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Welcome to the most suspenseful and horrific fic at PE2K! Get ready to ride into a world of terror and horrifying tricks. If your a fan of Nightmare in Mauville, Lilycove Massacre, or Clash of Killers, then you'll definately love this new horror.

One Killer Pokemon. Four Friends On a Trip of Freedom. One Very Large Forest. No Holds Barred. An All Out Every Man For Himself Battle Against the Unexpected.


- "The Forest Keeper sees you coming now. What? You don't see it. Its watching you right now. Its waiting for you to come out and play."

09-24-2004, 11:49 PM
Chapter One
Our Last Trip

Smoke flourished out from underneath the burning rubber of Jeff Hogan’s 1969 Corvette wheels, looking like smoke signals Indians used back when. Jeff shouted, Bert screamed, the odd little Pikachu laughed. This car full of kids were on their way to having one of the best weekends they could dream of, or at least that’s what they thought.

Jeff’s hands were tightly holding onto the steering wheel of his red Corvette. He wore black Converse, black basketball shorts, and a blue shirt. His brown hair was quite short but very messy, never being combed cause he just didn’t care about his looks. Bert sat in the back behind the passenger‘s seat. He had black hair that came down past his ears, hiding an earring on his left ear. He had on a Squirtle’s Sailor, a local band, shirt with baggy blue jeans and loved nothing more then to rock out, hang with friends, and most of all- get in trouble. He got Jeff in his wicked games of stealing, drugs, and lying before and it ended up with Jeff getting in trouble. Even through all that, Bert and Jeff always remained best friends and did everything together.

Next to Jeff in the passenger’s seat was a very beautiful young girl. Her beauty could make weeds turn to red roses. She had on a comfortable outfit as far as she‘s concerned, wearing a blue jean mini-skirt with a white shirt. Her brown hair was let down, combed almost completely straight. In her lap was Jeff’s best friend as far as non-human goes. His Pikachu wagged its little tail to the beat of the rock music streaming out of the car’s awesome stereo system which was just installed.

Jeff and the girl next to him, August, had known each other since they were ten years old. They had always been great friends and now they were getting serious about each other. Not as serious as Bert and his girlfriend. Bert unbuckled so he could get closer to his girlfriend, Paige. She had blonde hair that was messy since Bert was rubbing his hand all over it. She wore blue jean shorts and a red tank top.

These four friends had decided to go to the wood’s for a little camping. This idea had came from Bert, which surprised everyone since Bert seemed to be the last person on earth that would ever want to sleep on the ground in a small tent in the middle of the forest.

But Bert wanted to have the whole weekend to be with Paige and since Bert’s parents would be home all weekend, he took this as the only opportunity to get Paige alone for the weekend. They were just a few miles away from parking the car and being able to sit by a big, beautiful lake in the middle of nowhere.

Jeff and August laughed at each other, singing to the tunes coming out from the speakers. While Bert took a break from engulfing Paige’s lips, he hit Jeff and pointed to a store on the side of the road.

“Go get some beer and food, there probably isn’t another store between here and the camping grounds,” Bert said.

Jeff looked down at the gas gauge and figured he should get gas anyways. He drove up to a gas tank and put the car in park before turning off the engine and climbing out of the car. “Fill it up for me while I go pay,” Jeff nodded to August.

As the door to the store was pulled open, a small ring sounded, letting the cashier and probably owner know that a customer had arrived. Jeff walked past the cash register, seeing an old man probably to old to work, sitting behind the counter and digging into his nails with a knife.

Jeff went right to the back of the store where the beer would be. He opened the freezer door and picked out the cheapest brand he could find since he didn’t exactly have the funds to buy a lot. On his way to the counter he grabbed some chips and some candy that he could munch on during the day.

Jeff laid his items onto the table and then dug into his wallet to get money.
“Ya'll all goin to camp up there?” the redneck slurred, putting Jeff’s items in a brown bag. The old man smelled of liquor and smoke, just as the store did. Jeff put my left hand inside his pocket, giving a hint that he was nervous.

“Yeah, my friends and me are spending the weekend up there,” Jeff pointed outside to his friends who were filling the old 'vette up with gas.

