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Dr Scott
05-15-2007, 06:56 AM

Note, the description of powers CAN and MIGHT change, but if they do you (the one with the power) will be alerted.


Accelerated Healing:
-Outside of the School Area: Ability to heal rapidly from any injury. Small cuts heal instantly.
-Inside School Area: Healing takes more time, but still quicker then normal. Small cuts take little time to heal.

-Outside the School Area: User may run faster then usual, though not as super-speed (can run around 10 mph). User also has impeccable balance, as well as the ability to do gymnastics well, etc.
-Inside the School Area: Though not as good as talented as outside the school area, the user is faster and more limber then all humans.

-Outside of the School Area: Ability to bring 3 smaller inanimate objects or 1 large inanimate object to life. 3 or 1 at a time. Objects are loyal to the user.
-Inside the School Area: Ability to make 2 smaller inanimate objects to life. Cannot be used to attack. Loyal.


Blood Lust:
-Outside the School Area: When angry enough, or when getting ready for battle, user may enter a Blood Lust state. User then does not feel damage, and attacks with more strength, speed, and does not tire. After the battle, user is weakened and feels all damage dealt double.
-Inside the School Area: User moves faster, and has more energy, but less, and is less full of anger. Great for sports or small works.

Bone Manipulation:
-Outside of the School Area: Ability to manipulate the bones in ones own body. This includes, but is not limited to, the generation of new bone mass, projecting bones out from the skin or rearranging one's own bones.
-Inside the School Area: Cannot use for combat means, and the power is weakened.




-Outside of the School Area: Ability to create or manipulate darkness (AKA shadows, etc), often by mentally accessing a dimension of dark energy an manipulating it
-Inside the School Area: Can manipulate the shadows of others only

Density Control
-Outside of the School Area: Ability to increase the natural density of oneself or an object
side of the School Area: Ability to increase the natural density of oneself only

-Outside of the School Area: Ability to create 2-3 clones of yourself
-Outside of the School Area: Ability to create 1 clone of yourself


Energy Blasts:
-Outside of the School Area: Able to expel energy from a chosen smaller part of your body (i.e. Cyclops eyes, Yusukes finger *less powerful then both*). Power would be double the strength of your punch, triple in the last week of the WAR
-Inside the School Area: Strength is weakened to the power of a single punch.

Energy Constructs:
-Outside of the School Area: Ability to create complex shapes (such as giant boxing gloves or cages) or even functional machinery (such as fire extinguishers or daggers) out of solid energy. Function for only about 5 minutes for small shapes, 2.5 for larger.
-Inside the School Area: Only able to create non-offensive objects. I.E. anything you are not using to kill people, and weaker power.

-Outside the School Area: User may stretch his various body parts much like rubber, and so are more durable and stronger then normal human skin.
-Inside the School Area: User may only stretch a little, though has stronger skin then usual.

Elemental Armor
-Outside the School Area: User may pick up to two elements, and be protected at any time by said elements. Not only acting as a shield, the protective barriers may also strike back against those striking against it, though not leaving much from the user.
-Inside the School Area: User may be protected by the elements around them at most times, though it is far more docile and descretely protects.

Elemental Control: All Elemental Controls are limited in power. For instance, someone with Cold control could not instantly freeze someone, it takes a 5-10 minutes. However, one could harm Pokémon with a weaknesses to the element, or, for instance, freeze fingers. Also, Elemental Control characters MUST take 2 Pokémon of that type.

Elemental Control: Air / Wind:
-Outside the School Area: Ability to control, generate, or absorb air or wind.
-Intside the School Area: Ability to control wind, but not for offensive means.

Elemental Control: Cold / Ice:
-Outside the School Area: Ability to reduce the kinetic energy of atoms and thus reduce temperature, can be used to control, generate, or absorb ice.
-Inside the School Area: Ability to control Cold / Ice, but not for offensive means.

Elemental Control: Earth:
-Outside the School Area: Ability to control earth; sand, stone, rock, lava, dirt, or minerals.
-Inside the School Area: Ability to control earth, but not for offensive means.

Elemental Control: Electricity:
-Outside of the School Area: Ability to control, generate or absorb electrical fields.
-Inside the School Area: Ability to control electricity, but not for offensive means, and weaker power.

Elemental Control: Fire:
-Outside the School Area: Ability to control the kinetic energy of atoms to generate, control or absorb fire.
-Inside the School Area: Ability to control fire, but not for offensive means, and weaker power.

Elemental Control: Plant:
-Outside the School Area: Ability to accelerate the growth of, control or animate plant life. User may also understand basic plant thoughts (Or whatever you want to call them).
-Inside the School Area: Ability to control plants / grass, but not for offensive means, and weaker power.

Elemental Control: Water:
-Outside the School Area: Ability to control, generate or absorb water.
-Inside the School Area: Ability to control water, but not for offensive means, and weaker power.

Elemental Control: Mood:
-Outside the School Area: Which element the one controls is determined by the mood the user is in, such as fire for anger, cold for sadness, electricity for excitement, air for calm, and water for happiness. The powers are weaker then those with just one element, and more practiced, but still potent. Also, user cannot change their mood themselves, it must happen naturally.
-Inside the School Area: Ability to control elements, though not for offensive means, and weaker power. Also, moods need to be stronger for it to be used.

Elemental Resistance:
-Outside the School Area: Character is resistant to all elements, protecting the user from almost all damage. For instance, if a Charizard used flamethrower, the fire would not do much damage, but the claws of the Pokémon is still deadly.
-Inside the School Area: The resistance is weakened, so things that would barely hurt outside the school is more noticeable.

Elemental Transmutation
-Outside the School Area: The ability to alter chemical elements, changing them from one substance to another by rearranging the atomic structure. Can change simple things to others, but cannot transmute larger objects unless considerable power / will is put into it, and then the user is weakened.
-Inside the School Area: Can only change smaller items.

-Outside the School Area: Can sense others emotions, even if they try to hide it. Can also change their emotions, taking a normally happy person and making them angry. If time is taken, user could try to control the one with their emotions, making them sad enough to go to them for guidance, or angry enough to attack their friends.
-Inside the School Area: Emotions need to be stronger to sense, and can only change their emotions somewhat, though everyone is easier to control.

Enhanced Vision:
-Outside the School Area: Ability to see clear in the darkness and see through thinner materials and walls, and larger walls if one concentrates hard enough to make them dizzy for 5-10 minutes, seeing spots for 20, though not larger walls like safes.
-Inside the School Area: Only able to see slightly better in darkness, and only in thinner walls.

ESP / Telepathy
-Outside the School Area: Can read simple or very powerful thoughts, such as needing to go to the bathroom or something like ‘Ow!’ if concentrating. Also able to communicate between psychic Pokémon with thoughts but unable to control them and ones own Pokémon.
-Inside the School Area: Only able to communicate with Pokémon.


-Outside the School Area: Whether by wings, or for whatever other reasons, the character can fly in the air. Player cannot fly into space or too high, and only moves as fast as they would be able to run on the ground. Player also understands flying Pokémon better, and the power of flying Pokémon on their team is highered.
-Inside the School Area: The player can levitate over the ground.

Force Fields: Other
-Outside the School Area: Can create a visible force field that covers 2-5 others. 1-2 are simple to maintain and can protect someone for 5-10 minutes, the larger the shield the more it drains. Then must rest a while.
-Inside the School Area: Can only create small, invisible force fields.

Force Fields: Self
-Outside the School Area: Can create a visible force field covering self that can last to 10 minutes on smaller body parts like an arm, the larger the shield the more it drains, and then the user must rest.
-Inside the School Area: Can only create a small, invisible force field.



-Outside the School Area: User may heal the wounds of his/her comrades, bringing them back to perfect health. When concentrating, the user may also bring them to even stronger then 100%, making them stronger, faster, and better all around for a time. The bigger the wounds healed, the more tired the healer gets. If the user heals too much, he/she can start to develop sores / pains themselves.
-Inside the School Area: User may heal smaller wounds, though not bring the other to more then 100%.

