View Full Version : Are you ready for high-definition DVDs?

05-17-2007, 11:29 PM
As you already know, there's two formats of high-definition DVDs out on the market: HD-DVD and Blu-Ray DVD.

However, are you ready to make the jump from DVD to high-definition DVD?

I'm not. We just recently got a HDTV but my mom doesn't watch movies. I'm the only movie watcher and I have a growing DVD movie collection but no HDTV in my room. I'm not about to give up my DVD library just yet. Besides, I can find alot of good movies for under $15.00 (though I still think that's a bit high. Yes, I'm a cheapskate.).

Perhaps in a few years I'll upgrade, but not right now, especially since the *ahem* cheapest next-gen DVD player currently on the market is the PS3 for $600 (yeah, right).