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For detailed violence

"In Kanto... A girl is chosen, her destiny, changed forever.
A new friend... everything will be different... when the leaves fall..."

(Route 1*)


*Location as of end of most recent chapter

09-25-2004, 10:19 AM
Chapter I: Beginnings

It was a warm midsummer’s night. The streetlamps in the neighborhood were beginning to illuminate themselves, exposing all in the lights field with a ghostly appearance. Amber gazed out into the world from behind a window in his home. She was over excited. Tomorrow, she would be venturing to Oak’s laboratory where she would be obtaining her very first Pokemon. This moment has been on the top of her mind since she can remember. She was faced with a situation, however. Who would be her partner on her adventure around the region of Kanto? Charmander, the feisty fire-type; Bulbasaur, the gleeful grass-type; or Squirtle, the witty water-type?

“And now, back to our feature presentation,” The television in the living room blared. Amber had decided to watch the Elite Finals tonight. The grand event was now down to the final battle, between Kent White of Sootopolis, Hoenn, and The reigning champion, Red Taylor of Amber’s hometown, Pallet. The trainers were allowed to use six Pokemon in this match, without the aid of any items. This match was to rely on pure strategy, and no other factor.

The referee stood on a stage off to the side of the battlefield. He pressed a button, and an image appeared on the monitor that loomed over the stadium. It started to go through a roulette of different battle fields… Ice… Desert… Ocean… Forest… Rocks… until it stopped. The battle field that the two opponents were to duel on would be the forest field. The stadium began to rumble as the stadium began to sink beneath the earth, reemerging moments later as a small forest, trees reaching outward towards any source of light the can find. This type of field forces to fight with their Pokemon using a mental bond rather than vision as it was near impossible for one’s sight to pierce the vast trees. Cameras were located in the large forest so that the audience can watch the battle that the trainers could not see. Another roulette began to spin on the large screen… this time between to colors, red and green. Eventually, it landed on the color green, meaning that the champion had to send out his Pokemon first.

“I choose you, Raticate!” Red threw his pokeball into the trees. A burst of light was visible, signifying that the rodent Pokemon had emerged from his ball. Among the trees, a large rat sniffed the air, waiting for his trainer’s command.

“The Green Trainer, Red of Pallet has chosen Raticate as his first Pokemon!” The ref cried out into a microphone. The voice reverberated throughout the entire stadium. A picture of Raticate had appeared on the large screen.
“Let’s see…” thought the challenger, “How about we try something different… Go, Go, Go Golem!” Another Pokeball had been thrown into the air, landing into the blanket of trees that covered the field. A large sphere had erupted from a fury of lights. A small head emerged from the large rock structure, followed shortly by his arms and legs. He let out a mighty roar that echoed as well.

“Begin!” The ref shouted. The Finals now commenced.

“Raticate, use Hyper Fang! The over-sized rat sprinted between trees and leapt into the air, landing on top of the stone creature. It dug its razor sharp fangs into the golem like a hot knife through butter. Blood began to seep from the wound. Golem shook violently, throwing Raticate into a tree. It slumped down.

“Golem, attack it with a Seismic Toss!” The rock Pokemon’s trainer commanded. Golem then jogged slowly towards the slightly unconscious rodent and lifted it into his arms. Golem than began to rapidly spin around and jumped straight into the air, above the trees. Golem than began to turn in the air, diving down from the heavens above. A large boom filled the air, making the shouts of the crowd seem like a whisper. A voluminous dust cloud hovered above the field, finally clearing out. The field now looked like a crater rather than a forest, with a few trees still rooted. The rest had been torn from the ground and crushed by the mighty impact. Golem slowly arose from the ground, hovering about a Knocked Out Raticate.

“Raticate is unable to battle! One Point to Red Trainer!” The ref said, updating the score. Kent now seemed to be winning the battle. Red grabbed another ball from his belt and tossed it into the air. It landed between a couple of trees, and burst open with an explosion. From the light, a turtle with grey wisps coming from its tail appeared. It light out its battle cry.
“Wartortle, launch a Water Gun at it!” The blue tortoise sucked in some air and burst out a stream of water. It hurdled towards the giant Rock Pokemon, but he quickly rolled out of harms way.

“Golem, Let’s rumble! Earthquake.” Golem lifted his foot, slamming it down into the earth, causing a massive earthquake to ensue. A large crack formed and rushed towards the water amphibian.