-Outside the School Area: User has the characteristics and some of the powers of a Pokémon of their choice, also picking up much of the talents and personality of the Pokémon. Much like Pokémon Mimicry, though with one Pokémon and so much stronger with the one Pokémon. User may choose to hide their stranger looks.
-Inside the School Area: The user only has the weaker powers of the Pokémon, and the similarity of looks with the Pokémon is greatly diminished.



-Outside the School Area: User is able to show / make people see things that are not really there, such as a rampaging Charizard. More concentration is needed for the larger illusions or to use them a long time, while it is more difficult to do it to multiple people. When the powers have been exhausted, a resting time is needed.
-Inside the School Area: The illusion powers are wasted much quickly then outside the campus. The user can only do smaller illusions.

-Outside the School Area: User is slightly demented, and can transmit some of their sanity to others, making them believe things they would not normally believe. User may also make people see things that are not there, as long as he believes that he sees them himself. The user makes his insane dreams reality.
-Inside the School Area: The user is more sane, and only has a more persuasive nature, with a small bit of illusion power.


Dr Scott
05-21-2007, 07:48 AM


Kinetic Absorption:
-Outside the School Area: Ability to absorb forms of Kinetic Energy into oneself and convert it to physical strength. Can only draw in enough to double your strength, tripling in the last week of the RP, or the body simply shuts itself down. Can only use this powered form for 30 minutes, powering slowly getting weaker as time passes. Then must wait at least 2 in-RP hours before doing it again.
-Inside the School Area: Cannot use power for offensive means, and can only hold the form for 10 minutes.


Light Manipulation:
-Outside the School Area: Ability to control, generate or absorb photons (particles of light).
-Inside the School Area: Only able to control natural light. For example, no lights.


-Outside the School Area: Merges two characters into one, making a smarter, stronger, faster character. Character does not have the strength of both together, instead about 75% of each character. PLAYER HAS TWO MAIN RP CHARACTERS.
-Inside the School Area: 60% of each character.

Metal Morphing (Credit to Neo):
-Outside the School Area: Ability would include the ability to create metal, and change already existing metal into different shapes. Anyone with the ability could also make the metal a part of themselves, such as turning their body into metal (Like T1000 from the Terminator 2). Metal parts and weapons could also be created on the spot, and used for whatever purpose. Would also require the company of two Steel type Pokémon.
Inside the School Area: Can only be used for non-combative purposes, and ability is limited to only creating metallic tools with a specific purpose (such as a screwdriver, scissors, or a knife for cutting rope).

Mind Control:
-Outside the School Area: Can dominate non-RP characters with their mind, using the characters to do their bidding. Only muddles the thoughts of RPers, affects RP-controlled-NPCs (one of the 3-4 allowed) slightly more. Works better if the minds are already open or weaker for some reason (tired, been crying, etc). Can only control 3 NPCs at once.
-Inside the School Area: Can only help to influence others, and can only interact with one mind at a time.




Paper Manipulation:
-Outside the School Area: User can control paper, though is limited to paper in their viscinity. Much like Sand Manipulation, user can use the sand to do various things, such as project the user or make weapons. User must concentrate to keep their power alive, and can only make as much things as there is paper. Must recharge their power after it runs out.
-Inside the School Area: User can control paper, though not for offensive means.

-Outside the School Area: Ability to phase oneself and clothing / objects on their body through solid objects. Cannot phase through large walls like safes, only can only phase through 7 things an hour.
-Inside the School Area: Only able to phase through 3.

Poison Manipulation:
-Outside the School Area: The user may summon and control the weaker poisons, expelling them in multiple forms. If inputted directly into the Pokémon or human, it acts as toxic, and if it is used in Powder form, it is much like Poison Powder, while also weakening them physically. User may also make powders to paralyze enemies. Poison cannot kill by itself. User can also use sleep powder, though it only works if caught unawares.
-Inside the School Area: User can manipulate and create poisons, though only to weaken or paralyze victims. User can also user sleep powder.

Pokémon Conversion:
-Outside the School Area: Able to mimic basic Pokémon movements and understand their emotions better then any human could. User also knows many little things about Pokémon, such as their favorite foods. The power gives the user up to 4 Pokémon and a young (and weaker) egg of a legendary Pokémon to start out with, plus one that travels with like Pikachu with Ash that does not count as the total. Pokémon is also stronger.
-Inside the School Area: Pokémon are only slightly stronger then normal, and can not talk perfectly, more like one who has taken it as a second language.

Pokémon Mimicry:
-Outside the School Area: Able to concentrate on a Pokémon and mimic its movements, abilities, and some moves (in other words, cannot create fire but can move quicker, hover some, slash their nails against a person, etc.) Also has a strong connection with all Pokémon, understanding their general idea of what they are trying to say and strong emotions, but not able to control Pokémon (in other words, going up to a random / enemy Pokémon and telling them to turn).

Power Mimicry:
-Outside the School Area: Able to copy another RPers powers (ONLY the RPers, no saying you met Superman :P), though only one at a time (must wait 30 minutes to change powers) and half strength, and only if they have seen them use it in person.
-Inside the School Area: Powers cannot be used for offensive means, and the powers are weakened to 25% of the original power.

Power Negation:
-Outside the School Area: Able to all but null the enemies power, so that if someone had, for instance, fire control, they could only make someone a little warmer by touching them.
-Inside the School Area: Able to completely take away the others power.

Probability Manipulation:
-Outside the School Area: Ability to alter probability, causing unlikely things to happen or likely things to not happen. Usually auto-pilot, unless concentration is made, and if so the user is dizzy for 10 minutes and feels weakened.
-Inside the School Area: Effect is weakened.

Psychic Weapons
-Outside the School Area: Ability to create a weapon of psionic energy that can harm mentally and not physically. Able to cripple weak-willed, the effect is dulled with strong-willed individuals. One can make it so the enemy cannot feel it, but the effect is dulled. Can also cause stabbing pain in ones mind, but only once every 10-20 minutes.
-Inside the School Area: Can mentally mess the individual, though the effect is highly lowered to more of an annoyance.




Reality Warping:
Outside the School Area: Ability to change or manipulate reality itself. Is limited to a single room in each building, changing its properties to what you desire. Must be in the room and must meditate and focus on creating it, taking 3-6 hours, depending on how much change is made. Can instantly get rid of the changes, but must then take the time to do it again. Also, can make small changes in controlled rooms, like turning a chair into a cat. Can only control 4 rooms at a time.
Inside the School Area: Can only control the reality of lockers or desks used multiple times, two counting as one room (for the 4 room count).


Sand Manipulation:
-Outside the School Area: User may control sand, wherever it is, so is forced at times to carry the sand with them. Many things can be done with sand, depending on the amount, such as forming a sand shield or creating a sand weapon. It is hard, however, to carry around much sand for the user, so creating large obstacles is limited to places like beaches. Also, they may only control one form of sand at a time, or two at a time but weakened.
-Inside the School Area: User can manipulate sand, though not for offensive means.

-Outside the School Area: User must pick a smaller Pokémon (Such as a Houndoom) to turn into, and can only turn into that Pokémon and one other, smaller Pokémon. Can turn into them at will, though the turning causes a pain. Also, clothing does not survive the change. Pokémon powers of the Pokémon shifted into is weakened.
-Inside the School Area: Can change, but cannot use the offensive attacks of the Pokémon.

Size Manipulation:
-Inside the School Area: User can shrink or grow to ¼ and 1 ¾ their height. While larger the power and defensive grows, though while smaller forms move faster and is harder to hit. After 30 minutes, user must recharge and wait 20 minutes.
-Outside the School Area: User can shrink to ½ and grow to 1 ½ their height. After 20 minutes the user must recharge and wait 20 minutes.

Superhuman Reflexes:
-Outside the School Area: Ability to react faster then any human. In other words, can judge upcoming attacks when others would be hit, etc. Cannot dodge all attacks, must be ready for it, etc.
-Inside the School Area: Can react faster, though not as much. In other words, would be nicked by a punch instead of totally dodging it.

Superhuman Senses:
-Outside the School Area: Ability to see, smell, taste, feel, and hear more than a normal human.
-Inside the School Area: Affect is dampened.

