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The End
09-19-2004, 09:48 PM
NOTE: This is the neverending party, where all of my stories take place. This is meant to be comical. I dont care about RL values. My story, my story. I'll write about what I want to and make what I want to happen.

NOTE: I do not know what these people are like in real life, so I am making that part up. Get over it.

Chapter One: Here? There? Everywhere!

I'm 88, a normal kid with a not-so-normal pokemon. The chances of something fun happening to me are near none. So when Ygseto anounced that he was having a party, I was excited. I among others were invited to come to it that Saturday night. This is the story of the crazy, never ending night.

As I walked down the sidewalk to Ygseto's house, the sun was sinking down over the woods surrounding my neighborhood on either side. I looked accross the street and watched the houses as I walke by them. I was wearing baggy cargo pants, with a black tee shirt with the Anarchist logo on the front. One of the houses I passed was yellow, with wooden sides and an old rickety roof. It needed a paint job badly. I passed it on, not thinking much of it. I still had a ways to go before I reached Ygseto's house, so I decided to bring out Mr.Mime until I got there. I pulled the red and white ball from my belt and called him:

"Mr.Mime, come out!"

The ball clicked open and a white energy shot out. The energy formed itself into a human-like form, then smoothed itself out into the form of Mr.Mime. Then the bright white faded away to show the pokemon itself. Mr.Mime was standing there, just staring at me.

"What you been doin' in there?" I asked.

"Oh nothing much, just catching up on my reading." he replied.

"Which book is it this time?" I asked, putting my hands in my pocket.

"Oh, just the Collective Works of William Shakespear, Volume I." he said lightly.

We walked on until we reached the sidewalk to Ygseto's house. I pulled the red and white ball out again and said:

"Now, Ygseto doesn't let pokemon on his couch, so you have to come in for a little while at least. Return!" I shouted.

He submitted himself to the swirling red energy coming out of the ball. It sweeped around him, absorbing him as it went. The red stream of energt returned to the ball, and it clicked shut just as I knocked on the front door. The door was wooden, and looked rustic.

Ygseto pulled open the door just as I was about to knock again. He had black shaggy hair and was wearing jeans with an orange shirt.

"Come on in." he said.

We walked in, and then walked down the hallway, which was sort of an auburn color with lamps and tables against the walls.

*Soon to be Continued*

The End
09-20-2004, 03:35 PM
*was continued Soon*

NOTE: Nice... six veiws.... maybe this will be graded soon.

When we reached the living room, I could see the rest of the kids having some fun. There was only one problem I could see with it. Duke. The wishes-he-could-be-me. Copies my split personalities all the time, and mine are actually real. Earlier I said that I was a normal kid. I lied. I actually have skitsophrenia. I have the good me, which has been writing this, and then there is the bad me, which takes control of my body whenever it feels like it really. But we usually get along in harmony. I had a feeling that Duke was going to set off my bad side this evening. I looked around the living room, absorbing the vibrant colors, the black couch, the orange walls, it looked like halloween. Ygseto kept his house wamr and clean most of the time. I looked around and could see RD, Dark Pikachu, Jack, Curtis, and Treecko, trying to get them all to calm down and act orderly for once, as usual. I searched the faces for more I recognized. Zero, Shane, and other people I have totally forgot about in my absence.

I walked over to the black couch and sat down. The leather reflected the light from the lamps, making the leather appear to be metallic. It must be new, because there were no wrinkles in it. But knowing Ygseto, I can be pretty sure that his mom irons it every night.

"You want a soda or something?" Ygseto offered.

"Sure you have a Pepsi?" I responded, standing up from the couch and following him to the kitchen. My shoes squeked on the glistening hard wood floors, probably just mopped today.

"Yeah," he said, opening the white fridge and pulling a Pepsi out the spotless interrior. He handed it to me with a napkin, to wipe of the condensation. I wiped it off and threw the napkin in the trash. I had grown accustomed to his family's neatness and it didn't bother me at all. Ygseto looked out into the living room worriedly. I could tell that he was worried about all the dirt and grime they were going to cause. I was almost positive that he kept telling himself "It will be okay, It will be okay."