"No!" the man slapped the counter with his right fist. “You can't go up there boy. If you go up there, it will get you!”

The man moved his mouth around, soaking up the tobacco in his mouth. “What will get me?” Jeff’s voice was shaky.

“The thing living up there in those forests,” the old man was obviously drunk. “Your crazy,” Jeff grabbed the bag and quickly turned around the leave before realizing he hadn’t paid. He turned around and put 30 dollars onto the counter, waiting for his change. The old man picked up the money without taking his eyes off of Jeff.

“They say it’s a pokemon. I say it’s a monster. I’ve seen things in this forest that you’ve only seen in your nightmares. There’s no telling how many there are. There might only be one. It doesn’t like visitors unless its hungry. You’ll die boy! You can’t escape this thing!” The crazy man gave Jeff his change.

Jeff once again turned around to attempt to leave once more. “The Forest Keeper sees you coming now. What? You don’t see it? Its right there,” the old man pointed across the street where there was nothing but trees that were three feet apart from each other, casting a dark shadow behind the border of the trees. Jeff looked at the old man like he was crazy but he just kept pointing. Jeff looked across the street again, past his car and his friends. There seemed to be a blurry image. Like fuzzy air just sitting on top of the limbs of the trees. Then with one blink of the eye, the blurry image was gone and the trees were moving violently.

“It studied where you’ll be and now its going to wait for you there,” the old man’s eyes glazed with tears, like he was about to cry. No, maybe it was cause he was afraid.

Jeff rubbed his eyes and looked across the street again. The trees stopped moving and now he could only hear Bert laughing at Paige, reaching into his pocket for something.

“Your crazy!” Jeff took a step towards the door in anger, or what looked like anger. He was trying to cover up any actions that might look like he was intimidated by the old loser. As Jeff opened the door and the bell rung again, the man barked at Jeff, “HEY!”

Jeff turned around to stare down the guy behind the counter. He pointed towards the window at Bert, who was flicking his cigarette lighter, “Tell your friend not to light up his cigarette around my gasoline!”

Jeff nodded and walked out to his car. “Yo man, don’t light that around here.”

Bert nodded and shrugged, putting the lighter away. “Well I was bored, you took long enough in there.”

Jeff handed him the brown bag, “Yeah well the old geezer in there is a psycho.”

“Aren’t they all?” laughed Bert, getting back into the car. “Watch it! You’ll be an old geezer one day,” Jeff laughed as his glance came off the trees across the street and back on his freedom for the weekend.

Agent Orange
09-25-2004, 02:34 AM
Nice, this is gonna be a good one.

It reminds me a little of Stephen Kings The girl who loved Tom Gordon

And I could stare at that awesome sig for hours...

Neo Emolga
09-25-2004, 02:50 AM
Ah, the calm before the storm.

No doubt a very nice opening KCash, but I'm sure the real core of the fic will be even far better than this. And I already know what kind of horrors you're capable of. I'm hoping this will be especially twisted.

Tamer San
09-25-2004, 02:04 PM
KCash, this is the first Fic i have read for you, and believe me, it is one wonderful fic, at least it will be one. Keep on, I am looking forward to see more out of this. Good job and good luck :wink:

09-26-2004, 10:28 AM
Wow... this looks extremely promising... I will add it to my faves and read it later... I have motavation to write Chapter 2 right now... and I need to do it before I lose grasp of it... XD

09-27-2004, 03:42 AM
--KCash-> Wow guys! I want to think each of you guys! I loved nothing more then to see my work is appreciated. With those post, I decided to do this short but needed chapter two days earlier... although know I have a problem- unfinished english homework. But hey whatever, hope you guys enjoy this next installment!

Chapter Two
Sounds of Anxiety

Jeff’s face looked like he just smelled road kill. His face muscles bunched up and his shoulders were slumped. “Doesn’t look that great to me.”

“Man, when I was little and my family was together, we’d come down here and spend days and days at a time down here during the summer. There’s nothing like livin’ out here!” Bert jumped around.

