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05-10-2007, 08:51 PM
First of all, I want to point out that someone else’s idea inspired the idea for this RP. I’ll identify that person as Orange Monkey at the Blue Octane Forums (now known as the Pokemon Crater Forums,). If it weren’t for his idea, I probably wouldn’t have thought of this. Oh also…go look up “chakra,” in a dictionary--it’s not just a Naruto thing. I’m going to use that as “energy,” in this, okay? I put a lot of time into this (about three days,) so give it a chance. I'm already not even sure about this RP's succes, considering my attempts everywhere just lose a ton of steam after about fourteen days.
Hikorikatsu. What does it mean? It’s actually a word from a now forgotten language. It literally translates to “Pokemon-blooded.” This bloodline actually originated thousands of years ago and has spread over roughly two hundred lineages. The Hikorikatsu, or “Pokemon-blooded,” possessed the power to learn and use the attacks of Pokemon--provided the attack was appropriate for their inner type, decided at birth. In addition, the Hikorikatsu could understand the words of Pokemon as well as withstand Pokemon attacks much better than any ordinary human.
Though every Hikorikatsu technique that’s used drains a decided amount of what is called chakra. The Hikorikatsu, realizing they would never properly fit in with normal humans “disappeared,” to the other side of the world. Now, if you were to journey into “Hikorikatsu Country,” you’d be given a rather warm welcome, for a different species.
The Hikorikatsu are rather proud of their gifts and have created their own leagues. From badges, medals, and awards, to ribbons, sashes, and pendants. Some Hikorikatsu test their strength in the combat-based leagues, while others push their artistic expertise in contests and other performances. Which will you be? Or perhaps neither? Or possibly just travel around to see what you can see?

1. Don’t spam, flame, God-mode, cheat, etc.
2. When fighting other players, your attacks can’t hit in the same post--this is known as auto-hitting and can be annoying.
3. You’ll have to rely on others who aren’t participating in the contests, to give you your scores. The scores should be based off of description, “visual,” appeal, and creativity.
4. You can’t dodge the attacks thrown at you by other players, however you can meet an attack with another or block and receive less damage.
5. Don’t argue about who wins and who loses--be mature/good sports.
6. You can’t take control of other characters in a battle. Honestly, would you like it if someone did that to you?
7. If I find you are inactive (5 days without posting makes you inactive,) for more than a week and you don’t have a valid explanation for your inactivity, I reserve the right to kick you out.
8. I expect decent spelling and grammar. I’m going to say something if I have to translate “teh,” to “the,” and so on.
9. Put detail into your signups. I won’t accept single-word-sentence/super short personality descriptions. I expect something decent for history.
10. I expect at least four good lines per post.
11. Though you can only enter one league at a time, you can collect the badges or ribbons in any order.
12. Have fun.

I’ll put up a map… Hey at least I MADE mine and didn’t just edit a map of Kanto or something. XP I’ll also add more regions and maps, if the RP ever gets that far.

Points of Interest (Red)
1. Mirror Lake (A quiet and peaceful lake. You can see a clear reflection of yourself here…what’s that at the bottom?)

2. Old Castle (A castle from The Middle Ages. There is supposedly a portal in the keep, leading to the shrine of the legendaries…though the door to it is locked. Where could the key be?)

3. Offshore Lighthouse Island (A small island, with only about twenty inhabitants. You can obtain Byron’s Tide Badge here. A reclusive hermit also lives here--he can teach most techniques that can’t be learned without help.)

4. Mt. Taiko (A volcano that no longer erupts, but a steady stream of magma flows down the south side and into the sea. Most rare Pokemon can be seen in/around this place, for those who might be interested.)

5.Mt. Bass (A desolate rocky mountain with a “barbaric,” tribe living in the upper reaches--how they grow their produce is unknown. You face Kinaray’s Elite Four on the inside.)

Cities/Towns (Yellow)
1. Tremolo Town (A fairly quiet town, with a tourist information center. You register for either The Combat League, or The Performer’s League)

2. Falsetto City (The world’s most empathetic city toward the arts. You can obtain Kai’s Blur Badge here)

3. Staccato Town (Bursting with foreign culture and influence. The Performer’s Contests for the Red Ribbon are held here)

4. Koto City (Kinaray’s capital. You can obtain Bruce’s Chakra Badge here. In addition, the Performer’s Contests for the Blue Ribbon are held here)

5. Samisen City (The region’s most highly-populated city. Anyone registered in either The Combat League or The Performer’s league must have all eight badges, or the five Contest Ribbons to pass through the western gate. The Police Headquarters is here as the area is a rather shady place…)

6. Zither Town (A quiet Oriental town. You can obtain Likeria’s Nature Badge here)

7. Guiro City (A major commercial center. You can obtain Fliore’s Projectile Badge here. In addition, the Performer’s Contests for the Orange Ribbon are held here.)

8. Sitar City (A city built into an area with steep slopes and high altitudes, it’s very terraced. You can obtain Stryke’s Warrior Badge here. In addition, the Performer‘s Contests for the Yellow Ribbon are held here.)

9. Glockenspiel Town (Most army Veterans choose to live here, after they retire. You can obtain Marko’s Brute Badge here.)