Summon: Legendary Pokémon.
-Outside the School Area: The user can summon a single legendary Pokémon of their choice to fight with them. Said legend is loyal to the summoner, with restrictions. For instance, Mew will not slaughter children or cut herself. Legend lasts for as long as the caster can hold their concentration, usually stopping around the time the user is pretty tired or goes to sleep, and then needs a half day rest period before summoning again.
-Inside the School Area: 4 hours is added to the rest period while inside the school, and the legend can only stay for half the time.
:-: Deox Trainer : Mew


Technology Expertise:
-Outside the School Area: User has created and mastered an array of different gadgets, including melee weapons and the bow, and can now use them with great ease. Only character who can use various gadgets, such as smoke grenades and anything else the user can think of. The user is limited by their ability to hold the various items.
-Inside the School Area: User can only use devices for non-melee means. The best pranking skill by far.

-Outside the School Area: Ability to manipulate and control objects with the mind, often in ways not visible to the naked eye. Cannot manipulate large objects much, and if you do for too long you get a headache which grows with time. Can control 1-4 smaller objects, 2 medium, 1 larger.
-Inside the School Area: Can only control 1 medium and 2 small objects, and cannot use the objects to attack.

-Outside the School Area: Much like Nightcrawler, the user can teleport short distances that they can see. Though they can teleport to places they cannot, this is a risk because they could always teleport into an object, killing them instantly. Users can also grab someone else and teleport with them. User must wait a little before teleporting again, and a longer time when taking someone / something else.
-Inside the School Area: User must wait a longer time to teleport, and cannot teleport at all to places they cannot see.

Transformation: Alternate Personality:
-Outside the School Area: User transforms, sometime at will and sometimes not, into a monster-like creature. The creature has an altered appearance, and is usually larger and stronger then the human counterpart. Though little things might be similar, most of the personality of the two are much different.
-Inside the School Area: User only transformed a little, becoming slightly bigger, larger, faster, etc.

U & V



Wall Crawling:
-Outside the School Area: Able to climb up walls and other substances as much as one likes. Feeling is like walking normally.
-Inside the School Area: Must expend more physical energy / strength to climb up walls, it feels like jogging or walking fast.

Water Breathing
-Outside the School Area: Ability to breath through water in lieu of a gaseous medium. Can also understand Water Pokémon better, and makes them slightly stronger then normal water Pokémon.
-Inside the School Area: Can only breathe in water for an hour at a time before taking a breath of air.

Weather Manipulation:
-Outside the School Area: Ability to control or mentally affect the weather. This includes the ability to generate various natural phenomena (rain, tornadoes, lightning, etc.) or control the intensity of the weather. Stronger things like tornadoes only happen for small times, while rain can last longer. Also, the weathers movement cannot be changed or manipulated.
-Inside the School Area: Can cause water to fall from a sprinkling system, or wind to blow at a higher intensity.



Dr Scott
06-02-2007, 06:29 AM


EmBreon ~ Empathy
Fing ~ Shapeshifting
FireFlyK ~ Shapeshifting (2)
Kenny ~ Superhuman Senses + Enhanced Vision
Kitty-Chan ~ Blood Lust
KnightBlazer ~ Pokémon Mimicry
Marth ~ Light Manipulation
Scott ~ Probability Manipulation


Draconic Espeon ~ Duplication
Kayla ~ Technology Expertise
Poltergeist ~ Instanity
Sent ~ ESP
Skiboydoggy ~ Elemental Resistance
Snowball Sunday ~ Elemental Control: Mood



.Lan ~ Size Manipulation
ChronoPika ~ Weather Manipulation
Cress ~ Elemental Control: Fire
Dark Rider ~ Elemental Control: Air
Finch ~ Reality Warping
Hakken ~ Darkness
Larvitar ~ Poison Manipulation
LordZangoose ~ Mind Control
Neo Pikachu ~ Sand Manipulation
rust ~ Elemental Control: Water
Wario ~ Accelerated Healing


Channel Delibird ~ Merge
Charizard Mike ~ Phasing
Deoxys200 ~ Power Mimicry
Diesel ~ Force Field: Self
HKim ~ Elemental Control: Cold
Johto Trainer ~ Power Negation
Kecleonfan666 ~ Superhuman Reflexes
Neptune ~ Bone Manipulation
Sonickid ~ Animation



Alyssa ~ Illusion
Bronislav84 ~ Flight
Crossfire Chaos ~ Wall Crawling
DeathSpector ~ Elemental Transmutation
Deoxys Trainer ~ Summon: Legend
Hoshika ~ Pokemon Conversion
Ninja Emperor ~ Kinetic Absorption
Sceptile Frost ~ Energy Blasts
Tiana_M ~ Elemental Control: Plant
UmbraKora ~ Paper Manipulation

Alpha Guild

Chaotic Despair ~ Teleportation
Gaia ~ Summon: Legend (2)
RPGraccoon - Metal Morphing
Siberian Tiger ~ Energy Constructs


Dr Scott
06-09-2007, 08:51 AM

Pacifist: Just School (Post up schedule with character)
If you are a pacifist, you get a wider choice of classes. You will be taking 5 classes. These are the choices.
Class 1: Pokemon Intelligence OR Pokemon Genetics
Class 2: Pokemon Family Structure OR Myths of the Legendaries
Class 3: Pokemon Environment Exploration OR Pokemon Dialects OR Pokemon Art
Class 4: Pokemon Mysterious OR Shop class
Class 5: Pokemon Gyms OR Professional Grooming

Please post your class schedule in your signup.

Both: If you are doing both RPs, you get choices, too. However, as a part time student, you are only taking 3 classes. You also do not have all of the classes offered to you.
Aside from your 3 classes, you are free from the day, and do not need to stay on campus.
Here are the choices:

Class 1: Pokemon Intelligence OR Pokemon Genetics OR Pokemon Family Structure
Class 2: Myths of the Legendaries OR Pokemon Art
Class 3: Pokemon Gyms OR Professional Grooming

Classes Information

Pokemon Mysteries
Shop Class
Pokemon Intellignce
Pokemon Genetics
Pokemon Family Structure / Taming - Teacher controlled by FireFyk
Myths of the Legendaries
Pokemon Environment Exploration
Pokemon Dialects: General language structure
Pokemon Art
Pokemon Gyms: Getting your gym Certified, the running and organization of, and the tricks to defeating them.
Professional Grooming - Teacher controlled by FireFlyK

Dialects, general: A class teaching the sentence structure and other similar things that most Pokemon languages have in common.

Art: A study of how Pokemon are depicted in art, and also art forms practiced by species of Pokemon.


The Teachers

Pokemon Mysteries


Shop Class


Pokémon Intelligence

Intelligence: The levels and types of intelligence various Pokemon have, variations in IQ of specific types, etc. Includes hands-on lab work, tests, etc. Also works with Pokemon like Magneton, who gain collective intelligence when three Magnemite bond to evolve, etc.

Name: Rivkah Ruturo ("Professor Rivvy")
Gender: Female
Appearance: At 5'5, Rivvy's neither tall nor short. She is of average weight, with pale skin, freckles, and a tendency to sunburn easily. Rivvy has little, frizzy curls in her hair, which is reddish brown. Her eyes are light brown.

Personality: Rivvy is a very laid back person. She's not always the most attentive, so often, people can insult each other in her classes, if they are quiet or disguise the insult a bit. However, she won't tolerate bullying, or laziness.

While teaching her classes, she can get very into things, and become louder, and more aggressive. Rivvy is enthusiastic about her field of study. She does play favorites with the students (With a marked preference for those who are good at the subject, or who own Poison or Psychic types), but not too badly.

Rivvy's Pokemon are Poko (Wobbuffet, M), Mivee (Ampharos, M), Ubool (Paras, M), Aeyi (Togepi, F) and Subine (sunkern, F).

During class, her Sunkern and Togepi usually sleep on the windowsill, the rays of the sun keeping them warm. Her Ubsool sits quietly on her desk, but can be persuaded by some students to give assistance as needed. Her Wobbuffet assists during class work, going around to help students in need, and is very education focused. Ampharos, however, while also helpful, can be a bit eccentric, and prefers hands-on learning. In one famous instance, when someone with the ability to transform into a Kadabra tried to argue about the many ways a Psychic attack could counter all electrical things, and manipulate the energy into grounding itself, he zapped the boy, before running him through a series of similar tests to prove him wrong. Though the student wasn't really hurt- it was a weak shock- it has made Rivvy's Ampharos well known as a strange Pokemon.