Trees were thick back in the forest and that made it hard for them to get to the camping grounds. The dirt road was underneath the leaves that had fallen in this early fall weather which made it extremely hard to follow. With some luck, they were able to make it to the lake. The water was a dark green color because of the sand on the bottom of the lake. The air smelled clean and the trees started to disappear near the lake. A picnic table was sitting a few feet from the lake, made out of rotten wood, and there was a nice flat spot for the tents. This definitely was a camping site a few years earlier but it didn’t seem like it was that popular anymore.

Pikachu and Jeff set up the tents while Bert unloaded the cooler and took a look around the camp site. The girls were changing clothes in the car, putting on their bathing suits and getting ready to take a dip in the lake. “A little help over here,” Jeff struggled to tighten the tent’s canvas. The girls shrugged off and ran towards the water. Jeff whipped sweat off his forehead, wishing he could go with the girls and go swimming.

Once Jeff and Pikachu were finished, Bert came back and had a few pieces of wood. “Come on, we need to go get some pieces of wood for the fire tonight,” Bert suggested, laying down the pieces he had and going back into the woods.

Jeff sighed, really wanting to go play with the girls in the water. “We’ll be back,” shouted Bert. The girls just waved off and continued to gossip and play around.

Jeff, Pikachu, and Bert had to walk quite a ways until they started to find good pieces of wood that had fallen from trees or from some other cause like so.

Jeff had logs and sticks tucked under his left arm. He used his right arm to pick up any he had. Pikachu had about three sticks that probably fell of the tree by the slightest wind. “I’m going to go over there and get some more, you search over here. This way we will cover more ground,” Bert suggested. He walked off and left Jeff and Pikachu alone.

Jeff just continued to pick up sticks, hoping to finish up this little tour so he could go hang with August. As he bent down to grab a stick about a foot long and two inches wide, he noticed that everything got quiet. Bert wasn’t screaming in the distance and acting crazy like usual. The leaves stopped blowing from the north wind. The limbs on the trees stopped blowing and making a rustling sound. Pikachu stopped humming and picking up sticks. In fact, Pikachu had dropped the few sticks he already had.

Jeff looked up at his Pikachu. Sparks were escaping from the red cheeks of the yellow mouse. Pikachu had his fist propped up like it was ready to battle. His eyes were slightly closed and glaring down something ahead. Jeff had seen this plenty of times whenever they had battled together in tournaments around the city. Pikachu’s ears were standing straight up and moving slightly, like he was trying to pick up a noise or a wrong movement from something in order to identify it.

“Pikachu, what’s wrong?” questioned Jeff. He laid his sticks down and slowly walked up to Pikachu. He eased his pace, trying not to crackle the leaves beneath rubber sole shoes. He bent down like he was a catcher in a baseball game. He looked at Pikachu. His best friend just stared ahead, waiting and watching.

“Pikachu…” Jeff pleaded. “What is wrong buddy?”

“PIKACHU!!!” screamed Pikachu. Sparks shot out of his cheeks heavily, almost shocking Jeff who jumped back from fright. Jeff knew that Pikachu wasn’t responding. No, Pikachu was telling someone or something an order. Telling the thing that got him stirred up, to stay away…to halt… to not come near his trainer or himself. Jeff knew this. Jeff knew that something was watching them and it wasn’t backing down from this fight.

Jeff looked ahead where Pikachu was looking. CRREEEEAAEEEE!

A branch, slowly cracking and breaking beneath someone’s weight. Jeff’s eyes were wide, his ears listening, and his feet ready to run like the wind from the slightest movement ahead. BAM!

Something sounded like it rammed into the trunk of a tree. Jeff took a step back. WHOOSH!!!

The wind picked back up, or was it the swooping sound of something running as fast as the wind. Jeff looked down at Pikachu. The sparks stopped escaping from his cheeks and his fist were resting by his side. Pikachu’s little furry face was bunched up in confusion. Jeff looked up and noticed that the branches of two trees were rocking back and forth, to heavily for the wind to do.

“What was it, Pikachu?” wondered Jeff.

Pikachu shrugged, being just as confused as his trainer. “Come on,” Jeff turned around just in time to catch the second wind of something that sent a shiver down his spine, into his calves… making him tremble with fright.