We walked back into the living room, I left the drink in the kitchen, so as to not make Ygseto even more uncomfortable. At this point I was positive he was going to implode on himself before the end of the night. Then I started to imagine what that would look like:

Ygseto stood in the middle of the living room, looking at the pot that was knocked over by Duke, the couch that was knocked over by Treecko trying to stop the people from jumping on it. His head starts spinning around, then it appears that a force coming outward of his head is making it coming apart, then the rest of his body follows.

Back to reality. If he did implode on himself, it wouldnt look like the Poltergeist. Everyone was just getting settled and Duke was about to copy me again when we heard a noise coming from down in the basement. It wasn't loud to begin with, but with each solid thumping, it grew louder, and louder, and louder, until finally the door started to shake violently, and the hinges were coming loose. It looked as if something was about to break down the door, and that door couldn't stand up to much more abuse. I had to think fast, and I was relunctant to do so, but I did it anyway:

"Ygseto, this is a future apology for what I'm about to do." I said as I unclipped the metallic ball from my belt and called forth my pokemon. The white energy again formed into Mr.Mime, then it faded away.

"Mr.Mime, use your Barrier to block the door!" I called. When Ygseto saw me unclip the ball and call forth Mr.Mime, he about collapsed on the floor, but some force stopped him, probably the scratches he'd put on the floor if he fell right now.

Mr.Mime raised his hand and started chanting somre phrase, and a yellow solid wall appeared over the door, stopping the door from shaking. We could still here the monster banging on it though.

"It won't hold for long, 88." said Mr.Mime, turning to me.

"It won't have to. We are gonig to go around back and lead it from the door, then we're going to take it out then and there. You up to the challenge Mr.Mime?" I said.

"Let's go." he said, not very sure of himself. I then turned to Ygseto:

"Where are your parents?"

"Out at the store getting chips and dip..." he said, still shaken. That was too much trauma for one day. Dark Pikachu stood up and said,

"I'm coming down there, we dont know what that is, and you could need help," he reached down and grabbed Duke, who was shaking so badly that he couldn't control himself, " and he's coming with too."

*Soon to be Continued*

The End
09-21-2004, 11:15 PM
Me and Dark Pikachu ran across the hardwood floors, squeaking as we went. We bust out the back door, me leading with Dark Pikachu dragging Duke behind him. Mr. Mime hurried out behind us.

“Dark Pikachu, we’re going to need the element of surprise." I turned around to say while running down the back porch stairs.

Ygseto's house was on a hill. The front was level witht he ground, and the basement came out the back. We ran around the back, which was brick to keep out water in the event of a flood. Dark Pikachu's dark hair was waving wildly behind him. When we reached the back door to the basement, we could here the barrier upstairs start to crack.

As writers must, as much as they hate to, I must use a cliche, or something that is overused or overrated. Meanwhile Ygseto and the others were just stairing in awe at the force that was marshalling before them. A Snorlax had broken into the basement, and was now breaking through the barrier. Soon after I had left, it had torn away the door, revealing itself. Ygseto was beginning to get his berings back when that occurred.

"I'm not gonna let some overweight freak stop my party." he said, doing the unprobable, the almost impossible: he plucked a red and white pokebal from his belt. He raised it above his head and shouted:

"Blastoise! Come to me now!" he yelled as Snorlax was breaking through the sheild. A white energy shot from the ball, forming a Blastoise, then returning to the ball. Blastoise snorted in happiness.

"Blastoise, attack Snorlax with your Hydro Pump!" He shouted.

Blastoise turned just in time to see his enemy just as it swiped its masssive claw at him. It hit him hard in the chest, sending him sprawling accross the living room, knocking the couch over. It crashed into the floor.

"Blastoise!" Ygseto shouted.

Dark Pikachu and I neared the back door of the basement, still dragging Duke behind us hesitantly. We opened the red door, the paint peeling off. He cracked it open slowly at first, seeing if any immediate threats were behind the door. After we cracked it, we burst it open quickly and rushed in. It was pitch black and it sounded like a ruckus was going on upstairs. We could here nothing from the darkness, so we kept going along.