“Wartortle, quick, leap into the air and withdraw!” Cried Red in an attempt to dodge the intense attack. Wartortle leapt into the air and withdrew into its shell, dodging the Earthquake. “Hydro Pump!”

Wartortle began to spin around in the air. Golem’s face turned worried. A large blast of water jetted out of each hole in Wartortle’s shell, covering the entire field with water, and each time Golem was struck, he let out a large cry of pain, until finally, it collapsed. The Crater which had been left by Golem’s attack earlier had been filled with water, providing a place of advantage for the turtle.

“Jump into the water, Wartortle!” The Pokemon obeyed.
“Golem is unable to battle! The score is now set back to 0-0.” Kent grabbed for a second ball on his waste. “Like the saying goes… fight fire with fire… errrr… in this case water with water…” Kent fell backwards, laughing… he got back up onto his feet and launched a Pokeball near the crater. A rather large Pokemon, with a lavender shell on its back, and a long neck, appeared. She let out a cry that was one of the most beautiful sounds that Red had ever heard. It would be difficult to win against such a wonderful, yet strong Pokemon. Red called for Wartortle to return to his shell, grabbing for a third Pokeball. This ball, however, looked different. The top was black, and had two yellow, bolt-shaped insignias traversing down its side. The bottom half was a light grey with a dark grey circle in the bottom’s center.

“Pikachu, my long time friend… I choose you!” The crowd erupted into a frenzy of shouts and applause. Pikachu was Red’s strongest Pokemon, and his first. It was one of the most powerful creatures Amber had ever seen. The tiny pika let out a growl, electric sparks shooting out from its cheeks. Pikachu glared menacingly at Lapras, ready to electrify it on command.

“The Green Trainer has returned Wartortle to its Pokeball, and has chosen Pikachu in its place. If needed, he is allowed to switch the two Pokemon. Let the battle commence!” Shouted the referee, analyzing the situation for the crowd. Lapras swam peacefully in the crater pond, waiting for a command.
“Lapras… use Ice Beam!” The tip of Lapras’s horn began to glow a chilling blue, eventually blasting from its focus point towards Pikachu. The freezing beam of energy was so cold, as it passed a tree, it froze.

“Pikachu, dodge it with Agility!” Pikachu began to sprint into an invisible run, dodging the Ice Beam with ease. The beam stuck the ground, instantly freezing it. Pikachu finished its sprint behind Lapras, the loch ness creature unaware of its presence.

“Lapras, behind you!” Cried its owner. Too late… Red had already ordered it to use a Thunderbolt. Pikachu began to charge its powerful attack…

“Amber!” Shouted her mother, turning off the TV, “It’s time for bed.” Amber looked over towards the clock. It’s LCD display read 10:57. The young girl yawned as she arose from the couch.

“But… it was just getting interesting! Red just let out his Pikachu, and it was going to use a Thunderbolt on the Lapras!” Amber cried, trying to get her mother to let him turn back on the TV. She refused.

“No. You have to get up in the morning… Remember what you have to do?
“Oh! I do… okay… I’ll go to bed then… AH! I am so excited!” Amber’s face lit up with excitement. She quickly ran upstairs, and jumped into bed. Tomorrow, she would be receiving her very first Pokemon.

Tamer San
09-25-2004, 02:10 PM
Matthew, you can write? This is awsome, and the battle is well detailed and so exciting. I can't belive my eyes...I am looking forward Matthew, more...and more...and MORE I say >:D

09-25-2004, 08:59 PM
Great job Matthew. I loved the battle because it gave the reader, like myself, a little heads up on what to expect from your battles and it was awesome. One of the best description for a battle I've seen yet. You got into the trainer's head and found out what attack, or what action, they would take in that certain situation. You wrote it beautifully and now I know that this has the ability to be one of PE2K's Finest.

I hope you get around to updating soon because I would love to continue reading this fic!

09-25-2004, 09:07 PM
Ya, this thing is AWSOME! It's got good... uh... everything! The story line's basic, the battles are great, and the promise of this story sounds really good.

09-25-2004, 11:35 PM
Wow... I'm speechless... thanks for those wonderful comments guys! It encourages me to write more... though I don't have time today... so you will more than likely get an update tomorrow!

09-26-2004, 10:47 PM
Chapter II: The Journey Begins...

