rapidash Racing, and Chansey Egg Drop.

She knew her way around the games but finally I got an opportunity to win her a prize. Of course I cheated, wearing a backpack on a weight guessing game where I only won by a few pounds, thanks to the pack.

I told her how beautiful she was as we walked away from the weight guessing stand. She held the Snorlax doll that I had won from the game, squeezing it like it meant a lot to her.

“I’m glad you came,” Angela came closer and rubbed against my side. I swallowed the nervousness back into my stomach and then started to put my arm over her shoulder.

“I want a rematch!” screamed a furious voice.

Up ahead of us was two males, standing like they were on top of the world. I noticed they had pokeballs in their hands, signaling to me that they were trainers like myself. One male had black messy hair with a red bandana, wearing a white tank top with black jeans. The other male stood back behind his buddy a bit, wearing a blue hat backwards, a dark gray shirt, and white pants.

“Now? You can’t be serious?” Angela laughed. I was lost, I didn’t know what these guys were talking about.

“You cheated me out of my match, let’s battle now!” screamed the guy.

“Whatever Brandon! How could I cheat five times?” Angela questioned. She continued to walk so I walked with her.

“I know you did, I want a rematch now!” the black-haired guy, named Brandon, said.

Angela and me walked right between him and his buddy, whose name was Jeph, knowing this by the belt buckle he wore.

As we continued to walk, the two thugs followed behind us, yelling things to Angela about her cheating.

“What are they talking about?” I whispered to Angela.

“I keep beating him at the gym, he comes and challenges me all the time but I always win. Then he harasses me until I give him another shot. This time it won’t work though,” she whispered back.

“Gym? What gym?” I pondered.

“Yeah, there’s something I didn’t tell you. No kidding, I thought. “I’m the gym leader of the Skyridge Valley Gym.”

I couldn’t believe it! Why hadn’t she told me earlier! Here I was having a great time with tomorrow’s enemy!

I stared her down as we stopped walking. We were now a bit outside the carnival where picnic tables sat. The surrounding area was just dimly lit up from the carnival lights.

The two guys behind us had gotten their pokemon out. Jeph had a Houndoom and Brandon had a Zangoose out, two pokemon I was familiar with since my uncle had them.

The Houndoom spit out fire towards us. I decided to forget about thinking of Angela as the island’s gym leader and focus on these air heads.

“That’s it!” I turned around in frustration with Charmander’s pokeball in my hand. As I threw the sphere, it opened up to let my fire pokemon out. Charmander stood before two strong and angry pokemon. I didn’t care if we were at a disadvantage. I was going to take care of these losers for once and for all.

09-25-2004, 10:45 PM
“If you mess with her then your messing with me!” I screamed. I pointed at Zangoose and Charmander admittedly let out a long thread of fire from his mouth, known as Ember attack. Zangoose held up its paws to block the attack but didn’t need to cause Houndoom jumped in front of the blast and used Flamethrower. The two fire blasts canceled each other out.

Zangoose leapt out from behind Houndoom and brought its long claws back. Zangoose let loose with a Fury Cutter attack. Claws went flying and Charmander used Agility to try and stay away from the attack. As Charmander was running away from Zangoose, he had been running towards Houndoom. Once Charmander got close enough, he put the Agility into a Skull Bash and rammed into Houndoom’s jaw, making the dark pokemon fly back towards its trainer.

Zangoose was able to get a quick swipe at Charmander, making my pokemon yell out in pain. Houndoom struggled to get up but did do so. “Charmander, Ember attack!” I called out.

Charmander let out a blast of fire towards the two opponents standing next to each other. Zangoose held up its claws to protect itself but this time Houndoom didn’t come save him. Houndoom jumped away from the fire blast instead, letting Zangoose soak up the heavy flames.

Zangoose was hurt pretty badly so I thought I could use this opportunity to attack on Houndoom before Zangoose was ready to go again.

“Swift!” I yelled.