“BERT!” Jeff screamed, almost falling back. “Dude, what’s your deal?” Bert laughed, smiling wide as if nothing happened. If only he had been there, he wouldn’t be in a smiling mood. Jeff shrugged off the terror and picked up his sticks. “Sorry man, I’m just tired.”

“Well lets get back to camp and we will fool around in the lake, cook some burgers and drink, then hit the sack early so we can get a fresh start in the morning,” Bert slapped Jeff in the back. Jeff nodded to that.

Pikachu picked up the bits of sticks that he picked up. “Something was messing with us…“ Jeff said softly. “What? Like a pokemon?” Bert wondered. “Yeah…” Jeff scratched his head, wishing he had answers to it. “But I couldn’t see it. Its like it was invisible… or camouflaged.”

“Kecleon, there’s probably a lot around here in this habitat,” suggested Bert, not thinking anymore of it.

“Yeah… I’m sure.”

As they walked back to camp, Pikachu and Jeff couldn’t help but to still look behind them every three steps. And that was a good idea…

Neo Emolga
09-27-2004, 05:14 AM
Oh... man. Whatever that thing is, it must be pretty darn powerful. Even though I never saw it, this looks like it could turn into something that has a similar theme to the Blair Witch Project, but with many obvious differences.

You had me on the edge of my seat wondering which one, if not both Jeff and Pikachu, were going to die. But so I see they breathe on...

For now...

10-08-2004, 02:05 AM
--KCash->Thanks for the comments. Heres the next installment, sorry it took so long. Luckily I will get to the good stuff by the weekend, if not it might be awhile for another post... life is crazy right now. Sorry if its not the best post.. I wanted to bring some creepiness in but I didn't want to write to much more because then I would be getting to the guessing games and the brutal horrifying torture of not knowing what the hell is goig on. Look forward to an update or at least a small summary of the next chapter this weekend! Enjoy guys!

Chapter Three
Just Fools Play

Alcohol was pouring out of Bert’s drink with each pounding motion of his foot. He was attempting to tell a scary story, circling around the campfire to make eerie shadows creep around the four friends. Jeff had his arm around August, trying to keep his eyes open and fighting the sleepiness that dwelled inside of him.

Bert was at the drunk stage where he would be passed out by now but something kept him going. The words he produced out of his mouth were unable to be identified by their ears. His eyes were getting heavy and seemed to be dropping as if he was about to fall asleep right on the fire. His slurring words were slowly departing.

“Let’s hit the beds, eh?” asked Bert to Paige. He slung his arm over her shoulder and put all his weight down, making Paige have to drag him to their tent. Paige was just as drunk and was laughing like something funny happened, which nothing funny did happen.

Bert and August just smiled at their friends who looked pathetic like this. They both knew it was late and they wanted to get up early tomorrow so they would have the day together. So off they went to their tent, going to their dream world for one last peaceful time of their lives.


“What the hell did it?” screamed a voice in the distance. Jeff moved around in his sleeping back until he found his shoes which were in the bottom of his sleeping bag for some odd reason to his knowing.

He slipped them on but didn’t bother to tie them, which he hardly ever did. The zipper on the tent awoke Jeff’s brain up a little as he let himself out of his tent. He stumbled out, scratching his stomach and yawning wide. The sun was just saying her hellos to the nature of the world. The grass was wet in some spots and it still seemed a little foggy from the past night.

“Just shut up for a second and let me think… damn hangover man…” Bert shouted at Paige while holding his head and walking like he was still drunk.

“What’s the problem guys?” Jeff questioned, figuring that they were in a fight about something stupid. As he walked up to them he noticed Pikachu looking at the ground and August biting her nails which she did when she thought about something really hard.

Bert took his right hand off his head and pointed at something. Jeff’s neck filled up with fear and stiffened but his eyes searched the direction that Bert had pointed.

The 1969 Corvette that Jeff and his dad had put together right before his passing away had been ruined. Not so much the outside…or the inside. It was the heart of the car, the engine.

The hood was opened up in the middle, like someone cut a huge hole in the hood. Metal was strung up on the edge of the hole make it look like someone had just punched a hole in it or something beyond imagination. The engine was torn apart. Almost completely demolished. But why? Who would’ve done this… or what?

