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Neo Emolga
09-24-2004, 06:13 PM

Before I say anything, this is a chain fic, which means the flow of the story is in your hands. You can take the reins of the story and drive it in whatever direction you want to. You decide what happens to the characters, and you’re the one who can become the mastermind behind the story. However, your time to control it is limited. Once you have posted, you must pass the control to someone else, and wait for them to continue to drive the story forward. Once they have, you may then post once again, and the story will keep moving on, letting the story itself be driven by multiple writers instead of one.

Please know that the story must flow in a meaningful form. One writer must continue from where the last writer left off, and so must the next person who posts after them. Any post that doesn’t do this can’t be considered a part of the story. Also, anyone can join in at any time. There are no sign-ups. Second, you should add at least two paragraphs to the story whenever you decide to join in and post. If you need to say something outside the story, write it out in italic so it isn't confused with the actual story. With that said, I hope you enjoy writing this chain fic.

Fires of Kanto
Inspired by Fallen Angel and The Fallout Series

This story takes place in the year 2059, in the post-apocalyptic world of Kanto. Even after the devastating effects of a nuclear war gone completely out of control, there is still fighting between the People’s Republic of Kanto (PRK) and the New Order Nation (NON). While the PRK fights for freedom and the reconstruction of a better society, the NON fights for Totalitarianism. While the PRK outnumbers NON, they are under-equipped. Today, Pokémon are not just companions anymore. Many have seen them as weapons, and others see them as soldiers.

Cities lie in ruins, the sky is scorched red with black clouds, and most of the land has been reduced to desert. Almost every car and vehicle has been reformatted for the intense combat, which seems to drive endlessly in the fallen cities.

Life in Kanto, is about to change. How it does is up to you…

All of it was in shambles. What had once been an active Pokémon Center brimming with life and activity was now nothing but a burnt out shell, with broken windows, holed walls, and abandoned medical equipment scattered about on the floor. The only light that entered those dark halls came from the outside. Nothing ever moved in the emptiness of that forsaken building.

The only small sign of life in the entire premises was in the parking lot, which was now a ruined sheet of pitted asphalt with several cars that hadn’t been started in years, most of them beyond repair. A lone figure stood upon the ground, gazing at the ruins, brought there by a memory of what it used to be eight years ago, back when she was just a fledging trainer. Her name was Joanna, standing five and a half feet tall while her lone shadow blanketed the chipped asphalt as the setting sun shone down upon her. She wore a black tank top and a pair of dusty blue jeans, not caring about the desert heat that was around her. She looked down in dismay, and let her long brown hair come down in front of her face. Back then she only needed her Pokémon to battle. Now she needed them for far more than just that…

She had turned around, and put her back to a memory that she knew would be no more. After she put it away, she then went back to her gray colored jeep, which had already been shot several times. Once she stepped inside the vehicle, she then headed down the empty road toward Saffron City. Even among the ruins of the fallen skyscrapers and empty office buildings, flashes of explosions could still be seen as the war continued to rage on. Regardless, Joanna continued down the dusty road, armed with everything she needed. Her weapons, her Pokémon, and her will to survive…

Now its your turn...

09-25-2004, 04:08 AM
Her ride to Saffron City might not be to long, but it was definitely dangerous. Dark shadows were casting behind the garbage and debris along the side of the dusty road. Joanna knew her safety wasn’t certain on this road because anyone could be hiding behind the large piles of wreckage. She took one of her most trusted pokemon and gripped its pokeball in her hand while driving. She needed to be ready for that unexpected that could be around any corner.

Her foot seemed heavy, pressing against the throttle to make the jeep go as fast as possible. Even though she was accelerating to a high speed, she felt an eerie presence of extra wind run down her spine. Something was stalking her, despite her going at a high speed.

She noticed something shining and trying to blind her eyes to the left of her. As she turned her head the glowing of the light had stopped. Her eyebrows shifted, her mind raged in thoughts, and she was panicking in the inside. She noticed the light again, this time in front of the jeep. She grabbed the steering wheel and jerked it to the left, trying to dodge the big, bold eyes staring her down in the middle of the road. She missed the figure and ran off the side of the road. The tires of the jeep rammed into a big hunk of metal, sending the jeep flying…

10-31-2004, 05:14 PM
Down a steep ledge, with the jeep rolling over and over again. However, before Joanna was trapped inside for what seemed to be a certain death, she thrust the Pokéball into the summer's air, while watching a winged creature emerge. The peculiar Pokémon was a Murkrow, jet black, medium sized, and appeared to be powerful.

Swiftly, the Murkrow embraced Joanna's arms, pulling her out of the vehicle, and then safely landed her beside an overbearing tree, that protruded through the harsh earth. Then watching the jeep turn over and over again, Joanna thought to herself how great Pokémon she had. It was as if she was as tough as a Steelix, as she quickly recovered from the state of panick due to the crash.

Peering over her shoulder, she wondered what wretched being caused her to wreck. As she recalled Murkrow, she then headed up the hill to see what wretched fiend was awaiting her. However, the ever so gentle breeze carried some voices from the road, down the hillside. She couldn't make out what the first few lines of were, except she could clearly hear the last phrase uttered... "We need her dead."

Poke the North!
11-02-2004, 12:36 PM
Joanna cursed under her breath as she felt the wind change direction, carrying any hope of hearing the rest of the conversation with it. Had they really been talking about her? She preferred to stay out of conflicts rather than initiate them.

Well, come on then! Why are you just standing there? she thought to herself, plucking up the courage to try and approach the voices. Sand was beginning to blow around from the ground, and Joanna held an arm defensively over her eyes to shield herself from it.

Creeping slowly up a slight rise in the ground, she tried to keep her breathing quiet and her feet free of obstructions. To avoid being seen, she dropped to the sand level, and began to haul herself up with her arms. Suddenly, however, something very hard hit her on the back, and Joanna cried out in pain...

11-07-2004, 04:19 AM
The faint voices stopped, and Joanna heard a barked order. She twisted slightly, trying to see what it was that had hit her. She saw a small, rough, almost familiar stone at her feet, and had barely time to grab it before a strong arm heaved her into the air.

"Maaachooke!!! Machoke, maa!!" The powerful fighting pokemon dropped her at the feet of two tall men, clothed in black. She peered up at them, trying to figure out who they were.

One of the figures peered at her. "Who are you?" he growled. The other figure recalled his Machoke.
"Well?!" What were you doing down there??"
Joanna started to reply, but cried out as she saw the silluette of a huge creature, and realized that it was what had caused her crash. She stared, almost hypnotized, trying to place the awful and familiar outline. It was too dark to see it properly, but she knew what it was. The huge figure shifted.


It was just as Joanna feared. The huge, immensly powerful and immensly rare pokemon from the Hoenn region had been subdued and brought to Kanto. She gasped as the Metagross roared in defeat and hatred, then heard no more as she was knocked unconscious.

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