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Blaziken Knight
05-19-2007, 07:23 AM

"Hi, Im Mani I Will Guide You Through Jumpalet Town!. Well This Town Is A Spriting Town Where Spriters Join And Have Fun, There Are Over 50 People That Live In This Small Town. Now I Know This Doesnt Seem Like Its Got ANything To Do With Spriting But It Does. My Frosty Piplup Junior Is A Spriter, He Makes All Types Of Piplup Recolors And Fusions. Please Move On"


"Hello, Im Glacia This Is The Frosty Part Of Jumpalet Town. Hopefully Winter Will End Soon. I Teach Recolors. Look Below"

Glacia's Recolor Tutorial

1. Get The Sprite You Want To Recolor
2. Get Your Custom Shades Or Take The Shades Of Another Pokemon
3. Recolor The Shades
4. Then Get The Darkest Shade You Used And Make It Darker
5. Then Use Your Newest Darkest Color And Recolor The Outline


"Hi Im Kent", "And Im Kristy", "We Are Going To Teach Fusions" "Look Below Please"

Kent & Kristy's Fusion Tutorial

1.Get Your Base Pokemon
2. Get The Other Pokemon Your Fusing With The Pokemon
3. Get Parts Off All The Pokemon Except For The Base Pokemon
4. Use Those Parts And Put Them On The Base

Jumpalet Town:

Image Coming Soon

Note: Will Be Updated Often And Will Have More Tutorials

05-19-2007, 08:03 AM
...it helps if you have pictures to go with the tutorials. But they seem ok.

edit: Your fusion tutorial needs more detail.

Blaziken Knight
05-19-2007, 08:08 AM
"Hi This Is Kristy. I Will Be Adding Detailed Stuff And Images Soon"

"Hi Its Mani Here, I'd Just Like To Say Hi And Thanks For Posting"