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•|A E Ø N|•
T H E • E N D • I S • ø N L Y • T H E • B E G I N N I N G

In the eternal instant before the Beginning, before Time was pronounced in fire, long before the tiny dust of history came to settle from the flames, something whose actions no verb can truly describe seemed to enfold possibility, to surround in it the manner of an idea, and fashioned out of the fires of Genesis a singularity—the Mother.

To Man, she was known as Mew.

She took flight, and divided the swirling, unformed raw energy of the universe into two beings of flesh and blood from the ichor in her blood—her pneuma, soma, and saryx. Spirit, body, flesh.

Two Gods.

The Void and the Heaven.

SHE came to be known in human mythology as Lugia, the Dragon of the Deep. The legendary dragon of the shrieking gales and the torrential waves, she was the wrath of a hurricane incarnate. One gentle flap of her wings could blow a house off its foundations, stir a tranquil sea into a foaming, frothing frenzy and create a howling maelstrom that the likes of Man had never seen. She was of shadows and darkness, the subtly shifting shadows within thunderstorms and the currents of the deep waters. She was the Void, the goddess of the night and the ever-changing faces of the silver moon. Her power was so great that her shadows still walked under the light of day, following in Man’s footsteps everywhere.

HE came to be known as Ho-oh, the legendary Phoenix of glory and resurrection. The Phoenix soared upon blazing rainbows, wings aflame and eyes burning with the firelight of aether. He could bring down raging firestorms and leave behind a blasted, dead and withered landscape…. but he could also create life anew, in the timeless cycle of death and rebirth. He was of light and heat, the roaring, passionate lifeblood of the earth and the sun. He was the Heaven, the god of the sun and the day, though his power was so great that his stars still shone brightly in the dark dominion of the Void.

The Mother, the Void and the Heaven. The celestial balance of the universe, maintaining the opposing forces of order and chaos. Preservation, Creation and Destruction. Ho-oh created the stars that burned brightly in the dark void created by Lugia. Together, all three were the Celestial. Together they created a world, and stirred life into it…and watched from afar the follies of Man…

It all simply started with thirty silver coins...

Long ago, Mew was crucified in Babylon by a group of zealots, who then proceeded to sell her blood for a handful of silver coins. Their punishment came swiftly and brutally, and Babylon the first city of Man burned to the ground, upon what was now the wastelands of Orre and that was that. But the grudge, the old anger, it was still there… after centuries and centuries, the grudge was still there. By the killing of a being so pure as Mew, the corruption what would be known as Sin was born then. Sin. An invisible being that corrupted a being, even the purest, to its very core. They would be known by many names: the soul-scrapers, Mis-sin-go, the undead... and so many others. But together, they were Sin. A corruption so vile and horrible that even the most powerful ancients shunned away from it.

But now, even after tens and thousands of centuries, the grudge was still there. The demi-gods, the Firstborns of their kind, regining over the many factors and infedilities of life itself, started to cry and wanted their Mother back. And it would be so that Vyxen Nyne, Firstborn of the Heaven and the Ninetails, would sign a contract with the Persians - for all thirty silver coins, the felines would give her a way to ressurect the Mother. There were many of the Firstborn too, but few remained after the long centuries or had distanced themselves from their kind - and the world itself.

Now, only ten years after the Team Rocket's takeover in the Sliph building, the demons have suddenly begun to emerge from all over the world, slowly killing off humanity for good. The one who leads these beasts is none other than who the people address as the Trickster: Zeffy Fujihara. No older than twenty, she was always seen walking about with a tattered old sack, where one could swear were bones in it. Short, pastel pink hair and irrdicent blue eyes, her power was said to be great, but she was unpredctiable. She always interferes without reason, and no one ever knows her motives or even why she exists. All the Firstborn only know is that she brings Sin with her - and thus is aptly named as the 'Foul One'. She seeks the thirty coins as well, but once again without reason.

So many parties seek the coins, but all without reason. The chase is on, and so what will happen in this timeless fable?



1. This is basically a very freelance RP, with the main plot is to only get the thirty silver coins in anyway possible. You can wear down your mother, throw sand in their eyes, anything you can think of, do it, as long as you gte the point. However, be sure to keep things in line with PE2K's RPG rules.

2. Like the rules, Godmodding and all related matters are strictly not allowed. The Firstborns are all-powerful, but be sure to keep it realistic.

3. Keep OOC to a minimum. If need be, I will put up a discussion thread later on. LSU's are still accepcted; please go Here (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=36422) to sign-up and get accepcted.

4. As I view this as a high-standard RP, please post nice, detailed paragraphs with accepctable grammar and spelling. The minium would be two, and that is heavily frowned upon. Try to post at least three to four adequete paragraphs.

5. Lastly, have fun. ;D


Accepcted Characters

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EDIT: I realize this is very short, and I apologize. I was in a rush when I wrote this and will revise it when I can do so.

I have also decided that when necessary, I will write Linali Furusato if the scene needs it, to tie in with the story.

A long time ago,
Mew was nailed to a cross.
The price of her blood
was thirty silver coins...

Argent Sekhmet-Bast scowled--as well as a Persian could scowl--as he glanced down at the papers cluttering his desk. The Persian's tail twitched as he leaned back into his chair. A chain of golden doubloons around his neck clinked quietly, glinting in the golden haze.

With a silver-plated claw, he traced the latest document lying before him on the desk, leaving a faint crease down its surface. It was a contract; a contract bound in fire, inscribed in time, and steeped in blood.

Thirty silver coins.

Vyxen Nyne, the Millennium Queen and Firstborn of the Ninetales had struck up this deal with him. If she gave him the thirty silver coins, he would in return give her the secret...

The secret that would give her back her Mother.

Of course, her Mother was his Mother too, but he didn't care in the slightest. Bast was the black sheep of the family--or one of them, anyway--and his interest solely lay in money, valuables, and the stock exchange.

Bast's ear flicked slightly as the faint sound of sirens began to intensify outside his office window, a glaring symphony of blue and red.

They'd found Vyxen Nyne's little...mess.

So. It had begun at last.

Bast placed his paw on the intercom button and spoke gently into it, his voice a throaty purr.

"Akane Jagger. Have the employees prepare an er--what do they call those--ah yes, an ambulance to pick up the body. Can you get one?"

The soft female voice drifted back to him. "Yes, sir. What color are they supposed to be, though?"

Bast fiddled idly with the earrings in his right ear. "Hrmmm." He wasn't well-versed in human customs that didn't relate to money or stocks. "Black, perhaps. The color of death...it makes sense, I would think."

"Black it is then, sir." The intercom went dead.

Bast grinned. The diamonds embedded in his teeth glittered faintly in the darkness.


The body lay sprawled in the back of the alley.

Zeffy Fujihara sat crouched upon the roof of the Silph Tower, watching the sirens pierce the dusky haze of the night. Her blue eyes glittered in the shadows above her pale cheeks, and a grin split her face in half. She watched the Ninetales interact with the Hierophant, and was faintly smug when the Ninetales visibly grew angry.

The Interloper hummed quietly, twiddling her thumbs as she moved her gaze down to the body in the alley below her. It truly was a mess--amazing how much red humans had inside them. And such a lovely soul-binding alchemy circle, too. Very high quality, no doubt.

There was a faint series of clattering bangs. The Ninetales had transformed into her true form and was bounding up the buildings, and on the rooftops....and leaping away into the darkness. Zeffy chuckled. Such a temper...and vain, too.

She slid a hand in the pocket of her military jacket, to which a yellow smiley-face was pinned. It was jarring in its pure, idiotic happiness. The Interloper pulled out a pack of faded, tattered old cards and rifled through them. With a deft motion, she plucked out a card, and glanced at it.

It depicted a woodcut painting of the arch under a stone bridge, and the dirt road than ran below it. From the hewn-stone arch, there hung a life-size wooden marionette, its strings hanging limply. The marionette's head was twisted at a unnatural angle. The Puppet.

Zeffy held the card lightly between her thumb and index finger...and then let it go. The winter wind carried it away, where it slowly spun and danced in the air, fluttering down in a wide spiral.

The card landed gently on the outstretched palm of the corpse.

Zeffy stood up and cracked her neck. "When you wake up, Linali Furusato...it ain't going to be pretty."

Her laughter echoed in the dark winter night.

Neo Emolga
05-13-2007, 12:44 AM
OOC: Hope no one cares if my guy has a potty mouth, but if you do, I’ll chop out the swearing.

Joseph Downs
Ruins of Pyrite Town

We landed in Hell.

Every f*cking living thing in this continent was berserk. We spent every god-damned night just watching the red and black clouded sky like paranoid freaks. Not to mention, our squads were halved with the second attack. We would have been doing okay if these mother-f*ckers didn’t rip the sh*t out of our squads.

Myers, Forbes, and Collins… all dead. I saw these guys have their necks grabbed, and got to watch them screaming as these freaks burrowed their claws into the throats of these guys, screaming some random sh*t about Babylon. They must have been stuck in some eternal lapse where they thought we were actually responsible for that crap. Un-f*cking believable.

Sin… I didn’t know what the hell “Sin” really was, but whatever the hell they said it would do, it was everywhere. These bastards came out of nowhere, just wanting to kill everything. Boy was I glad I was in a Black Hawk squad so I didn’t have to meet these pricks head-on. They came in all forms… shambling… corrupted… freaks. Some that used to be human, others that looked like Pokémon turned inside out… gutted and now truly damned. And with the sight of ruined cities and lifeless deserts everywhere, it was easy to think we were living in the f*cking apocalypse.

The only way to stop them was to kill them. Orre was totally taken over by Sin, and we were still looking for that b*tch Zeffy Fujihara, supposedly the source of the Sin. That, and we also needed to get those damn thirty silver coins to give to Vyxen Nyne, or else humanity would never get the Firstborns on our side. We had to beat the Persians to it, or else we’d never get that chance. And truthfully, Orre was the best place to look. Hell, this old sh*thole is where it all started in the first place.

It felt weird trying to appease a Ninetales, but hell, it meant less pain for us later on. We always thought we were the ones with the power, but damn, this came as a nice reality check. Nothing like burnt flesh and smoldering ruins to give you the assurance people sure ain’t the ones in charge around here.

Well, we managed to hold the fort for now. Where the hell these coins where, we didn’t know, but we did have a relative location on where Babylon would have been after being royally toasted. We were looking for a needle in a barn full of haystacks here, but the real mission was taking back Orre, and hopefully giving Zeffy Fujihara the bullet breakfast she deserved.

Hell, I wanted to be the one to kill that b*tch first.

05-13-2007, 02:14 AM
OOC: Potty mouth. =O *cough*XD (EDIT: Why does the O have a dash through it again?)

Rakumi Ryoku
Lavender Town

I could still ear the sobbing of my siblings echoing in my mind... crying... now only six of us were left. My family... almost destroyed. Many humans recently have been murdered, especially around the ruins of Babylon in Orre (so the newspapers have told). I don't want them to die. I want to save them all from this Zeffy Fujihairy-something-or-other person. I want to find her... I want her gone. But still... her pink hair and blue eyes... it reminds me of Mother...

The harsh, cold winds blowing in this town reminded me of that dreadful day. Every building looked bleak and lifeless to me. I looked up at the mournful Pokémon Tower. Fear rushed in through my blood; thoughts raced around in my mind. Rakumi, you may be next. Find a way, Rakumi. I shook my head and explored the gloomy town.

I stopped by the home of Mr. Fuji, the protector of Pokémon. Such a caring and kind person. How come everybody can't be this way? I leaped onto the windowsill and looked through the glass. The savior himself was stroking a Pikachu's head. Another Pikachu was sitting beside the Pokémon, looking around the room. She soon looked through the foggy window and saw me. I quickly recognized those eyes of hers. Kamira!

"Warn the others within the Two Regions," I said through the glass. "I'm off to find the Foul One. I'm going to help the humans. Take care, Mage Kamira."

The female Pikachu nodded. "I will do as you say, Rakumi. Good luck and good-bye."

Mr. Fuji looked at Kamira with a bewildered look. "Little Pikachu, what were you talking to?" Kamira giggled and curled up to sleep. Once Mr. Fuji turned his focus on a crying Nidoran, she looked at me one last time.

"If the Foul One comes to harm us, we will fend her off. I swear to protect all Pichu and Pikachu in my tribe."

"Thank you." I waved and bounded off to Route 8. The blustering gale continued to blow around litter on the road.

Maybe Fujihairy is with Rocket. I'd better go check.

05-13-2007, 02:39 AM
Ashitaka Startail

Decimated Town

Dead. All dead. Nothing remained of what could have once been a pleasant sleepy town. Dried blood still covered the ground, splattered on the walls of empty houses. Nothing but gore and death remained.

It was a small boy that looked on at the carnage. Bodies, unburied and rotting, filled the air with the putrid scent of blood and death. They were the bodies of human and Pokemon alike. He could still see where loyal hounds had attempted to protect their masters, but in vain. What exactly had caused this, the boy couldn't be sure, but it was Sin in some shape or form.

As he drew closer to Orre, this was all Ashitaka came upon. More death, more Sin. Was there no end to it? The young boy gritted his teeth. There was only one end he could imagine. Bringing back Mother. Only She could end the madness, the death, the Sin. And that was why he was journeying to Orre. To find the coins. He himself couldn't understand it, but only those coins could bring back Mother, and reunite the world. He was so tired of fighting.