Jeff looked over at August but she just looked away and started to walk off around the camp site. “Who did this?” Jeff tried not to make tears come out of his eyes, nor fright. That engine meant a lot to him because he and his dad spent endless hours building it. That car was the one thing he remembered doing with his dad and now the soul of it was gone.

“You’re the master pokemon trainer around here. You’ve been to two other continents and have seen hundreds of different kinds of pokemon…,” Bert shrugged. “You tell me, what kind of pokemon could do this?”

“Like I’m supposed to know?” Jeff screamed at Bert, hating it when Bert thinks he is smart when the subject is related to pokemon.

Jeff took a deep breath and then answered, “The way its torn open. The way the engine is just demolished like that. There’s no way this could be a pokemon’s doing.”

“Of course it’s a pokemon’s doi-” Paige started before she was interrupted. “JEFF! JEEEFF!”

Jeff admittedly ran towards the sound, knowing it was August’s voice. He ran around the tents and about ten feet into the thick limber. “What’s wrong?” Jeff asked quietly.

August stood with her hand over her mouth and tears building up in the corners of her eyes. “Pika…” sighed Pikachu. Jeff looked at his pokemon and saw Pikachu pointing up high into the trees.

Vines or strips of bark were tied to the tallest branch of the trees and holding some kind of pokemon from the throat. This wasn’t your regular pokemon abuse. This was more then that. You couldn’t even tell it was a pokemon or even a once living and breathing life form.

“What is that?” Bert said, running up to Jeff along with Paige.

Jeff studied the object’s structure. This was like one he had never seen before. Tiny lines of red and blue with a hint of purple in some spots, were all over the object’s skin.

The skin was slimy looking and had some red wet spots on it which were probably blood. At the middle of the object’s stomach was a bit of green that looked like it folded in. At the bottom of what looked like the head was a long pink tongue looking thing, hard to tell from the blood running down it.

Jeff then suddenly had a terrible image tell him what this horrible thing was. “Remember yesterday when I said that Pikachu and myself had heard some creature creeping up on us?”

Paige and August just looked at each other, wondering what this was about. Bert shook his head from front to back, even though Jeff couldn’t see since he was in front of Bert.

“You said it could’ve been a Kecleon…” Jeff turned around to face Bert. “Well tell me of a Kecleon that would kill its own kind and then turn it inside out before hang it from the tree.”

Jeff started to walk back up to camp, mumbling to himself, “And I don’t even want to begin to think where the insides are.”

Bert looked away from the Kecleon hanging in the tree. Now he could see it, the Kecleon’s figure came into focus. Paige gasped. August stood in fright. Pikachu looked around before running up to its trainer.

Possibly it was a joke. Maybe it was the old guy from the store wanting them to go away did all this. Maybe the Kecleon had been there for a few days and the engine was demolished by a pokemon. Or maybe it was worse then that. Maybe they had interfered with a pokemon or possibly creature that was not to be dealt with. Jeff saw this coming, he knew what was happening… they were about to be in the most horrific game of life and death, where they don’t know who rolls the dice and creates their fates.

10-10-2004, 07:54 PM
--KCash-> Finally I have this chapter up. It was fun to write this chapter so I hope you all enjoy it! Now you finally learn what this thing is... a pokemon! Like that was a teaser... :rolleyes: ... comments would be HEAVILY appreciated!

Chapter Four
When Silence Comes

“Well we are kind of in the middle of nowhere,” Jeff shrugged.

Bert threw his arms around while walking between trees to try to get a connection to his cell phone. “This phone should be able to get a connection in every square inch of this region.”

“Come on already, its just a five mile hike down the road plus a mile through the woods. We can make it to the gas station we came to on the way in, use the phone, be back by sunset and then we have tomorrow to relax until your brother can come and get us Monday morning,” Jeff said as he went to his tent.

He came out with his pokeballs and clipped them onto his belt. Bert’s brother had to work until Sunday night and then Monday morning they could leave, since that was the only option to the fact that Jeff’s Corvette engine was demolished.

Bert threw his phone on the ground and began walking into the woods so they could find the road they came in on. “Stay here and we will be back before you know it. Go swimming or something,” Jeff said, walking off behind Bert.