Amber suddenly awoke as her alarm clock beside her bed radiated an irritating sound that reverberated throughout her room. She let out a moan, wanting to go back to bed, as any young, teenage kid would. Then it dawned upon her… Today was the day. She threw her bead spread aside and leapt out of bed as if a predator were leaping on their prey. A brilliance shone in her sapphire eyes. She has been waiting for this moment her entire life!

The thirteen-year old female walked across her room to grap a green tank top and a grey skirt from her dresser. She slipped off the clothes she had fallen asleep in, revealing a slender body of a female adolescent, and headed for her bathroom, turning on the shower. A blanket of steam engulfed the room. After a few minutes, she emerged from the bathroom and slipped into her outfit for today. She strolled over to the mirror and grabbed a brush and immediately started to brush her amber hair, very fitting for her name. In fact, she recalls her mother telling her a few years ago that she had been named Amber because when she was born, her entire head was enveloped in a shield of amber locks. She finished brushing her hair and pushed a white cap over the top of her head. She cleaned up, and headed back into her room where she slipped on her shoes and grabbed her yellow bag. She stood silently in the center of her room, admiring it. It would be awhile before she was to admire it again. She left and headed downstairs to meet her mother, a sense of worry in her air.

“Mom… what’s the matter?” Amber asked, concerned for her mother.

“Nothing, baby… its just that…,” tears now swelled within her eyes. As any mother would be, she was worried that her daughter would not be safe out in the world, alone.

“Don’t worry mum… I understand, and I don’t want you to worry… don’t forget that I am going to have my closest friends with me! Well… hopefully the will be my closest friends… remember… I am going to go get one today?” Amber reassured her mother.

“I suppose you’re right… if you look at it that way. I just want you to be safe… I don’t want anything to happen to you! If something did… I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself… it would have been my fault for letting you go on your journey alone… I’ll try not to stress… but can you please be sure to give me a call whenever you get the chance… just to let me know that you are safe, and okay?”

“Of course, mummy! I got to go now… I know this goodbye is tough for you, but it was inevitable…” Amber stated, a tone of wisdom on her tongue, “IT just so happens that my journey is starting now… I’m gonna miss you mom!”

Amber rushed over to her mother and swung her arms around her caring maternal figure. They both stood, embracing each other for a few minutes, until Amber’s mom broke the eternal hug.

“That reminds me… Oak wanted you to show up early… you should go now… be sure to call later tonight… ‘kay?”

“I know mum! I’ll talk to you soon… farewell mom!” They kissed each other on the cheek and Amber turned about-face and headed out of the abode. She turned to view her house one last time, and continued to pace forward towards the lab of the world renowned professor of Pokemon, Professor Oak.

The walk seemed to take at least twenty minutes, as Amber had to circumnavigate the coast of Pallet Bay. When the sun set, the sea before the town of Pallet seemed to erupt into an ocean of hues, thus giving the first settled town of Kanto, and the rest of the region a theme for names. Finally, she reached to front gate of the laboratory.

One would imagine that a famous professor would own a large laboratory where they would have an entire staff of scientists working for them. On the contrary, Professor Samuel Oak owned a much smaller lab. However, the land that the lab sat on was enormous! Prof. Oak used the land as a Pokemon Reserve where he kept various Pokemon that were allowed to roam freely within the rather large boundary. Amber went inside the small building, a splash of cool air striking her face. It felt refreshing, a relief from the intense heat outside. Amber was tempted to request a Squirtle as her first Pokemon… but she resisted. She wanted a Pokemon that would give her a challenge. One that she can grow close too, not one she choose because of the moment’s extreme pressures. She continued down a hallway until she reached a desk with a strange looking man in it. He was extremely pale and thin, and his black hair was rather greasy appearing.

He looked up and in a squeaky voice asked, “Can I help you miss?”

“Ummm…. Yes, actually… I’m looking for the Professor…” Amber said, quietly. She was somewhat shy.

“Well, he is not here… You’ll have to come back at a later time.” The clerk said. He went back to typing something on a computer.

“Would you happened to know where he is?” Amber interrogated the lab assistant.

“He’s out on Route 1 doing a field experiment… You might be able to catch him if you hurry.” The assistant stated. No further dialogue was exchanged. Amber turned around and marched out of the building, and into the distance. Her legs were become quite tired, but she dealt with it because she knew she would be dealing with a lot of walking.

Finally, she reached the edge of town. The surrounding landscape was beautiful! Trees were scattered everywhere, and the sky was so crisp! A few clouds lingered in the sky, the sun invisible. She admired the view for a few moments, enjoying a small breeze as it altercated with her hair, gently tickling her face as it brushed by. There was no sign of Oak. Maybe he was farther out; she took a step into the tall grass.