No longer worried about being seen, Ashitaka transformed. He shrank, falling to his knees until his arms turned to legs. In less than a few minutes, he was a minute blue cat, a Shinx. With a leaped, he jumped from the ledge he had been standing upon as he surveyed the village. He scampered throught the empty streets, not daring to breath lest his lungs and nostrils were filled with the putrid scent of decaying bodies. He'd soon be through this, and on to avenge the deaths. He didn't stop once, until he heard a noise.

Skidding to a halt, Ashitaka ceased movement. He heard something, a small whimpering noise. Edging forward, he heard it again, louder this time. It came from a small bundle of cloth, dropped under an abandonned cart in the haste of escaping. There was no mistaking that sound. It was the mewl of one of his brethren, so to speak. A young Shinx.

Ashitaka watched the bundle in silence, until it began to move feebly. The mews intensified in volume and distress.

"Brother?" Ashitaka called out in the language of his kind. "Are you caught? What is wrong?" He approached, but jumped backwards in terror and disgust as what had once been a Shinx emerged from the remains of cloth. Its eyes held an unnatural fire, full of rage and anguish. Its fur was matted and discolored, peeling away from bone along with skin and decayed muscle. It was a corpse, animated by Sin. A creature of death.

Ashitaka gave a distressed cry and loosed a volt of electricity. It seemed to barely harm the Undead Shinx, for it leapt forward, its claws still sharp and its limbs holding unnatural strength. It knocked over Ashitaka, and the two rolled, wrestling and fighting all the while. Ashitaka didn't dare bite the thing, afraid of its rotting fleshcoming apart in his mouth. He slashed with his own claws and allowed electrictiy to run through him into the Sin creature. It had the advantage of strength, but Ashitaka, for all his young appearance, had centuries of fighting experiance. He managed to pin the creature and gave it all the electricity he could gather. In the end, it was little more than charred remains.

Breathing heavily, Ashitaka sat back on his hauches for a few moments. He closed his eyes, willing the images of death and the Sin creature away, but he couldn't. There was nothing left to do but go on. So, climbing to his feet, he was off once more.

(The Undead are part of Sin, right? ><)

05-13-2007, 04:13 AM
Ruins of Babylon, Orre

"These zombie Pokemon are every-freakin'-where. Honos, Shiva, if either one of you could drop a building or two on them, it would make me really happy."

It had been said, and so it was done, the Pokemon moved quickly, the Machamp dashing through the zombie-things, a path cleared for him by a Charizard unleashing a huge Flamethrower that wiped out many of the smaller ones, the rest handled by four massive arms moving like lightning, sending many of them flying into each other. The whole point of this dangerous escapade was not to strand the Machamp though, and with a resounding sound of brick snapping in two, the central pillar of the a rather large-sized building shattered, and the Machamp emerged from the ancient building once more, tossing Pokemon that appeared to be infested by something in every direction as he did, mostly backwards.
And as all this occurred, an Alakazam meditated in the back, behind the Charizard and Dragonite that were destroying anything that came too close. As the Machamp moved, the Alakazam watched with his mind's eye, before opening his eyes abruptly and glowing with energy. The target was only one thing, a certain ancient building that had zero standing pillars left, most of them having been wrecked by Honos tossing too many off his opponents into them, the last few having been broken by Psychic. The building floated about a foot in the air, before turning on its side and just falling on top of the vast majority of the zombie-mon.

"That settles things, return, the bunch of you, Loki, come out here and stay out here."

It was a simple switching of shifts as the Pokemon switched places, four moving back and one coming out, the said one proceeding to hurl a huge Shadow Ball at any surviving zombie-mon, ripping a whole straight through all of them, the residual energy more than enough to disintegrate the smaller Pokemon that formed these zombies. None of them were a match for Silver Etherlight, all of them together was barely a challenge, but he needed to prevail here, or he would never even find any of the thirty silver coins, though he had a gut feeling that at least one was here, in Babylon, where it all began. They had to be, surely they could not all have been evacuated by now, could they? Though as time passed, the growing suspicion in his chest that the ancients had been more thorough than he thought felt like taking over.

No, there had to be.

05-13-2007, 08:18 AM
OOC: Nah, Scrap, everything's fine. =D As for you, Chief, cussing is fine here, seeing as the fic itself involves loads of cussing. As for the 'Ø'... its really just for a decorative puporse. xD And finally, yes, the undead are part of Sin. Its just another name for them.

Now, onto the post!


[Aeonil Rufhercelt]
[X: 63, 285]::[Y: 12,479]


It was a comforting one.

He could feel it, the great threatening, looming darkness that was in his very mind. It filled the gaps where his memories were once supposed to be – memories that had long since faded as time had passed. Memories of his bittersweet childhood in the orphanage, his misadventures with that mysterious Jack Crow, and then the coin. The tournament. The savage, monstrous Mightyena.


A hard rasp into reality, a sharp pain as a clenched fist knuckled upon the side of his head. The teenager groaned as his deep maroon eyes flicked open, a pained and annoyed expression etched upon his face, like a permanent scowl. Aeonil Rufhercelt did not like to be so rudely awakened. Dark chestnut-red hair exploded wildly all over his head, locks of it framing his sharp face. Strands on the front fell over his forehead as a multicolored fringe, and the boy moaned as a hand rose to rub the soreness of his rather sharp nose.

“So, ya finally awake?” asked a voice. Aeonil turned to face who what could be rather accurately described as his fraternal twin. With bright, equally wild looking crimson red hair (along with a single strand that fell over equally crimson eyes), Lucifer Leonheart grinned, showing off dainty fangs to the soul-bound human. Normally anyone would have led to believe that Lucifer was a vampire of sorts, judging from the eyes and fangs, but Aeonil knew better. Lucifer was in fact, a Wereyena named Lucied, right hand man of the Mightyena Firstborn, whom Aeonil served as well – even if it was unwilling.

“Yes, I am,” replied Aeonil as he scowled at the cheery Wereyena. “No thanks to you, by the way.”

Lucied grinned once again. “Touché,” he commented, before scurrying down the tree branch that the human slept on, about two branches below where his companion slept. Like Lucied, the boy below was a Werehound, taking on the shape of a dark-skinned teenager with shoulder-length, rather spiked black hair that cascaded with streaks of ivory white in five strokes at the back. His (also rather sharp) face was framed by twin bangs of jet-black hair with white streaks in the middle of each, the bangs held back by a maroon bandana that went around his forehead, right above dark eyebrows. “Hey, Kortez!” the Wereyena started, both cheerfully and loudly. The Werehound stirred, eyelids opening to reveal amber eyes that glared daggers at crimson ones upon first sight.

“I told you the name’s not Kortez. It’s Ifrit, and you’d do well to remember that,” muttered the annoyed half-breed as he got up. Looking up, the Werehound noticed that Aeonil was awake as well and greeted him. “Morning, Aeonil,”

“Same to you, Ifrit,” the human said in response as he looked around, noticing that one of their group was missing. “Where’s Javas?”

“Right here, Monsieur!” exclaimed a breezy voice. A Sneasel then dropped down from the canopy, the ends of his dirt-brown burlap cloak flapping behind. “Tsk, tsk, tsk. Late risers, aren’t we?”

“Some people, Javas, have better things to do other than talking and acting like an idiot,” Ifrit grumbled under his breath in response.

Javas shrugged, the action briefly revealing the metallic arm that was screwed upon his right arm. “I am a genius after all, Monsieur Houndoom. I have better things to do than talking.”

A vein pulsed on the Werehound’s forehead. “Why you-” started the fire-type, but Lucied quickly calmed down his companion.

“Calm down, pal,” the Wereyena said, “we can’t kill someone we are charged to protect.”

Ifrit grunted loudly at that statement and settled back down, opting to instead continue venting his anger by glaring daggers at the Sneasel. Javas sighed melodramatically as he flapped back his cloak, fully displaying his bionic arm for all to see. “People just can’t cool down, eh?” the feline commented rather casually. Aeonil could swear that the temperature had just went up by thirty degrees at that statement. The human sighed at the sight of the trio.

This was definitely going to be a long day…


Neo Emolga
05-13-2007, 03:03 PM
Joseph Downs
En Route to Babylon

We had gotten a mission redirect. Captain Hank’s team had been eliminated, chances were good that the guys we swapped war stories with yesterday were going to need to be gunned down tonight. And we still needed to escort these researchers toward the Babylon location and keep their asses safe while they tried to find these coins to pay off Vyxen Nyne. We just had to hope those blasted Persian were looking in the wrong place.

I watched from the Black Hawk as the escort of three Humvees, two cargo trucks, a personnel carrier, and a black trailer moved along the desert wasteland. Orre was never much of paradise before, and it sure as sh*t wasn’t one now. Any Sin-corrupted undead freaks of nature were left alone as we passed them. Some would try to reach out and grab the vehicles, only to have their arm or foot ripped off and thrown meters away. This wasn’t anything new, we had been witness to this for a while.

We had the relative location of Babylon, ruins we expected to be highly patrolled and watched over. We had all of Orre to handle, but the government seriously wanted to get the Firstborns on our side with the payment. I found it unusual they were actually believing the whole legend now, but hell, in a time like this, any reality slap would do it. Seeing what happened to Orre likely created enough sh*t in their pants to go with their gut feelings. So, to pay off Vyxen Nyne was our mission now. If we appeased her, hopefully humanity wouldn’t look like jackasses to the Firstborns. We were racing for them now.

“Shouldn’t be long now.” Captain Lomax shouted over the loud whir of the helicopter blades, “Remember, these freaks don’t want humans here, so expect a fight. Everyone wants those silver coins, so if you find them while down there, let evac now so we can get them the hell out of here.”

“How do we know they’re actually down there?” Private Hanson shouted.

“We don’t, Private, but its our best guess they’re somewhere here.” Captain Lomax shouted back to him, “HQ is sending reinforcements, they’re already en route to our location.”

Sin was either going to be really pissed more humans were coming, or really happy they were going to get more victims. I sure as hell hoped we were only going to make them angrier…

Scourge of Amaranth
05-13-2007, 07:06 PM
OOC: Heh, Riaz won't usually swear much, but he's pretty irritated right now.

I hope you don't mind my brief religious references in there- I was just struck by a similarity and thought it would be worth my character noting.


(+)Riaz Kiya(+)

Damn them. Damn them all. As soon as this is over, I'm getting up and leaving. Leaving for good. Damn the family name, the family honor. I don't care anymore, and I'm certainly not bearing any more sons to suffer my fate. This isn't worth it. Nothing's worth being stuck in the middle of a bloody f*ucking war, dammit! That might not be what this is yet, but it will be soon. I'm not f*cking blind- I can see it.

I saw the tanks, the copters, the guns, all ripping their way through hordes upon hordes of the zombies. The undead. The Sin... whatever. It doesn't really matter, does it? They're still the same foul beasts, with their flesh hanging from rotted bones, their teeth loose in those sickly gums. Their smell, though, has to be the worst of it. It's like rotting flesh... but sweet smelling, even slightly intoxicating.

Because of them, I'm carrying a gun for the first time in four years- not that it'll help much. The only chance I've got against one of those things is to rip it to pieces before it does the same to me.

I don't even have a chance at those coins, although I'll try. My fellows won't be much help- they're just as bewildered as I am, and they don't even know what they're looking for. Hell, I'm not even supposed to know the truth of the coins. I did some research on my own though, and found out a few things. Babylon, zealot sacrifices... it's like something out of a horror movie. This whole damn thing bloody is ironic, really. I've never been a religious man, but I know the stories and I've heard the faith. Thirty silver coins for the Christian God's son, thirty silver coins for the Pokemon's Mother. What is it with people and thirty silver coins, anyways? Or is it the number 'thirty' and 'silver coins' independently that people are so obsessed with?

Everyone seems to want these coins, and it's bloody annoying. They're all going there, to Orre. Humans, Pokemon, Sin... all for thirty goddamned silver coins. They're squabbling like pitiful, obsessed babies. And hell, I'll be right up there with the worst of them, once I get there. I've got to find the coins, although I'd much rather die trying. That would end this deplorable existence, this pathetic job. It would be the easiest way to leave, to get out of this bloody mess. I'd do it myself, but I'm such a bloody coward.

At least, with all thses people here, I know this trip isn't a dud, like the last one. 'Go find the handmade Pokeballs worth millions of dollars from millions of years ago' they said. Hah, yeah right. That worked out really well.

I gave a small chuckle out loud, and Hasim, one of the others in our exploration group, glanced at me wearily. "Do I even want to know?" he asked, his voice laced with fatigue. [i]Good, I thought. I'm not the only one who's about to keel over.

"Probably not."

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Orre Desert
Cipher Base

"What the hell are those things!?"

"They're ****ing monsters!"

"Hurry up and shoot, dammit!"


A few of the Missingno fell, weakened by the bullets. The rest came forward and began to kill off the foolish humans. Didn't they know that resistance to Sin was utterly futile? Well, they would soon. If they lived that long to realize it.

Several creatures that strongly resembled skeletons of some sort came forward and skewered those humans with scythes and claws. Crimson blood gathered in pools around their bodies. Other Sin creatures were using far different approaches. I noticed one that resembled a purple cloud float around a human, creating a void of thick smoke that the human was trapped in. Bullets flew from out of the cloud of a creature, but this particular one was made of gas and no solids, which allowed every bullet to pass through harmlessly. When it floated off to it's next victim, it left a human behind that had choked to death on the creature itself.

