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05-17-2007, 12:45 AM
Getting Revenge

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Many kids made it through, but they got nothing. After catching the rare Pokemon, Mew, for the evil Giovanni, they were treated poorly and only got seven Pokedollars to share amongst many people after the five hard months of trying to catch Mew. They wouldn’t take it. They would have to get revenge on Giovanni and all his evil grunts before Mew turns into an evil Pokemon. The kids being only the ages thirteen and fourteen will make it hard to get revenge Having no one to lead the group, the league of kids each split-up to stop Team Rocket. They would have to enter the newly discovered base they made, which had a couple of thousand floors. They knew they would not give up. The Team Rocket Leader sent millions of grunts and untrained Pokemon like Arcanine out to stop the children to reaching the floor he stood in and take Mew. The kids had a little time before they took the DNA of Mew to create a Mewthree, which would make another rare Pokemon. If they successfully create a Mewthree, they would send millions of grunts to steal Mewtwo, which would make it harder for the kids. The kids would have to carry heavily on supplies because it would be a long time without sleep and eating a little bit each and every day. You could be a part of the league of kids, or be an evil person, it’s your choice.

1. No Mary Sues/Gary-Stus.
2. No bunnying
3. No god-modding
4. No flaming
5. Keep it PG-13. No you know what.
6. Post long posts when Rping. If you break this rule thrice, you’re out.
7. Don’t be a baby after you get denied. It’ll make it worse.


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“Well, I’ll have to be alone for a long time.” Kayla said getting over-talked by the hundreds of people. Her Butterfree was right by her, as all the kids needed one of their Pokemon to help attack the metal wall down to be able to get inside. They waited for the signal. They would start when one of the “leaders” would whistle. Right now, the many kids all waited talking about how poorly they were treated and were happy to get revenge. Kayla wasn’t. She was alone in the back of the group. Of course, you would naturally think it was loud, but it was quiet. They didn’t want the Rockets to know they were waiting outside that would ruin the plan. As soon, as she had a thought of how she could make it through, someone whistled. That was the signal. Everybody called out attacks. “Butterfree, Aerial Ace!” Butterfree nodded as it ran to the metal wall, which led to the inside of the base. It went up and used the strong Flying Type attack. After many attacks from the group, the wall broke down. The kids rushed in, Kayla far behind in the back. Everybody was climbing ladders or going up stairs. There was no space for Kayla. So she returned Butterfree and shouted, “Pidgeotto, I need your assistance.” Her bird Pokemon popped out and Kayla jumped on it. “Go up to the 1st Floor Pidgeotto.” And so they flew. They went up, it was pretty long, and they were on Floor 1. She was one of the first one’s.

“Hey you. No one may enter if they’re not a Rocket. If you beat me: you won’t get reported.” A man was standing next to Kayla wishing a Pokemon battle from her. The girl looked like she was in her mid-twenties, which was way older than Kayla was.

“Okay, bring it on. Charmeleon, take care of this one.” Kayla took out her chameleon-fire-Pokemon in for battle. This Pokemon was her offensive Pokemon, which was one of her greatest battlers. With all offensive moves like Slash and Flamethrower, Kayla used this commonly.

“I choose Weezing. Looks like you may lose.” The man tried to be laid back like Kayla was, but he just wasn’t Kayla could even see him chattering his teeth. He was afraid he would lose. Kayla turned around looking at the other kids who were also battling grunts. It looked like her opponent was one of the oldest.

05-17-2007, 12:55 AM
"Misda, Shadow Ball!" Tala Screemed, as a black ord shot from Misda's mouth towards the poor Houndour. It went flying backwards, a direct hit, and Houndour was knocked out.

"You little!" The grunt said. It pulled out another pokeball, the size of a pebble, and it inlarged in his hand, a large red ball in his hand.

"Take my side, Koffing!" The grunt said, his voice muffled by the cries of other trainers yelling commands. The orb fell to the earth, opening to reveal a large Purple Pokemon surrounded in thick smelly smoke.

"Misdam Ice Beam!" Tala said relaxed and with a grin. The Misdreveus attacked, and a vibrant wave of blue light shot from it's mouth, towards the Koffing. On contact, Koffing was frozen solid.

05-17-2007, 01:03 AM
“I may lose? We’ll see about that. Charmeleon, Flamethrower. Let’s show them.” Kayla smiled as the chameleon unleashed a burst of fire out. It came and hit Weezing, success. Weezing was hit and fell onto the floor. But it got back up. It was its turn to attack Kayla’s awesome Charmeleon.

“Psh. You will lose. One measly Flamethrower is nothing compared to my Weezing’s Sludge Bomb. Do it Weezing!” But Weezing didn’t follow. It just stood there. Everyone around them who was not a grunt laughed loudly. Especially Kayla. “Okay, I quit. I won’t report you.”

“Good.” Samantha returned Charmeleon as the Rocket left. She walked over to the water, which led to the next part of the building according to the blueprints the kids got before the plan. She took out her Seadra and hopped on. “Let’s go Seadra.” Kayla looked at all the Carvahna that tried to attack her and Seadra. “Use Water Gun on all these fish.” And so it did. The Carvahna stopped attacking and Kayla kept going.

