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09-25-2004, 03:04 AM





On a computer screen; so close the camera must zoom out.

A blinking cursor pulses in the batty darkness like a mosquito cursing in a bug zapper light, burning beneath the derma of clear plexi glass.

A phone begins to ring, we hear it as though someone else was making the call, not us. Just letting you know. The moquito cursor continues to be zapped, relentlessly impatient, until --

MAN - I'm sleeping. Go away.

Data now slashes across the screen, information flashing faster than we can read, and we don't even see why we put it in there if we cannot READ it at a reasonable pace.

SCREEN - Let's just say this thing is typing up a bunch of binary impossible to be translated. 011001000111101 Oh man, this is exciting.

WOMAN - Is everything in place?

SCREEN - More binary. Someone get that mosquito out of the story. It's ruining the plot detail.

We listen to the phone conversation as though we were not on a third line. We're too lazy to introduce the people.

TRINITY - I said, is everything in place?

The entire screen fills with racing columns of more damned code, shimmering like annoying green prisms that send those little rainbow things on your face when you're trying to sleep. They rush at a 10-digit phone number in the top corner. I thought this was all in New York City, why must we include the area code in the number?

CYPHER - You weren't supposed to wake me up!

TRINITY - I know but I felt like annoying you.

The area code is identified. Yet again, why are we mentioning this?

CYPHER - You like him, don't you? You like stalking him? You want to tape his numerous amounts of posters on your wall and kiss them, huh?

We begin moving toward the screen, closing in as each digit is matched, one by one, snapping into place like the way those little model cars are actually supposed to fit together, but never do.

TRINITY - Don't be utterly ridiculous. -shifty eyes- Of course I don't want to do bad things to every magazine with his photo on it in the grocery store.

CYPHER - You're going to kill him. Do you understand that? He's going to die because you're going to lock him in your bedroom closet and leave him there, only to take him out once a month for a walk!

TRINITY - Morpheus believes he is the One.

Only two thin digits left. Wow, we really needed to know that.

CYPHER - That was random.

TRINITY - I... it doesn't matter what I believe.

CYPHER - Did I ask you?

TRINITY - If you have something to say, I suggest you say it to Morpheus.

CYPHER - Does anyone ever listen to me?

The final number pops into place-- OH MY GOD THAT'S FASCINATING!

TRINITY - Did you hear that?

CYPHER - Yeah, the pizza man is at the door.

SCREEN - Trace complete. Call origin: #312-555-0690. There we go with the area code again.

TRINITY - Are you sure this line is clean?

CYPHER - Why ask?

We move, still closer, the electric cussing of the mosquito growing into an ominous roar.

TRINITY - I better go.

CYPHER - Man you're weird. Are you sure you're not some type of obsessive compulsive woman who's afraid that everyone is listening in on her?

He motions for the eaves-dropping crowd around him to settle down with the noise.

She hangs up as we pass through the numbers, entering the fairy land of the computer screen. Suddenly, a flashlight cuts open the darkness and we find ourselves in deep ****.


The hotel was abandoned after an ant licked its way across the polyester carpeting, destroying several rooms as it spooled leaves up the walls and ceiling, leaving patterns of permanent shadow.

We follow four armed DOUGHNUT JUNKIES using flashlights as they creep down the blackened hall and ready themselves on either side of Room 666.

The biggest of them violently kicks in the door. The other cops pour in behind him, coffee cups thrust before them.

EXTREMELY FAT COP - Police! Give us glazed pastries!

The room is almost devoid of healthy eating habits. We must provide info about the furniture in the room, because it's somehow required.

There is a fold-up table and chair with a phone, a modem, and a Powerbook computer. The only light in the room is the glow of the computer. It's bad for the eyes when reading in darkness, children.

Sitting there, her hands still on the keyboard, is TRINITY; a woman in tight, black, sexy, fashionable, atomic-wedgie-giving leather.

EXTREMELY FAT COP - Hands behind your head! Now! Do it! Come on and do it! Now, I say! Go! DO IT!

She slowly puts her hands behind her head.


A black sedan with tinted windows glides in through the crappy police cars. This car seems extremely out of place.

AGENT SMITH, AGENT JOHN, and AGENT JOHN get out of the car.

They wear dark suits and sunglasses even at night, which is also bad for their eyesight. They are also always hardwired; small Secret Service earphones in one ear, the cord coiling back into their shirt collars. Note to all children: NEVER TRUST THE SECRET SERVICE.

AGENT SMITH - Lieutenant?

LIEUTENANT - Oh ****. We're being invaded by Law & Order.

AGENT SMITH - Lieutenant, you were given specific orders--

LIEUTENANT - No I wasn't. Get out of my face.

AGENT SMITH - The orders were for your protection.

The Lieutenant laughs nervously.

LIEUTENANT - You never gave us any orders.

Agent Smith nods to Agent Brown as they start toward the hotel.

AGENT SMITH - No, Lieutenant, your men are already dead.

LIEUTENANT - WHY?! God I'm confused. I want a doughnut.


The Extremely Fat Cop flicks out his dougnut cuffs, the other cops holding a bead, whatever the hell that is. They've done this over one time, they know they've got her, until the Extremely Fat Cop reaches with the pastry and Trinity moves, trying to refrain from her sexy suit being glazed over--

It almost doesn't register, so smooth and fast. Like the fast when a mosquito lands on your skin and you smack it off

a second after it lands, but it has already bitten you.


The eye blinks and Trinity's palm snaps up so fast that the moquito

doesnt bite her. It explodes, spewing blood. Her leg kicks with the force of a wrecking ball and it flies back, a 1/2 ounce sack of limp meat and bone that slams into Extremely Fat Cop, causing him to run away.

Trinity moves again, bullets raking the walls, flashlights sweeping with panic as the remaining cops try to stop another mosquito.

A gun still in a cop's hand is snatched, twisted and broken. There is a final violent exchange of obscenities and when it's over, Trinity is the only one standing, because she was the one who could withstand that level of profanity.

Earlier knocked over, the Extremely Fat Cop rolls slowly to a stop.



Agent John enters the hotel while Agent Smith heads for the nearest Starbucks.