And what was I doing while the creatures of Sin terrorized the humans? I was terrorizing the white building that they were coming out of and, at this point, starting to run into. I gritted my teeth and focused all my power on the very dirt below me. The ground underneath the building suddenly split, effectively ripping the building in half. A few of the pathetic people fell into the gorge, screaming all the way. I smiled as I pondered the fate of the people below. If the Missingno didn't kill them, they would die of thirst and starvation soon enough...

I heard a few machine gun fires, then felt a few stings on my right side. I flinched, but the bullets had not broken through my immensely tough layer of green scales. No bullet could. Even knives and claws had a hard time breaking through. The pain has simply come from the impact of the bullet, like a slap the size of a pea.

I growled and turned towards the human that had fired at me. She was still firing away. Without warning, I charged. She gaped at me, obviously not expecting such immense speed from something as large as a Tyranitar. She finally turned and tried to run, but it was too late. My claws ripped through her bulletproof armor and straight into her skin. I must have hit her heart, for all she could do was utter a small squeak. She died before she even hit the ground.

It was all over within ten minutes. Bodies of the people in those ridiculous white outfits lay everywhere; there were enough of them that one could probably step from body to body without ever touching the ground. The Sin were tearing apart what was left of their base, and a few were even hopping down to the lower levels via my crack in the ground and killing off the few remaining scientists to fulfill their destructive needs.

I smirked. "Well, that was a fun distraction. Time to head to Babylon's ruins." My smirk disappeared as soon as I said that. I hated that place. It was the place that brought the death of the Mother. But I had to go there, for her sake...

As I began to walk closer to the ruins, some of the Missingno, bored with the lab now that there was nothing to destroy, followed.

"Kzar jaloa uin sanked?" one of the Sin creatures asked me in their own bizzare language.

I smirked in reply. "Don't worry. If I'm right and the humans who are also searching for the coins go to these ruins, there will be plenty to destroy..."

05-14-2007, 04:45 AM
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[Orre Region]
[Two hundred thirty miles from the ruins of Babylon]
{Five Thirty in the Afternoon}

If you had asked her five years ago where she thought she would be today, Isabella Rayne wouldn’t have told you stranded in the middle of nowhere and having to fight off about eight sinned Pokemon. But, alas, that is where she was, and she couldn’t change it now.

“Ack, Juri hit the Growlithe one with a Psychic! Aiko use a Future Sight to protect her!” Bella shouted, over the roaring winds of the Orre desert. Her chalky white skin was dusted with patches of sand; her usually well kept hair in a knotted mess. But she was less worried about her looks now; poor Jury and Aiko had been fending off the sinned Pokemon for over an hour. Their attacks didn’t seem to do much damage, but it was most likely due to the fact most of the Pokemon had once been Dark types. Her eyes were focused on the two, the bright golden topaz orbs glowing slightly with unearthly light.

Juri darted to the side just in time to avoid a Firespin, Aiko still charging her Future Sight. The shiny Espeon was showing the most signs of wear, her dark grey mass of fur matted beyond belief and splattered with a bit of blood. Her deep red eyes and dark blood red gem shone with an eerie light as she fought, trying vainly to take down something almost completely immune to her Psychic powers. She was swifter than the Sin though, and could dodge most of their attacks.

Aiko thrust her pale arms out, the psychic energy forming around the smaller fox in a protective barrier. Once that was done she set to work on attacking, her dark cobalt blue eyes glowing with the energy. The sandstorm was pulling at her milky silver dress and mussing her deep violet hair, but the majority of damage was absorbed by her own protective shield, leaving her free to attack and help her partner. And they needed all the help they could get.

They battled on, several of the Sin falling to the ground as attack after attack collided with them, until only four remained. A Houndoom stood at the forefront of the small group of mammalian Pokemon, snarling and barking like a rabid dog while a disgusting black saliva dripped down its chin. Right after that was the hardest of the Pokemon, the trio of Jolteon, Flareon, and Vaporeon. They constantly attacked as a group, and even if they were mindless their instincts proved to be sharp. Whenever Aiko would target the Vaporeon with a Magical Leaf, the Flareon would take the hit, and if she tried a Thunderbolt the Jolteon would absorb it. They were just that good of a team, which lead Bella to believe they had a loving owner once.

It saddened her that the Pokemon were becoming this, and the fear that one of her own might be affected gripped her tighter. She couldn’t bear to see them like this, just a destructive force with no mind or heart anymore. Why did this have to happen?

Juri yowled in pain as a black blob of shadows pegged her in the side, drawing Bella’s distracted mind back into the foray. She couldn’t afford to zone out like that, her Pokemon needed her to help.

“Juri, Aiko, try hitting the Houndoom with a Return!” she called out, her voice hoarse from shouting over the now dying sandstorm. Her jacket had long since been blown away, several small cuts on her arms bleeding still from the debris, but her mind stayed focused on her Pokemon. If they could take that kind of a beating then she could too.

The two psychics nodded their heads, darting and running towards the hellhound with a single intent. Damage to an opponent, no matter who they were. Even if they hit one of the eons, they would still do a massive amount of damage. Return was based on their bond with their master, and the two couldn’t be any closer even if they tried.

The attacks hit head on with the Jolteon, who leapt into the fray at the last second. The electric fox was knocked clear away from the battle and into a rock, where she lay completely still once and for all. But neither Pokemon dwelled on that fact for long, as they launched into the battle again. Firing off attack after attack, anything in their arsenal, they battled, even as Juri slowed down and Aiko began to tire. A Thunderbolt hit the Vaporeon dead on, as he too fell limply to the ground, while Juri pounded the Flareon with a volley of Psychic, Confusion, and Shadow Ball.

Just when things started to look up, as the Flareon fell to the ground as well, the Houndoom latched onto Juri’s neck, shaking her roughly as she tried to squirm out of his grasp. She was squealing and clawing in a frenzy, trying everything she could to escape his death grip on her while her eyes showed her fear. Bella screamed in shock, trying to run over to help her beloved Pokemon in anyway she could. She was thrumming with psychic energy, and she was ready to release it to save her friend, but just before she did Aiko interfered. The humanoid girl, no bigger than Bella herself, shot off the strongest Psychic attack she could, bowling over the dark type and releasing Juri from the iron grip of his fangs.

Once released Juri scrambled back up, hissing in anger as she charged for a finishing blow. The Quick Attack hit the hound straight in the back of the skull, sending him crashing into the sandy ground with a loud thud and signaling the end of the battle. He moved no more, just laid there, with empty eyes and glistening fangs.

Juri collapsed to the ground after him, breathing in great gasps of breath as she trembled. Aiko, too, was worn out, several gashes along her arms leaving stains of red along her white skin, but she made her way over to Juri first. They collapsed right there from exhaustion, and Bella quickly recalled them in fear. She didn’t even bother to go retrieve her lost jacket, instead she turned back towards the last oasis she had seen and began running. They needed to be healed, but with the lack of nearby towns the best she could do was give them a place to rest and recover on their own.

If she had to she could try healing them herself, but that was a risk. Her powers were unstable, if she wasn’t careful she could injure them more than help them. But, if it came down to it, she would try. She couldn’t afford to let them die, they were her family.

05-14-2007, 02:21 PM
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Orre Desert
En Route to Babylon

"Synar hala Babylon?" a Missingno that looked an awful lot like a Kabutops skeleton asked.

"We're almost there," I grumbled snippily. All forty or so of the corrupted Undead and Missingno in their natural state whispered, excited at the prospect of destruction.

Then I saw something come out of a hole at my feet. It was a Sandslash, beaten and bloodied, with many of it's spikes chipped. It stumbled out into the sunlight and blinked rapidly. The Sin army behind me jumped on the opportunity to kill something.

An Undead Pidgeot sailed in. It's peeling skin flapped away in the breeze, revealing an underworld of muscles and sinews. One of its eyes were dangling by a thread from the eye socket. It flew down and struck the Sandslash viciously with it's long talons. After taking some of the skin off, the Pidgeot proceeded to stab it in the head, raking through brain tissue.

The Sandslash fell over, bleeding profusely from many places on his body. Most of the Sin moved on, only acknowledging the body with a glance. The gaseous Sin, however, moved in. One of them moved around the Sandslash's body, engulfing it in lavender smoke. It slowly faded away. Once there seemed to be no trace of it left around the Sandslash, it slowly stood up, skin peeling enough to reveal bone in some places. The gas Sin has taken over the Sandslash and turned it into one of the Undead.

I could start to see Babylon Ruins about a mile away. It looked like there was some intense fighting going on.

I smiled. Good. I needed a main course after that appetizer of Cipher...

05-14-2007, 03:19 PM
Ruins of Babylon, Orre

The zombie-things, which Silver had finally bothered to identify as the Sin he had heard about, were slowing down, there were still many, but most of those that were left were generally the weaker flying types, since the rest had had buildings dropped on them, experienced massive Earthquakes, and the like. The fact remained however, that they still vastly outnumbered Silver and his team, even if they did not all attack at ones. If he could hazard a guess, he would say three-hundred to one, and that was in the Babylon area alone. Hopefully, he had overestimated their numbers, but whatever it was, it was still going to be a tough fight, especially since finding the silver coins was going to be next to impossible.

"Thirty silver coins, even all thirty of them gathered together would be hard to spot in this wreckage, but if I didn't venture some collateral damage, I would be dead right now. Choices, choices."

Finally deciding to check in random buildings as he could, Silver walked into one of the sturdier looking constructs, and climbed to the top, looking around the ruined city of Babylon. It was said to be once great, and even now, completely destroyed, it still had a haunting beauty, Sin crawling the streets or not. Even trenches caused by Hyper Beams, burn marks made by Blast Burn, a crater here or there made by an Aqua Tail, none of that could diminished the beauty in ruin that was Babylon, and even dying here would be not so bad, if not for the fact that his killers would be some undead thing.
And Silver Etherlight absolutely refused to be defeated by the undead.

"Rotation time, Leviathan, return, Ryujin, it's your turn."

The massive Gyrados that had slithered up with Silver Etherlight disappeared in a flash of red light, and out came another large, but not quite as massive, and obviously flying Dragonite, his normally kind face wrinkled into a growl as the Sin started to mass around the building. The stairway had long been collapsed by Leviathan though, and those that could not fly were stuck, and those that could, were easily preempted and struck down, only to fall into the Sin stuck on the ground. These small fry barely worried any of them, if not for their numbers and their tendency to make Silver unable to sleep, but it was that cloud of sand in the distance he saw that worried him. About a mile off, a sandstorm...

A Tyranitar, only thing could cause a moving sandstorm like that just by walking, and then there was the army of Sin around the said sandstorm, all Sin.
Silver Etherlight spat at it, pulling out his binoculars to take a closer look...

05-14-2007, 07:01 PM
Ashitaka Startail
Orre Desert, Approaching Babylon

For the last several days, Ashitaka had been traveling alone, prefering to stay in his Shinx form. Smaller and more difficult to see, it was easy to simply hide anmongs the sand or under a rock when a flying Sin creature or other possible enemy approached. Still, the going was slow- on these short legs, he could only go so fast. His cobalt paws einking into the sand and frequent sandstorms surely didn't help.

He'd managed to avoid fighting for most of the way. The few Sin he came to were most often dead, already killed by humans or someone else heading to Babylon. Ruts from human vehicles became more and more common as Ashitaka came closer. He knew that many Firstborn weren't tolerant of humans and their ways, often killing them without care, but Ashitaka wasn't one of them. He respected them, and had met many kind humans, but many filled with Sin as well. They were no different than Pokemon in general.

Eventually, Ashitaka could see the massive sandstorm. He had yet to see one that large during his journey, and doubted it was natural. Something powerful had to of created it- most likely a rock or ground type Firstborn, neither of which he wanted to tangle with. Turning in direction, he began an approach from the side, bypassing whatever had created the sandstorm. It would take longer, but he still liked his chances. After all, he was small. It would be easier to search in tiny crevasses than larger humans or Pokemon.

05-14-2007, 10:42 PM
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Rakumi Ryoku
Route 8 - En route to Saffron City

The gale turned into a breeze as the sky filled with small snowflakes. I proceeded through the dark field on Route 8 and onward to Saffron City. As I drew closer to the city, I smelled a vague, malovent scent...


My ears and tail stood up out of fear. Someone had been killed in Saffron City. Death was the last thing I wanted to see; I'd rather be watching paint dry on someone's forehead. I shook my head to rid of the terrible thought. I focused on the scenery.

Okay, uh... grass! Yes! Full of lif-- no, the grass hasn't grown yet. Uhm... TREE! Yes! That tree! Over there! Oh, no, it's a stump... AH! I KNOW! That Spearow-- oh no...! I looked at the seemingly sleeping Spearow. As I drew closer, I noticed something wrong. He wasn't breathing.

"Spearow... are... are you alive?" I asked the body, trying to reassure myself. I picked up an icy stick and lifted up its wing. Underneath its wing was a scar... in the extremely vague shape of an ankh-- the ankh of life. He suddenly squawked and opened his eyes. The Spearow's irises were red and not their usual color. I screamed as it chased me, attempting to hit me with a Wing Attack.