A firm hand grasped down on her shoulder. Though the touch was gentle, she turned around, horrified. To her surprise, a man with graying hair and a white lab coat stood, looking at her.

“You know better Amber… There are dangerous creatures out there… You’re mother called my cell phone to alert me you were coming. Fortunately, I was nearby and was able to stop you before you ventured to far out into the wild by yourself. Remember that promise you told your mom?” Oak said in an intelligent, yet caring tone. His short hair stood still in the breeze, unlike hers.

“I’m sorry Professor… It’s just that… I’m eager… I’ve been waiting for this moment for a…” She was cut off. A blur streaked past her. She jumped back, terrified. Then it happened. A small fowl slammed into her stomach, throwing her onto the ground. Oak looked stunned. Amber lay on the floor, grasping her stomach in pain. A few feet away stood a bird with a sharp beak, its feathers ruffled. It looked angry. It let out a cry.

“SPEAROWWWW!!!!” The bird of prey said. It probably attacked the two because this is its territory. He flapped his red wings, ready to fight for its land.

“Stay back…” He exclaimed to Amber. Throwing aside his lab coat to reveal a few pokeballs, he grabbed for a one of the duel-colored orbs in a fluid motion and tossed it into the air, calling forth one of his many Pokemon. The sphere burst open in an aura of light, fading into what appeared to be an orange salamander with a burning tail. It had emerald green eyes, and a sleek, feminine look to it. It let out a roar.

“Charrrrrrrrr!!!” The female Charmander cried as it glared menacingly at the Spearow before them. Flames erupted from her mouth. The blaze upon her tail grew larger.

“Charmander, send a fury of flames at Spearow. Use Ember!” Many scorching sparks erupted from the fire Pokemon’s mouth, engulfing the Spearow in flames. Spearow took flight, escaping the ravaging flames. A look of determination on its face. This Spearow was going to fight with its all to protect its territory.

Then the bird began to swoop down upon the fire lizard, its wings spread wide. It was a Wing Attack. Charmander quickly jumped away as Spearow flew past her, sending up a cloud of dust. Amber sat up, now watching the battle. She had really never seen a battle up this close. It was spectacular. She glared into Charmander’s eyes. She instantly fell in love with it. She continued to stare at how well the salamander battled. She, then and there, finally decided who she wanted to start with.

“Charmander, do another ember attack!” Oak commanded. As the Spearow began to attack the Pokemon again, Charmander stood still, waiting for the opportune moment. She knew that it would be difficult to hit a Pokemon in flight. The Spear broke into a dive again, its wings spread. As Spearow descended upon Charmander, she blasted scorching white flames in its path. Spearow was going too fast, there was no way to avoid it. It let out an intense cry of pain, as it fell to the ground, many of its feathers smoldering. It was over. At that moment, Spearow got up and turned away to leave. Oak returned the Charmander to its Pokeball and helped up Amber off the ground.

“Professor, I think I know what Pokemon I want…” Amber said in excitement, still holding on to her stomach as they walked in the direction of the lab.

“Tell me when we get back to the lab.” Oak said. He already sensed who she wanted.


The lab was white, as all labs were. It gave the scientists a general environment to work in, with no distractions. Oak and Amber stood in a room, with only a few book cases, a healing machine, a computer, and a table. It was what was on the table that Amber was interested in. Three pokeballs stood in a pile.

“Alright,” Oak stated, “Who would you like to choose?”

(To be Continued...)

09-26-2004, 10:48 PM

“I want… Charmander!” Amber cried. She was so excited, she squealed. Oak grabbed for the Charmander’s pokeball on the table. It was the same one that she saw earlier, while Oak battled to save her. He handed her the ball.

Suddenly, the door burst open, revealing a boy a little taller than Amber. It was Oak’s grandson, Gary. Amber and Gary had been rivals ever since the second grade. Though they competed against each other all the time, they both held a sort of respect for the other, as if it were a mutual rivalry.

“Gramps! What about me?” Gary commanded. Amber guessed that he wanted a Pokemon too, because Amber had just gotten one. He noticed that she had just taken his grandfather’s Charmander ball. He instantly grabbed for the pokeball of the water Pokemon, Squirtle.

