View Full Version : Would this Pokemon idea work?

Innocent Bystander
05-08-2007, 02:15 AM
I doubt any of you know me, but I've role-played before, and I don't want to put up my idea unless I know if it'll even get off the ground.

Basically, I have to thank Orange Monkey from another place, for the springboard that pretty much gave me the idea. Oh yeah; this is Pokemon.

This is just sort of a summary of the plot: Thousands of years ago, even before history could be recorded in writing. There were two different species of humans that have survived until the present times. There are of course the normal humans, then the Hikorikatsu or "Pokemon-blooded." When a Hikorikatsu human is born, their type is decided at birth and their "type," decides what Hikorikatsu Techniques--Pokemon attacks--they can learn and use. About two-hundred years ago, all the Hikorikatsu, who were tired of being treated differently "disappeared." They all moved to the eastern side of the world and have been living happily there. By now, they've made their own leagues. Every Hikorikatsu who sets off on their journey in The Combatant's League or The Performer's League first must have their own Pokemon "travel buddy."

There you have it. I already made a map and pictures of the badges, just in case it would work.