"Diiieeeee," he hissed. He didn't sound alive, he didn't even sound angry. It seemed like he was posessed. He shot down at me with a Peck attack, but I dodged it with ease. I started to speak in Pokémon language.

"I am one of the first created. You will not kill me, nor will you be able to kill me. I am one of you." I tried to bring sense into the mad bird.

"DIE," it replied. There was no sense in trying to use reason; it was time to attack.

I charged a bit of my energy (I didn't want to obliterate the bird!) for a quick Thundershock attack. I threw my arm out as the electricity in my body surged out, coming out as a whip. I slung it against the flying Spearow's body, leaving a slight gash in his body. He shrieked in pain as droplets of blood were flung out from his wound.

"Gwaaaaaaaaah!" The Spearow soon teetered in the air, spun around, and crashed to the ground. He was unconsious. I stared at the half-dead bird in shock from its sudden attack. It wasn't natural....

I'd better head out now, I reminded myself. I made a quiet dash to Saffron City, trying not to leave any prints on the snow. I then remembered about the body.

I turned back and kneeled down, touching the blood puddle with my hand. I gave a tiny shock to it to make it turn semisolid and covered it with snow. I then turned back again and ran to the city.

I'm going to find you, Fujihairy. I will.

05-14-2007, 11:18 PM
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Orre Desert

"Listen up," I growled to my Sin army. Most were Undeads, but there were a handful of natural Sin creatures that had not yet found a body to take over. They resembled violet clouds of thick smoke that had limited Psychic powers, though the powers were incredibly weak and the only good thing about them was that they were a gas, and therefore couldn't be hurt by physical abilities.

"There are coins somewhere in this wreckage. Not only does it make sense, but I can just...feel it. I command you all to seek out these silver coins and bring them back to me unharmed."

The Missingno nodded with their rotting heads.

"Good. I can provide limited protection from the eyes of others with my sandstorm, but if anything gets in your way, show no mercy."

Now the Sin seemed to be visibly excited at the idea of killing.

"I will also help you take down any...obstacles." I smirked as I imagined taking down a few of those humans like I did at the white lab. "Now find those coins!"

Hissing with delight, the Sin creatures stormed into the ruins, covered by the raging sandstorm now shrieking around the entire west half of Babylon. I waited a moment before following them all in, and then I headed to the northern part of Babylon. To the spot where the Mother had been crucified.

I had special duties there...

Neo Emolga
05-15-2007, 12:11 AM
Joseph Downs
Babylon, Orre

The place was in instant f*cking warzone.

Sin… Sin was f*cking everywhere. Hell, it was no surprise that the original escort was slammed sh*tless from this zombie fest. As soon as we arrived in the ruins of Babylon, a firefight broke out. The immediate response was to release Pokémon, instantly tripling the size of the attack force. I would have done the same, but being in this cramped up helicopter didn’t exactly leave a whole lot of room.

“Hit ‘em here!” Captain Lomax shouted.

As one of the two gunners, I had to clear out the Sin infestation. I pointed the mounted Minigun at the shambling horde, and unleashed fiery hell in their faces. The loud Minigun blasted out with a continuous stream of fire and mayhem, easily smashing heads like watermelons and ripping off limbs and body parts like a buzz-saw. In the meantime, a nearby Charizard and Infernape were roasting them alive, sending embers and the smell of burnt, rotting flesh into the air.

One of the tanks fired into a group of Sin-corrupted zombies, and five of them were turned into a shower of body parts. Other random explosions, gunfire, and flames baked the apocalyptic city with a hellish glow. So far, zero casualties on our end, but we did have the protection of our vehicles.

The undead Pokémon were ordered to be taken out first, since they would retaliate a whole hell of a lot better than the undead humans could. Our onboard sniper had to use his AR-10 to take out an undead Snorlax with a vicious and deadly headshot. Whatever he had left for a brain was forcefully ejected out the back of his head with the creation of a gaping exit wound.

The Pokémon forces became our street sweepers, especially the fire types. Every zombie we came in contact with was easily set on fire, and what wasn’t set on fire was mowed down by another Pokémon attack, or by firearms. We had three city blocks littered with the flaming and ripped apart corpses. Well, I always figured that getting the worst part done first would be better. As soon as this sh*thole was cleared out, clearing Orre of this maggot infestation wouldn’t be very hard now, would it?

Somewhere in this pile of sh*t were those coins, and we needed them… bad.

05-15-2007, 12:25 AM
Bella darted through the shifting sands with a somewhat grace that came with being with them for so long. She had, after all, been exploring the Orre region for nearly two months now, so she learned a few techniques. Like how to walk with little weight on your foot, so you don’t sink as much into the tumultuous sands. She easily spotted the oasis ahead, a shinning utopia of greens and blues among the bland color of sand, and sped up in the process. The oasis wasn’t particularly big, a decent sized pond that held a few water Pokemon surrounded by a short sea of green leaves, dark tan bark and hardened rocky soil that held some bit of life.

She lurched forward; landing harshly on her knees by the slightly murky waters and pulling her Pokeballs back out. Juri was let out first, having done the majority of the fighting, so she needed to be tended to first. Aiko did a lot of protecting in most battles, meaning she had higher stamina anyway. She could wait for just a few minutes while Juri’s wounds were healed.

The little grey fox materialized into her lap, panting as hard as she had been when she was returned and bleeding into Bella’s pants. But Bella didn’t bother with moving her; instead she reached over to scoop handfuls of water onto Juri’s side, scrubbing away dirt when needed. She sat like that for a while, just working diligently and gently to soothe the wounds of her faithful friend. Even as the Goldeen and Magikarp in the pond swam over to look at her, did she continue her work, gently untangling the silken strands of fur as she worked out debris and washed water through the wounds.

They weren’t bad wounds, just a superficial gash along her right side, and a handful of smaller ones, but they wouldn’t clot with all that mess stuck within them, every time Juri would breathe another small cut was opened as a small stick or rock would dislodge. As soon as she cleaned them out though they began to slowly clot right, free of hindering grains of sand or small pebbles. Juri’s breathing, too, evened out, as she began to take in deeper, more meaningful breathes that allowed more oxygen to her lungs than the short pants. Within seconds of her finishing Juri was stabilized, and it was then that Bella noticed the soft pink glow around her body. Juri was healing herself, slowly, but enough to do good in the long run. She would be safe; Juri had a hold on it now.

Smiling, and breathing a sigh of relief, she reached for her other Pokeball, releasing Aiko to sit beside her. The humanoid had already recovered some of her strength, and was awake and healing herself when she appeared. She looked to only be tired, the small cuts closed to silvery-white scars that would soon fade from existence.

“Aiko, are you okay?” Bella asked, turning her head to look into Aiko’s dark cobalt eyes.

‘I am fine, Bella,’ Aiko replied telepathically, through the link they always shared for communication,’ Juri is more injured than I, she always rushes head into the battle.’

Bella nodded her head grimly, looking back down at the sleeping Juri.

“True, but you think she’ll make a full recovery this time? It is the fourth time you’ve fought these things this week.”

‘Bella, she may not look it, but Juri is a strong Pokemon. She will pull through simply because it is another thing for her to succeed in,’ Aiko continued, placing a calming hand on Bella’s shoulder,’ She hates to loose, and dieing would be the largest loss one could get.’

“You’re right. So now we just wait, ne?”

‘Yes, waiting is what we do most in our lives. We must wait for many good things, like recovery. It is part of the balance.’

Bella grew silent, looking out into the water with clouded eyes. So many questions bothered her about this whole place, and she was sure that Aiko knew what they were. Aiko was a very intelligent being, and she had premonitions of the past and future many times. But she would never explain them, only that when the time comes she couldn’t change what would happen. Had she sent he attack? Had she seen Juri recover? Had she seen what those things were that attack them?

Aiko hummed next to her, pulling her legs underneath her body so she sat a more comfortable position. She gave out a small nod, as if telling Bella she could ask.

“Did you…know about all of this?”

‘Possibly. It is hard to tell you what I know without ruining something very important. I must keep the balance, Bella. I cannot give out information before it is due, or it will upset the flow of time.’

“That…was even more confusing than my first thought,” Bella sighed, placing her hands behind her so she could prop herself at an angle,” All right then, what are those things that attacked us? You called them sinned, why? And what is all this with Mew?”

‘I shall answer in order, please do not interrupt;’ was Aiko’s response, as she closed her eyes and concentrated on the information,’ Those beings that attacked us are, indeed, sinned. A verity of names befall them, Missingno, undead, among others. They are, simply, Sin. The manifestation of evil in a Pokemon, that is what they are. But it isn’t as simple as that.’

‘Many many thousands of centuries ago, the city of Babylon stood on the spot about two hundred thirty miles away. It was a human city, the very first, but it would be the cause of this tragedy so many years later. A group of zealots crucified the Mother, Mew, and sold off her blood for a simply thirty silver coins. The Firstborns were not happy, not in the least bit, neither were the Gods. Ho-oh, The Heaven, burned the city to the ground in retaliation. But, that is the last that I know of the story. I am not a Firstborn, nor were any of my direct ancestors. I simply know the tale from them, as the story of the unjust treatment of such a pure being was passed from Firstborn to child and then on.’

‘As for the Sin, they were created from the anger, the grudge that the Firstborns held against the humans. Most Firstborns do not like humans for that past, and as the anger grew and spread it bathed those it touched in a foul energy. Corrupting them, everything it touched, this grudge, the Sin, took over those closest to the ruins first. And then it spread across the land of Orre, corrupting everything in its path.’

She trailed off at the end, her eyes going distant as well. Bella couldn’t help but be shocked and angered by the news. Who in their right mind would murder Mew? For coins, none the less? It was barbaric! She was repulsed by the fact that humans, her own kin, would do that to a being as pure and as innocent as Mew. She felt sick, her stomach churning as she thought it over. So that was why the Sin was made? Because of her own race’s stupidity?

She doubled over slightly, holding her hands over her mouth. Those poor Pokemon were made like that because of human idiocy, she felt ashamed to be a human now. She couldn’t stand the thought of someone harming a Pokemon, be it the past or present. It was still murder, they had still murdered Mew.

05-15-2007, 01:11 AM
[Aeonil Rufhercelt]

You know it, don’t you…

He could hear it. That voice. That familiar voice. Always mocking him, taunting him.



It claws at your insides…

Yes, he could feel it. The pain that always throbbed within his intestines. It was a sickening, never-ending pain that would continue forevermore… as long as he still stood. As long as he still breathed. And already, that hunger was upon him. That never-ending, lasting hunger. For blood, for flesh…

For Mother.

Aeonil’s eyes shot open.

He was sitting in a most familiar scene. The sky around him was dark, so dark that he could almost see light with that darkness. Still, his eyes adjusted, and the darkness immediately turned to light. He was sitting on a wooden chair, in a wide office room. The floor was tiled with black and white marble in a checkerboard pattern, and the walls were simply shadows that writhed and lashed dangerously, threatening to grab any unwelcome visitors. The boy then looked in front of him, across the oaken table that had a vase of black roses at the side.

Alucard smirked, his black hair equally as black as the night above and the shadows. Aeonil wondered often if his hair was made of shadows. It seemed highly possible. The man was donning his usual attire of a Victorian blood-red trench coat, over his charcoal suit (with an incarnate red fashionable tie) and the teenager knew that with that, there were those riding boots, although the man had forgo with his fedora hat (which was equally red as well).

The man smirked yet again. “So, did you have a good dream?”

The question took a few seconds to digest.

Aeonil turned his lips into a snarl. “Fu*k you.”

Alucard chuckled throatily at that greeting. “Is this how you’re supposed to greet your Master after all this centuries?”

The human glared daggers at the other as he stated out bluntly. “It ain’t very fun when you’re suddenly thrown into a rollercoaster ride back and forth to the Twilight Zone. Have I told you how iconic that name is, anyway? The humans have a song called Twilight Zone, and it’s a helluva lout better than this fu*king place.”

The Mightyena Firstborn eyed the boy as he ignored the ramblings and continued on with what he wanted to say. “The humans are all very eager to retrieve the thirty coins. Already the Hoenn forces have deployed units to the Orre wastelands. Then there’s that foolish Dryanus, using Sin to try to gain back the coins. Little does that dinosaur know that Sin will eventually corrupt himself. Funny, since there’s only a single coin out there under the sand. For all I know, some Trapinch or Caneca might have already have it in their stomachs.”

Aeonil looked at Alucard solemnly. “So you want me to get that freakin’ coin?”

“It is under your contract,” the man answered smoothly. “And speaking of contracts, I’ve received word of another soul-bound human, like you.”

The human could not help but raise a surprised eyebrow. Another soul-bound human? “Are you Firstborns getting too trigger-happy with laying curses or something?”

Alucard grinned, displaying his elongated canines. “No; it is that feisty Vyxen Nyne who laid it upon the girl after all. She has always been known for her vengefulness. Apparently, that human was someone Carrion himself was rather fond of. He and the Winterland Triumvirate are all rather displeased with Vyxen evading the Murder. Moreover, it might be interesting to note that the girl was infested with Sin upon her death as well.”

Great. Among all the humans, another who has Sin. Aeonil thought glumly as he then asked, “So, what happens of her?”