"Dark Pikachu, we are going to need to keep moving. We don't know what we're dealing with, so keep moving. You to Mr.Mime." I said to Dark Pikachu.

Duke hesitantly moved sidways deeper into the darkness. He ran into a dusty old box, and it fell over. It had something solid in it because it thumped when it fell.

"Oh CRAP!!" he shouted when it happened.

After the box hit the ground, we could hear hurried feet running toward the sound. Then we heard a jaw breaking hit. Duke cried out in pain and fear as we heard him hit the back wall with a great force. Dark Pikachu reached down to his belt and grabbed his red and white Pokeball. He threw it blindly into the darkness, being his regular reckless self. The ball opened and white enery shot from it. It formed into Charmander and the ball flew back to his hand.

"Charmander, show us the light!" Dark Pikachu shouted. He always taught his Pokemon weird ways to know what he was saying so that his opponent wouldn't.

Charmander obediently made the fireball around his tail grow and expand. Then we could see what was happening. A wild Machop had grabbed Duke and beat him until he was unconscious. He was still beating in his face with devastating blows. He cocked his arm back again and shot it into Duke's face.

"Mr.Mime, use your confusion technique!!" I shouted, not really much urgency in my voice.

Mr.Mime raised his hands and a blue wave shot from them. It hit Machop and he fell to his knees, his hands on his head.

"MACHHHOOOOP!!" he shouted, clearly in pain.

"Okay, Mr.Mime, stop." I said. The blue waves ceased, and Machop got up, his gray skin shimmering in the pale light from Charmander's flame. Machop shook his head and charged at Mr.Mime.

"Mr.Mime, use your Barrier!!!" I shouted, but too late. Machop had charged Mr.Mime, and a powerful blow had already connected with Mr.Mime's head. He was sent flying accross the room. His back cracked against the back wall of the basement. He fell to the ground, but was quickly up. He raised his hands and put up the Barrier, as I had instructed. Machop lowered his shoulder again and charged.

"Now, Mr.Mime, use the Psybeam!" I shouted, my throat growing hoarse with shouting and excitement.

Dark Pikachu just stood buy, him and Charmander watching. They understood that I had engaged this pokemon in battle and it was my job to fight him, alone if need be. Mr.Mime raised his hands again, but not defensively. A pink wave of light and energy soared from his hands, moving slowly and gracefully. When it passed over Machop, he started to put his gray, muscular hands on his head again, trying to stop the pain. He staggered for a few steps, then ran foward, trying to get to Mr.Mime before he collapsed.

Upstairs, Blastoise was getting up from the massive strike Snorlax gave him. He waited patiently for orders to attack this thing.

"Now, Blastoise, use Withdraw!!" Ygseto shouted. By now, Shroomish had pulled out her pokemon as well. Clefable stood before her, brightly smiling in spite of the bulk of her enemy was about to attack her.

"Clefable, use your Metronome attack!!" she shouted.

Clefable used Metronome, and light blue particles of energy started forming around her arms. She put them together and shot the beam of energy at snorlax just as it was about to land on her. Snorlx was frozen!! Blastoise had gone into it's shell, but now it came out.

"Blastoise, use Skull Bash!!!" Ygseto shouted. Blastoise pulled its head back, and then, after a pause, shot itself foward, ramming the frozen Snorlax backwards, begining to roll him to the stairs.

"Blastoise, repeat technique until he is down the stairs!" Ygseto said to him.

Blasoise shot himself foward again, causing the Snorlax to start to fall down the stairs, it crashed down them, tearing down any stairs it landed on. When it crashed at the bottom, Machop had just reached Mr.Mime, and was about to punch him again. Then Snorlax smashed into the ground and everyone focused their attention to him. The ice broke around him and he got up from his sleep.

"SNOOOORRRLLLAAAXX!!" he shouted as he got up. Then I saw Blastoise jump from the stairs, and land in front of him. He had put up his fists, and they were glowing brightly.