05-17-2007, 12:36 PM
Following Kayla, Tala pulled out the Great ball containing Dewd.

"Let's Go, Dewd!" She said slamming the ball in the water. The ball popped back up into her hand, and Dewgong was there, lauging in joy. Carvannah that had stopped with Kayla rushed to Dewd, who simply used Surf, to blow them FAR away.

Tala hoped on Dewd, and followed Kayla, to the other side of the river. But from the corner of her eye, Kayla could see a huge blue thing dashing at her insanely. It was a Sharpedo, and It looked hungry.

05-17-2007, 08:51 PM
On one of the top floors, Madison was resting in her room, unaware that the base had been broken into. She was half asleep on her bed, with Cyrus across her lap, purring contently. A sudden knock on the door woke her with a jolt.

"What is it?" She snapped, angry that she was disturbed while taking a break.

"Um, Madison?" A nervous voice called. The door opened slightly, and Madison could see an obviously new Rocket trainee standing there.

"Well? Aren't you going to say something?" She asked impatiently.

The Rocket paused before answering, seeming a bit unsure. "There's a disturbance on the first floor. A break-in or something. They said you might be needed." She answered in a quiet voice.

"There's enough people down there to deal with this little 'invasion'. Now shoo." She told the girl.

05-17-2007, 11:00 PM
The Sharpedo dashed for Dewd, which simply used Ice Beam on the water. The Sharpedo stopped, and fled.

"Thanks Dewd!" Tala said petting Dewd's wet head.

The other side of the river was near, and Tala jumped off Dewd's shoulders and onto the land. She looked up to see the tallest building ever. A full 59 stories high, Tala felt nauseated staring at the building.

"Mis..Mis?" Misda hollored as an alley way illuminated. It looked desolate, and empty, a perfect place to get in. She dashed for the alley, not knowing what was at it's end

Lord Fedora
05-17-2007, 11:31 PM
Cole was faced with about three grunts, each of whom had a pokeball in hand. Nate the Luxray was ou, staring down all three.
"You don' stand a chance kid." The first said.
"We're going to wipe you out in a single attack." The next one continued.
"This is your last chance to run." Said the final of the three.
"I don't need to run from you idiots. I can handle you without a problem." Was Cole's sharp reply.
"You're going to regret that kid."
"And do you want to know why?"
"It's because..." Same order, different idiotic bravado. and then in unison:
"WE ARE THE THREE MAGIKARP BROTHERS!!!" And wih that the runts threw their pokeballs out, each one releasing a Magikarp. Cole stared.
"That's your almighty pokemon? Magikarp? You guys are pathetic." And with a snap of the fingers, Cole ordered Nate to use Discharge, which it did, easily wiping out the Magikarp in one hit. "Not even worth my time." Cole walked past the grunts as they stared in shock at their wiped out pokemon, almost as if they actually believed that they had a chance with those wimps. They didn't even notice him. Now, on to more important matters. cole approached the set of stairs they had been guarding and acended the stairs. He was so far ahead of everyone else because he had been a one man scouting team, just to make sure that the plans for the bulding had been accurate. Having provided this information via radio, he had then been cleared to move on to make sure that there were no traps or ambushes. Now Cole was free to ascend to the second floor.

Saraibre Ryu
05-18-2007, 05:00 AM
Walking calmly to the Rocket building with Ashe, my Charmeleon beside me. This is where Kayla had said the plan would come into action, and as always I was late. I walked into the dark building, only to be jumped by a few Rocket grunts.

"Go any farther, and you'll pay for it." One of them sneered.

I replied with a scoff, "Is that supposed to be a threat?"

Ashe flared smoke out of her nostrils. They're incapable of doing that at their level.

"Go! Get then both!" Another commanded as he threw a pokeball in the air, releasing a Mightyena.

Others did the same, sending out an Arbok, Golbat and a Muk. They smiled evily, but that had no affect on me. Ashe stepped forward, reading to make a move. There was no need for me to tell her what to do, unless I saw something she didn't percept.

"Go, Sludge Bomb and Crunch!" They all instructed in unison.

The poison types launched out their attacks while the Mightyena came charging, fangs beared and claws out stretched. Ashe stood until the final second, before the Mightyena could touch her. She jumped and stomped down hard on the black dog, then again to avoid the sludge headed for her, which landed dead on the Mightyena, knocking it out.

"Ashe, use Dragon Claw." I told her casually.

As was told, her claws glew an amber color, and took down the Arbok, and Muk, who couldn't really move anywhere quick enough to avoid the attack.

"Golbat use Leech Life!" The last grunt exclaimed in frustration.

"Use Ember now." I responded.

A flash of red firey orbs shot from Ashe's mouth, and scorched the Golbat to the ground. The rest of the grunts were shocked. Returning there pokemon, they fled in fear and panic to get more help. Ashe blew smoke at them as they left.

"You think they'll remember us now?" I asked as we proceeded to the first floor.

Only the supposed high and mighty workers will. Even then, we've become much stronger than in the past. Ashe replied in a confident growl.