“The Persian will lay the final rituals and bind her soul directly with Vyxen Nyne’s. I believe that she would be sent to retrieve the coins as well, in her bid to exchange for knowledge on resurrecting the Mother,” explained Alucard. “But in any case, let us get back to reality. I’ll bring you to Orre, and get the coin before the humans or the others would. Once you retrieve the coin, I expect you to return to the beacon: Fractured Cavern. Understood?”

Aeonil gulped slightly, already knowing the punishment he would receive if he would fail this. The Mightyena Firstborn was not very forgiving like his Master, the Void. “Yes…” muttered the boy.

Alucard then stood up, and the entire world instantly turned black. The last thing Aeonil saw were the pair of burning red eyes…


05-15-2007, 02:07 AM
Ashitaka Startail
Near the Oasis

Originally, Ashitaka hadn't meant to get this far away from the city itself. But, even so, with the number of forces that were gathering there, both human and Sin, he doubted that he'd be able to enter without getting himself killed. He might as well take his time, in any case.

That was when he found the oasis. One downside of traveling as a Shinx was the inability to bring supplies of any kind. It had been awhile since he had last had something to drink, and his tongue felt about as dry as the sand all around him. He jumped eagerly at the chance to get a drink.

While lapping at the water, ignoring the disgruntled stare of a Goldeen, his ears caught the sound of footsteps. Brining his head up, his ears swiveled slightly, pinpointing the noise. It was coming from somewhere behind him, either a heavyset human, or one carrying a bag. Guessing that it might very well be a trainer, he quickly hid among some of the larger leafy bushes.

It was a young girl, indeed a trainer, for Ashitaka recognized her Pokeballs on her belt. Quickly, the girl sat near the oasis, letting out a strange colored Espeon. Its gray fur was matted with blood and dirt, and it's breathing was shallow. Ashitaka wondered momentarily how it could still be alive, it looked so awful. Then, he knew very little about injuries.

The girl began to wash the wounds, quickly clearing them of debris. The Espeon's breathing became more regular, and Ashitaka watched in awe as, slowly, she began healing herself. Looking satisfied, the girl released a secong Pokemon, a Gardevior. Neither said a word for quite a while, though Ashitaka could have sworn they were coversing. He'd always considered Psychic types strange, many having the ability to speak with their trainers mind-to-mind if a strong enough bond was formed.

As the two coversed, Ashitaka decided it was safe enough to come out of hiding. With any luck, they would simply leave him alone. The quick drink he'd had before had hardly satisfied his thirst, and the trio didn't look like they'd be leaving anytime soon. So, quietly inching out from behind the plant, he crouched beside the water's edge opposite from the two, and began to drink.

05-15-2007, 03:02 AM
Orre Desert

"Dammit," I muttered under my breath. The humans had many Pokemon under their belt, plus their chaotic explosives every-freaking-where. We were getting weakened slightly...

But even though the cowards in helicopters were safe, the ground militia was getting pummeled. Zombie Pokemon unleashed attack after attack onto the forces there. I watched as a Charmander, mutilated beyond easy recognition, unleashed a Fire Spin onto one of the Jeeps. Long after the wall of fire circling inches around the Jeep died down, the car was in a fiery blaze that ended in a massive explosion as the gas tank caught fire. I could be certain that no one had survived...

Then I turned my glance onto the helicopter above. Suddenly, one of the humans fired an explosive gun straight at a hoard of Sin a couple dozen feet from me. They went up in flames, but in the millisecond before he fired, I saw something else through the crowd of rotted flesh.

It was green-scaled, with a lizard-like body, and red scales covering it's stomach. That was all I needed to see to figure out what it was.

It was a Larvitar. And it was not one of the Undead.

In its last seconds of life, it stared at me with its blue eyes. They were full of sorrow, panic, pain, and surprise all at once. It opened it's mouth, as if pleading.

Don't let me die, it seemed to say.

Then the hellish missile-like projectile hit the hoard of Sin and the Pokemon caught in the middle of the group.

I felt intense heat rip at my body, followed by a powerful shock wave that threw me backwards. I stood up, pained. Then the image of the Larvitar came back to me. An innocent killed in a war. And who had laid the final blow on the innocent creature? Who had ended the Pokemon's rhythmic breathing and heartbeat?

I saw the helicopter flying above. I felt a wave of more heat rise up from the inside of my body, but this was heat of fury...


I let loose a roar that, even in the hell of the battle, could have been heard all throughout Babylon. Some soldiers hesitated at the roar, allowing a few Sin to get some cheap shots in. I located the helicopter again. It was still flying overhead.

I gathered up any of my power I had, and let it all loose in a disastrous Hyper Beam that was headed for the helicopter flying at what looked like five hundred feet above the ground...

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Neo Emolga
05-15-2007, 03:42 AM
OOC: Oh thank you. XP

Joseph Downs
Babylon, Orre

Some of our ground forces were getting the sh*t ripped out of them, and it seemed these maggot-covered freaks were figuring out our plan to clear out this hellhole. I saw one jeep below us get hit with a Fire Spin, and explode into pieces. Meanwhile, I kept the Minigun blazing hard, cutting apart two zombies and an undead Tropius like they were paper.

“Where the f*ck is our backup!?” Captain Lomax shouted into his radio over the whirring of the helicopter blades, “We’re getting wasted out here, Commander!”

“Four miles due south, Lomax.” The radio crackled on, “They were delayed from the resistance, but they should be arriving at your attack location in ten minutes.”

“You said ten minutes ten minutes ago!” Captain Lomax shouted, “What the f*ck is taking so long!?”

Another RPG warhead struck another group of zombies, ripping them into pieces. My ammo belt was 65% depleted, which wasn’t looking good. We weren’t even halfway through this mess and already I was burning out the later half of this thing.

“You betta tell your boys to get their asses down here!” Lomax continued bickering, “We’re losing a lot of men down there for christsakes!

I expected HQ to ignore them, since the Bravo forces were already hauling ass to get down here. I was letting the Minigun cool down a bit, since overheating this thing was the last thing I wanted to do. And then, suddenly, the whole f*cking world went wrong.


“HOLY SH*T!!!”

I looked and saw a Hyper Beam attack headed right for the Black Hawk. Sergeant Brown, our pilot, tried to pull up the Black Hawk as high as he could, but there was no f*cking way he could do it in time.

The back of the Black Hawk, along with the rotor, was ripped to shreds in a blazing explosion. I was deafened for a moment, watching Captain Lomax, Private Mason, and Corporal McGee get thrown right out of the helicopter. I knew there was no f*cking way in hell they were going to survive the five hundred foot drop.

The Black Hawk’s emergency systems went off, and Brown picked up the receiver, trying to keep the Black Hawk steady with its already flaming end.

“Mayday! Mayday!” Brown shouted into the radio, “This is Hawk 3, we’ve taken severe damage to the tail. Repeat, severe damage to the tail! We are going down!”

Hanson the copilot was already bleeding in the forehead, while Jamison, the other gunner on the left side was swearing up a storm, just watching the flames eat away the ruined mass of sh*t our Black Hawk had become. Brown was trying to land, but I couldn’t even see what the hell was going on with our front windows cracked in five million f*cking places.

Brown did the best he could to keep the Black Hawk steady as he tried to crash land the flaming hulk into the sand, hoping the rest of it wouldn’t explode. My ass and my left arm were killing me, but I wasn’t sure what the hell was wrong. Everything was bouncing up and down and we descended toward the ground, into an empty, sandy street.

“Hang on!” Brown shouted, trying to keep control.

We then felt the impact. It felt like having two defibrillators discharged in my face. My ass hurt even more, and I watched as the ruined hull of the Black Hawk half buried itself in the sand. Hanson was unconscious, Jamison was cursing about how much his f*cking hand was hurting him, while Brown was trying to catch his breath. The back of the helicopter was still on fire, and we didn’t have a whole lot of time to get the f*ck out of here.

“Come on, let’s go!” Brown shouted, forcing open the pilot’s side door, “Jamison, get a move on. Downs, you take Hanson. We don’t have a whole lot of time here!”

I cursed under my breath as I stepped out of the Black Hawk. I headed toward the copilot’s door, had a little trouble trying to get the door open from the amount of sand, and forced it open. I didn’t know if Hanson was dead or not, I just grabbed his body, threw it over my shoulder, and headed the hell out of there. My ass was still killing me, but I could manage a run.

“Downs, get a f*ckin’ move on!” Jamison shouted to me from across the street, “Browns found a safehouse across the street, just take him and get movin’!”

Easy for him to say, his ass wasn’t killing him like mine was. I managed to follow him, but I knew this place would only stay safe for so long.

I didn’t know where the hell Lomax, Mason, or McGee were, but I could bet my burning, aching ass they were dead. When I finally arrived at the place Jamison and Brown were, I laid Hanson down on the sand and tried to keep safe. Jamison was covering one window with his M4A1, and I figured I might as well try to do the same until the situation was secure.

Trying to survive this night was going to be hell in a handbasket, that was for sure…

Scourge of Amaranth
05-15-2007, 04:28 AM
(+)Riaz Kiya(+)

By the time we had arrived, a whole damn battle was already started. Hoenn militia forces ripped away at Sin infected Pokemon, doing their best to bring the beasts down. They weren't doing much of a proficient job. A Tyranitar tore through the fray, commanding multitudes of Sin... and killing innocents. I watched grimly as the piles of limbs, bullet casings, and rubble grew... and grew... and grew. Sin slipped across the blood-soaked sand, shredding through tanks almost effortlessly.

This bloody thing had become a war already.

I clapped my hands and turned to my expedition force. "Does anyone besides me think we should wait until both sides have exhausted themselves and then go steal the loot?" It killed me to say it... okay, not really. I was relieved to have an excuse to stay on the sidelines. I had to protect my men...

Without even waiting for an answer, I nodded. "Alright then. Let's go back a ways... away from the bloodthirsty possed beings and humans with big guns."

Turning, I began to trek back in the direction I had come, then paused at the terrible, earbreaking noise of a... Hyper Beam ripping through something large... and metal... with people in it. I spun around in time to see a large helicopter plummeting towards the ground. There was no way they could stop it... and nothing I could do.

Resuming my walk, I grabbed Onyx's Pokeball from my belt and released the Metagross- it wouldn't do to be caught without protection in these conditions.

I turned to face my men, making sure they were following. There was absolutely no way in Hell that we would survive this battle if we got involved, especially considering only about three tenths of us knew how to use a gun. So, we were retreating... I didn't even feel the smallest pang of guilt as I turned my back on my fellow humans, leaving the militia to the mercy of the Sin.

Bloody greedy humans were what got us into the first place, so I'd leave it to them to get us out.

05-15-2007, 08:45 AM
Babylon, Orre

"Oh, bloody hell."

Beating down Sin was nice and fine and all, but a Tyranitar and its army, and the Hoenn Armed Forces had both decided that it was a good time to crash his party and start a whole huge war right at his feet. He could smell blood, oil, and burning flesh all at the same time, all trying to overtake each other in terms of how bad they smelt. As far as Silver was concerned though, he would have stuck with just oil and gunpowder, at least that, was a fairly normal scent compared to that which the Sin brought with them.

"The other five of you, get your butts out of your Pokeballs."

While he still was not exactly sure whether or not to join the fray, since they likely both wanted the silver coins for themselves, and any impediments to his goals were just that, Silver knew that if he was to take a side, it would be that of the Hoenn Army, at least that one was not undead and murderous. Just a little ruthless, which suited Silver perfectly, but he would still rather they keep their grimy little hands off his silver coins, especially the Sin. Who knew what they would do with all thirty coins in their hands, but whatever it was, it was not going to be pretty.

It was here that the Tyranitar unleashed a Hyper Beam, and blew up a helicopter that was just hovering around firing rounds in self defense. The sheer size of the explosions irritated Silver to be sure, but the fact was, that the falling machine was way too close for comfort, and besides, with no more guns in the sky to fire awry, he could go in from behind.

"Shiva, rip a hole through the backline of the Sin with Hyper Beam, and stay on Leviathan. Ryujin, carry Honos down, Hephaestus, bring me. Loki, follow us."

And so the six Pokemon did just that, the Gyrados lifting the Alakazam high, which in turn released a massive Hyper Beam that blew a crater just behind the crazed Tyranitar, the sandstorm surrounding it clearing just slightly from the force of the blast of energy that ripped straight through anything in its way. It was nothing more than an opening that, as the Dragonite burst forth with Extreme Speed, tearing up any Sin that got too close to him, and flinging the Machamp off his tail at the Tyranitar. The Charizard on the other hand, floated down rather more elegantly, with the trainer holding on tightly as it stopped, unleashing a massive Flamethrower that seemed to just make holes wherever it went. Rumours said that a Charizard's flame melted rocks with ease, and Silver had recently seen why, when it was no longer holding back and was aiming to kill.

"Honos, Cross Chop."

Take out the head, and the body soon follows...

05-15-2007, 02:33 PM
"Honos, Cross Chop."

Take out the head, and the body soon follows...
OOC: That's...me, isn't it? I'm going to "attempt" to stun your Machamp, for fear of being accused of bunnying otherwise. If it works (which it should, because that tail is, like, 50 pounds), then you can just say I started running, k, ski? ^^

Oh, and you're welcome, Neo. ;)

What are the limitations to this safehouse you have?