Pokemon Genetics Class

Genetics = The development of Pokemon, evolution, what they came from (what prehistoric types current 'mon descended from), and also, some Breeding information.

Name: Natuori Hager ("Professor Hager")

Gender: Male

Appearance: Natuori is tall, with straight, short grey hair, and dark eyes. He is beginning to gain a little extra weight, but as he's getting closer to 60, this is not really unexpected. Despite this, he's still a rather active man, and not as brittle as some people of his age are.

Personality: Natuori was once an enthusiastic researcher, who spent many a night in a lab with just a few cups of coffee for company. Now, in his old age, he's come to enjoy being around people more. Natuori is generally bright spirited, and enjoys interacting with his classes. He is fair, and does not play favorites at all. He is, however, a little old fashioned. While he will let the boys roughouse a little, since 'boys will be boys', should any of them pick a fight or even an argument with a girl, he will be very strict with them. Natuori, despite his age, has sharp eyes and ears, and does not often miss these sorts of things, either.

Occaisonally, his classes can be difficult. Natuori is gifted with the power to see the microscopic particles of a being, which allows him to compare Pokemon, and helped him discover which are descended from each other. He also knows quite a bit about the changes a Pokemon's body and brain undergo while evolving to another form, as well as a bit about breeding.

Pokemon: Natuori has a fondness for Pokemon who are descended from the ancients. He also has a fondness for rock and normal types. Though he's quiet in battles, he is wise, and is a good fighter.

Natuori's pokemon are Kabutops, Omastar, Armaldo, Cranidos, Chatot, and Stantler. They are often used in class demonstration, and his Armaldo assists him with the class. Of all his Pokemon, only Cranidos is never used in class, as it is only a baby, and not entirely trained yet.


Pokemon Family Structure / Taming

Family structure/Taming: More focused on Breeding, abilities and biological differences in Pokemon of the same species who had different species parents. Also includes how Pokemon learn (Do they grow up with parents? cared for by all of their kind nearby? etc) and how certain species are best tamed when raised from hatching.

Name: Danae Diodorus ("Professor D", "Professor Danae")

Gender: Female

Appearance: Danae is 5'6, with curly chestnut hair, and black eyes. She's often dressed rather unusually, because she is partially colorblind. Danae can not distinguish blue from yellow.

Personality: Though she is very focused on her subject, Danae is lax in watching the students. Many a fight has taken place in her class. She also does not have any of her Pokemon help, expect on days when there are experiments or live studies, so she has no one to back her up if she does try to break up a fight.

Danae knows her stuff, but while she's usually a decent teacher, she can sometimes go off on very boring lecture-rants. She does, however, teach her class how to tame Pokemon. At the end of the semester, she gives out Pokemon eggs. These hatch, and each kid, to pass, must successfully tame the Pokemon that hatched, using what they have learned about how each species imprints, or otherwise is taught and tamed and cared for.
The Pokemon that are given out vary. Usually, there are a few more difficult ones, given to those she thinks can handle them. The others are easy ones, however.

Common Pokemon given in this are: Zigzagoon, Togepi, Pichu, Pidgey, Hoppip, Cherubi, Buneary.

Rare ones are: Azurill, Pachirisu, Piplup, Chingling, Eevee.

Myths of the Legendaries: Like an course studying the Myths of Latin/Greece, basically. This deals with all sorts of stories of the legends, true and false, and the culture around them. It also gives some info on the legends.

Name: Aiza Vazero (Professor Vazero)

Gender: Female

Appearance: Aiza is young for a professor. She's only 25, but an expert in her field.

Aiza dresses and looks her age, too. Her hair is black, with blond streaks, and she's often seen wearing the latest fashions, though she does wear only modest clothing... To class, anyway.

Personality: Despite her youth, Aiza is very knowledgable, and a good teacher. She tries to keep the classes interesting, but she knows what it's like to slack off in class, and often catches people who are doing it. Aiza does not put up with fighting in her class at all, but gossiping is another issue entirely.

Pokemon: Dragonite, Salamence, Kingdra, Gyarados, Garchomp, Togetic.

Studies begin with the three legendary birds, and proceed to the legendary dogs.

In year two, the other G/S/C and R/B/Y legends are studied.

Year three is a study of the Hoenn legends. Year 4 is the last year, and includes the Sinnoh legends, and a review of the other ones.


Pokemon Environment Exploration
Environment Exploration: To lead into plots more, basically. You learn about the habitats Pokemon live in, how to preserve and create them, how to deal with unwanted species there, etc. You do lots of field work, so some slackers may choose this.

Name: Tim Raleigh
Gender: Male
Appearance: Tim has blond hair, and grey-blue eyes. He's 6'1, and muscled from all the hiking and building he has done. His right arm has several little scars covering it.
Personality: Tim is a hardy person, who loves exploring, and building. He's smart, but happiest when working with his hands, alongside his Pokemon.

Tim does not play favorites, but he does get impatient with the people who can't keep up. He's also strict about fights, since they disrupt his class, but people have managed to sneak off sometimes on field trips, and have gotten into trouble if they were caught doing so.

Tim's only pokemon is a Aggron. He claims he doesn't need any other companions.


Pokémon Art
Year 1: A study of how Pokemon are depicated in art, including field trips to museums, and lectures by a famous painter who only depicts Snorunt, and by a famous sketch artist who draws Pokemon.

Year 2: Study of environments in Pokemon-themed paintings.

Year 3: People who make it to this class will now be studying art done by Pokemon.

Year 4: A study of modern art by Pokemon, and group-art by Pokemon and their trainers.

Because this class is often taken by so many students, the two levels of the class were split. Professor Walva Cvaeta teaches the first two years, and professor Yulek Juik teaches the second two years.

Name: Walva Cvaeta
Gender: Female

Appearance: Walva Cvaeta is in her mid thirties. Her hair is still a deep black color, and long, as well as often adorned with ribbons or barettes. Walva has dark brown eyes, but is almost always seen with a bright smile on her face.

Personality: Happy and enthusiastic about her work, Walva plays favorites to the extreme. Her favorite students are doted on, and often allowed to do art projects not included in the curriculum instead of the ones she assigns. She also overlooks any talking in class they may do. Fights, however, are not allowed in Walva's class room- she will put a stop to them. Maybe she'll chastise the person one of her favorites attacked, instead of the one at fault, but she will not allow a fight while she is teaching.

The kids who aren't Walva's favorites are still treated nicely, for the most part. She's simply not as understanding about things that are interfering with their classwork, nor as likely to praise their work so highly

Professor Yulek Juik
Gender: Male
Appearance: Yulek is in his late forties, but still has the energy to keep tabs on his class. He is very relaxed when it comes to class work, particularly with 4th year students. Generally, he allows a lot of goofing off in class, too, after the day's lesson is done. Those who start a fight will regret it, however. Professor Juik acts as though a fight is a personal assault on his class and his dignity. The person who started it will basically be hated by him for the rest of the year, and will be treated more strictly than the rest of the class, while, just to spite them, the person they attacked will be treated like a poor innocent victim, even if they are just as guilty. Juik also hates people who chew gum in class. Bringing food is allowed, especially if you'll share with others, but gum is his pet peeve.

Juik is relatively fair, but he does play favorites a little. He tends to try to look after the smaller students, or the more fragile ones, especially the girls. This doesn't really have a huge effect on his classes, however, since it's more paternal than a form of favoritism. He holds them to the same standards as anyone else, he just tries to make sure they're doing alright. The father of two little girls, Juik has a very paternal nature, and will often try to help students with their lives if needed, as well as with their artwork.


Pokemon Gyms: Getting your gym Certified, the running and organization of, and the tricks to defeating them.

Year 1: How to get your gym Certified. How to run a non-certified 'practice' gym until you can get certified.

Year 2: The running and organization of a Gym, how to set the rules, make enough money to afford to run a gym, etc.

Year 3: The tricks to defeating other gyms, and things you should watch out for in your own gym.

Year 4: There is no fourth year for this course. Students must take a different course if they still need credits.