When Machop saw we all had our attention on Snorlax, he took his chance and took three quick punches to Mr.Mime's face. He was now pinned against the wall, almost unconscious.

"Mr.Mime, if you can hear me, use another Psybeam!!!" I shouted.

Mr.Mime pulled his head up from the oncoming blows and the pink light came again. This time Machop flew to the ground by the pressure exerted on him. Mr.Mime was bruised and beaten, but that only fueled his psychich strength. Finally, Machop was rendered unconscious, or so we thought. By then Snorlax was attacking us. Blastoise jumped to the rescue and coninued with the Mega Punch. He was combating Snorlax punch for punch, and we wasn't letting down any time soon. Then Duke got up from his corner and ran over to us.

"What is happening?" he said, exasperated. Then Snorlax saw him, and attacked him. He knocked Blastoise out of the way, stopping him from protecting Duke. One swipe of his massive claws easily sent Duke flying accross the room, cracking the back of his skull against the cement and brick. He fell to the ground, blood trickling from the back of his head.

Clefable floated elegantly down the stairs and stood in front of Snorlax.

"Cle-FABLE!!" She shouted. Snorlax just looked on in awe.

Clefable then hit Snorlax with her Mega Kick. Snorlax fell backwards, but then got up and ran towards the solid wall. Amzingly, he broke threw it, running off into the woods that surrounded all of Ygseto's neighborhood. Shroomish walked up to me, along with Dark Pikachu.

"We'll have to track him down." I said.

"That'll be no problem. Actually beating him will. We better start now, and move quickly." Dark Pikachu said.

"Hold on I said," as I picked an empty pokeball from my belt and threw it at Machop, who was still laying on the floor. It popped open and Machop was absorbed.

It rolled......once.....twice....thrice....????

I guess that's up to the kind people who grade my story.

Agent Orange
09-22-2004, 09:33 PM
Lol...Bonus points for putting me in there! :P No, not really.

Spelling + Grammar: There were a few things...Buy should be by, and you could have used shortening for what is, but thats optional. -2 98/100

Length: Enough for a Machop. -0 98/100

Detail: Good, but use the tips I gave you on AIM, Descrption equals Good Grades. -0 98/100

Reality: Ok, this I have to deduct quite a few. Pokemon just dont talk, unless you have a VERY good reason for them to be talking, and I didnt see one. I will not deduct points for the skitzophrenia, that is a real ailment that can affect anyone. - 10 88/100

Battle: Decent enough. This is, I think, a passing battle. -0 88/100

Storyline: Very nice, DEFINATLY not a find/battle/catch story! -0 88/100

Final Score:



Machop Captured.

The End
09-22-2004, 09:35 PM
Oh yes, the Machoppy is mine.

*does robot*

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09-23-2004, 11:21 AM
NOTE: Be aware not to put "*Grade Need* or *Ready* or anything like that" in the future for your stories. And thanks a lot, with all love and care, your faithful friend of da URPG...the best of the best...the one you don't wanna be messed with...the 00ber cool...Tamer-San :cool:

The End
09-23-2004, 07:45 PM
In the URPG, you've got me ownd for now, but anywhere else on the board, you know I'm t3h MASTER!!! Of you anyways.

Forever and Always


Chapter Two: A Mountain, a Pile of Pudding, no, its Snorlax!!

*soon to be started*

The End
09-23-2004, 09:18 PM
Snorlax lumbered threw the yard, almost pitch dark except for the moon, whcih shone down brightly like it was day. Snorlax tried to go fast, he really did, but when your that big, it is just really hard to go faster than...a mountain. When he reached the forest, he began to tear down trees, the bark cracking and the wood tearing apart like paper under his immense weight. I tapped the red and white pokeball that was in my hand. The moonlight was shining on its metallic surface. I hefted it in my hand. It felt no heavier than without a pokemon. I had always been greatly troubled by this. I thought for sure that a full size pokemon would make a tiny little ball heavier.

"88, we are going to need to assess the problem and figure out what is needed to be done." Mr.Mime said to me, pulling on my shirt, as well as out of my daze.