Orre Desert

"Unk!" I grunted as the Machamp hit me. I was knocked over onto my back, with the thing sitting right on my stomach. I spat out some sand and tried to catch the breath it had knocked out of me. My body was still downright devastated from the intense Hyper Beam that had shot that helicopter down. I needed time to recover...

"Honos, Cross Chop." The human voice could barely be heard over the Sandstorm that was starting to falter around me. I was still pretty surprised that so many people were hitting their mark with my Sand Stream.

Then I noticed the Machamp on me raising his arms, ready to break my neck.

No time to recover.

Thankfully, a small miscalculation on that human's part had been made. I stiffened the bulging muscles in my tail. Right as the Pokemon was about to use his Cross Chop, I swung my tail upward at as much force as I could bear to muster.


It was a direct hit to the middle of his back. I knew I hadn't broken his back, but the Pokemon must instantly doubled over, the wind quite suddenly stolen from him. That's what I could only hope, for I wasn't paying much attention to him as I forced my way from underneath what I could only hope was a dazed Machamp...


3 humans laid on the ground. One of them was dead, another unconscious, and the last paralyzed. A few Sin creatures, Undead freaks, moved in and finished what the landing started.

3 humans laid dead on the ground. One of them had half their facial skin ripped off and one of their eyes fallen out, another has his ribs sticking out of his body, and the last has a spine twisting out of his back. The Undead that finished the job move on, ready to kill elsewhere. But gaseous Sin who need a body move in excitedly.

3 humans stand Undead on the ground. They can still move freely with their mutilated bodies, as Sin does not use their pathetic central nervous system for movement. Two have a gun still with them, a small handgun not damaged in the landing. The last will simply have to make do with strangulation...

3 humans look at their crew, fleeing from the helicopter that caused their doom. Only two are standing, and three versus two means they have the upper hand. With a dry laugh they come after the fleeing humans, guns ready. They are former allies turned against each other by Sin, but none of that matters as the 3 Undead humans give chase to their former comrades...

05-16-2007, 01:06 AM
OOC: Oh Lord, am I behind...well, someone just meet me somewhere or something and get me goin' in this RP...

IC: Rael Az
Saffron City

Damned demons...they are really beginning to get on my nerves. They're making a real mess of things, and it's making it hard for me to continue my eternal task...still, I can't complian. Humans brought this upon themselves when they killed Mother, so I have to clean up this...little problem.

I sat in silence upon the roof of a tall building in Saffron, looking down upon the populace moving about its business as usual. I was in my human guise, feeling much more comfortable to be up here in that form for a while. I sighed as I remembered the disturbance earlier that nearly wrecked the activities of these humans, when Vyxen Nyne killed that human, and used the blood seal. That girl won't exactly have a pleasant future ahead of her...

I flipped my Deadbook open to the page I had written her name and her essential details. She was an old one, that was for sure. She thought she could catch a new pokemon, and to her misfortune, it had been a particularly proud Firstborn. She never had a chance...Lord Carrion was very displeased with her curse, but what was done was done. No going back on that now...

I heard something click on the roof of the building next to the one I occupied. I glanced over, careful to not give away my position, to see a large, dripping shape perched above a porch of one of those foolish "apartments" those humans occupied. A human woman was looking out into the city below, a phone in her ear. She was oblivious to the danger she was in.

Acting quickly and silently, I formed a couple of my spiritual senbon and sent them flying into the Sin's neck, killing it without the notice of the human. I made sure the corpse didn't fall forward and alert her. I'll have to clean that junk up later...

OOC: Sorry for the short, empty post. It's hard getting so behind and having so little time on the computer that not only do I not get to catch up on posts, but I don't have much time to post. I'll have to do better next time:oops:.

05-16-2007, 01:11 AM
NOTE: This post takes place many, many decades after my first post and falls into the timeline of the current events everyone else is in.

Ring ring ring ring ring.

Bast's whiskers twitched with irritation. He pressed his paw against the intercom button.

"What do you want? I was in the middle of the stocks, driving innocent salaryment into bankruptcy and eventually, to suicide. Was there any reason that was pressing enough that you felt you needed to...disrupt my free time?" the Persian growled gently into the phone.

He stiffened slightly and listened intently. "Hmm? Conflicts at the Babylonian ruins? What about our treasure-digging team?"

Silence. Faint mumblnig on the phone. Bast closed his eyes. "I see. Well, the Tyranitar is collateral material. I--what? You want me to call the girl? Vyxen's bloodhound? Very well, I'll have our agents contact her. She's at the Outskirt Stand right now."

He slammed the phone down.


In the dead bodies of the fallen and in the fetid breath of the maniac, howling roars of Sin tearing into the flesh of their living brethren, Zeffy Fujihara was everywhere.

Her teeth were the fangs of Sin stabbing through soft flesh.

Her nails were the bloodstained claws of Sin rending bodies apart.

Her laughter echoed within the crazed, gibbering howls of Sin.

Her unclean blood stained Sin's bones and decaying muscle.

Her breath was one with Sin's.

They were her eyes, her ears, her will, her desire, her spirit--the murderous rage of the Foul One.

Zeffy Fujihara walked through battlefields, and her grinning, burning faces caused the survivors to flee, sobbing and raving.

And always, always did the old tattered sack of bones drag by her feet, clattering quietly, faded with the dust of a thousand aeons.


The dirt parking lot of the Outskirt Stand was caked with mud and broken glass, with weeds choking in the dust. A mangy old Arcanine slept beside the front entrance, growling sleepily at snatches of dreams.

The Outskirt Stand was crammed to the bursting point with half-drunken customers as they all jostled and crowded around the television next to the bar, intently watching the television screen.

"This just in--more and more of these strange, diseased Pokemon have been cropping up all over Orre, and surrounding countries. The government is at a loss to explain this sudden influx, and the results have been horrifying. Smaller villages have been destroyed, but the bigger cities still remain safe for the time being. There have been streams of refugees into Kanto and Hoenn....

Breaking news to come next--a Tyranitar attack....we'll return after these messages."

The bar was silent.

"We're all going to hell, aren't we?" a man murmured quietly.

"You're mistaken," whispered a smooth voice behind him. He turned to glance at the girl who had spoken. She had eerily intense blue eyes and vividly pink hair.

The girl grinned as she met his eyes. He shuddered slightly.

"You see, we're already in hell."

05-16-2007, 01:14 PM
Ooc;; Damn's not a bad word :]

Orre Desert

Damn that moron...

A pout was clearly visible on her sweet face as she stomped through the desert, obviously in a horrible mood. It was a rare case, for she seldom fumed that much. Fire blazed within her pale red eyes, reflecting the fury and anger surging through her. Her legs were a steady but furiously quick pace, her blonde hair wooshing through a gust of strong wind.

Finally Psyche stopped, and glanced back. Nobody was following her. She heaved a sigh of relief, and started smiling. Thank God for her good luck. After all the chaos her friend had made in the last city, she thought she was never going to get out of the inn alive.

Psyche always avoided cities and towns with Pokémon Gyms, for she never believed in using Pokémon for such horrid purposes. She thought it was cruel, inflicting harm on the otherwise free creatures. Yet during her stay at the last city, her friend had seemingly accused the innkeeper of stealing her money. Violence was almost used, but Psyche had dragged the girl out of the inn and apologised to the people. Her friend and her broke into an argument, and now, she was afraid the teenager would come back to her for money.

"It doesn't matter if I don't ever see her again," Psyche muttered. "Knowing her, she's pretty back in her hometown now. That freak--"

That was all the girl could manage before she heard a loud wailing sound. Shocked, she spun around, her quick eyes scanning the area. It was not within her vicinity, but she could determine the source and site of the terrfying sound. It was getting louder and louder, almost explosive, as she dashed through the sands, glancing around. She was sure she was on the right track.

That was when she halted.

Psyche's lower lips trembled, gazing at the horrifying sight. The gruesome scene of the dead frightened her, and she hurriedly squeezed her eyes shut in horror. What the... WTF just happened here! Her beautiful blonde hair ruffled through a slight breeze, and her gaze wandered to the helicopter. She saw the Undead Humans cackling with glee as she made a dash for their former friends.

She screamed.

05-16-2007, 01:24 PM
Babylon AKA Hellhole, Orre

Silver ground his teeth as his Honos was whacked across the back by the Tyranitar, which sent him flying forwards and into the sands of Orre. At least the Tyranitar was running though, what a smart little Pokemon, especially when you considered the fact that many as powerful as these, often just tried to bulldozer straight over any problems they encountered, which did not always work. Especially not against someone like Silver Etherlight, but the damned thing was not getting away, not without some injuries and some casualties here and there, not without something to nurse when it got back to whatever little cave it climbed out from.

"Leviathan, Hydro Pump. Hephaestus, Blast Burn. The rest of you, continue destroying the Sin."

The Gyrados did exactly what he was told, firing a huge jet of water from his mouth, which twisted and snaked through the sandstorm that followed Tyranitar wherever they went, aiming straight for the center of it, where the Tyranitar would be. The Charizard on the other hand, waited, putting down his trainer in the meantime, and proceeded to fly overhead, gaining a bird's eye view of the area. Blast Burn was an attack that nobody could afford to miss, not Hephaestus, not Silver, and certainly not the poor Hoenn Army that was nearby. Pinpointing the Tyranitar from above, the distinct features of the large Pokemon obvious, Hephaestus burst straight into the sand, summoning up unnatural levels of energy as it did. Nothing could prepare anyone for an attack of this scale, and knowing the Sin, they were going to go straight for the unprotected Charizard if they had the chance. Oh poor things.

Six small fountains of fire broke out from the ground around Hephaestus as he landed, feet gripping the ground tightly with sharp claws. From there, the six flames started to grow in size, and started to spiral around the Charizard, before fanning outwards in a huge explosion that pressed any Sin caught into the ground, burning up before disintegrating into a pile of ash. Such was the power of a full-on Blast Burn, possibly one of the most powerful attacks in existence, supposedly comparable to the power of a strike from a Legendary Pokemon. Some people said that it could possibly match Ho-oh's Sacred Fire in intensity, if only for one shot, but Silver hardly believed something like that, and did not think very much of it.

He would believe it if it killed off the Tyranitar which held a resistance to the fire attacks, and appeared far more powerful than any other he had seen so far. Was it perhaps a Firstborn Pokemon? Quite possibly, but it was better not to give undue pressure to himself by believing such a thing.

"Ryujin, go support Hephaestus, he can't move for about a minute after using Blast Burn, so bring him back here. Loki, make sure Honos is all right, and Shiva, go around the Sin, see if you can get over to the army."


Well, both Hydro Pump and Blast Burn are possible to dodge, since the former was randomly aimed and the latter takes forever to build up. But bewaaareeee.

05-16-2007, 01:28 PM
[Aeonil Rufhercelt]
[X: 76, 235]::[Y: 35,687]
[Orre Wasteleands]

The first thing Aeonil felt was sand. And it wasn’t the sand you would find on beaches, either.

It was rough, coarse sand that dug painfully into the skin on his face. The human resisted the urge to simply open his eyes, instead flipping over to discover that he wasn’t upon the sand. He was under it. Cursing mentally, the crimson-haired teenager struggled to surface from the ocean of sand that engulfed him, but to no avail. He was being pressurized by the tons of sand that lay above him, pushing the teenager underneath the surface. Despite knowing that he couldn’t die, Aeonil panicked, the knowledge that he could not move an inch seeing deep into his brain. The boy could not open his eyes, he could not take in a breath, for fear of the sand. For what seemed like eternity, Aeonil was sure that he was doomed to rot here, when…

Scrape scrape scrape

The sound of digging came to his ears. It wasn’t the kind where other humans were using their shovels and bulldozers; it was as if another human was using his or her bare hands. Or the sound of paws digging into rough sand. Immediately, it clicked.

“Lucied!” gasped the human as his head made contact with fresh (although chilling) desert air. The Wereyena grinned wolfishly as he blew out the sand stuck under his claws. Ifrit was behind, scowling at the seemingly-arrogant Mightyena. “We’re here to get that coin Master asked, not to make a fool of ourselves,” reminded the Werehound.

“Ah… relax, relax,” twittered the carefree voice of Javas as the Sneasel trotted up to the spot where the two hounds had found the unfortunate buried teenager. “But I agree with Monsieur Ifrit for once; we’d best better get Aeonil out of the sand and start searching for that coin. I’ve just scouted ahead; and I must say that the sight is not a pretty one. Already the Tyrantiar Firstborn is already making his move and crushing the Hoenn forces. I believe we had best better stop that needless bloodshed, or just find that coin,” the ice-feline briefed the other three as Lucied continued digging the human out of his predicament.

“Coin first; stopping battle later. As long as we get the coin, the idiot won’t do anything ta us,” muttered Aeonil as he finally stumbled out onto the wastelands. The full moon lit up his crimson features, highlighting them in a pastel blue light. The human’s deep maroon eyes seemed to glitter oddly as he turned towards the area where the battle had long commenced. “‘Sin calls to Sin’, as people would say. I can feel it… I can feel where the coin is; we need to get it. Now.”

All three couldn’t help but agree on this statement.

“Well then,” Lucied started, as he shook off the last of the loose sand in his midnight fur. “Let us make haste!” Without another word, the unique foursome sped upon the desert sands of the lifeless Orre wastelands, headed towards the scene where the battle between Firstborn and Human had started sine the dawn of time itself…

Sin… it calls to me. I must have it; I must… in order to end this needless existence of mine.