The girls looked at each other, both having gut feelings about the cruelness down to the car and that Kecleon.

“Stupid mother…sh…damn pok…” Bert was cursing and yelling as he kicked fallen leaves away from his footsteps.

Jeff just started to walk in silence, thinking about his car and the monstrous thing out there. Pikachu was in his pokeball and Jeff figured he might want to let him out. He reached down to grab the pokeball when the forest screamed.

A very faint scream was coming from the distance, the distance that Jeff and Bert were headed. It was like a roar that a pokemon might be giving out. Or possibly something was inflicting great pain.

Bert and Jeff both stopped moving their feet and their heartbeats. Their bodies froze up and they just stared at each other, thinking about what that horrible scream could be.

Closer it came. Closer and Closer. The scream was extremely loud and seemed like it was right on top of them. Bert and Jeff moved their heads around and around, trying to look in every which direction. The figure that was releasing this scream was nowhere to be found. Then… silence came upon the forest.

“What was that?” Jeff whispered, feeling it was necessary.

Bert’s eyes were huge, looking like they just swelled up from fright. “There’s something behind you,” Bert spit out.

His eyes glistened and Jeff knew he was serious. His hand slowly moved to the second pokeball on his belt. He grabbed it and quickly pressed the button on it to enlarge it. Jeff’s eyes tried to move to the back of his head as if he could see the thing behind him.

He slowly pressed the button once again to open it. A bright, white light shot out of the sphere and started to take form. A black pokemon appeared, having yellow ovals on its upper legs and its forehead. The pokemon stared down Bert, thinking it was about to battle.

Jeff quickly turned his body and pointed straight, about to order his Umbreon to attack.

Bert busted out in laughter. He couldn’t help but to pull a practical joke at this period of time. Bert bent down and got on his knees, acting like he was about to barf from laughing so hard. Jeff looked at Bert with disgust and Umbreon just looked confused.

“You’re an ***hole,” Jeff kicked leaves as he stomped away. Bert got up, trying to say sorry but not being able to from such hard laughter.

As Jeff started to pass Umbreon, his dark pokemon closed its eyes and started to act like it was in pain. “EOONNNNN!” screamed Umbreon, trying to hold down its ears and digging its four paws into the ground. “Ah no, you aren’t going to pull one on me guys,” Bert chuckled, thinking that they were trying to get Bert back.

Jeff rushed up to Umbreon, touching its head lightly. Umbreon pulled away from its trainer. Umbreon then decided to let it be known that it was in serious pain. By using a Screech attack, Umbreon had relieved itself, “UMBREEOOOOOOONNNNNN!”

Umbreon kept screaming loudly, tearing away at everyone’s ears. Bert and Jeff were holding both their ears and falling to their knees. Jeff had his eyes closed since he couldn’t bare the pain of this screaming attack. As he just opened his eyes, he caught a glimpse of something he didn’t want to see.

“ONNNNN!!!” Umbreon kept going. In the tree, a creature stood on a strong branch, holding its ears which seemed to be lower then human ears, like lined up with the lower portion of the cheeks.

The color wasn’t visible for Jeff could only see a faint shadow of the creature. It seemed to have long legs and arms, along with what seemed like large spikes exploding out of its elbows and rising up to its neck. They were probably pretty lethal weapons. A king’s crown of spikes appeared to be on the creature’s head.

Jeff let go of his ears, the unbearable Screech attack from Umbreon couldn’t even reach Jeff’s brain. He was focused on the shadow deep into the limbs and high up in the tree.

He examined the creature closer, noticing that it had its mouth open wide and some kind of yellow orb was building up. Jeff had a flash back to one of his previous battles against a Dragonair and Rhydon. He knew what was coming.

“Hyper Beam!” he screamed as loud as possibly, trying to worn Bert of the lethal attack coming their way. Bert couldn’t hear a word thru the Screech attack scrambling away at his brain.

With a blink of an eye, Jeff was being tossed into the air, being knocked against a tree. Dirt and colorful dead leaves filled the air after the large explosion of the Hyper Beam occurred. Umbreon was sent flying back with Jeff. Bert was thrown in the other direction from the blast.