"Okay. We need to figure out how these pokemon got in my basement and why. Two pokemon showing up in my basement. Some of us will have to stay here and investigate. Then some will have to track down that Snorlax. We already know what kind of damage it can do, so it will have to be stopped." Ygseto said, stepping from the darkness into the moonlight now provided buy the gaping hole in the wall.

"That sounds good. Who will be coming with me. I'm going after Snorlax." I said.

"I will." Shroomish said, her face showing in the moonlight.

"I will," Dark Pikachu echoed.

"Good, that should be all we need. I have my cell phone with me, you know the number. Let me know when you learn everything you can." I said.

We began to walk towards the gaping hole in the wall, the cement bricks crumbling as we walked on them. We were each armed with two pokemon. I wasn't entirely sure if we could beat Snorlax, let alone find him. I was pretty sure that Dark Pikachu and Shroomish felt the same way as we walked accross the dewy grass into the forest where we did not know what was there, or if we could even handle the challenge before us. But we were going to try anyway.

The End
09-25-2004, 02:54 PM
As we carfully prowled through the forest, trying not to crunch and break the twigs and small sticks underfoot. We were going for the silent approach, hoping to hear the massive bulk of Snorlax crashing through the forest, but we heard nothing. Snorlax had either collapsed in exhaustion, or had somehow become quiet. There was no doubt in our minds that he had collapsed in exhaustion as he tumbled through the forest, tearing down fully grown trees and completely destroying small shrubberies and small trees. I stopped , stood up straight and looked around. The others stopped two, and there was complete silence, not even night animals creeping about. The silence was unpleasant, not peaceful as it should of been, matching the beautiful moonlit seen before them. The silence almost seened malovent, as if trying to deveive us into coming into its grasp, so it may devour us alive, cruching our bones. We all shivered simultaneously.

"What do you think about that?" Shroomish asked. When she talked the silence seemed to crash down around us. She did not need to elaborate, for we all knew what she was talking about.

"I don't know.." Dark Pikachu said, who could not stop shivering at this point, almost to the level of cowering.

"There can only be one answer to all the animals being gone, Snorlax must of been here, but I don't see any broken trees or demolished shrubs..." I said, trying to regain control of my shaking as well.

"Maybe the animals can here Snorlax from great distances, because he does clamber around quite noisily." Shroomish said, interjecting her thoughts on the complete silence that had surrounded us.

"I don't think the answer is that simple..." Dark Pikachu said, and then the silence settled down upon us yet again.

When my cell phone rang, we all almost jumped out of our skins. Shroomish fell over, and the twigs that she crushed sounded like a million glass plates falling, and shattering. I fumbled with my cell, then flipped it open, the leather case glowing dully in the moonlgiht. I answered it and said shakily:


"You sound like you've seen a ghost." Ygseto said. I regained my composure and answered again.

"I think we're about to." I said.

I could hear Ygseto gulp, like something was caught in his throat. I could hear nothing on the line, just silence.

"What's going on Ygseto??" I said.

"I have a lot of news for you..." he responded slowly.

"Well what is it? The more time we waste the smaller window we have to catch Snorlax before he's gone." I said.

"Well, we were watching the news and my parents called, they said that they had bought the Machop for me, but after I told them what happened, they said you could keep it. Then on the news, a reporter said that a Snorlax had escaped from the zoo. I think that is the Snorlax." he said.

"Well why would he come to your basement?" I asked.

"We looked around and my parents had already bought a month's worth of food for the pokemon, I guess Snorlax sniffed it out and came crashing in..... theres something else I want to tell you to. I know I should of told you about this earlier, but... that forest is haunted. There is supposed to be some tower out there, inhabited by ghosts... and then there is supposed to be a deep silence all around it. And I think thats the direction Snorlax went in." Ygseto said.

I just froze, holding the phone to my ear... the silence closing in on me. Then the phone went dead. I flipped it closed and clipped it back to my belt, along with my four pokeballs, two being empty. I intended on using at least one more tonight. I fingered them silently, rubbing my hand accross the ones that I knew contained pokemon.

"What happened?" Shroomish said.