05-16-2007, 02:21 PM
Well, both Hydro Pump and Blast Burn are possible to dodge, since the former was randomly aimed and the latter takes forever to build up. But bewaaareeee.
OOC: Nah, that would seem godmoddish to dodge both. I have an idea, however...

Orre Desert

I felt highly idiotic running, but that was really all I could do. I was outnumbered 6 to 1, and I knew as well as anyone else that those were terrible odds when fighting. All the same, I felt a voice in the back of my head saying one simple word: Coward. Feeling angry with myself, I turned around and saw a peculiar sight.

It looked like the sand in my sandstorm was...parting. Being torn away from a small location as if by another wind.

Wind from another attack.

I darted out of the way, but I was too slow to have it miss me fully. The Hydro Pump hit most of my sledgehammer tail, and I screamed in agony. Rock and ground types were cold-blooded, and water and ice made our body temperature go down significantly. I felt a rush of cold come from my tail before it went numb, and I had to drag it along the ground as I looked about warily for another attack.

5 seconds later, the sand started parting and moving out of the way again. I tried to run again, and this time I was ready. My tail, however, was still numb and slowed me down enough to have the attack hit me full-force.

The giant wave of fire lashed into me and I fell back, stomach throbbing from the sudden heat I had just taken on. But I didn't feel too much damage. We're incredibly resistant against heat, a trait we've had to make sure our big bodies didn't overheat in the deserts we enjoy.

I growled, "This has gotten out of hand." I was getting far too weak from these constant attacks. With the last of my strength I focused all my remaining energy on the ground. It pulled apart and created an earthquake headed towards the area where those attacks had been launched from. With a shudder and sigh I leapt into the gorge and fell about 20 feet before I landed on the bottom. I dug into the wall and in only thirty seconds I was fully in the hole. I dug a bit deeper, piled up the debris behind me to block the hole, and curled up.

I could hear the sandstorm still raging above me. "If I'm lucky, those fools will still think I'm above ground and in the sandstorm," I muttered. "By the time they dare to fight through that hellish storm, I'll have gotten some rest and they won't know where I am." I smiled and fell asleep in a desperate attempt to get some energy back...

Neo Emolga
05-16-2007, 04:51 PM
Joseph Downs
Babylon, Orre

Babylon was now a burning, infested sh*thole. The safe house we had wasn’t much, just the ruins of a stone building where we were keeping Hanson safe. The bastard was still breathing, but damn, he needed help bad.

I then released Crobat and Weavile, since I knew we were going to need backup. I figured the second wave was two miles off, but I could be sure. I knew some of this sh*t was going to keep them delayed.

I looked around, but didn’t see any other officers besides the four of us. Still, I was hearing gunfire, which was a good sign. If I wasn’t hearing anything but only moans… as they would say in ebonics… we’d be f*cked.

I whipped out my side arm, a 92FS. I didn’t want to burn up the M4A1 ammunition unless it was seriously necessary. A few zombies shambled their way towards us, but I quickly shot them in the head. Crobat kept us aware of what the hell was going on around us, while Weavile sliced off the heads of all those I missed.

“Do they have our position?” Jamison asked, “We need a f*cking evac for crying out loud!”

“Shut the hell up and keep it down.” Brown told him, “They’re still out there, and they know we’re here. So don’t go running off like a little girl, they’ll find us.”

“I sure hope you’re right.” I replied to him, shooting a Machoke zombie in the forehead.

I heard an earthquake in the distance, and I wasn’t sure what the hell that meant. But for now, we needed to keep it quiet. We had the advantage here, we just needed to hold on as long as possible.

Shortly enough, an APC arrived, blasting its way through the streets. I wasn’t sure if it was part of our escort or was out backup, but I didn’t give a damn about that.

“Come on, let’s go.” I told them, “There’s an APC there, we can board it and stay way more protected in there than out here.

“Let’s go for f*ck’s sake, Brown.” Jamison told him, “Take Hanson and let’s get a f*ckin’ move on!”

He did as Jamison told him, and we made a run for the APC. The LAV-25 was pretty much empty now, but it was good to see at least some people on board.

“We’ve part of Hawk 3.” I told the driver after I climbed inside, “We’ve got several wounded here, a little help would be appreciated.”

“Copy that, Lieutenant.” One of the soldiers on board told me, “We’ll take care of him.”

After the four of us got on, we were way better off in here than out there in that crumbling safe house.

“Let’s go!” The soldier told the driver, “We’re expecting backup in five minutes, let’s clean this place out!”

At least something was going right…

05-17-2007, 03:51 AM
OOC: Scrap, I hadn't any idea that the thing Vyxen Nyne did was that many years before these events, so...sorry. Anyway, this post'll also be a few decades past my last post.

Rael Az
Outskirts of Babylon

The sand whipped cruelly at me, though I hardly felt it. The entire utopia of Babylon, my first home, was now a warzone between the living and the dead. There is only on reason for all this: greed. The humans have different motives for the thirty coins, but the main body was looking for them to give to Vyxen Nyne. I suppose Vyxen offered an alliance with them...

However, there were Firstborns here, all of them desiring the coins to revive the Mother. I was the only one who wished otherwise, apparently. I miss our Mother as well, but I know, as my task dictates, that the dead are to remain dead forever, and anything else is an affront to nature. That was from the Void himself, many centuries ago, after the Mother had deceased.

One particular Firstborn was here, and I knew he wouldn't stop at anything to get the coins to revive Her; even allying himself with the Sins. "Oh, Dyranus..." I muttered as I walked closer and closer to Babylon, "You're creating quite the workload for me, aren't you?"

Shots rang out close to me.

Having strong reflexes, I easily sensed the bullets before they hit, and leaped back a few feet before they could pierce me. I looked to my left, in the direction the bullets had come from. Two humans with submachine guns (or, I thought they were submachine guns...I wasn't really into which guns were which, because they were all killing machines anyway) were staring at me, the guns they were toting drooping in their stunned grasp.

"I really wouldn't recommend fighting me." I warned them, "It would just be more work for me, and your time hasn't come...for another couple of hours, at least."

"So, you ain't undead?" One of the soldiers said, still stunned by my actions. "Then...just what the hell are ya?!"

"I am one you shouldn't be concerned with until you're on your deathbed." I responded simply, and walked away. I heard them shuffling behind me, until a roar signaled the return of a fresh wave of Sins. I had lied about when they'd die, to lead them off. I opened my Deadbook and wrote their info inside as the last of their screams died away.

I entered the hellzone of modern Babylon.

05-17-2007, 06:08 AM
[Aeonil Rufhercelt]
[X: 77, 856]::[Y: 34,032]
[Orre Wasteleands]

Babylon… once the first home of humanity, now nothing but a torn war zone, shattered and shredded simultaneously by the greed of humanity… and the Firstborn. Both parties, and so many others, all wanted the coins, each with their own reasons. But in the end, it all simply led down to a single word – greed.

The chilling winds, now heated up by the gunfire and violent bloodshed, blew across Aeonil’s face as the Human and his three compatriots sped across the sands towards the burning remains of the long destroyed Babylon. The soul-bound human took no notice of his tiring limbs as his legs pounded hard upon coarse desert sand. Lucied the Wereyena ran alongside the teenager in his Mightyena form, midnight fur highlighted by the pale blue light streaming from the full moon above. Beside the wolf ran his best friend, Ifrit the Werehound, who like Lucied was running in his form of a Houndoom. Javas, accomplished Sneasel elemental alchemist as well as self-proclaimed genius, sat upon the hunches of the hellhound and exclaimed out in joy, “Yeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaa! Giddy up, boy!”

The Houndoom twitched visibly. “I’m not some common mule that you can just sit and ride upon, Javas.”

“Ah, but you’re still nice to ride on,” the feline answered in his devil-may-care attitude, twittering as he always did in response to the fire-type’s question. The two-horned hound twitched yet again, trying hard to ignore the annoying voice of the ice-type. Lucied sweatdropped at the sight, while Aeonil brought all three Pokemon back to reality. “People, get serious. I feel… I can feel the blasted coin nearby!”

“Good,” muttered the annoyed hound, “Let’s get it and haul butt outta this sh*thole.”

“You know, I agree with you for once,” commented the Sneasel as he leaped himself off the Houndoom. Ifrit choose to ignore the comment. Aeonil then shut up, and quickened his pace as they neared the war zone that was once the glorious city of Babylon. Even as they neared the place, the human could already see the sight of the broken shell of the blasted Ziggurat that the city once boasted so much. It was a sad sight, but the place had to be destroyed, as a punishment for crucifying the Mother so long ago, upon a wooden cross, upon the roof of the destroyed Ziggurat that now loomed before Aeonil.

“Okay, we’re at Babylon – or what’s left of it,” Lucied announced cheerfully, his tone seemingly out of place in an area such as this. “So, where’s that coin?”

Aeonil looked about, trying his hardest to ignore the streams of verbal curses that could be heard some distance away from the. The foursome where quite far from the visual spectacle of the Hoenn forces and the Tyrantiar Firstborn battling each other. Javas watched as the Firstborn dug himself into the earth and rest as the sandstorm covered him. Clever tactic, the Sneasel mused to himself just as his human trainer spoke up. “I think… the coin’s… it’s somewhere near the battlefield.”

Ifrit cursed under his breath. Lucied gritted his fangs in frustration. Javas remained placid as he looked at the said scene. “Well then, I guess we have to stop the battle after all,” twittered the feline.

Aeonil sighed and hung his head. Clenching his fists together, he looked at the battle zone and commanded in an icy-steel voice.

“To the battle. Let’s stop this bloody conflict.”

And so yet again, the four headed towards the battleground of human and Firstborn…


05-17-2007, 07:08 AM
The wind blowing through Bella’s already mussed hair did little to disturb the girl’s thoughts. Though, when the barely audible patter of tiny paws met her hears she did turn. Just across the pond, a few yards away and standing on the edge of the pond, was a Shinx, taking several laps of water from the oasis spring. It was a bit smaller than average, though it still looked like a normal Shinx, albeit a desert one. It was a surprise to find one out here, though it wasn’t that uncommon to find odd Pokemon out here; she had nearly run into a pack of Mightyenna at this oasis the first time through.

With a heavy sigh she sat up straight, pulling out Juri’s Pokeball and returning the sleeping Esp. Pokemon to it. Now that she was sure she would be okay it was time for a good sleep, before she set off again for the ruins of Babylon. She was sure the little Shinx wouldn’t bother her much if she left it alone, and she didn’t intend to catch any more Pokemon. The two she had were enough, and she didn’t nearly have time to train a new one during this hellish journey.

So, with that in mind, she moved to one of the palm like trees, settling herself down underneath it and resting her head on her backpack. She’d have to rest up for her next try, to recover from the attacks today. Aiko was quick to move over as well, settling down again beside her closing her cobalt as she slipped into a meditative trance. She couldn’t sleep while Juri and Bella were; she needed to be awake to help keep control of Bella’s psychic powers. Bella couldn’t control it well herself yet, with little over four years of training, so the two Psychic Pokemon help with their own abilities, to prevent a backlash of energy from injuring or causing problems around them. It was the last thing they needed now, a backlash of energy causing parts of the sand to shift and form holes in the ground or enraging the Pokemon nearby.

Bella easily slipped into a restful sleep, her mind clearing completely as well as her barriers on her powers. For a split second raw energy pulsated out from her body, the wind picking up slightly to send leaves dropping around them and ripples streaking across the water’s surface, before Aiko took hold of Bella’s mind, placing her own barriers to stem the flow. The energy flow stopped abruptly, the leaves falling back into their places on the trees and the ripples on the water fading into nothing. That was why Bella needed them, for her control slipped whenever she was asleep. They kept her from destroying her direct surrounding and injuring herself or others.

The surrounding grew silent, as not a single sound met Aiko’s ears. It seemed that something large has been happening nearby, for the only Pokemon seen were the water Pokemon within the pond and the little Shinx, less than the first time they passed through nearly two months ago. That time there had been several packs of Pokemon here, but now it was deathly silent. Not a movement for several miles, and then the blaring heat and horrible winds that buffeted you till your skin grew raw. The desert truly wasn’t a place any of the three enjoyed, but they had to be here.

Bella wanted to find more about the ruins and the past; she would do just about anything to find that. And now that she knew about the crucifixion of Mew, she would most likely go searching for a reason it was done. She was stubborn when it came to finding about the past, and just about nothing could get in her way when she set her mind to something.

“Hey, Juri, Aiko, what do you think of going to the Orre region to explore the Babylon ruins? Apparently it was destroyed a very long time ago, but no one knows why exactly. Or, at least, none of the humans do, I bet there are some Pokemon who know.”

‘Probably! I say we should go, there are plenty of new places and Pokemon to fight there, so we can get stronger in the process!’

‘Trust the Abrasive One to think only about fighting others.’

‘Hey! Don’t call me names, Aiko! I don’t call you The Dead One do I?’

“Okay you two, stop it!” Giggling filled the air, followed by the yipping of a Pokemon and the soft hum of another.

‘So, when are we going to get a move on?’

“How about Friday? That way we can say goodbye to Sabrina and the people of the Gym?”

‘That will work. It will give Miss Head Strong a chance to beat everyone here for the fifth time.’

