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09-13-2004, 06:56 AM

This is an actual story line I've had in my head for a while, and it wasn't going to be used for a pokemon fan fic... I just clicked on fan fic and decided to do it for the heck of it... it probably would be better as a web comic but oh well.. here goes my AWESOME storyline. Please enjoy.


Tarakanatiku Shairiyu Tomigatsu was out on a journey. She then fell over cause her name was so long and made no sense whatsoever. She died instantly, and no one really cared, because she didn't exist and had no living relatives except for a beetle. Now on with my fan fic...

NOTE: That's probably the only comic relief in the whole story, so that's just to even it out. lame, I know. but why should I care?... and why am I talking to myself? Well... I'm not going to answer that... >_<


Writor. The name strikes fear into all who hear it. Why you might ask? Cause that's who I am... mwahahaha... sorry... I'm just having trouble getting it started, alright... just chill... I have a great storyline, you won't regret reading it... now for the REAL ACTUAL STORY!


Priscilla woke up for her morning jog around the neighborhood. She had done it many times before, but today seemed akward... as if someone was following her. She put it aside, thinking it was just her mind playing games with her, until she found her self laying down on the sidewalk in a bloody puddle. She heard three loud bangs before she fell, and her vision was fading. A small pokemon, named pikachu then came running. It lapped up the blood, and then started to choke. It puked onto the defenseless Priscilla laying on the ground. She started to get up, but she couldn't feel her legs. Just then, a man with a copper mask with dark gray clothes approached her. She tried to scream, but blood filled her lungs, and couldn't breathe. The man then took a suringe and stuck it in her left eye and sucked out a couple ounces of blood. He then sprayed it on his copper mask, which was partially green from corrosion. You see, he used his victim's blood to turn his mask green. He then took out a knife and finished her off. He threw out his six Golbat who gladly consumed her body, leaving no evidence. The wild pikachu there gladly lapped up the rest of the blood.


The man picked up his cell phone and accepted the incoming call.

"Are you done yet?"
"Good, good... Report back to me as soon as possible... I have a new assignment for you..."

The man hung his phone up and let his six golbat grab on to him and fly him to where he needed to be going.

==Synthec Headquarters==

Doctor Terrence is the leading research doctor here. He hires people to take blood from people with certain blood types. He is a ruthless doctor, and hires mercenaries and bounty hunters to do the jobs, but of course he doesn't tell them to kill them...

Doctor Terrence is standing with a hooded individual. It's a bright white cloak, which makes him look like a grim reaper who spilled bleach all over his clothes. The man with the copper mask walks up to Dr. Terrence and inquires who the other man is. The good doctor introduces the two, and says they will be partners. Their mission is to track down Joseph Holland and kill him to take several body parts. He says he'll show them how to contain the body parts correctly to avoid blowing the whole mission. They're both pretty shocked at this because neither of them has actually heard the dr. say the word "kill". They go on with the investigation, and they are given specially bred pokemon to do their jobs. They're always some kind of mix between something like a Stantler and a Pidgeott... Not that Pegasus Horses are bad... it's just odd...

And so, the two set out on their mission.

Copper Mask: What's your name?
Man with white hood: I'm Scotty, how about you?
Copper Mask: I'm Jim... nice to meet you Scotty.
Scotty: Just call me Scott alright...
Jim: So... how did you get into this?
Scotty: Well I started out because my grandmother was a necromancer, so I started getting into magic and whatnot, but pokemon training was always something I enjoyed. So, I raise psychic pokemon, and if they aren't psychic, I just take complete control, so temporarily, I am the pokemon fighting. It makes my attacks more accurate... and it's fun, cause I can shut off my pain receptors.
Jim: Neat... I guess... so if you turned into a skitty and I cut you in half, what would happen?
Scotty: I'd be pulled back to my original body
Jim: Well what if...
Scotty: Just be quiet... I want to go already.
Jim: Okay...

Jim and Scotty mounted their Pegusi and flew off in search of their target, Joe.