Name: Ariel Taylor
Gender: Female

Appearance: Only 29, and looking young for her age, it doesn't always seem believable to people that Ariel could have been a Champion, or could even be a professor now. However, Ariel holds all the badges, and is a fairly amazing trainer. (She even runs a 'practice' gym of her own for fun in her spare time, though without intentions of getting certified and added to the league.) This short little redhead soon wins respect from her student, through a battle if nothing else works.

Personality: Though Ariel isn't grouchy, she is very goal-oriented and task-driven. Ariel is a self admitted workaholic, and proud of it. She is also tough on training, both for her Pokemon and herself. (She has the Ability to shift small objects with her mind, and practices often)

Ariel will not tolerate any fooling around in her classes. Those who offend her will be kicked out for the day, and told not to return until they can behave. People who do a good job, however, are briefly praised, if not given any sort of other reward for their good work.

Ariel's Pokemon are all Water types- Yet all are of a species that can also walk and fight on land... Except her Milotic.

Pokemon: Quagsire, Feraligator, Blastoise, Octillery, Empoleon, Milotic.

Kovo, Quagsire, Male.
Niketta, Feraligator, Female.
Horth, Blastoise, Male.
Detila, Octillery, Female.
Shome, Empoleon, Male.
Aiskarlia, Milotic, Female.


Professional Grooming

This class is co-taught by Professor Davey Collins, and Natasha Green. They prefer to be called by their first names, and run an informal, but informative, class.

Professional Grooming does cover how to groom a Pokemon professionaly, to prepare them for a contest, or other such event. It also includes facets of Contest-entry, however, as well as some general care techniques for young or aged Pokemon. Finally, the fourth year, by which time even the complicated props, color themes, and etc. of contests have been taught, the class basically becomes a learning period, during which contests are held in the class, and choreography of moves is taught along with the usual grooming practice.

Professor Davey is a lighthearted young man of 27, with black, straight hair and blue eyes. Yes, he does have the 'fringe' look, the bit of hair that covers his eyes, but during class, this is flipped back out of the way. As to Natasha, at 28 she's only one year his senior, but a champion of the contests. Davey acted as her Pokemon's stylist, and her adviser, throughout her run at this. The two are close friends, and often found giggling over little jokes. They do not play favorites, but are very friendly with everyone in their classes.

Fights are not tolerated. Natasha or her Pokemon usually break them up as soon as they occur, and Davey gives a disappointed lecture to the one responsible for the fight.

Davey's Pokemon:
Bebe, female, Bellsprout. Little Bebe is a huge flirt, but good at grooming and the teaching of. She's also patient with students who do a poor job of grooming her. She enters Cool and Smart contests.

Lilian, female, Chingling. This adorable little Pokemon has a flair for dramatics, and while she competes in Cute contests now, she wants to grow up to be a beauty.

Melody, female, Togetic.

For a Togetic, Melody is remarkably outgoing. She sings well, and loves to show this off. She is fun-loving, and enjoys assisting people with grooming, as well as being groomed herself. She enters Beauty and Cute contests.

Sorell, female, Ponyta. Unlike most Ponyta, her coat is a darker color, and she has deep brown eyes. Her flames are usually retracted, and she flares them back up for effect during contests and such. Sorell's mane, when not flame-covered, is soft and black. The hairs are tough, and not damaged by the fire that often covers them.

Sorell used to be shy. Now that she's growing up, she's less shy, but still very calm. She was Davey's first Pokemon, and is his constant companion. She's also thoroughly spoiled, as he always has sugar cubes on hand for her. Luckily, her good temperment means she is not mean despite being given so much.

Sorell is often entered in Cute, Beauty, or occaisonally Smart contests.

Zackril, male, Vulpix. This Pokemon is kind to a fault. He is a bit of a lady's man, but he never cheats... He may have a new girl every few days, but while he's with her, he's devoted, and a 'perfect' boyfriend. He does have commitment issues due to some problems before Davey got him, but he's working on those. He's a champion at Beauty and Smart contests. He also does well in Cute contests, though he's a bit too sophisticated to really be 'cute' anymore. Tough and Cool contests, however, he fails entirely at.

Moreuw, male, Mareep. The newest of the 6. Not much is known about him. He enters Cool and Smart contests, and sometimes Cute ones.

Natasha's Pokemon:
Corsola, Cubone, Baltoy, Sandshrew, Phanpy, Wartortle.

Natasha's Pokemon are good at winning contests. They're generally friendly, but don't get so close to the trainers as Davey's do, preferring to stick together when they're not being groomed for practice. Baltoy is the exception, however. Baltazar, as he is called, has an amazing eye for grooming techniques, and often helps the students during class.

Dr Scott
06-09-2007, 09:15 AM
The Town Map
Done by Charizard Mike


Teams Starting Territories
A5/Blue Stripes- TAG
A7/Yellow Stripes- Trainer
A9/Orange Stripes- Syndicate
B1/Red Stripes- Rocket
B8/Purple Stripes- Nightstriders: RK
B4/Green Stripes- Swarm

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The Team Territories

Area Name: The Market Union Neighborhood.

General Look / Theme: The area is rich in family-operated business, such as restaurants, cafés, friendly sports bars, antique shops, bazaars...etc.
Most buildings are small, and usually the shop has a door that communicates with the house. Traffic regulation is esential due to the high number of people that walk on the streets, so there are a lot of traffic lights and parkimeters

Major Features: You can't miss out the Union's parking lot, conviniently located at the center of the neighborhood, just next to the Main Plaza.
The main plaza is where you'll find a lot of artefact-sellers, with their long carpets surrounding the square-shaped parlor.
Mikey: Draw a square. Draw an X inside the square. The X represenents 4 small yellow-brick roads that lead to a monument of Dragonite (that's the X's center). It's surrounded by a looot of trees.
The Union's Guildhall is some sort of a city-council, where the business reports are discussed, and marketing campaigns designed. Every member of the Union has the right to participate in this Guildhall, and they must give a monthly report of their incomes.

Stores / Businesses:
-Tyko's Plushie Shop --> Need a plushie? They have all the Pokémon in 3 types of poses, including shiny-colors. Owned by the Blabbermouth family.
-Das Bierhaus --> The local sports bar, owned by the Kracker family.
-The BIG Antique shop --> From old, rusty swords to ancient scrolls. Owned by the Astaroth Family.
-Valeth's Artifact shop --> Owned by Rhauk Valeth, sells multiple-house appliances that are handy to the modern house-woman, but that don't use new technology or have a high price.
-Scott's Candy Paradise --> All a kid can dream about exists in here, from Teddiursa Gummies to Voltrob jawbreakers. Operated by the Starwind Family, the Union's representative in the City Council.

Team Background/History: The Syndicate per-se does not operate in public; for most people that don't live inside the neighborhood ignore his existance.
They are instead represented by the Union, a perfectly-legal market association that conducts business in the area. Although the incomes are very good, the goal is to keep the prices low, and to provide an excellent costumer-service.
Of course, that's the perfect cover for an under-the-water management, something that not all the families are aware of. In fact, most goody-shoes families think they are helping the city's business...while they are just helping the Syndicate achieve their goal: Monopoly of the information and economy.

Some of the biggest-business owners, like the Blabbermouth family, are the Syndicate's true members. Their job is to ensure everyone knows how good belonging to the Union is, and they will only recruit those members smart and witty enough to recognize the potential of the citie's dominance.
They do this by subtly pressuring business outside the neighboorhood to join the Union, offering several benefits for belonging to the group. If a person resists, however...more drastical measures are taken.
Slowly, the neighborhood expands through the city, and it's not rare to hear gossips in a shop about how much "John Doe's" business has growth just when it became part of the Union.
There is no known leader, the orders are given through mirrors, people that pass the orders to each other until the command reaches it's recipient.
However, when it comes to having a voice in the city, the Starwind Family is the one who does this job.

Describe Your 2 (Max) Bases In The Area:
-For the Union, the Guildhouse is the ideal place for a celebration, business meeting, press conference, or your local Piñata party. Used by everyone and owned by everyone, it's a good place to look for a Union's Representative if you are interested in joining it. Also host to the Union's main office and is the place where the Union Money supposedly is stored.
-For The Syndicate, Tyko's Plushie Shop has got a secret entrance behind a door in the bathroom, which can only be opened with a special remote control.
Inside, a round table lit only in the center serves as a meeting location for the true Syndicate members. Orders are given there, and the Supreme Leader, covered by a hooded cloak, will only appear in this hall; even if nobody knows his true identity.

