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05-13-2007, 05:41 PM
Invasion of Konoha

Konoha has just been invaded by the combined forces of Sound and Sand shinobi. The Chunnin exams have been interrupted and the Third fights a vicious battle against Orochimaru and his summoned corpses. Sasuke chases after a wounded Garra of the Desert with Naruto, Sakura and Shikamaru following. Behind them are 9 sound ninja on their trail. Kakashi and Might Guy fight countless Sand and Sound shinobi. ANBU can only watch the battle between the Third and Orochimaru. Iruka leads the Academy students to shelter. Several Jounin take the fight to the enemy shinobi in hopes of defending their home. Ninja appear from everywhere to help defend or destroy the land of Konoha. Now you must help defend or invade Konoha in itís time of peril. You could change the history of the world of Naruto forever.


1. No g-modding
2. No spamming
3. No foul language
4. No bunnying
5. No making or interacting with canon characters
6. No flaming
7. Follow the Rules
8. Have fun!

Sign-up sheet:

Age: (13-15)
Rank: (Genin or Chunnin)
Village: (Sound, Sand, or Leaf)
Jutsu: (10 jutsu allowed total. No jutsu behind B rank. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ninjutsu_%28Naruto%29 for list of jutsu)
RP Sample: (10 lines)

Name: Garu Tekra
Age: 15
Rank: Chunnin
Gender: Male
Village: Leaf

Appearance: Garu has short grey hair and brown eyes. He is slightly muscular and about 5,7. He wears a green t-shirt and his head band his across his shoulder. He wears black pants. On his back is a katana. His shuriken are on his right side. He also has a bag on his back in which the contents inside are unknown.

Personality: Garu is happy and energetic who never refuses a challenge. He always tries to get stronger than he already is. He has a strong determination that won't die down. He refuses to give up no matter what state he is in. Although when his team isn't on any missions he is extremely lazy and doesn't like doing things that don't interest him. When it is mission time he is a good strategist as well as a good part of his team. He becomes extremely serious at times when needed and will defend his village to the very end.

History: Garu's father was a great ninja and was highly valued in the Leaf Village. However in the war with the Cloud Village he was killed. Garu was not born yet but they all knew he was coming. Garu was thought to be a great ninja. He would surpass all. When he was born he was only seen as an average academy student. The elders were quickly disappointed. Garu was teased by his fellow academy students. He was seen as the Failure Prodigy. He did not stop being a ninja though and continued in his efforts to prove everyone wrong. When he passed the Chunnin exams a year ago he proved many wrong with his arsenal of jutsu. Now he springs into action to fight off the enemy shinobi in order to defend his village.

Jutsu: Fire Style ~ Fireball Jutsu, Fire Style ~ Phoenix Flower Jutsu, Mud Overturn, Body Flicker Technique, Leaf Whirlwind, Great Breakthrough, Substitution Jutsu, Clone Jutsu, Chakra Absorption, Hidden Shadow Snake Hand

RP Sample:

Ezra walked through the streets of the city. He wore a long black cloak over his pale white body. A hood went over his head covering his entire face but his mouth. As he continued walking he took a right into a dark alleyway. He saw a fence that was about 7 feet tall. He climbed over swiftly. A tall man about Ezra's height was holding the reins to a large black stallion. It made several attempts to escape but the man tugged hard onto the reins. Ezra walked forward. He brought down his hood to reveal two cold piercing greyish blue eyes. He stared into the eyes of the angry horse and it calmed down. The man said,

"So your him. Angel. I heard stories abut you. You killed a man when you were training at the age of 10. Are the rumors true?"

Ezra looked to the left of him at the man. He was about to get on the horse. He said,

"Rumors are rumors. Believe them if you want. It won't effect me. What people say will not damage my mission. That is all that matters."

The man looked at him puzzled and baffled. He stared at Ezra dumbfounded. He said,

"Whatever. You crazy kid. Your not worth my time. Go through that hole in the wall. That will bring you outside the city. Then you can do your "Mission."

He laughed obnoxiously. Ezra quickly grew impatient and drew his sword and stuck it to the man's throat. He said in a cold tone,

"Shut up. Now."

He brought it back and quickly smashed his feet into the horse and it galloped forwards straight through the cloth. Ezra put his hood back on and galloped into the trees. He let out a wistle and two wolves were going next to the horse. He galloped further into the trees looking for the gemstones that he lived to find.