‘Hey, I told you to stop that! And it would be the seventh time for everyone but Sabrina’s Pokemon. Her Alakazam is vicious, and she has that stupid Haunter still. He’s such a pain, he won’t stop joking around and sit still so I can pummel him.’

“That’s his job, to make Sabrina happy, so that’s what he sticks to. Just like you two have you're jobs.”

‘Right.’ ‘Correct.’

05-17-2007, 01:59 PM
Orre Desert
Underneath Babylon


It was the same dream every night. The same people. The same place. The same, gruesome time...the time that caused the end of Babylon.

People in hoods carried wood and nails up to a temple. Only one of them held a far more valuable cargo. The Mother lay in his arms, being half carried, half dragged up to the roof of the infernal place. She'd been beaten and bloodied into near unconsciousness, and dried blood covered her whole body. Yet she would not fight back. She refused to hurt them; that was how pure she really was.

The Zealots set up the cross atop the roof with astounding speed. Then the Mother was placed into the position, her small arms reaching across the wooden boards while her legs and tail dangled beneath her. Then a Zealot with the nails came forward...

The Mother's screams of agony could be heard all throughout Babylon.

When they were finished, they began to collect the blood spouting from her arms and legs, where the nails had skewered her. They had a stone bowl filled with maroon blood. Then they walked away, and left the Mother to die an agonizing death...

"I don't want to have that dream," I rasped when I awoke. "Not every night..." But seeing the Mother me me realize what I was fighting for, and that seemed to fill me with a new strength. I dug straight up until I was about ten feet from the battlefield. Even though it was somewhat diluted from the ground separating me from the air, my heat sensors still worked to an extent...

Further up. 6 feet under now. I can now sense the body heat of some things. Sin...gave off nothing. Humans gave off plenty. I "saw" what appeared to be two humans floating or, more likely, sitting on something that gave off no heat.

I dug up and slammed my claw up to the humans and hit the gas tank of a car. Gasoline spilled all over my claws. I smirked as I fell back down to the 6 foot position. This could be fun...

05-17-2007, 02:31 PM
Babylon Ruins Ruins, Orre

"An Earthquake! Everyone, get up!"

Thankfully for Silver, three of his Pokemon could fly and one could Levitate, so the Earthquake hardly did as much damage as it probably could have liked, though there was still a small problem that needed to be resolved. Hephaestus was too tired to go high enough to dodge the whole attack, Honos was stunned and on the ground, and Shiva was to frail to take a full-on Earthquake from a Tyranitar.
Oh, and Silver was far from immune from such a strike to, but that was unimportant. His Pokemon were in danger, and he could afford to have any of them knocked out at this juncture. He needed to make sure that they would all survive this attack, somehow.

Looking around frantically, sharp eyes still taking in every single little detail, Silver finally decided on a plan of action, fast. Leviathan could probably carry either Shiva or Honos upwards if it used Dragon Dance to speed up, and Ryujin would be able to minimize the damage did to both himself and Hephaestus through a little dragging upwards. They would both take damage, but it would be nothing life threatening.

"Okay, Leviathan, take Shiva. Shiva, I'll throw Honos' Pokeball, you guide it and bring him back here. Go!"

Flinging the Pokeball belonging to the Machamp as close to him as he could, Silver looked up at Shiva and Leviathan pleadingly, telling them in a way to do something that they would loathe to do. Leave Silver Etherlight behind.
He knew he would survive, humans were amazingly tough against attacks like that, rocks being tossed around affected them far less than they would humans, and the same went with torrents of water and the like. They would still be killed by a slash from a Scyther or something like that, but an Earthquake, Silver was sure he could handle. There was the off-chance that he would break a leg or two, but it was not as if he had never ordered his own Pokemon to unleash their own Earthquakes before, and the attack hit everyone just as hard, even if they were the trainer.

"Once everyone is safe, get Ryujin to pick me up. I don't think I'll be walking properly for a while. Then Leviathan can unleash his own Earthquake. The Tyranitar is probably underground, since..."

A vehicle exploded.


Silver Etherlight buckled over and fell to his knees in pain.

Neo Emolga
05-17-2007, 03:19 PM
Joseph Downs
Babylon, Orre

We managed to clean out the western portion of the city. Even though there was still fighting going on in other parts of this hellhole, we managed to clear out some of the area. For now, we were taking a break… or as least I thought we were.

“Here, take one of these and get going.” Some old, ugly, researcher told me, handing me what looked like some kind of freakish metal detector.

“What the f*ck is this thing?” I asked him, taking it and looking it over.

“A metal detector, only designed to find metallic density of 10.49  g•cm−3 , or in other words, silver.” The researcher replied, not exactly happy at my choice of words.

They were passing these things around, and I could tell, they just wanted to find the coins and get the f*ck out of here. Honestly, I couldn’t blame them. If I found them, hell, that would be my ticket out of this sh*thole. As I looked around, these things were being passed all over the place, so I figured I might as well get busy.

I turned it on, and got searching. Hanson was still getting treated, and as for Jamison and Brown, I figured they were somewhere out there, probably searching for these things too. My only pissed off fact of this whole thing was knowing it could take days to find these things. Meanwhile, we were warned to be on our guard while trying to find these things. Like I didn’t know that already…

I found a nice city block that looked like it hadn’t been searched. I turned on the detector, scanned around, but still didn’t find anything. Still, this was better than trying to dig for the damn things. Heck, I could bet those Persians weren’t thinking that these things could be under the ground for all we knew.

Nothing, nothing, and still nothing. I kept checking though, since I knew if they were anywhere, they were somewhere here. Meanwhile, I bumped into Hawke, who didn’t look that glad to be here either.

“Anything?” He asked, honestly knowing the answer to that already.

“This is like some f*cked up Easter egg hunt.” I told him, still scanning the ground around me, “Trust me, if I found them, I wouldn’t be here, I’d be buying some hot chick a margarita thousands of miles away from here in the Orange Islands.”

“Well, if they ain’t here, they’re probably somewhere else in Babylon.” Hawke told me, “We’re just hopin’ we get a little lucky here.”

Like hell we would. With our luck, they wouldn’t be in Babylon at all, they’d be in some other sh*thole that we’d never find. But, I kept looking anyway, because it would be even worse if they were right by my feet at the exact moment I stopped scanning.

Our contingent kept looking though. This could take days for all we knew…

05-21-2007, 01:31 PM
Babylon, Orre

"Shiva, Loki, hold off the smaller Sin. Leviathan, you'll take the Tyranitar. Hephaestus, act as backup, and remember to protect Honos from Ground Attacks. Ryujin, if you could just bring me over to the Hoenn army, I could probably get enough bandages to fix myself up. If we're lucky, they can heal Honos too, I think he's not going to get up for awhile otherwise."

Grabbing on tightly to the Dragonite's back, Silver Etherlight rapidly left the battlezone, looking around for a trustworthy looking member of the Hoenn army. It was difficult to say which he could properly approach without it coming down to a fight, something he was not confident of winning at the moment, so he moved with caution for now. For now, at least until he was sure Honos could keep fighting. That Tyranitar was trouble, being able to take out his Machamp in one blow like this, but it would still be no match for the combined power of his other four Pokemon, even if Psychic and Ghost attacks did nothing against Tyranitar of any kind.

"Down there, that man. And fly properly, my legs are broken, pity me a bit."

He did not know very well why exactly he chose the person who felt the most utterly ruthless and cold-blooded, a sense of kinship perhaps, but he knew that that man could be trusted as long as Silver himself did not interfere with the plans of the army. He did not seem the type to kill on a whim, and even then, he just knew that he would stand no chance against his Ryujin. He would be dead before his own Pokemon popped out of their Pokeballs, the first human victim of Ryujin's lethal Dragon Claw.
Silver was no murderer, he did what he had to, and was no stranger to permanently destroying a person's hopes and dreams, but he was not one to kill another human being. Though all seven of them knew, there would come a time when they would have to raise a weapon against another human being, or a living breathing Pokemon, and strike them down. He would not want to kill, but he would if he had to.

Landing just in front of a certain 2nd Lieutenant Joseph Downs, the ranks and tags were easy enough to see from where he was, peering over his Dragonite's shoulder, Silver suddenly had a 360 degree turn from his normal self with his Pokemon.

"Joseph Downs is it, I have something I need to say to you."

And he heard the sounds of an Earthquake in the distance. Leviathan surely.

Neo Emolga
05-21-2007, 06:42 PM
Joseph Downs
Babylon, Orre

I kept on searching, even though I could hear the cracking of gunfire in the distance, with someone screaming their head off about whatever. Every now and then, an explosion, and other times, pure silence. Still, I kept checking the rubble for anything. As far as I knew, this f*cked-up contraption wasn’t picking up sh*t.

Another city block passed, checking what looked like a few residential houses that either just got blown to pieces now or were ruined from a long time ago. Babylon was barely a city now, it was mostly just a sh*t pile of what was. We had been sweeping for two hours now, and still nothing. Meanwhile, I make sure I didn’t check the same places twice. I hate finding myself doing that.

Every now and then, I’d detect something, dig it up, only to find it was a silver cup or other piece of junk. Pure silver was sell nicely, so I just pocketed it and moved along. Meanwhile, the whole time I kept thinking about what would happen if I found these things. Sh*t, I just wanted to get to Major so I wouldn’t need to find myself in the field getting shot at and bit at from all directions.

Still not sign of the coins though. However, when I had been searching, something came down on me, and landed only a few feet away. I looked up suddenly to see a Dragonite, only this time it wasn’t a f*ckin’ undead hunk of sh*t that tried to rip my head off. Riding on its back was a man with long, white hair, weird red eyes, wearing a hoodie. I seriously had no clue who the hell this guy was, but seeing another human face, sh*t, I’d welcome that any day of the week instead of one of those f*cked-up zombies.

“Joseph Downs is it,” He asked me, “I have something I need to say to you.”

It wasn’t easy to try and talk over the chaos that was happening only a few miles away, but I managed.

“Damn, and for a minute, I thought we were the only humans here.” I told him, setting aside the metal detector, “Go ahead and speak, we sure as hell ain’t gonna find these things any time soon, so I’m all ears.”

05-22-2007, 03:59 AM
Rael Az
Ruins of Babylon

Bullets careened off of buildings as I almost casually walked in the midst of the fighting, everyone too concerned with their lives, or without the mind capacity, to pay me any mind. The gunfire, claws, and various other attacks were becoming bothersome to dodge and avoid, there was hardly anywhere that was safe from this battle. I had a couple close calls, but they only got strands of my human-form hair. No big deal.

Every now and then, one of the Sin creatures thought I was a human attacking them and went for me, but they're easy to dispose of. A couple of my spiritual senbon took care of every one that opposed me. They weren't exactly built to take much...their brains are hanging out of holes in their heads, for heaven's sake.

Every couple of minutes or so, I record a new dead human in my Deadbook when I witnessed it, or when I found their remains before a Sin did. Those nasty clouds were quick to use a dead body though, so the latter one wasn't as often.

"All this for money? God, these humans are corrupt..." I muttered to myself as I saw a particularly nasty scene of death and decay.

Another couple of shots rang out, and I easily avoided. I saw a couple soldiers opening fire on two Sin that had just risen from the pile, and they'd apparently mistook me for one of them.

"Please pay more attention to what they look like before shooting them." I called to them before going around a decrepid building. A few more shots rang out before a little silence, in which I heard a bullet shell hit the rocky ground, then..."So, who the hell was that boy earlier?" One said.

"Aw, who gives a f*ck...I'm just wondering how lucky one like him has to be to avoid getting shot like that..." the other said in a deeper voice, "If he ain't gonna get outta this hellzone, that boy's gonna die soon." Finally, footsteps, then the only sounds were the distant gunshots and explosions.

I stepped around the building and looked once more upon the massacre. I refused to smell the air; there are things even a Firstborn can't stand...

05-22-2007, 09:32 AM
Babylon, Orre

"Okay, first off, I would like to commend you on your excellent shooting earlier. Of course, guns are no use against Tyranitar, which brings me to my next point. I would like to procure some medical material for my personal usage. My Machamp almost had his spine broken by the Tyranitar's tail, and I think my legs were really broken by the same Tyranitar's Earthquake."

Looking around for a brief moment, checking on the other soldiers, and using the relative silence to quickly listen for the sounds of Pokemon battle, before deciding that his other four Pokemon were still busy taking down Sin instead of the Tyranitar, of which he suspected more and more was a Firstborn, Silver Etherlight decided to continue. With slightly more caution this time, as he was slowly treading into much more difficult territory, less for survival, and more for personal gain.

"Thirdly, I have reason to believe you are looking for the thirty silver coins, as it is the only reason a person would come to Babylon on a day like this. I suppose asking you bunch of soldiers to get the f*ck off my turf or to help me would be a little too much, so all I can say is that I hope my own search will not be interrupted."

Looking down at the metal detector the soldier was holding, and determining that the lack of random noisemaking characteristic of such things meant that it did not detect iron or steel in the slightest, Silver quickly figured out its true purpose, and decided that the army was smarter than he thought. Still, he doubted if a metal detector would help very much with something as elusive as a silver coin. These things tended to pop out at the most unexpected times, he was going to have the ask that guy at that bar he spotted for information later, he seemed awfully suspicious. Too... Doglike, if that was the correct term.