Team Rocket

Area Name: Still don't care

General Look / Theme: Classic city, with slums to exploit and big business to rob.

Major Features: Tall skyscrapers, plenty of black market assets(guns), Seaside.

Stores / Businesses: Basic city stuff, black market, for access to illegal things, plenty of mom and pop stores to exploit.

Team Background/History: Rising from the ashes of a failed American dream, Rocket strives to equalizes humanity in any way necessary, and murder and extortion are not below their calling. A gang with an almost cultic system of organization. The leader and sub-leaders are listened to as almost a worship. Gang members are trained as strike teams instead of as a whole.

Describe Your 2 (Max) Bases In The Area: One is a large basement near the docks. the building above serves as a means of selling various illegal objects of value, and is maintained by paying off police officers or threatening their lives. The second is deep in the prestigious area's of the city. It's entrance is disguised as a manhole, but houses the main Team Rocket instalation in the city. Its serves as an armory and training ground for the ranks.

Team Swarm

Area Name: Mitehill

General Look / Theme: Mitehill is a small, run-down, and generally unattractive area of the city which has been a helpless victim of urban decline.

Major Features: The streets of Mitehill are lined with grey office blocks and flats which all have a dirty exterior appearance. Regardless, the poverty rate in the area is quite low, with the main causes for vandalism and street crime being the boredom and apathy displayed by the modern youth.

Stores / Businesses: There is a mall (the Honeybee Shopping Center) comprising small branches of mid-range stores, as well as a few local businesses. It's really quite ordinary. The office blocks house up-and-coming firms and agencies, the most notable of which being the Mitehill Independent Law Firm.

Team Background/History: Swarm was founded in secret to serve as a sort of military factory. Research was carried out, and still is to this day, into ways of genetically Pokemon clones to create super-soldiers for sale or hire. Funding is still scarce, and so the survival of the group depends solely on the success of their front.

Describe Your Base In The Area: The most prestigious and easily the nicest-looking office block in the whole of town lies in the very center and belongs to the Mitehill Independent Law Firm. However, this is just a front. Using a retinal scanner in the elevator will allow members of Swarm to go down into the Hive, an underground research and military network.

Team Trainer

Area Name: Channelston

General Look / Theme: A nice size lake divides most of the territory into two different parts. The side that is closet to the main city are mostly suburbs that mostly house well rounded middle class citizens. A big branch of the city medical center can be found in the center of the middle class area of the territory. On the other side of the lake are the higher class that are rich. Nice size houses can be found there and a large department store/mall is located on that part of the area.

Major Features: A nice lake.
A clear lake can be seen from the sky and forest area can be seen on the edge of the territory. Close to the medical center, a nice park can be found.

Stores / Businesses:
Most people in Channelston have made a living base on the many marketing, restaurants and stores found in this area. Most of the rich have some sort of connection to the hospitals and businesses that involve the medical center in both the territory and the main city but mostly with the territory.

Team Background/History:
Team Trainer was brought together by it’s leader who believed strongly in the good ideals of a pokemon trainer. The leader believe that as a trainer, that we need to help everybody and pokemon the same and if anybody needs help, good or bad, that as a trainer we should help as we see fit. This is one of the many beliefs that Team Trainer was formed around to support that came from the good morals of the team and every member of the team are welcome to interpret those morals to how they see fit by providing medical, combat or any other ways of helping unless told by the leader.

Describe Your 2 (Max) Bases In THe Area:
There are two bases located in the territory that Team Trainer claim as their own. One of their bases is located on the rich side of the territory where many of the Trainer Commanders meet. The second one is located close to the lake on the middle class side which holds a medical unit.


Borough’s Name: Nightstone

General Look / Theme: Simple Spanish Suburb mixed with New Orleans. Nightstone is one of the oldest boroughs of the city and is packed with many nooks and crannies many of which are generally only well known to the residents of the borough. It is toward the outskirts of the city now, but it was once the center of the small town that the city used to be. Almost all of the residences in the area are either small apartment blocks or single-story homes.

Major Features:
Nightstone Plaza: In the center of the borough is a main plaza with a central fountain. No streets run through this plaza, it is for pedestrians only. It is the center of commerce in this particular borough and there are four five story complexes each built around a smaller courtyard and each one houses a very mixed variety of stores, bars and restaurants. All of the complexes were originally only two stories and thus the lower you go in the plaza the older the construction of the store will look. Some of the lower story stores have fallen into disrepair and are unused while most others have been kept fairly nice by the people that run them.
Neighborhood Park: This isn’t really a full on park kept up by the city, it is actually a converted empty house lot on the west side of the borough. This was the very first project worked on by the NightStriders. There is a very small garden at the back end of the lot that is surrounded by a small picket fence. In the garden is a nice seating area where a few people can sit comfortably. The rest of the lot is basically a small patch of grass with a small swing set to the left. It is still kept up, mainly by a small force of volunteers, but it is checked in on by at least one member from NS at least once every month to make sure that it is still a nice place for people to go.
Nightstone Hospital: The hospital is southwest of Nightstone Plaza and is four stories with no central courtyard, it is a newer building, but it is older than the NightStrider team. It is an unusual hospital by any account. The doctors at this hospital have tested many old wives’ tale remedies and have thrown out the ones that are rubbish, but they have implemented the ones that seem to work, whether or not they were able to explain why the remedies work. It also is unusual in that while it is clean, a majority of the hospital is not haunted by the antiseptic smell that permeates most hospitals. This is because while all the operation rooms and some of the more central wards do have controlled environments, the doctors that were the founders and designers of this hospital saw the benefit of having open-air wards for those patients that did not need a sterile environment.
NightStridersYouthCenter (aka:NSYC): This youth center is on the eastern side of the borough and is quite large. It has two stories and a central courtyard like many similar buildings in the borough. It also has a swimming pool and a gym just outside and to the right of the complex. It is a place where children up to age 19 can go for tutoring or just to hang out with friends. It was built in the first year of NightStriders being recognized as a full-fledged charity organization.

Stores / Businesses: (All but two of the following are in the Central Plaza)
Mode: This is one of the few specialty clothing stores that will also make outfits to match or help with your powers. The ladies who run the store are not Gifted themselves, but they have found they quite like trying to figure out how to make new materials and then use them in clothing to make the clothes workable for different powers. Though they are still somewhat new to it and have not yet found the answers to fixing clothes for some powers. Particularly those powers that change the form of one’s body have been giving them trouble.
Babble’s Books: This small, but clean place is filled to bursting with books old, books new and even a few books that have been banned elsewhere in the world. For anyone that does not like cramped places it is not a good place to be. But, for anyone searching for information that can’t be found elsewhere, this is the place to go. The owner of this particular store is not very partial to people with powers that can ruin his precious books, unfortunately a good many Gifts can do this so he is very wary and always keeps an eye on people who are new to his store to see whether or not they are Gifted. But, those that he knows fairly well who can control themselves are always welcome.
The Melting Pot: This is a nice little restaurant that serves everyone indiscriminately, heck they even serve your pokemon.
Night’s Haven: This pub/nightclub serves both Gifted and regular people, but unlike many other places, the servers here actually give preferential treatment to Gifted people. That might be because it is one of the very rare businesses run by a Gifted man who has Empathy as his Gift. This man employs other Gifted, so long as they can control themselves. With his gift he is the ideal bar-tender and people usually leave feeling better than when they walked through his door.
Mystique: This is an old magic shop that still sells the cheap tricks done by magicians. Apparently enough people are still enthralled by, and some probably even prefer, mere illusion.

Team Background/History: NightStriders is a newer organization in the borough, it has only been around for about six years now, but the people of the borough strongly support the charity organization and have helped with its development in many different ways. One of the first ways the people helped and continue to help the organization, is in the many volunteers that turn up at NightStrider It has also helped that after their fourth year of existence as a group they were officially recognized by the government as a non-profit charity organization and given a large grant, along with annual funding that changes from year to year depending on the prosperity of the city as a whole. Since then the NightStriders have become a major force within the borough, maybe not in a political manner, but as a charity organization that fights for the people, works with the people, and tries to make life better for everyone.

