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09-24-2004, 02:31 PM
What I think was a tradegy that rivals 9/11 itself, the Iraq War has had MANY effects that I don't think the Bush Administration realized before they launched the invasion in 2003. I will begin to list them, and others may add and debate them in this this thread.

Cost of the War in 2003 US Dollars (so far): 136.6 BILLION The national deficite has now reached record highs.

Cost of the War in Human Lives (so far): 14,238 Over one thousand of those were American soldiers, and over 10,000 of them were Iraqi civilians. Over one thousand American familes and countless Iraqi familes have been devestated, and they shall feel the effects of this war for generations to come. More people have so far died (4x as much) in the Iraq War than died on September 11th, 2001. And what makes it even worse is that they died needlessly.

[b]Weakening of US Federal Programs: With the increased military spending, funding has been reduced for the Department of Homeland Security, local and state police, fire, and coast guard, as well as counterterrorism efforts.

Strengthening of al-Qaeda and Radical Islamic Fundamentalism: Because of the war, more and more people in Iraq, the middle-east, and around the world are gathering around violent islamis fundamentalism. The war has made it easier for al-Qaeda to recruit, and has no doubt increased their numbers significantly.

Weakening of US Allies and Deprecation of US image across the globe: With the invasion that occured last year, many of our allies, especaiily those in the middle-east are beginning to seperate themselves from us, weakening the bonds between our countries. Also, hatred of America has certainly been strengthened because of US occupation of Iraq. In short, it makes us look horrible.

the Destruction of Saddam Hussein's Ba'athist totalitarian regime and the liberation of the Iraqi People: At least one good thing has come of the war (please don't interpret this as support for the war on my part -_-), at least Saddam Hussein has been ousted. While this does comfort me, I honestly don't think that the people of Iraq are much better off now than they were before. Now they're all living in fear, wondering whether their families members will survive to see another day, with no basic utilities such as water or electricity in sight.

the Glorifacation of President George W. Bush and the Promotion of the Replican Party in an Election Year: The Republican Party has catagorically taken advantage of this disaster by using it as a platform for reelection in the 2004 election. Though I owe no loyalty to either party and hold no grudge against either party, I find the recent actions of the Republican Party to be despicable.

Well, that's a start, at least...