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05-19-2007, 03:48 PM
Welcome to RPG School. Chances are a lot of you may want to enhance your RPing skills. The truth is that it is easier than it looks. With my help you can become a king among RPers. The best part is you DONT have to ask to get into this school! Simply start from lesson 1 and work your way up. Another thing you better put just as much effort into graduating from this school as you would into any other RPG or else.

LESSON 1-Sign-Ups
now In sign-ups we are going to go with the basic stuff that all RPG's tend to have.


Name, Description, Personality, and History. I will now show you what most people who are new to RPGs do when they complete a sign-up. Please Don't do this.

Description:tall and strong with lots of muscles.
Personality:He is very serious all the time, but has a open heart when it comes to saving people.
History:Parents died when he was young.

Once again I repeat. DON'T DO THAT.
Instead put some effort into it. Try to make it atleast 4 lines(thats an accomplishment for most noobs). Here I'll give you an example.

Name: Edward Greensdale(notice how I put a FULL name)

Description:He is tall for his age around 6í1. Although he has a large frame he isnít very strong or muscular. His typical dress up is a tall white-t with dark denim jeans and finally his blue Jordan 9s. His eyes are dark brown. His hair is dark black and shaped into a Caesar hairstyle. He has one distinguished feature about him. His chains both of which are connected to one part of the forearm bones and come out and curl around his forearms(one chain on each arm). From there they connect to two congruent swords that both look like this user posted image

Personality:He is someone who is very quiet to people that he considers strangers. However if you have been around him long enough he begins to open up and show his real personality. His front that he puts up against strangers is that of a very serious person who shouldnít be annoyed or messed with. This makes him seem dangerous even though he isnít. His real personality is of someone that likes to crack jokes and even act stupid, just to get a good laugh with his friends.

History:Jack was taken from what would have been his house around the age of eight months old. He was given to his momís aunt and uncle, who he considers to be his real parents; therefore he doesnít really care about his real mom, who he seldom sees. His real dad is unknown to him. So he considers it dead weight and tries not to think about it. Heís been with who he considers to be his parents ever since.

This is newbie sized. I can do better, but I'm not going to.

Anyway I'm now going to provide hints on how to make these sign-ups as long as they are.

For a name, you want to look for something that fits what the rpg is about. If its in the modern era. Use a Modern name. If its in the middle ages, Use a middle ages name.

For Description: You want to get a picture of the guy in your head. Then as best as you can describe what he looks like in your head. If it isn't long enough by the time you are done. Read over the description and ask yourself what does blah,blah look like? As you start asking quesitons about it you will soon realize that you may have skipped a lot of stuff about the character.

For Personality: You want to think of something realistic. You want to get in depth like how does the character feel about certain things. What would he do in certain situations.

For History: History is basically there to show how his personality became what it is. If the personality is evil you have to show how it got that way. If he is amazingly good, explain how he got that way. The history tends to be the longest if you want to get into real depth.

Now everyone take lesson one you can make a sign up about anything.

I will grade you like any other school.
A(Excellent you really have potential)
B(Above average, but not super creative)
C(average, you barely passed)
D(below average, retake the lesson and try harder)
F(Holy cow, you flat out failed. Retake the Lesson and try really hard, I will help you.)

At any time if you get a D or F then you have to retake the lesson and try again.

Lord Fedora
05-19-2007, 04:30 PM
Argentum, this is an excellent idea. That's also what I said the last two times som,eone attmepted this. You can open up an RPG school, but I don't know if you'll have any more luck than the last several people who tried. Their's all died within a month.

Edit: Okay, sorry, tat was mean. If you would like some heklp, I can grade Sign-up Sheets. That's eally my best skill anyway.

Lord Celebi
05-19-2007, 04:52 PM
There already is a RP school called the RPA. See RP: Sign-Ups.

*Infraction Mallet buries thread alive*