“Alright… you guys can now start your journey. I want both of you to take this.” Oak handed each of them a small, red device that he pulled from inside one of his pockets. They were Pokedexes. She thanked Oak for his gratitude, and turned around to leave.

“Wait!” Gary cried. She ran up to Amber, cutting off her path. “I want a battle!”

“Right here?” Amber said, not surprised that Gary had just challenged her.

“Of course… right here, right now!” Gary exclaimed. Suddenly, a fan slapped the top of his head. Oak was standing behind him, holding it.

“Pfft… You know better Gary… take your foolish antics outside… don’t destroy my lab with your battle… now get moving!” He said. Gary got up off the ground, a large bump on his head.

“Ouch, Grandpa… that hurt!” Gary and Amber left to battle outside. They stood apart from each other. A small breeze blew the grass, tickling Amber’s ankles. Gary threw his Pokeball into the air, allowing it to blast open, sending forth a beam of light that would form into his Pokemon, Squirtle. The Squirtle was a light blue, and had a brown shell. Its thick tail curled up. Its lavender eyes glittered in the sunlight that had emerged from behind the clouds. Amber threw hers to reveal Charmander.

“I’m gonna call you Charla.” Amber said to her Pokemon, grabbing for her Pokedex. She flipped it open and pointed it at Squirtle. Data loaded on the screen of the encyclopedia-like device.

Squirtle, The Baby Turtle Pokemon
Ht. 1’8
Wt. 20 lbs.
SQUIRTLE's shell is not merely used for protection. The shell's rounded shape and the grooves on its surface help minimize resistance in water, enabling this POKéMON to swim at high speeds. The shell, which hardens soon after it is born, is resilient. If you poke it, it will bounce back out.

Amber was just about to fight the first of many battles to come. She cried out a command to Charmander. The fight has just begun.

“Charla, use Smokescreen!” From all the battles that Amber has watched on TV, she knew she held the strategic advantage, though she knew she were more than likely to lose because of Squirtle’s water affiliation. She was determined to win though. As Charla opened her jaws, a thick curtain of black fog filled the area, reducing visibility extremely.

“Water Gun!” Gary commanded, as a jet of water flashed by Charla, nearly hitting. The Smoke Screen had actually worked. Squirtle was basically attacking blind.

“Alright… now that we have a cover, go in for a bite!” Amber said, she restrained from using any fire attacks as that wouldn’t do anything. Charla began to run towards the Squirtle, jaws wide open. They close around Squirtle’s arm; the small turtle yelped in pain. Blood oozed from the wound.

“No! Squirtle, knock it off a Bubble!” Squirtle, despite its pain, withdrew air into its lungs and spit out a series of bubbles that exploded with intense pain on Charmander’s skin. She instantly let go. Charmander got up and swiped the turtle with her sharp claws. Squirtle jumped back and withdrew into its shell.

“Alright, Charla! We got in some damage at least. Hmmm… We will never get that Squirtle out of its shell… how about we fish it out, Ember!” Despite the fact that Amber tried to not use fire attacks, she had no choice. Her plan was to heat up the Squirtle’s shell so the baby turtle was forced to exit the shell. Then Charla would attack with a slash.

Charla inhaled a large breath, chemicals mixing within her body to produce intensely hot flames. The flames jetted across the field, colliding with Squirtle’s shell. The flames began to barrage the impenetrable fortress which held the foe. A steam began to rise from the shell of the water Pokemon. Amber’s plan was working. Eventually, Squirtle popped its head out, yelping in pain. It had been burned. The smokescreen still lingered on the field, though fading.

“No… Squirtle!” Squirtle was now panting, out of breath. He had tired himself out.

“You did good… return to your ball. You may have won this time, Amber, but next time, you better watch yourself! I’ll see ya around…” Gary turned around and flicked his arm, a lame attempt at a departing gesture. Amber had just won her first battle. She was now very confident this journey would be good. She also turned and headed out of town. On the top of the hill, she turned and viewed down on her town. The city lights were now starting to illuminate as the sun was consumed by the Silver Mountains. The sky was engulfed in hues of pink and orange. Tomorrow was going to be good. She felt it in herself. She turned and ventured out into the wild, Charla by her side.

09-26-2004, 11:34 PM
Great job Matthew! Charmander seemed like the right pick for Amber. The battle is what really caught my attention. You explained each attack so brilliantly, it felt like I was there next to Squirtle and Charla in the mix of the battle. Awesome job man! Keep up the great work!