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05-09-2007, 11:03 PM
I'm trying this again.


Murders have been happening a lot lately. Suicides, kidnappings, theft, and a lot of other things. We have four great detectives. These detectives are from the North, South, East, and West. These teen detectives use their analytical thinking and deduction skills to solve what seems like almost impossible crimes. But one day, an organization finds out that there are four teen detectives solving numerous crimes. Scared that they might get caught they each send out people in pairs of two to drug these teens. After a while the teens start feeling sick. A few days more, they transform into a body of a second grader! What on earth was inside of the drug that the organization members gave you? It was up to you to keep you identity sealed, until one day when the organization found out that you were still alive. Now as you pair up with a grown-up detective, you try to help that grown-up earn reputation to become the best slueth around. But also, you're running awa from the organnization at the same time. Can you get the detectives reputation up far enough to where he can catch the organization for you or will you be caught and killed not only by the organization, but the government. Oh yeah I forgot too mention when solving the case, you can't solve it in front of everybody else. You have to somehow to as the detective voice and hide somewhere to solve the case. Up to the task?


Name: (come on)

Gender: (serious)

Age: (13 to 18)

Region: (west, east, south, or north)

Appearance: (at least 8-9 sentences)

Personality: (same as appearance)

Gadget: (Everyone has a bowtie voice changer. put this one and another that you make up yourself)

RP Sample: (you know the drill)

If you want to be a government agent or organization member just give me your name, age, gender, appearance, and personality. Remember, we need one detective from every region.


1) No Flamming other Roleplayers
2) No Bunnying
3) No God-Modding
4) No Cussing! I guess the D-word would be alright when your angry or something, but no other words! You want to cuss, go make an RP called " The Adventure of the Cussers." Not here!
5) Yes you can have romance. Just like most RP's though keep it PG-13. Seriously.
6) After rejection, you get one last chance.
7) Post must be a minimum of 8-9 sentences. Exception for OOC.
8) No Spamming. Do that on the discussion thread.
9) Have Fun!!!!!

Sign-Ups are now open. I also give credit to Funimation and SquareEnix for this RP. Also part of this was inspired by Neo. Thanks!