Charmander started to use Swift attack but Houndoom was quicker with its Faint Attack. The dark pokemon had instantly disappeared with the blink of an eye. Charmander and myself looked around but couldn’t see a trace of Houndoom. Then out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Houndoom come out of the air and hit Charmander from the left. Charmander was sent flying into a nearby picnic table, breaking the wooden table in half.

“You alright buddy?” I wondered.

Charmander got up as fast as it could, showing off that damage had been done. Angela stepped up next to me, I looked at her hand and saw a red and white pokeball. “I thought I’d get in on this.”

She threw her pokeball and pokemon came out flying. As color took form I noticed it looked a lot like my Tailow. It had blue and white, with a hint of red, feathers surrounding its body. The pokemon had a long yellow beak and did have the form of my Tailow. Better yet, the evolved form.

“You ready Swellow?” yelled Angela.

Her pokemon flew above the battle field which contained three pokemon going after each other.

“Hyper Beam on Houndoom!” ordered Angela.

Swellow came in low and summoned up a yellow beam in its mouth. As it got in range of Houndoom, Swellow let out an awesome display of Hyper Beam. Houndoom was to close to Swellow to dodge the attack so the dark pokemon was hit directly.

Houndom fell onto the ground and struggled to get up. Swellow then turned to Zangoose and came in lower. As Zangoose turned its attention away from Charmander, it saw Swellow using Aerial Ace. Swellow had gave Zangoose a good taste of power and now Jeph and Brandon’s pokemon seemed to be out of the battle. However, Zangoose and Houndoom still got up to try again.

“Charmander, use Swift!” I commanded.

Charmander used Swift attack, letting a fury of star stunners at the two opponents. This time Zangoose got out of the way and Houndoom got hit. Houndoom was in pain and didn’t look like it would be continuing. Swellow came in from the night sky and used Steel Wing on Angela’s command.

Swellow’s wings started to glow with a brilliant light as it came in close to Zangoose and knocked the pokemon right on its tail.

“Now finish with an Ember!” I ordered. Angela thought she’d finish this off as well, “Swellow use Hyper Beam!”

Charmander got of Ember attack first but the Hyper Beam from Swellow was quickly following. As the flames engulfed Zangoose and Houndoom, the Hyper Beam came in and made sure that they wouldn’t be battling anymore tonight.

Jeph and Brandon returned their pokemon to their rightful pokeballs. Brandon looked like he wanted to say a few more words before he thought of his defeat but instead they just ended up running off.

Angela returned Swellow as I was looking at it. What an impressive pokemon. Angela, gym leader of Skyridge and my upcoming opponent, stood before me with one powerful pokemon that I knew I was going to have to go up against.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you that I was the gym leader, I just didn’t want you to think less of me because I would be your opponent in following days,” Angela looked down.

I didn’t have any words for her. “That’s an impressive Swellow, I’m scared just thinking about going up against it,” I joked.

I was hoping to ease the tension of the battle we just fought. I looked over at Charmander, knowing it probably needed a big rest after that battle. Angela walked up to Charmander and patted him on the head, “Thank you Charmander.”

Charmander smiled back and with that his tail started to glow. The flame that always stood strong on the end of his tail was glowing a bright light like a light bulb. “Charmander! What’s happening?!” I shouted.

I didn’t know what was going on with my buddy but I was hoping that it wasn’t bad. “It’s getting ready to evolve, my sister had one and hers did the same thing,” explained Angela.

“Alright Charmander!” I yelled, holding my hand out and letting Charmander slap it.

“Guess this means ice cream is on me?” I wondered jokingly.

“Yeah it is, unless you can beat me there” Angela darted off back towards the carnival. Seeing her only reminded me of the upcoming gym battle. I had to focus and set aside our friendship if I even thought I’d have a chance in battle. And believe me, I was going to win…

09-26-2004, 08:26 PM
Another great chapter KC! Very imaginative with the carnival games, and what an interesting way of finding out that she was the Gym Leader. I can't wait to see the gym battle, and to watch Charmander evolve! Keep it up KC!