Team Bases:

The Knight’s Round is the NightStrider’s only owned building. As such it serves double time as a soup kitchen and the base of operations for the team. It is a small two-story complex. The bottom an old restaurant that has been converted to a soup kitchen while the upper story, which used to be someone’s apartment, has become something of a mix between a hang out place and an office. Since the NightStriders gained a sponsor, there is always some kind of food there and plenty of Gifted people to hang out with. The soup kitchen, while somewhat popular and crowded during mealtimes, generally becomes a cleaner-kept extension of the apartment, as a hang-out place.

Angela's is a regular bar that serves drinks of all kinds. Whatever you want, she can make it. It's like she can read minds, people say. But really, she can read minds. There is a menu for other things besides drinks, but most people come for the drinks and the company. In the back of the Bar is an "Employees Only" door. Beyond the door is a small room with a side door that leads to a small basement. The basement was the original hang-out spot of the small group of Gifted who wanted to help others. It is not used as a headquarters much anymore, though the original group leaders often still go back there for some peace and quiet and a place to think. But, the actual bar itself is now a gathering place where all NightStriders are welcomed and accepted.



Nightstriders: Renegade Knights
The Alpha Guild
Team Swarm
Team Trainer
The Syndicate
Team Rocket
Superbia's Territory

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Neighborhood List

The A's

A1 : With a smaller forest in the middle, AI is surrounded by housing. The farthest from the college in the center, these are mostly filled with workers who travel out of the city to their respective jobs. Because of this, it happens to be one of the quieter neighborhoods.

Information: Filled with normal day to day workers, doing everything from architecture to lawyers. Forest in the middle is teeming with bug and grass Pokémon, which sometime lash out against the neighborhood. To combat this, the various homeowners have purchased (it’s what the normal people do!) fire type Pokémon to combat the threat. Because of this, there are Arcanine patrolling the streets at night, Charizards flying in the day. The only stores are the video rental at the edge of town and a brand new grocery store. Civilians here are not much banded together, other then the monthly get together, but because of the bug / grass Pokémon attacks, they are much rougher and tougher then any old workers, as well as more paranoid, and so might attack with slight provocation.

A2: Filled with some apartments that are much like A1’s, A2 starts to thin out the further South one travels, until the land is almost like the country farmland. Indeed, the government has granted certain members the right to small plots of land for farming, to give the economy some fresh fruit and vegetables, in case the city needs to sustain itself.

Information: Though the northern parts are more urban like A1, the rest has spaced out houses, with crops, apple trees, and Miltanks. The civilians are tougher but much more simple, able to live on the land, tanned and callused. To protect the crops from any bugs, different kinds of Pokémon roam the lands, and it’s not surprising to see a Golem or a Machamp stumbling by. Though there aren’t as many people, they take any intrusion personally, and don’t take too kindly to new people intruding on their territory. The Pokémon owned by the farmers are tougher and more hostile, trained to keep everything away from the fruits and crops, but the Miltank and other such Pokémon are tame. The one significant thing in the land is a giant grain bin, which surprisingly has an antenna on the top for wireless. The bin is actually home to a powerful Ursaring, who is sleeping away his life, unless he’s bothered. In the Ursaring’s hands is also a very special object …

A3: The northern portion has two smaller farms, a few smaller houses, two apartment buildings, and one mansion. The farms are much like the A2 counterpart, though they happen to be spaced closer together, so that the farmable land is smaller. The apartments are owned by CEL, and house their employees almost exclusively. The south end has the end of the parking lot for the corporation, as well. The houses are a strange coalition of widows, banded together for strength through their various situations.

Information: One of the farms, by far the largest, doesn’t even worry about crops. Instead, if focuses solely on Pokémon, milking Miltank and using Pokémon for other such means. For instance, it milks Arboks and Sevipers for their venom, which they send to the Pokémon Center to use as anti-venom. A mall can be found to the western end of the middle of the area, housing anything from Pokémon supplies to clothes to toys.

A4: This area houses multiple buildings for the multi-faceted company, CEL Inc. The company does several things, such as being the #1 technological manufacturers of the country, creating items such as new Pokédexes, TV’s, laptops, and almost everything else. However, it does not have to do with anything dealing with harming others, as it gives them a nice public face. They also are a major manufacturer of diamonds and other precious metals, poke ball and other Pokémon item creation, and most everything you find in a Poké Center. The southern portion has three more apartment for the business workers, as well as houses for the company’s elder members, a gas station, and a fourth of the park that’s in the middle of A 3,4,9, and 10. The corporate members are usually more blood thirsty, and there is a large security force for the very popular corporation.

Information: The heads don’t take pressure lightly, as they have went through many attempts at being corrupted or taken over, and met each challenge swiftly. Therefore, this is probably the hardest area to take over, as anyone wanting to take over would have to take down the corporation, and it is tested, has might and the its own little security force armed with the strongest anti-powered weapons, etc.

A6: Nestled in between TAG and Trainer, A6 is filled with old, abandoned buildings. Some projects have been made to demolish and build ones, but mysterious disappearances have stopped any actual work. There are, however, a few buildings, but any of them that are not near either Trainer or TAG territories are considered “the slums.”

Information: A6 is actually home to Superbia’s forces, which has been dubbed as ‘Deadly Sinners.’ Though this is only the weaker of his two areas, he still has plenty of the tougher kinds of people ready to fight for his unknown cause. Strangely enough, they have limited powers of different kinds, though no one is quite sure why. Most of the southern and northern members stick to the team’s neighborhoods, for the lands in the middle are full of random thugs. Most of the more simple minded and idiotic thugs that use Superbia’s stuff is in this section, and the buildings are mostly run down, full of smaller gangs vying for control. The benches are full of graffiti, the lights either broke to some extent or gone, etc.

A8: Filled with a Poké Center / hospital and an drug center, this smaller neighborhood houses most of your needs. If you’re injured or sick, this would be the place to go, no matter who or what you are. In fact, the whole place is run by Nurse Joy and her cousins, Nurse Merry and Nurse Joy Over (Overjoyed, haha!).

Information: A completely neutral neighborhood, A8 is filled with nurses. A small security forces patrols the areas, making sure that the hospital is looked over and nothing is stolen. Also, the large police force from the downtown area is close, so no major force in the ‘hood is needed.

A10: One of the better areas, this land is filled with average Joe’s, most working in the downtown area. These men and women do many things, from garbage men to lawyers. They all have banded together, however, into an effective neighborhood watch system.

Information: About 10 years ago, this land was much like the slums in A6, until a few concerned townsmen banded together to scare them all away. Though they just banded together in another neighborhood, they still had won the day. After that fateful day, those remaining in the neighborhood that were part of the raiding party stayed and made a strict new neighborhood watch, which gathered strength with every new member that joined. It also has the major entrance to the park, which features a calm atmosphere for those who just want to rest.

The B's

B2: The area is mostly residential with many apartments and suburbs. There are a few shopping centers in the area. One of the main things in this part of the city is the second main dock in the city.

Information: Half of the area is dirty with low income housing while the lower half isn’t much difference being that the housing is much cleaner and better looking. The reason for that is because the people on the lower half of the neighborhood cares more about their surroundings and have taken more time out of their day to help clean it up. Most of the people in the north part of the neighborhood like to work in the docks which takes up their time while the south part like to work plaza area. Notable places include the skating rink, which includes drug deals at night, and a casino, were many shady deals are made. < - Mostly made by Mikey

B3: With a bank in the middle, this land is mostly filled with various housing. The newest area, it has new and in develop buildings, as well as a mall being built, and a Virtual Reality store, which includes a very intricate Paint Ball arena. The arena is run by a Powered Individual sympathetic, so that those who have powers get in free. A dancing school can be found in the basement of a very pretty individual’s house, as many visit just to try to get closer to her. The only ill place, where the sesame street gang hands out, is in the darkest corner of the ‘hood.