"Ygseto said that the Snorlax was fromt he zoo and that this forest is haunted..." I said shakily.

Dark Pikachu and Shroomish just stared at me.

"I think it'd be best if we got out at least one pokemon, just to keep us safe... for the time being." Dark Pikachu said.

We all reached down to our belt and unclipped a pokeball simultaneously. The metallic luster of the ball was not as great in the moonlight. I threw it into the forest, and a bright white light shot forth from the pokeball, forming into Mr.Mime, someone I could always count on. Shroomish and Dark Pikachu did the same, releasing Steelix and Hitmonlee. The metallic balls flew back to the owners.

"Hitmonlee, we have a very important job, to capture a Snorlax." Shroomish said to Hitmonless.

"Same here Steelix" Dark Pikachu said.

We moved on, not caring about sound, because we were all sure we were facing something more than a massive, powerful behemoth that could kill us in one swipe. We were going against the unknown itself, the spectral creatures of the night and the very things that strike terror into children and adults alike.

The End
09-25-2004, 04:51 PM
We all rode on the back of Steelix, which was chilly and first, but warmed up after a little while. Steelix slinked around the forest, making lots of noise, breaking twigs, running over dry bushes, sliding over leaves, but we did not care. Eventually, we could here the sound that we knew was Snorlax, crashing through the forest, aimlessly.

"Steelix, speed up towards the sound, now!" Dark Pikachu shouted to his pokemon, and it immediately started moving faster through the forest.

Eventually, we were near the sound. We stopped, and slowly, we got off of the Steelix, wary of anything that moved... alive or not. The sound had stopped again, but then it started and it sounded like it was all around us. We just stood and listened, then the noise narrowed down to right in front of us. Then the Snorlax burst out of the woods and toward us. It had a hunted, haunted look on its face, and it was pure terror. He was running as fast as something as big as him could run. He crashed through the small clearing where we sat, and it almost ran over Shroomish.

"Run!!" I shouted and dived into the bushes. Shroomish dived in with me. Dark Pikachu however, was frozen solid with fear, he had seen what was chasing Snorlax: three Haunters were tormenting Snorlax with there creepy antics.

Then Dark Pikachu jumped on Steelix and it started to slink and slide towards Snorlax as fast as possible. The Haunter stopped in the clearing and had a good laugh at the Snorlax and Steelix.

"Ha Ha Ha!!" they all guffawed in distinct pleasure at the havoc they had wreaked.

I jumped out of the bush, Mr.Mime and Shroomish following me, along with Hitmonlee, towards the Haunter.

"Mr.Mime!! Use your Psybeam attack!!" I shouted.

Mr.Mime raised his hand and pink waves shot from his hands. It hit one of the Haunter and the Haunter started to fade, racking his head in pain. It started to fall down, but then the other two Haunter attack Mr.Mime. One had grabbed him by the back of his neck, and was trying to throttle him. Shroomish stepped foward.

"Hitmonlee!! Attack him with Foresight!!" Shroomish shouted. Hitmonlee's eyes glowed a bright yellow, and the two Haunter on Mr.Mime. They started to solidify, and then Hitmonlee jumped at them.

"Now, use your Hi-Jump attack!!" Shroomish shouted.

Hitmonlee placed three soundly kicks on the Haunter grasping Mr.Mime. Then Mr.Mime would regain control of his Psybeam and keep the other Haunter under control. That just left the other Haunter, which Hitmonlee also kicked about with his lightning quick feet.

"Mr.Mime, now, let down your Psybeam!!" I shouted.

Mr.Mime lowered his large hands and the pink waves of energt dissapeared. All three Haunter dissapeared into the forest.

"Come on, we should follow them!!" I shouted. Me and Shroomish then chased them threw the forest, running as fast as we could, but we were no match in speed for the spectral spirits. We ran, crunching all manners of things under our sneakers, dodging through trees. Then we came to an opening, out pokemon following closely behind. The opening had a rickety old tower, almost five stories high. It was not painted, nor primed so we had no idea how it survived the weather it must of taken during allof its years standing here.