10. Kalimba Town (A tropical town populated by the wealthy. You can obtain Llia’s Combo Badge here. In addition, the Performer’s Contests for the Purple Ribbon are held here.)

11. Celesta City (Set on the most side of a small mountain chain, this city shines with architectural beauty. The goal of every Performer lies here; to obtain The Master Performer’s Ribbon. This contest is only held once a year. The Elite Arena is also here--those who have all eight badges and the four Elite Four Medals can battle each other here.)

What the badges look like: They don’t look the best, but at least I made the effort to make one. Also, I don’t have a spriting-specific program.
http://i140.photobucket.com/albums/r18/The_real_Ramzam/BlurBadge.gifBlur Badge
http://i140.photobucket.com/albums/r18/The_real_Ramzam/BruteBadge.gifBrute Badge
http://i140.photobucket.com/albums/r18/The_real_Ramzam/ChakraBadge.gifChakra Badge
http://i140.photobucket.com/albums/r18/The_real_Ramzam/ComboBadge.gifCombo Badge
http://i140.photobucket.com/albums/r18/The_real_Ramzam/NatureBadge.gifNature Badge
http://i140.photobucket.com/albums/r18/The_real_Ramzam/ProjectileBadge.gifProjectile Badge
http://i140.photobucket.com/albums/r18/The_real_Ramzam/TideBadge.gifTide Badge
http://i140.photobucket.com/albums/r18/The_real_Ramzam/WarriorBadge.gifWarrior Badge

Exactly what chakra is in this RP
In this RP, chakra comes in three forms: Special Chakra (SC), Vital Chakra (VC), and Mental Chakra (MC). Each type is stored in their own reserve within the body of the Hikorikatsu. They all recover, but they recover very slowly and it is better to replenish yourself at an R and R Lodge, located all over the region (pretty much every fork, town, city, and Point of Interest.)
Special Chakra: In the games you had PP (Power Points.) In this RP, think of Special Chakra as PP. If your Special Chakra is depleted, then you’d best rely on martial arts or another form of combat. Even though Hikorikatsu Techniques (Pokemon attacks) can still be used when your Special Chakra reserves are empty, it will drain from your Mental Chakra, which is most definitely not good for your well-being. As you continue on your journey, your reserves can hold more Special Chakra.
Vital Chakra: This replaces HP. Your Vital Chakra is used to lessen the feeling of pain. Though the process drains your VC. If your VC reserves are depleted, you’re likely to faint. Like Special Chakra, your reserves can hold more Vital Chakra, as you gather more experience.
Mental Chakra: Mental Chakra is your ability to focus and for your brain to function properly. MC is usually never drained, unless you run out of SC and continue using Hikorikatsu Techniques. This is dangerous as if your MC is depleted before your VC is, then all your chakra is gone and it’s highly likely you’ll never wake up as your brain will fail to function properly and register that you have rested long enough to have Vital Chakra in your system.

Also, attacks like Fury Cutter and stuff like that just pass through the people, doing the same amount of damage.

Still with me? Good.
Type: ({RTT} What type are you?
”Partner”: (Replace this text with your choice. This is [I]one Pokemon that you travel with. You can catch more if you want, but there isn’t really a point to that, as they aren‘t much more than travel companions that can help you out of certain situations.)
PHYSICAL appearance/traits:
Travel clothes: (Replace this text, when filling this out. This is basically what your character wears when he/she is on the road.)
Badges: ({RTT} Don’t forget to PM me for the code, once you get a badge!)
Ribbons: ({RTT} I’ll give images for the ribbons, once I get around to making them. In the meantime, just say the colors of the ribbons you‘ve collected.)

My signup
Name: Kiero Bellmin Himaio
Age: 13
Type: Fire-type Hikorikatsu
”Partner”: A male Chikorita he named Ivan.
Gender: Male
Personality: Not exactly the most outgoing person in the world. He tends to stay in the corners or out of the way, waiting for someone. Though if you were to approach him, chances are he’d move away. He has something of a temper, though he’s grown very mature in the past years, often showing little signs of anger, even though he might be furious. He’ll stick up for almost anyone he sees being picked on and will help if he can. His strong will and care for the well-being of others both helps and hinders his performance in battle. He’s a vicious, yet skilled and controlled fighter who’ll usually make sure not to go overboard on his opponent. His strong sense of logic also prevents him from exhausting himself in fights or from charging blindly into most situations.
PHYSICAL appearance/traits: 5’ 3.7”, light skin, brown eyes, black hair, average build, loose glasses (that somehow stay on during battles,).
Travel clothes: A black and white button-up shirt and black jeans/A black T-shirt and dark blue denim shorts.
History: Originally born into a wealthy family, living in Kalimba, he was fairly happy. Until Hurricane Bob destroyed his home. Ever since, he and his family has been living in Glockenspiel. After two years of training with his long time friend--a Typhlosion named Iloe--he’s decided he’s ready to enter one of the leagues, then possibly go back and do the other.
Other: Releases fire from his fingertips when angry. It’s fairly easy to make him jump, though it takes much more to frighten or intimidate him.