As the debris cleared away, it was seen that Bert was gone. Jeff didn’t realize this at first, “Bert! It was a Hyper Beam! That thing is a pokemon! That thing up there!” Jeff waited a second to get a cough out as he stood up on his feet. He looked across where the explosion occurred at. Bert wasn’t there. Jeff looked all around in every which direction. Bert still wasn’t there.

Where would Bert of gone? Perhaps, he fled away from the scene. Jeff decided to look up, and sadly, he did. The creature… or pokemon, was still there. This time it wasn’t in pain and about to do something about it. No, it was about to hand out pain.

Jeff knew that Bert probably would’ve ran back to the girls and try to hide, or else the evil pokemon up in the trees wouldn’t have let him by to get to the gas station. Jeff, however, knew that they needed a phone or this pokemon was going to eat their tails off before nightfall.

He had only one option. He got Umbreon’s attention and decided to keep heading straight, going right towards the gas station so they could get to a phone immediately.

Jeff took a deep breath before he darted away past the tree that the pokemon stood on and past fear himself. Umbreon followed alongside of his trainer, knowing it could run faster despite being injured from the Hyper Beam but not wanting to go ahead of its friend.

Jeff’s blood was doing flips and his lungs were being tightened on all sides. Breathing became harder and vomit circled around in his throat. For five minutes Jeff and Umbreon sprinted like as if they were Rapidash’s running a race.

Finally, they came out to an open. Although, this opening seemed to familiar to Jeff. He noticed two tents, a few burnt logs from the past night, open water that developed into a small lake.

This scene scared Jeff and he wanted to just pass out right there. “AHHHHH!!” screamed a girl’s high pitched voice.

Jeff and Umbreon turned their attention towards the water where two young girls stood, they screamed at the site of a Spinark walking alongside the water, probably about to swim or take a drink.

August was the first to notice Jeff standing in confusion near the tents. “Jeff?” she said, wondering why he had his Umbreon out and was suddenly back at the campsite.

Paige could care less why they were back, she was interested in knowing why his Umbreon was out and why Bert wasn’t with them.

“Where’s Bert?” she barely said, not getting the words out to loud cause she was so frightened of the possibilities.

“I’m not sure…” Jeff said softly to his self. He couldn’t understand why he had walked forty-five minutes southwest and suddenly after the attack from the pokemon… he had came back to the campsite in a five minute run. He couldn’t of been turned around. He couldn’t of-


Jeff knew that scream. He heard it when Bert had been screaming into the microphone while singing in his band. This wasn’t a scream of rocking out and having a good time. This was a scream of fright and possibly even death.

And then silence came over the three young adults… in the middle of a nowhere forest… all alone.

Neo Emolga
10-10-2004, 08:12 PM
Man, this fic is roller-coaster of shocks, freak-outs, and intensity while pluged in a constant sea of suspense. I'd have to say, this is one amazing fic, and the false alarms are making me wonder if someone is actually under attack or just screaming over nothing...

Keep it up, KCash!

Something tells me someone is going to be playing their golden harp not too long from now...

10-23-2004, 01:04 AM
--KCash-> Man basketball and school are killing me. Finally I got to write and boy was it fun, guess it has been awhile eh? Well thanks for the comment Neo, that aspired me to go ahead and write this chapter. Its pretty short but somewhat entertaining. Enjoy and comments are always welcomed!

Chapter Five
Some Good Hunting
The pokeball opened up with a brilliant light, shattering the shadows casting from the trees opposite the little bit of sun shining thru the clouds.

A blue and red flying pokemon came out of the pokeball. The pokemon had a large curved beak with very swift movements as it flew around above its trainer.

“Swellow, go track…” Jeff bent over and placed his hands on his knees. He was heavily out of shape and breathing had become limited. “Go find Bert…”

He struggled to breath and he clinched his fist. He closed his eyes but could tell that Swellow hadn’t left yet. “NOW!”

Swellow was off, not knowing which way to go but luckily going the right way. August and Paige came running up to Jeff, placing a hand on each shoulder of his. “What’s wrong?” asked August. Paige had her mind set on her boyfriend, “Jeff… what happened to Bert?”