Information: This is the home of a strange new gang, the Sesame Street Gang. Dressed in large costumes like the giant animals found in the program, these figures make people laugh as well as shake in their footwear. The group has an obvious hideout, but no one wants to go, as they don’t really take this group very seriously. Those who do, however, know of the teams large amount of firearms. Also, a major bank is situated in the middle, the only other bank other then the one found in the downtown area. This one is used by most everyone on the B side, while the other is used on the A side. Because of this, it is well guarded from all threats, and most of the goods are backed up to some degree in a hidden area. Head of bank Jim Schwizer is known to skim a few off the top, when he feels like it.

B5: This area is more of a continuation of downtown then anything, with some smaller skyscrapers pushing upwards, though much smaller then those found in the downtown area. The largest of them all belongs to the Darkfire Hotel, which is the largest hotel in the city. Everyone who visits to see the various things and find the and of powers goes here, and it is very well known, fancy, and well-run. In fact, it’s been mentioned in many different magazines. Also found in the area is a building filled with various corporations as well as the Embassies from the various other continents, Kanto, Johto, etc.

Information: The land is filled with various businesses, as well as a small stock exchange. If you have good enough connections, you can easily get a job somewhere, though it will be a smaller job. If you do enough to get noticed however, you can move up, the leaders are constantly looking for those to move upwards as they fire those already up for this and that. The world is forever

B6: Much like B5, B6 is a continuation of the downtown area. The biggest difference is that the skyscrapers are even smaller then the area north of it, in that they are more like slightly larger buildings then anything else. One of the buildings host V8 Enterprises, the largest gaming industry in the world. V8 has all of the newer developed games, such as the brand new virtual entertainment. Next to it is its FunQuest building, which houses 6 levels of nothing but various in development games. The other buildings are nothing to note, various businesses, a few restaurants here and there, anything you’d be likely to find in a downtown area.

Information: The corporate leader of V8, Jack Schlitz, actually has his hands in a few things that would be surprising if it was found out. The benefactor of the Sesame Street Gang and other small gangs, he is also the head of a local crime stoppers unit, the Alley Cats. He constantly plays the two against each other, for his own means. Few know that he is the head of either side, and the ones who do are all in comas, never to wake up again. The only man to really speak is Rick Ritz, the head of the Legendary Birds Printing and Publisher, home of the Articuno Times.

B7: Much unlike the two northern areas, the area below, and the downtown to the side, B7 is a simple housing project. Once full of skyscrapers, this area was renovated after an immense Pokémon attack tore most of the skyscrapers apart. Only the strongest, brightest, and most courageous live here, as it is actually placed over where all the dying Pokémon and bodies were placed on the last war. This was only found after fixing the rubble, and finding mass bones of the old Pokémon. It was discovered that a host of ghost Pokémon all took the corrupted souls of the Pokémon, who led other Pokémon to lash out. Those living have to be braced to attacks now and again, for a few of the surviving ghosts tend to cause trouble now and again.

Information: The houses are dangerous but beautiful, made to be resistant to attacks but made by the rich elite. The one saving grace of the area is the large tree found in the lower portion, made when a Venusaur, who had reached legendary Pokémon status, died on the spot. However, as he died the bloom on his back opened up, and a mighty seed spat itself out and buried itself in the ground, letting the Pokémon live on forever as a tree. The tree will move to protect against intruders now and again. Another large bit of the zone is in the eastern portion, one fourth of the giant Yew Apartments, where anyone who wants to live nice without buying a house goes.

B9: Filled with storage units, this area is one of the most boring. It has a few small businesses, stores and a small Pokémon gym (Dragon), but nothing to draw attention to itself. This is only a front, as it is the MAIN area for Superbia’s gang. Well hidden, one will be unable to find this out unless MAJOR (5-10 larger posts) is done. One of his captains is actually the gym leader, with a speckling of Suberbia forces AND legit trainers in the gym learning itself.

Information: The storage is for random companies around the city, as well as two for the evil man itself. They use this for various things, meetings and labs, doing all their major deals in one and all their work in the other. The HoneyBee, a mixture of a honey and other sugar features plant (IDK? XD) is a front for a secret drug business, as well as a very effective means to get rid of bodies.

B10: Though not pictured, B10 is home for the theme park, Mew World. Named after the legendary Pokémon, this area has many Pokémon featured rides, such as the Mewtwo Dark Ball Launch, where people get into small black balls, which are lifted in the air by well trained Alakazam and other such Pokémon. The Suicuine Water Park is also featured in this area, as well as various other tourists traps.

Information: Little is known about who runs the Water Park and Mew World, but only because he prefers to keep all of the publicity off of himself for innocent means. Though most of the land is full of hidden corruption of some kind, this is a legit neighborhood, full of hotels, motels, and tourist traps.

Dr Scott
06-17-2007, 12:09 AM
Made by Neptune

Poke Balls of Destruction

Note: Your character ONLY KNOWS who THEY BELONG TO when they touch it, otherwise they just look like strange Poke Balls. Characters do not know how to activate, they must find out. Not original, but more is planned. These are the keys, my friends. What are they opening is the question. Please put a little thought into taking these ... let's be fair and give everyone a chance. That means no posting five times in an hour and taking them ;P. Oh, right, and so far ONE is hidden in the areas (above). Find it :D.

The Pokeball doesn't appear to be completely there--it's nearly transparent, although all that can be seen inside in an indistinct blob, and when its held, it doesn't feel like anything is in the person's hand. When squeezed, it paralyzes whoever the Pokeball is pointed at for an hour.

The Pokeball is blood red in varying shades, and the colors swirl around (they don't LOOK like they swirl, they're actually moving, like blood). It is warm to the touch, and feels as if it is beating rhythmically. When slammed hard against the ground, the ground before it cracks open and a hellhound comes out, willing to serve whoever summoned it for an hour.

This Pokeball is completely black--there doesn't appear to be a seam, a button, anything. The only thing that suggests it's a Pokeball is that it was found with the other four. When someone attempts to force the Pokeball open using their powers, the Pokeball completely disables all powers within a hundred yards of it for one hour. The person who attempted to open it, however, will find their powers have doubled in strength for an hour.

This Pokeball is a pale, sickly green, but is definitely the most normal-looking of the four Pokeballs, as aside from that, it looks completely normal. When somone holds it and thinks dark thoughts (not necessarily about it, just evilish ones in general), they will be immune to all diseases (including any power that is used to make a person sick or affect his mind, such as the poison power or psychic weapons), but those they are in regular contact with will become ill. Using the Pokeball as a weapon (as in throwing it at someone or bludgening them with it, although I don't know if that will happen XD) will make whoever it is used upon very sick, possibly to the point of vomiting.


A6 and B9

Superbia is a tall man, with black hair and a eye-patch over one eye. The man’s power is to see one step ahead, giving him the ability to see moves one step ahead. Though the forces of A6 are loose and not at all professional, the actual members under Sup’s control are as dangerous and trained as they come, as well as extremely loyal. In fact, they are more together then the teams themselves, working together like clockwork.

The fact is that Sup is an ex-military leader, one of the highest in fact. The only thing that caused his downfall was finding out that he is a part of a hidden organization, the only ones who actually worked alongside the Four Horsemen during their assault. All seven actually managed to survive, spreading out and waiting. Superbia ended up here, deciding to make his home in the old battle area, watching the new powered individuals in hopes of maybe seducing some to his side, take them out, or otherwise study them for weaknesses.

A6: The members of A6 know almost nothing about Sup himself, they are just given orders from those above. Led by a few competent members here and there, they are more gangsters then anything, there to cause a few problems and keep attention away from the other area.
-Usually carry shovels, Pokémon of various kinds, bats, other melee objects, and an array of bows, dartguns, etc. Basically anything they can get their hands on.

B9: Totally secretive, this is where the true happenings come up. A underground supply station is hidden in a house, where the BRAND NEW pistols and guns are given. Only the elite of Sup’s forces are given the handguns, and they are considered a prime threat and a capital killer to the city, introducing a whole new side of combat.
-Usually wear combat armor, have two highly trainer Pokémon, and the leaders of the small elite ‘ninja’ corps is given a handgun or two, depending on how high they are up. Marks on their armor show how many kills they have had. Other trained individuals guard the area, hiding as normal people, each trainer in martial arts.