“We have to go find him…” Jeff lifted his abdomen up, looking around the campsite. “Umbreon, let’s go.”

Jeff raced off towards the direction of the recent screaming and where Swellow flew off too. August and Paige grabbed some clothes and slipped off their sandals to put on shoes that would easier to run in. They darted off at full sprint after Jeff while putting on their t-shirts over their swimming suits.

Jeff could of sworn his shoulder was popped out of place before he rammed in another tree. He was running into nothing but wood after wood. He had to keep going though, his friend would do it for him.

Umbreon was far up ahead but often slowed down for Jeff. Finally, the truth had been told. No more screaming, no sign of marks, no sign of Bert.

Jeff leaned up against a tree until a loud thump woke his spirit up. Out of the corner of his eyes, you could see blue and red… lots of red.

He slowly moved his head towards the direction of the object. He felt like the world just crashed and burned and he was in the middle of the crash.

Jeff remembered at one of the biggest tournaments in the world, Tailow evolved into Swellow to defeat a tough opponent for his trainer. What love they had, a trainer and his pokemon couldn’t of been closer. He had Swellow since it had been a little baby Tailow.

Jeff turned around and walked a few steps before vomiting. August stomped the ground loudly as she ran up. She could hear the sound effects from Jeff’s vomiting and then noticed Swellow, looking like it had been gutted from the neck to tail feathers. She looked down at her feet and noticed a blue and white feather on the ground. She picked it up and then covered her mouth. She turned her head around and tried to fight back the tears.

Jeff looked at August, whipping his mouth with the back of his hand.

“What the h*ll is going on?!” screamed August, not being like her to curse even in this situation.

Jeff was worried about something else, “Where is Paige?”

August looked behind her. She wasn’t there. They started to jog back the way they came.

Just down the path Paige stood in absolute silence. She was holding a silver ring with her name carved into it. She rubbed her fingers across the ring before feeling something wet and slimy on the tips of her fingers. She looked at the tip of her middle finger and saw red… blood red.

Jeff and August stopped as soon as they saw Paige. They didn’t understand what she was doing.

“He doesn’t go anywhere without his ring…” tears started to build up in Paige’s ocean blue eyes.

Jeff and August stood silent, not knowing what to think… what to do… what to plan for. They were sitting bait and there was nothing they could do about it. They didn’t even know they were being watched…

Neo Emolga
10-23-2004, 05:45 AM
Oh dear God, that sounds bad and it could only get worse. And they still don't know where Bert is.

This sounds a bit like the Blair Witch Project considering the setting, only a lot better. I'd have to say, nice job, and I really wonder who is going to be left at the end of this incredible fic.

12-28-2004, 08:58 PM
Wow.... I finally decided to start reading this! Did you end it? or what...? This is an amazing story. I am in love with it!

12-29-2004, 04:54 AM
Sorry to say Matthew... I wont be finishing this fic. That's sad to say tho because after another chapter and a half, this fic would've been exploding with creativeness and would've got your brains going and its hard to just drop a good idea when its already half way done. Luckily I can use the finishing ideas for later fics if I ever do a fic right again.

Right now I'm doing short stories and things like that on my free time cause I like the imagination inside the human world better than in pokemon world. I miss it darely but this might be the end of KCash's fics. Thanks for reading this story anyways.

12-29-2004, 07:14 AM
Man dude don't quit, just find it in you again, I lost hope, but I finally found hope again and was typing untill PE2K crashed and I didnt know it was back up. KC dude ur a great writer, but I will pay a special tribute to KC aka KCash.

12-29-2004, 02:41 PM
I don't think you should quit either KC! You are a very talented writer and I greatly enjoy your fics. However, I understand your reluctance. I have often considered giving up on my fanfics so I can concentrate more on my own original stories.

12-29-2004, 06:29 PM
Sorry guys, even as I sit here I want to continue to do fanfics but as soon as school gets back on track and my cousin gets back from vacation, it will be all about school and my band. Maybe I could convert the story I just started to a pokemon state but even then I don't think it would do to well here at PE2K cause it would still be to human-y, if you get what I mean. Thanks to everyone that read my fics tho and make sure to catch me on IM to make sure I still remember to read all of your fics. Best of luck!